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H A P P Y M O T H E R ’ S D AY

Mama, me, and the clothesline Maria C. Montante Dispatch Columnist


n this beautiful Mother’s Day edition of the Sunday Dispatch, I wanted to write special words of wisdom to honor all mothers. Realizing that I am surrounded by mothers of all ages who each have their unique way of mothering, I chose this article about Mama and me that is very close to my heart. The sun was shinning with a strong wind blowing as I hung the sheets on the clothesline. It was a great day for drying clothes the old fashion way. I remember while growing up in the Oregon section of Pittston there was a clothesline or two strung in the backyard of every house. The clotheslines were usually stretched from pole to pole but having a pulley line made hanging easier and it was truly a luxury. Concentrating on getting the sheets hung, I imagined I heard a rap on the kitchen window. I turned expecting to see Mama standing there telling me to take the divider off the clothesline because the sheets would get tangled around the line. No, Mama wasn’t there. It must be the wind playing tricks on me. Turning, I began hanging on the second line. Having two pulley lines is a double luxury especially when clotheslines are out of style and clothes dryers are the mode. My brother Nick says, “Clotheslines are the cheapest dryers you can buy.� Once again, I began my chore of hanging (excuse me, underwear this time) when again I

heard the rap. I stopped to stare at the kitchen window hoping against hope she would be there. No, just the voice in my head telling me to hang the socks first and don’t get too close to the trees. Through the years, I could not estimate how many lines of clothes have been hung in this backyard every season of the year. Each season had a different affect on the clothes. Summer time clothes were dried by the hot sun and came off the line stiff and scratchy especially the towels. Drying your body with one of those stiff towels was like having a massage with sand paper. Wintertime was the hardest time for hanging clothes. It seems winters were more brutal back then. I remember Mama wearing a heavy coat and a woolen scarf on her head bundled against the freezing cold day. Before the first piece of clothing was hung the fingers were stiff and the nose stinging. The clothes hung side by side like frozen baccala (cod) as “Old Man Winter� unmercifully blew steady streams of cold air. Removing the clothes off the line was another challenge. Again the heavy clothes were worn. It was a struggle prying the clothes off the line because the pins and your fingers were frozen. By the time the chore was completed the body felt like a giant ice cube. Many times in my young mothering days in haste to get the clothes hung, I ran out onto the porch with no coat and scarf and immediately the rap on the window was heard. “Put your coat on,� Mama scolded. “One day when your bones ache you will be sorry.�

Happy Mother’s Day!


The clean, fresh smell of the clothes hung in the spring air was a pleasure. Sheets were taken off the bed, washed, hung to dry and then put back on the bed. What a great feeling to sleep between the sheets with that natural fresh outdoor smell. No artificial softener was necessary. Autumn is my favorite season of the year for hanging laundry. Every day is different. Windy days are perfect for drying blankets and bedspreads. They come off the line with a natural feel and a readiness to be put back on the bed. I don’t know how many people are aware that there were rules and guidelines for hanging laundry on the clotheslines. Monday was washday. Throughout the neighborhood and city clothes hung like banners decorating the outdoors with splashes of added color. Clothes were hung by category. Towels and washcloths went together while tablecloths hung on the line with dishtowels. You needed to look at a clothesline to estimate how many people were in a family. Although, it was never talked about over the fence, your neighbor was scanning the whiteness and brightness of the washed laundry. Hanging laundry on clotheslines can be therapeutic. It gives me the opportunity to be out of doors in the fresh air to clear my head, to look up at the sky and analyze the clouds, feel the wind whipping in my hair and face and time to think and reflect. I never had the pleasure to teach my daughters, Marilyn See MARIA, Page 17


