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SEPTEMBER 20, A3>B3;03@  2012 


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The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 20, 2012


FITNESS OVER 40 by Certified Trainers who understand the


Recycling Fair

“Over 40 Body and Mind!”

Sept. Sept. 22 22 (Sat) (Sat) // 8:30-11:30 8:30-11:30 AM AM

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• GUARANTEED RESULTS: While having fun! • 77% MORE SUCCESSFUL: People who work with trainers see results!

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PORTMANTEAU 3 Wharf St. Portland • 774-7276

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Why Personal Training?

South Portland


The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 20, 2012



COME H OME TO ANJON’S Fine Italian Cuisine, Choice Steaks & Fresh Maine Seafood Famous for Stuffed Breads and Award-Winning Pasta Sauces YOUR CHOICE



Valid with purchase of any beverage.

FISH PLATTER · Haddock · Shrimp · Clams with french fries & cole slaw

September Specials

TWIN LOBSTER ROLLS with chips or fries & pickle




Valid with purchase of any beverage.

with lemon and drawn butter. Choice of potato or pasta with lemon and drawn butter, french fries & cole slaw


Served with savory Au jus, potato or pasta and steamed broccoli

For Fun, Friendly & Affordable Family Dining Open 7 Days

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521 U.S. Route 1 • Scarborough, ME

E4 GO | The P o r t l a n d Press H e r a l d / Thursday, S e p t e m b e r 2 0 , 2012 3"5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS` 


nnn%gi\jj_\iXc[%Zfd&c`]\&^f ?FD<@EFEN?8KĂ&#x2039;J?8GG<E@E> FACE THE MUSIC: Live, local and =8:<K?<DLJ@:1C`m\#cfZXcXe[ beyond, AimselPonti brings you Y\pfe[#8`dj\cGfek`Yi`e^jpfl music with a Maine backbeat. dlj`Zn`k_XDX`e\YXZbY\Xk%

music nightlife dlj`ZXe[e`^_kc`]\


Ă&#x160;9L;;P#Ă&#x2039;K?< DLJ@:8C

Sarah Jarosz at USM/E5 â&#x20AC;˘ Making AO`OV8O`]ahObCA;3#N;OYW\U Noise: Samuel James/E6 â&#x20AC;˘ Tix/E7 <]WaS(AO[cSZ8O[Sa3$NBWf3% â&#x20AC;˘N12`SdWSe(@A=3&N:WabW\Ua3' CD review: RSO/E8 â&#x20AC;˘ Listings/E9

Âľ0C22G( B630C22G 6=::G AB=@GÂśWaO YW\R]T^O`b Q]\QS`b ^O`b^ZOg Sf^S`WS\QS 3 !

movies k_\dfm`\j "End of Watch" review/E13 â&#x20AC;˘ Dennis Âľ3\R]TEObQVÂś`SdWSe3!N2S\\Wa Perkins on Camden International Film >S`YW\a]\1O[RS\7\bS`\ObW]\OZ4WZ[ Festival/E14 â&#x20AC;˘ New on DVD: "The Best 4SabWdOZ3"N<Se]\2D2(ÂľBVS0Sab Exotic Marigold Hotel"/E17 3f]bWQ;O`WU]ZR6]bSZÂś3%


IFSFBSFPOMZTJYXFFLTMFGUVOUJM&MFDUJPO%BZ BOE here are only six weeks left until Election Day, and we have yet to hear a definitive campaign song from XFIBWFZFUUPIFBSBEFmOJUJWFDBNQBJHOTPOHGSPN either camp. FJUIFSDBNQ Oh, sure, President Obama used a snippet of Bruce 0I TVSF 1SFTJEFOU0CBNBVTFEBTOJQQFUPG#SVDF 4QSJOHTUFFOTi8F5BLF$BSFPG0VS Springsteen's "We Take Care of Our Own" at the Democratic National 0XOwBUUIF%FNPDSBUJD/BUJPOBM Convention, and Mitt Romney's $POWFOUJPO BOE.JUU3PNOFZT campaign used Twisted Sister's DBNQBJHOVTFE5XJTUFE4JTUFST "We're Not Gonna Take It" until the i8FSF/PU(POOB5BLF*UwVOUJMUIF song's writer, Dee Snider, demandTPOHTXSJUFS %FF4OJEFS EFNBOE ed that it stop. FEUIBUJUTUPQ But neither side has hit upon #VUOFJUIFSTJEFIBTIJUVQPO that one song that epitomizes their UIBUPOFTPOHUIBUFQJUPNJ[FTUIFJS candidate's message the way FrankDBOEJEBUFTNFTTBHFUIFXBZ'SBOL lin D. Roosevelt used "Happy Days MJO%3PPTFWFMUVTFEi)BQQZ%BZT Are Here Again," Bill Clinton used "SF)FSF"HBJO w#JMM$MJOUPOVTFE Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop" and 'MFFUXPPE.BDTi%POU4UPQwBOE George W Bush's administration put a new twist on an (FPSHF8#VTITBENJOJTUSBUJPOQVUBOFXUXJTUPOBO Aerosmith classic with "Cheney's Got a Gun." "FSPTNJUIDMBTTJDXJUIi$IFOFZT(PUB(VOw So, after careful consideration of each candidate's 4P BGUFSDBSFGVMDPOTJEFSBUJPOPGFBDIDBOEJEBUFT views on the issues, I've compiled a list of suggestions WJFXTPOUIFJTTVFT *WFDPNQJMFEBMJTUPGTVHHFTUJPOT for both sides. GPSCPUITJEFT

Rod Harmon If[?Xidfe From the Editor =ifdk_\<[`kfi

 Meredith Goad and Avery D\i\[`k_>fX[Xe[8m\ip Yale Kamila have the dish PXc\BXd`cX_Xm\k_\[`j_ on food and drink. fe]ff[Xe[[i`eb%

LIKE US: For all your C@B<LJ1=fiXccpfli entertainment planning \ek\ikX`ed\ekgcXee`e^ needs, find us on Facebook at: e\\[j#Ă&#x201D;e[ljfe=XZ\YffbXk1 nnn%=XZ\Yffb%Zfd&gg_^f

C`jk\elg#ZXe[`[Xk\j1 Listen up, candidates: K`d\kfeXd\k_Xkkle\ Time to name that tune

endar ZXc\e[Xi 10 DAYS OF COOL EVENTS/E18-19 2/GA=41==:3D3<BA3&'

"Cry Me a River" by Justin Timberlake: A message i$SZ.FB3JWFSwCZ+VTUJO5JNCFSMBLF"NFTTBHF to the "47 percent" of freeloading Americans who have UPUIFiQFSDFOUwPGGSFFMPBEJOH"NFSJDBOTXIPIBWF been laid off, lost their homes, suffered a debilitating CFFOMBJEPGG MPTUUIFJSIPNFT TVGGFSFEBEFCJMJUBUJOH illness resulting in bankruptcy or live JMMOFTTSFTVMUJOHJOCBOLSVQUDZPSMJWF below the poverty line because unemCFMPXUIFQPWFSUZMJOFCFDBVTFVOFN ployment is stuck at about 8 percent. QMPZNFOUJTTUVDLBUBCPVUQFSDFOU Suck it up, people! 4VDLJUVQ QFPQMF "You Talk Too Much" by Joe Jones: i:PV5BML5PP.VDIwCZ+PF+POFT A message to fellow Republicans such "NFTTBHFUPGFMMPX3FQVCMJDBOTTVDI as Todd Akin and Karl Rove to shut the BT5PEE"LJOBOE,BSM3PWFUPTIVUUIF bleep up - at least until after the elecCMFFQVQoBUMFBTUVOUJMBGUFSUIFFMFD tion. UJPO "Bills, Bills, Bills" by Destiny's Child: A reminder i#JMMT #JMMT #JMMTwCZ%FTUJOZT$IJME"SFNJOEFS about the deficit - "You're slowly makin' me pay for BCPVUUIFEFmDJUoi:PVSFTMPXMZNBLJONFQBZGPS things/ Your money should be handling." UIJOHT:PVSNPOFZTIPVMECFIBOEMJOHw "Long Road to Ruin" by Foo Fighters: Where Romi-POH3PBEUP3VJOwCZ'PP'JHIUFST8IFSF3PN ney says Obama is leading the country. Or what he's OFZTBZT0CBNBJTMFBEJOHUIFDPVOUSZ0SXIBUIFT doing to his own campaign by constantly putting his foot EPJOHUPIJTPXODBNQBJHOCZDPOTUBOUMZQVUUJOHIJTGPPU in his mouth. JOIJTNPVUI "My Way" by Frank Sinatra: "Regrets?*WFIBEB I've had a i.Z8BZwCZ'SBOL4JOBUSBi3FHSFUT few" GFXw


art theater XikXe[k_\Xk\i COVER STORY: Ogunquit welcomes 1=D3@AB=@G(=Uc\_cWbeSZQ][Sa "Buddy"/E23 â&#x20AC;˘ Listings/E26 Âľ0cRRgÂś3 !N:WabW\Ua3 $

dining drink [`e`e^Xe[[i`eb Eat and Run: Taj Indian and Indo Chi3ObO\R@c\(BOX7\RWO\O\R7\R]1VW nese Cuisine/E27 â&#x20AC;˘ Bar Guide: The \SaS1cWaW\S3 %N0O`5cWRS(BVS Snug/E28 â&#x20AC;˘ Atwell on beer/E29 A\cU3 &N/beSZZ]\PSS`3 '

cetera \kZ\k\iX Weed Dating/E31 I Off Beat: Pig racer ESSR2ObW\U3!N=TT0SOb(>WU`OQS` extraordinaire/E33 Sfb`O]`RW\OW`S3!!

<D AVcbbS`ab]QYQ][

S i n g e r B u d d y Holly was just 22 eVS\VSRWSRW\ w h e n he d i e d in AW\US`0cRRg6]ZZgeOaXcab 1959, b u t left a s t r i n g of hits a n d a s t r o n g legacy. '#'PcbZSTbOab`W\U]TVWbaO\ROab`]\UZSUOQg

is a publication of MaineToday Media Inc., which publishes the Portland Press Herald/ WaO^cPZWQObW]\]T;OW\SB]ROg;SRWO7\QeVWQV^cPZWaVSabVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZR Maine Sunday Telegram, Kennebec Journal and Morning Sentinel daily newspapers, ;OW\SAc\ROgBSZSU`O[9S\\SPSQ8]c`\OZO\R;]`\W\UAS\bW\SZROWZg\Sea^O^S`a the weekly Coastal Journal in Bath and their respective websites. bVSeSSYZg1]OabOZ8]c`\OZW\0ObVO\RbVSW``Sa^SQbWdSeSPaWbSa EXECUTIVE EDITOR 3F31CB7D3327B=@ Cliff Schechtman 1ZWTTAQVSQVb[O\ MANAGING EDITOR ;/</57<5327B=@ Steve Greenlee AbSdS5`SS\ZSS

TO LIST EVENTS B=:7AB3D3<BA Send materials two weeks AS\R[ObS`WOZabe]eSSYa

in advance to Go Calendar, W\ORdO\QSb]5]1OZS\RO` One City Center, Portland, =\S1Wbg1S\bS`>]`bZO\R ME 04101-5009 or e-mail to ;3"#']`SWZb] U].^`SaaVS`OZRQ][ TO ADVERTISE: B=/2D3@B7A3( Call 791-6200 1OZZ%'$ 

GO EDITOR 5=327B=@ Rod Harmon, 791-6450 @]R6O`[]\%'$"# rharmon@press `VO`[]\.^`SaaVS`OZRQ][ COVER DESIGN 1=D3@23A75< Sally Tyrrell AOZZgBg``SZZ

"Don't Give Up on Us" by David Soul: "Don't make i%POU(JWF6QPO6TwCZ%BWJE4PVMi%POUNBLF the wrong seem right/ The future isn't just one night." UIFXSPOHTFFNSJHIU5IFGVUVSFJTOUKVTUPOFOJHIUw Don't make the "wrong" seem "right"? (FUJU Get it?5BMLBCPVU Talk about %POUNBLFUIFiXSPOHwTFFNiSJHIUw a tailor-made campaign song. And I'm BUBJMPSNBEFDBNQBJHOTPOH"OE*N sure David wouldn't mind the exposure TVSF%BWJEXPVMEOUNJOEUIFFYQPTVSF - he hasn't worked since, like, 1979. oIFIBTOUXPSLFETJODF MJLF  "Get Over It" by The Eagles: A i(FU0WFS*UwCZ5IF&BHMFT" message to all the birthers and other NFTTBHFUPBMMUIFCJSUIFSTBOEPUIFS conspiracy theorists. DPOTQJSBDZUIFPSJTUT "Sweetheart Like You" by Bob i4XFFUIFBSU-JLF:PVwCZ#PC Dylan: The lyric "Steal a little, and %ZMBO5IFMZSJDi4UFBMBMJUUMF BOE they throw you in jail/ Steal a lot, and UIFZUISPXZPVJOKBJM4UFBMBMPU BOE they make you king" pretty much sums up the Obama UIFZNBLFZPVLJOHwQSFUUZNVDITVNTVQUIF0CBNB administration's failure to hold the banking industry BENJOJTUSBUJPOTGBJMVSFUPIPMEUIFCBOLJOHJOEVTUSZ accountable for plunging the country into the greatest BDDPVOUBCMFGPSQMVOHJOHUIFDPVOUSZJOUPUIFHSFBUFTU financial crisis since the Great Depression. mOBODJBMDSJTJTTJODFUIF(SFBU%FQSFTTJPO "Who's Sorry Now?" by Connie Francis: An ode to i8IPT4PSSZ/PX wCZ$POOJF'SBODJT"OPEFUP Osama bin Laden. 0TBNBCJO-BEFO "Theme from Shaft" by Isaac Hayes: If Obama's looki5IFNFGSPN4IBGUwCZ*TBBD)BZFT*G0CBNBTMPPL ing for a song that can present him as a compassionate JOHGPSBTPOHUIBUDBOQSFTFOUIJNBTBDPNQBTTJPOBUF man who's not afraid to open up a can of you-know-what, NBOXIPTOPUBGSBJEUPPQFOVQBDBOPGZPVLOPXXIBU  he could do a lot worse than this. "He's a complicated IFDPVMEEPBMPUXPSTFUIBOUIJTi)FTBDPNQMJDBUFE man/ But no one understands him but his woman." True, NBO#VUOPPOFVOEFSTUBOETIJNCVUIJTXPNBOw5SVF  that. UIBU Deputy Managing Editor Rod Harmon may be contacted at 791-6450 or 2S^cbg;O\OUW\U3RWb]`@]R6O`[]\[OgPSQ]\bOQbSROb%'$"#]` at: Ob( rharmon(g)pressherald. com `VO`[]\.^`SaaVS`OZRQ][ Twitter: RHarmonPPH BeWbbS`(@6O`[]\>>6


The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 20, GO E5 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS`  2012  j5=3#

A8IFJQ Squeezing a lot in is a way of life for A_cSShW\UOZ]bW\WaOeOg]TZWTST]` singer-songwriter Sarah Jarosz, who aW\US`a]\Ue`WbS`AO`OV8O`]aheV] plays a show at USM Friday. ^ZOgaOaV]eObCA;4`WROg ByRAYROUTHIER #Z3":3065)*&3


StaffWriter 4UBGG8SJUFS

ike lots of college students, Sarah JLFMPUTPGDPMMFHFTUVEFOUT 4BSBI Jarosz is constantly trying to juggle +BSPT[JTDPOTUBOUMZUSZJOHUPKVHHMF her studies with work. IFSTUVEJFTXJUIXPSL It's just that for Jarosz, that out*UTKVTUUIBUGPS+BSPT[ UIBUPVU of-school job is a little more fun than PGTDIPPMKPCJTBMJUUMFNPSFGVOUIBO pouring lattes or waiting tables. For QPVSJOHMBUUFTPSXBJUJOHUBCMFT'PS her, work entails playing concerts IFS XPSLFOUBJMTQMBZJOHDPODFSUT around the country and performing BSPVOEUIFDPVOUSZBOEQFSGPSNJOH on radio's "A Prairie Home CompanPOSBEJPTi"1SBJSJF)PNF$PNQBO ion" or TV's "Austin City Limits." JPOwPS57Ti"VTUJO$JUZ-JNJUTw "It's just something I've always done. I've i*UTKVTUTPNFUIJOH*WFBMXBZTEPOF*WF always been in school and been performing BMXBZTCFFOJOTDIPPMBOECFFOQFSGPSNJOH too," said Jarosz, 21, last week from Nashville, UPP wTBJE+BSPT[  MBTUXFFLGSPN/BTIWJMMF  where she attended the Americana Honors & XIFSFTIFBUUFOEFEUIF"NFSJDBOB)POPST Awards. "I just make a lot of lists to remind me "XBSETi*KVTUNBLFBMPUPGMJTUTUPSFNJOENF what to do." XIBUUPEPw Jarosz probably has a sticky note somewhere +BSPT[QSPCBCMZIBTBTUJDLZOPUFTPNFXIFSF reminding her that she needs to be in Portland SFNJOEJOHIFSUIBUTIFOFFETUPCFJO1PSUMBOE on Friday to do a show at the University of PO'SJEBZUPEPBTIPXBUUIF6OJWFSTJUZPG Southern Maine. Then she's got a show with 4PVUIFSO.BJOF5IFOTIFTHPUBTIPXXJUI Dave Matthews in Canton, Mass. Then she's %BWF.BUUIFXTJO$BOUPO .BTT5IFOTIFT got to get back to class, at the New England HPUUPHFUCBDLUPDMBTT BUUIF/FX&OHMBOE Conservatory in Boston. $POTFSWBUPSZJO#PTUPO Please see JAROSZ, Page Ell Gc\Xj\j\\8/@=AHGX^\<((



HOT ?FK k`Zb\k

Stars come out at Port City JkXijZfd\flkXkGfik:`kp

Local bands line up at Empire CfZXcYXe[jc`e\lgXk<dg`i\ 1]c`bSag^V]b]

IF YOU'VE been hearing about the 74G=C¸D3PSS\VSO`W\UOP]cbbVS Canadian indie-pop band Stars, here's 1O\ORWO\W\RWS^]^PO\RAbO`aVS`S¸a your chance to hear them for yourselves. The band g]c`QVO\QSb]VSO`bVS[T]`g]c`aSZdSaBVSPO\R is slated to play Port City Music Hall on Thursday. WaaZObSRb]^ZOg>]`b1Wbg;caWQ6OZZ]\BVc`aROg Diamond Rings open. 2WO[]\R@W\Ua]^S\ WHEN: 8 p.m. Thursday E63<(&^[BVc`aROg WHERE: Port City Music Hall, 504 Congress St., E63@3(>]`b1Wbg;caWQ6OZZ#"1]\U`SaaAb Portland >]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: $22b]!" to $34 6=E;C16(

SARAH JAROSZ A/@/68/@=AH WHEN: 8 p.m. Friday E63<(&^[4`WROg WHERE: Talbot Hall, University of E63@3(BOZP]b6OZZC\WdS`aWbg]T Southern Maine, 96 Falmouth St., A]cbVS`\;OW\S'$4OZ[]cbVAb Portland >]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: $27 6=E;C16( % INFO: 7<4=(VS^bc\SaQ]\QS`baQ][

Stars AbO`a

G :?<8I@CC

GET A LOCAL rock three-fer on Saturday at 53B/:=1/:`]QYbV`SSTS`]\AObc`ROgOb Empire Dine and Dance in Portland: Holy 3[^W`S2W\SO\R2O\QSW\>]`bZO\R(6]Zg Boys Danger Club, Murcielago and The 0]ga2O\US`1ZcP;c`QWSZOU]O\RBVS Class Machine are all on the bill. 1ZOaa;OQVW\SO`SOZZ]\bVSPWZZ WHEN: 9 p.m. Saturday E63<('^[AObc`ROg WHERE: Empire Dine and Dance, 575 Congress St. E63@3(3[^W`S2W\SO\R2O\QS#%#1]\U`SaaAb Portland >]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: $6 6=E;C16($ INFO: 879-8988; 7<4=(&%'&'&&)^]`bZO\RS[^W`SQ][

Making Noise: Samuel James, E6Nâ&#x20AC;¢K`o Tix,E7 â&#x20AC;¢ CD review: RSO, E8 Nâ&#x20AC;¢ Listings, E9 DXb`e^Ef`j\1JXdl\cAXd\j#<- #<.N :;i\m`\n1IJF#</ C`jk`e^j#<0



The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 20, 2012

Why Dine at Bonanza? 1. Great Prices 2. Friendly Crew 3. Tasty Food 4. Quick Service

Samuel James offers 13 tracks ‘for the Dark Road Ahead’

ortland singer/guitarist Samuel James has just completed his trilogy of acoustic roots/blues albums with “And for the Dark Road Ahead.” The CD-release show is in a couple of weeks, which will give James time to recover from any lingering jet lag from a recent show in, of all places, Transylvania. The album is home to 13 tracks, including two spoken-word pieces and a doozy of an Elton John cover. GO recently caught up with James for a detailed chat about “Dark Road” and that trip to the land of Dracula.

P 427347

SANFORD BONANZA STEAKHOUSE Route 109, South Sanford, ME • 207-324-6121

Aimsel Ponti Making Noise

Why is the album called “And for the Dark Road Ahead”? Two reasons. The first is that there have been a lot of dark themes in my life over the last few years, and I can’t really see when they’ll end. The second reason is that this album is the last part of a trilogy, and if you take the titles of the albums, they form the sentence, “Songs Famed for Sorrow and Joy, For Rosa, Maeve and Noreen, And for the Dark Road Ahead.” You put a very unique stamp on Elton John’s “Rocket Man.” What’s the story with that? Why did you choose to do that particular song? I ran a contest during my last West Coast tour stating that I would play the winner’s choice of a cover song in each town. This was the song chosen in San Francisco, but the woman who won never came to the show. I just wanna make sure she knows that I did it.


TM © RUG 1991


Tell me about “The Execution of Big Black Ben.” What was the inspiration? It goes with the trilogy. On the first record, I had “Big Black Ben.” On the second, I had “Bigger Blacker Ben,” and now to complete it I have, “The Execution of …” I thought it would be a fitting way to end my folk hero’s career. “Tan Sedan” is fantastic. What’s that one about? It’s about everything in the world. I know. The title’s a little obvious. How about “Nineteen”? “Nineteen” is about my father. Straight up. That’s it. I’m a daddy’s boy. What can I say? Is “Camus” about Albert Camus? Are you a fan of his writing? Yeah. Well, I had a very serious existential crisis a while back. I wasn’t writing or playing or practicing. I couldn’t come up with a reason to do anything. Of course, this was destroying everything in my life. I had read all Camus’ stuff back in

Leon Vanella Photography

Samuel James will release the last of a trilogy of roots/blues albums at a CDrelease party on Oct. 20.

What’s on


ome,” Public Enemy “Welcome to the Terrord ,” Moses Atwood “Hard Times in Hollywood James “Stranger Blues,” Elmore “Use Me,” Bill Withers Gross “One About Sunshine,” D. “No Ordinary Love,” Sade Lamb the Beekeeper “Mane On Its Lion,” Lady vie Wonder “Heaven Help Us All,” Ste “Muscle Car,” Sontiago ue,” Eric B. & Rakim “Don’t Sweat the Techniq

high school, and I figured that he probably went through the same thing, and he probably wrote his way out of it. Or at least he occupied himself through it. This song is my attempt to do the same. How was your recent trip to Transylvania? This was my first time there. I have been as far east as Turkey, which I could write

Please see PONTI, Page E12

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 20, GO E7 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS` 2012  j5=3%

Concerts and shows currently on sale: 1]\QS`baO\RaV]eaQc``S\bZg]\aOZS( The latest BVSZObSab On sale 10 a.m. Friday - The Tragically =\aOZSO[4`WROgÂłBVSB`OUWQOZZg Hip, 8 p.m. Nov. 7, State Theatre, Portland. 6W^&^[<]d%AbObSBVSOb`S>]`bZO\R $35.35/$38.; !#!#!&AbObSbVSOb`S^]`bZO\RQ][) (800) 745-3000; Cumberland County &%"#!)1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg Civic Center box office 1WdWQ1S\bS`P]f]TÂżQS On sale 10 a.m. Friday - The Devil Makes =\aOZSO[4`WROgÂłBVS2SdWZ;OYSa Three with Brown Bird, 9 p.m. Dec. 29, BV`SSeWbV0`]e\0W`R'^[2SQ ' State Theatre, Portland. $17/$20. State AbObSBVSOb`S>]`bZO\R% AbObS; (800) 745-3000; bVSOb`S^]`bZO\RQ][)&%"#!) Cumberland County Civic Center box 1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg1WdWQ1S\bS`P]f office ]TÂżQS On sale 10 a.m. Friday - Tedeschi Trucks =\aOZSO[4`WROgÂłBSRSaQVWB`cQYa Band, 7:30 p.m. Nov. 29, House of Blues, 0O\R%(!^[<]d '6]caS]T0ZcSa Boston. $45 to $75. (800) 0]ab]\"#b]%#:WdS\ObW]\Q][& 745-3000 %"#! On sale 10 a.m. Friday - The Tragically =\aOZSO[4`WROgÂłBVSB`OUWQOZZg Hip, 9 p.m. Nov. 9, House of Blues, Boston. 6W^'^[<]d'6]caS]T0ZcSa0]ab]\ $32.85 to $45.35. (800) ! &#b]"#!#:WdS\ObW]\Q][& 745-3000 %"#! On sale 10 a.m. Friday - Of Monsters and =\aOZSO[4`WROgÂł=T;]\abS`aO\R Men with Soley and Elle King, 7:30 p.m. ;S\eWbVA]ZSgO\R3ZZS9W\U%(!^[ Nov. 19, House of Blues, Boston. $25 to <]d'6]caS]T0ZcSa0]ab]\ #b] $30. (800) 745-3000 !:WdS\ObW]\Q][&%"#! On sale 10 a.m. Friday - Lamb of God with =\aOZSO[4`WROgÂł:O[P]T5]ReWbV In Flames, Hellyeah and Sylosis, 7:30 p.m. 7\4ZO[Sa6SZZgSOVO\RAgZ]aWa%(!^[ Nov. 25, House of Blues, Boston. $37 to <]d #6]caS]T0ZcSa0]ab]\!%b] $52.50. (800) 745-3000 # #:WdS\ObW]\Q][&%"#! On sale noon Friday - Journey with Pat =\aOZS\]]\4`WROgÂł8]c`\SgeWbV>Ob Benatar and Neil Giraldo, and Loverboy, 0S\ObO`O\R<SWZ5W`OZR]O\R:]dS`P]g 7:30 p.m. Nov. 3, Verizon Wireless Arena, %(!^[<]d!DS`Wh]\EW`SZSaa/`S\O Manchester, N.H. $39.50 to $89.50. ;O\QVSabS`<6!'#b]&'#; (800) 745-3000 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! On sale noon Friday - Australian Pink =\aOZS\]]\4`WROgÂł/cab`OZWO\>W\Y Floyd, 6:30 p.m. Nov. 11, Verizon Wireless 4Z]gR$(!^[<]dDS`Wh]\EW`SZSaa Arena, Manchester, N.H. $20.50 to $39.50. /`S\O;O\QVSabS`<6 #b]!'#; (800) 745-3000 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#!


Courtesy photo 1]c`bSag^V]b]

The Tragically Hip perform on Nov. 7 at the State Theatre in Portland. Tickets BVSB`OUWQOZZg6W^^S`T]`[]\<]d%ObbVSAbObSBVSOb`SW\>]`bZO\RBWQYSba go on sale Friday. U]]\aOZS4`WROg

The locals BVSZ]QOZa Sept. 27 - Tricky Britches and Darlingside, AS^b %ÂłB`WQYg0`WbQVSaO\R2O`ZW\UaWRS 8 p.m., One Longfellow Square, Portland. &^[=\S:]\UTSZZ]eA_cO`S>]`bZO\R $10/$12.=\SZ]\UTSZZ]ea_cO`SQ][);  761-1757 %$%#% Sept. 27 - Tedeschi Trucks Band, 8 p.m., AS^b %ÂłBSRSaQVWB`cQYa0O\R&^[

State Theatre, Portland. $40 to $75. State AbObSBVSOb`S>]`bZO\R"b]%#AbObS; (800) 745-3000; bVSOb`S^]`bZO\RQ][)&%"#!) Cumberland County Civic Center box office 1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg1WdWQ1S\bS`P]f]TÂżQS Sept. 28 - Journey, Pat Benatar AS^b &Âł8]c`\Sg>Ob0S\ObO`


E8 GO | The P o r t l a n d Press H e r a l d / Thursday, S e p t e m b e r 2 0 , 2012 3&5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS` 

TH!NNUAL 9th Annual

-AINE,AKES Maine Lakes "REW&EST Brew Fest AT !4 POINT SEBAGO 0/).43%"!'/ CASCO, MAINE #!3#/ -!).% Just off Route 302 *USTOFF2OUTE

SEPTEMBER 29 3%04%-"%2 11 A M - 4 PM !-n0"2%7%23 30 BREWERS

,)6%%.4%24!).-%.4 LIVE ENTERTAINMENT

4HE$ISCLAIMERS The Disclaimers 2ANDOM/RDER Random Order 4UX"URKE-#%NTERTAINER Tux Burke MC & Entertainer


Ă&#x160;8NCĂ&#x2039;`em`k\jjlZZ\jj`m\gifY\j# 'AWL' invites successive probes, culminating in an experience Zlcd`eXk`e^`eXe\og\i`\eZ\ #Z3*$,+0)/40/ By RICK JOHNSON 5PTBZUIBU340Ti"8w&1JTBOFYFS To say that RSO's "AWE' EP is an exercise in minimalism is a bit of an underDJTFJONJOJNBMJTNJTBCJUPGBOVOEFS statement. TUBUFNFOU RSO is the one-man-band project of 340JTUIFPOFNBOCBOEQSPKFDUPG musician Ryan Owens. He sings and plays NVTJDJBO3ZBO0XFOT)FTJOHTBOEQMBZT all the instruments, and by "all," I mean BMMUIFJOTUSVNFOUT BOECZiBMM w*NFBO three: Voice, guitar and drum box. This UISFF7PJDF HVJUBSBOEESVNCPY5IJT is music that almost defies classification, JTNVTJDUIBUBMNPTUEFmFTDMBTTJmDBUJPO  but could best be described as a punkish CVUDPVMECFTUCFEFTDSJCFEBTBQVOLJTI take on a form of very primitive blues. UBLFPOBGPSNPGWFSZQSJNJUJWFCMVFT Simple, primal and dissonant, there is 4JNQMF QSJNBMBOEEJTTPOBOU UIFSFJT something oddly compelling about this TPNFUIJOHPEEMZDPNQFMMJOHBCPVUUIJT music, even if some may find it downright NVTJD FWFOJGTPNFNBZmOEJUEPXOSJHIU unpleasant. VOQMFBTBOU Let's start with the voice. Owens deliv-FUTTUBSUXJUIUIFWPJDF0XFOTEFMJW ers his vocals in an anguished howl that at FSTIJTWPDBMTJOBOBOHVJTIFEIPXMUIBUBU first calls to mind a slower version of early mSTUDBMMTUPNJOEBTMPXFSWFSTJPOPGFBSMZ '80s L.A. hardcore. But with repeated T-"IBSEDPSF#VUXJUISFQFBUFE listens, one can hear the blues creeping MJTUFOT POFDBOIFBSUIFCMVFTDSFFQJOH in, albeit blues filtered through a punkJO BMCFJUCMVFTmMUFSFEUISPVHIBQVOL rock sensibility. In fact, Owens' singing SPDLTFOTJCJMJUZ*OGBDU 0XFOTTJOHJOH really isn't all that far removed from Kurt SFBMMZJTOUBMMUIBUGBSSFNPWFEGSPN,VSU Cobain's take on Lead Belly's "Where Did $PCBJOTUBLFPO-FBE#FMMZTi8IFSF%JE You Sleep Last Night" from Nirvana's :PV4MFFQ-BTU/JHIUwGSPN/JSWBOBT "MTV Unplugged in New York." What i.576OQMVHHFEJO/FX:PSLw8IBU he lacks in technique, Owens more than IFMBDLTJOUFDIOJRVF 0XFOTNPSFUIBO makes up for with conviction and emotion. NBLFTVQGPSXJUIDPOWJDUJPOBOEFNPUJPO Then there's the guitar; the simplest ar5IFOUIFSFTUIFHVJUBSUIFTJNQMFTUBS rangements of riffs, pounded out through SBOHFNFOUTPGSJGGT QPVOEFEPVUUISPVHI clanging, overdriven distortion. This is DMBOHJOH PWFSESJWFOEJTUPSUJPO5IJTJT far from traditional song structure, and GBSGSPNUSBEJUJPOBMTPOHTUSVDUVSF BOE the riffs function less as a way to advance UIFSJGGTGVODUJPOMFTTBTBXBZUPBEWBODF musical ideas and more like punctuation, NVTJDBMJEFBTBOENPSFMJLFQVODUVBUJPO  driving home the point of Owens' pain. ESJWJOHIPNFUIFQPJOUPG0XFOTQBJO There are no solos of any kind, certainly 5IFSFBSFOPTPMPTPGBOZLJOE DFSUBJOMZ no hooks to grab onto. Owens howls a OPIPPLTUPHSBCPOUP0XFOTIPXMTB line, clangs out a two-chord riff to make MJOF DMBOHTPVUBUXPDIPSESJGGUPNBLF his point, and occasionally thumps on the IJTQPJOU BOEPDDBTJPOBMMZUIVNQTPOUIF drum box. Most of the songs consist only ESVNCPY.PTUPGUIFTPOHTDPOTJTUPOMZ of voice and guitar, with the final track PGWPJDFBOEHVJUBS XJUIUIFmOBMUSBDL delivered completely a cappella. EFMJWFSFEDPNQMFUFMZBDBQQFMMB The production on the EP is just as 5IFQSPEVDUJPOPOUIF&1JTKVTUBT sparse as the music. There is a slight TQBSTFBTUIFNVTJD5IFSFJTBTMJHIU filter effect on the vocals, making them mMUFSFGGFDUPOUIFWPDBMT NBLJOHUIFN sound tinny like an old transistor radio. TPVOEUJOOZMJLFBOPMEUSBOTJTUPSSBEJP But other than that, it seems as though #VUPUIFSUIBOUIBU JUTFFNTBTUIPVHI producer Todd Hutchisen simply hit the QSPEVDFS5PEE)VUDIJTFOTJNQMZIJUUIF record button and left the result largely SFDPSECVUUPOBOEMFGUUIFSFTVMUMBSHFMZ as is. Don't expect a gloss or sonic sheen BTJT%POUFYQFDUBHMPTTPSTPOJDTIFFO of any kind. Or bass, for that matter. This PGBOZLJOE0SCBTT GPSUIBUNBUUFS5IJT

Bull Moose TOP 10 "ULL-OOSE KFG(' Purchase Tickets On-Line at 0URCHASE4ICKETS/N ,INEAT WWW-AINE,AKES"REW&ESTCOM or at the door ORATTHEDOOR FMI -207-647-3472 &-)n   Rain or Shine 2AINOR3HINE

Top 10 f o r P o r t l a n d s t o r e Sept. 10-16: B]^T]`>]`bZO\Rab]`SAS^b$( 1. B o b D y l a n , " T e m p e s t " 0]P2gZO\ÂľBS[^SabÂś 2BVS/dSbb0`]bVS`aÂľ1O`^S\bS`Âś . The Avett Brothers, "Carpenter" 3. "Snow W h i t e and the Huntsman" !ÂľA\]eEVWbSO\RbVS6c\ba[O\Âś (DVD) 2D2 4. Dave M a t t h e w s Band, "Away f r o m "2OdS;ObbVSea0O\RÂľ/eOgT`][ the W o r l d " bVSE]`ZRÂś 5. The xx, "Coexist" #BVSffÂľ1]SfWabÂś 6 . D a v i d B y r n e a n d St. V i n c e n t , " L o v e $2OdWR0g`\SO\RAbDW\QS\bÂľ:]dS This G i a n t " BVWa5WO\bÂś 7. " N H L 1 3 " f o r X 3 6 0 %Âľ<6:!ÂśT]`F!$ 8. "Spartacus: Vengeance" (DVD) &ÂľA^O`bOQca(DS\USO\QSÂś2D2 9 . Cat Power, " S u n " '1Ob>]eS`ÂľAc\Âś 10. N O F X , "Self E n t i t l e d " <=4FÂľASZT3\bWbZSRÂś - Courtesy of Bull Moose Âł1]c`bSag]T0cZZ;]]aS

Courtesy photo 1]c`bSag^V]b]

HOW IT RATES ?FN@KI8K<J RSO - "AWL" @A=³¾/E:œ Produced by Todd Hutchisen >`]RcQSRPgB]RR6cbQVWaS\ ((72 

Based on a four-star scale 0OaSR]\OT]c`abO`aQOZS

is the trebliest release I've heard in quite JTUIFUSFCMJFTUSFMFBTF*WFIFBSEJORVJUF some time. TPNFUJNF Did I enjoy "AWL'? Hard to say. "Enjoy" %JE*FOKPZi"8w )BSEUPTBZi&OKPZw may not be the right word. More like NBZOPUCFUIFSJHIUXPSE.PSFMJLF "experienced." And yet I found myself iFYQFSJFODFEw"OEZFU*GPVOENZTFMG compelled to revisit that experience at DPNQFMMFEUPSFWJTJUUIBUFYQFSJFODFBU least a dozen times, so there is definitely MFBTUBEP[FOUJNFT TPUIFSFJTEFmOJUFMZ something at work. RSO is like that canTPNFUIJOHBUXPSL340JTMJLFUIBUDBO ker sore under your tongue that you just LFSTPSFVOEFSZPVSUPOHVFUIBUZPVKVTU can't leave alone, even though you know DBOUMFBWFBMPOF FWFOUIPVHIZPVLOPX it's going to hurt every time you touch it JUTHPJOHUPIVSUFWFSZUJNFZPVUPVDIJU with your tongue. Unpleasant though it XJUIZPVSUPOHVF6OQMFBTBOUUIPVHIJU may be, after a while, you can't help but NBZCF BGUFSBXIJMF ZPVDBOUIFMQCVU like it. MJLFJU For $5, you can download a digital copy 'PS ZPVDBOEPXOMPBEBEJHJUBMDPQZ at Or, BUSTPCBOEDBNQDPNBMCVNBXM0S  for $10, you can download the album and GPS ZPVDBOEPXOMPBEUIFBMCVNBOE get a 7-inch record with a limited-edition HFUBJODISFDPSEXJUIBMJNJUFEFEJUJPO hand-screened jacket. Visit the RSO webIBOETDSFFOFEKBDLFU7JTJUUIF340XFC site at TJUFBUSJFOJTTPNFUIJOHPSJHJOBMDPN Rick Johnson is a freelance writer and radio host @WQY8]V\a]\WaOT`SSZO\QSe`WbS`O\R`ORW]V]ab from Westbrook. He can be reached at: T`][ESabP`]]Y6SQO\PS`SOQVSROb( rJohnson. rock@gmail. com `X]V\a]\`]QY.U[OWZQ][

The P o r t l a n d Press H e r a l d / Thursday, S e p t e m b e r 2 0 , 2012 | GO E9 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS`  j5=3'


DLJ@:8E;E@>?KC@=< Courtesy photo 1]c`bSag^V]b]

The Swedish electro-house duo Dada Life performs at the State Theatre in BVSAeSRWaVSZSQb`]V]caSRc]2ORO:WTS^S`T]`[aObbVSAbObSBVSOb`SW\ Portland on Sunday. >]`bZO\R]\Ac\ROg

THURSDAY 4(523$!9 Joy Kills Sorrow, string band, with Fish and *OY+ILLS3ORROW STRINGBAND WITH&ISHAND Bird, One Longfellow Square, Portland. $15. "IRD /NE,ONGFELLOW3QUARE 0ORTLAND 8 p.m. ONELONGFELLOWSQUARECOMPM Steve Earle, alt-country/rock, Strand Theatre, 3TEVE%ARLE ALT COUNTRYROCK 3TRAND4HEATRE Rockland. Sold out. 7:30 p.m. 2OCKLAND3OLDOUTROCKLANDSTRANDCOMPM N i t t y G r i t t y D i r t Band, country/rock, Stone .ITTY'RITTY$IRT"AND COUNTRYROCK 3TONE Mountain Arts Center, Brownfield. $75. -OUNTAIN!RTS#ENTER "ROWNlELD 8 p.m. STONEMOUNTAINARTSCENTERCOMPM Stars, indie pop, with Diamond Rings and 3TARS INDIEPOP WITH$IAMOND2INGSAND California Waves, 18-plus; Port City Music Hall, #ALIFORNIA7AVES  PLUS0ORT#ITY-USIC(ALL Portland. $22 to $34. 0ORTLANDTOSTATETHEATREPORTLANDCOM 8 p.m. PM Julie Holter, singer-songwriter, with Hundred *ULIE(OLTER SINGER SONGWRITER WITH(UNDRED Waters, 18-plus; Space, Portland. $10. 7ATERS  PLUS3PACE 0ORTLAND 8:30 p.m. SPACEORGPM Audrey Ryan, experimental folk-pop, with !UDREY2YAN EXPERIMENTALFOLK POP WITH Toughcats and Great Elk, The Oak and the Ax, 4OUGHCATSAND'REAT%LK 4HE/AKANDTHE!X Biddeford. $8. "IDDEFORDTHEOAKANDTHEAXBLOGSPOTCOM 8 p.m. PM FRIDAY &2)$!9 Soulive, funk jazz trio, with The Alan Evans Trio, 3OULIVE FUNKJAZZTRIO WITH4HE!LAN%VANS4RIO State Theatre, Portland. $20 in advance; $25 day 3TATE4HEATRE 0ORTLANDINADVANCEDAY of show; general admission, statetheatreportland OFSHOWGENERALADMISSIONSTATETHEATREPORTLAND .com. 8 p.m. COMPM Julian Lage, jazz guitarist, One Longfellow *ULIAN,AGE JAZZGUITARIST /NE,ONGFELLOW Square, Portland. $18 in advance; $20 day of 3QUARE 0ORTLANDINADVANCEDAYOF show, 8 p.m. SHOWONELONGFELLOWSQUARECOMPM Sarah Jarosz, multi-instrumentalist, with fiddler 3ARAH*AROSZ MULTI INSTRUMENTALIST WITHlDDLER Alex Hargreaves and cellist Nathaniel Smith, !LEX(ARGREAVESANDCELLIST.ATHANIEL3MITH Talbot Auditorium of Luther Bonney Hall, USM 4ALBOT!UDITORIUMOF,UTHER"ONNEY(ALL 53- Portland campus. $27. 8 p.m. 0ORTLANDCAMPUSHEPTUNESCONCERTSCOMPM "A Loss for Words," acoustic benefit concert for h!,OSSFOR7ORDS vACOUSTICBENElTCONCERTFOR the National MS Society with Beyond Goodbye THE.ATIONAL-33OCIETYWITH"EYOND'OODBYE and other bands, Husson University (Gracie ANDOTHERBANDS (USSON5NIVERSITY'RACIE Theatre), Bangor. $10. 973-1011. 7:30 p.m. 4HEATRE "ANGOR PM Cinder Conk, Balkan/gypsy folk dance music, #INDER#ONK "ALKANGYPSYFOLKDANCEMUSIC Aarhus Gallery, Belfast. $12. !ARHUS'ALLERY "ELFASTAARHUSGALLERYCOM 7:30 p.m. PM Andy Happell, violinist and composer, St. !NDY(APPELL VIOLINISTANDCOMPOSER 3T Lawrence Arts Center, Portland. $12 in advance; ,AWRENCE!RTS#ENTER 0ORTLANDINADVANCE $15 day of show, 7 p.m. DAYOFSHOWSTLAWRENCEARTSORGPM Arborea, progressive-folk duo, with Greg Jamie, !RBOREA PROGRESSIVE FOLKDUO WITH'REG*AMIE The Frontier, Brunswick. $10 in advance; $12 day 4HE&RONTIER "RUNSWICKINADVANCEDAY of show, 8 p.m. OFSHOWEXPLOREFRONTIERCOMPM "Music of John Cage," performed by pianist Paul h-USICOF*OHN#AGE vPERFORMEDBYPIANIST0AUL Sullivan, LesTrois Etoiles, DirigoMiz and the UMF 3ULLIVAN ,ES4ROIS%TOILES $IRIGO-IZANDTHE5-& Experimental Arts Ensemble, Emery Community %XPERIMENTAL!RTS%NSEMBLE %MERY#OMMUNITY Arts Center, Farmington. Free. 778-7288. 7:30 p.m. !RTS#ENTER &ARMINGTON&REE PM Session Americana, round table jamboree, Stone 3ESSION!MERICANA ROUNDTABLEJAMBOREE 3TONE Mountain Arts Center, Brownfield. $20. -OUNTAIN!RTS#ENTER "ROWNlELD 8 p.m. STONEMOUNTAINARTSCENTERCOMPM

SATURDAY 3!452$!9 Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, singer-songwriter, with ,ADY,AMBTHE"EEKEEPER SINGER SONGWRITER WITH Coke Weed, The Oak and the Ax, Biddeford. $10. #OKE7EED 4HE/AKANDTHE!X "IDDEFORD 8 p.m. THEOAKANDTHEAXBLOGSPOTCOMPM Buxton, folk-rock, 18-plus; Space, Portland. $8 in "UXTON FOLK ROCK  PLUS3PACE 0ORTLANDIN advance; $10 day of show, ADVANCEDAYOFSHOWSPACEORG 8:30 p.m. PM Joe Robinson, Australian singer-songwriter, *OE2OBINSON !USTRALIANSINGER SONGWRITER Leura Hill Eastman Performing Arts Center, ,EURA(ILL%ASTMAN0ERFORMING!RTS#ENTER Fryeburg. $20; $15 for seniors; $10 for students. &RYEBURGFORSENIORSFORSTUDENTS 7:30 p.m. FRYEBURGACADEMYORGPACPM Beyond Reason, "The Blue Room" CD-release "EYOND2EASON h4HE"LUE2OOMv#$ RELEASE show with The O l d Salt Band, One Longfellow SHOWWITH4HE/LD3ALT"AND /NE,ONGFELLOW Square, Portland. $5. 3QUARE 0ORTLANDONELONGFELLOWSQUARECOM 7 p.m. PM The Fighting Jamesons, high-energy 4HE&IGHTING*AMESONS HIGH ENERGY Celtic Music, Opera House at Boothbay #ELTIC-USIC /PERA(OUSEAT"OOTHBAY Harbor. $20 in advance; $25 day of show. (ARBORINADVANCEDAYOFSHOW 8 p.m. BOOTHBAYOPERAHOUSECOMPM "Woody's a' Hundred: The Life & Times of Woody h7OODYSA(UNDRED4HE,IFE4IMESOF7OODY Guthrie," with Bob Webb and Dave Peloquin, 'UTHRIE vWITH"OB7EBBAND$AVE0ELOQUIN Merrill Hall/Nordica Auditorium, Farmington. -ERRILL(ALL.ORDICA!UDITORIUM &ARMINGTON $10. 778-4699. 7:30 p.m.  PM SUNDAY 35.$!9 Ghostface Killah, rap, 21-plus; Asylum, 'HOSTFACE+ILLAH RAP  PLUS!SYLUM Portland. $19 in advance; $22 day of show. 0ORTLANDINADVANCEDAYOFSHOW 9 p.m. PORTLANDASYLUMCOMPM Jared Fischer, pianist, First Church, Belfast. Free/ *ARED&ISCHER PIANIST &IRST#HURCH "ELFAST&REE donation. 338-2282. 3 p.m. DONATION PM Dada Life, Swedish electro-house duo, with 12th $ADA,IFE 3WEDISHELECTRO HOUSEDUO WITHTH Planet, 16-plus; State Theatre, Portland. $26.50 in 0LANET  PLUS3TATE4HEATRE 0ORTLANDIN advance; $31.50 day of show; general admission. ADVANCEDAYOFSHOWGENERALADMISSION 9:30 p.m. STATETHEATREPORTLANDCOMPM Faun Fables with Herbcraft, song-telling, The Oak &AUN&ABLESWITH(ERBCRAFT SONG TELLING 4HE/AK and the Ax, Biddeford. $8. theoakandtheax ANDTHE!X "IDDEFORDTHEOAKANDTHEAX 8 p.m. BLOGSPOTCOMPM SEPT. 27 3%04 TedeschiTrucks Band, rock and blues, with 4EDESCHI4RUCKS"AND ROCKANDBLUES WITH Scrapomatic, State Theatre, Portland. $40 to $75; 3CRAPOMATIC 3TATE4HEATRE 0ORTLANDTO reserved seating, 8 p.m. RESERVEDSEATINGSTATETHEATREPORTLANDCOMPM Tricky Britches and Darlingside, bluegrass 4RICKY"RITCHESAND$ARLINGSIDE BLUEGRASS and string-rock, One Longfellow Square, ANDSTRING ROCK /NE,ONGFELLOW3QUARE Portland. $10 in advance; $12 day of show. 0ORTLANDINADVANCEDAYOFSHOW 8 p.m. ONELONGFELLOWSQUARECOMPM Recession Session with Kenny White, pianist/ 2ECESSION3ESSIONWITH+ENNY7HITE PIANIST singer-songwriter, Stone Mountain Arts Center, SINGER SONGWRITER 3TONE-OUNTAIN!RTS#ENTER Brownfield. $15. "ROWNlELDSTONEMOUNTAINARTSCENTERCOM 8 p.m. PM Frontiers of Music #5, improvised music &RONTIERSOF-USIC IMPROVISEDMUSIC collective performances, The Frontier, Brunswick. COLLECTIVEPERFORMANCES 4HE&RONTIER "RUNSWICK Name your price, 7 p.m. .AMEYOURPRICEEXPLOREFRONTIERCOMPM

Please see MUSIC, Page E10 Gc\Xj\j\\;CA71GX^\<('


7ZRIRU Two/or  23

&KRRVHDQ\WZRRIWKHIROORZLQJHQWUHHV« Choose any two of the following entrees... â&#x20AC;¢ ) Fried Combo²0DLQH6KULPS - Maine Shrimp Â&#x2021; ULHG&RPER  +DGGRFNZLWKIULHV FROHVODZ & Haddock with fries & coleslaw 4:30


Â&#x2021;6ZHHW$OH6WHDN7LSV â&#x20AC;¢

with your choice of potato or rice ^ePtember Â&#x2021; -XPER3DQNR6KULPSRYHU$VLDQFROHVODZZLWKULFH â&#x20AC;¢ Jumbo Panko Shrimp over Asian coleslaw with rice

Â&#x2021; &KLFNHQ0DUVDODZLWK\RXUFKRLFHRISRWDWRRUULFH â&#x20AC;¢ Chicken Marsala with your choice of potato or rice


Please no substitutions. Not to be combined with any other offer or advertised specials.

+DSS\+RXU²'ULQNV $SSHWL]HU6SHFLDOV²SP Happy Hour - Drinks & Appetizer Specials 3-6pm Sunday - Patriot's Game Day Appetizer Specials 6XQGD\²3DWULRW·V*DPH'D\$SSHWL]HU6SHFLDOV XQWLOSP until 6pm :DVKLQJWRQ$YHQXH3RUWODQGÂ&#x2021;Â&#x2021;ZZZSDUNHUVPDLQHFRP

CONCERTS N#/.#%243

E1O GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 20, 35=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS`  2012 

35--%2)3,!.$345$)/ SUMMER ISLAND STUDIO     '!,,%29 /& &).%   

  GALLERY  OF  FAFZ !24)3!.3 ARTISANS *%7%,29$%3)'.%20!44),"!+%2 JiWILRY Di§l@NiB; PATH L BAKiR


Continued from Page E9 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3' Powerman 5000, nu metal, with Prospect Hill, 0OWERMAN NUMETAL WITH0ROSPECT(ILL Ascent to Power and Death Rattle, Asylum, !SCENTTO0OWERAND$EATH2ATTLE !SYLUM Portland. $20 in advance; $25 day of show. 0ORTLANDINADVANCEDAYOFSHOW 7 p.m. PORTLANDASYLUMCOMPM

W+ HA W A T& C+ H : $L / E(  :$7

COMEDY N#/-%$9



Tont'ne Ma â&#x20AC;˘ 149 Ma'ne Street, Brunsw'ck, MF !   

