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The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 20, GO E29 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS` 2012  j5=3 '

9i\nj]ifdM\idfekZcfj\Xe[^ff[ Brews from Vermont close (and good) \efl^_kfY\cfZXc enough to be local CL

ong Trail and Otter Creek beers have POH5SBJMBOE0UUFS$SFFLCFFSTIBWF CFFOBWBJMBCMFJO.BJOFGPSBCPVU been available in Maine for about a decade, and I have been drinking BEFDBEF BOE*IBWFCFFOESJOLJOH both of them occasionally, enjoying them CPUIPGUIFNPDDBTJPOBMMZ FOKPZJOHUIFN quite a bit. RVJUFBCJU 8IJMF*BNB.BJOFSBOEESJOLNPTUMZ While I am a Mainer and drink mostly Maine beers, the whole of New England .BJOFCFFST UIFXIPMFPG/FX&OHMBOE is smaller than a lot JTTNBMMFSUIBOBMPU of states, so Vermont PGTUBUFT TP7FSNPOU beers could, without CFFSTDPVME XJUIPVU much of a stretch, be NVDIPGBTUSFUDI CF considered local. DPOTJEFSFEMPDBM Long Trail and -POH5SBJMBOE Otter Creek are 0UUFS$SFFLBSF now part of the OPXQBSUPGUIF same TBNFDPNQBOZoBT Tnm Atwoll company - as IUIII HIWCII ig Wolaver-S5 the JT8PMBWFST UIF What AleS YOU PSHBOJDCSFXJOH organic brewing component of Otter DPNQPOFOUPG0UUFS Creek. $SFFL I met recently with Steve Kierstead, *NFUSFDFOUMZXJUI4UFWF,JFSTUFBE  the company's regional sales manager UIFDPNQBOZTSFHJPOBMTBMFTNBOBHFS for Maine, New Hampshire and Boston, GPS.BJOF /FX)BNQTIJSFBOE#PTUPO  who said the merger occurred about XIPTBJEUIFNFSHFSPDDVSSFEBCPVU three years ago. And he said that busiUISFFZFBSTBHP"OEIFTBJEUIBUCVTJ ness is going well. OFTTJTHPJOHXFMM The Long Trail I have drunk mostly 5IF-POH5SBJM*IBWFESVOLNPTUMZ over the years is Double Bag, a 7.2PWFSUIFZFBSTJT%PVCMF#BH B percent alcohol, American replication QFSDFOUBMDPIPM "NFSJDBOSFQMJDBUJPO of a German double altbier that's a bit PGB(FSNBOEPVCMFBMUCJFSUIBUTBCJU similar to a British strong ale. TJNJMBSUPB#SJUJTITUSPOHBMF This beer does not have a lot of hops to 5IJTCFFSEPFTOPUIBWFBMPUPGIPQTUP it, letting the malts - and just a little bit JU MFUUJOHUIFNBMUToBOEKVTUBMJUUMFCJU of wheat - dominate the flavor. PGXIFBUoEPNJOBUFUIFnBWPS One bit of warning with this beer: It 0OFCJUPGXBSOJOHXJUIUIJTCFFS*U tastes like it is under 5 percent alcohol, UBTUFTMJLFJUJTVOEFSQFSDFOUBMDPIPM  so it can sneak up on you fairly quickly. TPJUDBOTOFBLVQPOZPVGBJSMZRVJDLMZ Long Trail Ale, the company's signa-POH5SBJM"MF UIFDPNQBOZTTJHOB ture brand, is Double Bag's little brother, UVSFCSBOE JT%PVCMF#BHTMJUUMFCSPUIFS  a regular altbier at 4.3 percent alcohol. BSFHVMBSBMUCJFSBUQFSDFOUBMDPIPM This is a fairly complex beer, full-bodied 5IJTJTBGBJSMZDPNQMFYCFFS GVMMCPEJFE but not overly hoppy, fairly crisp and CVUOPUPWFSMZIPQQZ GBJSMZDSJTQBOE easy drinking. FBTZESJOLJOH The Harvest Ale, Long Trail's autumn 5IF)BSWFTU"MF -POH5SBJMTBVUVNO seasonal, is a brown ale made with VerTFBTPOBM JTBCSPXOBMFNBEFXJUI7FS mont ingredients, and it is a rich brown NPOUJOHSFEJFOUT BOEJUJTBSJDICSPXO