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Daughter finds herself repeating helpful advice By Mary Therese Biebel The Times Leader


ever give up. That was the consistent message Tiffany Crispell Walsh heard from her parents and grandparents during her formative years. Of course, it wasn’t always easy. "When I was in elementary school I wanted to join a team that did dance routines at football games. I tried out multiple years, unsuccessfully," said Crispell Walsh, 27, of Pittston. "Every year I would practice for weeks and every time miss the cut by one person. And every time I came home and cried. And every time my mother encouraged me to ‘Get back

up and try again.’" Her mom, Marilyn Crispell, did more than give advice. "She would actually videotape the dance group and try to learn the routine herself and help me learn it." Mom and daughter would rehearse the dance together, and eventually, Crispell Walsh became a Plains Yankees strutter. When she sat on the bench through most of the softball season, and when college courses were difficult, and when the search for true love proved elusive -- every time life threw her a curve -- the parental advice was consistent: "Get back up and try again." And it always worked. The one-time benchwarmer practiced diligently and became a starter

for the high school softball team. She kept studying and graduated from college. She remained open to love, found a nice guy and married him. Just a few months ago, Crispell Walsh was watching her 1-year-old daughter, Madison, learn to walk. "She would get so frustrated when she’d fall, just as I’m sure I did when I was learning how to walk," Crispell Walsh said. Suddenly, she heard herself encouraging her little girl in a familiar way: "Get back up. Put one foot in front of the other ’cause you’re almost there.’ " That’s when it hit her. She was giving the same kind of advice about persevering that she’d always heard. Crispell Walsh said she benefits a

great deal from living close to her parents. She’s grateful to her father, Stephen Crispell, for all the work he’s done remodeling her basement and to her mother, Marilyn, for being a great babysitter. "She was a teacher and retired nine days before my daughter was born," Crispell Walsh said. "When I said ‘You’re going to be a Grandma,’ she said, ‘That settles it.’" Crispell Walsh. who works as a security supervisor at Wilkes-Barre General Hospital, and her husband, Michael Walsh, are expecting a son in May, and little Maddie, now almost 2, seems excited about becoming a big sister. "I don’t know if she fully understands," Crispell Walsh said. "She points to my tummy and says, ’Jack!’"


H A P P Y M O T H E R ’ S D AY

Happy Mother’s Day from The Sunday Dispatch H A PPY M O TH E R ’S D A Y !!

W H A T IS M O R E G L O R IO U S? “Th e m ost im porta nt person on ea rth is a m oth er. Sh e ca nnot cla im th e h onor ofh a ving bu iltN otre D a m e C a th edra l. Sh e need not. Sh e h a s bu iltsom eth ing m ore m a gnificentth a n a ny ca th edra l - a dw elling for a n im m orta l sou l, th e tiny perfection ofh erba by’s body. “Th e a ngels h a ve notbeen blessed w ith su ch a gra ce. Th ey ca nnot sh a re in G od’s crea tive m ira cle to bring new sa ints to H ea ven. O nly a h u m a n m oth er ca n. M oth ers a re closer to G od th e C rea tor th a n a ny oth er crea tu re. G od joins forces w ith m oth ers in perform ing th is a ct or crea tion...” “W h a t on G od’s good ea rth is m ore gloriou s th a n th is: to be a m oth er?” D O N ’T F O R G E T TO B U Y A C A R N A TIO N TH IS S U N D A Y TO H E L P S U PPO R T TH E PR O L IF E C A U S E


Allthough w Although we’re not theirr mother mother,r, Wee care fo for them each day. W Wee cuddle, sing and readd to them them, W m, And A nd watch them as they play. They Th hey come to us for comfort, mfort, And kiss away their tears. A nd we kis They proudly show theirr work too us, Th hey proud Wee give th the loudest cheers! W ers! Wee know ssomeday the time come, W ime willl come e, When will have to part, W hen we w art, But know each child we’ve ccared Bu ut we kno ared ffor or Iss fforever orever iin our heart. Love, Miss Cookie, M Miss Marie, Miss Kelly iss M ariee, Mis ss Ke ellyy Miss Aine and Miss Danielle

Humpty Dumpty Kollege 107 New St., Pittston




31 H a noverStreet W ilkes-Ba rre, PA 18702 570-826-1819

Happy Mother’s Day to all our Mom’s


H A P P Y M O T H E R ’ S D AY

Kimberly Insalaco

with son Carmen Anthony Insalaco, III

Sally Tomaszewski

with her cherished grandchildren: (back, L to R) David & Nick Kaminski, Babci Sally Tomaszewski, Clarice & Joseph Coyne (front, L to R) James, Noah & Nathan McKane, Justin & Fredrica Coyne.

