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E1O GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 20, 35=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS`  2012 

35--%2)3,!.$345$)/ SUMMER ISLAND STUDIO     '!,,%29 /& &).%   

  GALLERY  OF  FAFZ !24)3!.3 ARTISANS *%7%,29$%3)'.%20!44),"!+%2 JiWILRY Di§l@NiB; PATH L BAKiR


Continued from Page E9 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3' Powerman 5000, nu metal, with Prospect Hill, 0OWERMAN NUMETAL WITH0ROSPECT(ILL Ascent to Power and Death Rattle, Asylum, !SCENTTO0OWERAND$EATH2ATTLE !SYLUM Portland. $20 in advance; $25 day of show. 0ORTLANDINADVANCEDAYOFSHOW 7 p.m. PORTLANDASYLUMCOMPM

W+ HA W A T& C+ H : $L / E(  :$7

COMEDY N#/-%$9



Tont'ne Ma • 149 Ma'ne Street, Brunsw'ck, MF !   

4ONTINE ALLsAINE3TREET "RUNSWICK -% 20/-3/31810 •! summer's anosiua' "    " ˆ  sSUMMERISLANDSTUDIOCOMˆ

Open Mic Comedy Night, 21-plus; Slainte, /PEN-IC#OMEDY.IGHT  PLUS3LAINTE Portland. Free, 8 p.m. 0ORTLAND&REESLAINTEWINEBARCOMPM Thursday and Sept. 27. 4HURSDAYAND3EPT George Hamm, benefit for Central Maine's Meals 'EORGE(AMM BENElTFOR#ENTRAL-AINES-EALS on Wheels Program, Waterville Elks Banquet and ON7HEELS0ROGRAM 7ATERVILLE%LKS"ANQUETAND Conference Center. $12. 873-4745. Doors at 7 #ONFERENCE#ENTER $OORSAT p.m.; show at 8:30 p.m. Friday. PMSHOWATPM&RIDAY Bob DiBuono, Comedy Connection, Portland. "OB$I"UONO #OMEDY#ONNECTION 0ORTLAND $15. 774-5554. 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday.  PM&RIDAYAND3ATURDAY

BARS/CLUBS N"!23#,5"3

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Gifts ;;=KKGJA=K A>LK&Accessories ! For you and your home &ORYOUANDYOURHOME including INCLUDING Vera Bradley • Baggallini • Yankee Candle 6ERA"RADLEYs"AGGALLINIs9ANKEE#ANDLE