4ONTINE ALLsAINE3TREET "RUNSWICK -% 20/-3/31810 â&#x20AC;˘! summer's anosiua' "    " Â&#x2C6;  sSUMMERISLANDSTUDIOCOMÂ&#x2C6;

Open Mic Comedy Night, 21-plus; Slainte, /PEN-IC#OMEDY.IGHT  PLUS3LAINTE Portland. Free, 8 p.m. 0ORTLAND&REESLAINTEWINEBARCOMPM Thursday and Sept. 27. 4HURSDAYAND3EPT George Hamm, benefit for Central Maine's Meals 'EORGE(AMM BENElTFOR#ENTRAL-AINES-EALS on Wheels Program, Waterville Elks Banquet and ON7HEELS0ROGRAM 7ATERVILLE%LKS"ANQUETAND Conference Center. $12. 873-4745. Doors at 7 #ONFERENCE#ENTER $OORSAT p.m.; show at 8:30 p.m. Friday. PMSHOWATPM&RIDAY Bob DiBuono, Comedy Connection, Portland. "OB$I"UONO #OMEDY#ONNECTION 0ORTLAND $15. 774-5554. 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday.  PM&RIDAYAND3ATURDAY

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345 North St., Rt. 112 â&#x20AC;˘ Saco, ME .ORTH3T 2Ts3ACO -%




Mon.-Sat: 10am-5pm -ON 3ATAM PM

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THURSDAY 4(523$!9 Strangled Darlings, graveyard dance 3TRANGLED$ARLINGS GRAVEYARDDANCE music, Andy's Old Port Pub, Portland. MUSIC !NDYS/LD0ORT0UB 0ORTLAND 7 p.m. ANDYSOLDPORTPUBCOMPM Pitch Black Ribbons, bluegrass, Dogfish Bar and 0ITCH"LACK2IBBONS BLUEGRASS $OGlSH"ARAND Grille, Portland, 8 p.m. 'RILLE 0ORTLANDTHEDOGlSHBARANDGRILLECOMPM The Flaming Lips' "Zaireeka!", experimental 4HE&LAMING,IPSh:AIREEKAv EXPERIMENTAL listening party, Empire Dine and Dance, LISTENINGPARTY %MPIRE$INEAND$ANCE Portland. $2. 9 p.m. 0ORTLANDPORTLANDEMPIRECOMPM Clara Berry, folk-pop, Blue, Portland. Donation. #LARA"ERRY FOLK POP "LUE 0ORTLAND$ONATION 6 p.m. PORTCITYBLUECOMPM Jason Myles Goss, singer/songwriter, Blue, *ASON-YLES'OSS SINGERSONGWRITER "LUE Portland. Donation, 8 p.m. 0ORTLAND$ONATIONPORTCITYBLUECOMPM Groove Ruckus, jazz/funk/fusion, Blue, Portland. 'ROOVE2UCKUS JAZZFUNKFUSION "LUE 0ORTLAND 10 p.m. PORTCITYBLUECOMPM Tony Boffa Quartet, cool and soft jazz, Gingko 4ONY"OFFA1UARTET COOLANDSOFTJAZZ 'INGKO Blue, Portland. Donation, 8 p.m. "LUE 0ORTLAND$ONATIONGINGKOBLUECOMPM Band Beyond Description, jam band, 21-plus; "AND"EYOND$ESCRIPTION JAMBAND  PLUS Big Easy, Portland, 9 p.m. "IG%ASY 0ORTLANDBIGEASYPORTLANDCOMPM Beer Pong, Line Dancing, Karaoke and DJ B"EER0ONG ,INE$ANCING +ARAOKEAND$*" set, 21-pius; Club Texas, Auburn. $2. 784-7785. SET  PLUS#LUB4EXAS !UBURN  Doors at 6 p.m. $OORSATPM Open Mic Night, all ages, Deer Run Tavern, /PEN-IC.IGHT ALLAGES $EER2UN4AVERN Yarmouth. 846-9555. 7:30 p.m. 9ARMOUTH PM Joint Chiefs, acoustic, Portland Lobster *OINT#HIEFS ACOUSTIC 0ORTLAND,OBSTER Company, 6 p.m. #OMPANYPORTLANDLOBSTERCOMPANYCOMPM Beach the Whale, prog-rock, with Pecan Sandies "EACHTHE7HALE PROG ROCK WITH0ECAN3ANDIES and Hotel Radio, Geno's Rock Club, Portland. AND(OTEL2ADIO 'ENOS2OCK#LUB 0ORTLAND 221-2382. 9 p.m.  PM

Courtesy photo 1]c`bSag^V]b]

Ghostface Killah raps on Sunday at 5V]abTOQS9WZZOV`O^a]\Ac\ROgOb Asylum in Portland. /agZc[W\>]`bZO\R Michael Krapovicky, acoustic, Gritty McDuff's, -ICHAEL+RAPOVICKY ACOUSTIC 'RITTY-C$UFFS Freeport. Donation, 8:30 p.m. &REEPORT$ONATIONGRITTYSCOMPM Alan Dickson, acoustic, Deer Run Tavern, !LAN$ICKSON ACOUSTIC $EER2UN4AVERN Yarmouth. 846-9555. 7:30 p.m. 9ARMOUTH PM The Underachievers, classic rock, Bayside Bowl, 4HE5NDERACHIEVERS CLASSICROCK "AYSIDE"OWL Portland, 8 p.m. 0ORTLANDBAYSIDEBOWLCOMPM

SATURDAY 3!452$!9 Holy Boys Danger Club, Murcielago and The (OLY"OYS$ANGER#LUB -URCIELAGOAND4HE Class Machine, rock, Empire Dine and Dance, #LASS-ACHINE ROCK %MPIRE$INEAND$ANCE Portland. $6 ($1 of which benefits Playing for 0ORTLANDOFWHICHBENElTS0LAYINGFOR Change and MAMM). 9 p.m. #HANGEAND-!-- PORTLANDEMPIRECOMPM Cruel Hand, hardcore, with Rude Awakening, #RUEL(AND HARDCORE WITH2UDE!WAKENING DMA and Strung Along, Geno's Rock Club, $.!AND3TRUNG!LONG 'ENOS2OCK#LUB Portland. 221-2382. 9 p.m. 0ORTLAND PM "In the Round with Shanna," jazz series, Blue, h)NTHE2OUNDWITH3HANNA vJAZZSERIES "LUE Portland. Donation, 6 p.m. 0ORTLAND$ONATIONPORTCITYBLUECOMPM Potato Pickers, folk/country, Blue, Portland. 0OTATO0ICKERS FOLKCOUNTRY "LUE 0ORTLAND Donation, 8 p.m. $ONATIONPORTCITYBLUECOMPM Roving Soul, traditional and modern folk songs, 2OVING3OUL TRADITIONALANDMODERNFOLKSONGS Blue, Portland. Donation, 10 p.m. "LUE 0ORTLAND$ONATIONPORTCITYBLUECOMPM Tickle, pop covers, RiRa, Portland, 10 p.m. 4ICKLE POPCOVERS 2I2A 0ORTLANDRIRACOMPM Gary Richardson, solo acoustic jazz and blues, 'ARY2ICHARDSON SOLOACOUSTICJAZZANDBLUES Gingko Blue, Portland, 5 to 8 p.m. 'INGKO"LUE 0ORTLANDGINGKOBLUECOMTOPM Mama's Boom Shack, funk, soul and blues, -AMAS"OOM3HACK FUNK SOULANDBLUES Gingko Blue, Portland, 9 p.m. FRIDAY 'INGKO"LUE 0ORTLANDGINGKOBLUECOMPM &2)$!9 Beam & Fink, acoustic blues and roots, Andy's "EAM&INK ACOUSTICBLUESANDROOTS !NDYS CyborgTrio/Sounduo, post-dub audio/visual live #YBORG4RIO3OUNDUO POST DUBAUDIOVISUALLIVE Old Port Pub, Portland, /LD0ORT0UB 0ORTLANDANDYSOLDPORTPUBCOM performance, 21-plus; Empire Dine and Dance, PERFORMANCE  PLUS%MPIRE$INEAND$ANCE 8:30 p.m. Portland. $5. 9 p.m. PM 0ORTLANDPORTLANDEMPIRECOMPM Chris Fitz Band, electric blues, 21-plus; Inn on the The Coalsack in Crux, hard rock, CD-release #HRIS&ITZ"AND ELECTRICBLUES  PLUS)NNONTHE 4HE#OALSACKIN#RUX HARDROCK #$ RELEASE Blues, York Beach. $6. "LUES 9ORK"EACHINNONTHEBLUESCOM show with Haru Bangs and Johnny Cremains, SHOWWITH(ARU"ANGSAND*OHNNY#REMAINS 9:30 p.m. PM Geno's Rock Club, Portland. 221-2382. 9 p.m. 'ENOS2OCK#LUB 0ORTLAND PM Amigos, acoustic, Portland Lobster Company. !MIGOS ACOUSTIC 0ORTLAND,OBSTER#OMPANY Sly-Chi, funk, Big Easy, Portland. $8. 3LY #HI FUNK "IG%ASY 0ORTLAND Noon. 9 p.m. PORTLANDLOBSTERCOMPANYCOM.OON BIGEASYPORTLANDCOMPM Jill Stringham with Eric Mauriello, acoustic Irish *ILL3TRINGHAMWITH%RIC-AURIELLO ACOUSTIC)RISH Travis James Humphrey, acoustic, Dogfish Bar 4RAVIS*AMES(UMPHREY ACOUSTIC $OGlSH"AR music, all ages; Deer Run Tavern, Yarmouth. 846and Grille, Portland, MUSIC ALLAGES$EER2UN4AVERN 9ARMOUTH AND'RILLE 0ORTLANDTHEDOGlSHBARANDGRILLECOM 9555. 6 to 9 p.m. 5 to 7 p.m. TOPM TOPM Moore & Moran, folk/Ameicana, Gritty McDuff's, -OORE-ORAN FOLK!MEICANA 'RITTY-C$UFFS Pitch Black Ribbons, bluegrass, Blue, Portland. 0ITCH"LACK2IBBONS BLUEGRASS "LUE 0ORTLAND Freeport. Donation, 8:30 p.m. Donation, 8 p.m. &REEPORT$ONATIONGRITTYSCOMPM $ONATIONPORTCITYBLUECOMPM Pitch Black Ribbons, bluegrass, Deer Run Tavern, Matt Meyer &The Gumption JCT, new roots 0ITCH"LACK2IBBONS BLUEGRASS $EER2UN4AVERN -ATT-EYER4HE'UMPTION*#4 NEWROOTS Yarmouth. 846-9555. 8 p.m. 9ARMOUTH PM music, old sea chanteys and mountain songs, MUSIC OLDSEACHANTEYSANDMOUNTAINSONGS Steve Jones, blues and rock, Run of the Mill Blue, Portland. Donation, 10 p.m. 3TEVE*ONES BLUESANDROCK 2UNOFTHE-ILL "LUE 0ORTLAND$ONATIONPORTCITYBLUECOMPM Brewpub, Saco. 8 p.m. Nikki Hunt, rock, RiRa, Portland, 10 p.m. "REWPUB 3ACOTHERUNOFTHEMILLNETPM .IKKI(UNT ROCK 2I2A 0ORTLANDRIRACOMPM Kenya Hall Band, funk, with Zach Jones, Big Easy, The Lucid, pop/rock, Portland Lobster Company. +ENYA(ALL"AND FUNK WITH:ACH*ONES "IG%ASY 4HE,UCID POPROCK 0ORTLAND,OBSTER#OMPANY Portland. $8. 8 p.m. 6 p.m. 0ORTLANDBIGEASYPORTLANDCOMPM PORTLANDLOBSTERCOMPANYCOMPM The Wetsuits, surf rock, Dogfish Bar and Grille, 4HE7ETSUITS SURFROCK $OGlSH"ARAND'RILLE David Mello, old-time blues, Gingko Blue, $AVID-ELLO OLD TIMEBLUES 'INGKO"LUE Portland, 8 p.m. Portland, 5 to 8 p.m. 0ORTLANDTHEDOGlSHBARANDGRILLECOMPM 0ORTLANDGINGKOBLUECOMTOPM Hairy Pie, hair-metal covers, 21-plus; Club Tommy O'Connell &The Juke Joint Devils, blues(AIRY0IE HAIR METALCOVERS  PLUS#LUB 4OMMY/#ONNELL4HE*UKE*OINT$EVILS BLUES Texas, Auburn. 784-7785. Doors at 6 p.m. rock, Gingko Blue, Portland, 9 p.m. 4EXAS !UBURN $OORSATPM ROCK 'INGKO"LUE 0ORTLANDGINGKOBLUECOMPM Bottom of the East, rock, Bayside Bowl, Portland. Justin Walton, singer-songwriter, Andy's Old Port "OTTOMOFTHE%AST ROCK "AYSIDE"OWL 0ORTLAND *USTIN7ALTON SINGER SONGWRITER !NDYS/LD0ORT 9 p.m. Pub, Portland, 8:30 p.m. BAYSIDEBOWLCOMPM 0UB 0ORTLANDANDYSOLDPORTPUBCOMPM "Move! Nevermind the 9O's," dance music h-OVE.EVERMINDTHES vDANCEMUSIC SUNDAY from the '90s, 21-plus; Asylum, Portland. 35.$!9 FROMTHES  PLUS!SYLUM 0ORTLAND Awesome Kong, rock, Run of the Mill Brewpub, 9 p.m. !WESOME+ONG ROCK 2UNOFTHE-ILL"REWPUB PORTLANDASYLUMCOMPM 1 p.m. ThrowDown Band, electric blues, 21-pius; Inn on 3ACOTHERUNOFTHEMILLNETPM 4HROW$OWN"AND ELECTRICBLUES  PLUS)NNON the Blues, York Beach. $6. THE"LUES 9ORK"EACHINNONTHEBLUESCOM 9:30 p.m. PM Please see MUSIC, Page Ell Gc\Xj\j\\;CA71GX^\<((

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, Septennber 20, | GO Ell BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS` 2012  j5=3

Continued from Page E10 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3 Jerks of Grass, bluegrass, Portland Lobster *ERKSOF'RASS BLUEGRASS 0ORTLAND,OBSTER Company, Noon. #OMPANYPORTLANDLOBSTERCOMPANYCOM.OON Mike Duffy & Friends, acoustic, Andy's O l d Port -IKE$UFFY&RIENDS ACOUSTIC !NDYS/LD0ORT Pub, Portland, 5:30 p.m. 0UB 0ORTLANDANDYSOLDPORTPUBCOMPM Brunch with Sly-Chi, R&B, RiRa, Portland. "RUNCHWITH3LY #HI 2" 2I2A 0ORTLAND Noon. RIRACOM.OON The Couch, open mic with host John Nels, Empire 4HE#OUCH OPENMICWITHHOST*OHN.ELS %MPIRE Dine and Dance, Portland, $INEAND$ANCE 0ORTLANDPORTLANDEMPIRECOM 7 p.m. PM MONDAY -/.$!9 Smokin' Joe Kubek w i t h Bnois King, blues, Time 3MOKIN*OE+UBEKWITH"NOIS+ING BLUES 4IME Out Pub, Rockland. $15. 593-9336. 7 p.m. /UT0UB 2OCKLAND PM N.E.Town, folk-rock, Andy's Old Port Pub, .%4OWN FOLK ROCK !NDYS/LD0ORT0UB Portland, 6:30 p.m. 0ORTLANDANDYSOLDPORTPUBCOMPM Funky Mondays:The Players Ball, funk, Big Easy, &UNKY-ONDAYS4HE0LAYERS"ALL FUNK "IG%ASY Portland. $3. 8:30 p.m. 0ORTLANDBIGEASYPORTLANDCOMPM Bluegrass Mondays, 21-plus; Empire Dine and "LUEGRASS-ONDAYS  PLUS%MPIRE$INEAND Dance, Portland, 8 p.m. $ANCE 0ORTLANDPORTLANDEMPIRECOMPM The Mutineers, eclectic string music, The Liberal 4HE-UTINEERS ECLECTICSTRINGMUSIC 4HE,IBERAL Cup, Hallowell. 5 p.m. #UP (ALLOWELLTHELIBERALCUPCOMPM Open Mic, with Ev Guy, RiRa, Portland, /PEN-IC WITH%V'UY 2I2A 0ORTLANDRIRACOM 8 p.m. PM TUESDAY 45%3$!9 M i l k Carton Kids, Americana duo, with The -ILK#ARTON+IDS !MERICANADUO WITH4HE Brendan Hines, 21-plus; Empire Dine and Dance, "RENDAN(INES  PLUS%MPIRE$INEAND$ANCE Portland. $6. 8 p.m. 0ORTLANDPORTLANDEMPIRECOMPM Poor Howard, Delta blues, Andy's O l d Port Pub, 0OOR(OWARD $ELTABLUES !NDYS/LD0ORT0UB Portland, 6 p.m. 0ORTLANDANDYSOLDPORTPUBCOMPM Electric Open Mic, with Joint Enterprise, Run of %LECTRIC/PEN-IC WITH*OINT%NTERPRISE 2UNOF the Mill Brewpub, Saco. 8 p.m. THE-ILL"REWPUB 3ACOTHERUNOFTHEMILLNETPM Ryan Halliburton, acoustic, Portland Lobster 2YAN(ALLIBURTON ACOUSTIC 0ORTLAND,OBSTER Company, 6 p.m. #OMPANYPORTLANDLOBSTERCOMPANYCOMPM WEDNESDAY 7%$.%3$!9 Owen Marshall and Lindsay Straw, Irish music, /WEN-ARSHALLAND,INDSAY3TRAW )RISHMUSIC Blue, Portland. Donation, "LUE 0ORTLAND$ONATIONPORTCITYBLUECOM 7:30 p.m. PM Traditional Irish Session, Irish music, Blue, 4RADITIONAL)RISH3ESSION )RISHMUSIC "LUE Portland. Donation, 9:30 p.m. 0ORTLAND$ONATIONPORTCITYBLUECOMPM Ben Kilcollins, acoustic, RiRa, Portland, "EN+ILCOLLINS ACOUSTIC 2I2A 0ORTLANDRIRACOM

JAROSZ ?6GDHO Continued from Page E5 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3#

"I'm in music school, so it's not as hard i*NJONVTJDTDIPPM TPJUTOPUBTIBSE as if I were in some other kind of school," BTJG*XFSFJOTPNFPUIFSLJOEPGTDIPPM w she said. TIFTBJE Music has never been hard for Jarosz. .VTJDIBTOFWFSCFFOIBSEGPS+BSPT[ She grew up outside Austin, Texas, a 4IFHSFXVQPVUTJEF"VTUJO 5FYBT B place where music is a way of life. She got QMBDFXIFSFNVTJDJTBXBZPGMJGF4IFHPU a mandolin for a present when she was a BNBOEPMJOGPSBQSFTFOUXIFOTIFXBTB teenager, and was soon playing at major UFFOBHFS BOEXBTTPPOQMBZJOHBUNBKPS music festivals. NVTJDGFTUJWBMT She also learned to play the banjo. And 4IFBMTPMFBSOFEUPQMBZUIFCBOKP"OE she sings. And writes songs. TIFTJOHT"OEXSJUFTTPOHT Jarosz's parents, both teachers, en+BSPT[TQBSFOUT CPUIUFBDIFST FO couraged her to pursue her music."My DPVSBHFEIFSUPQVSTVFIFSNVTJDi.Z parents were both so supportive of me, QBSFOUTXFSFCPUITPTVQQPSUJWFPGNF  and that has meant a lot." BOEUIBUIBTNFBOUBMPUw While still in her teens, Jarosz made the 8IJMFTUJMMJOIFSUFFOT +BSPT[NBEFUIF first of several appearances on Garrison mSTUPGTFWFSBMBQQFBSBODFTPO(BSSJTPO Keillor's public radio show "A Prairie ,FJMMPSTQVCMJDSBEJPTIPXi"1SBJSJF Home Companion," which often puts a )PNF$PNQBOJPO wXIJDIPGUFOQVUTB spotlight on young acoustic, bluegrass or TQPUMJHIUPOZPVOHBDPVTUJD CMVFHSBTTPS Americana performers. "NFSJDBOBQFSGPSNFST "Garrison has a really amazing away of i(BSSJTPOIBTBSFBMMZBNB[JOHBXBZPG challenging himself and the people on the DIBMMFOHJOHIJNTFMGBOEUIFQFPQMFPOUIF show, so it's really a thrill to be on with TIPX TPJUTSFBMMZBUISJMMUPCFPOXJUI him," said Jarosz. IJN wTBJE+BSPT[ When she began playing mandolin, 8IFOTIFCFHBOQMBZJOHNBOEPMJO  Jarosz was influenced by bluegrass +BSPT[XBTJOnVFODFECZCMVFHSBTT music. But she was soon drawn to singerNVTJD#VUTIFXBTTPPOESBXOUPTJOHFS songwriters as well, including Gillian TPOHXSJUFSTBTXFMM JODMVEJOH(JMMJBO Welch, Tim O'Brien and Paul Simon, and 8FMDI 5JN0#SJFOBOE1BVM4JNPO BOE

SEPT. 27 3%04 Griffin Sherry &The Ghost of Paul Revere, roots 'RIFlN3HERRY4HE'HOSTOF0AUL2EVERE ROOTS music, Dogfish Bar and Grille, Portland, thedogfis MUSIC $OGlSH"ARAND'RILLE 0ORTLANDTHEDOGlS 8 p.m. HBARANDGRILLECOMPM Barn Swallows, bluegrass, Blue, Portland. "ARN3WALLOWS BLUEGRASS "LUE 0ORTLAND Donation, 6 p.m. $ONATIONPORTCITYBLUECOMPM Steamboat Gypsy, bluegrass and old-time country, 3TEAMBOAT'YPSY BLUEGRASSANDOLD TIMECOUNTRY Blue, Portland. Donation, "LUE 0ORTLAND$ONATIONPORTCITYBLUECOM 8 p.m. PM Samuel James and D. Gross, roots and blues, 3AMUEL*AMESAND$'ROSS ROOTSANDBLUES Blue, Portland. Donation, "LUE 0ORTLAND$ONATIONPORTCITYBLUECOM 10 p.m. PM Travis James Humphrey Blue Review, 4RAVIS*AMES(UMPHREY"LUE2EVIEW roadhouse roots music, Gingko Blue, Portland. ROADHOUSEROOTSMUSIC 'INGKO"LUE 0ORTLAND 8 to 11 p.m. GINGKOBLUECOMTOPM Peter Gavett & Friends, acoustic folk-rock, Andy's 0ETER'AVETT&RIENDS ACOUSTICFOLK ROCK !NDYS O l d Port Pub, Portland, /LD0ORT0UB 0ORTLANDANDYSOLDPORTPUBCOM 6:30 p.m. PM Dave Gagne, indie folk, rock and reggae, Run of $AVE'AGNE INDIEFOLK ROCKANDREGGAE 2UNOF the Mill Brewpub, Saco. 8 p.m. THE-ILL"REWPUB 3ACOTHERUNOFTHEMILLNETPM Band Beyond Description, jam band, 21-plus; "AND"EYOND$ESCRIPTION JAMBAND  PLUS Big Easy, Portland, 9 p.m. "IG%ASY 0ORTLANDBIGEASYPORTLANDCOMPM Beer Pong, Line Dancing, Karaoke and DJ B"EER0ONG ,INE$ANCING +ARAOKEAND$*" set, 21-plus; ClubTexas, Auburn. $2. 784-7785. SET  PLUS#LUB4EXAS !UBURN  Doors at 6 p.m. $OORSATPM Open M i c Night, all ages, Deer Run Tavern, /PEN-IC.IGHT ALLAGES $EER2UN4AVERN Yarmouth. 846-9555. 7:30 p.m. 9ARMOUTH PM

she's a big fan of groups that defy genre TIFTBCJHGBOPGHSPVQTUIBUEFGZHFOSF definitions, such as The Decemberists, EFmOJUJPOT TVDIBT5IF%FDFNCFSJTUT  Nickel Creek and Wilco. /JDLFM$SFFLBOE8JMDP "I don't like the idea of fitting into a i*EPOUMJLFUIFJEFBPGmUUJOHJOUPB genre. I like to use bluegrass instruHFOSF*MJLFUPVTFCMVFHSBTTJOTUSV ments, but not necessarily just to make NFOUT CVUOPUOFDFTTBSJMZKVTUUPNBLF bluegrass music," said Jarosz. "The CMVFHSBTTNVTJD wTBJE+BSPT[i5IF Punch Brothers use bluegrass instru1VODI#SPUIFSTVTFCMVFHSBTTJOTUSV ments, but I don't consider them just NFOUT CVU*EPOUDPOTJEFSUIFNKVTU bluegrass. I think people today are longCMVFHSBTT*UIJOLQFPQMFUPEBZBSFMPOH ing for a more honest sound, and I think JOHGPSBNPSFIPOFTUTPVOE BOE*UIJOL that kind of sound can be incorporated UIBULJOEPGTPVOEDBOCFJODPSQPSBUFE into a lot of kinds of music." JOUPBMPUPGLJOETPGNVTJDw At the ripe old age of 19 in 2010, Jarosz "UUIFSJQFPMEBHFPGJO +BSPT[ was nominated for a Best Country InstruXBTOPNJOBUFEGPSB#FTU$PVOUSZ*OTUSV mental Grammy for her song "MansinNFOUBM(SBNNZGPSIFSTPOHi.BOTJO needof"wPGGUIFBMCVNi4POH6Q*O)FS off the album "Song Up In Her OFFEPG Head." The cast of veteran musicians )FBEw5IFDBTUPGWFUFSBONVTJDJBOT who worked on that album with her inXIPXPSLFEPOUIBUBMCVNXJUIIFSJO cluded Darrell Scott and Jerry Douglas. DMVEFE%BSSFMM4DPUUBOE+FSSZ%PVHMBT Her next album, "Follow Me Down," )FSOFYUBMCVN i'PMMPX.F%PXO w included Bela Fleck and Shawn Colvin, JODMVEFE#FMB'MFDLBOE4IBXO$PMWJO  among others. BNPOHPUIFST In terms of her immediate plans, Jarosz *OUFSNTPGIFSJNNFEJBUFQMBOT +BSPT[ is in her final year at the New England JTJOIFSmOBMZFBSBUUIF/FX&OHMBOE Conservatory, and says she'll focus on $POTFSWBUPSZ BOETBZTTIFMMGPDVTPO that while continuing her career. UIBUXIJMFDPOUJOVJOHIFSDBSFFS "I just take it day by day and realize I'm i*KVTUUBLFJUEBZCZEBZBOESFBMJ[F*N lucky to be doing both," she said. MVDLZUPCFEPJOHCPUI wTIFTBJE Staff Writer Ray Routhier can be contacted at 791AbOTTE`WbS`@Og@]cbVWS`QO\PSQ]\bOQbSROb%' 6454 or at: $"#"]`Ob( rrouthier@pressherald. com ``]cbVWS`.^`SaaVS`OZRQ][ Twitter: RayRouthier BeWbbS`(@Og@]cbVWS`

7AITUNTILYOUSEEOUR Wait until you see our PLAYCLOTHES play clothes. In colours that will )NCOLOURSTHATWILL give the stunning GIVETHESTUNNING leaves of Autumn a LEAVESOF!UTUMNA run for their money RUNFORTHEIRMONEY -there's nothing nTHERESNOTHING better than a bit of BETTERTHANABITOF British styling if you "RITISHSTYLINGIFYOU want to stand out WANTTOSTANDOUT from the crowd. FROMTHECROWD


PM 8:30 p.m. David Beam &The Custom House Gang, $AVID"EAM4HE#USTOM(OUSE'ANG bluegrass/Americana, Andy's Old Port Pub, BLUEGRASS!MERICANA !NDYS/LD0ORT0UB Portland, 7:30 p.m. 0ORTLANDANDYSOLDPORTPUBCOMPM Rap Night, hosted by Shupe and III By 2AP.IGHT HOSTEDBY3HUPEAND)LL"Y )NSTINCT  PLUS"IG%ASY 0ORTLAND Instinct, 21-plus; Big Easy, Portland. $3. 9 p.m. BIGEASYPORTLANDCOMPM %RIC"ETTENCOURT4RIO SINGER SONGWRITER 0ORTLAND Eric BettencourtTrio, singer-songwriter, Portland Lobster Company, ,OBSTER#OMPANYPORTLANDLOBSTERCOMPANYCOM 6 p.m. PM ,AURENCE+ELLYAND&LASH!LLEN JAZZCLASSICS Laurence Kelly and Flash Allen, jazz classics, Gingko Blue, Portland, 8 p.m. 'INGKO"LUE 0ORTLANDGINGKOBLUECOMPM Acoustic Open Mic, with Brian Laurier, Dogfish !COUSTIC/PEN-IC WITH"RIAN,AURIER $OGlSH Bar and Grille, Portland, thedogfishbarandgrille "ARAND'RILLE 0ORTLANDTHEDOGlSHBARANDGRILLE .com. 7 p.m. COMPM Stereocom, electronica, with West End, Flask 3TEREOCOM ELECTRONICA WITH7EST%ND &LASK Lounge, Portland, 8 p.m. ,OUNGE 0ORTLANDmASKLOUNGECOMPM

535 Shore Road, Cape Elizabeth â&#x20AC;¢ 767-8181 â&#x20AC;¢ 3HORE2OAD #APE%LIZABETHs sANNVERONICACOM Mon-Sat 10-6, Sun 12-5 -ON 3AT  3UN 

E125=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS` GO | T h e P o r t l a n d P r e s s H e r a l d / T h u r s d a y , S e p t e m b e r 2 0 , 2 012 3

Continued from Page E7 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3% a n d L o v e r b o y , 5 p.m., B a n g o r O\R:]dS`P]g#^[0O\U]` W a t e r f r o n t Pavilion. $31.50 to $111.50. EObS`T`]\b>OdWZW]\!#b]#; (800) 745-3000 EObS`T`]\bQ]\QS`baQ][)&%"#! Sept. 29 - F i s h t a n k E n s e m b l e , 8 p.m., O n e AS^b 'Âł4WaVbO\Y3\aS[PZS&^[=\S L o n g f e l l o w Square, P o r t l a n d . $12/$15. :]\UTSZZ]eA_cO`S>]`bZO\R # O n e l o n g f e l l o w s q u a r e . c o m ; 761-1757 =\SZ]\UTSZZ]ea_cO`SQ][)%$%#% S e p t . 29 - M a r g a r e t Cho, 8 p.m., S t a t e AS^b 'Âł;O`UO`Sb1V]&^[AbObS T h e a t r e , P o r t l a n d . $ 2#b]"#AbObS 5 to $45. State BVSOb`S>]`bZO\R; (800) 745-3000; bVSOb`S^]`bZO\RQ][)&%"#!) C u m b e r l a n d C o u n t y Civic C e n t e r b o x o f f i c e 1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg1WdWQ1S\bS`P]f]TÂżQS S e p t . 2'ÂłA]cZ?cSabeWbVAeWbQVT]]b 9 - SoulQuest with Switchfoot, AS^b N e e d t o b r e a t h e a n d o t h e r s , 10 a.m., <SSRb]P`SObVSO\R]bVS`aO[ B a n g o r W a t e r f r o n t Pavilion. $21.50 t o $101. 0O\U]`EObS`T`]\b>OdWZW]\ #b] EObS`T`]\bQ]\QS`baQ][ S e p t . 29 - The D r e a m Factory, 9 : 3 0 p.m., AS^b 'ÂłBVS2`SO[4OQb]`g'(!^[




Migis is 45 minutes up Forest Ave & -IGISISMINUTESUP&OREST!VE Rte 302 from Portland, and also 45 minutes from 2TEFROM0ORTLAND ANDALSOMINUTESFROM Falmouth, Yarmouth, Freeport, & Fryeburg. &ALMOUTH 9ARMOUTH &REEPORT &RYEBURG

It'll be worth the trip. )TLLBEWORTHTHETRIP â&#x20AC;˘ (207) 655-4524 MIGISCOMs   *Reservatonsrequred Does not nc ude bar serv ce,



P o r t C i t y Music Hall, P o r t l a n d . $19 to $ 2# 5. >]`b1Wbg;caWQ6OZZ>]`bZO\R'b] P o r t c i t y m u s i c h a l l . c o m ; ( 8 8 8 ) 5 1 2A6=E -SHOW >]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][)&&&# S e p t . 30 - T h e Melvins Lite, 9 p.m., A s y l u m , AS^b!³BVS;SZdW\a:WbS'^[/agZc[ P o r t l a n d . $15. P o r t l a n d a s y l u m . c o m ; >]`bZO\R#>]`bZO\ROagZc[Q][) 7 7 2& - 8 2 %" 74. %% S e p t . 30 - J o a n O s b o r n e Duo, 8 p.m., AS^b!³8]O\=aP]`\S2c]&^[ J o n a t h a n ' s , O g u n q u i t . $ 4 2#"$#$"$ .50/$46.50. 6468]\ObVO\¸a=Uc\_cWb" 4 5 2 $)8]\ObVO\a`SabOc`O\bQ][ 6; "# S e p t . 3 0 - C o n n o r Garvey, C i n d y AS^b!³1]\\]`5O`dSg1W\Rg Bullens a n d Vanessa Torres, 7 p.m., 0cZZS\aO\RDO\SaaOB]``Sa%^[ O n e L o n g f e l l o w Square, P o r t l a n d . $ 2 0. =\S:]\UTSZZ]eA_cO`S>]`bZO\R O n e l o n g f e l l o w s q u a r e . c o m ; 761-1757 =\SZ]\UTSZZ]ea_cO`SQ][)%$%#% Oct. 3 - Anthrax, Testament and Death =Qb!³/\bV`OfBSabO[S\bO\R2SObV A n g e l , 7:50 p.m., S t a t e T h e a t r e , P o r t l a n d . /\USZ%(#^[AbObSBVSOb`S>]`bZO\R 6/$30. $ 2$!AbObSbVSOb`S^]`bZO\RQ][ O c t . 4 - A G , G a r r i s o n Starr a n d Maia Sharp, =Qb"³/55O``Wa]\AbO``O\R;OWOAVO`^ 8 p.m., J o n a t h a n ' s , O g u n q u i t . $17.50/$21. &^[8]\ObVO\¸a=Uc\_cWb%#  J o n a t h a n s r e s t a u r a n t . c o m ; 6 4 6 - 4 5 2$6 8]\ObVO\a`SabOc`O\bQ][)$"$"# O c t . 5 - Lori M c K e n n a , 8 p.m., O n e =Qb#³:]`W;Q9S\\O&^[=\S L o n g f e l l o w Square, P o r t l a n d . $ 2 2 / $ 2 # 5. :]\UTSZZ]eA_cO`S>]`bZO\R

O n e l o n g f e l l o w s q u a r e . c o m ; 761-1757 =\SZ]\UTSZZ]ea_cO`SQ][)%$%#% O c t . 6 - Ben Harper, 8 p.m., S t a t e T h e a t r e , =Qb$³0S\6O`^S`&^[AbObSBVSOb`S Portland. $35 to $55. Statetheatreportland >]`bZO\R!#b]##AbObSbVSOb`S^]`bZO\R .com; ( 8 0 0 ) 7 4 5 - 3 0 0 0 ; Cumberland County Q][)&%"#!)1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg Civic C e n t e r b o x o f f i c e 1WdWQ1S\bS`P]f]T¿QS O c t . 8 - Regina Spektor, 8 p.m., S t a t e =Qb&³@SUW\OA^SYb]`&^[AbObS Theatre, Portland. $ 3 6 . 5 0 / $ 4 0 Statetheatre BVSOb`S>]`bZO\R!$#"AbObSbVSOb`S; ( 8 0 0 ) 745-3000; ^]`bZO\RQ][)&%"#!) C u m b e r l a n d C o u n t y Civic C e n t e r b o x o f f i c e 1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg1WdWQ1S\bS`P]f]T¿QS O c t . 12³BW\O`WeS\5cWbO`;OabS`aT`][ - T i n a r i w e n G u i t a r Masters f r o m =Qb Mali, 8 p.m., O n e L o n g f e l l o w Square, ;OZW&^[=\S:]\UTSZZ]eA_cO`S Portland. $38.; >]`bZO\R!&=\SZ]\UTSZZ]ea_cO`SQ][) 761-1757 %$%#% O c t . 13 - EOTO, 9 p.m., P o r t C i t y Music Hall, =Qb!³3=B='^[>]`b1Wbg;caWQ6OZZ P o r t l a n d . $12b]"^]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][) to $ 4 0 .; >]`bZO\R ( 8 8 8 ) 5 1 2A6=E -SHOW &&&# O c t . 10-14 - C i r q u e du Soleil, C u m b e r l a n d =Qb"³1W`_cSRcA]ZSWZ1c[PS`ZO\R C o u n t y Civic Center, P o r t l a n d . $ 2&b] 8 t o $100. 1]c\bg1WdWQ1S\bS`>]`bZO\R; 775-3458 BVSQWdWQQS\bS`Q][)%%#!"#& O c t . 15 - Morrissey, 8 p.m., S t a t e T h e a t r e , =Qb#³;]``WaaSg&^[AbObSBVSOb`S Portland. $39.50. Statetheatreportland >]`bZO\R!'#AbObSbVSOb`S^]`bZO\R .com; ( 8 0 0 ) 7 4 5 - 3 0 0 0 ; Cumberland County Q][)&%"#!)1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg Civic C e n t e r b o x o f f i c e 1WdWQ1S\bS`P]f]T¿QS O c t . 16 - Glen C a m p b e l l : The G o o d b y e =Qb$³5ZS\1O[^PSZZ(BVS5]]RPgS Tour, 7:30 p.m., Merrill A u d i t o r i u m , B]c`%(!^[;S``WZZ/cRWb]`Wc[ Portland. $45 to $65.; >]`bZO\R"#b]$#>]`bbWfQ][) P o r t l a n d o v a t i o n s . o r g ; 8 4 2& -0800 >]`bZO\R]dObW]\a]`U)&" O c t . 18 - The I n f a m o u s S t r i n g d u s t e r s , =Qb&³BVS7\TO[]caAb`W\URcabS`a 8 p.m., P o r t C i t y Music Hall, P o r t l a n d . $15 to &^[>]`b1Wbg;caWQ6OZZ>]`bZO\R#b] 5. S t a t e t h e a t r e p o r t l a n d . c o m ; ( 8 0 0 ) 745$ 2 #AbObSbVSOb`S^]`bZO\RQ][)&%"# 3 0 0 0 ; C u m b e r l a n d C o u n t y Civic C e n t e r !)1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg1WdWQ1S\bS` box office P]f]T¿QS O c t . 24 - B r a n d i Carlile w i t h B l i t z e n =Qb "³0`O\RW1O`ZWZSeWbV0ZWbhS\ Trapper, 8 p.m., S t a t e T h e a t r e , P o r t l a n d . B`O^^S`&^[AbObSBVSOb`S>]`bZO\R $35/$40.; ( 8 0 0 ) !#"AbObSbVSOb`S^]`bZO\RQ][)& 7 4 5 - 3 0 0 0 ; C u m b e r l a n d C o u n t y Civic %"#!)1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg1WdWQ Center box office 1S\bS`P]f]T¿QS O c t . 28 - H e n r y Rollins, 7 p.m., C o n y =Qb &³6S\`g@]ZZW\a%^[1]\g A u d i t o r i u m , A u g u s t a . $ 2#AbObSbVSOb`S 5. Statetheatre /cRWb]`Wc[/cUcabO; ( 8 0 0 ) 745-3000; ^]`bZO\RQ][)&%"#!) C u m b e r l a n d C o u n t y Civic C e n t e r b o x o f f i c e 1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg1WdWQ1S\bS`P]f]T¿QS O c t . 29 - C i t i z e n C o p e , 7:30 p.m., S t a t e =Qb '³1WbWhS\1]^S%(!^[AbObS T h e a t r e , P o r t l a n d . $ 2#!AbObSbVSOb`S 5/$30. Statetheatre BVSOb`S>]`bZO\R; ( 8 0 0 ) 745-3000; ^]`bZO\RQ][)&%"#!) C u m b e r l a n d C o u n t y Civic C e n t e r b o x o f f i c e 1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg1WdWQ1S\bS`P]f]T¿QS O c t . 31 - fun., 8 p.m., S t a t e T h e a t r e , =Qb!³Tc\&^[AbObSBVSOb`S Portland. $ 3 0 / $ 3 5 . Statetheatreportland >]`bZO\R!!#AbObSbVSOb`S^]`bZO\R .com; ( 8 0 0 ) 7 4 5 - 3 0 0 0 ; Cumberland County Q][)&%"#!)1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg Civic C e n t e r b o x o f f i c e 1WdWQ1S\bS`P]f]T¿QS N o v . 1 - P r e t t y L i g h t s , 8 p.m., S t a t e T h e a t r e , <]d³>`Sbbg:WUVba&^[AbObSBVSOb`S Portland. $35 to $40. Statetheatreportland >]`bZO\R!#b]"AbObSbVSOb`S^]`bZO\R .com; ( 8 0 0 ) 7 4 5 - 3 0 0 0 ; Cumberland County Q][)&%"#!)1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg Civic C e n t e r b o x o f f i c e 1WdWQ1S\bS`P]f]T¿QS N o v . 3 - U m p h r e y ' s M c G e e w i t h The B r i g h t <]d!³C[^V`Sg¸a;Q5SSeWbVBVS0`WUVb L i g h t Social Hour, 8 p.m., S t a t e T h e a t r e , :WUVbA]QWOZ6]c`&^[AbObSBVSOb`S P o r t l a n d . $ 2 0 / $ 2 #AbObSbVSOb`S^]`bZO\R 5. Statetheatreportland >]`bZO\R .com; ( 8 0 0 ) 7 4 5 - 3 0 0 0 ; Cumberland County Q][)&%"#!)1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg Civic C e n t e r b o x o f f i c e 1WdWQ1S\bS`P]f]T¿QS


Continued from Page E6 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3$

volumes on. Romania was pretty crazy. I WPMVNFTPO3PNBOJBXBTQSFUUZDSB[Z* was in a place called Sighisoara. I was told XBTJOBQMBDFDBMMFE4JHIJTPBSB*XBTUPME that it's one of the last three remaining UIBUJUTPOFPGUIFMBTUUISFFSFNBJOJOH citadels in Europe, and it's the only one DJUBEFMTJO&VSPQF BOEJUTUIFPOMZPOF that people still live in. It's the place that UIBUQFPQMFTUJMMMJWFJO*UTUIFQMBDFUIBU Vlad the Impaler was born. Whatever you 7MBEUIF*NQBMFSXBTCPSO8IBUFWFSZPV just imagined it looked like when you read KVTUJNBHJOFEJUMPPLFEMJLFXIFOZPVSFBE that sentence is probably pretty close. It's UIBUTFOUFODFJTQSPCBCMZQSFUUZDMPTF*UT absolutely a wonder. No vampires, though. BCTPMVUFMZBXPOEFS/PWBNQJSFT UIPVHI Kind of a bummer on that end. ,JOEPGBCVNNFSPOUIBUFOE What's next for you? 8IBUTOFYUGPSZPV I'll have my CD-release party at Space *MMIBWFNZ$%SFMFBTFQBSUZBU4QBDF Gallery on Oct. 20, then France and Eng(BMMFSZPO0DU UIFO'SBODFBOE&OH land in November. MBOEJO/PWFNCFS Staff Writer Aimsel Ponti can be contacted at 791AbOTTE`WbS`/W[aSZ>]\bWQO\PSQ]\bOQbSROb%' 6455 or at: $"##]`Ob( aponti@pressherald. com O^]\bW.^`SaaVS`OZRQ][

N o v . 7 - Louis C.K., 7 p.m., Merrill <]d%³:]cWa19%^[;S``WZZ Auditorium, Portland. $45.; /cRWb]`Wc[>]`bZO\R"#>]`bbWfQ][); 8 4 2& -0800 0cgZ]cWaQY\Sb)&" N o v . 7 - J u s t i n T o w n e s Earle w i t h Tift <]d%³8cabW\B]e\Sa3O`ZSeWbVBWTb M e r r i t t , 8 p.m., P o r t C i t y Music Hall, ;S``Wbb&^[>]`b1Wbg;caWQ6OZZ P o r t l a n d . $18 t o $ 3 0 . P o r t c i t y m u s i c h a l l . c o m >]`bZO\R&b]!>]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][ N o v . 7 - N a n c i G r i f f i t h , 8 p.m., J o n a t h a n ' s , <]d%³<O\QW5`WT¿bV&^[8]\ObVO\¸a Ogunquit. $55.; =Uc\_cWb##8]\ObVO\a`SabOc`O\bQ][) 646-452$ 6 $"$"# N o v . 9 - Janis Ian, 8 p.m., <]d'³8O\Wa7O\&^[ J o n a t h a n ' s , O g u n q u i t . $ 3 2# .50. 8]\ObVO\¸a=Uc\_cWb! J o n a t h a n s r e s t a u r a n t . c o m ; 6 4 6 - 4 5 2$ 6 8]\ObVO\a`SabOc`O\bQ][)$"$"# N o v . 10 - G. Love & Special Sauce, 9 p.m., <]d³5:]dSA^SQWOZAOcQS'^[ S t a t e T h e a t r e , P o r t l a n d . $ 2AbObSbVSOb`S 0. Statetheatre AbObSBVSOb`S>]`bZO\R; ( 8 0 0 ) 745-3000; ^]`bZO\RQ][)&%"#!) C u m b e r l a n d C o u n t y Civic C e n t e r b o x o f f i c e 1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg1WdWQ1S\bS`P]f]T¿QS N o v . 11 - G u y & Ralna f r o m " T h e L a w r e n c e <]d³5cg@OZ\OT`][µBVS:Oe`S\QS W e l k Show," 2^[ESabP`]]Y>S`T]`[W\U p.m., W e s t b r o o k P e r f o r m i n g ESZYAV]e¶ A r t s Center. $ 4 5 t o $ 5 5 . P o r t t i x . c o m ; /`ba1S\bS`"#b]##>]`bbWfQ][) 8 4 2 & -0800 &" N o v . 14 - Bassnectar, 7:30 p.m., <]d"³0Oaa\SQbO`%(!^[ C u m b e r l a n d C o u n t y Civic Center, 1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg1WdWQ1S\bS` Portland. $35 to $ 4 0 .; >]`bZO\R!#b]"BVSQWdWQQS\bS`Q][); ( 8 0 0 ) 7 4 5 - 3 0 0 0 ; BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#!) 775-3458 %%#!"#&

Get outta town 5Sb]cbbOb]e\ Thursday - Metric, 7:30 p.m., O r p h e u m BVc`aROgÂł;Sb`WQ%(!^[=`^VSc[ Theatre, Boston. $ 3 0 to $35. BVSOb`S0]ab]\!b]!#WdS\ObW]\Q][ T h u r s d a y - The Fresh Beat B a n d , BVc`aROgÂłBVS4`SaV0SOb0O\R 6 : 3 0 p.m., M e a d o w b r o o k U.S. Cellular $(!^[;SOR]eP`]]YCA1SZZcZO` Pavilion, G i l f o r d , N.H. $ 2%#b]$# 7 . 5 0 to $ 6 5 . >OdWZW]\5WZT]`R<6 M e a d o w b r o o k . n e t ; ( 6 0 3 ) 2'!"% 93-4700 ;SOR]eP`]]Y\Sb)$! T h u r s d a y - S e e t h e r w i t h Sick P u p p i e s , BVc`aROgÂłASSbVS`eWbVAWQY>c^^WSa 8 p.m., H o u s e of Blues, B o s t o n . $ 2'b]!' 9 to $ 3 9 . &^[6]caS]T0ZcSa0]ab]\; ( 8 0 0 ) 7 4 5 - 3 0 0 0 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! F r i d a y - D r o p k i c k M u r p h y s , 7 p.m., Bank of 4`WROgÂł2`]^YWQY;c`^Vga%^[0O\Y]T A m e r i c a Pavilion, B o s t o n . $ 2!#b]!## 3.50 to $35.50. /[S`WQO>OdWZW]\0]ab]\; ( 8 0 0 ) 7 4 5 - 3 0 0 0 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! S a t u r d a y - Boys Like Girls a n d The A l l AObc`ROgÂł0]ga:WYS5W`ZaO\RBVS/ZZ A m e r i c a n Rejects, 7 p.m., H o u s e of Blues, /[S`WQO\@SXSQba%^[6]caS]T0ZcSa B o s t o n . $ 2#b]!#:WdS\ObW]\Q][)& 5 to $35.; ( 8 0 0 ) 0]ab]\ 745-3000 %"#! S a t u r d a y - T h e J. Geils B a n d , 8 p.m., Casino AObc`ROgÂłBVS85SWZa0O\R&^[1OaW\] B a l l r o o m , H a m p t o n B e a c h , N.H. $ 6 0 / $ 6 5 . 0OZZ`]][6O[^b]\0SOQV<6$$#; ( 8 0 0 ) 7 4 5 - 3 0 0 0 BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! S a t u r d a y - G o t y e , Missy H i g g i n s a n d AObc`ROgÂł5]bgS;Waag6WUUW\aO\R J o n t i , 7:30 p.m., Bank o f A m e r i c a Pavilion, 8]\bW%(!^[0O\Y]T/[S`WQO>OdWZW]\ Boston. $34.50 to $40.; 0]ab]\!"#b]":WdS\ObW]\Q][) (800) 745-3000 &%"#! S a t u r d a y - G r i z z l y Bear, 8 p.m., O r p h e u m AObc`ROgÂł5`WhhZg0SO`&^[=`^VSc[ T h e a t r e , B o s t o n . $ 4 3 . 2BWQYSb[OabS`Q][) 0.; BVSOb`S0]ab]\"! (800) 745-3000 &%"#! S a t u r d a y - Toby Keith w i t h Brantley AObc`ROgÂłB]Pg9SWbVeWbV0`O\bZSg G i l b e r t a n d T h o m a s R h e t t , 7 p.m., C o m c a s t 5WZPS`bO\RBV][Oa@VSbb%^[1][QOab

Please see TIX, Page E25 Gc\Xj\j\\B7FGX^\<),




TURN YOUR RADIO DIAL to 1 0 2' .9 BC@<G=C@@/27=27/:b] W B L M every Friday at 8:30 a.m. E0:;SdS`g4`WROgOb&(!O[ to hear Aimsel Ponti w a x poetic b]VSO`/W[aSZ>]\bWeOf^]SbWQ a b o u t her t o p t h r e e live m u s i c OP]cbVS`b]^bV`SSZWdS[caWQ picks for the week with the ^WQYaT]`bVSeSSYeWbVbVS Captain a n d Celeste. 1O^bOW\O\R1SZSabS

SAMUEL JAMES CD-RELEASE SHOW A/;C3:8/;3A12@3:3/A3A6=E WITH: S o n t i a g o , D i l l y D i l l y , Z a c h J o n e s , E7B6(A]\bWOU]2WZZg2WZZgHOQV8]\Sa JD Walker, D. Gross, Darien Brahms, 82EOZYS`25`]aa2O`WS\0`OV[a Henry Jamison, Therese W o r k m a n , 6S\`g8O[Wa]\BVS`SaSE]`Y[O\ Meantone, A m a n d a Gervasi and ;SO\b]\S/[O\RO5S`dOaWO\R A t o m i c Trash! /b][WQB`OaV WHEN: 8 p . m . O c t . 2 0 E63<(&^[=Qb WHERE: S p a c e G a l l e r y , 5 3 8 C o n g r e s s E63@3(A^OQS5OZZS`g#!&1]\U`Saa St., P o r t l a n d Ab>]`bZO\R H0WMUCH:$8;18-plus 6=E;C16(&)&^Zca INFO: s p a c e 5 3 8 . o r g ; 7<4=(a^OQS#!&]`U) bVS`SOZaO[cSZXO[SaQ][

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 20, GO E13 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS` 2012  j5=3!

k_\dfm`\j Photos courtesy of Open Road Films >V]b]aQ]c`bSag]T=^S\@]OR4WZ[a

Buddies in BLUE 7jYY^Zh^c7AJ: The tension builds slowly but relentlessly in director BVSbS\aW]\PcWZRaaZ]eZgPcb`SZS\bZSaaZgW\RW`SQb]` David Ayer's engaging tale of two cops, f End of Watch.' 2OdWR/gS`¸aS\UOUW\UbOZS]Tbe]Q]^a·3\R]TEObQV¸

Michael Pena, ;WQVOSZ>S\O above left, OP]dSZSTb and Jake O\R8OYS Gyllenhaal; and 5gZZS\VOOZ)O\R Gyllenhaal with 5gZZS\VOOZeWbV Anna Kendrick, /\\O9S\R`WQY below. PSZ]e

By ROGER MOORE #Z30(&3.003& McClatchy Newspapers .D$MBUDIZ/FXTQBQFST


he writer of "Training Day" and IFXSJUFSPGi5SBJOJOH%BZwBOE "Harsh Times" brings us more cop i)BSTI5JNFTwCSJOHTVTNPSFDPQ movie grit with "End of Watch," NPWJFHSJUXJUIi&OEPG8BUDI w a vivid series of impressionistic BWJWJETFSJFTPGJNQSFTTJPOJTUJD sketches of a year in the lives of two TLFUDIFTPGBZFBSJOUIFMJWFTPGUXP Los Angeles police officers. -PT"OHFMFTQPMJDFPGmDFST These aren't the corrupt cops writ5IFTFBSFOUUIFDPSSVQUDPQTXSJU er-director David Ayer built his name FSEJSFDUPS%BWJE"ZFSCVJMUIJTOBNF on. They're just patrolmen, in a famPO5IFZSFKVTUQBUSPMNFO JOBGBN ily of officers - sometimes heroic, often cocky, occasionally JMZPGPGmDFSToTPNFUJNFTIFSPJD PGUFODPDLZ PDDBTJPOBMMZ miscalculating. And in telling their stories episodically, with NJTDBMDVMBUJOH"OEJOUFMMJOHUIFJSTUPSJFTFQJTPEJDBMMZ XJUI a rhythm that builds suspense slowly, Ayer gets at the level BSIZUINUIBUCVJMETTVTQFOTFTMPXMZ "ZFSHFUTBUUIFMFWFM of trust they have to have for one another and the meaning PGUSVTUUIFZIBWFUPIBWFGPSPOFBOPUIFSBOEUIFNFBOJOH of that old cop movie cliche - "He took a bullet for me." PGUIBUPMEDPQNPWJFDMJDIFoi)FUPPLBCVMMFUGPSNFw Brian Taylor (Jake Gyllenhaal) and Mike Zavala (Michael #SJBO5BZMPS +BLF(ZMMFOIBBM BOE.JLF;BWBMB .JDIBFM Pena) may be young, but they've been partners so long 1FOB NBZCFZPVOH CVUUIFZWFCFFOQBSUOFSTTPMPOH they're like an old married couple - comically bickering, UIFZSFMJLFBOPMENBSSJFEDPVQMFoDPNJDBMMZCJDLFSJOH  teasing, picking at each other's sore spots. Brian is the UFBTJOH QJDLJOHBUFBDIPUIFSTTPSFTQPUT#SJBOJTUIF single one, the ambitious one. He wants to make detective. TJOHMFPOF UIFBNCJUJPVTPOF)FXBOUTUPNBLFEFUFDUJWF He's willing to take a shortcut or two to get there. )FTXJMMJOHUPUBLFBTIPSUDVUPSUXPUPHFUUIFSF Mike is more blue collar - happily married, a father, .JLFJTNPSFCMVFDPMMBSoIBQQJMZNBSSJFE BGBUIFS  happy to be where he is in the force. But the uniform hasn't IBQQZUPCFXIFSFIFJTJOUIFGPSDF#VUUIFVOJGPSNIBTOU taken the chip off his shoulder. Call him the wrong name UBLFOUIFDIJQPGGIJTTIPVMEFS$BMMIJNUIFXSPOHOBNF Please see'END,' PageE19 Gc\Xj\j\\·3<2¸GX^\<(0