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Continued from Page E26 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3 $ AUDITIONS N!5$)4)/.3 "The Nutcracker," parts for boys and girls ages h4HE.UTCRACKER vPARTSFORBOYSANDGIRLSAGES 10 and older, four men and four women, Sanford ANDOLDER FOURMENANDFOURWOMEN 3ANFORD Maine Stage, Springvale. -AINE3TAGE 3PRINGVALESANFORDMAINESTAGECOM 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Sunday. TOPM3UNDAY

ART MUSEUMS N!24-53%5-3 OPENINGS/RECEPTIONS /0%.).'32%#%04)/.3 "Weatherbeaten: Winslow Homer and Maine," h7EATHERBEATEN7INSLOW(OMERAND-AINE v works by Homer created at his Prouts Neck WORKSBY(OMERCREATEDATHIS0ROUTS.ECK studio in conjunction with re-opening of restored STUDIOINCONJUNCTIONWITHRE OPENINGOFRESTORED studio for public tours, Portland Museum of Art. STUDIOFORPUBLICTOURS 0ORTLAND-USEUMOF!RT Opens Saturday. Through PORTLANDMUSEUMORG/PENS3ATURDAY4HROUGH Dec. 30. $EC CONTINUING #/.4).5).' Portland Museum of Art: "Maine Sublime: 0ORTLAND-USEUMOF!RTh-AINE3UBLIME Frederic Edwin Church's Landscapes of Mount &REDERIC%DWIN#HURCHS,ANDSCAPESOF-OUNT Desert and Mount Katahdin," focuses on 23 of $ESERTAND-OUNT+ATAHDIN vFOCUSESONOF Church's small oil sketches, through Sept. 30; #HURCHSSMALLOILSKETCHES THROUGH3EPT "Art in Process," high school art exhibition, h!RTIN0ROCESS vHIGHSCHOOLARTEXHIBITION through Dec. 30; "The Portland Society of Art THROUGH$ECh4HE0ORTLAND3OCIETYOF!RT and Winslow Homer in Maine," 50 watercolors AND7INSLOW(OMERIN-AINE vWATERCOLORS