OFF /&&

Any !NY Non-Sale Item .ON 3ALE)TEM

345 North St., Rt. 112 • Saco, ME .ORTH3T 2Ts3ACO -%




Mon.-Sat: 10am-5pm -ON 3ATAM PM

Gifts ;;=KKGJA=K A>LK&Accessories ! Expires 10/15/12 %XPIRES FENDERSONVILLAGECOM

23(16721 +7 23(16721,*+7


7KH %8''< +2//< 6WRU\ 7+(0$17+(086,&7+(/(*(1' -RKQ/DQHÂśV q$PHULFDpV)RUHPRVW6XPPHU7KHDWUHr



THURSDAY 4(523$!9 Strangled Darlings, graveyard dance 3TRANGLED$ARLINGS GRAVEYARDDANCE music, Andy's Old Port Pub, Portland. MUSIC !NDYS/LD0ORT0UB 0ORTLAND 7 p.m. ANDYSOLDPORTPUBCOMPM Pitch Black Ribbons, bluegrass, Dogfish Bar and 0ITCH"LACK2IBBONS BLUEGRASS $OGlSH"ARAND Grille, Portland, 8 p.m. 'RILLE 0ORTLANDTHEDOGlSHBARANDGRILLECOMPM The Flaming Lips' "Zaireeka!", experimental 4HE&LAMING,IPSh:AIREEKAv EXPERIMENTAL listening party, Empire Dine and Dance, LISTENINGPARTY %MPIRE$INEAND$ANCE Portland. $2. 9 p.m. 0ORTLANDPORTLANDEMPIRECOMPM Clara Berry, folk-pop, Blue, Portland. Donation. #LARA"ERRY FOLK POP "LUE 0ORTLAND$ONATION 6 p.m. PORTCITYBLUECOMPM Jason Myles Goss, singer/songwriter, Blue, *ASON-YLES'OSS SINGERSONGWRITER "LUE Portland. Donation, 8 p.m. 0ORTLAND$ONATIONPORTCITYBLUECOMPM Groove Ruckus, jazz/funk/fusion, Blue, Portland. 'ROOVE2UCKUS JAZZFUNKFUSION "LUE 0ORTLAND 10 p.m. PORTCITYBLUECOMPM Tony Boffa Quartet, cool and soft jazz, Gingko 4ONY"OFFA1UARTET COOLANDSOFTJAZZ 'INGKO Blue, Portland. Donation, 8 p.m. "LUE 0ORTLAND$ONATIONGINGKOBLUECOMPM Band Beyond Description, jam band, 21-plus; "AND"EYOND$ESCRIPTION JAMBAND  PLUS Big Easy, Portland, 9 p.m. "IG%ASY 0ORTLANDBIGEASYPORTLANDCOMPM Beer Pong, Line Dancing, Karaoke and DJ B"EER0ONG ,INE$ANCING +ARAOKEAND$*" set, 21-pius; Club Texas, Auburn. $2. 784-7785. SET  PLUS#LUB4EXAS !UBURN  Doors at 6 p.m. $OORSATPM Open Mic Night, all ages, Deer Run Tavern, /PEN-IC.IGHT ALLAGES $EER2UN4AVERN Yarmouth. 846-9555. 7:30 p.m. 9ARMOUTH PM Joint Chiefs, acoustic, Portland Lobster *OINT#HIEFS ACOUSTIC 0ORTLAND,OBSTER Company, 6 p.m. #OMPANYPORTLANDLOBSTERCOMPANYCOMPM Beach the Whale, prog-rock, with Pecan Sandies "EACHTHE7HALE PROG ROCK WITH0ECAN3ANDIES and Hotel Radio, Geno's Rock Club, Portland. AND(OTEL2ADIO 'ENOS2OCK#LUB 0ORTLAND 221-2382. 9 p.m.  PM

Courtesy photo 1]c`bSag^V]b]

Ghostface Killah raps on Sunday at 5V]abTOQS9WZZOV`O^a]\Ac\ROgOb Asylum in Portland. /agZc[W\>]`bZO\R Michael Krapovicky, acoustic, Gritty McDuff's, -ICHAEL+RAPOVICKY ACOUSTIC 'RITTY-C$UFFS Freeport. Donation, 8:30 p.m. &REEPORT$ONATIONGRITTYSCOMPM Alan Dickson, acoustic, Deer Run Tavern, !LAN$ICKSON ACOUSTIC $EER2UN4AVERN Yarmouth. 846-9555. 7:30 p.m. 9ARMOUTH PM The Underachievers, classic rock, Bayside Bowl, 4HE5NDERACHIEVERS CLASSICROCK "AYSIDE"OWL Portland, 8 p.m. 0ORTLANDBAYSIDEBOWLCOMPM