REVIEW I<M@<N "END OF WATCH," starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Pena, Âľ3<2=4E/B16ÂśabO``W\U8OYS5gZZS\VOOZ;WQVOSZ>S\O Anna Kendrick, America Ferrera, Natalie Martinez and Cody /\\O9S\R`WQY/[S`WQO4S``S`O<ObOZWS;O`bW\ShO\R1]Rg Horn. Directed by David Ayer. Rated R for strong violence, 6]`\2W`SQbSRPg2OdWR/gS`@ObSR@T]`ab`]\UdW]ZS\QS some disturbing images, pervasive language including a][SRWabc`PW\UW[OUSa^S`dOaWdSZO\UcOUSW\QZcRW\U sexual references, and some drug use. Running time: 1:49 aSfcOZ`STS`S\QSaO\Ra][SR`cUcaS@c\\W\UbW[S(("'


( ( ( * FG<E@E> OPENING ( * ( * K?@JN<<B THIS WEEK ( *


"DREDD 3D" (R) 0:35) Stars Karl Âľ2@322!2Âś@(!#AbO`a9O`Z Urban, Olivia Thirlby, Lena Headey and C`PO\=ZWdWOBVW`ZPg:S\O6SORSgO\R Rachel Wood. Directed by Pete Travis. In @OQVSZE]]R2W`SQbSRPg>SbSB`OdWa7\ a violent, futuristic city where the police OdW]ZS\bTcbc`WabWQQWbgeVS`SbVS^]ZWQS have the authority to act as judge, jury VOdSbVSOcbV]`Wbgb]OQbOaXcRUSXc`g and executioner, a cop teams up with a O\RSfSQcbW]\S`OQ]^bSO[ac^eWbVO trainee to take down a gang that deals a b`OW\SSb]bOYSR]e\OUO\UbVObRSOZaO reality-altering drug. `SOZWbgOZbS`W\UR`cU Opening at: Cinemagic Grand (South =^S\W\UOb(1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV Portland) Fri-Sun (all 3D) 11:50, 2,4:20, >]`bZO\R4`WAc\OZZ!2(# "(  7, 9:30 Mon-Wed (all 3D) 2,"( 4:20, 7, 9:30; %'(!;]\ESROZZ!2 %'(!) Cinemagic Saco Fri-Wed 12:10,2:15,4:35 1W\S[OUWQAOQ]4`WESR ( (#"(!# (3D), 7, 9:15 (3D); Cinemagic Westbrook !2%'(#!2)1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]Y Fri-Wed (all 3D) 12:10, 7:20, 4`WESROZZ!2 ( 2:35,4:50, (!#"(#%(  9:40; Brunswick 10 Fri-Wed 1:40,4:15 '(")0`c\aeWQY4`WESR(""(# (3D), 7 (3D), 10 (3D) !2%!2!2 "END OF WATCH" (R) (1:49) Stars Jake Âľ3<2=4E/B16Âś@("'AbO`a8OYS Gyllenhaal, Michael Pena, Anna Kendrick 5gZZS\VOOZ;WQVOSZ>SÂ&#x192;O/\\O9S\R`WQY and America Ferrera. Directed by David O\R/[S`WQO4S``S`O2W`SQbSRPg2OdWR Ayer. Two young officers are marked for /gS`Be]g]c\U]TÂżQS`aO`S[O`YSRT]` death after confiscating a small cache of RSObVOTbS`Q]\ÂżaQObW\UOa[OZZQOQVS]T money and firearms from the members []\SgO\RÂż`SO`[aT`][bVS[S[PS`a of a notorious cartel, during a routine ]TO\]b]`W]caQO`bSZRc`W\UO`]cbW\S traffic stop. b`OTÂżQab]^ Opening at: Nickelodeon (Portland) =^S\W\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\R Fri-Wed 1:45,4:30, 7:20, 9:40; Windham 5 4`WESR("#"(!%( '(")EW\RVO[# Star Fri 4:15, 7, 9:20 Sat 1:20, 4:15, 7, AbO`4`W"(#%'( AOb( "(#% 9:20 Sun 1:20, 4:15, 7 Mon-Wed 4:15, 7; '( Ac\( "(#%;]\ESR"(#%) Nordica (Freeport) Fri-Wed 1:45,4:15, <]`RWQO4`SS^]`b4`WESR("#"(# 7:20,9:40; Cinemagic Grand (South %( '(")1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV Portland) Fri-Sun 11:40, 2:20,4:50, 7:30,10 >]`bZO\R4`WAc\(" ( "(#%(! Mon-Wed 2:20, 4:50, 7:30,10; Cinemagic ;]\ESR ( "(#%(!)1W\S[OUWQ Saco Fri-Wed 12:05, 7:05, 9:25; AOQ]4`WESR (# 2:25,4:45, ( #"("#%(#'( #) Cinemagic Westbrook Fri-Wed 12:30, 1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]Y4`WESR (! 3:30, 7:10, 9:50; Brunswick 10 Fri-Wed !(!%('(#)0`c\aeWQY4`WESR 1:55,4:30,7:20,9:55 (##"(!%( '(## "HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET" Âľ6=CA3/BB633<2=4B63AB@33BÂś (PG-13) (1:41) Stars Jennifer Lawrence, >5!("AbO`a8S\\WTS`:Oe`S\QS Elisabeth Shue, Max Thieriot and Gil 3ZWaOPSbVAVcS;OfBVWS`W]bO\R5WZ Bellows. Directed by Mark Tonderai. A 0SZZ]ea2W`SQbSRPg;O`YB]\RS`OW/ mother and daughter move to a new []bVS`O\RROcUVbS`[]dSb]O\Se town and find themselves living next door b]e\O\RÂż\RbVS[aSZdSaZWdW\U\SfbR]]` to a house where a young girl murdered b]OV]caSeVS`SOg]c\UUW`Z[c`RS`SR her parents. When the daughter befriends VS`^O`S\baEVS\bVSROcUVbS`PST`WS\Ra the surviving son, she learns the story is bVSac`dWdW\Ua]\aVSZSO`\abVSab]`gWa far from over. TO`T`][]dS` Opening at: Windham 5 Star Fri 4:05, =^S\W\UOb(EW\RVO[#AbO`4`W"(# 7:20, 9:35 Sat 1:25, 4:05, 7:20, 9:35 Sun %( '(!#AOb( #"(#%( '(!#Ac\ 7:20 Mon-Wed 4:05, 7:20; Nor(1:25,4:05, #"(#%( ;]\ESR"(#%( )<]` dica (Freeport) Fri-Wed 1:30,3:50, 7:10, RWQO4`SS^]`b4`WESR(!!(#%( 9:20; Cinemagic Grand (South Portland) '( )1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\R Fri-Sun 11:40, 2,"( 4:20, 7, 9:20 Mon-Wed 4`WAc\(" %'( ;]\ESR 2,4:20, 7, 9:20; Cinemagic Saco Fri-Wed "( %'( )1W\S[OUWQAOQ]4`WESR 4:50, 7:10, 9:30; Cinemagic 12:20, (  2:35, (!#"(#%('(!)1W\S[OUWQ Westbrook Fri-Wed 11:50, 2:10, 4:30, 7, ESabP`]]Y4`WESR(# ("(!% 9:40; Brunswick 10 Fri-Sun 1:50, 2:10,4:40, '(")0`c\aeWQY4`WAc\(# ("(" 6:45, 7:35,10:05 Mon 2:10,4:40, 7:35, $("#%(!#(#;]\ ("("%(!# 10:05 Tues 2:15,4:40, 7:35,10:05 Wed 2:10, (#BcSa (#"("%(!#(#ESR ( 4:40, 7:35,10:05 "("%(!#(#  "TROUBLE WITH THE CURVE" (PG-13) ÂľB@=C0:3E7B6B631C@D3Âś>5! (1:51) Stars Clint Eastwood, Amy Adams, (#AbO`a1ZW\b3Oabe]]R/[g/RO[a John Goodman and Justin Timberlake. 8]V\5]]R[O\O\R8cabW\BW[PS`ZOYS Directed by Robert Lorenz. An ailing 2W`SQbSRPg@]PS`b:]`S\h/\OWZW\U baseball scout in his twilight years takes POaSPOZZaQ]cbW\VWabeWZWUVbgSO`abOYSa his daughter along for one last recruiting VWaROcUVbS`OZ]\UT]`]\SZOab`SQ`cWbW\U trip. b`W^ Opening at: Nickelodeon (Portland) Fri=^S\W\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\R4`W Wed 1:30,4:15, 7, 9:30; Windham 5 Star Fri ESR(!"(#%'(!)EW\RVO[#AbO`4`W 4:10, 6:50, 9:10 Sat 1,4:10, 6:50, "($(#'(AOb"($(# 9:10 Sun 1,4:10, 6:50 Mon-Wed 4:10, 6:50; '(Ac\"($(#;]\ESR"($(#) Nordica (Freeport) Fri-Wed 1, 3:30, 6:40, <]`RWQO4`SS^]`b4`WESR!(!$(" 9; Cinemagic Grand (South Portland) Fri')1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\R4`W

Please see MOVIES, PageE34 Gc\Xj\j\\;=D73AGX^\<*+

Dennis Perkins, E14N â&#x20AC;˘ Ă&#x160;K_\DXjk\iĂ&#x2039;i\m`\n#<(, 'The Master' review, E15 N â&#x20AC;˘ E\nfe;M;1Ă&#x160;K_\9\jk<ofk`ZDXi`^fc[?fk\c#Ă&#x2039;<(. Mew on DVD: 'The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel/ E17 ;\ee`jG\ib`ej#<(+

E14 GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 20, 3"5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS`  2012 

JOIN JON SHANNON OF WPOR AND RICK JOHNSON FROM "BIG HITS" -2,1-216+$11212):325$1'5,&.-2+1621)520´%,*+,76µ WYNZ AT PREVIEWS GRILL 8c BAR MOVIE TRIVIA NIGHT STARTING THURSDAY, :<1=$735(9,(:6*5,// %$5029,(75,9,$1,*+767$57,1*7+856'$< SEPTEMBER 20TH, 7PM TO 9PM AND EVERY THURSDAY AFTER! 6(37(0%(57+307230$1'(9(5<7+856'$<$)7(5 JOIN THE FUN AND YOU CAN WIN GREAT PRIZES AND MAYBE THE -2,17+()81$1'<28&$1:,1*5($735,=(6$1'0$<%(7+( "GRAND PRIZE" OF MOVIES FOR A YEAR! ´*5$1'35,=(µ2)029,(6)25$<($5 *SEE DETAILS AND RULES AT PREVIEWS GRILL & BAR AT THE CINEMAGIC & IMAX IN SACO. 6(('(7$,/6$1'58/(6$735(9,(:6*5,// %$5$77+(&,1(0$*,& ,0$;,16$&2

&,1(0$*,& ,0$;,16$&2 IMAX 3D: RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION (R) GU     U    5

NO PASSES  12:00-2:15-4:30-7:00-9:20





RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION (R) 123$66(6 NO PASSES 12:15-2:30-4:45-7:15-9:30      U    5  3D FINDING NEMO (G) 123$66(6 NO PASSES 12:00-2:15-4:35-7:00-9:15 G     *  THE WORDS (PG13) 12:05-2:20-4:30-7:10-9:25   3*  THE COLD LIGHT OF DAY (PG13) 12:05-2:20-4:25-7:20-9:30     3*  POSSESSION (PG13) 12:10-2:20-4:30-7:15-9:30    3*  THE AVENGERS (PG13) 7:30     3*  LAWLESS (R) 12:30-3:10-7:00-9:25   5  EXPENDABLES 2 (R) 12:15-2:30-4:45-7:05-9:25   F 5  ODD LIFE OF TIMOTHY GREEN (PG) 12:00-2:25-4:45        3*  BOURNE LEGACY (PG13) 12:30-3:15-6:30-9:15    3*  THE CAMPAIGN (R) 12:15-2:10-4:15-7:05-9:00    5  HOPE SPRINGS (PG13) 12:00-2:15-4:30-7:10-9:25

    3*  THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (PG13) 12:00-3:15-7:30      3* 




3D RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION (R) 123$66(6 NO PASSES 2:00-4:30-7:15-9:50 G     U    5  3D FINDING NEMO (G) 123$66(6 NO PASSES 2:10-4:30-7:10-9:30 G     *  THE WORDS (PG13) 2:00-4:20-7:00-9:40   3*  POSSESSION (PG13) 2:30-4:50-7:10-9:30    3*  LAWLESS (R) 2:10-4:45-7:30-10:00   5  2016 (PG) 2:20-4:50-7:20-9:50 FNEJ 3*  EXPENDABLES 2 (R) 2:00-4:30-7:20-9:45   F 5  ODD LIFE OF TIMOTHY GREEN (PG) 4:45-9:40        3*  HOPE SPRINGS (PG13) 2:15-7:20




3D RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION (R) 123$66(6 NO PASSES 12:10-2:30-4:50-7:20-9:50 G     U    5  3D FINDING NEMO (G) 123$66(6 NO PASSES 11:50-2:10-4:30-7:00-9:20 G     *  LAST OUNCE OF COURAGE (PG) 12:10-2:30-4:50-7:15-9:45     3*  THE WORDS (PG13) 12:10-2:30-4:50-7:15-9:35   3*  THE COLD LIGHT OF DAY (PG13) 12:10-2:30-4:50-7:20-9:40     3*  POSSESSION (PG13) 12:00-2:10-4:20-6:50-9:15    3*  THE AVENGERS (PG13) 7:30     3*  LAWLESS (R) 12:30-3:20-7:10-9:50   5  EXPENDABLES 2 (R) 12:20-3:20-7:00-9:30   F 5  PARANORMAN (PG) 11:50-2:00-4:20-6:45  3*  ODD LIFE OF TIMOTHY GREEN (PG) 11:50-2:10-4:40-7:15-9:45        3*  BOURNE LEGACY (PG13) 12:30-3:40-6:45-9:35    3*  THE CAMPAIGN (R) 12:20-2:20-4:30-7:20-9:50    5  HOPE SPRINGS (PG13) 12:00-2:20-4:40-7:10-9:30

    3*  DIARY OF A WIMPY KID 3 (PG) 12:00-2:15-4:30     G 3*  THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (PG13) 12:20-3:40-7:30-9:00      3*  ICE AGE 4 (PG) 11:50-2:00-4:20   H 3*  TED (R) 7:20-9:50   5 

7+(6(6+2:7,0(69$/,'6(37(0%(5 $//67$',806($7,1* ',*,7$/6281' ',*,7$/),/035(6(17$7,21 2& 23(1&$37,21('),/0



Courtesy photos 1]c`bSag^V]b]a

"Journey to Planet X" is a film about two friends and "B" science fiction Âľ8]c`\Sgb]>ZO\SbFÂśWaOÂżZ[OP]cbbe]T`WS\RaO\RÂľ0ÂśaQWS\QSÂżQbW]\ filmmakers at odds trying to complete their masterpiece called "Planet X." ÂżZ[[OYS`aOb]RRab`gW\Ub]Q][^ZSbSbVSW`[OabS`^WSQSQOZZSRÂľ>ZO\SbFÂś

Camden nternational Film :Xd[\e@ek\ieXk`feXc=`cd =\jk`mXc`jXe\Xicp:_i`jkdXj Festival is an early Christmas =F

or film fans, "documentary" and "dull" PSmMNGBOT iEPDVNFOUBSZwBOEiEVMMw parted company long ago, with the QBSUFEDPNQBOZMPOHBHP XJUIUIF genre's revitalized offerings drawing HFOSFTSFWJUBMJ[FEPGGFSJOHTESBXJOH sizable crowds to places like Space Gallery, TJ[BCMFDSPXETUPQMBDFTMJLF4QBDF(BMMFSZ  the Portland Public Lbrary and even the UIF1PSUMBOE1VCMJD-CSBSZBOEFWFOUIF occasional screening at the multiplex. PDDBTJPOBMTDSFFOJOHBUUIFNVMUJQMFY For documentary enthusiasts, the annual 'PSEPDVNFOUBSZFOUIVTJBTUT UIFBOOVBM arrival of the Camden International Film BSSJWBMPGUIF$BNEFO*OUFSOBUJPOBM'JMN Festival (Sept. 27-30) 'FTUJWBM 4FQU  is the early Christmas JTUIFFBSMZ$ISJTUNBT gift- a four-day filmHJGUoBGPVSEBZmMN goer's carnival that HPFSTDBSOJWBMUIBU includes a collection of JODMVEFTBDPMMFDUJPOPG documentaries (short EPDVNFOUBSJFT TIPSU and long, national, inBOEMPOH OBUJPOBM JO ternational and MaineUFSOBUJPOBMBOE.BJOF made) varied enough NBEF WBSJFEFOPVHI to make even the most UPNBLFFWFOUIFNPTU seasoned festival TFBTPOFEGFTUJWBM attendee's head spin. BUUFOEFFTIFBETQJO Even festival director &WFOGFTUJWBMEJSFDUPS Ben Fowlie remains pleasantly surprised. #FO'PXMJFSFNBJOTQMFBTBOUMZTVSQSJTFE "As we've expanded, we've tried to keep i"TXFWFFYQBOEFE XFWFUSJFEUPLFFQ the program in the same scope, size-wise, UIFQSPHSBNJOUIFTBNFTDPQF TJ[FXJTF  as last year," Fowlie said, "but submissions BTMBTUZFBS w'PXMJFTBJE iCVUTVCNJTTJPOT more than (doubled to almost 500 this year, NPSFUIBOEPVCMFEUPBMNPTUUIJTZFBS  with a lot of quality international work XJUIBMPUPGRVBMJUZJOUFSOBUJPOBMXPSL coming in." DPNJOHJOw Now in its eighth year, CIFF will screen /PXJOJUTFJHIUIZFBS $*''XJMMTDSFFO more than 90 documentaries, most of NPSFUIBOEPDVNFOUBSJFT NPTUPG which will allow the public access to the XIJDIXJMMBMMPXUIFQVCMJDBDDFTTUPUIF filmmakers through Q&As and the posmMNNBLFSTUISPVHI2"TBOEUIFQPT sibility of more informal discussion in TJCJMJUZPGNPSFJOGPSNBMEJTDVTTJPOJO Camden's intimate setting. $BNEFOTJOUJNBUFTFUUJOH "It's a small community," Fowlie said, i*UTBTNBMMDPNNVOJUZ w'PXMJFTBJE  "with all the directors housed in a little iXJUIBMMUIFEJSFDUPSTIPVTFEJOBMJUUMF block - they're all there in town, and CMPDLoUIFZSFBMMUIFSFJOUPXO BOE there's nothing more rewarding for a UIFSFTOPUIJOHNPSFSFXBSEJOHGPSB filmmaker than to have someone want to mMNNBLFSUIBOUPIBWFTPNFPOFXBOUUP continue the conversation over a cup of DPOUJOVFUIFDPOWFSTBUJPOPWFSBDVQPG coffee." DPGGFFw And there'll be plenty to discuss, with "OEUIFSFMMCFQMFOUZUPEJTDVTT XJUI CIFF's films covering as wide and often $*''TmMNTDPWFSJOHBTXJEFBOEPGUFO surprising array of subjects as any docuTVSQSJTJOHBSSBZPGTVCKFDUTBTBOZEPDV mentary fan could want. Check out the full NFOUBSZGBODPVMEXBOU$IFDLPVUUIFGVMM roster at, but Fowlie SPTUFSBUDBNEFOmMNGFTUPSH CVU'PXMJF especially recommends the following, if FTQFDJBMMZSFDPNNFOETUIFGPMMPXJOH JG you have to choose. (Tip: Screenings cost ZPVIBWFUPDIPPTF 5JQ4DSFFOJOHTDPTU $8.50 each, but a $75 festival pass quickly FBDI CVUBGFTUJWBMQBTTRVJDLMZ

Dennis Perkins ;\ee`jG\ib`ej Indie Film @e[`\=`cd

"Ballroom Dancer" at the Camden Âľ0OZZ`]][2O\QS`ÂśObbVS1O[RS\ International Film Festival tells a 7\bS`\ObW]\OZ4WZ[4SabWdOZbSZZaO story of love and loss, with great ab]`g]TZ]dSO\RZ]aaeWbVU`SOb cinematography and music. QW\S[Ob]U`O^VgO\R[caWQ pays for itself.) QBZTGPSJUTFMG

"Colmbianos" (U.S. premiere): "I love i$PMNCJBOPTw 64QSFNJFSF i*MPWF films that focus on smaller stories that mMNTUIBUGPDVTPOTNBMMFSTUPSJFTUIBU actually tell a larger one. This Swedish BDUVBMMZUFMMBMBSHFSPOF5IJT4XFEJTI film about two brothers - one an immimMNBCPVUUXPCSPUIFSToPOFBOJNNJ grant battling drug addiction, the other HSBOUCBUUMJOHESVHBEEJDUJPO UIFPUIFS getting his Ph.D. back in Colombia, and HFUUJOHIJT1I%CBDLJO$PMPNCJB BOE saying, 'Come back home and we'll fight TBZJOH A$PNFCBDLIPNFBOEXFMMmHIU it together.' The filmmaker's able to show JUUPHFUIFS5IFmMNNBLFSTBCMFUPTIPX this family's struggle in a way that's not UIJTGBNJMZTTUSVHHMFJOBXBZUIBUTOPU exploitative, but emotional and ultimately FYQMPJUBUJWF CVUFNPUJPOBMBOEVMUJNBUFMZ positive." QPTJUJWFw "Survival Prayer" (world premiere): i4VSWJWBM1SBZFSw XPSMEQSFNJFSF  "About food foragers in British Columbia i"CPVUGPPEGPSBHFSTJO#SJUJTI$PMVNCJB and the loss of their culture told through BOEUIFMPTTPGUIFJSDVMUVSFUPMEUISPVHI the elders of this kind of tribe. It's about UIFFMEFSTPGUIJTLJOEPGUSJCF*UTBCPVU Please see PERKINS, PageE22 Gc\Xj\j\\>3@97<AGX^\<))

The P o r t l a n d Press H e r a l d / Thursday, S e p t e m b e r 2 0 , 2012 | GO E15 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS`  j5=3#

+%.30,!#% KEN'SPLACE &AMOUSSEAFOODSINCE Famous seafood since 1927

Philip >VWZW^ Seymour ASg[]c` Hoffman, 6]TT[O\ at left, a n d ObZSTbO\R Joaquin 8]O_cW\ Phoenix in >V]S\WfW\ "The Master." ÂľBVS;OabS`Âś

By K E N N E T H TURAN #Z,&//&5)563"/ .D$MBUDIZ/FXTQBQFST McClatchy Newspapers

Pine Point Road 0INE0OINT2OAD Scarborough, Maine 04074 3CARBOROUGH -AINE 207-883-6611   

3UN 4HURS!- 0&RI3AT!- 0-

1 Freeport Village Station â&#x20AC;˘ 228-1868  

  Times for Thursday, September 20,2012      FINDING NEMO   11  FINDING NEMO 3D  ÂŽ  

3:40,6:30,8:45    RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION  R   2:00,9:30        RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION 3D K  4:30,          7:00  THE WORDS mm   


PARANORMAN  i â&#x20AC;˘   1:00 3 50    THE ODD LIFE OF TIMOTHY GREEN  PG   1:45,       4:15,6:40,9:00    THE CAMPAIGN  R     7:20,9:20  HOPE SPRINGS mm     1:20,3:30,6:50,9:10    



 800 PM     FINDING NEMO 3D (G) â&#x20AC;˘ (130 400) 700 930 RESIDENT EVIL 5 (R) (110 PM) 710 PM     RESIDENT EVIL 5 3D (R) â&#x20AC;˘    (140 415)7401000   THE LAST OUNCE OF COURAGE (PG)      (150 420)645 910      THE WORDS (PG-13) ?145 410 720 945      " #   THE POSSESSION [OC] (PG-13) (405 PM)    THE POSSESSION PG-13) 135 PMJ        LAWLESS (R) (105 350)715 955      THE EXPENDABLES 2 (R) 915 PM   ! THE BOURNE LEGACY*(PG-13)  (340 PM) 930 PM       HOPE SPRINGS (PG-13) (115 355) 650 920     THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (PG-13)    $   (100 PM 430 PM) 800 PM    2016 OBAMA'S AMERICA (PG) (120 PM 345 PM) 640 PM 

4 : . 1 0 4 * 6 .  5 0 / * ( ) 5     Photos courtesy of The Weinstein Company >V]b]aQ]c`bSag]TBVSESW\abSW\1][^O\g

REVIEW I<M@<N "THE MASTER," s t a r r i n g Philip S e y m o u r ÂľB63;/AB3@ÂśabO``W\U>VWZW^ASg[]c` H o f f m a n , J o a q u i n Phoenix a n d A m y 6]TT[O\8]O_cW\>V]S\WfO\R/[g A d a m s . D i r e c t e d b y Paul T h o m a s /RO[a2W`SQbSRPg>OcZBV][Oa A n d e r s o n . R a t e d R f o r sexual c o n t e n t , /\RS`a]\@ObSR@T]`aSfcOZQ]\bS\b graphic nudity and language. Running U`O^VWQ\cRWbgO\RZO\UcOUS@c\\W\U t i m e : 2:17 bW[S( (%

"Rootless" is a mild word to describe i3PPUMFTTwJTBNJMEXPSEUPEFTDSJCF Freddie Quell's life. We meet him on 'SFEEJF2VFMMTMJGF8FNFFUIJNPO Guam in the closing days of World War II, (VBNJOUIFDMPTJOHEBZTPG8PSME8BS**  a sailor getting so hellaciously drunk that BTBJMPSHFUUJOHTPIFMMBDJPVTMZESVOLUIBU simulating sex with a woman constructed TJNVMBUJOHTFYXJUIBXPNBODPOTUSVDUFE out of sand seems like a hell of a good PVUPGTBOETFFNTMJLFBIFMMPGBHPPE idea. JEFB Phoenix, known for immersing himself 1IPFOJY LOPXOGPSJNNFSTJOHIJNTFMG in Oscar-nominated roles in "GladiaJO0TDBSOPNJOBUFESPMFTJOi(MBEJB tor" and "Walk the Line," makes Quell UPSwBOEi8BMLUIF-JOF wNBLFT2VFMM frighteningly believable. The way the man GSJHIUFOJOHMZCFMJFWBCMF5IFXBZUIFNBO walks, the way he talks, the savage bursts XBMLT UIFXBZIFUBMLT UIFTBWBHFCVSTUT of violence he is prone to, mark him as PGWJPMFODFIFJTQSPOFUP NBSLIJNBT a traumatized individual, likely sufferBUSBVNBUJ[FEJOEJWJEVBM MJLFMZTVGGFS ing from post-traumatic stress disorder JOHGSPNQPTUUSBVNBUJDTUSFTTEJTPSEFS before it had a name, someone who is CFGPSFJUIBEBOBNF TPNFPOFXIPJT perennially fighting his demons for control QFSFOOJBMMZmHIUJOHIJTEFNPOTGPSDPOUSPM and losing more often than not. BOEMPTJOHNPSFPGUFOUIBOOPU After making a mess of his postwar job "GUFSNBLJOHBNFTTPGIJTQPTUXBSKPC as an in-house photographer in a departBTBOJOIPVTFQIPUPHSBQIFSJOBEFQBSU ment store (Jack Fisk and David Crank's NFOUTUPSF +BDL'JTLBOE%BWJE$SBOLT production design is superb, as is Mihai QSPEVDUJPOEFTJHOJTTVQFSC BTJT.JIBJ Please see'MASTER,' Page E19 Gc\Xj\j\\·;/AB3@¸GX^\<(0

Upon Reflection     6 6QPO3FnFDUJPO QPO 3FnFDUJPO   


"The Master" takes some getting used i5IF.BTUFSwUBLFTTPNFHFUUJOHVTFE to. UP This is a superbly crafted film that's at 5IJTJTBTVQFSCMZDSBGUFEmMNUIBUTBU times intentionally opaque, as if its creUJNFTJOUFOUJPOBMMZPQBRVF BTJGJUTDSF ator didn't want us to see all the way into BUPSEJEOUXBOUVTUPTFFBMMUIFXBZJOUP its heart of darkness. JUTIFBSUPGEBSLOFTT It's a film bristling with vivid moments *UTBmMNCSJTUMJOHXJUIWJWJENPNFOUT and unbeatable acting, but its interest BOEVOCFBUBCMFBDUJOH CVUJUTJOUFSFTU is not in tidy narrative satisfactions but JTOPUJOUJEZOBSSBUJWFTBUJTGBDUJPOTCVU rather the excesses and extremes of huSBUIFSUIFFYDFTTFTBOEFYUSFNFTPGIV man behavior, the interplay of troubled NBOCFIBWJPS UIFJOUFSQMBZPGUSPVCMFE souls desperate to find their footing. TPVMTEFTQFSBUFUPmOEUIFJSGPPUJOH Its writer-director, of course, is the *UTXSJUFSEJSFDUPS PGDPVSTF JTUIF all-out visionary Paul Thomas Anderson, BMMPVUWJTJPOBSZ1BVM5IPNBT"OEFSTPO  an all-in filmmaker whose previous work BOBMMJOmMNNBLFSXIPTFQSFWJPVTXPSL such as "Boogie Nights" and "There Will TVDIBTi#PPHJF/JHIUTwBOEi5IFSF8JMM Be Blood" explored strong and compelling #F#MPPEwFYQMPSFETUSPOHBOEDPNQFMMJOH personal conflicts. But none are stronger QFSTPOBMDPOnJDUT#VUOPOFBSFTUSPOHFS than the one here between a man comUIBOUIFPOFIFSFCFUXFFOBNBODPN pletely sure of himself and another who is QMFUFMZTVSFPGIJNTFMGBOEBOPUIFSXIPJT completely not. DPNQMFUFMZOPU The latter would be Freddie Quell 5IFMBUUFSXPVMECF'SFEEJF2VFMM (Joaquin Phoenix at his most ferocious), +PBRVJO1IPFOJYBUIJTNPTUGFSPDJPVT  a troubled, tortured World War II veteran BUSPVCMFE UPSUVSFE8PSME8BS**WFUFSBO whose contrived cockiness can't mask the XIPTFDPOUSJWFEDPDLJOFTTDBOUNBTLUIF torment he lives with. The intense connecUPSNFOUIFMJWFTXJUI5IFJOUFOTFDPOOFD tion he makes with Lancaster Dodd (an UJPOIFNBLFTXJUI-BODBTUFS%PEE BO impeccable Philip Seymour Hoffman), the JNQFDDBCMF1IJMJQ4FZNPVS)PGGNBO UIF charismatic leader of a new human poDIBSJTNBUJDMFBEFSPGBOFXIVNBOQP tential movement who claims he's found a UFOUJBMNPWFNFOUXIPDMBJNTIFTGPVOEB way to "return man to his inherent state of XBZUPiSFUVSONBOUPIJTJOIFSFOUTUBUFPG perfection," powerfully affects them both. QFSGFDUJPO wQPXFSGVMMZBGGFDUTUIFNCPUI The parallels between Dodd and his 5IFQBSBMMFMTCFUXFFO%PEEBOEIJT movement, known as The Cause, and the NPWFNFOU LOPXOBT5IF$BVTF BOEUIF real-life presences of L. Ron Hubbard SFBMMJGFQSFTFODFTPG-3PO)VCCBSE and Scientology are plentiful enough to BOE4DJFOUPMPHZBSFQMFOUJGVMFOPVHIUP have attracted considerable attention, but IBWFBUUSBDUFEDPOTJEFSBCMFBUUFOUJPO CVU those looking to "The Master" to be some UIPTFMPPLJOHUPi5IF.BTUFSwUPCFTPNF kind of muckraking expose are going to be LJOEPGNVDLSBLJOHFYQPTFBSFHPJOHUPCF disappointed. EJTBQQPJOUFE For one thing, Anderson's script feels 'PSPOFUIJOH "OEFSTPOTTDSJQUGFFMT more like something inspired by ScientolNPSFMJLFTPNFUIJOHJOTQJSFECZ4DJFOUPM ogy than any kind of literal representation PHZUIBOBOZLJOEPGMJUFSBMSFQSFTFOUBUJPO of the early days of the movement. For PGUIFFBSMZEBZTPGUIFNPWFNFOU'PS another, "The Master" is not in the expose BOPUIFS i5IF.BTUFSwJTOPUJOUIFFYQPTF business. Rather it is a moody, disturbCVTJOFTT3BUIFSJUJTBNPPEZ EJTUVSC ing film about personality, obsession and JOHmMNBCPVUQFSTPOBMJUZ PCTFTTJPOBOE delusion, about the will to power, the EFMVTJPO BCPVUUIFXJMMUPQPXFS UIF parallel need to be mastered, and what QBSBMMFMOFFEUPCFNBTUFSFE BOEXIBU happens when those wires get irredeemIBQQFOTXIFOUIPTFXJSFTHFUJSSFEFFN ably crossed. BCMZDSPTTFE

Ă&#x160;K_\DXjk\iĂ&#x2039;d\jd\i`q\j 'The Master' mesmerizes in word and deed `enfi[Xe[[\\[

Indoor and outdoor )NDOORANDOUTDOOR family dining FAMILYDINING

LAST 10 DAYS "Upon Reflection" is a presentation of photographs taken by Judy Ellis   90/.%<%#3)/.;)2!01%2%.3!3)/./&0(/3/'1!0(23!+%."84$8,,)2 Glickman over a thirty-five year period. Best known among these are the powerful black ,)#+-!./5%1!3()138=5%8%!10%1)/$%23+./6.!-/.'3(%2%!1%3(%0/6%1&4,",!#+ and white images from "Holocaust, the Presence of the Past" and her strong portraits of !.$6()3%)-!'%2&1/-9/,/#!4233(%1%2%.#%/&3(%!23;!.$(%1231/.'0/131!)32/& "Resistance and Rescue: Denmark's Response to the Holocaust.";Well represented with 9%2)23!.#%!.$%2#4%%.-!1+2%20/.2%3/3(%/,/#!423 %,,1%01%2%.3%$6)3( other work, among a broad range of subjects, are images of Maine, exotic ones of her /3(%16/1+!-/.'!"1/!$1!.'%/&24"*%#32!1%)-!'%2/&!).%%7/3)#/.%2/&(%1 extensive international travel, and her latest abstract images in color. %73%.2)5%).3%1.!3)/.!,31!5%,!.$(%1,!3%23!"231!#3)-!'%2).#/,/1 This advertisement is generously donated by the Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram.            UNE Portland Campus â&#x20AC;˘ 716 Stevens Avenue /13,!.$!-042t 3%5%.25%.4% Wed, Fri, Sat and Sun 1-4 p.m.Jhurs 1-7 p.m. %$1)!3!.$4. : 0-(412 : 0- (207)221-4499 tâ&#x20AC;˘   


E16 GO


The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 20, GO E17 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS` 2012  j5=3%


)LQG<RXU,QGHSHQGHQWV Find Your Independents!


1HZ*XLGH1RZ$YDLODEOH New Guide Now Available at Member Businesses. DW0HPEHU%XVLQHVVHV

"THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL," ÂľB6303AB3F=B71;/@75=:26=B3:Âś starring Judi Dench and Bill Nighy. This surefire abO``W\U8cRW2S\QVO\R0WZZ<WUVgBVWaac`SÂż`S winner from director John Madden ("ShakeeW\\S`T`][RW`SQb]`8]V\;ORRS\ÂľAVOYS a^SO`SW\:]dSÂśO\R\]dSZWab2SP]`OV;]UUOQV speare in Love") and novelist Deborah Moggach manages to gather almost every beloved British [O\OUSab]UObVS`OZ[]abSdS`gPSZ]dSR0`WbWaV actor in the business for this comedy-drama. A OQb]`W\bVSPcaW\SaaT]`bVWaQ][SRgR`O[O/ merry band of old-timers (a group that also in[S``gPO\R]T]ZRbW[S`aOU`]c^bVObOZa]W\ cludes Tom Wilkinson, Maggie Smith and Ronald QZcRSaB][EWZYW\a]\;OUUWSA[WbVO\R@]\OZR Pickup) embarks to India for a variety of life-af>WQYc^S[PO`Yab]7\RWOT]`OdO`WSbg]TZWTSOT firming reasons, only to find that the getaway Âż`[W\U`SOa]\a]\Zgb]Âż\RbVObbVSUSbOeOg destination of the title is in fact a dilapidated RSabW\ObW]\]TbVSbWbZSWaW\TOQbORWZO^WRObSR resort ensconced in some serious financial ruin. `Sa]`bS\aQ]\QSRW\a][SaS`W]caÂż\O\QWOZ`cW\ How the determined codgers manage to enjoy 6]ebVSRSbS`[W\SRQ]RUS`a[O\OUSb]S\X]g Ishika Mohan photo 7aVWYO;]VO\^V]b] their respective vacations and relocations makes Dev Patel in "The Best Exotic bVSW``Sa^SQbWdSdOQObW]\aO\R`SZ]QObW]\a[OYSa 2Sd>ObSZW\ÂľBVS0Sab3f]bWQ for some very funny and affecting viewing for all T]`a][SdS`gTc\\gO\ROTTSQbW\UdWSeW\UT]`OZZ Marigold Hotel." ;O`WU]ZR6]bSZÂś ages. Rated PG-13. Running time: 2:04 OUSa@ObSR>5!@c\\W\UbW[S( (" Suggested retail price: $29.98; Blu-ray $39.99 AcUUSabSR`SbOWZ^`WQS( ''&)0Zc`Og!'''

PORTLANDBUYLOCAL.ORG 3257/$1'%8</2&$/25*


"THE CABIN IN THE WOODS," starring Kristen µB631/07<7<B63E==2A¶abO``W\U9`WabS\ Connolly and Chris Hemsworth. Cult fave turned 1]\\]ZZgO\R1V`Wa6S[ae]`bV1cZbTOdSbc`\SR king of Hollywood Joss Whedon teams up with YW\U]T6]ZZge]]R8]aaEVSR]\bSO[ac^eWbV fellow writer-director Drew Goddard ("Lost") to TSZZ]ee`WbS`RW`SQb]`2`Se5]RRO`Rµ:]ab¶b] deliver this witty and knowing homage to modRSZWdS`bVWaeWbbgO\RY\]eW\UV][OUSb][]R ern horror movies. They strand five attractive S`\V]``]`[]dWSaBVSgab`O\R¿dSObb`OQbWdS friends in a remote "Cabin" a la "Evil Dead" and T`WS\RaW\O`S[]bSµ1OPW\¶OZOµ3dWZ2SOR¶O\R let their twisted, geeked-out imaginations run ZSbbVSW`beWabSRUSSYSR]cbW[OUW\ObW]\a`c\ wild, pulling more than one successful fast one eWZR^cZZW\U[]`SbVO\]\SacQQSaaTcZTOab]\S on the unsuspecting audience along the way. ]\bVSc\aca^SQbW\UOcRWS\QSOZ]\UbVSeOg Horror fans will have a high old time detecting 6]``]`TO\aeWZZVOdSOVWUV]ZRbW[SRSbSQbW\U the many references and trope tweaks, but it's bVS[O\g`STS`S\QSaO\Rb`]^SbeSOYaPcbWb¸a tough to imagine any viewer of strong stomach b]cUVb]W[OUW\SO\gdWSeS`]Tab`]\Uab][OQV not thoroughly enjoying themselves with this \]bbV]`]cUVZgS\X]gW\UbVS[aSZdSaeWbVbVWa valentine to Fangoria subscribers. Rated R. RundOZS\bW\Sb]4O\U]`WOacPaQ`WPS`a@ObSR@@c\ ning time: 1:35 \W\UbW[S((!# Suggested retail price: $29.99; Blu-ray $34.99 AcUUSabSR`SbOWZ^`WQS( ''')0Zc`Og!"'' "MODERN FAMILY: THE COMPLETE THIRD µ;=23@<4/;7:G(B631=;>:3B3B67@2 SEASON," starring Ed O'Neill and Julie Bowen. A3/A=<¶abO``W\U3R=¸<SWZZO\R8cZWS0]eS\ Still funnier than ever in its third season and AbWZZTc\\WS`bVO\SdS`W\WbabVW`RaSOa]\O\R counting, this dependably hilarious and EmmyQ]c\bW\UbVWaRS^S\ROPZgVWZO`W]caO\R3[[g winning family sitcom continues to garner praise eW\\W\UTO[WZgaWbQ][Q]\bW\cSab]UO`\S`^`OWaS from critics and viewers alike, thanks in large T`][Q`WbWQaO\RdWSeS`aOZWYSbVO\YaW\ZO`US part to one of the best ensemble casts on TV. ^O`bb]]\S]TbVSPSabS\aS[PZSQOaba]\BD Special features include deleted scenes and a A^SQWOZTSObc`SaW\QZcRSRSZSbSRaQS\SaO\RO gag reel. Not rated; contains mild language and UOU`SSZ<]b`ObSR)Q]\bOW\a[WZRZO\UcOUSO\R crude humor. Running time: 8:04 Q`cRSVc[]`@c\\W\UbW[S(&(" Suggested retail price: $49.98; Blu-ray $59.99 AcUUSabSR`SbOWZ^`WQS("''&)0Zc`Og#'''

"INDIANA JONES: THE COMPLETE ADVENµ7<27/</8=<3A(B631=;>:3B3/2D3< TURES," starring Harrison Ford and Karen Allen. BC@3A¶abO``W\U6O``Wa]\4]`RO\R9O`S\/ZZS\ No child of the '80s or fan of movies in general <]QVWZR]TbVS¸&a]`TO\]T[]dWSaW\US\S`OZ should be without this excellent set, which comaV]cZRPSeWbV]cbbVWaSfQSZZS\baSbeVWQVQ][ piles "Raiders of the Lost Ark," "Indiana Jones ^WZSaµ@OWRS`a]TbVS:]ab/`Y¶µ7\RWO\O8]\Sa and the Temple of Doom," "Indiana Jones and O\RbVSBS[^ZS]T2]][¶µ7\RWO\O8]\SaO\R the Last Crusade" and "Indiana Jones and the bVS:Oab1`caORS¶O\Rµ7\RWO\O8]\SaO\RbVS Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" into one remas9W\UR][]TbVS1`gabOZAYcZZ¶W\b]]\S`S[Oa tered, extras-laden volume. Whether you're a bS`SRSfb`OaZORS\d]Zc[SEVSbVS`g]c¸`SO longtime fan or your dad is making you watch Z]\UbW[STO\]`g]c`RORWa[OYW\Ug]ceObQV them, the Indy movies are one of those rarities bVS[bVS7\Rg[]dWSaO`S]\S]TbV]aS`O`WbWSa in the cinematic world: Something we can all W\bVSQW\S[ObWQe]`ZR(A][SbVW\UeSQO\OZZ agree on (except perhaps for "Crystal Skull," but OU`SS]\SfQS^b^S`VO^aT]`µ1`gabOZAYcZZ¶Pcb there isn't enough room in this entire newspaper bVS`SWa\¸bS\]cUV`]][W\bVWaS\bW`S\Sea^O^S` for that particular argument). You may as well T]`bVOb^O`bWQcZO`O`Uc[S\bG]c[OgOaeSZZ reserve your copy now, as we can already hear `SaS`dSg]c`Q]^g\]eOaeSQO\OZ`SORgVSO` you humming the theme song. Suggested retail g]cVc[[W\UbVSbVS[Sa]\UAcUUSabSR`SbOWZ price: $99.98 ^`WQS('''& VIDEOPORT PICKS D723=>=@B>719A

"CHICO & RITA," animated with the voices of Âľ1671=@7B/ÂśO\W[ObSReWbVbVSd]WQSa]T Limara Meneses and Eman Xor Ona. A surprise :W[O`O;S\SaSaO\R3[O\F]`=\O/ac`^`WaS nomination for Best Animated Feature Oscar \][W\ObW]\T]`0Sab/\W[ObSR4SObc`S=aQO` won this indie production a fair amount of muche]\bVWaW\RWS^`]RcQbW]\OTOW`O[]c\b]T[cQV deserved attention, but with or without that acRSaS`dSRObbS\bW]\PcbeWbV]`eWbV]cbbVObOQ colade, we have an elegantly animated love story Q]ZORSeSVOdSO\SZSUO\bZgO\W[ObSRZ]dSab]`g with one of the best soundtracks of the year. eWbV]\S]TbVSPSaba]c\Rb`OQYa]TbVSgSO` The titular duo, a pianist and singer, respectively, BVSbWbcZO`Rc]O^WO\WabO\RaW\US``Sa^SQbWdSZg meet in 1948-era Havana are brought together [SSbW\'"&S`O6OdO\OO`SP`]cUVbb]USbVS` through their love of and talent for music, perbV`]cUVbVSW`Z]dS]TO\RbOZS\bT]`[caWQ^S` "SUPERNATURAL," starring Jared Padalecki ÂľAC>3@</BC@/:ÂśabO``W\U8O`SR>OROZSQYW forming in nightclubs and striking up a relationT]`[W\UW\\WUVbQZcPaO\Rab`WYW\Uc^O`SZObW]\ and Jensen Ackles. Brothers Winchester battle O\R8S\aS\/QYZSa0`]bVS`aEW\QVSabS`PObbZS ship that becomes impossibly strained due to aVW^bVObPSQ][SaW[^]aaWPZgab`OW\SRRcSb] demons both actual and personal, picking up the 1VWQ]¸aZSaabVO\TOWbVTcZ\Obc`S7b¸a\]bS\]cUV RS[]\aP]bVOQbcOZO\R^S`a]\OZ^WQYW\Uc^bVS Chico's less-than-faithful nature. It's not enough pieces after the loss of a fellow comrade along ^WSQSaOTbS`bVSZ]aa]TOTSZZ]eQ][`ORSOZ]\U to completely extinguish the fire, though, and b]Q][^ZSbSZgSfbW\UcWaVbVSÂż`SbV]cUVO\R the way. As ever, "Supernatural" is a polished bVSeOg/aSdS`ÂľAc^S`\Obc`OZÂśWaO^]ZWaVSR the story is told in flashback as we see presentbVSab]`gWab]ZRW\Ă&#x20AC;OaVPOQYOaeSaSS^`SaS\b effort, the work of a cast and crew that clearly STT]`bbVSe]`Y]TOQOabO\RQ`SebVObQZSO`Zg day Chico and Rita pining for their prime and ROg1VWQ]O\R@WbO^W\W\UT]`bVSW`^`W[SO\R knows and respects their devoted fanbase. Spe- bVSW`Z]abbW[S<]b`ObSR)Q]\bOW\aZO\UcOUSO\R Y\]eaO\R`Sa^SQbabVSW`RSd]bSRTO\POaSA^S their lost time. Not rated; contains language and cial features include commentary from cast and \cRWbg@c\\W\UbW[S((!" QWOZTSObc`SaW\QZcRSQ][[S\bO`gT`][QOabO\R nudity. Running time: 1:34 crew on select episodes and unaired scenes. Not Q`Se]\aSZSQbS^Wa]RSaO\Rc\OW`SRaQS\Sa<]b Suggested retail price: $29.95; Blu-ray $39.95 AcUUSabSR`SbOWZ^`WQS( ''#)0Zc`Og!''# rated; contains language and violence. Running `ObSR)Q]\bOW\aZO\UcOUSO\RdW]ZS\QS@c\\W\U time: 16:52 bW[S($(# "GET A LIFE: THE COMPLETE SERIES," starÂľ53B/:743(B631=;>:3B3A3@73AÂśabO` Suggested retail price: $59.98; Blu-ray $69.97 AcUUSabSR`SbOWZ^`WQS(#''&)0Zc`Og$''% ring Chris and Bob Elliot. Well ahead of its time `W\U1V`WaO\R0]P3ZZW]bESZZOVSOR]TWbabW[S during its brief initial run in 1990, this blissfully Rc`W\UWbaP`WSTW\WbWOZ`c\W\''bVWaPZWaaTcZZg NEW TO DVD <3EB=2D2 bizarre "anti-sitcom" played by no known rules PWhO``SÂľO\bWaWbQ][Âś^ZOgSRPg\]Y\]e\`cZSa "SUBURGATORY: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEAthen or now, but would not have been out of bVS\]`\]ePcbe]cZR\]bVOdSPSS\]cb]T ÂľAC0C@5/B=@G(B631=;>:3B347@ABA3/ SON," starring Jane Levy and Jeremy Sisto. This ^ZOQSW\bVSÂľ/RcZbAeW[ÂśZW\Sc^7\bVS^`S7\ place in the "Adult Swim" lineup. In the pre-lnA=<ÂśabO``W\U8O\S:SdgO\R8S`S[gAWab]BVWa welcome newcomer to the ABC lineup channels bS`\SbROga]TbVSSO`Zg¸'a1V`Wa3ZZW]b¸aac``SOZ ternet days of the early '90s, Chris Elliot's surreal eSZQ][S\SeQ][S`b]bVS/01ZW\Sc^QVO\\SZa both "Daria" and "Mean Girls" with its ongoing adventures of a 30-year-old paperboy definitely ORdS\bc`Sa]TO!gSO`]ZR^O^S`P]gRSÂż\WbSZg P]bVÂľ2O`WOÂśO\RÂľ;SO\5W`ZaÂśeWbVWba]\U]W\U saga of high-schooler Tessa (Levy), whose unstood out from the pack, a love-it-or-hate-it ab]]R]cbT`][bVS^OQYOZ]dSWb]`VObSWb aOUO]TVWUVaQV]]ZS`BSaaO:SdgeV]aSc\ wanted relocation to California with hopeful dad Sf^S`WS\QSbVObVOaaW\QSRSdSZ]^SRO`OPWRQcZb experience that has since developed a rabid cult eO\bSR`SZ]QObW]\b]1OZWT]`\WOeWbVV]^STcZROR following that has been clamoring for its DVD George (Sisto) puts her at constant odds with T]ZZ]eW\UbVObVOaPSS\QZO[]`W\UT]`Wba2D2 5S]`USAWab]^cbaVS`ObQ]\abO\b]RRaeWbV her seemingly vapid classmates and neighbors release since the introduction of the medium. `SZSOaSaW\QSbVSW\b`]RcQbW]\]TbVS[SRWc[ VS`aSS[W\UZgdO^WRQZOaa[ObSaO\R\SWUVP]`a due to her cynical outlook and lack of interest in ESZZe]`bVbVSeOWbbVSAV]cb4OQb]`gVOa]\QS Well worth the wait, the Shout Factory has once RcSb]VS`Qg\WQOZ]cbZ]]YO\RZOQY]TW\bS`SabW\ shopping. Sharp tongued and sweet natured all again unearthed a pop-culture favorite for a new OUOW\c\SO`bVSRO^]^QcZbc`STOd]`WbST]`O\Se aV]^^W\UAVO`^b]\UcSRO\RaeSSb\Obc`SROZZ at once, "Suburgatory" is a plucky little underdog US\S`ObW]\<]b`ObSR)Q]\bOW\aQ`cRSVc[]`O\R generation. Not rated; contains crude humor and Ob]\QSÂľAcPc`UOb]`gÂśWaO^ZcQYgZWbbZSc\RS`R]U of a sitcom that will hopefully stick around for a Q][WQdW]ZS\QS@c\\W\UbW[S("( comic violence. Running time: 14:00 ]TOaWbQ][bVObeWZZV]^STcZZgabWQYO`]c\RT]`O while yet. Not rated; contains mild language and AcUUSabSR`SbOWZ^`WQS(#''% Suggested retail price: $59.97 eVWZSgSb<]b`ObSR)Q]\bOW\a[WZRZO\UcOUSO\R sexual content. Running time: 4:04 aSfcOZQ]\bS\b@c\\W\UbW[S("(" â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Courtesy of Videoport Suggested retail price: $44.98 AcUUSabSR`SbOWZ^`WQS(""'& ´1]c`bSag]TDWRS]^]`b

SEPT 21 029( MOVE! :52%)520 W/ ROB FROM 6(37

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E18 GO


The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 20, 2012



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Olivia Thirlby and Karl Urban in “Dredd 3D.”

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A boring ‘Dredd 3D’ gets lost behind a helmet By ROGER MOORE McClatchy Newspapers

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In the movies, the old saying goes, some stars wear the hat. And sometimes, the hat wears them. Say whatever else you want about Sylvester Stallone’s kitschy 1995 turn as futuristic comic book judge-jury-executioner Judge Dredd, the dude wore the helmet. Karl Urban replaces him in the new “Dredd 3D.” And frankly, the helmet wears Karl. He never takes off the over-sized thing. It closes off his performance and masks his charisma. We only see his scowling jaw and hear his hissed one-liners, chewing out the rookie mind-reading judge (Olivia Thirlby) who forgets to wear hers. “Sir, helmets interfere with my psychic abilities.” “Think a bullet in the head might interfere with ’em more,” the Judge mutters. In a future when much of America is irradiated and 800 million people are crammed into MegaCity, the concrete metropolis that stretches from Boston to Washington, tens of thousands are packed into mega high-rises, many at the mercy of mega criminals. The judges are all that stand in the way of anarchy. They’re wired-in, hi-tech hunter/ prosecutor/ killers, men and women who solve (sort of) crimes, catch criminals and dole out punishment, on the spot. The death penalty is their favorite. There’s a new drug making the rounds. There always is. “Slo Mo,” it’s called, and Ma-Ma is the drug lord who has it. Lena Headey (“300”) plays her in a performance that begins and ends with the flashy scar-riddled makeup. When Dredd and the “mutant” psychic judge-in-training, Anderson (Thirlby), nab one of Ma-Ma’s thugs (Wood Harris), of course you know this means war.

REVIEW “DREDD 3D,” Karl Urban, Olivia Thirlby, Lena Headey and Wood Harris. Directed by Pete Travis. Rated R for strong bloody violence, language, drug use and some sexual content. Running time: 1:35

This “Dredd” is a limited vision of the future, mainly confined to one towering, rundown high-rise. Judge Dredd and Anderson and their prisoner must fight their way out of this building, which Ma-Ma’s minions have on lockdown. This could have been claustrophobic, an action epic in compact form. “Die Hard” and last year’s Indo-Australian thriller “The Raid” are versions of this set-up that work. With “Dredd 3D,” you get only a taste of that as the judges blaze their way through Ma-Ma’s murderers and supposedly innocent bystanders and await the back-up that seems awfully slow in coming. The 3-D here is used to greatest effect in slow-motion shootings, impalings and throat slashings – blood-on-the-lens stuff. The villain is poorly drawn. The script lets her down, and Headey just isn’t “big” enough, in persona, performance and presence, to suggest a murderous monster who ruthlessly slashed and intimidated her way to the top. Thirlby is sensitive and cute as ever, funny when she has to be. She needs more to do. And Urban – so droll as Dr. McCoy in the “Star Trek” reboot, so sinister as Black Hat in “Priest,” so worthy a foe for Bruce Willis in “Red” – is lost behind that big ol’ helmet. That conspires to render the mega violent mega satire of MegaCity mega boring.