Lisa Pribula

with son Connor Joseph Pribula (2)

Josie Dominick

with daughter Lisa Pribula & grandson Connor Joseph Pribula (2)


Amy Hughes

Shirley Larnerd

with daughter Nancy Jeffery & granddaughter Grace Jeffery

with daughter Julia Hughes, Duryea, PA Daughter of Amy & Jeff Hughes, Granddaughter of Debbie & John Thomas, Dupont; Teresa & Mike Finegan, Duryea & Richard Hughes, Scranton

Terry Capitano

with children Danny Capitano, Tracy Jumper & Trisha Chmiel

Anita Giardina

Happy Mother’s Day to Lauren Shimko

from daughter Keilani Summer Shimko & husband Drew Shimko

Amy Sanguedolce

with sons Jack (3) & Benjamin (1)

Nancy Canfield

Mrs. Cheryl Scartelli

with son Eugene Jacob Canfield

with twins Kyle & Avery

Jennifer Borget Sanguedolce with son Leonard Anthony Sanguedolce (11 mths.)

Jennifer Haas

with daughter Jillian

Amber Mozeleski with Tyler and Allie

Grandparents Ronald & Mary Claire Voveris with grandchildren Carly (12), Kyle (10), Ryan (6), Gretta (3), Mary Claire, Ronald, Graeden (1)


with daughter Lela (4)


H A P P Y M O T H E R ’ S D AY


H A P P Y M O T H E R ’ S D AY

Christina Polak Symons

Kim Donahue

with sons Canio & Luca

with daughter Keira

Megan Nemshick

Susan Lubinski Martin

with son Ryan Nemshick (3)

with sons (L) Tyler Robert & (R) Ryan Robert

Colleen Morris


with daughter Danielle

Nicole Margalis

with children Rayelle (8) & Michael (6)

Cheryl Lynn Chilson

with twin sons Aleksander & Zachary


H A P P Y M O T H E R ’ S D AY

Mandy Prebola

with son Eddie Prebola Jr.

Shelley Manley

with daughter Brooke

Irene Zigmund

Michelle Blandina Adams with son Brady Adams (5 1/2 mths.)

with her daughters, Irene Kovaleski holding her son David Edmund; Valerie Pierson; Marilyn Zigmund Luke holding her son Aiden Luke and daughter-in-law Donna Zigmund

Irene Kovaleski holding her son David Edmund, who was born on Dec. 28, 2010

with son Matthew Chase (14 months)


Ann Cook


H A P P Y M O T H E R ’ S D AY


Alice Sarti Fortini

Gail Doran

with daughters Alexis Morgan (10) & Bianca Rose (5)

with daughter Alyvia Doran

Kristen Nardone

Lisa Finnerty Smith

with daughter Giovanna Maria Nardone

with daughters Ryli Marie, Aubry Marie & son Ty Robert

Tammy Noone

Lois Naugle Norris

with sons Brady Noone (5) & Casey Noone (6)

with son Anthony James & daughter Addisyn Margaret

Michelle Bridgland


H A P P Y M O T H E R ’ S D AY

Tara Skutack

of Avoca with daughter Hannah (5 1/2 )

with daughters Alyssa Marie (11) & Alexis Marie (9)

Mrs. Sarah Milewski

Beth Gale Kelly

with daughters Jennifer & Jamie Kelly

Renee Shotwell

Patti Shaw

with son L.J.