Courtesy photos 1]c`bSag^V]b]a

The Vermont brewer Long Trail makes solid brews, including Double Bag, Long Trail Ale and Harvest Ale. BVSDS`[]\bP`SeS`:]\UB`OWZ[OYSaa]ZWRP`SeaW\QZcRW\U2]cPZS0OU:]\UB`OWZ/ZSO\R6O`dSab/ZS ale with only 3.6 percent alcohol. It's BMFXJUIPOMZQFSDFOUBMDPIPM*UT flavorful and pleasant. nBWPSGVMBOEQMFBTBOU Long Trail offers a Double IPA, which -POH5SBJMPGGFSTB%PVCMF*1" XIJDI comes in 22-ounce bottles, a sign that it DPNFTJOPVODFCPUUMFT BTJHOUIBUJU is a big and serious beer. This is more JTBCJHBOETFSJPVTCFFS5IJTJTNPSF of a West Coast IPA - full-flavored, 8.6 PGB8FTU$PBTU*1"oGVMMnBWPSFE  percent alcohol, highly hopped and with QFSDFOUBMDPIPM IJHIMZIPQQFEBOEXJUI an intense body. I split this bottle with BOJOUFOTFCPEZ*TQMJUUIJTCPUUMFXJUI four experienced beer drinkers, and we GPVSFYQFSJFODFECFFSESJOLFST BOEXF all would be willing to have a bit more of BMMXPVMECFXJMMJOHUPIBWFBCJUNPSFPG this one. UIJTPOF Long Trail Traditional IPA is another -POH5SBJM5SBEJUJPOBM*1"JTBOPUIFS absolutely wonderful beer. This is the BCTPMVUFMZXPOEFSGVMCFFS5IJTJTUIF beer that people who are a bit older reCFFSUIBUQFPQMFXIPBSFBCJUPMEFSSF member as IPAs. The hops is definitely NFNCFSBT*1"T5IFIPQTJTEFmOJUFMZ noticeable, but it is not dominant. It is OPUJDFBCMF CVUJUJTOPUEPNJOBOU*UJT only 5.4 percent alcohol, a bit high to be POMZQFSDFOUBMDPIPM BCJUIJHIUPCF a session beer but in the same league as BTFTTJPOCFFSCVUJOUIFTBNFMFBHVFBT your traditional American lagers. ZPVSUSBEJUJPOBM"NFSJDBOMBHFST So it is a traditional IPA in that way, but 4PJUJTBUSBEJUJPOBM*1"JOUIBUXBZ CVU it is also unfiltered, naturally carbonated JUJTBMTPVOmMUFSFE OBUVSBMMZDBSCPOBUFE and dry hopped. It is close with Double BOEESZIPQQFE*UJTDMPTFXJUI%PVCMF Bag, but it is the favorite of the beers I #BH CVUJUJTUIFGBWPSJUFPGUIFCFFST* tasted from Long Trail after speaking UBTUFEGSPN-POH5SBJMBGUFSTQFBLJOH

with Kierstead. XJUI,JFSTUFBE Kierstead said Long Trail, and to a ,JFSTUFBETBJE-POH5SBJM BOEUPB lesser extent Otter Creek, is making MFTTFSFYUFOU0UUFS$SFFL JTNBLJOH pretty good inroads into Maine - espeQSFUUZHPPEJOSPBETJOUP.BJOFoFTQF cially in bars. DJBMMZJOCBST "In the Portland area, 54 percent of our i*OUIF1PSUMBOEBSFB QFSDFOUPGPVS business is on draught," he said. He said CVTJOFTTJTPOESBVHIU wIFTBJE)FTBJE the norm for most beers is 80 percent in UIFOPSNGPSNPTUCFFSTJTQFSDFOUJO bottles and 20 percent on draft, and that CPUUMFTBOEQFSDFOUPOESBGU BOEUIBU Long Trail is more popular on (draught -POH5SBJMJTNPSFQPQVMBSPOESBVHIU throughout the state than it is in bottles UISPVHIPVUUIFTUBUFUIBOJUJTJOCPUUMFT - but the numbers are not as significant oCVUUIFOVNCFSTBSFOPUBTTJHOJmDBOU as they are in the Portland area. BTUIFZBSFJOUIF1PSUMBOEBSFB He also said that Wolaver's is a beer )FBMTPTBJEUIBU8PMBWFSTJTBCFFS that is gaining market share, although it UIBUJTHBJOJOHNBSLFUTIBSF BMUIPVHIJU still sells less than both Long Trail and TUJMMTFMMTMFTTUIBOCPUI-POH5SBJMBOE Otter Creek. 0UUFS$SFFL "The brand is 100 percent USDA-certii5IFCSBOEJTQFSDFOU64%"DFSUJ fied organic, and people are willing to mFEPSHBOJD BOEQFPQMFBSFXJMMJOHUP pay a premium for that," he said. He said QBZBQSFNJVNGPSUIBU wIFTBJE)FTBJE Wolaver's has an Oatmeal Stout that is 8PMBWFSTIBTBO0BUNFBM4UPVUUIBUJT excellent, a good IPA and a pumpkin ale. FYDFMMFOU BHPPE*1"BOEBQVNQLJOBMF I will definitely be looking for the Oatmeal *XJMMEFmOJUFMZCFMPPLJOHGPSUIF0BUNFBM Stout. 4UPVU