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 20, GO E19 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS`  2012  j5=3'

Ă&#x201A;B6HI:GĂ&#x192; 'MASTER'

'END' Ă&#x201A;:C9Ă&#x192;

a difference and when they need to walk BEJGGFSFODFBOEXIFOUIFZOFFEUPXBML away. The calls they answer range from BXBZ5IFDBMMTUIFZBOTXFSSBOHFGSPN fires to missing children, loud parties to mSFTUPNJTTJOHDIJMESFO MPVEQBSUJFTUP Continued from Page E13 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3! "shots fired - officer down." iTIPUTmSFEoPGmDFSEPXOw The banter between our two heroes is 5IFCBOUFSCFUXFFOPVSUXPIFSPFTJT easy, informal, with goofy moments of the when he's arresting you and it's "Go FBTZ JOGPSNBM XJUIHPPGZNPNFOUTPGUIF XIFOIFTBSSFTUJOHZPVBOEJUTi(P sort of race-baiting that only two close time." TPSUPGSBDFCBJUJOHUIBUPOMZUXPDMPTF UJNFw friends could get away with. It's all underOver the course of a year, we see the GSJFOETDPVMEHFUBXBZXJUI*UTBMMVOEFS 0WFSUIFDPVSTFPGBZFBS XFTFFUIF lined with "I love you, man." shifting fortunes of their lives, shootings MJOFEXJUIi*MPWFZPV NBOw TIJGUJOHGPSUVOFTPGUIFJSMJWFT TIPPUJOHT They can joke about pulling a guy over that have to be justified by their depart5IFZDBOKPLFBCPVUQVMMJOHBHVZPWFS UIBUIBWFUPCFKVTUJmFECZUIFJSEFQBSU and confiscating a gold-plated assault ment, and a steadily escalating violence BOEDPOmTDBUJOHBHPMEQMBUFEBTTBVMU NFOU BOEBTUFBEJMZFTDBMBUJOHWJPMFODF that spills over the border from Mexico, rifle ("It's Liberace's AK-47!"). But we can SJnF i*UT-JCFSBDFT",w #VUXFDBO UIBUTQJMMTPWFSUIFCPSEFSGSPN.FYJDP  sense what's coming, even if they can't. whose ruthless drug cartels deal in "dope, TFOTFXIBUTDPNJOH FWFOJGUIFZDBOU XIPTFSVUIMFTTESVHDBSUFMTEFBMJOiEPQF  Their guns are out of their holsters money and guns - all the major food 5IFJSHVOTBSFPVUPGUIFJSIPMTUFST NPOFZBOEHVOToBMMUIFNBKPSGPPE more, the threat of violence gathers like groups." Mike and Brian find themselves NPSF UIFUISFBUPGWJPMFODFHBUIFSTMJLF HSPVQTw.JLFBOE#SJBOmOEUIFNTFMWFT clouds over the city. stumbling into more and more cartel busi- DMPVETPWFSUIFDJUZ TUVNCMJOHJOUPNPSFBOENPSFDBSUFMCVTJ Ayer resorts to that favorite crutch of ness as their year passes them by. "ZFSSFTPSUTUPUIBUGBWPSJUFDSVUDIPG OFTTBTUIFJSZFBSQBTTFTUIFNCZ current filmmakers - the hand-held video Gyllenhaal brings a swashbuckling DVSSFOUmMNNBLFSToUIFIBOEIFMEWJEFP (ZMMFOIBBMCSJOHTBTXBTICVDLMJOH recorder (Brian is doing a video project bravado to Brian, a guy who is something SFDPSEFS #SJBOJTEPJOHBWJEFPQSPKFDU CSBWBEPUP#SJBO BHVZXIPJTTPNFUIJOH for his night school class), but is so inconof a player when it comes to the ladies. GPSIJTOJHIUTDIPPMDMBTT CVUJTTPJODPO PGBQMBZFSXIFOJUDPNFTUPUIFMBEJFT sistent with it that he abandons that point He's not above hooking up with groupies TJTUFOUXJUIJUUIBUIFBCBOEPOTUIBUQPJOU )FTOPUBCPWFIPPLJOHVQXJUIHSPVQJFT of view in mid-scene. ("Badge Bunnies"), but might be tempted PGWJFXJONJETDFOF i#BEHF#VOOJFTw CVUNJHIUCFUFNQUFE What he manages most masterfully here when somebody special (like Anna Kend8IBUIFNBOBHFTNPTUNBTUFSGVMMZIFSF XIFOTPNFCPEZTQFDJBM MJLF"OOB,FOE is the drip-drip-drip of rising tension, a rick) comes along. JTUIFESJQESJQESJQPGSJTJOHUFOTJPO B SJDL DPNFTBMPOH build-up that leaves you with a sense of Mike has matured in different ways, CVJMEVQUIBUMFBWFTZPVXJUIBTFOTFPG .JLFIBTNBUVSFEJOEJGGFSFOUXBZT  dread even as you watch characters enjoy clinging to juvenile neighborhood notions ESFBEFWFOBTZPVXBUDIDIBSBDUFSTFOKPZ DMJOHJOHUPKVWFOJMFOFJHICPSIPPEOPUJPOT the off-duty joys of life - a quinceanera of "respect," but adult enough to know UIFPGGEVUZKPZTPGMJGFoBRVJODFBOFSB PGiSFTQFDU wCVUBEVMUFOPVHIUPLOPX party, a medal ceremony. love when he sees it. QBSUZ BNFEBMDFSFNPOZ MPWFXIFOIFTFFTJU And Pena and Gyllenhaal so fully inhabit Ayer's film begins with a long lull: 45 "OE1FOBBOE(ZMMFOIBBMTPGVMMZJOIBCJU "ZFSTmMNCFHJOTXJUIBMPOHMVMM these well-rounded characters that you minutes of procedure, depiction of the UIFTFXFMMSPVOEFEDIBSBDUFSTUIBUZPV NJOVUFTPGQSPDFEVSF EFQJDUJPOPGUIF worry for them, worry about what they'll cop community (America Ferrara and XPSSZGPSUIFN XPSSZBCPVUXIBUUIFZMM DPQDPNNVOJUZ "NFSJDB'FSSBSBBOE do on this day or night when they climb Cody Horn are fellow officers) and light EPPOUIJTEBZPSOJHIUXIFOUIFZDMJNC $PEZ)PSOBSFGFMMPXPGmDFST BOEMJHIU into their cruiser, and what will become of touches. The police are bilingual, by JOUPUIFJSDSVJTFS BOEXIBUXJMMCFDPNFPG UPVDIFT5IFQPMJDFBSFCJMJOHVBM CZ necessity, aware of where they can make UIFNCZUIFFOEPGUIJTXBUDI them by the end of this watch. OFDFTTJUZ BXBSFPGXIFSFUIFZDBONBLF



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UPUIFUSVUI*GIJTUIFPSJFTBOEQSBDUJDFT to the truth. If his theories and practices DBOXPSLPO2VFMM %PEEJTQFSIBQTUIJOL can work on Quell, Dodd is perhaps thinking, they can work on anyone. JOH UIFZDBOXPSLPOBOZPOF Continued from Page E15 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3# 5IFJEFBTCFIJOE5IF$BVTF BTXFHFU The ideas behind The Cause, as we get UIFNJOCJUTBOEQJFDFT UVSOPVUUPCFB them in bits and pieces, turn out to be a .BMBJNBSF+STNJMMJNFUFSDJOFNBUPH Malaimare Jr.'s 65-millimeter cinematog- XJUDITCSFXPGQTZDIPMPHZ NJOEDPOUSPM witch's brew of psychology, mind control SBQIZ 2VFMMHFUTJOUPUSPVCMFCFDBVTFPG raphy), Quell gets into trouble because of BOETDJFODFmDUJPOUIBUJOWPMWFTPVUFS and science fiction that involves outer TQBDF QBTUMJWFTBOEBCBUUMF%PEEDIBS UIFUPYJDJUZPGUIFNPPOTIJOFIFFOKPZT the toxicity of the moonshine he enjoys space, past lives and a battle Dodd charcooking up. Then, one night in 1950, com- BDUFSJ[FTCZTBZJOH iUIJTJTTPNFUIJOH acterizes by saying, "this is something DPPLJOHVQ5IFO POFOJHIUJO DPN QMFUFMZESVOL 2VFMMXBOEFSTPOUPBZBDIU pletely drunk, Quell wanders onto a yacht ZPVEPGPSCJMMJPOTPGZFBSTPSOPUBUBMMw you do for billions of years or not at all." docked in the San Francisco Bay, passes It's no wonder that Dodd's son thinks his *UTOPXPOEFSUIBU%PEETTPOUIJOLTIJT EPDLFEJOUIF4BO'SBODJTDP#BZ QBTTFT GBUIFSNBZCFNBLJOHBMMUIJTVQBTIF PVU BOEXBLFTVQJOBXPSMEIFOFWFS out, and wakes up in a world he never father may be making all this up as he goes along. imagined. HPFTBMPOH JNBHJOFE 5IFIFBSUPGi5IF.BTUFSwJTUIFTDFOFT 5IBUXPSMEJTVOEFSUIFDPOUSPMPG%PEE  That world is under the control of Dodd, The heart of "The Master" is the scenes the master of all he surveys who in fact where Dodd and Quell have at each other, XIFSF%PEEBOE2VFMMIBWFBUFBDIPUIFS  UIFNBTUFSPGBMMIFTVSWFZTXIPJOGBDU FOKPZTCFJOHDBMMFEi.BTUFSwCZIJTTNBMM enjoys being called "Master" by his small FTQFDJBMMZUIFTJUVBUJPOTXIFSF%PEE especially the situations where Dodd group of followers. Dodd describes himapplies psychological methods he calls BQQMJFTQTZDIPMPHJDBMNFUIPETIFDBMMT HSPVQPGGPMMPXFST%PEEEFTDSJCFTIJN self to Quell as someone who does many "processing" (a word Scientologists use iQSPDFTTJOHw BXPSE4DJFOUPMPHJTUTVTF TFMGUP2VFMMBTTPNFPOFXIPEPFTNBOZ things - "writer, doctor, nuclear physicist, BTXFMM UPIJTBUUJNFTSFMVDUBOUBEFQU as well) to his at-times reluctant adept. UIJOHToiXSJUFS EPDUPS OVDMFBSQIZTJDJTU  "Electricity" is a mild word for the formitheoretical philosopher" - but who above i&MFDUSJDJUZwJTBNJMEXPSEGPSUIFGPSNJ UIFPSFUJDBMQIJMPTPQIFSwoCVUXIPBCPWF all is "a hopelessly inquisitive man." dable charge that passes between these EBCMFDIBSHFUIBUQBTTFTCFUXFFOUIFTF BMMJTiBIPQFMFTTMZJORVJTJUJWFNBOw two, and though it's disconcerting that the On the yacht with his new wife, Peggy UXP BOEUIPVHIJUTEJTDPODFSUJOHUIBUUIF 0OUIFZBDIUXJUIIJTOFXXJGF 1FHHZ relationship between them gets murkier (Amy Adams), to oversee the wedding of SFMBUJPOTIJQCFUXFFOUIFNHFUTNVSLJFS "NZ"EBNT UPPWFSTFFUIFXFEEJOHPG rather than clearer as time goes on, that his daughter, Dodd sizes up Quell imSBUIFSUIBODMFBSFSBTUJNFHPFTPO UIBU IJTEBVHIUFS %PEETJ[FTVQ2VFMMJN mediately, frankly telling him "you are a is perhaps the point. JTQFSIBQTUIFQPJOU NFEJBUFMZ GSBOLMZUFMMJOHIJNiZPVBSFB scoundrel" but allowing him to stay on The only other recognizable names in 5IFPOMZPUIFSSFDPHOJ[BCMFOBNFTJO TDPVOESFMwCVUBMMPXJOHIJNUPTUBZPO the boat if he promises to keep brewing "The Master's" strong cast are Adams, i5IF.BTUFSTwTUSPOHDBTUBSF"EBNT  UIFCPBUJGIFQSPNJTFTUPLFFQCSFXJOH the moonshine that Dodd approvingly excellent as always as Dodd's tough-asFYDFMMFOUBTBMXBZTBT%PEETUPVHIBT UIFNPPOTIJOFUIBU%PEEBQQSPWJOHMZ sampled while its maker was passed out. OBJMTUSVFCFMJFWFSXJGF BOEBmOF-BVSB nails true-believer wife, and a fine Laura TBNQMFEXIJMFJUTNBLFSXBTQBTTFEPVU What fascinates Quell and everyone else Dern as one of Master's early disciples. %FSOBTPOFPG.BTUFSTFBSMZEJTDJQMFT 8IBUGBTDJOBUFT2VFMMBOEFWFSZPOFFMTF on the boat about Master is easy to see It is characteristic of Anderson's rigor*UJTDIBSBDUFSJTUJDPG"OEFSTPOTSJHPS POUIFCPBUBCPVU.BTUFSJTFBTZUPTFF ous directing style that all the supporting in a confident, magnetic performance PVTEJSFDUJOHTUZMFUIBUBMMUIFTVQQPSUJOH JOBDPOmEFOU NBHOFUJDQFSGPSNBODF by Hoffman that owes as much to Orson actors as well as each of the extras is not BDUPSTBTXFMMBTFBDIPGUIFFYUSBTJTOPU CZ)PGGNBOUIBUPXFTBTNVDIUP0STPO Welles' Charles Foster Kane as anyone only convincingly played (Cassandra KuPOMZDPOWJODJOHMZQMBZFE $BTTBOESB,V 8FMMFT$IBSMFT'PTUFS,BOFBTBOZPOF else. Dodd is a showman and an unexpect- MVLVOEJTJTUIFDBTUJOHEJSFDUPS CVUBMTP lukimdis is the casting director) but also FMTF%PEEJTBTIPXNBOBOEBOVOFYQFDU edly idiosyncratic thinker, someone with looks precisely as the period demands. MPPLTQSFDJTFMZBTUIFQFSJPEEFNBOET FEMZJEJPTZODSBUJDUIJOLFS TPNFPOFXJUI a gift for language who casually drops That dedication to immaculate film5IBUEFEJDBUJPOUPJNNBDVMBUFmMN BHJGUGPSMBOHVBHFXIPDBTVBMMZESPQT phrases such as "leave your worries for a NBLJOHFYUFOETUPBMMBSFBT JODMVEJOH making extends to all areas, including QISBTFTTVDIBTiMFBWFZPVSXPSSJFTGPSB while, they'll be there when you get back. +POOZ(SFFOXPPETCSPPEJOHNVTJD  Jonny Greenwood's brooding music, XIJMF UIFZMMCFUIFSFXIFOZPVHFUCBDL Your memories aren't invited." Mark Bridges' costumes and the edit.BSL#SJEHFTDPTUVNFTBOEUIFFEJU :PVSNFNPSJFTBSFOUJOWJUFEw What Dodd sees in Quell is murkier and JOHCZ-FTMJF+POFTBOE1FUFS.D/VMUZ ing by Leslie Jones and Peter McNulty. 8IBU%PEETFFTJO2VFMMJTNVSLJFSBOE less straightforward. Wife Peggy says All have worked with Anderson and his "MMIBWFXPSLFEXJUI"OEFSTPOBOEIJT MFTTTUSBJHIUGPSXBSE8JGF1FHHZTBZT "you seem to inspire something in him," elusive style before, and if you appreciate FMVTJWFTUZMFCFGPSF BOEJGZPVBQQSFDJBUF iZPVTFFNUPJOTQJSFTPNFUIJOHJOIJN w and the man himself calls Quell "my guin- mMNNBLJOHBUUIJTMFWFMZPVBSFNPSFUIBO filmmaking at this level you are more than BOEUIFNBOIJNTFMGDBMMT2VFMMiNZHVJO ea pig and protege," which may be closer HSBUFGVMUIBUJUTIBQQFOFEBHBJO grateful that it's happened again. FBQJHBOEQSPUFHF wXIJDINBZCFDMPTFS

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Command of These Waters         The Naval War of 1812 on the Great Lakes          Wednesday, September 26,6pm !  Maine Maritime Museum, Bath     Admission $7 nonmembers; $5 members  Tickets available online   Award-winning Maine author James L Nelson, 


     who often writes about early-American naval    !    and war history, will discuss his latest work 

!    in-progress. An engaging and dynamic speaker,   !   Jim will share his research into the critical      naval action on the Great Lakes that altered the         course of the war and ultimately America's 

  !  standing in the world.   

Celebrating 50 Years of Preserving Maine's Maritime Heritage     

243   Washington Street  â&#x20AC;˘ Bath, Maine â&#x20AC;˘ 207-443-1316 â&#x20AC;˘          

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 20, GO E21 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS` 2012  j5=3 

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GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 20, 3E2O 5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS` 2012 





Experimental folk singer-song3f^S`W[S\bOZT]ZYaW\US`a]\U writer and multi-instrumentalist e`WbS`O\R[cZbWW\ab`c[S\bOZWab Audrey Ryan will be playing /cR`Sg@gO\eWZZPS^ZOgW\U tunes from her latest CD "Sirens," bc\SaT`][VS`ZObSab12ÂľAW`S\aÂś along with tracks from the three OZ]\UeWbVb`OQYaT`][bVSbV`SS albums that came before it. OZPc[abVObQO[SPST]`SWb "Sirens" is a collection of "lost" ÂľAW`S\aÂśWaOQ]ZZSQbW]\]TÂľZ]abÂś songs she recorded between a]\UaaVS`SQ]`RSRPSbeSS\ 2005 and 2010 that are finally #O\R bVObO`SÂż\OZZg seeing the light of day. aSSW\UbVSZWUVb]TROg WHEN: 8 p.m. E63<(&^[ WHERE: The Oak & The Ax, E63@3(BVS=OYBVS/f 140 Main St., Biddeford ";OW\Ab0WRRST]`R HOW MUCH: $8; theoakand 6=E;C16(&)bVS]OYO\R bVSOfPZ]Ua^]bQ][

Joe Robinson Af\IfY`ejfe

WHEN: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. E63<(O[b]"^[ WHERE: Shaker Hill Road, E63@3(AVOYS`6WZZ@]OR Alfred /ZT`SR HOW MUCH: Free; shakerhill 6=E;C16(4`SS)aVOYS`VWZZ applefestival. org O^^ZSTSabWdOZ]`U

Singer-songwriter Joe Robinson AW\US`a]\Ue`WbS`8]S@]PW\a]\ comes to Maine by way of his naQ][Sab];OW\SPgeOg]TVWa\O tive land of Australia. Robinson, bWdSZO\R]T/cab`OZWO@]PW\a]\ 20, won the Australian National e]\bVS/cab`OZWO\<ObW]\OZ Songwriting Competition when A]\Ue`WbW\U1][^SbWbW]\eVS\ he was 13 and then "Australia's VSeOa!O\RbVS\µ/cab`OZWO¸a Got Talent" in 2OO8. His reputa5]bBOZS\b¶W\ &6Wa`S^cbO tion is built on his dazzling ability bW]\WaPcWZb]\VWaROhhZW\UOPWZWbg with a six-string guitar. His new eWbVOaWfab`W\UUcWbO`6Wa\Se album is called "Let Me Introduce OZPc[WaQOZZSRµ:Sb;S7\b`]RcQS You." G]c¶

'Weatherbeaten: Ă&#x160;N\Xk_\iY\Xk\e1 Winslow Homer N`ejcfn?fd\i and Maine' Xe[DX`e\Ă&#x2039; "Weatherbeaten" is an exhibit ÂľESObVS`PSObS\ÂśWaO\SfVWPWb of 38 major oils, watercolors and ]T!&[OX]`]WZaeObS`Q]Z]`aO\R etchings created - and inspired SbQVW\UaQ`SObSRÂłO\RW\a^W`SR by - Homer's time spent at his PgÂł6][S`¸abW[Sa^S\bObVWa Prouts Neck studio between >`]cba<SQYabcRW]PSbeSS\ 1883 and 1910. The collection &&!O\R'BVSQ]ZZSQbW]\ was assembled from museums eOaOaaS[PZSRT`][[caSc[a and private collectors across the O\R^`WdObSQ]ZZSQb]`aOQ`]aabVS U.S. and it will be on exhibit in CAO\RWbeWZZPS]\SfVWPWbW\ Portland through Dec. 30. >]`bZO\RbV`]cUV2SQ!

WHEN: 7:30 p.m. E63<(%(!^[ WHERE: Leura Hill Eastman E63@3(:Sc`O6WZZ3Oab[O\ Performing Arts Center, >S`T]`[W\U/`ba1S\bS` Fryeburg Academy, 4`gSPc`U/QORS[g 17 Portland St. %>]`bZO\RAb HOW MUCH: $20; $15 6=E;C16( )# seniors; $10 students; aS\W]`a)abcRS\ba) T`gSPc`UOQORS[g]`U^OQ



The Milk Carton K_\D`cb:Xikfe Kids B`[j

The Shaker Hill Apple FestiBVSAVOYS`6WZZ/^^ZS4SabW val, happening both days this dOZVO^^S\W\UP]bVROgabVWa weekend, offers a full spectrum eSSYS\R]TTS`aOTcZZa^SQb`c[ of offerings for the whole family. ]T]TTS`W\UaT]`bVSeV]ZSTO[WZg Along with an arts and crafts fair, /Z]\UeWbVO\O`baO\RQ`OTbaTOW` there will be wagon rides, Shaker bVS`SeWZZPSeOU]\`WRSaAVOYS` Museum exhibits, kids' activities, ;caSc[SfVWPWbaYWRa¸OQbWdWbWSa antique car rides and live music. O\bW_cSQO``WRSaO\RZWdS[caWQ

In the Gershwin musical "Of Thee 7\bVS5S`aVeW\[caWQOZÂľ=TBVSS I Sing," presidential candidate 7AW\UÂś^`SaWRS\bWOZQO\RWRObS John P. Wintergreen is running 8]V\>EW\bS`U`SS\Wa`c\\W\U on a platform of love with a Miss ]\O^ZObT]`[]TZ]dSeWbVO;Waa White House beauty pageant EVWbS6]caSPSOcbg^OUSO\b designed to find him a first lady. RSaWU\SRb]Âż\RVW[OÂż`abZORg Trouble and hilarity begin when B`]cPZSO\RVWZO`WbgPSUW\eVS\ he instead falls for his campaign VSW\abSORTOZZaT]`VWaQO[^OWU\ secretary. The show runs through aSQ`SbO`gBVSaV]e`c\abV`]cUV Sept. 30. AS^b!

Audrey Ryan 8l[i\pIpXe


J_Xb\i?`cc8ggc\ Shaker Hill Apple Festival =\jk`mXc

'Of Thee I Sing' Ă&#x160;F]K_\\@J`e^Ă&#x2039;

WHEN: 7:30 p.m. E63<(%(!^[ WHERE: Theater at E63@3(BVSObS`Ob Monmouth, 796 Main St. ;]\[]cbV%'$;OW\Ab HOW MUCH: $10, $28; 6=E;C16( &) bVSObS`Ob[]\[]cbV]`U


Compiled by Aimsel Ponti, 1][^WZSRPg/W[aSZ>]\bW Staff Writer AbOTTE`WbS`

California's The Milk Carton Kids 1OZWT]`\WO¸aBVS;WZY1O`b]\9WRa is the harmonizing, minimalist WabVSVO`[]\WhW\U[W\W[OZWab duo of Kenneth Pattengale and Rc]]T9S\\SbV>ObbS\UOZSO\R Joey Ryan. With two guitars and 8]Sg@gO\EWbVbe]UcWbO`aO\R two voices, they've carved out an be]d]WQSabVSg¸dSQO`dSR]cbO\ Americana-drenched folk sound /[S`WQO\OR`S\QVSRT]ZYa]c\R that has earned them national bVObVOaSO`\SRbVS[\ObW]\OZ media praise and an ever[SRWO^`OWaSO\RO\SdS` growing fan base. U`]eW\UTO\POaS WHEN: 8 p.m. E63<(&^[ WHERE: Empire Dine & E63@3(3[^W`S2W\S Dance, 575 Congress St., 2O\QS#%#1]\U`SaaAb Portland >]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: $6; 21-plus; 6=E;C16($) ^Zca) portlandempire. com ^]`bZO\RS[^W`SQ][

WHEN: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. E63<(O[b]#^[ WHERE: Portland Museum E63@3(>]`bZO\R;caSc[ of Art, 7 Congress Square ]T/`b%1]\U`SaaA_cO`S HOW MUCH: $12;)aS\W]`a $10 seniors 6=E;C16( and students; $6 for 13 O\RabcRS\ba)$T]`! to 17 years old; free for b]%gSO`a]ZR)T`SST]` years old and under; 12gSO`a]ZRO\Rc\RS`) ^]`bZO\R[caSc[]`U

Andrea van Voorst 8e[i\XmXeMffijk van Beest and mXe9\\jkXe[ Jim Kelly A`dB\ccp Artists Andrea van Voorst van /`bWaba/\R`SOdO\D]]`abdO\ Beest and Jim Kelly share double 0SSabO\R8W[9SZZgaVO`SR]cPZS billing with their collection of PWZZW\UeWbVbVSW`Q]ZZSQbW]\]T gouache paintings, intaglio prints U]cOQVS^OW\bW\UaW\bOUZW]^`W\ba and mixed-media works. Van O\R[WfSRRWOe]`YaDO\ Voorst van Beest's paintings were D]]`abdO\0SSab¸a^OW\bW\UaeS`S created along the East Coast, and Q`SObSROZ]\UbVS3Oab1]OabO\R Kelly's mixed-media creations re9SZZg¸a[WfSRRWOQ`SObW]\a`S flect both the brilliant colors and Ă&#x20AC;SQbP]bVbVSP`WZZWO\bQ]Z]`aO\R grittiness of Florida and Maine. U`WbbW\Saa]T4Z]`WROO\R;OW\S See both artists' work through ASSP]bVO`bWaba¸e]`YbV`]cUV the end of the month. bVSS\R]TbVS[]\bV




Tedeschi Trucks K\[\jZ_`KilZbj Band 9Xe[

Ă&#x160;<m\ipYf[pCfm\j 'Everybody Loves Pirates' G`iXk\jĂ&#x2039;

The last time the Tedeschi Trucks BVSZOabbW[SbVSBSRSaQVWB`cQYa Band played in Maine was in sup0O\R^ZOgSRW\;OW\SeOaW\ac^ port of their "Revelator" album. ^]`b]TbVSW`µ@SdSZOb]`¶OZPc[ It went on to win a Best Blues 7beS\b]\b]eW\O0Sab0ZcSa Album Grammy Award, and in /ZPc[5`O[[g/eO`RO\RW\ May the double-live album "Ev;OgbVSR]cPZSZWdSOZPc[µ3d erybody's Talkin"'¶eOa`SZSOaSR was released. S`gP]Rg¸aBOZYW\¸ Expect another night of explosive 3f^SQbO\]bVS`\WUVb]TSf^Z]aWdS blues from the 11-member super PZcSaT`][bVS[PS`ac^S` group. U`]c^

The Frogtown Mountain PupBVS4`]Ub]e\;]c\bOW\>c^ peteers presents fun for the ^SbSS`a^`SaS\baTc\T]`bVS whole family with "Everybody eV]ZSTO[WZgeWbVÂľ3dS`gP]Rg Loves Pirates." Meet a young :]dSa>W`ObSaÂś;SSbOg]c\U girl named Lucy and her goofy UW`Z\O[SR:cQgO\RVS`U]]Tg sidekick Little Chucky, and then aWRSYWQY:WbbZS1VcQYgO\RbVS\ see what happens when they aSSeVObVO^^S\aeVS\bVSg discover a treasure map, decide RWaQ]dS`Ob`SOac`S[O^RSQWRS to go for the gold and encounter b]U]T]`bVSU]ZRO\RS\Q]c\bS` bumbling pirates who want the Pc[PZW\U^W`ObSaeV]eO\bbVS loot for themselves. Z]]bT]`bVS[aSZdSa

WHEN: 8 p.m. E63<(&^[ WHERE: The State Theatre, E63@3(BVSAbObSBVSOb`S 609 Congress St., $'1]\U`SaaAb Portland >]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: $40 to $75; 6=E;C16("b]%#) statetheatreportland. com abObSbVSOb`S^]`bZO\RQ][

WHEN: Noon to 5 p.m. E63<(<]]\b]#^[ WHERE: Addison Woolley E63@3(/RRWa]\E]]ZZSg Gallery, 132EOaVW\Ub]\ Washington 5OZZS`g! Ave., Portland /dS>]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: Free; 6=E;C16(4`SS) addison wool ley. com ORRWa]\e]]ZZSgQ][

Journey, Pat Aflie\p#GXk Benatar & Neil 9\eXkXiE\`c Giraldo, Loverboy >`iXc[f#Cfm\iYfp For a night of pure '80s rock 4]`O\WUVb]T^c`S¸ &a`]QY nostalgia, look no farther than \]abOZUWOZ]]Y\]TO`bVS`bVO\ Bangor for one-stop shopping 0O\U]`T]`]\Sab]^aV]^^W\U from three of the decade's hotT`][bV`SS]TbVSRSQORS¸aV]b test acts. Journey has kept on bSabOQba8]c`\SgVOaYS^b]\ believin' (even without Steve PSZWSdW\¸SdS\eWbV]cbAbSdS Perry), Loverboy is still working >S``g:]dS`P]gWaabWZZe]`YW\U for the weekend and Pat Benatar, T]`bVSeSSYS\RO\R>Ob0S\ObO` as evidenced by her Portland OaSdWRS\QSRPgVS`>]`bZO\R show earlier this summer, is aV]eSO`ZWS`bVWaac[[S`Wa certainly still hitting us with her QS`bOW\ZgabWZZVWbbW\UcaeWbVVS` best shot. PSabaV]b


WHEN: 2O\R%^[ and 7 p.m. E63<( WHERE: Leura Hill Eastman E63@3(:Sc`O6WZZ3Oab[O\ Performing Arts Center, >S`T]`[W\U/`ba1S\bS` Fryeburg 4`gSPc`U HOW MUCH: $7; $4 chil6=E;C16(%)"QVWZ dren; 2O\Rc\RS`T`SS) and under free; R`S\) fryeburgacademy. org/pac T`gSPc`UOQORS[g]`U^OQ



5Sbc^O\R5= Get up and GO eWbVbVSaSSdS\ba with these events

IFG$GG?$>FGi\m`\n)+ Df[`Ă&#x201D;\[,&((&'0 @e;\j`^e!




cu ro

WHEN: Gates at 5 p.m. E63<(5ObSaOb#^[ WHERE: Bangor Waterfront E63@3(0O\U]`EObS`T`]\b Pavilion, 1 Railroad St., >OdWZW]\@OWZ`]ORAb HOW MUCH: 6=E;C16( $31.50 to $111.50; !#b]#) eObS`T`]\bQ]\QS`baQ][


â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘



!. .).'7 )4(!' AN %6% EVENING WITH AG ;

JOAN OSBORNE 3"/2.% ./ */! SEPT. 4( 430â&#x201E;˘ 3%0

'!2 2)3/.34!22-)!3( GARRISONSTARR&MIA SHARP !20 4( /# OCT. 4â&#x201E;˘ 4

d re

35: !..%7 %34%.(/%&&%2 SUZANNE WESTENHOEFFER 4( /# OCT. 5â&#x201E;˘ 4

SUEDE % 35%$ OCT. 7â&#x201E;˘  /#4 4(

!2 ARI) &MIA )! /# OCT. 26â&#x201E;˘ 4 4(

#(2)33-)4(%2 .$


NAN .! .# 9' 2)&&)4( CY GRIFFITH 4( ./ 6%-"%2 NOVEMBER 7â&#x201E;˘

JANIS IAN . *!.)3)! 4( NOVEMBER 9â&#x201E;˘ 6%-"%2 ./


#/COMEDY %$9 "25 BRUNCH .#( WITH 7)4 ( +%, ,9KELLY MCFARLAND #&!2,!.$ !.$ AND!AMY TEE 94% % 4( SEPT. 30â&#x201E;˘ 3%04


GO | The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 20, 3E225=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS`  2012 


SEWING MACHINES 3%7).'-!#().%3 !UTHORIZED$EALERFOR"ABY,OCK "ERNINA Authorized Dealer for Baby Lock, Bernina, Juki, Handi Quilter & Meistrgram *UKI (ANDI1UILTER-EISTRGRAM

FROM THE BEGINNER TO THE EXPERT, &FRE2E%%LESSONS &2/-4(%"%')..%24/4(%%80%24 ,%33/.3 ALES SANFORD SEWING CAN HELP YOU! All New Sales! EW3 3!.&/2$3%7).'#!.(%,09/5 LL. O0nN! AILS s.EW%XPERIENCEDMACHINES 3%26)#% â&#x20AC;˘ New & Experienced machines s(OUSEHOLDAND#OMMERCIAL 2%0!)2 â&#x20AC;˘s)NDUSTRIAL -ANUAL %LECTRONIC Household and Commercial !,,"2!.$3 â&#x20AC;˘ #Industrial, Manual, Electronic s OMPUTERIZED%MBROIDERY3EWING â&#x20AC;˘ -ACHINES 3ERGERS 1UILTING-ACHINES&RAMES Computerized Embroidery/Sewing Machines, Sergers, Quilting Machines & Frames

ET Ack forRDdetails. KFO !S


1923 Main Street, Sanford, Maine â&#x20AC;˘ 324-8375 -AIN3TREET 3ANFORD -AINEs  M-F 8-5, Sat. 9-4 â&#x20AC;˘ - &  3AT sWWWSANFORDSEWINGCOM

3ANFORD3EWING-ACHINES Sanford Sewing Machines

Courtesy photo 1]c`bSag^V]b]

Nadine Labaki directs and has a starring role in "Where Do We Go Now?" <ORW\S:OPOYWRW`SQbaO\RVOaOabO``W\U`]ZSW\ÂľEVS`S2]ES5]<]e-Âś "WHERED0WEG0N0W?"(PG-13) (1:40) Directed by Nadine Labaki, 2012. Set ÂľE63@32=E35=<=E-Âś>5!("2W`SQbSRPg<ORW\S:OPOYW  ASb in a remote village where the church and the mosque stand side by side, the W\O`S[]bSdWZZOUSeVS`SbVSQVc`QVO\RbVS[]a_cSabO\RaWRSPgaWRSbVS film follows the antics of the town's women to keep their blowhard men from ÂżZ[T]ZZ]eabVSO\bWQa]TbVSb]e\¸ae][S\b]YSS^bVSW`PZ]eVO`R[S\T`][ starting a religious war. Women heartsick over sons, husbands and fathers lost abO`bW\UO`SZWUW]caeO`E][S\VSO`baWQY]dS`a]\aVcaPO\RaO\RTObVS`aZ]ab to previous flare-ups unite to distract their men with clever ruses, from faking a b]^`SdW]caĂ&#x20AC;O`Sc^ac\WbSb]RWab`OQbbVSW`[S\eWbVQZSdS``caSaT`][TOYW\UO miracle, to hiring a troop of Ukrainian strippers. In Arabic, Russian and English [W`OQZSb]VW`W\UOb`]]^]TCY`OW\WO\ab`W^^S`a7\/`OPWQ@caaWO\O\R3\UZWaV with English subtitles. eWbV3\UZWaVacPbWbZSa Showing at: Portland Museum of Art, 6:30 p.m. Friday; 2^[AObc`ROgO\R p.m. Saturday and AV]eW\UOb(>]`bZO\R;caSc[]T/`b$(!^[4`WROg) Sunday Ac\ROg

PERKINS E:G@>CH :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3" Continued from Page E14

:('1(6'$< WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 31,2012-7PM 2&72%(5²30 MERRILL AUDITORIUM-PORTLAND, ME 0(55,//$8',725,803257/$1'0( Tickets available 7LFNHWVDYDLODEOH from PortTIX, IURP3RUW7,; the lobby at WKHOREE\DW Merrill Auditorium. 0HUULOO$XGLWRULXP Call  207-842-0800 &DOO or visit RUYLVLW ZZZSRUWWL[FRP

harvesting the bounty of the Earth and being apIBSWFTUJOHUIFCPVOUZPGUIF&BSUIBOECFJOHBQ preciative of its beauty Beautifully shot, it's very QSFDJBUJWFPGJUTCFBVUZ#FBVUJGVMMZTIPU JUTWFSZ Werner Herzog-esque." 8FSOFS)FS[PHFTRVFw "Ballroom Dancer": "A phenomenal piece of i#BMMSPPN%BODFSwi"QIFOPNFOBMQJFDFPG work. I don't think you could script a better love XPSL*EPOUUIJOLZPVDPVMETDSJQUBCFUUFSMPWF story. It's about love and loss, with great cinemaTUPSZ*UTBCPVUMPWFBOEMPTT XJUIHSFBUDJOFNB tography and music. It's what an abstract but UPHSBQIZBOENVTJD*UTXIBUBOBCTUSBDUCVU mainstream documentary should be." NBJOTUSFBNEPDVNFOUBSZTIPVMECFw "Journey to Planet X": "In a similar vein to i+PVSOFZUP1MBOFU9wi*OBTJNJMBSWFJOUP 'American Movie,' this is about two friends and A"NFSJDBO.PWJF UIJTJTBCPVUUXPGSJFOETBOE 'B' sci-fi filmmakers at odds trying to complete A#TDJmmMNNBLFSTBUPEETUSZJOHUPDPNQMFUF their masterpiece called 'Planet X.' It's a huge UIFJSNBTUFSQJFDFDBMMFEA1MBOFU9*UTBIVHF audience favorite, and very endearing as well." BVEJFODFGBWPSJUF BOEWFSZFOEFBSJOHBTXFMMw That's just the tip of the CIFF iceberg. In addi5IBUTKVTUUIFUJQPGUIF$*''JDFCFSH*OBEEJ tion to the rest of the fest's feature and short film UJPOUPUIFSFTUPGUIFGFTUTGFBUVSFBOETIPSUmMN offerings, attendees can look forward to a variety PGGFSJOHT BUUFOEFFTDBOMPPLGPSXBSEUPBWBSJFUZ of special events, including the aforementioned PGTQFDJBMFWFOUT JODMVEJOHUIFBGPSFNFOUJPOFE discussions with filmmakers, free local short-film EJTDVTTJPOTXJUImMNNBLFST GSFFMPDBMTIPSUmMN screenings, special VIP events and receptions, TDSFFOJOHT TQFDJBM7*1FWFOUTBOESFDFQUJPOT  and the first-ever public presentation of the final BOEUIFmSTUFWFSQVCMJDQSFTFOUBUJPOPGUIFmOBM Points North Pitch on Saturday. 1PJOUT/PSUI1JUDIPO4BUVSEBZ In the latter, eight finalists in CIFF's yearly *OUIFMBUUFS FJHIUmOBMJTUTJO$*''TZFBSMZ Points North Documentary Forum will make 1PJOUT/PSUI%PDVNFOUBSZ'PSVNXJMMNBLF the case that their documentaries-in-progress UIFDBTFUIBUUIFJSEPDVNFOUBSJFTJOQSPHSFTT should receive funding from a collected group of TIPVMESFDFJWFGVOEJOHGSPNBDPMMFDUFEHSPVQPG industry insiders and power players. JOEVTUSZJOTJEFSTBOEQPXFSQMBZFST For southern Maine film fanatics, CIFF re'PSTPVUIFSO.BJOFmMNGBOBUJDT $*''SF mains well worth the drive. NBJOTXFMMXPSUIUIFESJWF Dennis Perkins is a Portland freelance writer. 2S\\Wa>S`YW\aWaO>]`bZO\RT`SSZO\QSe`WbS`

COMING TO LOCAL SCREENS :FD@E>KFCF:8CJ:I<<EJ THE GUILD HALL OF THE CATHEDRAL B635C7:26/::=4B631/B632@/: OF THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION =4B637;;/1C:/B31=<13>B7=< (301 Congress St., Portland) !1]\U`SaaAb>]`bZO\R Saturday: "Departures." It's time AObc`ROg(µ2S^O`bc`Sa¶7b¸abW[S for Buddhist movie night, where T]`0cRRVWab[]dWS\WUVbeVS`S all are welcome to attend a OZZO`SeSZQ][Sb]ObbS\RO screening of this heartbreakingly aQ`SS\W\U]TbVWaVSO`bP`SOYW\UZg charming Japanese film about QVO`[W\U8O^O\SaS¿Z[OP]cb a young man whose job search Og]c\U[O\eV]aSX]PaSO`QV leads to an apprenticeship with ZSORab]O\O^^`S\bWQSaVW^eWbV an old master of preparing the O\]ZR[OabS`]T^`S^O`W\UbVS deceased for burial. The RSQSOaSRT]`Pc`WOZBVS 6:30 p.m. showing is free, but $(!^[aV]eW\UWaT`SSPcb donations (and snacks) are R]\ObW]\aO\Ra\OQYaO`S always welcome. OZeOgaeSZQ][S SPACE GALLERY, P o r t l a n d A>/135/::3@G>]`bZO\R ( a^OQS#!&]`U Tuesday: "The Imposter." If you BcSaROg(µBVS7[^]abS`¶7Tg]c can't make it to Camden to see QO\¸b[OYSWbb]1O[RS\b]aSS it (and you really should), check WbO\Rg]c`SOZZgaV]cZRQVSQY out this gripping documentary ]cbbVWaU`W^^W\UR]Qc[S\bO`g about the disappearance of OP]cbbVSRWaO^^SO`O\QS]T a 13-year-old Texas boy who O!gSO`]ZRBSfOaP]geV] turns up in Spain a decade bc`\ac^W\A^OW\ORSQORS later with a harrowing tale of ZObS`eWbVOVO``]eW\UbOZS]T kidnapping and torture, and YWR\O^^W\UO\Rb]`bc`SO\R some serious questions about a][SaS`W]ca_cSabW]\aOP]cb his true identity. A true story VWab`cSWRS\bWbg/b`cSab]`g with the twists and suspense of eWbVbVSbeWabaO\Raca^S\aS]T a Hollywood thriller. O6]ZZge]]RbV`WZZS`

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 20, BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS`  2012  j5=3 ! GO E23

8_ffkXe[X A hoot and a


?FCCP Ogunquit Playhouse opens F^lehl`kGcXp_flj\fg\ej the rollicking'Buddy: The k_\ifcc`Zb`e^Ă&#x160;9l[[p1K_\ Buddy Holly Story.' 9l[[p?fccpJkfip%Ă&#x2039;

Courtesy Portland Museum of Art 1]c`bSag>]`bZO\R;caSc[]T/`b

"The Fisher Girl," 1894. ÂľBVS4WaVS`5W`ZÂś&'"

PMA serves heaping GD8j\im\j_\Xg`e^ helping of Homer _\cg`e^f]?fd\i

By BOB KEYES #Z#0#,&:&4 4UBGG8SJUFS StaffWriter


urt Jenkins knows VSU+FOLJOTLOPXT a lot about music. BMPUBCPVUNVTJD Back home in #BDLIPNFJO Birmingham, #JSNJOHIBN  Ala., he fronts "MB IFGSPOUT the alternaUIFBMUFSOB tive indie-pop UJWFJOEJFQPQ band Skyway CBOE4LZXBZ Spirits. 4QJSJUT But until he #VUVOUJMIF signed on to play Buddy Holly at OgunTJHOFEPOUPQMBZ#VEEZ)PMMZBU0HVO quit Playhouse, he didn't know much RVJU1MBZIPVTF IFEJEOULOPXNVDI about Holly, the Texas-born rock 'n' roll BCPVU)PMMZ UIF5FYBTCPSOSPDLOSPMM pioneer who died at age 22 in a 1959 plane QJPOFFSXIPEJFEBUBHFJOBQMBOF crash. DSBTI "I knew about as much as the average i*LOFXBCPVUBTNVDIBTUIFBWFSBHF person did," said Jenkins. "But I was not QFSTPOEJE wTBJE+FOLJOTi#VU*XBTOPU exposed to the details of his music or his FYQPTFEUPUIFEFUBJMTPGIJTNVTJDPSIJT life before this show" MJGFCFGPSFUIJTTIPXw His impressions? )JTJNQSFTTJPOT "I guess it is his songwriting. That's what i*HVFTTJUJTIJTTPOHXSJUJOH5IBUTXIBU struck me, how both timeless and contempoTUSVDLNF IPXCPUIUJNFMFTTBOEDPOUFNQP rary it is," he said. "A lot of the songs could be SBSZJUJT wIFTBJEi"MPUPGUIFTPOHTDPVMECF considered hits of today if they were given the DPOTJEFSFEIJUTPGUPEBZJGUIFZXFSFHJWFOUIF chance. He was so ahead of the curve. A lot of DIBODF)FXBTTPBIFBEPGUIFDVSWF"MPUPG people were writing music that sounded like that, QFPQMFXFSFXSJUJOHNVTJDUIBUTPVOEFEMJLFUIBU  but it did not have the aesthetic weight that his CVUJUEJEOPUIBWFUIFBFTUIFUJDXFJHIUUIBUIJT music did." NVTJDEJEw "Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story" opens Thursi#VEEZ5IF#VEEZ)PMMZ4UPSZwPQFOT5IVST day evening and runs through Oct. 21 at OgunEBZFWFOJOHBOESVOTUISPVHI0DUBU0HVO quit Playhouse in southern Maine. It's the final RVJU1MBZIPVTFJOTPVUIFSO.BJOF*UTUIFmOBM show of the season at the playhouse, which TIPXPGUIFTFBTPOBUUIFQMBZIPVTF XIJDI celebrated its 80th season this year. DFMFCSBUFEJUTUITFBTPOUIJTZFBS "Buddy" is a tribute musical packed with the i#VEEZwJTBUSJCVUFNVTJDBMQBDLFEXJUIUIF


BUDDY HOLLY c r e a t e d a 0C22G6=::GQ`SObSRO body of music in a few P]Rg]T[caWQW\OTSe short years that conaV]`bgSO`abVObQ]\ tinues to influence all bW\cSab]W\Ă&#x20AC;cS\QSOZZ genres of pop more than US\`Sa]T^]^[]`SbVO\ 50 years later. Here are #gSO`aZObS`6S`SO`S 10 essential tracks: SaaS\bWOZb`OQYa( â&#x20AC;˘ "Rave On" - Bruce NÂľ@OdS=\œ³0`cQS Springsteen and countA^`W\UabSS\O\RQ]c\b less others do live verZSaa]bVS`aR]ZWdSdS` sions of this cool pop aW]\a]TbVWaQ]]Z^]^ rocker, which features `]QYS`eVWQVTSObc`Sa some of Holly's famous a][S]T6]ZZg¸aTO[]ca vocal gymnastics. d]QOZUg[\OabWQa â&#x20AC;˘ "Maybe Baby" - One NÂľ;OgPS0OPgœ³=\S of the songs that estab]TbVSa]\UabVObSabOP lished Holly's signature ZWaVSR6]ZZg¸aaWU\Obc`S twangy guitar sound. beO\UgUcWbO`a]c\R Can't help but sing 1O\¸bVSZ^PcbaW\U along. OZ]\U â&#x20AC;˘ "Not Fade Away" NÂľ<]b4ORS/eOgÂś - Timeless rocker that ÂłBW[SZSaa`]QYS`bVOb became The Rolling PSQO[SBVS@]ZZW\U Stones' first stateside Ab]\Sa¸Âż`ababObSaWRS single. aW\UZS â&#x20AC;˘ "Well... All R i g h t " - A NÂľESZZÂŹ/ZZ@WUVbœ³/ more somber Holly is on []`Sa][PS`6]ZZgWa]\ display here. Although RWa^ZOgVS`S/ZbV]cUV just a B-side (for "HeartXcabO0aWRST]`Âľ6SO`b beat"), this tune has PSObÂśbVWabc\SVOa been covered by everyPSS\Q]dS`SRPgSdS`g one from Blind Faith to ]\ST`][0ZW\R4OWbVb] Kid Rock. 9WR@]QY â&#x20AC;˘ "That'll Be the Day" NÂľBVOb¸ZZ0SbVS2OgÂś - Maybe the best-known Âł;OgPSbVSPSabY\]e\ of Holly's rockers, with ]T6]ZZg¸a`]QYS`aeWbV a title inspired by the ObWbZSW\a^W`SRPgbVS catchphrase used by QObQV^V`OaScaSRPg John Wayne in the 8]V\EOg\SW\bVS classic Western "The QZOaaWQESabS`\ÂľBVS Searchers." ASO`QVS`aÂś â&#x20AC;˘ "Peggy Sue" - The NÂľ>SUUgAcSœ³BVS basics of surf rock can POaWQa]Tac`T`]QYQO\ be found in this classic, PST]c\RW\bVWaQZOaaWQ with its thumping drum eWbVWbabVc[^W\UR`c[ beat and raw, rumbling PSObO\R`Oe`c[PZW\U guitar. UcWbO` â&#x20AC;˘ "Everyday"- The NÂľ3dS`gROgœ³BVS lighter side of Holly, this ZWUVbS`aWRS]T6]ZZgbVWa is an extremely pretty WaO\Sfb`S[SZg^`Sbbg song that became a hit a]\UbVObPSQO[SOVWb for James Taylor in the T]`8O[SaBOgZ]`W\bVS mid-'80s. [WR¸&a â&#x20AC;˘ "It's So Easy" - Nice NÂľ7b¸aA]3Oagœ³<WQS guitar work on this one, UcWbO`e]`Y]\bVWa]\S plus a hook that is so ^ZcaOV]]YbVObWaa] catchy, you can't get it QObQVgg]cQO\¸bUSbWb out of your head. Which, ]cb]Tg]c`VSOREVWQV in this case, is a good W\bVWaQOaSWaOU]]R thing. Big hit for Linda bVW\U0WUVWbT]`:W\RO Ronstadt in the '70s. @]\abORbW\bVS¸%a â&#x20AC;˘ "True Love Ways" NÂľB`cS:]dSEOgaÂś - Holly didn't just write Âł6]ZZgRWR\¸bXcabe`WbS rockers, as evidenced `]QYS`aOaSdWRS\QSR by this soft, slow ballad PgbVWaa]TbaZ]ePOZZOR sporting plenty of lush a^]`bW\U^ZS\bg]TZcaV strings and horns. ab`W\UaO\RV]`\a â&#x20AC;˘ "Oh, Boy!" - I've saved NÂľ=V0]gœ³7¸dSaOdSR the best for last. ThisbVSPSabT]`ZOabBVWa revved up silly rocker `SddSRc^aWZZg`]QYS` has it all - the fuzzy VOaWbOZZÂłbVSTchhg twang of the guitar, the beO\U]TbVSUcWbO`bVS doo-wop style backR]]e]^abgZSPOQY ground singing and U`]c\RaW\UW\UO\R Holly growling out the 6]ZZgU`]eZW\U]cbbVS lead vocals. ZSORd]QOZa - RAY ROUTHIER ´@/G@=CB673@

HOT ?FK k`Zb\k

THE PORTLAND Museum of Art B63>=@B:/<2;caSc[]T/`b opens its long-anticipated ]^S\aWbaZ]\UO\bWQW^ObSR exhibition, "Weatherbeaten: SfVWPWbW]\µESObVS`PSObS\( Winslow Homer and Maine," EW\aZ]e6][S`O\R;OW\S¶ on Saturday. The show ]\AObc`ROgBVSaV]e coincides with the opening Q]W\QWRSaeWbVbVS]^S\W\U of Homer's renovated ]T6][S`¸a`S\]dObSR Prouts Neck studio on >`]cba<SQYabcRW]]\ Tuesday, and features work BcSaROgO\RTSObc`Sae]`Y that Homer made while he bVOb6][S`[ORSeVWZSVS lived there. ZWdSRbVS`S WHEN: Opens Saturday. E63<(=^S\aAObc`ROg Through Dec 30. BV`]cUV2SQ! WHERE: Portland Museum of E63@3(>]`bZO\R;caSc[]T Art, 7 Congress Square /`b%1]\U`SaaA_cO`S HOW MUCH: $12; $10 for 6=E;C16( )T]` seniors and students; $6 for aS\W]`aO\RabcRS\ba)$T]` ages 13 to 17; free for ages OUSa!b]%)T`SST]`OUSa and younger; free for all 12O\Rg]c\US`)T`SST]`OZZ after 5 p.m. Fridays OTbS`#^[4`WROga INFO: 775-6148; 7<4=(%%#$"&) ^]`bZO\R[caSc[]`U

G :?<8I@CC


Please see'BUDDY,' Page E24 Gc\Xj\j\\·0C22G¸GX^\<)+ Courtesy photo 1]c`bSag^V]b]


"Around the Bend" by Âľ/`]c\RbVS0S\RÂśPg Jeannette Steele Esposito. 8SO\\SbbSAbSSZS3a^]aWb]


The colors fly at K_\ZfcfijĂ&#x2022;pXk Damariscotta space ;XdXi`jZfkkXjgXZ\

"BUDDY: THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY" Âľ0C22G(B630C22G6=::GAB=@GÂś WHEN: Previews at 2:30 p.m. E63<(>`SdWSeaOb (!^[ Thursday. Opens at 8 p.m. BVc`aROg=^S\aOb&^[ Thursday and continues at 8 p.m. BVc`aROgO\RQ]\bW\cSaOb&^[ Friday, 8:30 p.m. Saturday, 4`WROg&(!^[AObc`ROg 2^[Ac\ROg&^[ESR\SaROg p.m. Sunday, 8 p.m. Wednesday and 2:30 and 8 p.m. Sept. 27. Through O\R (!O\R&^[AS^b %BV`]cUV Oct. 21. The theater will add occasional =Qb BVSbVSObS`eWZZORR]QQOaW]\OZ Saturday matinees and Sunday evening AObc`ROg[ObW\SSaO\RAc\ROgSdS\W\U performances. Check with the theater for ^S`T]`[O\QSa1VSQYeWbVbVSbVSObS`T]` details. RSbOWZa WHERE: Ogunquit Playhouse, E63@3(=Uc\_cWb>ZOgV]caS 10 Main St. ;OW\Ab HOW MUCH: $ 3 9 to $74 6=E;C16(!'b]%" INFO: 646-5511; 7<4=($"$##) ]Uc\_cWb^ZOgV]caS]`U