with daughter Emilee


with daughter Maura Elizabeth


H A P P Y M O T H E R ’ S D AY

Christine Emmert

Bryn Mawr, PA with daughters Julia & Claire

Kim Kolanich-Gustinucci

with sons Troy & Joshua Gustinucci

Debbie Lampman

with daughters Katie Lampman, Jenny Lampman & Jaime Colarusso (Lampman)


Jaime Colarusso

with son Michael Colorusso, Jr. (1 1/2 ) & daughter Sofia Colarusso (3)

Jacqualyn Kasa

with daughters Lily & Maya

Lynn Sebia

with daughter Ella Sebia

The ‘cool’ mom Kim Middleton Special to The Dispatch


Kim is pictured with her daughters Isabelle and Sophie.


ecently I came across old pictures from high school and college. As I looked at them, I felt as if I were looking at a different person. A person that existed more than eight years, 20 pounds and two c-sections ago. I imagine this is what it is like for every mother. Life takes such a dramatic turn that the pre-mom person we were feels sort of like a long lost cool friend we used to have. It left me to ponder the differences women face pre and post motherhood... We used to spend hours in front of the bathroom mirror with curling irons and Aqua net - teasing our bangs into oblivion. Now we wrangle ponytails, braids and cowlicks, lucky to remember to comb the back of our hair. Or use the car heater to dry our hair. God, I hope I’m not the only one that does this. Remember when WE were able to take a nap? Based on our own schedules? Napping after a long day at work or in between classes, without a care in the world, was a favorite pastime. Naps, post-motherhood, are about as rare as the Blue Spotted Mexican Tree Frog and most often occur at the very end of a favorite television show. Although I’m not sure this qualifies as a nap, so much as passing out. Any private bathroom time seems to be a thing of the past in our house. If you are ever having trouble getting your children to talk to you, just go in the bathroom. It’s the universal invitation for kids to tell you meaningless facts about events that occurred three weeks ago, while sticking various limbs under the crack of the door ("Can you see me? Can you see my elbow? Can you see it now??") The tub used to be a very relaxing place. It still is - for the one year old. It is so relaxing, in fact, that she poops in it about once a week. Just in case a woman ever had the delusion that she could be "cool" and still be a mother, a half an hour of scrubbing doodie from a bathtub will take care of that notion. Speaking of being "cool" I’d be willing to bet my secret stash of Dove miniatures that four out of the last five movies seen by any mother were Disney, Pixar and/or 3D. Remember when you wanted to see a movie - and just went? Me neither. The last grownup movie my husband and I saw on a date night we had before the one year old was born. Nine months before. He’s afraid to see Hangover 2. We can’t afford it. I’m not complaining (well maybe a little) because this is all just part of being a mother. It’s expected and accepted with a smile and/or sign. However, there are situations that weren’t anticipated, like how much more exciting it is to watch your kid make an out than it was to do it yourself. Or how it feels to put that one gift they want most under the Christmas tree. Or the rush of joy every time chubby little arms wrap around your neck. The happiness to discover your child has inherited one of your talents and the pride when they surpass it. And the gratitude to your own mother when you discover that this gig is so much harder than she made it seem. I sincerely wish every Mom, Mommy, Momma and Ma a very Happy Mother’s Day, especially mine. If I can somehow manage to be half the mom she is, I’ll be in good shape. Even if I’m not cool.