SATURDAY 3!452$!9 Holy Boys Danger Club, Murcielago and The (OLY"OYS$ANGER#LUB -URCIELAGOAND4HE Class Machine, rock, Empire Dine and Dance, #LASS-ACHINE ROCK %MPIRE$INEAND$ANCE Portland. $6 ($1 of which benefits Playing for 0ORTLANDOFWHICHBENElTS0LAYINGFOR Change and MAMM). 9 p.m. #HANGEAND-!-- PORTLANDEMPIRECOMPM Cruel Hand, hardcore, with Rude Awakening, #RUEL(AND HARDCORE WITH2UDE!WAKENING DMA and Strung Along, Geno's Rock Club, $.!AND3TRUNG!LONG 'ENOS2OCK#LUB Portland. 221-2382. 9 p.m. 0ORTLAND PM "In the Round with Shanna," jazz series, Blue, h)NTHE2OUNDWITH3HANNA vJAZZSERIES "LUE Portland. Donation, 6 p.m. 0ORTLAND$ONATIONPORTCITYBLUECOMPM Potato Pickers, folk/country, Blue, Portland. 0OTATO0ICKERS FOLKCOUNTRY "LUE 0ORTLAND Donation, 8 p.m. $ONATIONPORTCITYBLUECOMPM Roving Soul, traditional and modern folk songs, 2OVING3OUL TRADITIONALANDMODERNFOLKSONGS Blue, Portland. Donation, 10 p.m. "LUE 0ORTLAND$ONATIONPORTCITYBLUECOMPM Tickle, pop covers, RiRa, Portland, 10 p.m. 4ICKLE POPCOVERS 2I2A 0ORTLANDRIRACOMPM Gary Richardson, solo acoustic jazz and blues, 'ARY2ICHARDSON SOLOACOUSTICJAZZANDBLUES Gingko Blue, Portland, 5 to 8 p.m. 'INGKO"LUE 0ORTLANDGINGKOBLUECOMTOPM Mama's Boom Shack, funk, soul and blues, -AMAS"OOM3HACK FUNK SOULANDBLUES Gingko Blue, Portland, 9 p.m. FRIDAY 'INGKO"LUE 0ORTLANDGINGKOBLUECOMPM &2)$!9 Beam & Fink, acoustic blues and roots, Andy's "EAM&INK ACOUSTICBLUESANDROOTS !NDYS CyborgTrio/Sounduo, post-dub audio/visual live #YBORG4RIO3OUNDUO POST DUBAUDIOVISUALLIVE Old Port Pub, Portland, /LD0ORT0UB 0ORTLANDANDYSOLDPORTPUBCOM performance, 21-plus; Empire Dine and Dance, PERFORMANCE  PLUS%MPIRE$INEAND$ANCE 8:30 p.m. Portland. $5. 9 p.m. PM 0ORTLANDPORTLANDEMPIRECOMPM Chris Fitz Band, electric blues, 21-plus; Inn on the The Coalsack in Crux, hard rock, CD-release #HRIS&ITZ"AND ELECTRICBLUES  PLUS)NNONTHE 4HE#OALSACKIN#RUX HARDROCK #$ RELEASE Blues, York Beach. $6. "LUES 9ORK"EACHINNONTHEBLUESCOM show with Haru Bangs and Johnny Cremains, SHOWWITH(ARU"ANGSAND*OHNNY#REMAINS 9:30 p.m. PM Geno's Rock Club, Portland. 221-2382. 9 p.m. 'ENOS2OCK#LUB 0ORTLAND PM Amigos, acoustic, Portland Lobster Company. !MIGOS ACOUSTIC 0ORTLAND,OBSTER#OMPANY Sly-Chi, funk, Big Easy, Portland. $8. 3LY #HI FUNK "IG%ASY 0ORTLAND Noon. 9 p.m. PORTLANDLOBSTERCOMPANYCOM.OON BIGEASYPORTLANDCOMPM Jill Stringham with Eric Mauriello, acoustic Irish *ILL3TRINGHAMWITH%RIC-AURIELLO ACOUSTIC)RISH Travis James Humphrey, acoustic, Dogfish Bar 4RAVIS*AMES(UMPHREY ACOUSTIC $OGlSH"AR music, all ages; Deer Run Tavern, Yarmouth. 846and Grille, Portland, MUSIC ALLAGES$EER2UN4AVERN 9ARMOUTH AND'RILLE 0ORTLANDTHEDOGlSHBARANDGRILLECOM 9555. 