Ogunquit Playhouse =Uc\_cWb>ZOgV]caS photo by Julia Russell ^V]b]Pg8cZWO@caaSZZ

THE DAMARISCOTTA River Grill B632/;/@7A1=BB/@WdS`5`WZZ presents "Flying Colors," ^`SaS\baÂľ4ZgW\U1]Z]`aÂś featuring the works of TSObc`W\UbVSe]`Ya]T Jeannette Steele Esposito 8SO\\SbbSAbSSZS3a^]aWb] and Susan Guest McPhail. O\RAcaO\5cSab;Q>VOWZ WHEN: Through Oct. 29 E63<(BV`]cUV=Qb ' WHERE: Damariscotta E63@3(2O[O`WaQ]bbO River Grill, 155 Main St., @WdS`5`WZZ##;OW\Ab Damariscotta 2O[O`WaQ]bbO HOW MUCH: Free 6=E;C16(4`SS INFO: 563-2992 7<4=(#$! ''

GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 20, 3E24 "5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS`  2012 

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songs that made Holly among the most TPOHTUIBUNBEF)PMMZBNPOHUIFNPTU influential rock stars of all time and one of JOnVFOUJBMSPDLTUBSTPGBMMUJNFBOEPOFPG the first inductees into the Rock and Roll UIFmSTUJOEVDUFFTJOUPUIF3PDLBOE3PMM Hall of Fame: "Peggy Sue," "Oh, Boy!" )BMMPG'BNFi1FHHZ4VF wi0I #PZw "Maybe Baby" and "That'll Be the Day," i.BZCF#BCZwBOEi5IBUMM#FUIF%BZ w among others. BNPOHPUIFST The show is almost a concert experi5IFTIPXJTBMNPTUBDPODFSUFYQFSJ ence, although there is quite a bit of FODF BMUIPVHIUIFSFJTRVJUFBCJUPG dialogue and acting as well. EJBMPHVFBOEBDUJOHBTXFMM "The latter half of both acts are basically i5IFMBUUFSIBMGPGCPUIBDUTBSFCBTJDBMMZ concerts," said Jenkins, who plays guitar DPODFSUT wTBJE+FOLJOT XIPQMBZTHVJUBS on stage. "In those performances, I am POTUBHFi*OUIPTFQFSGPSNBODFT *BN basically being a musician. There are moCBTJDBMMZCFJOHBNVTJDJBO5IFSFBSFNP ments on stage when I smile at the other NFOUTPOTUBHFXIFO*TNJMFBUUIFPUIFS guys in the band and let out a hoot and HVZTJOUIFCBOEBOEMFUPVUBIPPUBOE a holler. That is not me pretending to be BIPMMFS5IBUJTOPUNFQSFUFOEJOHUPCF Buddy Holly. That is just me." #VEEZ)PMMZ5IBUJTKVTUNFw One of the challenges of this show was 0OFPGUIFDIBMMFOHFTPGUIJTTIPXXBT putting a band together. The actors on QVUUJOHBCBOEUPHFUIFS5IFBDUPSTPO stage perform the songs themselves; TUBHFQFSGPSNUIFTPOHTUIFNTFMWFT there are no pit musicians. UIFSFBSFOPQJUNVTJDJBOT In this production, Holly's band, The *OUIJTQSPEVDUJPO )PMMZTCBOE 5IF Crickets, is completed by Sam Weber, who $SJDLFUT JTDPNQMFUFECZ4BN8FCFS XIP plays bass player Joe B. Mauldin, and QMBZTCBTTQMBZFS+PF#.BVMEJO BOE Joe "Cosmo" Cogen, who plays drummer +PFi$PTNPw$PHFO XIPQMBZTESVNNFS Jerry Allison. +FSSZ"MMJTPO In addition to learning their roles for the *OBEEJUJPOUPMFBSOJOHUIFJSSPMFTGPSUIF stage, the trio also had to learn about each TUBHF UIFUSJPBMTPIBEUPMFBSOBCPVUFBDI other as musicians. "Buddy" requires PUIFSBTNVTJDJBOTi#VEEZwSFRVJSFT them to put a band together and develop UIFNUPQVUBCBOEUPHFUIFSBOEEFWFMPQ a strong musical chemistry in just three BTUSPOHNVTJDBMDIFNJTUSZJOKVTUUISFF weeks of rehearsals and a month-long XFFLTPGSFIFBSTBMTBOEBNPOUIMPOH run. SVO So far, so good, Jenkins said. 4PGBS TPHPPE +FOLJOTTBJE "It really does feel like a band," he said. i*USFBMMZEPFTGFFMMJLFBCBOE wIFTBJE "Both guys are extremely talented. Sam i#PUIHVZTBSFFYUSFNFMZUBMFOUFE4BN and Joe, they are great guys. We get along BOE+PF UIFZBSFHSFBUHVZT8FHFUBMPOH really well, and it's been quick fun." SFBMMZXFMM BOEJUTCFFORVJDLGVOw Other members of the cast include 0UIFSNFNCFSTPGUIFDBTUJODMVEF Jayson Eliot as The Big Bopper, Ryan +BZTPO&MJPUBT5IF#JH#PQQFS 3ZBO Jagru as Ritchie Valens and Luke Darnell +BHSVBT3JUDIJF7BMFOTBOE-VLF%BSOFMM as Holly's manager, Norm Petty. The Big BT)PMMZTNBOBHFS /PSN1FUUZ5IF#JH Bopper and Valens died with Holly in a #PQQFSBOE7BMFOTEJFEXJUI)PMMZJOB plane crash in an Iowa corn field on Feb. QMBOFDSBTIJOBO*PXBDPSOmFMEPO'FC 3,1959, following a concert in nearby Clear   GPMMPXJOHBDPODFSUJOOFBSCZ$MFBS Lake. The Maine-based songwriter Don -BLF5IF.BJOFCBTFETPOHXSJUFS%PO

AS THE OGUNQUIT PLAYHOUSE winds up /AB63=5C<?C7B>:/G6=CA3eW\Rac^ its season with a fall production of WbaaSOa]\eWbVOTOZZ^`]RcQbW]\]T "Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story," other Âľ0cRRg(BVS0cRRg6]ZZgAb]`gÂś]bVS` theaters in Portland and around the bVSObS`aW\>]`bZO\RO\RO`]c\RbVS region are preparing for the season `SUW]\O`S^`S^O`W\UT]`bVSaSOa]\ ahead. Here are some highlights: OVSOR6S`SO`Sa][SVWUVZWUVba( â&#x20AC;˘ PORTLAND STAGE COMPANY, 25A Forest N>=@B:/<2AB/531=;>/<G #/4]`Sab Ave. (774-0465; /dS%%""$#)^]`bZO\RabOUS]`U opens its season with Wendy Was]^S\aWbaaSOa]\eWbVES\RgEOa serstein's "The Sisters Rosensweig." aS`abSW\¸aÂľBVSAWabS`a@]aS\aeSWUÂś The family drama reunites three BVSTO[WZgR`O[O`Sc\WbSabV`SS Jewish-American sisters in London 8SeWaV/[S`WQO\aWabS`aW\:]\R]\ to celebrate the birthday of eldest. It b]QSZSP`ObSbVSPW`bVROg]TSZRSab7b previews on Tuesday, opens on Sept. ^`SdWSea]\BcSaROg]^S\a]\AS^b 30, and runs through Oct. 21. !O\R`c\abV`]cUV=Qb  â&#x20AC;˘ THE PUBLIC THEATRE, 31 Maple St., LewNB63>C0:71B63/B@3!;O^ZSAb:Se iston (782-3200; Wab]\%& ! )bVS^cPZWQbVSOb`S]`U opens with a new play, Karen Zacarias' ]^S\aeWbVO\Se^ZOg9O`S\HOQO`WOa¸ witty comedy "The Book Club." OpeneWbbgQ][SRgÂľBVS0]]Y1ZcPÂś=^S\ ing night is Oct. 19, and the show runs W\U\WUVbWa=Qb'O\RbVSaV]e`c\a through Oct. 28. bV`]cUV=Qb & The Public Theatre is working with BVS>cPZWQBVSOb`SWae]`YW\UeWbV the playwright on the continuing debVS^ZOge`WUVb]\bVSQ]\bW\cW\URS velopment of this new script followdSZ]^[S\b]TbVWa\SeaQ`W^bT]ZZ]e ing its previous production at Arena W\UWba^`SdW]ca^`]RcQbW]\Ob/`S\O Stage in Washington, D.C. Zacarias will AbOUSW\EOaVW\Ub]\21HOQO`WOaeWZZ participate in a post-show discussion ^O`bWQW^ObSW\O^]abaV]eRWaQcaaW]\ following the Oct. 21[ObW\SS matinee. T]ZZ]eW\UbVS=Qb â&#x20AC;˘ GOOD THEATER (885-5883; N5==2B63/B3@&&##&&!) kicks off its 11th U]]RbVSObS`Q][YWQYa]TTWbabV season with a two-performance event, aSOa]\eWbVObe]^S`T]`[O\QSSdS\b "An Evening with Broadway Star FlorÂľ/\3dS\W\UeWbV0`]OReOgAbO`4Z]` ence Lacey," at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 6 and S\QS:OQSgÂśOb%(!^[=Qb$O\R 2^[=Qb%:OQSgV]ZRabVS`SQ]`R p.m. Oct. 7. Lacey holds the record for the most performances of Eva T]`bVS[]ab^S`T]`[O\QSa]T3dO Peron in "Evita" - more than 3,000. >S`]\W\Âľ3dWbOœ³[]`SbVO\! The company begins its regular season BVSQ][^O\gPSUW\aWba`SUcZO`aSOa]\ with the Tony Award-nominated play eWbVbVSB]\g/eO`R\][W\ObSR^ZOg "Good People" Oct. 10 to Nov. 4. Good Âľ5]]R>S]^ZSÂś=Qbb]<]d"5]]R Theater presents its shows at the St. BVSObS`^`SaS\baWbaaV]eaObbVSAb Lawrence Arts Center, 76 Congress St., :Oe`S\QS/`ba1S\bS`%$1]\U`SaaAb Portland. >]`bZO\R â&#x20AC;˘ MAD HORSE THEATER COMPANY (730N;/26=@A3B63/B3@1=;>/<G%! 2389; opens its 27th !&')[ORV]`aSQ][]^S\aWba %bV season on Oct. 11 with David Mamet's aSOa]\]\=QbeWbV2OdWR;O[Sb¸a political comedy "November." It runs ^]ZWbWQOZQ][SRgÂľ<]dS[PS`Âś7b`c\a through Oct. 28. Mad Horse moves its bV`]cUV=Qb &;OR6]`aS[]dSaWba shows to a newly created black-box aV]eab]O\SeZgQ`SObSRPZOQYP]f space at the former Hutchins School, a^OQSObbVST]`[S`6cbQVW\aAQV]]Z

Please see'BUDDY,' PageE25 Gc\Xj\j\\·0C22G¸GX^\<),

Please see MORE SHOWS, PageE25 Gc\Xj\j\\;=@3A6=EAGX^\<),

Continued from Page E23 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3 !


Photo by Aaron Flacke >V]b]Pg/O`]\4ZOQYS

Pfeni (D'Arcy Dersham), Gorgeous (Carole Healey), Tom (Michael Dix Thomas) >TS\W2¸/`Qg2S`aVO[5]`US]ca1O`]ZS6SOZSgB][;WQVOSZ2WfBV][Oa and Tess (Megan Dorn-Wallenstein, far right) inquire about Sara's (Amy O\RBSaa;SUO\2]`\EOZZS\abSW\TO``WUVbW\_cW`SOP]cbAO`O¸a/[g McDonald) night in Wendy Wasserstein's "The Sisters Rosenweig" at Portland ;Q2]\OZR\WUVbW\ES\RgEOaaS`abSW\¸aµBVSAWabS`a@]aS\eSWU¶Ob>]`bZO\R Stage. The show previews Tuesday and opens on Sept. 30. AbOUSBVSaV]e^`SdWSeaBcSaROgO\R]^S\a]\AS^b!

Center, Mansfield, Mass. $20 to $81.50.; (800) 745-3000 Saturday – Down with Warbeast and Haarp, 8:15 p.m., House of Blues, Boston. $25.; (800) 745-3000 Sunday – David Byrne with St. Vincent, 7:30 p.m., Orpheum Theatre, Boston. $39.50 to $59.50.; (800) 745-3000 Sunday – Tyga, Kirko Bangz, Iggy Azalea, Sterling Simms and Jinsu, 8 p.m.., House of Blues, Boston. $30 to $45.; (800) 745-3000 Monday – Peter Gabriel, 8 p.m., TD Garden, Boston. $53.10 to $166.10.; (800) 745-3000 Sept. 27 – Kenny Wayne Shepherd, 7:30 p.m., Wilbur Theatre, Boston. $47.20 to $55.20.; (800) 745-3000 Sept. 27 – Margaret Cho, 7:30 p.m., The Music Hall, Portsmouth, N.H. $42 to $47.; (603) 436-2400. Sept. 28 – Brian Regan, 7:30 p.m., Wilbur Theatre, Boston. $54.70 to $66.70.; (800) 745-3000 Sept. 28 – Beth Orton, 7:30 p.m., Somerville Theatre, Somerville, Mass. $25.; (800) 745-3000 Sept. 28 – A$ap Rocky, Schoolboy Q, Danny Brown and A$ap Mob, 8 p.m., House of Blues, Boston. $23 to $35.; (800) 745-3000 Sept. 29 – Who’s Bad: The Ultimate Michael Jackson Tribute, 7 p.m., House of Blues, Boston. $20 to $30.; (800)

‘BUDDY’ Continued from Page E24

McLean memorialized their deaths in the iconic pop song “American Pie” in 1972. The responsibility of getting the band in shape falls to John Bannister, who holds the title of music supervisor. He works for Buddy Worldwide LTD, the creators of the musical, and travels from site to site helping the actor-musicians with the music. He first joined the show in 1993 as a drummer. A classically trained Brit, Bannister auditioned for the London run of the show knowing nothing about Holly. He showed up for work after accepting the job, but couldn’t find the orchestra pit. “Where am I supposed to play?” he asked. “They said, ‘On stage,’ and from that moment on, I got the bug.”

MORE SHOWS Continued from Page E24

24 Mosher St., South Portland. It has presented its shows most recently at Lucid Stage in Portland, but Lucid is closing this fall. n AIRE, the American Irish Repertory Ensemble (799-5327; home.htm) opens with Brian Friel’s play “Faith Healer” on Oct. 4. It runs through Oct. 21 with performances at the Studio Theater at Portland Stage Company, 25A Forest Ave., Portland. The play focuses on itinerant faith

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He performed in various productions for several years, and in 2004 began his duties as musical director. Every cast is different, he said. “It’s all written down, but there’s a lot you can’t write down,” Bannister said. “With actor-musicians, you never know what standard they are at. They could be all right with the guitar, or they could be absolutely amazing. “What I have to do is find out what their strengths and weaknesses are and put it all together. I am basically the conductor, but I am not there for the actual show.” The band for the Ogunqit show, he said, “is quite incredible. These are great actors and great musicians. I am over the moon to be a part of this production.”


Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Staff Writer Bob Keyes can be contacted at 791-6457 or: Twitter: pphbkeyes

healer Frank Hardy, his wife, and his manager as they travel to remote towns throughout the British Isles, where Frank attempts to cure the sick and suffering. It stars Broadway veteran and Maine resident Will Rhys. n THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN MAINE School of Music (780-5555) presents the one-act musical revue “Assassins” with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim. It runs Nov. 2-4 at Corthell Concert Hall on the Gorham campus, and offers up nine sketches of people who killed presidents of the United States – or gave it their best shot. — BOB KEYES, STAFF WRITER


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Winslow Homer, Weatherbeaten, 1894. Bequest of Charles Shipman Payson. Photo by


The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 20, 2012 745-3000 Sept. 29 – Brian Regan, 9:45 p.m., Wilbur Theatre, Boston. $54.70 to $66.70.; (800) 745-3000 Oct. 2 – Punch Brothers, 7:30 p.m., The Music Hall, Portsmouth, N.H. $28. Oct. 4 – Bob Newhart, 7:30 p.m., The Music Hall, Portsmouth, N.H. $66 to $72.; (603) 436-2400. Oct. 4 – Heart with Alejandro Escovedo, 7:30 p.m., Orpheum Theatre, Boston. $45 to $65.; (800) 745-3000 Oct. 4 – Blue October, 8 p.m., House of Blues, Boston. $22.50 to $32.50.; (800) 745-3000 Oct. 5 – Ben Harper, 7:30 p.m., Boston Opera House. $40 to $75.; (800) 745-3000 Oct. 5 – Alabama Shakes with Fly Golden Eagle, 8 p.m., House of Blues, Boston. $25 to $35.; (800) 745-3000 Oct. 5 – Medeski Martin & Wood, 8 p.m., Jordan Hall, Boston. $27.50.; (800) 745-3000 Oct. 6 – Bob Newhart, 7 p.m., Wilbur Theatre, Boston. $49.70 to $72.70.; (800) 745-3000 Oct. 6 – Dispatch with Good Old War and Parkington Sisters, 8 p.m., Agganis Arena, Boston. $46.; (800) 7453000 Oct. 7 – Heart with Alejandro Escovedo and The Sensitive Boys, 7 p.m., Meadowbrook U.S. Cellular Pavilion, Gilford, N.H. $39.75 to $76.25.; (603) 293-4700 Oct. 11 – The Wiggles, 2:30 and 6:30 p.m., Orpheum Theatre, Boston. $16.50 to $76.50.; (800) 745-3000

GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 20, 3E26 $5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS`  2012 


Early Auction - 7am %ARLY!UCTION AM Main Auction - 1 lam or directly after -AIN!UCTION AMORDIRECTLYAFTER



7EOFFERAWIDERANGEOFITEMSxWITHSOMETHING We offer a wide range of items... with something of interest for most everyone! If you'venever OFINTERESTFORMOSTEVERYONE)FYOUVENEVER been to a Burnham or haven't been for some BEENTOA"URNHAMORHAVENTBEENFORSOME time, come and give us a look! We also accept TIME COMEANDGIVEUSALOOK7EALSOACCEPT consignments or buy lots of any size. CONSIGNMENTSORBUYLOTSOFANYSIZE

FO Box 99, 22 South Horseback Kd. 0/"OX 3OUTH(ORSEBACK2D Burnham, ME O4922 "URNHAM -%



website: â&#x20AC;¢ email: WEBSITEWWWHOUSTONBROOKSCOMsEMAILH B UNINETSNET Auctioneers: Fam Brooks #171 â&#x20AC;¢ Dan Brooks #172 â&#x20AC;¢ Shane Brooks $919 !UCTIONEERS0AM"ROOKSs$AN"ROOKSs3HANE"ROOKS 1-800-254-2214    




Reasonable Commmission 2EASONABLE#OMMMISSION "UYERS0REMIUM Buyer's Premium

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c`jk`e^j listings






ONE OF"BAR HARBOR'S BEST / .%/& !2( !2"/23" %34 3 DIAMOND VALUES $ )!-/.$6 !,5%3 86 clean, modern units just minutes to CLEAN MODERNUNITSJUSTMINUTESTO downtown and Acadia National Park. DOWNTOWNAND!CADIA.ATIONAL0ARK Standard, Deluxe, and Two Bedroom 3TANDARD $ELUXE AND4WO"EDROOM Family Units Available. &AMILY5NITS!VAILABLE â&#x20AC;¢ Direct trail access to Acadia and free enclosed bicycle locker. s$IRECTTRAILACCESSTO!CADIAANDFREEENCLOSEDBICYCLELOCKER â&#x20AC;¢ Heated outdoor pool and children's playground. s(EATEDOUTDOORPOOLANDCHILDRENSPLAYGROUND â&#x20AC;¢ visit us at and view our great deals with meals!




+)#+"!#+/.4(%+%..%"%# s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s $)3#/6%2"!4(37!4%2&2/.4 2)6%23)$%0!4)/s$%,)#)/536)%73s$/#+!'%&/20!42/.3

119 Commercial Street, Bath ME â&#x20AC;¢ 442-9636 #OMMERCIAL3TREET "ATH-%s W W W + E N N E B E C 4A V E R N  C O M HOURS: SUN. - THUR. 11AM - 10PM â&#x20AC;¢ FRI. & SAT. 11AM - 11PM (/52335. 4(52!- 0-s&2)3!4!- 0-

Courtesy of Maine Art Gallery 1]c`bSag]T;OW\S/`b5OZZS`g

"Yellow Line," a photograph by Rob Smith, from an exhibition by Maine Art µGSZZ]e:W\S¶O^V]b]U`O^VPg@]PA[WbVT`][O\SfVWPWbW]\Pg;OW\S/`b Gallery artists continuing through Oct. 30 at Atlantic Motorcar in Wiscasset. 5OZZS`gO`bWabaQ]\bW\cW\UbV`]cUV=Qb!Ob/bZO\bWQ;]b]`QO`W\EWaQOaaSb Saturday; 2:30 p.m. Sunday. Through Sept. 30. 3ATURDAYPM3UNDAY4HROUGH3EPT "Can U REL8?" showcase of eight original short h#AN52%,vSHOWCASEOFEIGHTORIGINALSHORT "Mirage 2012," belly dancing and international h-IRAGE vBELLYDANCINGANDINTERNATIONAL plays by Maine playwrights, Freeport Performing PLAYSBY-AINEPLAYWRIGHTS &REEPORT0ERFORMING dance, St. Lawrence Arts Center, Portland. $18 in DANCE 3T,AWRENCE!RTS#ENTER 0ORTLANDIN Arts Center. $10 in advance, $15 at door. !RTS#ENTERINADVANCE ATDOOR advance; $25 day of show, ADVANCEDAYOFSHOWSTLAWRENCEARTSORG 7:30 p.m. Thursday to Saturday; 2 FCPONLINEORGPM4HURSDAYTO3ATURDAY 7:30 p.m. Saturday. PM3ATURDAY p.m. Sunday. Through Sept. 30. PM3UNDAY4HROUGH3EPT "Swan Lake," ballet presented in HD, Strand h3WAN,AKE vBALLETPRESENTEDIN($ 3TRAND "Anything Goes," Cole Porter musical, Lyric h!NYTHING'OES v#OLE0ORTERMUSICAL ,YRIC Theatre, Rockland. $15; $10 for ages 18 and 4HEATRE 2OCKLANDFORAGESAND Music Theater, South Portland. $21.99. -USIC4HEATER 3OUTH0ORTLAND under, 7 p.m. Tuesday. UNDERROCKLANDSTRANDCOMPM4UESDAY 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday; LYRICMUSICTHEATERORGPM&RIDAYAND3ATURDAY "Swan Lake," ballet presented in HD, Lincoln h3WAN,AKE vBALLETPRESENTEDIN($ ,INCOLN 2:30 p.m. Sunday. Through Oct. 6. PM3UNDAY4HROUGH/CT Theater, Damariscotta. $15; $5 for ages 18 and 4HEATER $AMARISCOTTAFORAGESAND "Defining Marriage," theatrical exploration h$ElNING-ARRIAGE vTHEATRICALEXPLORATION under, 2 and 7 p.m. Sept. 27. UNDERATTHELINCOLNORGANDPM3EPT of marriage debate presented by York Readers OFMARRIAGEDEBATEPRESENTEDBY9ORK2EADERS Theater, Johnson Hall Performing Arts Center, 4HEATER *OHNSON(ALL0ERFORMING!RTS#ENTER Gardiner. $5. 8 p.m. Friday. 'ARDINERJOHNSONHALLORGPM&RIDAY THEATER N4(%!4%2 "Defining Marriage," theatrical exploration h$ElNING-ARRIAGE vTHEATRICALEXPLORATION USM Theatre Department Open House, get a 53-4HEATRE$EPARTMENT/PEN(OUSE GETA of marriage debate presented by York Readers OFMARRIAGEDEBATEPRESENTEDBY9ORK2EADERS behind-the-scenes look at live theater, University BEHIND THE SCENESLOOKATLIVETHEATER 5NIVERSITY Theater, Thomas Memorial Library, Cape 4HEATER 4HOMAS-EMORIAL,IBRARY #APE of Southern Maine, Gorham. Free. 780-5151. 5:30 OF3OUTHERN-AINE 'ORHAM&REE  Elizabeth. Free, 2 %LIZABETH&REETHOMASMEMORIALLIBRARYORG to 7:30 p.m. (reception at 7 p.m.) Thursday. TOPMRECEPTIONATPM 4HURSDAY p.m. Saturday. PM3ATURDAY "Phantom of the Opera," live in HD from Royal h0HANTOMOFTHE/PERA vLIVEIN($FROM2OYAL "Play Me a Story," interactive theater performance h0LAY-EA3TORY vINTERACTIVETHEATERPERFORMANCE Albert Hall, Lincoln Theater, Damariscotta. $15; !LBERT(ALL ,INCOLN4HEATER $AMARISCOTTA and workshop for ages 4 to 10, Portland Stage ANDWORKSHOPFORAGESTO 0ORTLAND3TAGE $5 for ages 18 and under, 7 p.m. FORAGESANDUNDERATTHELINCOLNORGPM Company. $15. "Amazing #OMPANYPORTLANDSTAGEORGh!MAZING Thursday. 4HURSDAY Kids," 10:30 a.m. Saturday. +IDS vAM3ATURDAY "Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story," musical h"UDDY4HE"UDDY(OLLY3TORY vMUSICAL "The Sisters Rosenweig," family drama/comedy, h4HE3ISTERS2OSENWEIG vFAMILYDRAMACOMEDY celebration of rock legend, Ogunquit Playhouse. CELEBRATIONOFROCKLEGEND /GUNQUIT0LAYHOUSE Portland Stage Company. $34 to $44; discounts 0ORTLAND3TAGE#OMPANYTODISCOUNTS $39 to $74. 2:30 and 8 TOOGUNQUITPLAYHOUSEORGAND available, 7:30 p.m. Tuesday to AVAILABLEPORTLANDSTAGEORGPM4UESDAYTO p.m. Thursday; 8 p.m. Friday; 8:30 p.m. Saturday; PM4HURSDAYPM&RIDAYPM3ATURDAY Sept. 27. Through Oct. 21. 3EPT4HROUGH/CT 2 p.m. Sunday; 8 p.m. Wednesday; 2:30 and 8 PM3UNDAYPM7EDNESDAYAND "Etty," one-woman theatrical play based on the h%TTY vONE WOMANTHEATRICALPLAYBASEDONTHE p.m. Sept. 27. Through Oct. 7. PM3EPT4HROUGH/CT letters and diaries of Etty Hillesum, Camden LETTERSANDDIARIESOF%TTY(ILLESUM #AMDEN "Of Thee I Sing," Musical by George and h/F4HEE)3ING v-USICALBY'EORGEAND Public Library. Free. 236-3440. 7 p.m. Sept. 27. 0UBLIC,IBRARY&REE PM3EPT Ira Gershwin, George Kaufman and Morrie )RA'ERSHWIN 'EORGE+AUFMANAND-ORRIE "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep," one-act play h.OW),AY-E$OWN4O3LEEP vONE ACTPLAY Ryskind, Theater at Monmouth. $10 to $26. 2YSKIND 4HEATERAT-ONMOUTHTO by high school teacher Jerry Walker based on BYHIGHSCHOOLTEACHER*ERRY7ALKERBASEDON 7:30 p.m. Thursday to THEATERATMONMOUTHORGPM4HURSDAYTO stories of former students, Schoolhouse Arts STORIESOFFORMERSTUDENTS 3CHOOLHOUSE!RTS Saturday; 1 and 7 p.m. Sunday; 7:30 p.m. Sept. 3ATURDAYANDPM3UNDAYPM3EPT Center, Standish. $10; $8 for students and seniors. #ENTER 3TANDISHFORSTUDENTSANDSENIORS 27. Through Sept. 30. 4HROUGH3EPT 7:30 p.m. Sept. 27. Through SCHOOLHOUSEARTSORGPM3EPT4HROUGH "Tess of the D'Urbervilles," stage adaptation h4ESSOFTHE$5RBERVILLES vSTAGEADAPTATION Sept. 30. 3EPT presented by Dead Wessex Fair, Lucid Stage, PRESENTEDBY$EAD7ESSEX&AIR ,UCID3TAGE "Cyrano de Bergerac," classic comedy adventure h#YRANODE"ERGERAC vCLASSICCOMEDYADVENTURE Portland. $12; $10 for seniors and students. 0ORTLANDFORSENIORSANDSTUDENTS presented by Aquila Theater Company, Bates PRESENTEDBY!QUILA4HEATER#OMPANY "ATES 8 p.m. Thursday and Friday; 2 LUCIDSTAGECOMPM4HURSDAYAND&RIDAY College (SchaefferTheatre), Lewiston. $15. #OLLEGE3CHAEFFER4HEATRE ,EWISTON p.m. Sunday and Wednesday. PM3UNDAYAND7EDNESDAY 7:30 p.m. Sept. 27. Through Sept. 29. LAARTSORGPM3EPT4HROUGH3EPT "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor h*OSEPHANDTHE!MAZING4ECHNICOLOR "The Logic of You," Readers Theatre Production h4HE,OGICOF9OU v2EADERS4HEATRE0RODUCTION Dreamcoat," Andrew Lloyd Webber musical $REAMCOAT v!NDREW,LOYD7EBBERMUSICAL of Michael Broek's political poetic drama, Emery OF-ICHAEL"ROEKSPOLITICALPOETICDRAMA %MERY based on the Book of Genesis, Portland BASEDONTHE"OOKOF'ENESIS 0ORTLAND Community Arts Center, Farmington. Free. #OMMUNITY!RTS#ENTER &ARMINGTON&REE Players, South Portland. $20; $18 for seniors; 0LAYERS 3OUTH0ORTLANDFORSENIORS 6:30 p.m. Sept. 27. EMERYARTSUMFMAINEEDUPM3EPT $15 for students ($6 for students on Sept. 16). FORSTUDENTSFORSTUDENTSON3EPT 7:30 p.m. Friday and PORTLANDPLAYERSORGPM&RIDAYAND Please see ART, PageE29

DANCE N$!.#%


The P o r t l a n d Press H e r a l d / Thursday, S e p t e m b e r 2 0 , 2012 | GO E27 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS`  j5=3 %


@E;@8<OGI<JJ @]pflĂ&#x2039;i\`ek_\dff[]fi@e[`Xe]ff[# If you're in the mood for Indian food, Xhl`Zbki`gkfKXadXp[fk_\ki`Zb% a quick trip to Taj may do the trick.


hen you crave Indian IFOZPVDSBWF*OEJBO food, there's nothing GPPE UIFSFTOPUIJOH better than a lunch buffet CFUUFSUIBOBMVODICVGGFU where you can sample XIFSFZPVDBOTBNQMF several different dishes TFWFSBMEJGGFSFOUEJTIFT for a modest price. GPSBNPEFTUQSJDF The greater Portland 5IFHSFBUFS1PSUMBOE area has yet to get a BSFBIBTZFUUPHFUB truly outstanding Indian USVMZPVUTUBOEJOH*OEJBO restaurant, although with SFTUBVSBOU BMUIPVHIXJUI more places opening up, we're sure to hit NPSFQMBDFTPQFOJOHVQ XFSFTVSFUPIJU the jackpot sometime. Taj provides the latUIFKBDLQPUTPNFUJNF5BKQSPWJEFTUIFMBU est incarnation of Indian fare here. (Tulsi FTUJODBSOBUJPOPG*OEJBOGBSFIFSF 5VMTJ in Kittery is probably the best Indian JO,JUUFSZJTQSPCBCMZUIFCFTU*OEJBO place in Maine.) QMBDFJO.BJOF

Taj is located in the Clarks Pond shop5BKJTMPDBUFEJOUIF$MBSLT1POETIPQ ping center area in South Portland, where QJOHDFOUFSBSFBJO4PVUI1PSUMBOE XIFSF the Indian restaurant Aroma used to be. UIF*OEJBOSFTUBVSBOU"SPNBVTFEUPCF It's been getting rave reviews online, so I *UTCFFOHFUUJOHSBWFSFWJFXTPOMJOF TP* decided to check it out during one of their EFDJEFEUPDIFDLJUPVUEVSJOHPOFPGUIFJS lunch buffets. MVODICVGGFUT My visit was mixed. Some items were .ZWJTJUXBTNJYFE4PNFJUFNTXFSF delicious, others disappointing. Overall, EFMJDJPVT PUIFSTEJTBQQPJOUJOH0WFSBMM  however, I think fans of Indian food will IPXFWFS *UIJOLGBOTPG*OEJBOGPPEXJMM want to pay a visit to Taj. XBOUUPQBZBWJTJUUP5BK Taj offers its lunch buffet daily from 11 5BKPGGFSTJUTMVODICVGGFUEBJMZGSPN a.m. to 2:30 p.m. During the week, it's BNUPQN%VSJOHUIFXFFL JUT $9.99, and on the weekend, it's $11.99.  BOEPOUIFXFFLFOE JUT On the day I visited, the buffet featured 0OUIFEBZ*WJTJUFE UIFCVGGFUGFBUVSFE four vegetarian dishes and three meat GPVSWFHFUBSJBOEJTIFTBOEUISFFNFBU dishes. Even when trying just a small EJTIFT&WFOXIFOUSZJOHKVTUBTNBMM taste, there's no way you can plow through UBTUF UIFSFTOPXBZZPVDBOQMPXUISPVHI every single dish. FWFSZTJOHMFEJTI I tried the veggie korma, which consisted *USJFEUIFWFHHJFLPSNB XIJDIDPOTJTUFE of peas, carrots and potatoes in a creamy PGQFBT DBSSPUTBOEQPUBUPFTJOBDSFBNZ gravy. I'm a little suspicious that the peas HSBWZ*NBMJUUMFTVTQJDJPVTUIBUUIFQFBT and carrots may have been frozen, but the BOEDBSSPUTNBZIBWFCFFOGSP[FO CVUUIF dish was still fine for lunchtime fare, and EJTIXBTTUJMMGJOFGPSMVODIUJNFGBSF BOE had a nice little kick to it. IBEBOJDFMJUUMFLJDLUPJU That's one thing I really liked about 5IBUTPOFUIJOH*SFBMMZMJLFEBCPVU this place. Some of the dishes had heat UIJTQMBDF4PNFPGUIFEJTIFTIBEIFBU to them, but not so much that they would UPUIFN CVUOPUTPNVDIUIBUUIFZXPVME Please see EAT, Page E28 Gc\Xj\j\\3/BGX^\<)/

HOT ?FK k`Zb\k

Smokin'hot time at Calabash Jdfb`eĂ&#x2039;_fkk`d\Xk:XcXYXj_

FANS OF " M a d Men," this is y o u r lucky day. 4/<A=4Âľ;OR;S\ÂśbVWaWag]c`ZcQYgROg C h o w d o w n on a m a n l y d i n n e r of ribeye, 1V]eR]e\]\O[O\ZgRW\\S`]T`WPSgS garlic m a s h e d p o t a t o e s , Greek salad a n d Key lime pie, UO`ZWQ[OaVSR^]bOb]Sa5`SSYaOZORO\R9SgZW[S^WS d r i n k s o m e beer a n d s m o k e a P e r d o m o cigar. R`W\Ya][SPSS`O\Ra[]YSO>S`R][]QWUO` WHEN: 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. W e d n e s d a y E63<(#(!b]&(!^[ESR\SaROg WHERE: Calabash Cigar Cafe, 4 2#ESabS`\/dS 5 W e s t e r n Ave., E63@3(1OZOPOaV1WUO`1OTS" Portland >]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: $ 5 9 . 9 5 6=E;C16(#''# INFO: 7 7 4 - 8 6 7 3 7<4=(%%"&$%!


TAJ INDIAN AND INDO CHINESE CUISINE K8A@E;@8E8E;@E;F:?@E<J<:L@J@E< WHERE: 25]`VO[@]OR<]& 0 0 G o r h a m R o a d No. 8, E63@3( S o u t h P o r t l a n d . 8 2&$$%% 8-6677. A]cbV>]`bZO\R& HOURS: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. S u n d a y to T h u r s d a y ; 6=C@A(O[b]^[Ac\ROgb]BVc`aROg) 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Friday a n d S a t u r d a y O[b](!^[4`WROgO\RAObc`ROg CHEAPEST GRUB: Dishes on t h e e x t e n s i v e m e n u 163/>3AB5@C0(2WaVSa]\bVSSfbS\aWdS[S\c r a n g e f r o m $ 3 . 9 9 t o $12.99; the weekday `O\UST`][!''b] '')bVSeSSYROg lunch b u f f e t is $ 9 . 9 9 Zc\QVPcTTSbWa''' WAIT: N o n e f o r l u n c h b u f f e t E/7B(<]\ST]`Zc\QVPcTTSb PARKING: Yes >/@97<5(GSa HANDICAPPED ACCESSIBLE: Yes 6/<271/>>32/113AA70:3(GSa RATING: â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ @/B7<5((((


Shawn Patrick Ouellette/Staff Photographer AVOe\>Ob`WQY=cSZZSbbSAbOTT>V]b]U`O^VS`

Paul G u n t a k a s h o w s off t h e >OcZ5c\bOYOaV]ea]TTbVS Indian S h r i m p Masala at Taj 7\RWO\AV`W[^;OaOZOObBOX Indian a n d Indo Chinese 7\RWO\O\R7\R]1VW\SaS Cuisine in S o u t h P o r t l a n d . 1cWaW\SW\A]cbV>]`bZO\R

Based on a five-star scale 0OaSR]\OÂżdSabO`aQOZS

New meaning to the term 'food coloring' E\nd\Xe`e^kfk_\k\idĂ&#x160;]ff[Zfcfi`e^Ă&#x2039; EAT SOME LUNCH, t h e n learn f r o m an a r t i s t h o w 3/BA=;3:C<16bVS\ZSO`\T`][O\O`bWabV]e t o t u r n y o u r f o o d w a s t e into natural dyes a t b]bc`\g]c`T]]ReOabSW\b]\Obc`OZRgSaOb " F r o m S a n d w i c h t o Shirt: D y e i n g Fabric f r o m Âľ4`][AO\ReWQVb]AVW`b(2gSW\U4OP`WQT`][ Basic F o o d Waste." Yes, it's w e i r d , b u t we 0OaWQ4]]REOabSÂśGSaWb¸aeSW`RPcbeS like it. ZWYSWb WHEN: N o o n to 3 p.m. S a t u r d a y E63<(<]]\b]!^[AObc`ROg WHERE: Space Gallery, 5 3 8 Congress St., P o r t l a n d E63@3(A^OQS5OZZS`g#!&1]\U`SaaAb>]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: $15 6=E;C16(# INFO: s p a c e 5 3 8 . o r g 7<4=(a^OQS#!&]`U

Bar Guide: The Snug, E28Nâ&#x20AC;˘ Atwell hits the Long Trail, E29 9Xi>l`[\1K_\Jel^#<)/ 8kn\cc_`kjk_\Cfe^KiX`c#<)0

G :?<8I@CC


GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 20, 3E28 &5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS`  2012 


People love The Snug because it feels like home G\fgc\cfm\K_\Jel^Y\ZXlj\`k]\\cjc`b\_fd\ By EMMA BOUTHILLETTE #Z&.."#065)*--&55&


rom what I've heard over the years, SPNXIBU*WFIFBSEPWFSUIFZFBST  QFPQMFFJUIFSMPWFPSIBUF5IF4OVH people either love or hate The Snug. Located on the corner of Washington -PDBUFEPOUIFDPSOFSPG8BTIJOHUPO BOE$POHSFTTBCPVUIBMGXBZVQ.VOKPZ and Congress about halfway up Munjoy Hill in Portland, it's become a neighbor)JMMJO1PSUMBOE JUTCFDPNFBOFJHICPS IPPECBSGPS&BTU&OEFST5IPTFXIPMPWF hood bar for East Enders. Those who love it do because it feels like home. For those JUEPCFDBVTFJUGFFMTMJLFIPNF'PSUIPTF XIPEPOU *HVFTTUIFZKVTUEPOUVOEFS who don't, I guess they just don't understand the charm of this little bar. TUBOEUIFDIBSNPGUIJTMJUUMFCBS When I was a student at the Salt Insti8IFO*XBTBTUVEFOUBUUIF4BMU*OTUJ tute for Documentary Studies in fall 2007, UVUFGPS%PDVNFOUBSZ4UVEJFTJOGBMM  a number of my classmates called The BOVNCFSPGNZDMBTTNBUFTDBMMFE5IF Snug home after long days of writing, 4OVHIPNFBGUFSMPOHEBZTPGXSJUJOH  developing and printing photos or editing EFWFMPQJOHBOEQSJOUJOHQIPUPTPSFEJUJOH audio. I never had the chance to join them BVEJP*OFWFSIBEUIFDIBODFUPKPJOUIFN then, nor had I thought about checking out UIFO OPSIBE*UIPVHIUBCPVUDIFDLJOHPVU The Snug since. 5IF4OVHTJODF That changed when I met a friend there 5IBUDIBOHFEXIFO*NFUBGSJFOEUIFSF on a recent Saturday night for drinks and POBSFDFOU4BUVSEBZOJHIUGPSESJOLTBOE catching up with each other. DBUDIJOHVQXJUIFBDIPUIFS The nice thing about The Snug is that 5IFOJDFUIJOHBCPVU5IF4OVHJTUIBU if you live on the East End, it's within JGZPVMJWFPOUIF&BTU&OE JUTXJUIJO walking distance. If you don't, it's easier to XBMLJOHEJTUBODF*GZPVEPOU JUTFBTJFSUP find parking than at some place in the Old mOEQBSLJOHUIBOBUTPNFQMBDFJOUIF0ME Port. I pulled into a spot just out front and 1PSU*QVMMFEJOUPBTQPUKVTUPVUGSPOUBOE bellied up to the bar with my friend. CFMMJFEVQUPUIFCBSXJUINZGSJFOE The taps are front and center so you 5IFUBQTBSFGSPOUBOEDFOUFSTPZPV have no question about what is available IBWFOPRVFTUJPOBCPVUXIBUJTBWBJMBCMF for your brew pleasure. My friend ordered GPSZPVSCSFXQMFBTVSF.ZGSJFOEPSEFSFE the TurboDog beer brewed in Louisiana UIF5VSCP%PHCFFSCSFXFEJO-PVJTJBOB - a pint will run you $4. Disappointed to oBQJOUXJMMSVOZPV%JTBQQPJOUFEUP see they didn't have Pumpkinhead or TFFUIFZEJEOUIBWF1VNQLJOIFBEPS another pumpkin-esque brew, I decided to BOPUIFSQVNQLJOFTRVFCSFX *EFDJEFEUP go for Crown Royale and ginger ale. That HPGPS$SPXO3PZBMFBOEHJOHFSBMF5IBU was a stiff drink for $6.50. XBTBTUJGGESJOLGPS There's no formal drink menu at The 5IFSFTOPGPSNBMESJOLNFOVBU5IF Snug. It seems that beer is the beverage of 4OVH*UTFFNTUIBUCFFSJTUIFCFWFSBHFPG choice for most patrons. However, there's DIPJDFGPSNPTUQBUSPOT)PXFWFS UIFSFT a fully stocked bar, and the bartenders are BGVMMZTUPDLFECBS BOEUIFCBSUFOEFSTBSF willing to make whatever you'd like. XJMMJOHUPNBLFXIBUFWFSZPVEMJLF A group of college buddies, now in their "HSPVQPGDPMMFHFCVEEJFT OPXJOUIFJS mid-30s, took over the corner of the bar NJET UPPLPWFSUIFDPSOFSPGUIFCBS next to us. We noticed one of them leave OFYUUPVT8FOPUJDFEPOFPGUIFNMFBWF and return a few minutes later with a pizza BOESFUVSOBGFXNJOVUFTMBUFSXJUIBQJ[[B box from Otto's next door. This made my CPYGSPN0UUPTOFYUEPPS5IJTNBEFNZ friend hungry. She asked to try one of the GSJFOEIVOHSZ4IFBTLFEUPUSZPOFPGUIF bar's $3 "big hot pretzels" advertised on CBSTiCJHIPUQSFU[FMTwBEWFSUJTFEPO a chalkboard behind the bar. Sadly, there BDIBMLCPBSECFIJOEUIFCBS4BEMZ UIFSF were none available at the time. XFSFOPOFBWBJMBCMFBUUIFUJNF "You can go get a slice next door if i:PVDBOHPHFUBTMJDFOFYUEPPSJG you want," the bartender said, adding ZPVXBOU wUIFCBSUFOEFSTBJE BEEJOH they have no problem if people do that UIFZIBWFOPQSPCMFNJGQFPQMFEPUIBU


Continued from Page E27 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3 % turn off people who aren't used to it or UVSOPGGQFPQMFXIPBSFOUVTFEUPJUPS don't like it. EPOUMJLFJU I also tried the spinach dal and a very *BMTPUSJFEUIFTQJOBDIEBMBOEBWFSZ good egg curry in a tomato gravy. The HPPEFHHDVSSZJOBUPNBUPHSBWZ5IF fourth vegetarian dish was Sambhar, GPVSUIWFHFUBSJBOEJTIXBT4BNCIBS  a spiced lentil dish with onions and BTQJDFEMFOUJMEJTIXJUIPOJPOTBOE tomatoes. UPNBUPFT The three meat dishes were butter 5IFUISFFNFBUEJTIFTXFSFCVUUFS chicken, Kadai chicken (seasoned with DIJDLFO ,BEBJDIJDLFO TFBTPOFEXJUI the house masala and served with UIFIPVTFNBTBMBBOETFSWFEXJUI onions, bell pepper and tomatoes) and POJPOT CFMMQFQQFSBOEUPNBUPFT BOE chicken legs that had been cooked in DIJDLFOMFHTUIBUIBECFFODPPLFEJO the tandoori oven. UIFUBOEPPSJPWFO

Carl D. Walsh/Staff Photographer 1O`Z2EOZaVAbOTT>V]b]U`O^VS`

Ashley Hanamann, Bryan McLeod and Ethan Jud, all of Portland, chat over beers at The Snug. /aVZSg6O\O[O\\0`gO\;Q:S]RO\R3bVO\8cROZZ]T>]`bZO\RQVOb]dS`PSS`aObBVSA\cU

THE SNUG K?<JEL> WHERE: 223 Congress St., Portland E63@3( !1]\U`SaaAb>]`bZO\R PHONE: 772-6839 >6=<3(%% $&!' WEBSITE: E30A7B3(bVSa\cU^cPQ][ HOURS: 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. (give or 6=C@A(#^[b]O[UWdS]` take) daily bOYSROWZg PARKING: On street >/@97<5(=\ab`SSb HAPPY HOUR: 5 to 7 p.m. daily, with 6/>>G6=C@(#b]%^[ROWZgeWbV $3 drafts and $4 well drinks !R`OTbaO\R"eSZZR`W\Ya SCENE: Small neighborhood bar A13<3(A[OZZ\SWUVP]`V]]RPO` without the hassle of Old Port eWbV]cbbVSVOaaZS]T=ZR>]`b nightlife. \WUVbZWTS

For condiments, the buffet featured 'PSDPOEJNFOUT UIFCVGGFUGFBUVSFE two chutneys, tamarind and coconut, UXPDIVUOFZT UBNBSJOEBOEDPDPOVU  and a cooling raita (a yogurt-based BOEBDPPMJOHSBJUB BZPHVSUCBTFE condiment/side dish that pairs well with DPOEJNFOUTJEFEJTIUIBUQBJSTXFMMXJUI spicier dishes). I only tried the coconut TQJDJFSEJTIFT *POMZUSJFEUIFDPDPOVU chutney, but I could have eaten it with a DIVUOFZ CVU*DPVMEIBWFFBUFOJUXJUIB spoon, it was so good. (And I did.) TQPPO JUXBTTPHPPE "OE*EJE

The house brings each table its own 5IFIPVTFCSJOHTFBDIUBCMFJUTPXO basket full of hot naan, and I have to CBTLFUGVMMPGIPUOBBO BOE*IBWFUP say that this simple bread was one of TBZUIBUUIJTTJNQMFCSFBEXBTPOFPG my favorite things about the meal. It NZGBWPSJUFUIJOHTBCPVUUIFNFBM*U was hot and fresh, and long after I was XBTIPUBOEGSFTI BOEMPOHBGUFS*XBT done with the buffet food, I sat at my EPOFXJUIUIFCVGGFUGPPE *TBUBUNZ table and kept compulsively eating the UBCMFBOELFQUDPNQVMTJWFMZFBUJOHUIF bread. It was perfect. There was also CSFBE*UXBTQFSGFDU5IFSFXBTBMTP bread of sorts on the buffet - a tangy CSFBEPGTPSUTPOUIFCVGGFUoBUBOHZ pakora fritter made with chickpea flour, QBLPSBGSJUUFSNBEFXJUIDIJDLQFBGMPVS 

throughout the night. UISPVHIPVUUIFOJHIU For people who didn't instantly fall in 'PSQFPQMFXIPEJEOUJOTUBOUMZGBMMJO love with The Snug, it may be because MPWFXJUI5IF4OVH JUNBZCFCFDBVTF they don't know how to embrace snarky UIFZEPOULOPXIPXUPFNCSBDFTOBSLZ humor. Between the bathroom doors at IVNPS#FUXFFOUIFCBUISPPNEPPSTBU the back of the bar, a sign reads, "Only UIFCBDLPGUIFCBS BTJHOSFBET i0OMZ ONE person at a time in the restroom. 0/&QFSTPOBUBUJNFJOUIFSFTUSPPN ANYONE caught violating this policy will "/:0/&DBVHIUWJPMBUJOHUIJTQPMJDZXJMM be barred from The Snug indefinitely," CFCBSSFEGSPN5IF4OVHJOEFmOJUFMZ w followed in small print by, "Don't make GPMMPXFEJOTNBMMQSJOUCZ i%POUNBLF Michelle open a can of whoop-(butt)." .JDIFMMFPQFOBDBOPGXIPPQ CVUU w I didn't get to meet Michelle the night I *EJEOUHFUUPNFFU.JDIFMMFUIFOJHIU* was there, but she seems to be The Snug's XBTUIFSF CVUTIFTFFNTUPCF5IF4OVHT legendary bartender. She was also probMFHFOEBSZCBSUFOEFS4IFXBTBMTPQSPC ably the bartender responsible for putting BCMZUIFCBSUFOEFSSFTQPOTJCMFGPSQVUUJOH

up the snarky sign telling folks not to ask VQUIFTOBSLZTJHOUFMMJOHGPMLTOPUUPBTL her to turn on, change or turn up the small IFSUPUVSOPO DIBOHFPSUVSOVQUIFTNBMM television behind the bar, because she UFMFWJTJPOCFIJOEUIFCBS CFDBVTFTIF likely wouldn't do it. MJLFMZXPVMEOUEPJU Hitting up The Snug in groups is great, )JUUJOHVQ5IF4OVHJOHSPVQTJTHSFBU  because there are cozy booths lining the CFDBVTFUIFSFBSFDP[ZCPPUITMJOJOHUIF wall opposite the bar that will encase your XBMMPQQPTJUFUIFCBSUIBUXJMMFODBTFZPVS party. QBSUZ And despite the witty signs, old photos "OEEFTQJUFUIFXJUUZTJHOT PMEQIPUPT of the owner's family hung throughout the PGUIFPXOFSTGBNJMZIVOHUISPVHIPVUUIF bar can help you see The Snug has family CBSDBOIFMQZPVTFF5IF4OVHIBTGBNJMZ values. WBMVFT

spinach and onions, fluffy like a thick TQJOBDIBOEPOJPOT GMVGGZMJLFBUIJDL white pancake. It was good, but not in XIJUFQBODBLF*UXBTHPPE CVUOPUJO the same league as that hot naan. UIFTBNFMFBHVFBTUIBUIPUOBBO For dessert, the buffet had a mango 'PSEFTTFSU UIFCVGGFUIBEBNBOHP fruit custard that was so thin I'm not GSVJUDVTUBSEUIBUXBTTPUIJO*NOPU sure why it's called custard. The other TVSFXIZJUTDBMMFEDVTUBSE5IFPUIFS dessert was the one I went for - my EFTTFSUXBTUIFPOF*XFOUGPSoNZ favorite Indian dessert, kheer, which is GBWPSJUF*OEJBOEFTTFSU LIFFS XIJDIJT a rice pudding made with whole milk, BSJDFQVEEJOHNBEFXJUIXIPMFNJML  rice, cardamom, sugar, nuts and raisins. SJDF DBSEBNPN TVHBS OVUTBOESBJTJOT This was disappointing for a couple 5IJTXBTEJTBQQPJOUJOHGPSBDPVQMF of reasons. One is just personal prefPGSFBTPOT0OFJTKVTUQFSTPOBMQSFG erence. The kheer was made with FSFODF5IFLIFFSXBTNBEFXJUI vermicelli, which is not unusual but WFSNJDFMMJ XIJDIJTOPUVOVTVBMCVU not what I'm used to. I prefer short- or OPUXIBU*NVTFEUP*QSFGFSTIPSUPS medium-grain rice so the grain doesn't NFEJVNHSBJOSJDFTPUIFHSBJOEPFTOU overwhelm the rest of the dish. PWFSXIFMNUIFSFTUPGUIFEJTI

The other reasons for my disappoint5IFPUIFSSFBTPOTGPSNZEJTBQQPJOU ment probably have to do with the fact NFOUQSPCBCMZIBWFUPEPXJUIUIFGBDU that this was a buffet. The Taj kheer UIBUUIJTXBTBCVGGFU5IF5BKLIFFS had plenty (too much) vermicelli, but I IBEQMFOUZ UPPNVDI WFSNJDFMMJ CVU* really had to dig around to find any nuts SFBMMZIBEUPEJHBSPVOEUPGJOEBOZOVUT (they used cashews, but you can also UIFZVTFEDBTIFXT CVUZPVDBOBMTP use almonds), and I don't think I found VTFBMNPOET BOE*EPOUUIJOL*GPVOE a single raisin. Maybe they were all BTJOHMFSBJTJO.BZCFUIFZXFSFBMM taken by earlier visitors to the buffet. UBLFOCZFBSMJFSWJTJUPSTUPUIFCVGGFU Taj has a fridge filled with Indian beer 5BKIBTBGSJEHFGJMMFEXJUI*OEJBOCFFS and colas, including the ubiquitous BOEDPMBT JODMVEJOHUIFVCJRVJUPVT (in India) Thumbs Up. They also sell JO*OEJB 5IVNCT6Q5IFZBMTPTFMM house-made mango lassis from the IPVTFNBEFNBOHPMBTTJTGSPNUIF fridge for about $3. GSJEHFGPSBCPVU