and drawings examine the relationship between ANDDRAWINGSEXAMINETHERELATIONSHIPBETWEEN Homer, architect John Calvin Stevens and (OMER ARCHITECT*OHN#ALVIN3TEVENSAND the Portland Society of Art, through Feb. 3. THE0ORTLAND3OCIETYOF!RT THROUGH&EB PORTLANDMUSEUMORG Maine Historical Society Museum/Longfellow -AINE(ISTORICAL3OCIETY-USEUM,ONGFELLOW House, Portland: "Wired!" explores the (OUSE 0ORTLANDh7IREDvEXPLORESTHE electrification of Maine during the 20th century, ELECTRIlCATIONOF-AINEDURINGTHETHCENTURY through May 26. THROUGH-AYMAINEHISTORYORG Maine Jewish Museum, Portland: Rush -AINE*EWISH-USEUM 0ORTLAND2USH Brown, "Portland: Capturing a Changing "ROWN h0ORTLAND#APTURINGA#HANGING Neighborhood," paintings, through Sept. 30. .EIGHBORHOOD vPAINTINGS THROUGH3EPT MAINEJEWISHMUSEUMORG Maine Museum of Photographic Arts, USM -AINE-USEUMOF0HOTOGRAPHIC!RTS 53- Glickman Library, Portland: Luc Demers, "Trace," 'LICKMAN,IBRARY 0ORTLAND,UC$EMERS h4RACE v through Dec. 21. THROUGH$ECUSMMAINEEDULIBRARY Bowdoin College Museum of Art, Brunswick: "OWDOIN#OLLEGE-USEUMOF!RT "RUNSWICK William Wegman, "Hello Nature," 30-year 7ILLIAM7EGMAN h(ELLO.ATURE v YEAR retrospective of artist's work, through Oct. 21; RETROSPECTIVEOFARTISTSWORK THROUGH/CT "Making a Presence: F. Holland Day in Artistic h-AKINGA0RESENCE&(OLLAND$AYIN!RTISTIC Photography," photographs by and of F. Holland 0HOTOGRAPHY vPHOTOGRAPHSBYANDOF&(OLLAND Day (1864-1933), through Dec. 23. $AY  THROUGH$ECBOWDOINEDU art-museum ART MUSEUM Pejepscot Historical Society Museum, Brunswick: 0EJEPSCOT(ISTORICAL3OCIETY-USEUM "RUNSWICK "Promenade: A Walk in Style Through Pejepscot's h0ROMENADE!7ALKIN3TYLE4HROUGH0EJEPSCOTS Past," through Oct. 31. 0AST vTHROUGH/CTPEJEPSCOTHISTORICALORG Maine Maritime Museum, Bath: "Subdue, Seize -AINE-ARITIME-USEUM "ATHh3UBDUE 3EIZE and Take: Maritime Maine in the Unwelcome AND4AKE-ARITIME-AINEINTHE5NWELCOME Interruption of the War of 1812," examines the )NTERRUPTIONOFTHE7AROF vEXAMINESTHE maritime world of pre-statehood Maine, through MARITIMEWORLDOFPRE STATEHOOD-AINE THROUGH