6 to 9 p.m. 5 to 7 p.m. TOPM TOPM Moore & Moran, folk/Ameicana, Gritty McDuff's, -OORE-ORAN FOLK!MEICANA 'RITTY-C$UFFS Pitch Black Ribbons, bluegrass, Blue, Portland. 0ITCH"LACK2IBBONS BLUEGRASS "LUE 0ORTLAND Freeport. Donation, 8:30 p.m. Donation, 8 p.m. &REEPORT$ONATIONGRITTYSCOMPM $ONATIONPORTCITYBLUECOMPM Pitch Black Ribbons, bluegrass, Deer Run Tavern, Matt Meyer &The Gumption JCT, new roots 0ITCH"LACK2IBBONS BLUEGRASS $EER2UN4AVERN -ATT-EYER4HE'UMPTION*#4 NEWROOTS Yarmouth. 846-9555. 8 p.m. 9ARMOUTH PM music, old sea chanteys and mountain songs, MUSIC OLDSEACHANTEYSANDMOUNTAINSONGS Steve Jones, blues and rock, Run of the Mill Blue, Portland. Donation, 10 p.m. 3TEVE*ONES BLUESANDROCK 2UNOFTHE-ILL "LUE 0ORTLAND$ONATIONPORTCITYBLUECOMPM Brewpub, Saco. 8 p.m. Nikki Hunt, rock, RiRa, Portland, 10 p.m. "REWPUB 3ACOTHERUNOFTHEMILLNETPM .IKKI(UNT ROCK 2I2A 0ORTLANDRIRACOMPM Kenya Hall Band, funk, with Zach Jones, Big Easy, The Lucid, pop/rock, Portland Lobster Company. +ENYA(ALL"AND FUNK WITH:ACH*ONES "IG%ASY 4HE,UCID POPROCK 0ORTLAND,OBSTER#OMPANY Portland. $8. 8 p.m. 6 p.m. 0ORTLANDBIGEASYPORTLANDCOMPM PORTLANDLOBSTERCOMPANYCOMPM The Wetsuits, surf rock, Dogfish Bar and Grille, 4HE7ETSUITS SURFROCK $OGlSH"ARAND'RILLE David Mello, old-time blues, Gingko Blue, $AVID-ELLO OLD TIMEBLUES 'INGKO"LUE Portland, 8 p.m. Portland, 5 to 8 p.m. 0ORTLANDTHEDOGlSHBARANDGRILLECOMPM 0ORTLANDGINGKOBLUECOMTOPM Hairy Pie, hair-metal covers, 21-plus; Club Tommy O'Connell &The Juke Joint Devils, blues(AIRY0IE HAIR METALCOVERS  PLUS#LUB 4OMMY/#ONNELL4HE*UKE*OINT$EVILS BLUES Texas, Auburn. 784-7785. Doors at 6 p.m. rock, Gingko Blue, Portland, 9 p.m. 4EXAS !UBURN $OORSATPM ROCK 'INGKO"LUE 0ORTLANDGINGKOBLUECOMPM Bottom of the East, rock, Bayside Bowl, Portland. Justin Walton, singer-songwriter, Andy's Old Port "OTTOMOFTHE%AST ROCK "AYSIDE"OWL 0ORTLAND *USTIN7ALTON SINGER SONGWRITER !NDYS/LD0ORT 9 p.m. Pub, Portland, 8:30 p.m. BAYSIDEBOWLCOMPM 0UB 0ORTLANDANDYSOLDPORTPUBCOMPM "Move! Nevermind the 9O's," dance music h-OVE.EVERMINDTHES vDANCEMUSIC SUNDAY from the '90s, 21-plus; Asylum, Portland. 35.$!9 FROMTHES  PLUS!SYLUM 0ORTLAND Awesome Kong, rock, Run of the Mill Brewpub, 9 p.m. !WESOME+ONG ROCK 2UNOFTHE-ILL"REWPUB PORTLANDASYLUMCOMPM 1 p.m. ThrowDown Band, electric blues, 21-pius; Inn on 3ACOTHERUNOFTHEMILLNETPM 4HROW$OWN"AND ELECTRICBLUES  PLUS)NNON the Blues, York Beach. $6. THE"LUES 9ORK"EACHINNONTHEBLUESCOM 9:30 p.m. PM Please see MUSIC, Page Ell Gc\Xj\j\\;CA71GX^\<((

GO Portland Press Herald, Sept. 20, 2012  

GO Portland Press Herald, Sept. 20, 2012

GO Portland Press Herald, Sept. 20, 2012  

GO Portland Press Herald, Sept. 20, 2012