Emma Bouthillette is a freelance writer who lives in 3[[O0]cbVWZZSbbSWaOT`SSZO\QSe`WbS`eV]ZWdSaW\ Biddeford. 0WRRST]`R

The staff of GO anonymously samples meals for BVSabOTT]T5=O\]\g[]caZgaO[^ZSa[SOZaT]` about $10. OP]cb

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 20, GO E29 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS` 2012  j5=3 '

9i\nj]ifdM\idfekZcfj\Xe[^ff[ Brews from Vermont close (and good) \efl^_kfY\cfZXc enough to be local CL

ong Trail and Otter Creek beers have POH5SBJMBOE0UUFS$SFFLCFFSTIBWF CFFOBWBJMBCMFJO.BJOFGPSBCPVU been available in Maine for about a decade, and I have been drinking BEFDBEF BOE*IBWFCFFOESJOLJOH both of them occasionally, enjoying them CPUIPGUIFNPDDBTJPOBMMZ FOKPZJOHUIFN quite a bit. RVJUFBCJU 8IJMF*BNB.BJOFSBOEESJOLNPTUMZ While I am a Mainer and drink mostly Maine beers, the whole of New England .BJOFCFFST UIFXIPMFPG/FX&OHMBOE is smaller than a lot JTTNBMMFSUIBOBMPU of states, so Vermont PGTUBUFT TP7FSNPOU beers could, without CFFSTDPVME XJUIPVU much of a stretch, be NVDIPGBTUSFUDI CF considered local. DPOTJEFSFEMPDBM Long Trail and -POH5SBJMBOE Otter Creek are 0UUFS$SFFLBSF now part of the OPXQBSUPGUIF same TBNFDPNQBOZoBT Tnm Atwoll company - as IUIII HIWCII ig Wolaver-S5 the JT8PMBWFST UIF What AleS YOU PSHBOJDCSFXJOH organic brewing component of Otter DPNQPOFOUPG0UUFS Creek. $SFFL I met recently with Steve Kierstead, *NFUSFDFOUMZXJUI4UFWF,JFSTUFBE  the company's regional sales manager UIFDPNQBOZTSFHJPOBMTBMFTNBOBHFS for Maine, New Hampshire and Boston, GPS.BJOF /FX)BNQTIJSFBOE#PTUPO  who said the merger occurred about XIPTBJEUIFNFSHFSPDDVSSFEBCPVU three years ago. And he said that busiUISFFZFBSTBHP"OEIFTBJEUIBUCVTJ ness is going well. OFTTJTHPJOHXFMM The Long Trail I have drunk mostly 5IF-POH5SBJM*IBWFESVOLNPTUMZ over the years is Double Bag, a 7.2PWFSUIFZFBSTJT%PVCMF#BH B percent alcohol, American replication QFSDFOUBMDPIPM "NFSJDBOSFQMJDBUJPO of a German double altbier that's a bit PGB(FSNBOEPVCMFBMUCJFSUIBUTBCJU similar to a British strong ale. TJNJMBSUPB#SJUJTITUSPOHBMF This beer does not have a lot of hops to 5IJTCFFSEPFTOPUIBWFBMPUPGIPQTUP it, letting the malts - and just a little bit JU MFUUJOHUIFNBMUToBOEKVTUBMJUUMFCJU of wheat - dominate the flavor. PGXIFBUoEPNJOBUFUIFnBWPS One bit of warning with this beer: It 0OFCJUPGXBSOJOHXJUIUIJTCFFS*U tastes like it is under 5 percent alcohol, UBTUFTMJLFJUJTVOEFSQFSDFOUBMDPIPM  so it can sneak up on you fairly quickly. TPJUDBOTOFBLVQPOZPVGBJSMZRVJDLMZ Long Trail Ale, the company's signa-POH5SBJM"MF UIFDPNQBOZTTJHOB ture brand, is Double Bag's little brother, UVSFCSBOE JT%PVCMF#BHTMJUUMFCSPUIFS  a regular altbier at 4.3 percent alcohol. BSFHVMBSBMUCJFSBUQFSDFOUBMDPIPM This is a fairly complex beer, full-bodied 5IJTJTBGBJSMZDPNQMFYCFFS GVMMCPEJFE but not overly hoppy, fairly crisp and CVUOPUPWFSMZIPQQZ GBJSMZDSJTQBOE easy drinking. FBTZESJOLJOH The Harvest Ale, Long Trail's autumn 5IF)BSWFTU"MF -POH5SBJMTBVUVNO seasonal, is a brown ale made with VerTFBTPOBM JTBCSPXOBMFNBEFXJUI7FS mont ingredients, and it is a rich brown NPOUJOHSFEJFOUT BOEJUJTBSJDICSPXO

Kfd8kn\cc N_Xk8c\jPfl


Continued from Page E26 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3 $ AUDITIONS N!5$)4)/.3 "The Nutcracker," parts for boys and girls ages h4HE.UTCRACKER vPARTSFORBOYSANDGIRLSAGES 10 and older, four men and four women, Sanford ANDOLDER FOURMENANDFOURWOMEN 3ANFORD Maine Stage, Springvale. -AINE3TAGE 3PRINGVALESANFORDMAINESTAGECOM 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Sunday. TOPM3UNDAY

ART MUSEUMS N!24-53%5-3 OPENINGS/RECEPTIONS /0%.).'32%#%04)/.3 "Weatherbeaten: Winslow Homer and Maine," h7EATHERBEATEN7INSLOW(OMERAND-AINE v works by Homer created at his Prouts Neck WORKSBY(OMERCREATEDATHIS0ROUTS.ECK studio in conjunction with re-opening of restored STUDIOINCONJUNCTIONWITHRE OPENINGOFRESTORED studio for public tours, Portland Museum of Art. STUDIOFORPUBLICTOURS 0ORTLAND-USEUMOF!RT Opens Saturday. Through PORTLANDMUSEUMORG/PENS3ATURDAY4HROUGH Dec. 30. $EC CONTINUING #/.4).5).' Portland Museum of Art: "Maine Sublime: 0ORTLAND-USEUMOF!RTh-AINE3UBLIME Frederic Edwin Church's Landscapes of Mount &REDERIC%DWIN#HURCHS,ANDSCAPESOF-OUNT Desert and Mount Katahdin," focuses on 23 of $ESERTAND-OUNT+ATAHDIN vFOCUSESONOF Church's small oil sketches, through Sept. 30; #HURCHSSMALLOILSKETCHES THROUGH3EPT "Art in Process," high school art exhibition, h!RTIN0ROCESS vHIGHSCHOOLARTEXHIBITION through Dec. 30; "The Portland Society of Art THROUGH$ECh4HE0ORTLAND3OCIETYOF!RT and Winslow Homer in Maine," 50 watercolors AND7INSLOW(OMERIN-AINE vWATERCOLORS

Courtesy photos 1]c`bSag^V]b]a

The Vermont brewer Long Trail makes solid brews, including Double Bag, Long Trail Ale and Harvest Ale. BVSDS`[]\bP`SeS`:]\UB`OWZ[OYSaa]ZWRP`SeaW\QZcRW\U2]cPZS0OU:]\UB`OWZ/ZSO\R6O`dSab/ZS ale with only 3.6 percent alcohol. It's BMFXJUIPOMZQFSDFOUBMDPIPM*UT flavorful and pleasant. nBWPSGVMBOEQMFBTBOU Long Trail offers a Double IPA, which -POH5SBJMPGGFSTB%PVCMF*1" XIJDI comes in 22-ounce bottles, a sign that it DPNFTJOPVODFCPUUMFT BTJHOUIBUJU is a big and serious beer. This is more JTBCJHBOETFSJPVTCFFS5IJTJTNPSF of a West Coast IPA - full-flavored, 8.6 PGB8FTU$PBTU*1"oGVMMnBWPSFE  percent alcohol, highly hopped and with QFSDFOUBMDPIPM IJHIMZIPQQFEBOEXJUI an intense body. I split this bottle with BOJOUFOTFCPEZ*TQMJUUIJTCPUUMFXJUI four experienced beer drinkers, and we GPVSFYQFSJFODFECFFSESJOLFST BOEXF all would be willing to have a bit more of BMMXPVMECFXJMMJOHUPIBWFBCJUNPSFPG this one. UIJTPOF Long Trail Traditional IPA is another -POH5SBJM5SBEJUJPOBM*1"JTBOPUIFS absolutely wonderful beer. This is the BCTPMVUFMZXPOEFSGVMCFFS5IJTJTUIF beer that people who are a bit older reCFFSUIBUQFPQMFXIPBSFBCJUPMEFSSF member as IPAs. The hops is definitely NFNCFSBT*1"T5IFIPQTJTEFmOJUFMZ noticeable, but it is not dominant. It is OPUJDFBCMF CVUJUJTOPUEPNJOBOU*UJT only 5.4 percent alcohol, a bit high to be POMZQFSDFOUBMDPIPM BCJUIJHIUPCF a session beer but in the same league as BTFTTJPOCFFSCVUJOUIFTBNFMFBHVFBT your traditional American lagers. ZPVSUSBEJUJPOBM"NFSJDBOMBHFST So it is a traditional IPA in that way, but 4PJUJTBUSBEJUJPOBM*1"JOUIBUXBZ CVU it is also unfiltered, naturally carbonated JUJTBMTPVOmMUFSFE OBUVSBMMZDBSCPOBUFE and dry hopped. It is close with Double BOEESZIPQQFE*UJTDMPTFXJUI%PVCMF Bag, but it is the favorite of the beers I #BH CVUJUJTUIFGBWPSJUFPGUIFCFFST* tasted from Long Trail after speaking UBTUFEGSPN-POH5SBJMBGUFSTQFBLJOH

with Kierstead. XJUI,JFSTUFBE Kierstead said Long Trail, and to a ,JFSTUFBETBJE-POH5SBJM BOEUPB lesser extent Otter Creek, is making MFTTFSFYUFOU0UUFS$SFFL JTNBLJOH pretty good inroads into Maine - espeQSFUUZHPPEJOSPBETJOUP.BJOFoFTQF cially in bars. DJBMMZJOCBST "In the Portland area, 54 percent of our i*OUIF1PSUMBOEBSFB QFSDFOUPGPVS business is on draught," he said. He said CVTJOFTTJTPOESBVHIU wIFTBJE)FTBJE the norm for most beers is 80 percent in UIFOPSNGPSNPTUCFFSTJTQFSDFOUJO bottles and 20 percent on draft, and that CPUUMFTBOEQFSDFOUPOESBGU BOEUIBU Long Trail is more popular on (draught -POH5SBJMJTNPSFQPQVMBSPOESBVHIU throughout the state than it is in bottles UISPVHIPVUUIFTUBUFUIBOJUJTJOCPUUMFT - but the numbers are not as significant oCVUUIFOVNCFSTBSFOPUBTTJHOJmDBOU as they are in the Portland area. BTUIFZBSFJOUIF1PSUMBOEBSFB He also said that Wolaver's is a beer )FBMTPTBJEUIBU8PMBWFSTJTBCFFS that is gaining market share, although it UIBUJTHBJOJOHNBSLFUTIBSF BMUIPVHIJU still sells less than both Long Trail and TUJMMTFMMTMFTTUIBOCPUI-POH5SBJMBOE Otter Creek. 0UUFS$SFFL "The brand is 100 percent USDA-certii5IFCSBOEJTQFSDFOU64%"DFSUJ fied organic, and people are willing to mFEPSHBOJD BOEQFPQMFBSFXJMMJOHUP pay a premium for that," he said. He said QBZBQSFNJVNGPSUIBU wIFTBJE)FTBJE Wolaver's has an Oatmeal Stout that is 8PMBWFSTIBTBO0BUNFBM4UPVUUIBUJT excellent, a good IPA and a pumpkin ale. FYDFMMFOU BHPPE*1"BOEBQVNQLJOBMF I will definitely be looking for the Oatmeal *XJMMEFmOJUFMZCFMPPLJOHGPSUIF0BUNFBM Stout. 4UPVU

and drawings examine the relationship between ANDDRAWINGSEXAMINETHERELATIONSHIPBETWEEN Homer, architect John Calvin Stevens and (OMER ARCHITECT*OHN#ALVIN3TEVENSAND the Portland Society of Art, through Feb. 3. THE0ORTLAND3OCIETYOF!RT THROUGH&EB PORTLANDMUSEUMORG Maine Historical Society Museum/Longfellow -AINE(ISTORICAL3OCIETY-USEUM,ONGFELLOW House, Portland: "Wired!" explores the (OUSE 0ORTLANDh7IREDvEXPLORESTHE electrification of Maine during the 20th century, ELECTRIlCATIONOF-AINEDURINGTHETHCENTURY through May 26. THROUGH-AYMAINEHISTORYORG Maine Jewish Museum, Portland: Rush -AINE*EWISH-USEUM 0ORTLAND2USH Brown, "Portland: Capturing a Changing "ROWN h0ORTLAND#APTURINGA#HANGING Neighborhood," paintings, through Sept. 30. .EIGHBORHOOD vPAINTINGS THROUGH3EPT MAINEJEWISHMUSEUMORG Maine Museum of Photographic Arts, USM -AINE-USEUMOF0HOTOGRAPHIC!RTS 53- Glickman Library, Portland: Luc Demers, "Trace," 'LICKMAN,IBRARY 0ORTLAND,UC$EMERS h4RACE v through Dec. 21. THROUGH$ECUSMMAINEEDULIBRARY Bowdoin College Museum of Art, Brunswick: "OWDOIN#OLLEGE-USEUMOF!RT "RUNSWICK William Wegman, "Hello Nature," 30-year 7ILLIAM7EGMAN h(ELLO.ATURE v YEAR retrospective of artist's work, through Oct. 21; RETROSPECTIVEOFARTISTSWORK THROUGH/CT "Making a Presence: F. Holland Day in Artistic h-AKINGA0RESENCE&(OLLAND$AYIN!RTISTIC Photography," photographs by and of F. Holland 0HOTOGRAPHY vPHOTOGRAPHSBYANDOF&(OLLAND Day (1864-1933), through Dec. 23. $AY  THROUGH$ECBOWDOINEDU art-museum ART MUSEUM Pejepscot Historical Society Museum, Brunswick: 0EJEPSCOT(ISTORICAL3OCIETY-USEUM "RUNSWICK "Promenade: A Walk in Style Through Pejepscot's h0ROMENADE!7ALKIN3TYLE4HROUGH0EJEPSCOTS Past," through Oct. 31. 0AST vTHROUGH/CTPEJEPSCOTHISTORICALORG Maine Maritime Museum, Bath: "Subdue, Seize -AINE-ARITIME-USEUM "ATHh3UBDUE 3EIZE and Take: Maritime Maine in the Unwelcome AND4AKE-ARITIME-AINEINTHE5NWELCOME Interruption of the War of 1812," examines the )NTERRUPTIONOFTHE7AROF vEXAMINESTHE maritime world of pre-statehood Maine, through MARITIMEWORLDOFPRE STATEHOOD-AINE THROUGH

Oct. 12; "Sea Lives," ocean-inspired sculpture /CTh3EA,IVES vOCEAN INSPIREDSCULPTURE by Sonja Weber Gilkey, through Oct. 21. BY3ONJA7EBER'ILKEY THROUGH/CT MAINEMARITIMEMUSEUMORG Dyer Library/Saco Museum: "The Moving $YER,IBRARY3ACO-USEUMh4HE-OVING Panorama of Pilgrim's Progress," Civil War-era 0ANORAMAOF0ILGRIMS0ROGRESS v#IVIL7AR ERA panorama seen in its entirety for the first time in PANORAMASEENINITSENTIRETYFORTHElRSTTIMEIN more than a century (also at Pepperell Mills in MORETHANACENTURYALSOAT0EPPERELL-ILLSIN Bidderford), and "Then, Now and Always a Part of "IDDERFORD ANDh4HEN .OWAND!LWAYSA0ARTOF

SEBAGO BREWING Co.'s Local Har4&#"(0#3&8*/($PT-PDBM)BS vest Ale has been available in four-packs WFTU"MFIBTCFFOBWBJMBCMFJOGPVSQBDLT for about 10 days now, and you will have GPSBCPVUEBZTOPX BOEZPVXJMMIBWF until November to get your fill of this VOUJM/PWFNCFSUPHFUZPVSGJMMPGUIJT excellent pale ale. FYDFMMFOUQBMFBMF It is strongly hopped, 6 percent alco*UJTTUSPOHMZIPQQFE QFSDFOUBMDP hol, mahogany in color, and the ideal IPM NBIPHBOZJODPMPS BOEUIFJEFBM beer for foodies who like to buy local. CFFSGPSGPPEJFTXIPMJLFUPCVZMPDBM SHIPYARD BREWING Co. is follow 4)*1:"3%#3&8*/($PJTGPMMPX ing its release of its Export Ale in cans JOHJUTSFMFBTFPGJUT&YQPSU"MFJODBOT earlier this summer with the release of FBSMJFSUIJTTVNNFSXJUIUIFSFMFBTFPG its popular Pumpkinhead Ale in cans JUTQPQVMBS1VNQLJOIFBE"MFJODBOT this fall. UIJTGBMM When I tasted the canned Export on 8IFO*UBTUFEUIFDBOOFE&YQPSUPO a fishing trip in June, I found I liked it BGJTIJOHUSJQJO+VOF *GPVOE*MJLFEJU better than the bottled variety. I will not CFUUFSUIBOUIFCPUUMFEWBSJFUZ*XJMMOPU be doing a side-by-side tasting of the CFEPJOHBTJEFCZTJEFUBTUJOHPGUIF Pumpkinhead. 1VNQLJOIFBE Tom Atwell is a freelance writer living in Cape B][/beSZZWaOT`SSZO\QSe`WbS`ZWdW\UW\1O^S Elizabeth. He can be contacted at 767-2297 or at: 3ZWhOPSbV6SQO\PSQ]\bOQbSROb%$% '%]`Ob( b][ObeSZZ.[SQ][

Saco: 250 Years of the First Parish Church," photos 3ACO9EARSOFTHE&IRST0ARISH#HURCH vPHOTOS and artifacts, through Nov. 10. ANDARTIFACTS THROUGH.OV DYERLIBRARYSACOMUSEUMORG Ogunquit Museum of American Art: Peggy /GUNQUIT-USEUMOF!MERICAN!RT0EGGY Bacon: "Portrait of an Art Colony," portraits; "ACONh0ORTRAITOFAN!RT#OLONY vPORTRAITS "Building an American Modernist Collection," h"UILDINGAN!MERICAN-ODERNIST#OLLECTION v

Please see ART, PageE30 Gc\Xj\j\\/@BGX^\<*'

Two-for-One      Special  

#!'"#'" ## !' #  "% " )!  "   #" ! "! %"'#" $  "ASEDONHIGHESTPRICEDENTRĂ?EORDERED/FFEREXPIRES3UNDAY /CTOBER   !!" " )   & !# !'" " /FFEREXCLUDES/CTOBERTH


E3O GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 20, 3!5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS`  2012 

3TOPSTHEITCHAND Stops the itch and RELIEVESTHERASH&!34 relieves the rash FAST!



!VAILABLEINOVERLOCATIONS Available in over 150 locations in New England. IN.EW%NGLAND 7ORKSON Works on many mystery MANYMYSTERY skin rashes. SKINRASHES To find your 4OlNDYOUR local store listing, LOCALSTORELISTING

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Continued from Page E29 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3 ' HIGHLIGHTSFROMTHEPERMANENTCOLLECTION(ENRY highlights from the permanent collection; Henry Strater: "Art of the Portrait," collection of portraits; 3TRATERh!RTOFTHE0ORTRAIT vCOLLECTIONOFPORTRAITS "Contemporary Works from the Permanent h#ONTEMPORARY7ORKSFROMTHE0ERMANENT Collection," lesser-known and seldom seen #OLLECTION vLESSER KNOWNANDSELDOMSEEN contemporary work; and "Carl Pittore and the CONTEMPORARYWORKANDh#ARL0ITTOREANDTHE Mail Art Movement," art using mail products, -AIL!RT-OVEMENT vARTUSINGMAILPRODUCTS through Oct. 31. THROUGH/CTOGUNQUITMUSEUMORG "ATES#OLLEGE-USEUMOF!RT ,EWISTON Bates College Museum of Art, Lewiston: h3TARSTRUCK4HE&INE!RTOF!STROPHOTOGRAPHY v "Starstruck: The Fine Art of Astrophotography," featuring 106 images by artists from 11 countries FEATURINGIMAGESBYARTISTSFROMCOUNTRIES across five continents, through Dec. 15. ACROSSlVECONTINENTS THROUGH$ECBATESEDU museum/exhibitions MUSEUMEXHIBITIONS Museum L-A, Lewiston: "The Power of Music: -USEUM, ! ,EWISTONh4HE0OWEROF-USIC Courtesy Maine Museum of Photographic Arts 1]c`bSag;OW\S;caSc[]T>V]b]U`O^VWQ/`ba Photographic Portraits of Americans and their 0HOTOGRAPHIC0ORTRAITSOF!MERICANSANDTHEIR "Moon" by Luc Demers, from Âľ;]]\ÂśPg:cQ2S[S`aT`][ Musical Instruments, 1860-1915," through -USICAL)NSTRUMENTS   vTHROUGH

6OTEDÂ&#x17E;STARSOUTOFBY'OLF$IGEST Voted 4% stars out of 5 by Golf Digest! WWWFOXRIDGEGOLFCLUBCOM Bob Darling, Jr., Director of Golf "OB$ARLING *R $IRECTOROF'OLF


#(%#+/54/52 .%7$!),9 30%#)!,3/. /527%"3)4%

777-GOLF (4653)  '/,&

550 Penley Corner Rd., Auburn â&#x20AC;˘ Conveniently Located off 1-95 exit 75 0ENLEY#ORNER2D !UBURNs#ONVENIENTLY,OCATEDOFF) EXIT




Ocean /CEAN Gardens 'ARDENS Restaurant 2ESTAURANT Celebrating 15 Years #ELEBRATING9EARS

STONE 3 4/.% RIDGE 2 )$'%

2%34!52!.4!.$ "2!.$.%7,/$').'


Baked Stuffed Haddock "AKED3TUFFED(ADDOCK &2%% .%7   Salad Bar 3ALAD"AR % # ) Triple Lobsters 02 TS and Bread A 4RIPLE,OBSTERS AND"READ 4HA 3TEAL

390 Main St â&#x20AC;˘ Gorham, ME -AIN3Ts'ORHAM -% (207)839-7651   


(207) 625-2009

EXPERIMENTALWORKS 5NIVERSITYOF3OUTHERN-AINE experimental works, University of Southern Maine (Art Gallery), Gorham. !RT'ALLERY 'ORHAMUSMMAINEEDUGALLERY /PENS3EPT4HROUGH$EC Opens Sept. 27. Through Dec. 9. "Ben Potter: "Home Field," Perimeter Gallery, h"EN0OTTERh(OME&IELD v0ERIMETER'ALLERY "ELFAST /PENINGRECEPTION TOPM Belfast. 338-0555. Opening reception, 6 to 8 p.m. Sept. 27. Through Nov. 25. 3EPT4HROUGH.OV

CONTINUING #/.4).5).' 5NIVERSITYOF.EW%NGLAND!RT'ALLERY University of New England (Art Gallery), Portland: "Upon Reflection," photographs by 0ORTLANDh5PON2EmECTION vPHOTOGRAPHSBY Judy Ellis Glickman, through Sept. 30. *UDY%LLIS'LICKMAN THROUGH3EPTUNEEDU artgallery ARTGALLERY Gleason Fine Art, Portland: Joellyn Duesberry, 'LEASON&INE!RT 0ORTLAND*OELLYN$UESBERRY "40 Years Celebrating Maine," through Sept. 29. h9EARS#ELEBRATING-AINE vTHROUGH3EPT 699-5599.   Heron Point Gallery, Portland: Randall Harris, (ERON0OINT'ALLERY 0ORTLAND2ANDALL(ARRIS "Life Drawings," through Sept. 29. 773-0822. h,IFE$RAWINGS vTHROUGH3EPT  Maine Potters Market, Portland: Susan Horowitz, -AINE0OTTERS-ARKET 0ORTLAND3USAN(OROWITZ handcrafted pottery pieces, through Wednesday. HANDCRAFTEDPOTTERYPIECES THROUGH7EDNESDAY MAINEPOTTERSMARKETCOM "Trace," an exhibition of photographs µB`OQS¶O\SfVWPWbW]\]T^V]b]U`O^Va Portland Public Library: "Inspired by Space: 0ORTLAND0UBLIC,IBRARYh)NSPIREDBY3PACE by Demers, continuing through Dec. 21 Pg2S[S`aQ]\bW\cW\UbV`]cUV2SQ  !RTISTSOFTHE#HESTNUT3TREET,OFTS vVARIOUSARTISTS Artists of the Chestnut Street Lofts," various artists, at USM's Glickman Library. ObCA;¸a5ZWQY[O\:WP`O`g through Sept. 30. THROUGH3EPTPORTLANDLIBRARYCOM Harmon's & Barton's Gallery, Portland: Jo(ARMONS"ARTONS'ALLERY 0ORTLAND*O Sunday, 3UNDAYMUSEUMLAORG Ann Sanborn, Sandi Johnson and Tara O'Neill, !NN3ANBORN 3ANDI*OHNSONAND4ARA/.EILL Colby College Museum of Art, Waterville: "Interior h0AINTERLY0ERSPECTIVES vTHROUGH3EPT #OLBY#OLLEGE-USEUMOF!RT 7ATERVILLEh)NTERIOR "Painterly Perspectives," through Sept. 30. Visions: Selections from the Collection," pieces 6ISIONS3ELECTIONSFROMTHE#OLLECTION vPIECES HARMONSBARTONSCOM from museum collection curated by Alex Katz, FROMMUSEUMCOLLECTIONCURATEDBY!LEX+ATZ Addison Woolley Gallery, Portland: Andrea van !DDISON7OOLLEY'ALLERY 0ORTLAND!NDREAVAN through Oct. 7; Alex Katz, "Maine/New York," 28 THROUGH/CT!LEX+ATZ h-AINE.EW9ORK v Voorst van Beest and Jim Kelly, gouache paintings, 6OORSTVAN"EESTAND*IM+ELLY GOUACHEPAINTINGS paintings and one multi-part sculpture, through PAINTINGSANDONEMULTI PARTSCULPTURE THROUGH intaglio prints and mixed media, through Sept. 29. INTAGLIOPRINTSANDMIXEDMEDIA THROUGH3EPT Dec. 30. $ECCOLBYEDU Greenhut Galleries, Portland: Jon Imber, "Life at 'REENHUT'ALLERIES 0ORTLAND*ON)MBER h,IFEAT Maine State Museum, Augusta: "Malaga Island: -AINE3TATE-USEUM !UGUSTAh-ALAGA)SLAND the Shore," through Sept. 29; J.Thomas R. Higgins, THE3HORE vTHROUGH3EPT*4HOMAS2(IGGINS Fragmented Lives," historic photographs, &RAGMENTED,IVES vHISTORICPHOTOGRAPHS "Paint and Perception: A Retrospective Exhibition," h0AINTAND0ERCEPTION!2ETROSPECTIVE%XHIBITION v documents, artifacts and first-person accounts, DOCUMENTS ARTIFACTSANDlRST PERSONACCOUNTS through Oct. 10. THROUGH/CTGREENHUTGALLERIESCOM through May. THROUGH-AYMAINESTATEMUSEUMORG Constellation Gallery, Portland: "Far Out," #ONSTELLATION'ALLERY 0ORTLANDh&AR/UT v Farnsworth Art Museum, Rockland: "The &ARNSWORTH!RT-USEUM 2OCKLANDh4HE Maine Artists Collective show, through Thursday. -AINE!RTISTS#OLLECTIVESHOW THROUGH4HURSDAY Homestead Project: A Residence Reimagined," (OMESTEAD0ROJECT!2ESIDENCE2EIMAGINED v CONSTELLATIONARTCOM architectural designs, through Sunday; ARCHITECTURALDESIGNS THROUGH3UNDAY Rose Contemporary, Portland: "Not the Usual 2OSE#ONTEMPORARY 0ORTLANDh.OTTHE5SUAL "Impressionist Summers: Frank W. Benson's North 0OLITICS vWORKBY!NNIE"ISSETT !MZE%MMONS h)MPRESSIONIST3UMMERS&RANK7"ENSONS.ORTH Politics," work by Annie Bissett, Amze Emmons, Haven," paintings, lithographs and etchings, (AVEN vPAINTINGS LITHOGRAPHSANDETCHINGS Adriane Herman, Dan Mills and Greg Murr, !DRIANE(ERMAN $AN-ILLSAND'REG-URR through Oct. 21; Andrew Wyeth: "Summers in THROUGH/CT!NDREW7YETHh3UMMERSIN through Oct. 27. 780-0700. THROUGH/CT  Port Clyde," watercolors from 1930s and '40s, 0ORT#LYDE vWATERCOLORSFROMSANDS 3Fish Gallery, Portland: "Addiction to Perfection," &ISH'ALLERY 0ORTLANDh!DDICTIONTO0ERFECTION v through Nov. 4; "Jamie Wyeth, Rockwell Kent THROUGH.OVh*AMIE7YETH 2OCKWELL+ENT encaustic paint and mixed media by Kimberly ENCAUSTICPAINTANDMIXEDMEDIABY+IMBERLY and Monhegan," paintings, through Dec. 30. AND-ONHEGAN vPAINTINGS THROUGH$EC Curry and graphite on paper by Jeanne #URRYANDGRAPHITEONPAPERBY*EANNE FARNSWORTHMUSEUMORG Titherington, through Oct. 27. 4ITHERINGTON THROUGH/CTlSHGALLERYCOM Abbe Museum, Bar Harbor: 2012 Waponahki !BBE-USEUM "AR(ARBOR7APONAHKI Mayo Street Arts, Portland: Edwige Charlotte and -AYO3TREET!RTS 0ORTLAND%DWIGE#HARLOTTEAND Student Art Show, through Oct. 22; "Indians and 3TUDENT!RT3HOW THROUGH/CTh)NDIANSAND Rachel Gloria, "Gilded Roots, Native Grace," 2ACHEL'LORIA h'ILDED2OOTS .ATIVE'RACE v Rusticators" and "TranscendingTraditions: The 2USTICATORSvANDh4RANSCENDING4RADITIONS4HE through Oct. 28. THROUGH/CTMAYOSTREETARTSORG Next Generation and Maine Indian Basketry," .EXT'ENERATIONAND-AINE)NDIAN"ASKETRY v University of Southern Maine Osher Map 5NIVERSITYOF3OUTHERN-AINE/SHER-AP through Dec. 29. THROUGH$ECABBEMUSEUMORG Library, Portland: "Iconic America: The U.S. ,IBRARY 0ORTLANDh)CONIC!MERICA4HE53 Outline as National Symbol," through Feb. 28. /UTLINEAS.ATIONAL3YMBOL vTHROUGH&EB ART GALLERIES N!24'!,,%2)%3 USMMAINEEDUMAPS Green Hand Bookshop, Portland: Brandon 'REEN(AND"OOKSHOP 0ORTLAND"RANDON OPENINGS/RECEPTIONS /0%.).'32%#%04)/.3 Kawashima, "Phantasmagoria," through Sept. 30. +AWASHIMA h0HANTASMAGORIA vTHROUGH3EPT Liz Phillips: "Biyuu II," sound and video ,IZ0HILLIPSh"IYUU)) vSOUNDANDVIDEO 253-6808.   Installation, University of Maine (Art Gallery), )NSTALLATION 5NIVERSITYOF-AINE!RT'ALLERY Macpage LLC, South Portland: "Landscapes," 20 Farmington. 778-1062. Opening reception, 5 p.m. -ACPAGE,,# 3OUTH0ORTLANDh,ANDSCAPES v &ARMINGTON /PENINGRECEPTION PM local artists in various media, through Oct. 19. LOCALARTISTSINVARIOUSMEDIA THROUGH/CT Thursday. Through Nov. 1. 4HURSDAY4HROUGH.OV MACPAGECOM "Fire Before Ice," exhibit by members of the h&IRE"EFORE)CE vEXHIBITBYMEMBERSOFTHE Richard Boyd Gallery, Peaks Island: Lavendier 2ICHARD"OYD'ALLERY 0EAKS)SLAND,AVENDIER Maine Artists Collective, Constellation Gallery, -AINE!RTISTS#OLLECTIVE #ONSTELLATION'ALLERY Myers, "By the Maine Coast Edge: Intimate Views -YERS h"YTHE-AINE#OAST%DGE)NTIMATE6IEWS Portland, Opens Friday. 0ORTLANDCONSTELLATIONARTCOM/PENS&RIDAY from Freeport to Monhegan Island," through Sept. FROM&REEPORTTO-ONHEGAN)SLAND vTHROUGH3EPT Through Oct. 24. 4HROUGH/CT 30. RICHARDBOYDPOTTERYCOM Kenny Cole: "Even Now the Reaper Draws His +ENNY#OLEh%VEN.OWTHE2EAPER$RAWS(IS Elizabeth Moss Gallery, Falmouth: Rufus Coes, %LIZABETH-OSS'ALLERY &ALMOUTH2UFUS#OES Wages," Unity College (Leonard R. Craig Art 7AGES v5NITY#OLLEGE,EONARD2#RAIG!RT "Coastal Route," and Ethel H. Blum: "Travels h#OASTAL2OUTE vAND%THEL("LUMh4RAVELS Gallery), Opening 'ALLERY UCCPAUNITYEDUEXHIBITIONS/PENING Near and Far, A Retrospective," through Sept. 29. .EARAND&AR !2ETROSPECTIVE vTHROUGH3EPT reception, 5 to 7 p.m. Friday. Through Oct. 31. RECEPTION TOPM&RIDAY4HROUGH/CT ELIZABETHMOSSGALLERIESCOM Katherine Herard, works, Circle in the Square +ATHERINE(ERARD WORKS #IRCLEINTHE3QUARE Falmouth Memorial Library: Paintings by Jan ter &ALMOUTH-EMORIAL,IBRARY0AINTINGSBY*ANTER Fine Art Press, Gardiner, &INE!RT0RESS 'ARDINERGARDINERMAINSTREETORG Weele, through Sept. 30. 7EELE THROUGH3EPTFALMOUTHLIBMEUS Opening reception, 5:30 p.m. Friday. /PENINGRECEPTION PM&RIDAY Maine Audubon, Falmouth: "On the Wing," -AINE!UDUBON &ALMOUTHh/NTHE7ING v Rare Natural Color Diamonds Exhibit, Freeport 2ARE.ATURAL#OLOR$IAMONDS%XHIBIT &REEPORT sculpture exhibition and sale, through Sept. 30. SCULPTUREEXHIBITIONANDSALE THROUGH3EPT Old Masonic Hall. Free, /LD-ASONIC(ALL&REEBROWNGOLDSMITHSCOM JUNELACOMBESCULPTURECOM 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday. AMTOPM&RIDAYAND3ATURDAY Yarmouth Frame Shop and Gallery: "Mid-Summer "Member's Exhibit," Maine Art Gallery, Wiscasset. 9ARMOUTH&RAME3HOPAND'ALLERYh-ID 3UMMER h-EMBERS%XHIBIT v-AINE!RT'ALLERY 7ISCASSET Perspectives," multiple artists, through Sept. 30. 0ERSPECTIVES vMULTIPLEARTISTS THROUGH3EPT Opening reception, 5 to 7 MAINEARTGALLERYORG/PENINGRECEPTION TO 846-7777.   p.m. Saturday. PM3ATURDAY North Yarmouth Academy (Curtis Gallery), .ORTH9ARMOUTH!CADEMY#URTIS'ALLERY "Fresh Paint and Recent Acquisitions," recent h&RESH0AINTAND2ECENT!CQUISITIONS vRECENT Yarmouth: Susan Myer Riley and Travis Roy, 9ARMOUTH3USAN-YER2ILEYAND4RAVIS2OY acquisitions of 19thand 20th-century American ACQUISITIONSOFTH ANDTH CENTURY!MERICAN through Oct. 31.847-5423. THROUGH/CT  and European paintings, plus new works by AND%UROPEANPAINTINGS PLUSNEWWORKSBY Freeport Historical Society Harrington House: &REEPORT(ISTORICAL3OCIETY(ARRINGTON(OUSE contemporary New England artists, Wiscasset CONTEMPORARY.EW%NGLANDARTISTS 7ISCASSET "Buttons, Rum and Rakes: Freeport's Mercantile h"UTTONS 2UMAND2AKES&REEPORTS-ERCANTILE Bay Gallery, Wiscasset. "AY'ALLERY 7ISCASSETWISCASSETBAYGALLERYCOM Past," through March, 0AST vTHROUGH-ARCHFREEPORTHISTORICALSOCIETYORG Opens Saturday. Through Nov. 2. /PENS3ATURDAY4HROUGH.OV Thos. Moser Showroom, Freeport: "Viewpoints," 4HOS-OSER3HOWROOM &REEPORTh6IEWPOINTS v "Wiscasset's Museum in the Streets," historical h7ISCASSETS-USEUMINTHE3TREETS vHISTORICAL group exhibit, through Oct. 28. 865-4519. GROUPEXHIBIT THROUGH/CT  Wiscasset photos, Maine Art Gallery, Wiscasset. 7ISCASSETPHOTOS -AINE!RT'ALLERY 7ISCASSET Frost Gully Gallery, Freeport: Group exhibition &ROST'ULLY'ALLERY &REEPORT'ROUPEXHIBITION Opens Saturday. Through MAINEARTGALLERYORG/PENS3ATURDAY4HROUGH Oct. 30. /CT "Sampler," 38 pieces of prints, paintings and h3AMPLER vPIECESOFPRINTS PAINTINGSAND Please see ART, Page E32 Gc\Xj\j\\/@BGX^\<*)

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 20, | GO E31 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS` 2012  j5=3!

lZZY YVi^c\ a in

N_XkĂ&#x2039;jXcfe\cpX^ifefd`jkkf[fXYflkd\\k`e^ What's a lonely agronomist to do about meeting c`b\$d`e[\[j`e^c\j6Kipk_\]Xid\im\ij`fef] like-minded singles? Try the farmer version of jg\\[[Xk`e^Xkk_\:fddfe>ifle[=X`i% speed dating at the Common Ground Fair. #Z"7&3::"-&,".*-" By AVERY YALE KAMILA

4UBGG8SJUFS StaffWriter JOEJOHMPWFJOSVSBMQMBDFTDBOCFBDIBMMFOHFGPSZPVOH inding love in rural places can be a challenge for young GBSNFST farmers. 5IFZMBCPSGSPNTVOVQUPTVOEPXO TPNFUJNFTTFWFO They labor from sunup to sundown, sometimes seven EBZTBXFFL5IFZUPJMGBSGSPNVSCBODFOUFST XIFSF days a week. They toil far from urban centers, where ZPVOHQFPQMFUFOEUPDPOHSFHBUF"OEUIFZXPSLJOB young people tend to congregate. Arid they work in a QSPGFTTJPOEPNJOBUFECZPMEFS BOEUZQJDBMMZNBSSJFE  profession dominated by older (and typically married) GBSNFST farmers. So what's a single farmer to do? 4PXIBUTBTJOHMFGBSNFSUPEP Sign up for a round of Weed Dating at this weekend's 4JHOVQGPSBSPVOEPG8FFE%BUJOHBUUIJTXFFLFOET Common Ground Country Fair. $PNNPO(SPVOE$PVOUSZ'BJS The farm-based twist on speed dating has been sweeping rural 5IFGBSNCBTFEUXJTUPOTQFFEEBUJOHIBTCFFOTXFFQJOHSVSBM reaches of the country, but this is the first time it has cropped up in SFBDIFTPGUIFDPVOUSZ CVUUIJTJTUIFmSTUUJNFJUIBTDSPQQFEVQJO Maine. While the event doesn't involve cannabis (sorry to disap.BJOF8IJMFUIFFWFOUEPFTOUJOWPMWFDBOOBCJT TPSSZUPEJTBQ point), it does involve eligible singles meeting each other while QPJOU JUEPFTJOWPMWFFMJHJCMFTJOHMFTNFFUJOHFBDIPUIFSXIJMF pulling weeds from among the vegetables and herbs. The event is QVMMJOHXFFETGSPNBNPOHUIFWFHFUBCMFTBOEIFSCT5IFFWFOUJT open to any single person interested in farming or rural living. PQFOUPBOZTJOHMFQFSTPOJOUFSFTUFEJOGBSNJOHPSSVSBMMJWJOH Eliza Greenman, an apple farmer in training, knows from firsthand &MJ[B(SFFONBO BOBQQMFGBSNFSJOUSBJOJOH LOPXTGSPNmSTUIBOE experience how difficult it can be to find rural romance. FYQFSJFODFIPXEJGmDVMUJUDBOCFUPmOESVSBMSPNBODF


[^V]b]a AVcbbS`ab]QYQ]


Please see W E E D , Page E37 Gc\Xj\j\\E332GX^\<*.

:fcfi\[[`Xdfe[jjkXif]j_fn Colored diamonds star of show CLEAR DIAMONDS may command the high1:3/@27/;=<2A[OgQ][[O\RbVSVWUV est prices, but the prestigious gem Sab^`WQSaPcbbVS^`SabWUW]caUS[ occurs in many colors. See a rainbow of ]QQc`aW\[O\gQ]Z]`aASSO`OW\P]e]T rare, natural colored diamonds during `O`S\Obc`OZQ]Z]`SRRWO[]\RaRc`W\U this free gemstone exhibit. bVWaT`SSUS[ab]\SSfVWPWb WHEN: 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Friday and E63<(O[b]#(!^[4`WROgO\R Saturday AObc`ROg WHERE: Old Masonic Hall, 11 Mechanic St., Freeport E63@3(=ZR;Oa]\WQ6OZZ;SQVO\WQAb4`SS^]`b HOW MUCH: Free 6=E;C16(4`SS INFO: 865-4126; 7<4=(&$#" $)P`]e\U]ZRa[WbVaQ][

G :?<8I@CC


Mirage 2012 promises dancing feat D`iX^\)'()gifd`j\j[XeZ`e^]\Xk LIKE AN OASIS emerging from the desert, Mirage :793/<=/A7AS[S`UW\UT`][bVSRSaS`b;W`OUS 2012 will shimmer, stop, shimmy and shake its way  eWZZaVW[[S`ab]^aVW[[gO\RaVOYSWbaeOg onto the stage. An evening of international dance, ]\b]bVSabOUS/\SdS\W\U]TW\bS`\ObW]\OZRO\QS the performance features belly dance, capoeira, bVS^S`T]`[O\QSTSObc`SaPSZZgRO\QSQO^]SW`O Chinese cultural dance, Irish step dance and tango. 1VW\SaSQcZbc`OZRO\QS7`WaVabS^RO\QSO\RbO\U] WHEN: 7:30 p.m. Saturday E63<(%(!^[AObc`ROg WHERE: St. Lawrence Arts & Community Center, E63@3(Ab:Oe`S\QS/`ba1][[c\Wbg1S\bS` 76 Congress St., Portland %$1]\U`SaaAb>]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: $18 in advance; $25 at door 6=E;C16(&W\ORdO\QS) #ObR]]` INFO: 7<4=(abZOe`S\QSO`ba]`U

Listings, E32 NF]]9\Xk1>f`e^kfk_\g`^iXZ\j#<** Beat: Going to the pig races, E33 C`jk`e^j#<*)

?FK k`Zb\k

E325=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS` GO | The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 20, 3!  2012 


N"%.%&)43 BENEFITS THURSDAY 4(523$!9 -AINE7OMENS'ALA!UCTIONh"IDDINGTO Maine Women's Gala & Auction: "Bidding to Break the Glass Ceiling," live and silent auction, "REAKTHE'LASS#EILING vLIVEANDSILENTAUCTION hors d'oeuvres, desserts, dancing and music by HORSDOEUVRES DESSERTS DANCINGANDMUSICBY the Maine Miramba Ensemble; benefit for the THE-AINE-IRAMBA%NSEMBLEBENElTFORTHE Maine Women's Policy Center; Holiday Inn by -AINE7OMENS0OLICY#ENTER(OLIDAY)NNBY the Bay, Portland, THE"AY 0ORTLANDMAINEWOMENSPOLICYCENTERORG gala.html. $75 to $1,000. 5 to 9:30 p.m. GALAHTMLTO TOPM Tours of Kennebunk Wedding Cake House, benefit 4OURSOF+ENNEBUNK7EDDING#AKE(OUSE BENElT for hunger relief in York County, Wedding Cake FORHUNGERRELIEFIN9ORK#OUNTY 7EDDING#AKE House, Kennebunk. $10. 985-3700. 10 a.m. to 4 (OUSE +ENNEBUNK AMTO p.m. Thursday to Sept. 27. Through Oct. 15. PM4HURSDAYTO3EPT4HROUGH/CT FRIDAY &2)$!9 Multiple Sclerosis Society Fundraiser Party, music -ULTIPLE3CLEROSIS3OCIETY&UNDRAISER0ARTY MUSIC by Evolution, Ramada Inn and Conference Center, BY%VOLUTION 2AMADA)NNAND#ONFERENCE#ENTER Lewiston. $10. 240-3580. Doors at 7 p.m.; music ,EWISTON $OORSATPMMUSIC at 8 p.m. ATPM Fall Into A Good Book, book sale, Auburn Public &ALL)NTO!'OOD"OOK BOOKSALE !UBURN0UBLIC Library. Free admission, 3 to ,IBRARY&REEADMISSIONAUBURNLIBMEUSTO 7 p.m. PM SATURDAY 3!452$!9 "HelpHOPELive for Chris Collin," benefit dance h(ELP(/0%,IVEFOR#HRIS#OLLIN vBENElTDANCE for motorcycle crash survivor Chris Collin with DJ FORMOTORCYCLECRASHSURVIVOR#HRIS#OLLINWITH$* Tap Fitzgerald and Sideshow Music, door prizes 4AP&ITZGERALDAND3IDESHOW-USIC DOORPRIZES and more, Rochambeau Club, Biddeford. $10. ANDMORE 2OCHAMBEAU#LUB "IDDEFORD 590-5654. 8 p.m. to midnight.  PMTOMIDNIGHT Frolic for Flippers 5K, benefit for Marine Animal &ROLICFOR&LIPPERS+ BENElTFOR-ARINE!NIMAL Rehabilitation Center, University of New England, 2EHABILITATION#ENTER 5NIVERSITYOF.EW%NGLAND Biddeford. Registration link is "IDDEFORD2EGISTRATIONLINKISTINYURLCOM frolic4flippers. $25; $20 for students. 602-2750. FROLICmIPPERSFORSTUDENTS  10 a.m. (registration starts at 7 a.m.). AMREGISTRATIONSTARTSATAM  Family Farm Fun Day, pony rides, cart rides, face &AMILY&ARM&UN$AY PONYRIDES CARTRIDES FACE painting, hay rides, model calf roping, basketball PAINTING HAYRIDES MODELCALFROPING BASKETBALL and food; benefit to send athletes to Maine Equine ANDFOODBENElTTOSENDATHLETESTO-AINE%QUINE Special Olympics; Equine Journeys, Bridgton. 3PECIAL/LYMPICS%QUINE*OURNEYS "RIDGTON Free/donation. 647-8475. 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. &REEDONATION AMTOPM SEPT. 27 3%04 10x10 Benefit Art Exhibit and Sale, preview of X"ENElT!RT%XHIBITAND3ALE PREVIEWOF silent auction of works by local artists; benefits SILENTAUCTIONOFWORKSBYLOCALARTISTSBENElTS Arts Are Elementary; Curtis Memorial Library !RTS!RE%LEMENTARY#URTIS-EMORIAL,IBRARY and St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Brunswick. AND3T0AULS%PISCOPAL#HURCH "RUNSWICK 5 to 8 p.m. XBRUNSWICKORGTOPM

FAIRS/FESTIVALS N&!)23&%34)6!,3 THURSDAY 4(523$!9 Farmington Fair, midway, livestock exhibits, &ARMINGTON&AIR MIDWAY LIVESTOCKEXHIBITS animal-pulling events, harness racing and more, ANIMAL PULLINGEVENTS HARNESSRACINGANDMORE Farmington Fairgrounds. $6; $2 for ages 8 to &ARMINGTON&AIRGROUNDSFORAGESTO 1 1 ; free for ages 7 and under; $3 for parking. FREEFORAGESANDUNDERFORPARKING Schedule at Thursday 3CHEDULEATFARMINGTONFAIRMAINECOM4HURSDAY to Saturday. TO3ATURDAY

Continued from Page E 3 0 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3!

c`jk`e^j <K:<K<I8

Courtesy photo 1]c`bSag^V]b]

The Camden International Film Festival opens on Sept. 27 with "Betting the BVS1O[RS\7\bS`\ObW]\OZ4WZ[4SabWdOZ]^S\a]\AS^b %eWbVµ0SbbW\UbVS Farm," a documentary that chronicles a group of Maine dairy farmers who 4O`[¶OR]Qc[S\bO`gbVObQV`]\WQZSaOU`]c^]T;OW\SROW`gTO`[S`aeV] launch their own milk company, MOO Milk. ZOc\QVbVSW`]e\[WZYQ][^O\g;==;WZY wagon rides, Shaker Museum exhibits, children's WAGONRIDES 3HAKER-USEUMEXHIBITS CHILDRENS activities, antique car rides and music, Shaker ACTIVITIES ANTIQUECARRIDESANDMUSIC 3HAKER Village, Alfred. Free, 6ILLAGE !LFRED&REESHAKERHILLAPPLEFESTIVALORG 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. AMTOPM3ATURDAYAND3UNDAY SUNDAY 35.$!9 Cumberland County Fair, harness racing, exhibit #UMBERLAND#OUNTY&AIR HARNESSRACING EXHIBIT halls, midway, livestock and 4H exhibits, pulling HALLS MIDWAY LIVESTOCKAND(EXHIBITS PULLING events, food and live entertainment, Cumberland EVENTS FOODANDLIVEENTERTAINMENT #UMBERLAND Fairgrounds, Cumberland. $9; $3 for seniors on &AIRGROUNDS #UMBERLANDFORSENIORSON Tuesday and Sept. 27; free for ages 12 and under. 4UESDAYAND3EPTFREEFORAGESANDUNDER Schedule at 9 a.m. to 10 3CHEDULEATCUMBERLANDFAIRCOMAMTO p.m. Sunday to Sept. 29. PM3UNDAYTO3EPT

SPECIAL EVENTS N30%#)!,%6%.43 THURSDAY 4(523$!9 Tate House Museum Architectural Tour, from 4ATE(OUSE-USEUM!RCHITECTURAL4OUR FROM the cellar to the attic to reveal the "insides" of THECELLARTOTHEATTICTOREVEALTHEhINSIDESvOF an 18th-century house, Tate House Museum, ANTH CENTURYHOUSE 4ATE(OUSE-USEUM Portland. $10; $8 for seniors; $6 for ages 6 to 12. 0ORTLANDFORSENIORSFORAGESTO 774-6177. 10 and 11:30 a.m.  ANDAM Recollections of World War II, four speakers 2ECOLLECTIONSOF7ORLD7AR)) FOURSPEAKERS tell stories about living through W W I I , TELLSTORIESABOUTLIVINGTHROUGH77)) Opera House at Boothbay Harbor. Free. /PERA(OUSEAT"OOTHBAY(ARBOR&REE 7 p.m. BOOTHBAYOPERAHOUSECOMPM