Oct. 12; "Sea Lives," ocean-inspired sculpture /CTh3EA,IVES vOCEAN INSPIREDSCULPTURE by Sonja Weber Gilkey, through Oct. 21. BY3ONJA7EBER'ILKEY THROUGH/CT MAINEMARITIMEMUSEUMORG Dyer Library/Saco Museum: "The Moving $YER,IBRARY3ACO-USEUMh4HE-OVING Panorama of Pilgrim's Progress," Civil War-era 0ANORAMAOF0ILGRIMS0ROGRESS v#IVIL7AR ERA panorama seen in its entirety for the first time in PANORAMASEENINITSENTIRETYFORTHElRSTTIMEIN more than a century (also at Pepperell Mills in MORETHANACENTURYALSOAT0EPPERELL-ILLSIN Bidderford), and "Then, Now and Always a Part of "IDDERFORD ANDh4HEN .OWAND!LWAYSA0ARTOF

SEBAGO BREWING Co.'s Local Har4&#"(0#3&8*/($PT-PDBM)BS vest Ale has been available in four-packs WFTU"MFIBTCFFOBWBJMBCMFJOGPVSQBDLT for about 10 days now, and you will have GPSBCPVUEBZTOPX BOEZPVXJMMIBWF until November to get your fill of this VOUJM/PWFNCFSUPHFUZPVSGJMMPGUIJT excellent pale ale. FYDFMMFOUQBMFBMF It is strongly hopped, 6 percent alco*UJTTUSPOHMZIPQQFE QFSDFOUBMDP hol, mahogany in color, and the ideal IPM NBIPHBOZJODPMPS BOEUIFJEFBM beer for foodies who like to buy local. CFFSGPSGPPEJFTXIPMJLFUPCVZMPDBM SHIPYARD BREWING Co. is follow 4)*1:"3%#3&8*/($PJTGPMMPX ing its release of its Export Ale in cans JOHJUTSFMFBTFPGJUT&YQPSU"MFJODBOT earlier this summer with the release of FBSMJFSUIJTTVNNFSXJUIUIFSFMFBTFPG its popular Pumpkinhead Ale in cans JUTQPQVMBS1VNQLJOIFBE"MFJODBOT this fall. UIJTGBMM When I tasted the canned Export on 8IFO*UBTUFEUIFDBOOFE&YQPSUPO a fishing trip in June, I found I liked it BGJTIJOHUSJQJO+VOF *GPVOE*MJLFEJU better than the bottled variety. I will not CFUUFSUIBOUIFCPUUMFEWBSJFUZ*XJMMOPU be doing a side-by-side tasting of the CFEPJOHBTJEFCZTJEFUBTUJOHPGUIF Pumpkinhead. 1VNQLJOIFBE Tom Atwell is a freelance writer living in Cape B][/beSZZWaOT`SSZO\QSe`WbS`ZWdW\UW\1O^S Elizabeth. He can be contacted at 767-2297 or at: 3ZWhOPSbV6SQO\PSQ]\bOQbSROb%$% '%]`Ob( b][ObeSZZ.[SQ][

Saco: 250 Years of the First Parish Church," photos 3ACO9EARSOFTHE&IRST0ARISH#HURCH vPHOTOS and artifacts, through Nov. 10. ANDARTIFACTS THROUGH.OV DYERLIBRARYSACOMUSEUMORG Ogunquit Museum of American Art: Peggy /GUNQUIT-USEUMOF!MERICAN!RT0EGGY Bacon: "Portrait of an Art Colony," portraits; "ACONh0ORTRAITOFAN!RT#OLONY vPORTRAITS "Building an American Modernist Collection," h"UILDINGAN!MERICAN-ODERNIST#OLLECTION v

Please see ART, PageE30 Gc\Xj\j\\/@BGX^\<*'

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#!'"#'" ## !' #  "% " )!  "   #" ! "! %"'#" $  "ASEDONHIGHESTPRICEDENTRĂ?EORDERED/FFEREXPIRES3UNDAY /CTOBER   !!" " )   & !# !'" " /FFEREXCLUDES/CTOBERTH


GO Portland Press Herald, Sept. 20, 2012  

GO Portland Press Herald, Sept. 20, 2012

GO Portland Press Herald, Sept. 20, 2012  

GO Portland Press Herald, Sept. 20, 2012