SATURDAY 3!452$!9 "Vines in the Vaults," wine tasting, hors d'oeuvres h6INESINTHE6AULTS vWINETASTING HORSDOEUVRES and private tour of museum storage area to rarely ANDPRIVATETOUROFMUSEUMSTORAGEAREATORARELY seen treasures, Brick Store Museum, Kennebunk. SEENTREASURES "RICK3TORE-USEUM +ENNEBUNK $40; $30 for museum members. 985-4802. 4:30 FORMUSEUMMEMBERS  to 6:30 p.m. TOPM Harvest Dinner, three-course gourmet dinner (ARVEST$INNER THREE COURSEGOURMETDINNER of locally harvested food prepared by Chef Jeff OFLOCALLYHARVESTEDFOODPREPAREDBY#HEF*EFF Landry of The Farmer's Table, Skyline Farm, North ,ANDRYOF4HE&ARMERS4ABLE 3KYLINE&ARM .ORTH Yarmouth. $50. 5:30 p.m. SATURDAY 9ARMOUTHSKYLINEFARMORGPM 3!452$!9 "Playing for Change: Peace Through Music," Chalk on the Walk, art walk, performances, h0LAYINGFOR#HANGE0EACE4HROUGH-USIC v #HALKONTHE7ALK ARTWALK PERFORMANCES Maine video premiere with live music by Katy workshops, children's activities and more, various -AINEVIDEOPREMIEREWITHLIVEMUSICBY+ATY WORKSHOPS CHILDRENSACTIVITIESANDMORE VARIOUS Gaga, The VeayoTwins, Beware of Pedestrians, locations, Biddeford. Free, 'AGA 4HE6EAYO4WINS "EWAREOF0EDESTRIANS LOCATIONS "IDDEFORD&REEHEARTOFBIDDEFORDORG Emergency Sirens and Metal Sideburns, Asylum, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. %MERGENCY3IRENSAND-ETAL3IDEBURNS !SYLUM AMTOPM Portland, 5 to 8 p.m. (all Autumn Celebration, food, music, crafters, 0ORTLANDPORTLANDASYLUMCOMTOPMALL !UTUMN#ELEBRATION FOOD MUSIC CRAFTERS ages, $5); 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. (21-plus, $8). farmers market, petting zoo, pumpkin carving and AGES  PMTOAM PLUS   FARMERSMARKET PETTINGZOO PUMPKINCARVINGAND Pumpkin Patch Trolley, ride a streetcar to find more, Memorial Park, Old Orchard Beach. Free. 0UMPKIN0ATCH4ROLLEY RIDEASTREETCARTOlND MORE -EMORIAL0ARK /LD/RCHARD"EACH&REE the perfect pumpkin, Seashore Trolley Museum, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. THEPERFECTPUMPKIN 3EASHORE4ROLLEY-USEUM OOBCOMAMTOPM Kennebunkport. $10; $8 for seniors ages 60 and Punkinfiddle and National Estuaries Day +ENNEBUNKPORTFORSENIORSAGESAND 0UNKINlDDLEAND.ATIONAL%STUARIES$AY older; $7.50 for ages 6 to 16; free for ages 5 and Celebration, music, crafts, food and family OLDERFORAGESTOFREEFORAGESAND #ELEBRATION MUSIC CRAFTS FOODANDFAMILY under, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. activities, Laudholm Farm Reserve, Wells. $5; free UNDERTROLLEYMUSEUMORGAMTOPM ACTIVITIES ,AUDHOLM&ARM2ESERVE 7ELLSFREE Saturday and Sunday. Through Sept. 30. for children under age 16. 3ATURDAYAND3UNDAY4HROUGH3EPT FORCHILDRENUNDERAGEWELLSRESERVEORGVISIT calendar/2012/9. 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. CALENDARAMTOPM Holden Fall Frolic, crafts, food, entertainment, (OLDEN&ALL&ROLIC CRAFTS FOOD ENTERTAINMENT FILMS games, auctions, book signings and more, Holden N&),-3 GAMES AUCTIONS BOOKSIGNINGSANDMORE (OLDEN Elementary School. Free. 843-5518. 9 a.m. to " I n the Blood" (2012), documentary about Maine %LEMENTARY3CHOOL&REE AMTO h)NTHE"LOODv DOCUMENTARYABOUT-AINE 3 p.m. logging with live score performed by Sumner PM LOGGINGWITHLIVESCOREPERFORMEDBY3UMNER Shaker Hill Apple Festival, arts and crafts fair, McKane, Saco River Theatre, Bar Mills. $12; $10 3HAKER(ILL!PPLE&ESTIVAL ARTSANDCRAFTSFAIR -C+ANE 3ACO2IVER4HEATRE "AR-ILLS FRIDAY &2)$!9 Common Ground Country Fair, demonstrations, #OMMON'ROUND#OUNTRY&AIR DEMONSTRATIONS Maine organic foods and crafts, livestock exhibits -AINEORGANICFOODSANDCRAFTS LIVESTOCKEXHIBITS and entertainment, Common Ground Fairgrounds, ANDENTERTAINMENT #OMMON'ROUND&AIRGROUNDS Unity. $10; $8 for seniors and those who arrive 5NITYFORSENIORSANDTHOSEWHOARRIVE via bicycle; free for ages 12 and under. Schedule VIABICYCLEFREEFORAGESANDUNDER3CHEDULE at 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Friday and ATMOFGAORGAMTOPM&RIDAYAND Saturday; 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday. 3ATURDAYAMTOPM3UNDAY

for seniors and students. 929-6472. 7:30 p.m. FORSENIORSANDSTUDENTS PM Friday. &RIDAY "The Invisible War" (2012), award-winning h4HE)NVISIBLE7ARv AWARD WINNING documentary on rape in the military, Bates DOCUMENTARYONRAPEINTHEMILITARY "ATES College (SchaefferTheatre), Lewiston. Admission #OLLEGE3CHAEFFER4HEATRE ,EWISTON!DMISSION is donation of a non-perishable food item. ISDONATIONOFANON PERISHABLEFOODITEM 782-7228. 6:30 p.m. Monday.  PM-ONDAY Global Lens International Film Series, 'LOBAL,ENS)NTERNATIONAL&ILM3ERIES international films, Bates College (Olin Arts INTERNATIONALlLMS "ATES#OLLEGE/LIN!RTS Center), Lewiston. Free, #ENTER ,EWISTON&REEBATESEDUMUSEUM "Craft" (2010, Brazil), 6 p.m. Monday. Through h#RAFTv "RAZIL PM-ONDAY4HROUGH Dec. 3. $EC "The Imposter" (2012), thriller, Space, Portland. h4HE)MPOSTERv THRILLER 3PACE 0ORTLAND $7. 7:30 p.m. Tuesday. SPACEORGPM4UESDAY Camden International Film Festival, dozens of #AMDEN)NTERNATIONAL&ILM&ESTIVAL DOZENSOF films, special guests, panels, parties and other lLMS SPECIALGUESTS PANELS PARTIESANDOTHER special events, various locations, Camden and SPECIALEVENTS VARIOUSLOCATIONS #AMDENAND Rockland. $8.50 per film; passes are $25 to $125. 2OCKLANDPERlLMPASSESARETO Schedule at Sept. 27-30. 3CHEDULEATCAMDENlLMFESTORG3EPT 

BOOKS/AUTHORS N"//+3!54(/23 Joanne Dobson and Beverly Graves Myers, *OANNE$OBSONAND"EVERLY'RAVES-YERS authors of "Face of the Enemy," Longfellow Books, AUTHORSOFh&ACEOFTHE%NEMY v,ONGFELLOW"OOKS Portland, 7 p.m. Thursday. 0ORTLANDLONGFELLOWBOOKSCOMPM4HURSDAY Jacqueline Sheehan, author of "Lost and Found," *ACQUELINE3HEEHAN AUTHOROFh,OSTAND&OUND v Portland Public Library, 0ORTLAND0UBLIC,IBRARYPORTLANDLIBRARYCOM Noon Friday. .OON&RIDAY Pat O'Donnell, author of "Necessary Places," 0AT/$ONNELL AUTHOROFh.ECESSARY0LACES v Camden Public Library. 236-3440. 7 p.m. Tuesday. #AMDEN0UBLIC,IBRARY PM4UESDAY An Evening of Poetry, bring poems to share !N%VENINGOF0OETRY BRINGPOEMSTOSHARE (originals or favorites), York Public Library. ORIGINALSORFAVORITES 9ORK0UBLIC,IBRARY 6:30 p.m. Tuesday. YORKLIBMEUSPM4UESDAY Phillip Hoose, author of "Moonbird: A Year on the 0HILLIP(OOSE AUTHOROFh-OONBIRD!9EARONTHE Wing of Great Survivor B95," Rines Auditorium, 7INGOF'REAT3URVIVOR" v2INES!UDITORIUM Portland Public Library, 6 0ORTLAND0UBLIC,IBRARYPORTLANDLIBRARYCOM p.m. Sept. 27. PM3EPT "The Poet As Art: A Poetry Series," with Brian h4HE0OET!S!RT!0OETRY3ERIES vWITH"RIAN Turner, Bates College (Edmund S. Muskie 4URNER "ATES#OLLEGE%DMUND3-USKIE Archives), Lewiston. 7:30 p.m. Sept. 27. !RCHIVES ,EWISTONLAARTSORGPM3EPT Kate Braestrup, author of "Here If You Need Me: +ATE"RAESTRUP AUTHOROFh(ERE)F9OU.EED-E A True Story" and "Marriage and Other Acts of !4RUE3TORYvANDh-ARRIAGEAND/THER!CTSOF Charity," Trinity Episcopal Church, Portland. 828#HARITY v4RINITY%PISCOPAL#HURCH 0ORTLAND 1090. 7 p.m. Sept. 27. PM3EPT Monica Wood, author of "When We Were the -ONICA7OOD AUTHOROFh7HEN7E7ERETHE Kennedys," Maine Historical Society, Portland. +ENNEDYS v-AINE(ISTORICAL3OCIETY 0ORTLAND 7 p.m. Sept. 27. MAINEHISTORYORGPM3EPT David Hackett, author of "Champlain's Dream," $AVID(ACKETT AUTHOROFh#HAMPLAINS$REAM v University of Maine (Fox Auditorium), Fort Kent. 5NIVERSITYOF-AINE&OX!UDITORIUM &ORT+ENT 834-7557. 7 p.m. Sept. 27.  PM3EPT

PARTICIPANT DANCE N0!24)#)0!.4$!.#% Port City Swing Dance, music by the Mainiac 0ORT#ITY3WING$ANCE MUSICBYTHE-AINIAC Swingin' DJs, Woodfords Club, Portland. $8. 5633WINGIN$*S 7OODFORDS#LUB 0ORTLAND 8632. Lessons at 8 p.m.; dance at 9 p.m. Friday. ,ESSONSATPMDANCEATPM&RIDAY

WITH*ANICE!NTHONY $IANE$AHLKE 4HOMAS with Janice Anthony, Diane Dahlke, Thomas Crotty, Robert Dyer, Margaret Gill and others, #ROTTY 2OBERT$YER -ARGARET'ILLANDOTHERS through Sept. 30. THROUGH3EPTFROSTGULLYGALLERYCOM (AWK2IDGE&ARM 0OWNALh!UTUMN vSCULPTURE Hawk Ridge Farm, Pownal: "Autumn," sculpture BY.EW%NGLANDARTISTS THROUGH/CT by 26 New England artists, through Oct. 8. JUNELACOMBESCULPTURECOM Gallery Framing, Brunswick: "All in the Family," 'ALLERY&RAMING "RUNSWICKh!LLINTHE&AMILY v MULTIMEDIABY"EVERLY0RICE !LLISON0RICEAND multimedia by Beverly Price, Allison Price and Hillary Schwartz, through Sept. 30. 729-9108. (ILLARY3CHWARTZ THROUGH3EPT  Coleman Burke Gallery (Fort Andross), #OLEMAN"URKE'ALLERY&ORT!NDROSS Brunswick: Arlee Woodworth, "Paint," through "RUNSWICK!RLEE7OODWORTH h0AINT vTHROUGH Oct. 5. /CTCOLEMANBURKECOM Icon Contemporary Art, Brunswick: Jeff Keller, )CON#ONTEMPORARY!RT "RUNSWICK*EFF+ELLER "Prospect," through Oct. 13. 725-8157. h0ROSPECT vTHROUGH/CT  Little Dog Coffee Shop, Brunswick: "After Hours ,ITTLE$OG#OFFEE3HOP "RUNSWICKh!FTER(OURS 2010," latest works by Spindleworks artists,  vLATESTWORKSBY3PINDLEWORKSARTISTS through Sept. 30. THROUGH3EPTSPINDLEWORKSORG Summer Island Studio, Brunswick: "The Dragon 3UMMER)SLAND3TUDIO "RUNSWICKh4HE$RAGON Sleeps," watercolors and Asian brush paintings by 3LEEPS vWATERCOLORSAND!SIANBRUSHPAINTINGSBY Jean Kigel, through Sept. 30. 373-1810. *EAN+IGEL THROUGH3EPT  Markings Gallery, Bath: "Wearable Art," jewelry, -ARKINGS'ALLERY "ATHh7EARABLE!RT vJEWELRY clothing and accessories by a wide array of Maine CLOTHINGANDACCESSORIESBYAWIDEARRAYOF-AINE artists, through Oct. 3 1 . 443-1499. ARTISTS THROUGH/CT  Maine Fiberarts, Tops ham: Roslyn Logsdon, -AINE&IBERARTS 4OPSHAM2OSLYN,OGSDON "Architectural Elements: Hooked Rugs," through h!RCHITECTURAL%LEMENTS(OOKED2UGS vTHROUGH Sept. 29. 3EPTMAINElBERARTSORG Richmond Store Gallery: Barbara Bean and 2ICHMOND3TORE'ALLERY"ARBARA"EANAND Edward Mackenzie, "The Art of Dee's Ice Cream %DWARD-ACKENZIE h4HE!RTOF$EES)CE#REAM Packaging," artwork made from material donated 0ACKAGING vARTWORKMADEFROMMATERIALDONATED by Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust, through Oct. BY"RUNSWICK 4OPSHAM,AND4RUST THROUGH/CT 3 1 . RICHMONDSTOREGALLERYCOM Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, Boothbay: " O n #OASTAL-AINE"OTANICAL'ARDENS "OOTHBAYh/N the Wing," sculpture exhibition and sale, through THE7ING vSCULPTUREEXHIBITIONANDSALE THROUGH Oct. 8. /CTMAINEGARDENSORG Gleason Fine Art, Boothbay Harbor: Philip Frey, 'LEASON&INE!RT "OOTHBAY(ARBOR0HILIP&REY "New Paintings," through Oct. 13. 633-6849. h.EW0AINTINGS vTHROUGH/CT  Gold/Smith Gallery, Boothbay Harbor: Laura 'OLD3MITH'ALLERY "OOTHBAY(ARBOR,AURA Bianchi, Tuscan Realist painter, through Oct. 9. "IANCHI 4USCAN2EALISTPAINTER THROUGH/CT 633-6252.   Pemaquid Art Gallery: Group show, through Oct. 0EMAQUID!RT'ALLERY'ROUPSHOW THROUGH/CT 8.677-2752.   Engine, Biddeford Arts, Biddeford: "Lines, Ciphers, %NGINE "IDDEFORD!RTS "IDDEFORDh,INES #IPHERS and Spheres: Work by Convery, Chute, and AND3PHERES7ORKBY#ONVERY #HUTE AND Sawyer," through Saturday, 3AWYER vTHROUGH3ATURDAYFEEDTHEENGINEORG University of New England (Campus Center), 5NIVERSITYOF.EW%NGLAND#AMPUS#ENTER Biddeford: Johanna F. Hoffman, Maine artist and "IDDEFORD*OHANNA&(OFFMAN -AINEARTISTAND illustrator, through Sept. 30. 602-2269. ILLUSTRATOR THROUGH3EPT  York Art Association, York Harbor: "Works on 9ORK!RT!SSOCIATION 9ORK(ARBORh7ORKSON Paper," through Oct. 7. 0APER vTHROUGH/CTYORKARTASSOCIATIONCOM York Public Library: Paintings by Peter Agrafiotis, 9ORK0UBLIC,IBRARY0AINTINGSBY0ETER!GRAlOTIS through Oct. 3 1 . THROUGH/CTYORKLIBMEUS Fryeburg Academy (Palmina F. and Stephen &RYEBURG!CADEMY0ALMINA&AND3TEPHEN S. Pace Galleries of Art): "Apple of My Eye," 30ACE'ALLERIESOF!RT h!PPLEOF-Y%YE v paintings, watercolors, pastels and prints of apples PAINTINGS WATERCOLORS PASTELSANDPRINTSOFAPPLES from more than 50 mostly regional artists of the FROMMORETHANMOSTLYREGIONALARTISTSOFTHE past, through Dec. 2 1 . 935-9232. PAST THROUGH$EC  Kennebunk Free Library: Gwen Page, "Animal +ENNEBUNK&REE,IBRARY'WEN0AGE h!NIMAL Kingdom," wood and linoleum block prints of +INGDOM vWOODANDLINOLEUMBLOCKPRINTSOF domesticated and non-domesticated animals, DOMESTICATEDANDNON DOMESTICATEDANIMALS through Sept. 30. 985-2173. THROUGH3EPT  Just Us Chickens Gallery, Kittery: Thomas and *UST5S#HICKENS'ALLERY +ITTERY4HOMASAND Anne Dubois, paintings and woodworking, !NNE$UBOIS PAINTINGSANDWOODWORKING through Sept. 30. THROUGH3EPTJUSTUSCHICKENSNET Haley Farm Gallery, Kittery: Fabric and clay (ALEY&ARM'ALLERY +ITTERY&ABRICANDCLAY exhibit, through Oct. 3 1 . EXHIBIT THROUGH/CTHALEYGALLERYCOM Atlantic Motorcar, Wiscasset: Maine Art Gallery !TLANTIC-OTORCAR 7ISCASSET-AINE!RT'ALLERY artists exhibit depicting the "open road" and ARTISTSEXHIBITDEPICTINGTHEhOPENROADvAND beyond, through Oct. 30. 882-7511. BEYOND THROUGH/CT  Maine Art Gallery, Wiscasset: Works by -AINE!RT'ALLERY 7ISCASSET7ORKSBY Maine resident marine artists, through Sunday. -AINERESIDENTMARINEARTISTS THROUGH3UNDAY MAINEARTGALLERYORG Wiscasset Bay Gallery: "At Home and Abroad: 7ISCASSET"AY'ALLERYh!T(OMEAND!BROAD Realism, Impressionism and Modernism," 2EALISM )MPRESSIONISMAND-ODERNISM v European and American landscape and genre %UROPEANAND!MERICANLANDSCAPEANDGENRE paintings, through Friday, PAINTINGS THROUGH&RIDAYWISCASSETBAYGALLERYCOM Harlow Gallery, Hallowell: "Two Worlds of (ARLOW'ALLERY (ALLOWELLh4WO7ORLDSOF Home," recent works of Ross Grams, through (OME vRECENTWORKSOF2OSS'RAMS THROUGH Sept. 29. 3EPTHARLOWGALLERYORG Perimeter Gallery, Belfast: "This Field," paintings 0ERIMETER'ALLERY "ELFASTh4HIS&IELD vPAINTINGS Please see ART, Page E33 Gc\Xj\j\\/@BGX^\<**

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 20, GO E33 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS`  2012  j5=3!!

Veteran pig racer Lauren Pride DSbS`O\^WU`OQS`:Oc`S\>`WRS has a knack for getting her VOaOY\OQYT]`USbbW\UVS` athletes ready to compete at ObVZSbSa`SORgb]Q][^SbSOb the Cumberland County Fair. bVS1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg4OW`

K?<G@> N?@JG<I<I


BVSFO1SJEFTBZTUIFLFZUPTVDDFTTGVM auren Pride says the key to successful pig racing is to really get to know your QJHSBDJOHJTUPSFBMMZHFUUPLOPXZPVS QJH PigSince early August, 9-year-old Lauren 4JODFFBSMZ"VHVTU ZFBSPME-BVSFO has been getting to know a young pig IBTCFFOHFUUJOHUPLOPXBZPVOHQJH named Matt. She talks to him, spends OBNFE.BUU4IFUBMLTUPIJN TQFOET time in his pen, takes him on walks (on a UJNFJOIJTQFO UBLFTIJNPOXBMLT POB leash) and plays hide and seek with him. MFBTI BOEQMBZTIJEFBOETFFLXJUIIJN And perhaps most importantly, she's "OEQFSIBQTNPTUJNQPSUBOUMZ TIFT been letting him taste a wide array of CFFOMFUUJOHIJNUBTUFBXJEFBSSBZPG treats to see what will USFBUTUPTFFXIBUXJMM make him move fastest NBLFIJNNPWFGBTUFTU when it comes to race XIFOJUDPNFTUPSBDF time Sunday at the UJNF4VOEBZBUUIF Cumberland County $VNCFSMBOE$PVOUZ Fair. 'BJS "He hates vanilla wai)FIBUFTWBOJMMBXB fers. But Andwhat I tried brocGFST"OE*USJFECSPD coli he reall DPMJ#VUXIBUIFSFBMMZ likes are Pop Tarts," MJLFTBSF1PQ5BSUT w sa TBJE-BVSFO Off RPrlt id Lauren. But what kind of Pop #VUXIBULJOEPG1PQ Tarts? 5BSUT "Any kind. He's a pig - what do you i"OZLJOE)FTBQJHoXIBUEPZPV expect?"w FYQFDU Lauren, who lives in Limington, has -BVSFO XIPMJWFTJO-JNJOHUPO IBT been racing pigs yearly at the fair since CFFOSBDJOHQJHTZFBSMZBUUIFGBJSTJODF she was 5 as part of the Cumberland TIFXBTBTQBSUPGUIF$VNCFSMBOE County Swiners 4-H Club. It's a program $PVOUZ4XJOFST)$MVC*UTBQSPHSBN designed to let young children get some EFTJHOFEUPMFUZPVOHDIJMESFOHFUTPNF exposure raising a piglet - given to them FYQPTVSFSBJTJOHBQJHMFUoHJWFOUPUIFN by the Cumberland Farmer's Club for a CZUIF$VNCFSMBOE'BSNFST$MVCGPSB couple of months - until they're about 30 DPVQMFPGNPOUIToVOUJMUIFZSFBCPVU pounds. When they're older, the children QPVOET8IFOUIFZSFPMEFS UIFDIJMESFO can graduate to raising a piglet until it's DBOHSBEVBUFUPSBJTJOHBQJHMFUVOUJMJUT full grown and ready for market. GVMMHSPXOBOESFBEZGPSNBSLFU The program lets the kids get to know 5IFQSPHSBNMFUTUIFLJETHFUUPLOPX their pigs without having to worry about UIFJSQJHTXJUIPVUIBWJOHUPXPSSZBCPVU the cute little oinker becoming a 200UIFDVUFMJUUMFPJOLFSCFDPNJOHB pound market hog. QPVOENBSLFUIPH And the culmination of the Swiners "OEUIFDVMNJOBUJPOPGUIF4XJOFST club program is the racing at the fair, DMVCQSPHSBNJTUIFSBDJOHBUUIFGBJS  where children sit on a chair at one end XIFSFDIJMESFOTJUPOBDIBJSBUPOFFOE of the arena, call their pigs and offer up PGUIFBSFOB DBMMUIFJSQJHTBOEPGGFSVQ anything they can think of to make them BOZUIJOHUIFZDBOUIJOLPGUPNBLFUIFN motor to the finish line. Racing incentives NPUPSUPUIFmOJTIMJOF3BDJOHJODFOUJWFT range from peanut butter and jelly to carSBOHFGSPNQFBOVUCVUUFSBOEKFMMZUPDBS rots, Oreos, hot dogs, and, of course, Pop SPUT 0SFPT IPUEPHT BOE PGDPVSTF 1PQ Tarts. 5BSUT The pigs will be racing every day at this 5IFQJHTXJMMCFSBDJOHFWFSZEBZBUUIJT year's 141st Cumberland County Fair, ZFBSTTU$VNCFSMBOE$PVOUZ'BJS  which will be held Sunday through Sept. XIJDIXJMMCFIFME4VOEBZUISPVHI4FQU 29. There will also be harness racing at 5IFSFXJMMBMTPCFIBSOFTTSBDJOHBU the fairgrounds on Sept. 30, the day exhibUIFGBJSHSPVOETPO4FQU UIFEBZFYIJC its will be taken down. JUTXJMMCFUBLFOEPXO The fair will also include a midway with 5IFGBJSXJMMBMTPJODMVEFBNJEXBZXJUI rides, games and food, and lots of liveSJEFT HBNFTBOEGPPE BOEMPUTPGMJWF stock displays and competitions. Some of TUPDLEJTQMBZTBOEDPNQFUJUJPOT4PNFPG the highlights this year include comedian UIFIJHIMJHIUTUIJTZFBSJODMVEFDPNFEJBO Bob Marley performing on Sunday night, #PC.BSMFZQFSGPSNJOHPO4VOEBZOJHIU 

Rav Routhier IXpIflk_`\i F]]9\Xk


Carl D. Walsh/Staff Photographer 1O`Z2EOZaVAbOTT>V]b]U`O^VS`

Lauren Pride and Matt share a quiet moment in their training for the racing. View a video at :Oc`S\>`WRSO\R;ObbaVO`SO_cWSb[][S\bW\bVSW`b`OW\W\UT]`bVS`OQW\UDWSeOdWRS]Ob^`SaaVS`OZRQ][ZWTSU]

when you first try to handle them," said XIFOZPVmSTUUSZUPIBOEMFUIFN wTBJE Lauren's mom, Kathleen Pride. "But in -BVSFOTNPN ,BUIMFFO1SJEFi#VUJO three days, Lauren teaches her pig to UISFFEBZT -BVSFOUFBDIFTIFSQJHUP come to her." DPNFUPIFSw Lauren says training piglets is a delicate -BVSFOTBZTUSBJOJOHQJHMFUTJTBEFMJDBUF process. She spends time with them, but QSPDFTT4IFTQFOETUJNFXJUIUIFN CVU she's careful not to spend too much time, TIFTDBSFGVMOPUUPTQFOEUPPNVDIUJNF  because that can scare them. CFDBVTFUIBUDBOTDBSFUIFN With Matt, Lauren first got him used to 8JUI.BUU -BVSFOmSTUHPUIJNVTFEUP her coming into his pen. Then she had IFSDPNJOHJOUPIJTQFO5IFOTIFIBE him follow her around the pen, then the IJNGPMMPXIFSBSPVOEUIFQFO UIFOUIF family barn. GBNJMZCBSO She began playing hide and seek with 4IFCFHBOQMBZJOHIJEFBOETFFLXJUI him, all the time knowing that the more IJN BMMUIFUJNFLOPXJOHUIBUUIFNPSF he got used to following her and coming IFHPUVTFEUPGPMMPXJOHIFSBOEDPNJOH to her call, the better he'd react when she UPIFSDBMM UIFCFUUFSIFESFBDUXIFOTIF called his name during the pig races. She DBMMFEIJTOBNFEVSJOHUIFQJHSBDFT4IF the demolition derby and the Don Camp- FWFOIBTPUIFSGBNJMZNFNCFSTDBMMIJN  even has other family members call him, UIFEFNPMJUJPOEFSCZBOEUIF%PO$BNQ bell Band on Wednesday night, and giant VTJOHEJGGFSFOUOBNFT TPTIFDPVMEUFMMJG using different names, so she could tell if CFMM#BOEPO8FEOFTEBZOJHIU BOEHJBOU pumpkins on display throughout. Matt was responding to his name and to .BUUXBTSFTQPOEJOHUPIJTOBNFBOEUP QVNQLJOTPOEJTQMBZUISPVHIPVU And of course, the pig races, which draw IFSWPJDF her voice. "OEPGDPVSTF UIFQJHSBDFT XIJDIESBX quite a crowd. "Now I can hide anywhere, and he finds i/PX*DBOIJEFBOZXIFSF BOEIFmOET RVJUFBDSPXE For those of you not familiar with piglets, NF wTBJE-BVSFOi5PXJOUIFSBDF ZPV me," said Lauren. "To win the race, you 'PSUIPTFPGZPVOPUGBNJMJBSXJUIQJHMFUT  they are not exactly born to race. They have to be super attached to your pig and IBWFUPCFTVQFSBUUBDIFEUPZPVSQJHBOE UIFZBSFOPUFYBDUMZCPSOUPSBDF5IFZ sort of have a mind of their own. have them be super attached to you." IBWFUIFNCFTVQFSBUUBDIFEUPZPVw TPSUPGIBWFBNJOEPGUIFJSPXO "These are not friendly little pigs when Does that make it hard when the race is %PFTUIBUNBLFJUIBSEXIFOUIFSBDFJT i5IFTFBSFOPUGSJFOEMZMJUUMFQJHTXIFO you get them. They scream and run away PWFS over?"OEUIFQJHTBSFBMMTPMEUPGBSNFST And the pigs are all sold to farmers? ZPVHFUUIFN5IFZTDSFBNBOESVOBXBZ

PIG RACES AT THE >75@/13A/BB63 CUMBERLAND COUNTY FAIR 1C;03@:/<21=C<BG4/7@ WHEN: 12:15 and 6 p.m. Sunday; E63<( (#O\R$^[Ac\ROg) 6:30 p.m. Monday through $(!^[;]\ROgbV`]cUV Sept. 28; p.m. Sept. 29. The fair AS^b &)12:30 (!^[AS^b 'BVSTOW` runs 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday through `c\a'O[b]^[Ac\ROgbV`]cUV Sept. 29. AS^b ' WHERE: Cumberland Fairgrounds, 197 E63@3(1c[PS`ZO\R4OW`U`]c\Ra'% Blanchard Road, Cumberland 0ZO\QVO`R@]OR1c[PS`ZO\R HOW MUCH: Fair admission is $9 for 6=E;C16(4OW`OR[WaaW]\Wa'T]` adults, $3 for seniors on Tuesday and ORcZba!T]`aS\W]`a]\BcSaROgO\R Sept. 27, and free for ages 12O\R and AS^b %O\RT`SST]`OUSa under c\RS` INFO/FAIR SCHEDULE: 7<4=4/7@A1632C:3(Qc[PS`ZO\RTOW`Q][



"Counterpoint III," "Here from There" and h#OUNTERPOINT))) vh(EREFROM4HEREvAND "Intercept," paintings, sculpture and works on h)NTERCEPT vPAINTINGS SCULPTUREANDWORKSON paper, through Saturday, PAPER THROUGH3ATURDAYCMCANOWORG College of the Atlantic (Ethel H. Blum Gallery), #OLLEGEOFTHE!TLANTIC%THEL("LUM'ALLERY Continued from Page E32 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3! Bar Harbor: "Turkish Delights, Buddhas, and "AR(ARBORh4URKISH$ELIGHTS "UDDHAS AND Veils," photographs from the Mideast and Far East 6EILS vPHOTOGRAPHSFROMTHE-IDEASTAND&AR%AST by Megan Chase, through Sunday. 338-0555 by Clare Stone, through Friday. 288-5015 BY-EGAN#HASE THROUGH3UNDAY  BY#LARE3TONE THROUGH&RIDAY  Aarhus Gallery, Belfast: Mark Bell and Cathy Haynes Galleries, Thomaston: Peter !ARHUS'ALLERY "ELFAST-ARK"ELLAND#ATHY (AYNES'ALLERIES 4HOMASTON0ETER Melio, pottery and printmaking, through Sept. 30. 0OSKAS h3UMMER,IGHTS vTHROUGH3EPT Poskas, "Summer Lights," through Sept. 29. -ELIO POTTERYANDPRINTMAKING THROUGH3EPT AARHUSGALLERYCOM HAYNESGALLERIESCOM Littlefield Gallery, Winter Harbor: Frederick Lynch ,YCEUM'ALLERY ,EWISTONh"LACKAND Lyceum Gallery, Lewiston: "Black and ,ITTLElELD'ALLERY 7INTER(ARBOR&REDERICK,YNCH and James Linehan, "Geometry Meets Nature," White," works by 19 artists, through Friday. AND*AMES,INEHAN h'EOMETRY-EETS.ATURE v 7HITE vWORKSBYARTISTS THROUGH&RIDAY through Oct. 15. THROUGH/CTLITTLElELDGALLERYCOM LYCEUMGALLERYCOM Center for Maine Contemporary Art, Rockport: Lajos Matolcsy Arts Gallery, Norway: Gail Rein, #ENTERFOR-AINE#ONTEMPORARY!RT 2OCKPORT ,AJOS-ATOLCSY!RTS'ALLERY .ORWAY'AIL2EIN


Irina Kahn and Suzanne Hardy, "Points of View," )RINA+AHNAND3UZANNE(ARDY h0OINTSOF6IEW v through Sept. 30. THROUGH3EPTWESTERNMAINEARTGROUPORG Turtle Gallery, Deer Isle: "Continuing 4URTLE'ALLERY $EER)SLEh#ONTINUING Connections: New and Old All Media," orchard #ONNECTIONS.EWAND/LDn!LL-EDIA vORCHARD photographs by Michael Alpert, through Oct. 13. PHOTOGRAPHSBY-ICHAEL!LPERT THROUGH/CT TURTLEGALLERYCOM Savory Maine, Damariscotta: "Places of the 3AVORY-AINE $AMARISCOTTAh0LACESOFTHE Heart: From the Caribbean to Maine and Italy," (EART&ROMTHE#ARIBBEANTO-AINEAND)TALY v oil paintings by Cheryl Blaydon, through Oct. 2. OILPAINTINGSBY#HERYL"LAYDON THROUGH/CT SAVORYMAINEDININGCOM Merrymeeting Arts Center, Bowdoinham: "Three -ERRYMEETING!RTS#ENTER "OWDOINHAMh4HREE Town Artists," Carlo Pittore, Bryce Muir and Carter 4OWN!RTISTS v#ARLO0ITTORE "RYCE-UIRAND#ARTER Smith, through Sunday, 3MITH THROUGH3UNDAYMERRYMEETINGARTSCENTERORG Yvette Torres Fine Art, Rockland: John Urbain, 9VETTE4ORRES&INE!RT 2OCKLAND*OHN5RBAIN

"It's super hard, because I love my pigs i*UTTVQFSIBSE CFDBVTF*MPWFNZQJHT so much," she said. TPNVDI wTIFTBJE Lauren's love for pigs helped her win the -BVSFOTMPWFGPSQJHTIFMQFEIFSXJOUIF week of racing last year at Cumberland XFFLPGSBDJOHMBTUZFBSBU$VNCFSMBOE County Fair. Races are held all week long, $PVOUZ'BJS3BDFTBSFIFMEBMMXFFLMPOH  usually four pigs at a time. Points are VTVBMMZGPVSQJHTBUBUJNF1PJOUTBSF given for each place in a race, then added HJWFOGPSFBDIQMBDFJOBSBDF UIFOBEEFE up at the end of the week. VQBUUIFFOEPGUIFXFFL This year is Lauren's last year of racing, 5IJTZFBSJT-BVSFOTMBTUZFBSPGSBDJOH  because 9 is the age limit. CFDBVTFJTUIFBHFMJNJU She's also raising a heifer. But it can't 4IFTBMTPSBJTJOHBIFJGFS#VUJUDBOU be quite the same, can it?"GUFSBMM DPXT After all, cows CFRVJUFUIFTBNF DBOJU don't come when you call them. EPOUDPNFXIFOZPVDBMMUIFN "If I start training her from the begini*G*TUBSUUSBJOJOHIFSGSPNUIFCFHJO ning, I can get her to do it," said Lauren. OJOH *DBOHFUIFSUPEPJU wTBJE-BVSFO "You can do it with any animal if you get i:PVDBOEPJUXJUIBOZBOJNBMJGZPVHFU to know them." UPLOPXUIFNw So if you see the pig races this year, 4PJGZPVTFFUIFQJHSBDFTUIJTZFBS  don't think of them as just pure athletic EPOUUIJOLPGUIFNBTKVTUQVSFBUIMFUJD competition. DPNQFUJUJPO Think of them as a way for youngsters to 5IJOLPGUIFNBTBXBZGPSZPVOHTUFSTUP really get to know their pigs. SFBMMZHFUUPLOPXUIFJSQJHT Staff Writer Ray Routhier can be AbOTTE`WbS`@Og@]cbVWS`QO\PS contacted at 791-6454 or at: Q]\bOQbSROb%'$"#"]`Ob( rrouthier@pressherald. com ``]cbVWS`.^`SaaVS`OZRQ][ Twitter: RayRouthier BeWbbS`(@Og@]cbVWS`

"No Ideas But in Things," through Oct. 14. h.O)DEAS"UTIN4HINGS vTHROUGH/CT 332-4014.   Art Space Gallery, Rockland: Work by !RT3PACE'ALLERY 2OCKLAND7ORKBY Audrey Bechler, Jill Caldwell, Laurie Lofman !UDREY"ECHLER *ILL#ALDWELL ,AURIE,OFMAN Bellmore and Joan Wright, through Sept. 30. "ELLMOREAND*OAN7RIGHT THROUGH3EPT ARTSPACEMAINECOM CRAFT Gallery, Rockland: Joe Hemes, #2!&4'ALLERY 2OCKLAND*OE(EMES "Illumination," handcrafted lighting sculpture, h)LLUMINATION vHANDCRAFTEDLIGHTINGSCULPTURE through Sunday; Jesse Gillespie, "Uncommon THROUGH3UNDAY*ESSE'ILLESPIE h5NCOMMON Beauty," through Nov. 5. "EAUTY vTHROUGH.OVCRAFTONELMCOM University of Maine (Blake Library), Fort Kent: 5NIVERSITYOF-AINE"LAKE,IBRARY &ORT+ENT William Lloyd Duncan, "Specifically Saint John: 7ILLIAM,LOYD$UNCAN h3PECIlCALLY3AINT*OHN Views Across the Upper River Watershed," 6IEWS!CROSSTHE5PPER2IVER7ATERSHED v through Sept. 28. 834-7527. THROUGH3EPT 

E34 GO | The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 20, 3!"5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS`  2012 

KXb\Z_Xi^\f]pfli_\Xck_ BDK>:H MOVIES Xe[af`eljXkk_\ :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3! Continued from Page E13

Sun 11:30, 2:15, 4:50, 7:20,10 Mon-Wed 2:15,4:50, Ac\(! (#"(#%( ;]\ESR (#"(# 7:20,10; Cinemagic Saco Fri-Wed 12,2:25,4:50, 7:15, %( )1W\S[OUWQAOQ]4`WESR ( #"(#%(# 9:40; Cinemagic Westbrook Fri-Wed 11:50,2:20,4:50, '(")1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]Y4`WESR(# ( "(# 7:20, 9:50; Brunswick 10 Fri-Sun 1:30, 2,"$("%( 4, 6:40, 7:10, %( '(#)0`c\aeWQY4`WAc\(! 9:45 Mon-Wed 1:30, 4, 6:40, 9:45 '("#;]\ESR(!"$("'("#

Health     Wellness 

gi\j\ek\[Ypby presented

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  # Saturday, October 6  10am-4pm !!!  "  Be Sociable - Share!



Keynote Speaker: Sbonda Schilling will be presenting and holding a book B\pefk\Jg\Xb\i1J_fe[XJZ_`cc`e^n`ccY\gi\j\ek`e^Xe[_fc[`e^XYffb signing for her New York Times Best Seller "The Best Kind of Different" j`^e`e^]fi_\iE\nPfibK`d\j9\jkJ\cc\iĂ&#x2C6;K_\9\jkB`e[f];`]]\i\ekĂ&#x2030; A c t i v i t i e s "Â&#x203A; J`c\ek8lZk`feĂ&#x2020;XccgifZ\\[jn`cc^fkf9XiYXiX Silent Auction all proceeds will go to Barbara 8Zk`m`k`\j -i -I Bush Children's Hospital 9lj_:_`c[i\eĂ&#x2039;j?fjg`kXc T @eZcl[\1 Include: Â&#x203A; ?\Xck_ZXi\?\if\jXnXi[jZ\i\dfep * Â&#x203A; Fe\$fe$fe\`ek\iXZk`fen`k_?\Xck_N\cce\jj Healthcare Heroes awards ceremony â&#x20AC;˘ gif]\jj`feXcj One-on-one interaction with Health & Wellness professionals Â&#x203A; =`ke\jjk`gjÂ&#x203A;:ffb`e^;\dfejkiXk`fejÂ&#x203A;=clJ_fkjÂ&#x203A;JZi\\e`e^j â&#x20AC;˘ Fitness tips â&#x20AC;˘ Cooking Demonstrations â&#x20AC;˘ Flu Shots â&#x20AC;˘ Screenings Sponsored By Jgfejfi\[9p COOK NG DEMOS   




"THE MASTER" (PG-13) (2:17) Stars Philip Seymour ÂľB63;/AB3@Âś>5! (%AbO`a>VWZW^ASg[]c` Hoffman, Joaquin Phoenix and Amy Adams. Directed 6]TT[O\8]O_cW\>V]S\WfO\R/[g/RO[a2W`SQbSR by Paul Thomas Anderson. A Naval veteran arrives Pg>OcZBV][Oa/\RS`a]\/<OdOZdSbS`O\O``WdSa home from war unsettled and uncertain of his future V][ST`][eO`c\aSbbZSRO\Rc\QS`bOW\]TVWaTcbc`S - until he is tantalized by The Cause, a faith-based Âłc\bWZVSWabO\bOZWhSRPgBVS1OcaSOTOWbVPOaSR organization, and its charismatic leader. ]`UO\WhObW]\O\RWbaQVO`Wa[ObWQZSORS` Courtesy photo 1]c`bSag^V]b] Opening at: Eveningstar (Brunswick) Fri-Sat 1,4, 7,10 =^S\W\UOb(3dS\W\UabO`0`c\aeWQY4`WAOb"% A m y A d a m s a n d Clint E a s t w o o d in /[g/RO[aO\R1ZW\b3Oabe]]RW\ Sun-Wed 1,4, 7; Nickelodeon (Portland) Fri-Wed 12:30, Ac\ESR"%)<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\R4`WESR (! " T r o u b l e w i t h t h e Curve." ÂľB`]cPZSeWbVbVS1c`dSÂś 3:30, 6:30, 9:20; Cinemagic Westbrook Fri-Wed 12:10, !(!$(!'( )1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]Y4`WESR ( 3:20,$(!'(! 6:30, 9:30 !( Street trader is confronted by the people responsible: Ab`SSbb`ORS`WaQ]\T`]\bSRPgbVS^S]^ZS`Sa^]\aWPZS( Intelligence agents looking to recover a mysterious 7\bSZZWUS\QSOUS\baZ]]YW\Ub]`SQ]dS`O[gabS`W]ca briefcase. P`WSTQOaS Showing at: Cinemagic Saco Thurs 12:05, AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQAOQ]BVc`a (# 2:20,4:25, ( "( # 7:20,9:30 Fri-Wed 4:25,9:30; Cinemagic Westbrook * * * * * * * %( '(!4`WESR"( #'(!)1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]Y Thurs 12:10, 7:20, 9:40 BVc`a ( 2:30,4:50, (!"(#%( '(" OBAMA'S AMERICA" (PG) (1:29) DocumenÂľ"2016: $(=0/;/¸A/;3@71/Âś>5( '2]Qc[S\ "THE DARK KNIGHT RISES" (PG-13) (2:40) Stars ÂľB632/@99<756B@7A3AÂś>5! ("AbO`a tary. Directed by Dinesh D'Souza and John Sullivan. bO`g2W`SQbSRPg2W\SaV2¸A]chOO\R8]V\AcZZWdO\ Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman and Tom A journey into the heart of the world's most powerful 1V`WabWO\0OZS;WQVOSZ1OW\S5O`g=ZR[O\O\RB][ /X]c`\SgW\b]bVSVSO`b]TbVSe]`ZR¸a[]ab^]eS`TcZ Hardy. Directed by Christopher Nolan. Eight years on, office to reveal the struggle of whether one man's past 6O`Rg2W`SQbSRPg1V`Wab]^VS`<]ZO\3WUVbgSO`a]\ ]TÂżQSb]`SdSOZbVSab`cUUZS]TeVSbVS`]\S[O\¸a^Oab a new terrorist leader, Bane, overwhelms Gotham's will redefine America over the next four years. O\SebS``]`WabZSORS`0O\S]dS`eVSZ[a5]bVO[¸a eWZZ`SRSÂż\S/[S`WQO]dS`bVS\SfbT]c`gSO`a finest, and the Dark Knight resurfaces to protect a city Showing at: Cinemagic Grand (South Portland) Thurs Âż\SabO\RbVS2O`Y9\WUVb`Sac`TOQSab]^`]bSQbOQWbg AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\RBVc`a that has branded him an enemy. 2:20, 4:50, 7:20, 9:50 Fri-Sun 12, 2:20,4:50, 7:20, 9:50 bVObVOaP`O\RSRVW[O\S\S[g ( "(#%( '(#4`WAc\ ( "(#%( '(# Showing at: Cinemagic Saco Thurs 12,3:15, 7:30 FriMon-Wed 2:20,4:50,7:20,9:50; Brunswick 10 Thurs AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQAOQ]BVc`a !(#%(!4`W ;]\ESR ( "(#%( '(#)0`c\aeWQYBVc`a Wed 7:30; Cinemagic Westbrook Thurs-Wed 12:20, 3:45, 6:40 ESR%(!)1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YBVc`aESR (  (1:20,!("#$(" 3:40, 7:30, 9; Brunswick 10 Thurs 1,4:30, 8 !("%(!')0`c\aeWQYBVc`a"(!& "THE AVENGERS" (PG-13) (2:22) Stars Robert ÂľB63/D3<53@AÂś>5! ( AbO`a@]PS`b "DIARY OF A WIMPY KID: DOG DAYS" (PG) (1:52) Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson and Âľ27/@G=4/E7;>G972(2=52/GAÂś>5(#  2]e\Sg8`1V`Wa3dO\aAQO`ZSbb8]VO\aa]\O\R Stars Zachary Gordon, Robert Capron, Devon Bostick Jeremy Renner. Directed by Joss Whedon. A team of AbO`aHOQVO`g5]`R]\@]PS`b1O^`]\2Sd]\0]abWQY 8S`S[g@S\\S`2W`SQbSRPg8]aaEVSR]\/bSO[]T and Steve Zahn. Directed by David Bowers. School is super humans form The Avengers to help save the O\RAbSdSHOV\2W`SQbSRPg2OdWR0]eS`aAQV]]ZWa ac^S`Vc[O\aT]`[BVS/dS\US`ab]VSZ^aOdSbVS out and Greg is ready for the days of summer but all Earth from Loki and his army. ]cbO\R5`SUWa`SORgT]`bVSROga]Tac[[S`PcbOZZ 3O`bVT`][:]YWO\RVWaO`[g his plans go wrong. Now he's not sure what he's going VWa^ZO\aU]e`]\U<]eVS¸a\]bac`SeVObVS¸aU]W\U Showing at: Cinemagic Saco Thurs 7:30; Cinemagic AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQAOQ]BVc`a%(!)1W\S[OUWQ to do. Westbrook Thurs 7:30 b]R] ESabP`]]YBVc`a%(! Showing at: Cinemagic Westbrook Thurs 12,2:15, AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YBVc`a (# 4:30 "BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD" (PG-13) (1:33) "(! Âľ03/ABA=4B63A=CB63@<E7:2Âś>5!(!! Stars Quvenzhane Wallis, Dwight Henry and Levy EastAbO`a?cdS\hVO\SEOZZWa2eWUVb6S\`gO\R:Sdg3Oab "THE EXPENDABLES 2" (R) (1:42)AbO`aAgZdSabS` Stars Sylvester erly. Directed by Benh Zeitlin. Faced with her father's ÂľB633F>3<2/0:3A Âś@(" S`Zg2W`SQbSRPg0S\VHSWbZW\4OQSReWbVVS`TObVS`¸a Stallone, Liam Hemsworth, Randy Couture and Jeanfading health and environmental changes that release AbOZZ]\S:WO[6S[ae]`bV@O\Rg1]cbc`SO\R8SO\ TORW\UVSOZbVO\RS\dW`]\[S\bOZQVO\USabVOb`SZSOaS Claude Van Damme. Directed by Simon West. Mr. an army of aurochs (prehistoric creatures), 6-year1ZOcRSDO\2O[[S2W`SQbSRPgAW[]\ESab;` O\O`[g]TOc`]QVa^`SVWab]`WQQ`SObc`Sa$gSO` Church reunites the Expendables for what should be an old Hushpuppy leaves her Delta-community home in 1Vc`QV`Sc\WbSabVS3f^S\ROPZSaT]`eVObaV]cZRPSO\ ]ZR6caV^c^^gZSOdSaVS`2SZbOQ][[c\WbgV][SW\ easy paycheck, but when one of their men is murdered search of her mother. SOag^OgQVSQYPcbeVS\]\S]TbVSW`[S\Wa[c`RS`SR aSO`QV]TVS`[]bVS` on the job, their quest for revenge puts them deep in Showing at: Nickelodeon (Portland) Thurs 1, 5,7:10 ]\bVSX]PbVSW`_cSabT]``SdS\US^cbabVS[RSS^W\ AV]eW\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\RBVc`a#%( enemy territory and up against an unexpected threat. Fri-Wed 3, 9;10 S\S[gbS``Wb]`gO\Rc^OUOW\abO\c\Sf^SQbSRbV`SOb 4`WESR!') Showing at: Windham 5 Star Thurs 4:10,6:55 Fri AV]eW\UOb(EW\RVO[#AbO`BVc`a"($(##4`W 4:20, 7:10, 9:25 Sat 1:05,4:20, 7:10, 9:25 Sun 1:05,4:20, "THE BOURNE LEGACY" (PG-13) (2:05) Stars Jeremy "( %('( #AOb(#"( %('( #Ac\(#"(  ÂľB630=C@<3:35/1GÂś>5! (#AbO`a8S`S[g 7:10 Mon-Wed 4:20,7:10; Cinemagic Grand (South PortRenner, Rachel Weisz, Edward Norton and Scott Glenn. %(;]\ESR"( %()1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV>]`b @S\\S`@OQVSZESWah3ReO`R<]`b]\O\RAQ]bb5ZS\\ land) Thurs 2,4:30, 7:20,9:45; Cinemagic Saco Thurs Directed by Tony Gilroy. An expansion of the universe ZO\RBVc`a "(!%( '("#)1W\S[OUWQAOQ]BVc`a 2W`SQbSRPgB]\g5WZ`]g/\Sf^O\aW]\]TbVSc\WdS`aS Cinemagic Westbrook Thurs from Robert Ludlum's novels, centered on a new hero 12:15, (# 2:30,4:45,7:05,9:25; (!"("#%(#'( #)1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YBVc`a T`][@]PS`b:cRZc[¸a\]dSZaQS\bS`SR]\O\SeVS`] 3:20, 7, 9:30; Brunswick 10 Thurs 9:15 whose stakes have been triggered by the events of the 12:20, ( !( %'(!)0`c\aeWQYBVc`a'(# eV]aSabOYSaVOdSPSS\b`WUUS`SRPgbVSSdS\ba]TbVS previous three films. ^`SdW]cabV`SSÂżZ[a "FINDING NEMO" (G) (1:40) Stars Albert Brooks, Showing at: Cinemagic Saco Thurs-Wed 12:30, 3:15, Âľ47<27<5<3;=Âś5("AbO`a/ZPS`b0`]]Ya AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQAOQ]BVc`aESR (!!(# Ellen DeGeneres, Alexander Gould and Willem Dafoe. 6:30, 9:15; Cinemagic Westbrook Thurs 12:30,3:40, 3ZZS\2S5S\S`Sa/ZSfO\RS`5]cZRO\REWZZS[2OT]S $(!'(#)1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YBVc`a (!!(" Directed by Andrew Stanton and Lee Unkrich. After 6:45, 9:35 Fri-Wed 12:30, 3:20, 6:45, 9:35; Brunswick 10 2W`SQbSRPg/\R`SeAbO\b]\O\R:SSC\Y`WQV/TbS` $("#'(!#4`WESR (!!( $("#'(!#)0`c\aeWQY his son is captured in the Great Barrier Reef and taken Thurs 3:40, 9:30 VWaa]\WaQO^bc`SRW\bVS5`SOb0O``WS`@SSTO\RbOYS\ BVc`a!("'(! to Sydney, a timid clownfish sets out on a journey to b]AgR\SgObW[WRQZ]e\ÂżaVaSba]cb]\OX]c`\Sgb] bring him home. This is a re-release in 3-D. "THE CAMPAIGN" (R) (1:35) Stars Will Ferrell, Zach P`W\UVW[V][SBVWaWaO`S`SZSOaSW\!2 ÂľB631/;>/75<Âś@(!#AbO`aEWZZ4S``SZZHOQV Showing at: Nordica (Freeport) Thurs-Wed 1:10, Galifianakis, Jason Sudeikis and Dylan McDermott. AV]eW\UOb(<]`RWQO4`SS^]`bBVc`aESR( 5OZWÂżO\OYWa8Oa]\AcRSWYWaO\R2gZO\;Q2S`[]bb 3:40 (3D), 6:30 (3D), 8:45 (3D); Cinemagic Grand Directed by Jay Roach. In order to gain influence over !("!2$(!!2&("#!2)1W\S[OUWQ5`O\R 2W`SQbSRPg8Og@]OQV7\]`RS`b]UOW\W\Ă&#x20AC;cS\QS]dS` (South Portland) Thurs (all 3D) 2:10, 4:30, 7:10, 9:30 Fritheir North Carolina district, two CEOs seize an opA]cbV>]`bZO\RBVc`aOZZ!2 ("(!%('(!4`W bVSW`<]`bV1O`]ZW\ORWab`WQbbe]13=aaSWhSO\]^ Sun 11:50 (3D), 2:10 (3D), 4:30, 7:10 (3D), 9:30 Mon-Wed portunity to oust long-term congressman Cam Brady Ac\(#!2 (!2"(!%(!2'(!;]\ESR ^]`bc\Wbgb]]cabZ]\UbS`[Q]\U`Saa[O\1O[0`ORg (3D), 4:30, 7:10 (3D), 9:30; Cinemagic Saco Thurs by putting up a rival candidate. Their man: Naive Marty 2:10 (!2"(!%(!2'(!)1W\S[OUWQAOQ]BVc`a Pg^cbbW\Uc^O`WdOZQO\RWRObSBVSW`[O\(<OWdS;O`bg (all 3D) 12, 2:15,4:35, 7, 9:15 Fri-Wed 12:05 (3D), Huggins, director of the local Tourism Center. OZZ!2 (#"(!#%'(#4`WESR (#!2 6cUUW\aRW`SQb]`]TbVSZ]QOZB]c`Wa[1S\bS` 2:15 (3D), 4:35, 7 (3D), 9:15; Cinemagic Westbrook Thurs Showing at: Windham 5 Star Thurs 4:15, 7; Nordica (#!2"(!#%!2'(#)1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YBVc`a AV]eW\UOb(EW\RVO[#AbO`BVc`a"(#%)<]`RWQO (all 3D) 11:50, 2:10, 4:30, 7, 9:20 Fri-Wed 11:50 (3D), 2:10 (Freeport) Thurs 7:20,9:20; Cinemagic Saco ThursOZZ!2(# ("(!%'( 4`WESR(#!2 ( 4`SS^]`bBVc`a%( '( )1W\S[OUWQAOQ]BVc`a (3D), 4:40, 7 (3D), 9:50; Brunswick 10 Thurs (all 3D) Wed 12:15, 7:05, 9; Cinemagic Westbrook !2"("%!2'(#)0`c\aeWQYBVc`aOZZ!2 ESR (# 2:10,4:15, ("(#%(#')1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]Y 1:30, 4, 7, 9:30 Fri-Wed (all 3D) 1:35,4:05, 7:05, 9:35 Thurs 12:20, 7:20, 9:50 Fri-Wed 12:20, (!"%'(!4`WESROZZ!2(!#"(#%(#'(!# BVc`a (  2:20,4:30, ( "(!%( '(#4`WESR (  2:20, (  4:30, 7:20,'(! 9:30 "(!%( "HOPE SPRINGS" (PG-13) (1:40) Stars Meryl Streep, Âľ6=>3A>@7<5AÂś>5!("AbO`a;S`gZAb`SS^ Tommy Lee Jones, Steve Carell and Jean Smart. "CELESTE AND JESSE FOREVER" (R) (1:32) Stars B][[g:SS8]\SaAbSdS1O`SZZO\R8SO\A[O`b Âľ13:3AB3/<283AA34=@3D3@Âś@(! AbO`a Directed by David Frankel. After 30 years of marriage, Rashida Jones, Andy Samberg and Elijah Wood. Di2W`SQbSRPg2OdWR4`O\YSZ/TbS`!gSO`a]T[O``WOUS @OaVWRO8]\Sa/\RgAO[PS`UO\R3ZWXOVE]]R2W a middle-aged couple attends an intense, week-long rected by Lee Toland Krieger. A divorcing couple tries O[WRRZSOUSRQ]c^ZSObbS\RaO\W\bS\aSeSSYZ]\U `SQbSRPg:SSB]ZO\R9`WSUS`/RWd]`QW\UQ]c^ZSb`WSa counseling session to work on their relationship. to maintain their friendship while they both pursue Q]c\aSZW\UaSaaW]\b]e]`Y]\bVSW``SZObW]\aVW^ b][OW\bOW\bVSW`T`WS\RaVW^eVWZSbVSgP]bV^c`acS other people. Showing at: Windham 5 Star Thurs 4:10, 7:20; NorAV]eW\UOb(EW\RVO[#AbO`BVc`a"(%( )<]` ]bVS`^S]^ZS dica (Freeport) Thurs 1:20, 3:30, 6:50, 9:10 Fri-Wed 1:20, Showing at: Nickelodeon (Portland) Thurs 4:30, 9:30 RWQO4`SS^]`bBVc`a( !(!$(#'(4`WESR(  AV]eW\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\RBVc`a"(!'(! 6:50; Cinemagic Grand (South Portland) Thurs $(#)1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\RBVc`a 2:15, 7:20; Cinemagic Saco Thurs 12, 2:15, 4:30, 7:10, 9:25 "THE COLD LIGHT OF DAY" (PG-13) (1:33) Stars (#%( )1W\S[OUWQAOQ]BVc`a (#"(!%('( # ÂľB631=:2:756B=42/GÂś>5!(!!AbO`a Fri-Wed 12,2:10,4:30, 7:10, 9:25; Cinemagic Westbrook Henry Cavill, Bruce Willis and Sigourney Weaver. 4`WESR  ("(!%('( #)1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]Y 6S\`g1OdWZZ0`cQSEWZZWaO\RAWU]c`\SgESOdS` Directed by Mabrouk El Mechri. After his family is kid2W`SQbSRPg;OP`]cY3Z;SQV`W/TbS`VWaTO[WZgWaYWR napped during their sailing trip in Spain, a young Wall Please see MOVIES, Page E35 Gc\Xj\j\\;=D73AGX^\<*, \O^^SRRc`W\UbVSW`aOWZW\Ub`W^W\A^OW\Og]c\UEOZZ


( ( ( (( ( (

The P o r t l a n d Press H e r a l d / Thursday, S e p t e m b e r 2 0 , 2012 | GO E35 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS`  j5=3!#


Showing at: Windham 5 Star Thurs 4:30,7 Fri-Sat AV]eW\UOb(EW\RVO[#AbO`BVc`a"(!%4`WAOb 7:05, 9:15 Sun-Wed 7:05; Cinemagic Grand (South Port%(#'(#Ac\ESR%(#)1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV>]`b land) Thurs 2:30,4:50,7:10, 9:30; Cinemagic Saco Thurs ZO\RBVc`a (!"(#%('(!)1W\S[OUWQAOQ]BVc`a 7:15, 9:30 Fri-Wed 12:10, 12:10, ( 2:20,4:30, ( "(!%(#'(!4`WESR ( 2:20, (  :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3!" Continued from Page E34 4:30, 7:15,9:20; Cinemagic Westbrook Thurs 12,2:10, "(!%(#'( )1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YBVc`a  ( 4:20, 6:50, 9:15 Fri-Wed 4:40, 9:35; Brunswick 10 Thurs $(#'(#4`WESR"("'(!#)0`c\aeWQYBVc`a Thurs-Wed 12,2:20,4:40, 7:10, 9:30; Brunswick 10 Thurs "( BVc`aESR  ( "("%('(!)0`c\aeWQYBVc`a 1:35, 4:05, 7:30,10 Fri-Wed 2:05, 4:$5, 7:25, 9:40 (!#"(#%(!4`WESR (#"(#%( #'(" 1:15, 3:55, 6:50, 9:20 Fri-Sun 4:35, 9:50 Mon-Wed 2, (#!(##$(#'( 4`WAc\"(!#'(#;]\ESR 4:35,7:10,9:50 "(!#%('(# "QUEEN OF VERSAILLES" (PG) (1:30) Stars Virginia µ?C33<=4D3@A/7::3A¶>5(!AbO`aDW`UW\WO Nebab, David Siegel and Jaqueline Siegel. Directed <SPOP2OdWRAWSUSZO\R8O_cSZW\SAWSUSZ2W`SQbSR "ICE AGE: CONTINENTAL DRIFT" (PG) (1:34) Stars µ713/53(1=<B7<3<B/:2@74B¶>5(!"AbO`a by Lauren Greenfield. A documentary that follows a Pg:Oc`S\5`SS\¿SZR/R]Qc[S\bO`gbVObT]ZZ]eaO Ray Romano, Denis Leary, John Leguizamo and Aziz @Og@][O\]2S\Wa:SO`g8]V\:SUcWhO[]O\R/hWh billionaire couple as they begin construction on a manPWZZW]\OW`SQ]c^ZSOabVSgPSUW\Q]\ab`cQbW]\]\O[O\ Ansari. Directed by Steve Martino and Mike Thurmeier. /\aO`W2W`SQbSRPgAbSdS;O`bW\]O\R;WYSBVc`[SWS` sion inspired by Versailles. During the next two years, Manny, Diego, and Sid embark upon another adventure aW]\W\a^W`SRPgDS`aOWZZSa2c`W\UbVS\Sfbbe]gSO`a ;O\\g2WSU]O\RAWRS[PO`Yc^]\O\]bVS`ORdS\bc`S their empire falters due to the economic crisis. bVSW`S[^W`STOZbS`aRcSb]bVSSQ]\][WQQ`WaWa after their continent is set adrift. Using an iceberg as a OTbS`bVSW`Q]\bW\S\bWaaSbOR`WTbCaW\UO\WQSPS`UOaO Showing at: Nickelodeon (Portland) Thurs 1:50, AV]eW\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\RBVc`a(# ship, they encounter sea creatures and battle pirates as aVW^bVSgS\Q]c\bS`aSOQ`SObc`SaO\RPObbZS^W`ObSaOa 4:10, 6:40, 9 "($("' they explore a new world. bVSgSf^Z]`SO\See]`ZR Showing at: Cinemagic Westbrook Thurs 11:50,2,4:20 AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YBVc`a(# "(  "QUEEN HUNGARIAN RHAPSODY: LIVE IN BUµ?C33<6C<5/@7/<@6/>A=2G(:7D37<0C DAPEST '86" Now's your chance to watch Queen's 2/>3AB¸&$¶<]e¸ag]c`QVO\QSb]eObQV?cSS\¸a "THE INTOUCHABLES" (R) (1:52) Stars Francois µB637<B=C16/0:3A¶@(# AbO`a4`O\Q]Wa concert movie on the big screen for the first time. Q]\QS`b[]dWS]\bVSPWUaQ`SS\T]`bVS¿`abbW[S Cluzet, Omar Sy and Anne Le Ny. Directed by Olivier 1ZchSb=[O`AgO\R/\\S:S<g2W`SQbSRPg=ZWdWS` Remastered in high definition and surround sound, Nakache and Eric Toledano. After he becomes a quad@S[OabS`SRW\VWUVRS¿\WbW]\O\Rac``]c\Ra]c\R <OYOQVSO\R3`WQB]ZSRO\]/TbS`VSPSQ][SaO_cOR this cinema event opens with a special 25-minute riplegic from a paragliding accident, an aristocrat hires bVWaQW\S[OSdS\b]^S\aeWbVOa^SQWOZ #\cbS `W^ZSUWQT`][O^O`OUZWRW\UOQQWRS\bO\O`Wab]Q`ObVW`Sa a young man from the projects to be his caretaker. documentary following the band from just after its R]Qc[S\bO`gT]ZZ]eW\UbVSPO\RT`][XcabOTbS`Wba Og]c\U[O\T`][bVS^`]XSQbab]PSVWaQO`SbOYS` show-stealing performance at Live Aid through the Showing at: Nickelodeon (Portland) Thurs-Tues 1:15, aV]eabSOZW\U^S`T]`[O\QSOb:WdS/WRbV`]cUVbVS AV]eW\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\RBVc`aBcSa(# year leading up to the concert in Budapest. 4, 6:50, 9:15 Wed 1:15,4; Eveningstar (Brunswick) Thurs gSO`ZSORW\Uc^b]bVSQ]\QS`bW\0cRO^Sab "$(#'(#ESR(#")3dS\W\UabO`0`c\aeWQYBVc`a 1:30, 4, 6:30 Showing at: Nickelodeon Wed 7:30 AV]eW\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\ESR%(! (!"$(! "LAST OUNCE OF COURAGE" (PG) Stars Marshall µ:/AB=C<13=41=C@/53¶>5AbO`a;O`aVOZZ Teague and Jennifer O'Neill. Directed by Darrel CampBSOUcSO\R8S\\WTS`=¸<SWZZ2W`SQbSRPg2O``SZ1O[^ bell and Kevin McAfee. A grieving father is inspired PSZZO\R9SdW\;Q/TSS/U`WSdW\UTObVS`WaW\a^W`SR by his grandson to take a stand for faith and freedom PgVWaU`O\Ra]\b]bOYSOabO\RT]`TOWbVO\RT`SSR][ against a tide of apathy and vanishing liberty. OUOW\abObWRS]TO^ObVgO\RdO\WaVW\UZWPS`bg Showing at: Cinemagic Westbrook Thurs-Wed 12:10, AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YBVc`aESR ( 2:30,4:50, 7:15, 9:45; Brunswick 10 Thurs 1:50, 4:20, (!"(#%(#'("#)0`c\aeWQYBVc`a(#"(  6:45, 9:10 Fri-Sun 4:20, 9:20 Mon-Wed 1:50, 4:20, $("#'(4`WAc\"( '( ;]\ESR(#"(  6:45, 9:20 $("#'( 

"RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION" (R) (1:35) Stars Âľ@3A723<B3D7:(@3B@70CB7=<Âś@(!#AbO`a Milla Jovovich, Sienna Guillory, Michelle Rodriguez ;WZZO8]d]dWQVAWS\\O5cWZZ]`g;WQVSZZS@]R`WUcSh and Aryana Engineer. Directed by Paul W.S. Anderson. O\R/`gO\O3\UW\SS`2W`SQbSRPg>OcZEA/\RS`a]\ Alice fights alongside a resistance movement in the /ZWQSÂżUVbaOZ]\UaWRSO`SaWabO\QS[]dS[S\bW\bVS continuing battle against the Umbrella Corporation and Q]\bW\cW\UPObbZSOUOW\abbVSC[P`SZZO1]`^]`ObW]\O\R the undead. bVSc\RSOR Showing at: Windham 5 Star Thurs 4,7:15 Fri 4,7:15, AV]eW\UOb(EW\RVO[#AbO`BVc`a"%(#4`W"%(# 9:30 Sat 1:10,4, 7:15, 9:30 Sun 1:10,4, 7:15 Mon-Wed 4, '(!AOb("%(#'(!Ac\("%(#;]\ESR" 7:15; Nordica (Freeport) Thurs-Wed 2,4:30 (3D), 7 (3D), %(#)<]`RWQO4`SS^]`bBVc`aESR "(!!2%!2 9:30; Cinemagic Grand (South Portland) (all 3D) Thurs '(!)1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\ROZZ!2BVc`a "LAWLESS" (R) (1:55) Stars Tom Hardy, Shia LaBeouf Âľ:/E:3AAÂś@(##AbO`aB][6O`RgAVWO:O0S]cT 2,"(!%(#'(#4`WAc\(! 4:30, 7:15, 9:50 Fri-Sun 11:30, 2,"(!!2%(#'(# 4:30 (3D), 7:15, 9:50 and Guy Pearce. Directed by John Hillcoat. Set in O\R5cg>SO`QS2W`SQbSRPg8]V\6WZZQ]ObASbW\ (3D) Mon-Wed 2,4:30 (3D), 7:15, 9:50 (3D); Cinemagic !2;]\ESR "(!!2%(#'(#!2)1W\S[OUWQ Virginia during the Depression, a bootlegging gang DW`UW\WORc`W\UbVS2S^`SaaW]\OP]]bZSUUW\UUO\U Saco Thurs 127;/F (IMAX), 12:15, (IMAX), 2:30,4:30 AOQ]BVc`a (# 2:15 (#7;/F (!"(! is threatened by authorities who want a cut of their WabV`SObS\SRPgOcbV]`WbWSaeV]eO\bOQcb]TbVSW` (IMAX), 4:45, 7 (IMAX), 7:15, 9:20 (IMAX), 9:30 Fri-Wed 7;/F"("#%7;/F%(#'( 7;/F'(!4`WESR profits. ^`]Âżba (IMAX), 12:15, (IMAX), 2:30,4:30 (IMAX), 4:45, 7 127;/F (# 2:15 (#7;/F (!"(!7;/F"("#% Showing at: Cinemagic Grand (South Portland) Thurs 7;/F%(#'( AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\RBVc`a (IMAX), 7:15, 9:20 (IMAX), 9:30; Cinemagic Westbrook 7;/F'(!)1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]Y 2:10, 4:45, 7:30,10 Fri-Sun 2:10,4:45, 7:30,10 Mon-Wed ("("#%(!4`WAc\ ("("#%(!;]\ESR Thurs (all 3D) 12:10, 7:20, 9:50 Fri-Wed 12, BVc`aOZZ!2 ( 2:30,4:50, (!"(#%( '(#4`WESR 2:10, 4:45, 7:30,10; Cinemagic Saco Thurs 12:30,3:10, 7, ("("#%(!)1W\S[OUWQAOQ]BVc`a (!!(% 2:20,4:30 (3D), 7:30, 9:20 (3D); Brunswick 10 Thurs ( "(!!2%(!'( !2)0`c\aeWQYBVc`a 9:25 Fri-Wed 12:05,2:30,4:55; Cinemagic Westbrook '( #4`WESR (# (!"(##)1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]Y 1:10,1:40 (3D), 4:15 (3D), 7:10, 7:40 (3D), 10 (3D) Fri(("!2"(#!2%(%("!2!24`W Thurs 12:30, 3:20, 7:10, 9:50 Fri-Wed 12:30, 3:30, 7:10, BVc`a (!!( %('(#4`WESR (!!(!%( Wed 1:45,4:25 (3D), 7:15, 9:35 (3D) ESR("#"( #!2%(#'(!#!2 9:50; Brunswick 10 Thurs 1:05, 3:50, 7:15, 9:55 Fri-Wed '(#)0`c\aeWQYBVc`a(#!(#%(#'(##4`WESR 1:30,4:10,6:50,9:30 (!"($(#'(! "ROBOT AND FRANK" (PG-13) (1:33) Stars Peter Âľ@=0=B/<24@/<9Âś>5!(!!AbO`a>SbS` Sarsgaard, Frank Langella and Susan Sarandon. AO`aUOO`R4`O\Y:O\USZZOO\RAcaO\AO`O\R]\ "MOONRISE KINGDOM" (PG-13) (1:34) Stars Jared Âľ;==<@7A397<52=;Âś>5!(!"AbO`a8O`SR Directed by Jake Schreier. Set in the near future, an 2W`SQbSRPg8OYSAQV`SWS`ASbW\bVS\SO`Tcbc`SO\ Gilman, Kara Hayward and Bruce Willis. Directed by 5WZ[O\9O`O6OgeO`RO\R0`cQSEWZZWa2W`SQbSRPg ex-jewel thief receives a gift from his son: a robot SfXSeSZbVWST`SQSWdSaOUWTbT`][VWaa]\(O`]P]b Wes Anderson. A pair of young lovers flee their New ESa/\RS`a]\/^OW`]Tg]c\UZ]dS`aĂ&#x20AC;SSbVSW`<Se butler programmed to look after him. But soon the two PcbZS`^`]U`O[[SRb]Z]]YOTbS`VW[0cba]]\bVSbe] England town, which causes a local search party to fan 3\UZO\Rb]e\eVWQVQOcaSaOZ]QOZaSO`QV^O`bgb]TO\ companions try their luck as a heist team. Q][^O\W]\ab`gbVSW`ZcQYOaOVSWabbSO[ out and find them. ]cbO\RÂż\RbVS[ Showing at: Nickelodeon (Portland) Thurs 1:45,7:20 AV]eW\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\RBVc`a("#%(  Showing at: Nickelodeon (Portland) Thurs 3,9:20 AV]eW\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\RBVc`a!'(  Fri-Wed 1, 5:10, 7:10 4`WESR#(%( "THE ODD LIFE OF TIMOTHY GREEN" (PG) (1:40) ÂľB63=22:743=4B7;=B6G5@33<Âś>5(" Stars Jennifer Garner, Joel Edgerton and CJ Adams. AbO`a8S\\WTS`5O`\S`8]SZ3RUS`b]\O\R18/RO[a Directed by Peter Hedges. A childless couple bury a 2W`SQbSRPg>SbS`6SRUSa/QVWZRZSaaQ]c^ZSPc`gO box in their backyard, containing all of their wishes for P]fW\bVSW`POQYgO`RQ]\bOW\W\UOZZ]TbVSW`eWaVSaT]` an infant. Soon, a child is born, though Timothy Green O\W\TO\bA]]\OQVWZRWaP]`\bV]cUVBW[]bVg5`SS\ is not all that he appears. Wa\]bOZZbVObVSO^^SO`a Showing at: Windham 5 Star Thurs 4:25,7:10 Fri AV]eW\UOb(EW\RVO[#AbO`BVc`a"( #%(4`W 4:25, 6:55, 9:05 Sat 1:15,4:25, 6:55, 9:05 Sun 1:15,4:25, "( #$(##'(#AOb(#"( #$(##'(#Ac\(#"( # 6:55 Mon-Wed 4:25, 6:55; Nordica (Freeport) Thurs $(##;]\ESR"( #$(##)<]`RWQO4`SS^]`bBVc`a 1:45,4:15,6:40,9; Cinemagic Grand (South Portland) ("#"(#$("')1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\R Thurs 4:45, 9:40; Cinemagic Saco Thurs 12, 2:25,4:45; BVc`a"("#'(")1W\S[OUWQAOQ]BVc`a ( #"("#) Cinemagic Westbrook Thurs-Wed 11:50, 2:10,4:40, 1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YBVc`aESR(# ("(" 7:15,9:45 %(#'("# "PARANORMAN" (PG) (1:33) Stars Kodi SmitÂľ>/@/<=@;/<Âś>5(!!AbO`a9]RWA[Wb McPhee, Anna Kendrick, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and ;Q>VSS/\\O9S\R`WQY1V`Wab]^VS`;W\bh>ZOaaSO\R Tucker Albrizzi. Directed by Chris Butler and Sam Fell. BcQYS`/ZP`WhhW2W`SQbSRPg1V`Wa0cbZS`O\RAO[4SZZ A misunderstood boy who can speak with the dead /[Wac\RS`ab]]RP]geV]QO\a^SOYeWbVbVSRSOR takes on ghosts, zombies and grown-ups to save his bOYSa]\UV]abah][PWSaO\RU`]e\c^ab]aOdSVWa town from a centuries-old curse. b]e\T`][OQS\bc`WSa]ZRQc`aS Showing at: Windham 5 Star Thurs 4:20,7:10 Fri 4:30 AV]eW\UOb(EW\RVO[#AbO`BVc`a"( %(4`W"(! Sat-Sun 1:30,4:30 Mon-Wed 4:30; Nordica (Freeport) AObAc\(!"(!;]\ESR"(!)<]`RWQO4`SS^]`b Thurs 1, 3:50; Cinemagic Westbrook Thurs 11:50,2,4:20, BVc`a!(#)1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YBVc`a(# "(  6:45 Fri-Wed 12, 2:10,4:30, 6:45 $("#4`WESR ("(!$("# "THE POSSESSION" (PG-13) (1:32) Stars Natasha ÂľB63>=AA3AA7=<Âś>5!(! AbO`a<ObOaVO Calis, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Kyra Sedgwick and Jay 1OZWa8STT`Sg2SO\;]`UO\9g`OASRUeWQYO\R8Og Brazeau. Directed by Ole Bornedal. A young girl buys 0`OhSOc2W`SQbSRPg=ZS0]`\SROZ/g]c\UUW`ZPcga an antique box at a yard sale, unaware that inside the O\O\bW_cSP]fObOgO`RaOZSc\OeO`SbVObW\aWRSbVS collectible lives a malicious ancient spirit. The girl's Q]ZZSQbWPZSZWdSaO[OZWQW]caO\QWS\ba^W`WbBVSUW`Z¸a father teams with his ex-wife to find a way to end the TObVS`bSO[aeWbVVWaSfeWTSb]Âż\ROeOgb]S\RbVS curse upon their child. Qc`aSc^]\bVSW`QVWZR

"SLEEPWALK WITH ME" (NR) (1:30) Stars Mike BirbiµA:33>E/:9E7B6;3¶<@(!AbO`a;WYS0W`PW glia, Lauren Ambrose and James Rebhorn. Directed by UZWO:Oc`S\/[P`]aSO\R8O[Sa@SPV]`\2W`SQbSRPg Mike Birbiglia and Seth Barrish. A burgeoning stand-up ;WYS0W`PWUZWOO\RASbV0O``WaV/Pc`US]\W\UabO\Rc^ comedian struggles with the stress of a stalled career, Q][SRWO\ab`cUUZSaeWbVbVSab`Saa]TOabOZZSRQO`SS` a stale relationship and the wild spurts of severe sleepOabOZS`SZObW]\aVW^O\RbVSeWZRa^c`ba]TaSdS`SaZSS^ walking he is desperate to ignore. eOZYW\UVSWaRSa^S`ObSb]WU\]`S Showing at: Nickelodeon (Portland) Thurs 12:45,3, AV]eW\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\RBVc`a ("#! 5:15, 9:45 Fri-Wed 12:45, 3, 5:15, 7:30, 9:45 #(#'("#4`WESR ("#!#(#%(!'("# "TED" (R) (1:36) Stars Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, µB32¶@(!$AbO`a;O`YEOVZPS`U;WZO9c\Wa Seth MacFarlane and Joel McHale. Directed by Seth ASbV;OQ4O`ZO\SO\R8]SZ;Q6OZS2W`SQbSRPgASbV MacFarlane. A story centered on a man and his teddy ;OQ4O`ZO\S/ab]`gQS\bS`SR]\O[O\O\RVWabSRRg bear, who comes to life as the result of a childhood PSO`eV]Q][Sab]ZWTSOabVS`SacZb]TOQVWZRV]]R wish. eWaV Showing at: Cinemagic Westbrook Thurs 7:20,9:50 AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YBVc`a%( '(# "THE WORDS" (PG-13) (1:36) Stars Bradley Cooper, µB63E=@2A¶>5!(!$AbO`a0`ORZSg1]]^S` Dennis Quaid, Olivia Wilde and Zoe Saldana. Directed 2S\\Wa?cOWR=ZWdWOEWZRSO\RH]SAOZRO\O2W`SQbSR by Brian Klugman and Lee Sternthal. A writer at the Pg0`WO\9ZcU[O\O\R:SSAbS`\bVOZ/e`WbS`ObbVS peak of his literary success discovers the steep price he ^SOY]TVWaZWbS`O`gacQQSaaRWaQ]dS`abVSabSS^^`WQSVS must pay for stealing another man's work. [cab^OgT]`abSOZW\UO\]bVS`[O\¸ae]`Y Showing at: Nickelodeon (Portland) Thurs 1:30, AV]eW\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\RBVc`a(! 4:20,7,9:10; Nordica (Freeport) Thurs 1:30,4,7:10, "( %'()<]`RWQO4`SS^]`bBVc`a(!"%( 9:15 Fri-Wed 4,9:15; Cinemagic Grand (South Portland) '(#4`WESR"'(#)1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\R Thurs 2,4:20, 7, 9:40; Cinemagic Saco Thurs 12:05, BVc`a "( %'(")1W\S[OUWQAOQ]BVc`a (# 2:20,4:30, 7:10, 9:25 Fri-Wed 12:10, 7:10; Cin( "(!%('( #4`WESR ( 2:20, ( %()1W\ emagic Westbrook Thurs 12:10, 4:50, 7:15, 9:35 S[OUWQESabP`]]YBVc`a ( 2:30, (!"(#%(#'(!# Fri-Wed 12:20, 7:15; Brunswick 10 Thurs 1:45,4:10, 4`WESR (  2:30, (!%(#)0`c\aeWQYBVc`a("#"( 7:20, 9:45 %( '("#

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The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 20, GO E37 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS`  2012  j5=3!%


Continued from Page E31 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3! "I was managing an apple farm in i*XBTNBOBHJOHBOBQQMFGBSNJO XFTUFSO.BJOF BOEUIFSFXFSFOP western Maine, and there were no QSPTQFDUTUIBU*XBTBXBSFPGJOUFSNTPG prospects that I was aware of in terms of ZPVOHGBSNFST wTBJE(SFFONBO  XIP young farmers," said Greenman, 28, who is participating in the Maine Organic JTQBSUJDJQBUJOHJOUIF.BJOF0SHBOJD 'BSNFSTBOE(BSEFOFST+PVSOFZQFSTPO Farmers and Gardeners' Journeyperson Farm Training Program and is helping to 'BSN5SBJOJOH1SPHSBNBOEJTIFMQJOHUP PSHBOJ[FUIF8FFE%BUJOHFWFOU organize the Weed Dating event. "It's a great idea to have your hands do i*UTBHSFBUJEFBUPIBWFZPVSIBOETEP TPNFUIJOHXIJMFZPVNFFUTPNFPOFOFX something while you meet someone new and take the edge off the awkwardness," BOEUBLFUIFFEHFPGGUIFBXLXBSEOFTT w Greenman said. (SFFONBOTBJE During the event, which takes place at %VSJOHUIFFWFOU XIJDIUBLFTQMBDFBU 5 p.m. Saturday in the fields surrounding QN4BUVSEBZJOUIFmFMETTVSSPVOEJOH the fairground's farmhouse, men and UIFGBJSHSPVOETGBSNIPVTF NFOBOE women will be placed in different rows. XPNFOXJMMCFQMBDFEJOEJGGFSFOUSPXT Every five minutes, an organizer will yell &WFSZmWFNJOVUFT BOPSHBOJ[FSXJMMZFMM out that it's time to move, and the men PVUUIBUJUTUJNFUPNPWF BOEUIFNFO will shift over one row. In the 20 minutes XJMMTIJGUPWFSPOFSPX*OUIFNJOVUFT allotted for the event, participants should BMMPUUFEGPSUIFFWFOU QBSUJDJQBOUTTIPVME be able to meet four people. CFBCMFUPNFFUGPVSQFPQMF There will also be a section of the event 5IFSFXJMMBMTPCFBTFDUJPOPGUIFFWFOU for folks who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or GPSGPMLTXIPBSFHBZ MFTCJBO CJTFYVBMPS transgender. USBOTHFOEFS Before the event, a meetup of former #FGPSFUIFFWFOU BNFFUVQPGGPSNFS farm apprentices takes place from 4 to GBSNBQQSFOUJDFTUBLFTQMBDFGSPNUP 5 p.m. in the MOFGA tent. After Weed QNJOUIF.0'("UFOU"GUFS8FFE Dating, there will be a mixer for single %BUJOH UIFSFXJMMCFBNJYFSGPSTJOHMF farmers with food, drink, music and GBSNFSTXJUIGPPE ESJOL NVTJDBOE short films. Held in the Windsor Tent, the TIPSUmMNT)FMEJOUIF8JOETPS5FOU UIF mixer is sponsored by the Greenhorns, NJYFSJTTQPOTPSFECZUIF(SFFOIPSOT  a national organization that recruits and BOBUJPOBMPSHBOJ[BUJPOUIBUSFDSVJUTBOE supports young farmers. TVQQPSUTZPVOHGBSNFST Weed Dating participants should 8FFE%BUJOHQBSUJDJQBOUTTIPVME bring a flashlight (because the unlit CSJOHBnBTIMJHIU CFDBVTFUIFVOMJU fairgrounds will be dark when the event GBJSHSPVOETXJMMCFEBSLXIFOUIFFWFOU ends) and a Mason jar, in which potenFOET BOEB.BTPOKBS JOXIJDIQPUFO tial suitors can leave notes and phone UJBMTVJUPSTDBOMFBWFOPUFTBOEQIPOF numbers. OVNCFST The Common Ground Country Fair, 5IF$PNNPO(SPVOE$PVOUSZ'BJS  taking place Friday to Sunday, is the UBLJOHQMBDF'SJEBZUP4VOEBZ JTUIF major fundraiser for MOFGA. Unlike NBKPSGVOESBJTFSGPS.0'("6OMJLF other agricultural fairs, it doesn't offer PUIFSBHSJDVMUVSBMGBJST JUEPFTOUPGGFS carnival rides or a midway. Instead, the DBSOJWBMSJEFTPSBNJEXBZ*OTUFBE UIF fair focuses on sustainable living and orGBJSGPDVTFTPOTVTUBJOBCMFMJWJOHBOEPS


Continued from Page E25 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3 #

WHEN: 5 p.m. Saturday. Fair E63<(#^[AObc`ROg4OW` gates open at 9 a.m. Friday to UObSa]^S\Ob'O[4`WROgb] Saturday. AObc`ROg WHERE: Common Ground E63@3(1][[]\5`]c\R Country Fair, 294 Crosby 1]c\b`g4OW` '"1`]aPg Brook Road, Unity 0`]]Y@]ORC\Wbg HOW MUCH: Free with fair admission: 6=E;C16(4`SSeWbVTOW`OR[WaaW]\( $10; $8 for seniors; free for ages 12 )&T]`aS\W]`a)T`SST]`OUSa and under; $2RWaQ]c\bT]`PWQgQZWaba discount for bicyclists O\Rc\RS`) INFO: or email 7<4=([]TUO]`U]`S[OWZ to TOW`eSSRRObW\U.U[OWZQ][b] register `SUWabS` GOOD TO KNOW: Bottled water is 5==2B=9<=E(0]bbZSReObS`Wa not sold at the fair. Instead, bring \]ba]ZRObbVSTOW`7\abSORP`W\U a water bottle, which you can fill OeObS`P]bbZSeVWQVg]cQO\¿ZZ at free stations throughout the ObT`SSabObW]\abV`]cUV]cbbVS fairgrounds. Pets are not allowed. TOW`U`]c\Ra>SbaO`S\]bOZZ]eSR

&EET(URT Feet Hurt?



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FREE Foot &2%%&OOT Evaluations! %VALUATIONS

Please call for an appointment 0LEASECALLFORANAPPOINTMENT

911 Main Street -AIN3TREET Sanford, ME 3ANFORD -%


MORE ONLINE DFI<FEC@E< TO READ MORE about the Common B=@3/2;=@3OP]cbbVS1][[]\ Ground Country Fair, visit 5`]c\R1]c\b`g4OW`dWaWb eee^`SaaVS`OZRQ][ZWTS foodanddining. T]]RO\RRW\W\U

ganic farming, with more than 700 events, HBOJDGBSNJOH XJUINPSFUIBOFWFOUT  seven barns filled with livestock, hunTFWFOCBSOTmMMFEXJUIMJWFTUPDL IVO dreds of vendors and artisans, numerous ESFETPGWFOEPSTBOEBSUJTBOT OVNFSPVT musical acts, close to 50 all-organic food NVTJDBMBDUT DMPTFUPBMMPSHBOJDGPPE vendors and two farmers markets. The WFOEPSTBOEUXPGBSNFSTNBSLFUT5IF fair typically attracts 60,000 people over GBJSUZQJDBMMZBUUSBDUT QFPQMFPWFS three days. UISFFEBZT Renata Christen, who is assisting with 3FOBUB$ISJTUFO XIPJTBTTJTUJOHXJUI preparations for the Common Ground QSFQBSBUJPOTGPSUIF$PNNPO(SPVOE Country Fair, estimates that at least 30 $PVOUSZ'BJS FTUJNBUFTUIBUBUMFBTU people will show up for the Weed Dating QFPQMFXJMMTIPXVQGPSUIF8FFE%BUJOH event, with many more at the mixer. FWFOU XJUINBOZNPSFBUUIFNJYFS "If you're rural, isolated and young and i*GZPVSFSVSBM JTPMBUFEBOEZPVOHBOE you're passionate about farming, it's rare ZPVSFQBTTJPOBUFBCPVUGBSNJOH JUTSBSF that you're going to find someone of that UIBUZPVSFHPJOHUPmOETPNFPOFPGUIBU ilk nearby," Christen said. JMLOFBSCZ w$ISJTUFOTBJE But you may just find him or her while #VUZPVNBZKVTUmOEIJNPSIFSXIJMF pulling a few weeds at the Common QVMMJOHBGFXXFFETBUUIF$PNNPO Ground Country Fair. (SPVOE$PVOUSZ'BJS

,IGHTHOUSE,OVERS#RUISE Lighthouse Lovers Cruise Portland Harbor Breakwater Light â&#x20AC;¢ Spring Point Ledge Light/Ram Island Ledge Light â&#x20AC;¢ Portland Head Light 0ORTLAND(ARBOR"REAKWATER,IGHTs3PRING0OINT,EDGE,IGHT2AM)SLAND,EDGE,IGHTs0ORTLAND(EAD,IGHT Departs Long Wharf, Portland 11:3O, 1:30, 3:30 August 27th - October 8th $EPARTS,ONG7HARF 0ORTLAND  !UGUSTTH /CTOBERTH

Staff Writer Avery Yale Kamila can be AbOTTE`WbS`/dS`gGOZS9O[WZOQO\PS contacted at 791-6297 or at: Q]\bOQbSROb%'$ '%]`Ob( akamila @pressherald. com OYO[WZO.^`SaaVS`OZRQ][ Twitter: AveryYaleKamila BeWbbS`(/dS`gGOZS9O[WZO

Boston. $15 to $25.; (800) 0]ab]\#b] #:WdS\ObW]\Q][)& 745-3000 %"#! Oct. 20 - The Presets, 7 p.m., House of =Qb ³BVS>`SaSba%^[6]caS]T Blues, Boston. $20.; (800) 0ZcSa0]ab]\ :WdS\ObW]\Q][)& 745-3000 %"#! Oct. 20 - Primus in 3D, 8 p.m., Orpheum =Qb ³>`W[caW\!2&^[=`^VSc[ Theatre, Boston. $35 to $47.50. BVSOb`S0]ab]\!#b]"%#; (800) 745-3000 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! Oct. 21 - Melissa Etheridge, 7:30 p.m., =Qb ³;SZWaaO3bVS`WRUS%(!^[ Orpheum Theatre, Boston. $36.25 to =`^VSc[BVSOb`S0]ab]\!$ #b] $101.25.; (800) 745-3000  #:WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! Oct. 21 - Rob Zombie and Marilyn =Qb ³@]PH][PWSO\R;O`WZg\ Manson, 7:30 p.m., Verizon Wireless ;O\a]\%(!^[DS`Wh]\EW`SZSaa Arena, Manchester, N.H. $39.50 to $49.50. /`S\O;O\QVSabS`<6!'#b]"'#; (800) 745-3000 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! Oct. 23 - Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson, =Qb !³@]PH][PWSO\R;O`WZg\;O\a]\ 7:30 p.m., Agganis Arena, Boston. $39.50 %(!^[/UUO\Wa/`S\O0]ab]\!'# to $55.; (800) 745-3000 b]##:WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! Oct. 24 - Rush, 7:30 p.m., TD =Qb "³@caV%(!^[B2 Garden, Boston. $63.35 to $142.60. 5O`RS\0]ab]\$!!#b]" $; (800) 745-3000 BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! Oct. 25 - The xx with Chairlift, 8 p.m., =Qb #³BVSffeWbV1VOW`ZWTb&^[ House of Blues, Boston. $30 to $45. 6]caS]T0ZcSa0]ab]\!b]"#; (800) 745-3000 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! Oct. 26 - Major Lazer, 8 p.m., House of =Qb $³;OX]`:OhS`&^[6]caS]T Blues, Boston. $25.; (800) 0ZcSa0]ab]\ #:WdS\ObW]\Q][)& 745-3000 %"#! Oct. 26 - Keb' Mo' Band, 8 p.m., Wilbur =Qb $³9SP¸;]¸0O\R&^[EWZPc` Theatre, Boston. $41.70 to $55.20. BVSOb`S0]ab]\"%b]##; (800) 745-3000 BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#!

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*26  Per Person 0ER0ERSON

PRIVATE FUNCTION 02)6!4%&5.#4)/. ROOMS AVAILABLE 2//-3!6!),!",% with NO Room Charge! WITH./2OOM#HARGE

HOLIDAY (/,)$!9 PARTIES 0!24)%3 WEDDINQ REHEARSALS & 7%$$).'2%(%!23!,3 RECEPTIONS, 2%#%04)/.3 BUSINESS MEETINQS, "53).%33-%%4).'3

COCKTAIL & #/#+4!), HORS D'OEUVRES PARTIES (/23$/%562%30!24)%3 OFF-SITE CATERINQ TO /&& 3)4%#!4%2).'4/ HOME OR OFFICE (/-%/2/&&)#% rf *T-*i A*^ -^"i 772*9232  

Oct. 12³B]eS`]T>]eS`O\RBVS/dS`OUS - Tower of Power and The Average =Qb White Band, 8 p.m., Wilbur Theatre, Boston. EVWbS0O\R&^[EWZPc`BVSOb`S0]ab]\ $57.70 to $70.20.; (800) #%%b]% BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)& 745-3000 %"#! Oct. 13 - Ben Folds Five with Kate Miller=Qb!³0S\4]ZRa4WdSeWbV9ObS;WZZS` Heidke, 7 p.m., House of Blues, Boston. $42 6SWRYS%^[6]caS]T0ZcSa0]ab]\" to $55.; (800) 745-3000 b]##:WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! Oct. 14 - Waka Flocka Flame with Wooh Da =Qb"³EOYO4Z]QYO4ZO[SeWbVE]]V2O Kid, 8 p.m., House of Blues, Boston. $25 to 9WR&^[6]caS]T0ZcSa0]ab]\ #b] $39.50.; (800) 745-3000 !'#:WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! Oct. 15 - Joss Stone, 7:30 p.m., House of =Qb#³8]aaAb]\S%(!^[6]caS]T Blues, Boston. $29.50, $45.; 0ZcSa0]ab]\ '#"#:WdS\ObW]\Q][) (800) 745-3000 &%"#! Oct. 17 - Silversun Pickups, 7:30 =Qb%³AWZdS`ac\>WQYc^a%(! p.m., Orpheum Theatre, Boston. $35. ^[=`^VSc[BVSOb`S0]ab]\!#; (800) 745-3000 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! Oct. 17 - Trey Anastasio, 7:30 p.m., =Qb%³B`Sg/\OabOaW]%(!^[ Orpheum Theatre, Boston. $38/$48. =`^VSc[BVSOb`S0]ab]\!&"&; (800) 745-3000 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! Oct. 18 - The Mountain Goats with Matthew =Qb&³BVS;]c\bOW\5]ObaeWbV;ObbVSe E. White, 8 p.m., House of Blues, Boston. 3EVWbS&^[6]caS]T0ZcSa0]ab]\; (800) 745-3000 $22.50. #:WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! Oct. 19 - The Walkmen, 6 p.m., Royale =Qb'³BVSEOZY[S\$^[@]gOZS Boston. $28.20.; (800) 0]ab]\ & BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)& 745-3000 %"#! Oct. 19 - 3LAU, 8 p.m., House of Blues, =Qb'³!:/C&^[6]caS]T0ZcSa



337 CUMBERLAND AVENUE #5-"%2,!.$!6%.5% PORTLAND, MAINE 0/24,!.$ -!).%


The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 20, 3!&5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS`  2012  E38 GO

h30 29 ,!3( / 4 3 ) vx).4/0/24,!.$3( -AINE SONLYAMPHIBIOUSTOURWILLSHOW Ma'me'3 only amphlbloue tour will enow you Portland by land and sea without YOU0ORTLANDBYLANDANDSEAWITHOUT ever leaving your eeatl EVERLEAVINGYOURSEAT



A great excursion for ALL AGES! !GREATEXCURSIONFOR!,,!'%3 #ALL  $5#+FORINFORMATION Call (207)774-DUCK for information. Purchase tickets on board. 0URCHASETICKETSONBOARD Boarding & Tickets Available "OARDING4ICKETS!VAILABLE at Casco Variety AT#ASCO6ARIETY WWWDOWNEASTDUCKTOURSCOM



Maine lobster bead fits all popular bead -AINELOBSTERBEADlTSALLPOPULARBEAD bracelets; 14k lobster/SS trap with "Maine" BRACELETSKLOBSTER33TRAPWITHh-AINEv on the bottom; $ 1 1 0 . ONTHEBOTTOM An endless selection of real butterfly !NENDLESSSELECTIONOFREALBUTTERmY jewelry, tree of life, blue topaz & larimar. JEWELRY TREEOFLIFE BLUETOPAZLARIMAR



TODAY B=2/G Animal Fun - 11:30 a.m., Children's /\W[OZ4c\³(!O[1VWZR`S\¸a Museum and Theatre of Maine 207;caSc[O\RBVSOb`S]T;OW\S % &828-1234. & !" Family Farmyard Fun - 10-11:30 4O[WZg4O`[gO`R4c\³(! a.m. Paula Letiecq and her farmyard O[>OcZO:SbWSQ_O\RVS`TO`[gO`R friends. Pineland Farms, New T`WS\Ra>W\SZO\R4O`[a<Se Gloucester. 5Z]cQSabS` Teensy Weensy Production BSS\agESS\ag>`]RcQbW]\ Class: An Introduction - 10:30 a.m., 1ZOaa(/\7\b`]RcQbW]\³(!O[ Children's Museum and Theatre of 1VWZR`S\¸a;caSc[O\RBVSOb`S]T Maine, Portland. 828-1234. ;OW\S>]`bZO\R& & !" Tiny Tots: Squishy, Slimy, Sticky, BW\gB]ba(A_cWaVgAZW[gAbWQYg Slippery - 10:30 a.m., Children's AZW^^S`g³(!O[1VWZR`S\¸a Museum and Theatre of Maine. 828;caSc[O\RBVSOb`S]T;OW\S& & 1234. !" Where Science Meets Art: Origami EVS`SAQWS\QS;SSba/`b(=`WUO[W Science - 3:45 p.m., Children's AQWS\QS³!("#^[1VWZR`S\¸a Museum and Theatre of Maine. 828;caSc[O\RBVSOb`S]T;OW\S& & 1234. !" FRIDAY 4@72/G Fire Safety Friday - 10:30 a.m., 4W`SAOTSbg4`WROg³(!O[ Children's Museum and Theatre of 1VWZR`S\¸a;caSc[O\RBVSOb`S]T Maine. 828-1234. ;OW\S& & !"

Friday on the Farm Tour with 4`WROg]\bVS4O`[B]c`eWbV Paula Letiecq - 10-11:30 a.m., Pineland >OcZO:SbWSQ_³(!O[>W\SZO\R Farms, New Gloucester 4O`[a<Se5Z]cQSabS` Let's Play Store - 3:30 p.m., :Sb¸a>ZOgAb]`S³!(!^[ Children's Museum and Theatre of 1VWZR`S\¸a;caSc[O\RBVSOb`S]T Maine. 828-1234. ;OW\S& & !" The Lady Llama Puppet Show! BVS:ORg:ZO[O>c^^SbAV]e - 11:30 a.m., Children's Museum and ³(!O[1VWZR`S\¸a;caSc[O\R Theatre of Maine. 828-1234. BVSOb`S]T;OW\S& & !" SATURDAY A/BC@2/G Craft Time - Fashion Totes & Silly 1`OTbBW[S³4OaVW]\B]bSaAWZZg Monsters - 9:15 a.m., Royal River ;]\abS`a³'(#O[@]gOZ@WdS` Books. 846-8006. 0]]Ya&"$&$ Mini-Robot Lab - 3:30 p.m., ;W\W@]P]b:OP³!(!^[ Children's Museum and Theatre of 1VWZR`S\¸a;caSc[O\RBVSOb`S]T Maine. 828-1234. ;OW\S& & !" Page to Stage Book Club: Sleeping >OUSb]AbOUS0]]Y1ZcP(AZSS^W\U Beauty - 1 p.m., Children's Museum 0SOcbg³^[1VWZR`S\¸a;caSc[ and Theatre of Maine. 828-1234. O\RBVSOb`S]T;OW\S& & !" Recycled Change Bank - 10:30 a.m., @SQgQZSR1VO\US0O\Y³(!O[ Children's Museum and Theatre of 1VWZR`S\¸a;caSc[O\RBVSOb`S]T Maine. 828-1234. ;OW\S& & !" Stripped-Down Motor Making Ab`W^^SR2]e\;]b]`;OYW\U - 11:30 a.m., Children's Museum and ³(!O[1VWZR`S\¸a;caSc[O\R Theatre of Maine. 828-1234. BVSOb`S]T;OW\S& & !"

See EVENTS, 0AGE Page 39 3EE%6%.43



!*(&(")*&(*#%*  Join our professional actors as we read new and classic -RLQRXUSURIHVVLRQDODFWRUVDVZHUHDGQHZDQGFODVVLF children's books, then participate in an acting workshop FKLOGUHQ·VERRNVWKHQSDUWLFLSDWHLQDQDFWLQJZRUNVKRS based on the stories. EDVHGRQWKHVWRULHV

Amazing") Kids! $/"%

*+(   .


Silly vs Scary Stories "##.,)(.*&(") *&(    October 6,13,20, & 27   10:30 AM

Crazy Critters (/.("**()

&  "*( !

&,$(   November 3,10 & 17   10:30 AM )RUPRUHLQIRUPDWLRQRUWRUHJLVWHU


Theater for Kids programming at Portland Stage is generously supported by Susie Konkel. 7KHDWHUIRU.LGVSURJUDPPLQJDW3RUWODQG6WDJHLVJHQHURXVO\VXSSRUWHGE\6XVLH.RQNHO


The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 20, | GO E39 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS` 2012  j5=3!'


AC<2/G SUNDAY Bridge Building - 2^[1VWZR`S\¸a p.m., Children's 0`WRUS0cWZRW\U³ Museum and Theatre of Maine. 828;caSc[O\RBVSOb`S]T;OW\S& & 1234. !" Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream 1V]Q]ZObS0`]e\WS7QS1`SO[ Making - 3:30 p.m., Children's ;OYW\U³!(!^[1VWZR`S\¸a Museum and Theatre of Maine. 828;caSc[O\RBVSOb`S]T;OW\S& & 1234. !" MONDAY ;=<2/G Story Time - Sheila Towne, 9:15 Ab]`gBW[S³AVSWZOB]e\S'(# a.m., Royal River Books. 846-8006. O[@]gOZ@WdS`0]]Ya&"$&$ TUESDAY BC3A2/G Cows: Udderly Amazing 1]ea(CRRS`Zg/[OhW\U³ 10-11:30 a.m. Paula Letiecq and her (!O[>OcZO:SbWSQ_O\RVS` Holstein friends, Pineland Farms, New 6]ZabSW\T`WS\Ra>W\SZO\R4O`[a<Se Gloucester. 5Z]cQSabS` Art Through the Ages: Andy /`bBV`]cUVbVS/USa(/\Rg Goldsworthy - 3:30 p.m., Children's 5]ZRae]`bVg³!(!^[1VWZR`S\¸a Museum and Theatre of Maine. 828;caSc[O\RBVSOb`S]T;OW\S& & 1234. !" Garden Snacktime - 10:30 a.m., 5O`RS\A\OQYbW[S³(!O[

Children's Museum and Theatre of 1VWZR`S\¸a;caSc[O\RBVSOb`S]T Maine.828-1234. ;OW\S& & !" Story Time - Sheila Towne, 9:15 Ab]`gBW[S³AVSWZOB]e\S'(# a.m., Royal River Books. 846-8006. O[@]gOZ@WdS`0]]Ya&"$&$ Sun Prints - 11:30 a.m., Children's Ac\>`W\ba³(!O[1VWZR`S\¸a Museum and Theatre of Maine. 828;caSc[O\RBVSOb`S]T;OW\S& & 1234. !" Teensy Weensy Production BSS\agESS\ag>`]RcQbW]\ Class: An Introduction - 10:30 a.m., 1ZOaa(/\7\b`]RcQbW]\³(!O[ Children's Museum and Theatre of 1VWZR`S\¸a;caSc[O\RBVSOb`S]T Maine. 828-1234. ;OW\S& & !" WEDNESDAY E32<3A2/G We Are Maine: Hindi Movies ES/`S;OW\S(6W\RW;]dWSa³ 3 p.m., Children's Museum and !^[1VWZR`S\¸a;caSc[O\R Theatre of Maine. 828-1234. BVSOb`S]T;OW\S& & !" THURSDAY, SEPT. 27 B6C@A2/GA3>B % Apple Cider Making and /^^ZS1WRS`;OYW\UO\R Demonstration - 10-11:30 a.m., 2S[]\ab`ObW]\³(!O[ Pineland Farms, New Gloucester. >W\SZO\R4O`[a<Se5Z]cQSabS` Paper Rocket Launch - 11:30 a.m., >O^S`@]QYSb:Oc\QV³(!O[ Children's Museum and Theatre of 1VWZR`S\¸a;caSc[O\RBVSOb`S]T Maine. 828-1234. ;OW\S& & !" Tiny Tots: Fort Building - 10:30 BW\gB]ba(4]`b0cWZRW\U³(! a.m., Children's Museum and Theatre O[1VWZR`S\¸a;caSc[O\RBVSOb`S of Maine. 828-1234. ]T;OW\S& & !" Where Science Meets Art: Origami EVS`SAQWS\QS;SSba/`b(=`WUO[W Science - 3:45 p.m., Children's AQWS\QS³!("#^[1VWZR`S\¸a

Museum and Theatre of Maine. ;caSc[O\RBVSOb`S]T;OW\S FRIDAY, SEPT. 28 4@72/GA3>B & Friday on the Farm - 10-11:30 4`WROg]\bVS4O`[³(! a.m., tour with Paula Letiecq and her O[b]c`eWbV>OcZO:SbWSQ_O\RVS` farmyard friends. Pineland Farms, TO`[gO`RT`WS\Ra>W\SZO\R4O`[a New Gloucester. <Se5Z]cQSabS` Let's Play Store - 3:30 p.m., :Sb¸a>ZOgAb]`S³!(!^[ Children's Museum and Theatre of 1VWZR`S\¸a;caSc[O\RBVSOb`S]T Maine. 828-1234. ;OW\S& & !" The Lady Llama Puppet Show! BVS:ORg:ZO[O>c^^SbAV]e - 11:30 a.m., Children's Museum and ³(!O[1VWZR`S\¸a;caSc[O\R Theatre of Maine. 828-1234. BVSOb`S]T;OW\S& & !" SATURDAY, SEPT. 29 A/BC@2/GA3>B ' Craft Time - Drift Cars - 9:15 a.m., 1`OTbBW[S³2`WTb1O`a³'(#O[ Royal River Books. 846-8006. @]gOZ@WdS`0]]Ya&"$&$ Dry Ice Cream- 3:30 p.m., 2`g7QS1`SO[³!(!^[ Children's Museum and Theatre of 1VWZR`S\¸a;caSc[O\RBVSOb`S]T Maine. 828-1234. ;OW\S& & !" Magnet Lab - 11:30 a.m., Children's ;OU\Sb:OP³(!O[1VWZR`S\¸a Museum and Theatre of Maine.828;caSc[O\RBVSOb`S]T;OW\S& & 1234. !" Recycled Chage Bank - 10:30 a.m., @SQgQZSR1VOUS0O\Y³(!O[ Children's Museum and Theatre of 1VWZR`S\¸a;caSc[O\RBVSOb`S]T Maine. 828-1234. ;OW\S& & !" SUNDAY, SEPT. 30 AC<2/GA3>B! Discover Dinosaurs - 10:30 a.m., 2WaQ]dS`2W\]aOc`a³(!O[

Children's Museum and Theatre of 1VWZR`S\¸a;caSc[O\RBVSOb`S]T Maine ;OW\S Garden Snack time - 3:30 p.m., 5O`RS\A\OQYbW[S³!(!^[ Children's Museum and Theatre of 1VWZR`S\¸a;caSc[O\RBVSOb`S]T Maine. 828-1234. ;OW\S& & !" MONDAY, OCT. 1 ;=<2/G=1B Story Time - Sheila Towne, 9:15 Ab]`gBW[S³AVSWZOB]e\S'(# a.m., Royal River Books. 846-8006. O[@]gOZ@WdS`0]]Ya&"$&$ TUESDAY, OCT. 2 BC3A2/G=1B Story Time - Sheila Towne, 9:15 Ab]`gBW[S³AVSWZOB]e\S'(# a.m., Royal River Books. 846-8006. O[@]gOZ@WdS`0]]Ya&"$&$ SATURDAY, OCT. 6 A/BC@2/G=1B$ Craft Time - Pom-Pom Pets - 9:15 1`OTbBW[S³>][>][>Sba³'(# a.m., Royal River Books. 846-8006. O[@]gOZ@WdS`0]]Ya&"$&$ MONDAY, OCT. 8 ;=<2/G=1B& Family Program: Sparks Ark 4O[WZg>`]U`O[(A^O`Ya/`Y³ 10-11:30 a.m. David Sparks and his (!O[2OdWRA^O`YaO\RVWa array of wild friends, Pineland Farms, O``Og]TeWZRT`WS\Ra>W\SZO\R4O`[a New Gloucester. <Se5Z]cQSabS` Story Time - Sheila Towne, 9:15 Ab]`gBW[S³AVSWZOB]e\S'(# a.m., Royal River Books. 846-8006. O[@]gOZ@WdS`0]]Ya&"$&$ TUESDAY, OCT. 9 BC3A2/G=1B' Story Time - Sheila Towne, 9:15 Ab]`gBW[S³AVSWZOB]e\S'(# a.m., Royal River Books. 846-8006. O[@]gOZ@WdS`0]]Ya&"$&$

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GO Portland Press Herald, Sept. 20, 2012  
GO Portland Press Herald, Sept. 20, 2012  

GO Portland Press Herald, Sept. 20, 2012