H A P P Y M O T H E R ’ S D AY


H A P P Y M O T H E R ’ S D AY

Andrew Vladimir Halko; Mother, Suzanne Halko; Aunt, Anita Budzilek, Grandmother, Suzanne Kasteleba

Megan Baldoni

with son Dustin Baldoni

Betty McAndrew


with her children and their spouses. from left: Kevin & Susan O’Connor, Michael & Elisa McAndrew, Lori & Dave McAndrew, Betty, Steve & Trudy McAndrew & Bill & Colleen McAndrew

Joanne Hassay

with daughter Madelin Josephine

Kathleen Spatzer

with Holly Spatzer, Megan Baldoni & Dustin Baldoni

Ellie Perrins

with daughter Nicole Margalis & grandchildren Rayelle & Michael Margalis

Leigh Recupero


H A P P Y M O T H E R ’ S D AY

Irene Orloski

with daughters Nancy & Maria

with grandchildren & great grandchildren

Erica Stotler

Lori Ferentino

with daughter Lotus

Paulette Ricketts

Ronda White

with children Jack, Luke & Grace


with daughter Tanya Osenkarski, grandchildren Charlie & Skylar

with son Jude Ferentino, Jr.


H A P P Y M O T H E R ’ S D AY

Christine Wilson

with daughter Jennifer Pesotine Tigue & twin sons Joel & Joshua; daughter Jennifer Wilson & daughter Brooke; daughter Kelly Wilson Davidson & son Bobby

Janell Cawley

with daughter Isabella & son Connor

Sue Saville

with Tyler, Samantha Rae, Jordan

Mrs. Kevin Hastie

with Martin Hastie & Kate Hastie Clarks Summit, PA

Molly DeSarro


with daughter Olivia Rose (6 mths.) & son Benjamin (2 1/2 )

Teri Flynn

with son Liam Patrick


H A P P Y M O T H E R ’ S D AY

Christine Dunn

Mrs. Santino Ferretti

Mrs. Paula Goosley-Kashuba

Kim DeMark

with Emily Rain (6), and Rebecca Rae (1)

with Jaime, Richie, and Geena

Happy Mother’s Day to Rhonda

with sons Christopher & Anthony

Atty. Cheryl Sobeski-Reedy with son Ryan Reedy


from daughter Emma Grace & son Todd Alan Jr. & husband Todd Alan Shimko, Sr.

with daughter Grace


H A P P Y M O T H E R ’ S D AY

Words of wisdom, from one mom to another By Heidi Stevens Chicago Tribune

What’s the most memorable advice (good or bad) you received from your mom? Our favorite parenting experts (that includes, of course, regular ol’ parents) shared the advice that has stuck with them all these years. Never leave the house without lipstick. Also, addressing my tendency to rationalize purchases based on how much they were discounted: Don’t go broke saving money. — Erika Carpenter Rich, Los Angeles-based clinical psychologist Look for the good in people. — Amy Rubinstein You don’t have to be the perfect mother. You just have to be good enough. — Suanne Laqueur The most memorable advice my

mom gave me was when, at the tender age of 10, I began to menstruate. I remember her walking me into the bathroom, smiling at me with beaming love and pride, and saying: "Now you’re a lady, so always keep your legs crossed." This was very insufficient information and confusing advice. I was left to interpret its meaning. I took it literally. Keep your legs crossed so no one sees your private parts? My mother is the kindest, warmest, most generous and nurturing person I know. Like each of us, she is an imperfect human being. We all come with unfinished business left over from our relationships with our own mothers and fathers. My mom has inhibitions that left her very uncomfortable talking directly with her children about sexuality. This is a great example of why the courageous task

of self-exploration is required of parents. — Fran Walfish, child and family psychotherapist and author of "The Self-Aware Parent" (Palgrave MacMillan, $17) When a man wants to have sex with you, it’s not a compliment. — Debbie Devine, co-founder, From my mother to me on her deathbed: Be yourself. — Paul C. Holinger, psychiatry professor at Rush University Medical Center Best advice: The best time of your life should be today; what’s past is past and the future holds no guarantees. So find joy in every day, no matter what. Worst advice: Clean your plate. — Dawn Lantero A motto my mom lives by: "When there is love, nothing is too much trouble and there is always time" (from the Baha’i writings).

— Homa Sabet Tavangar, author of "Growing Up Global: Raising Children To Be at Home in the World" (Ballantine Books) In our adulthood, whenever my siblings or I would complain about some rotten parenting practice in which my mother engaged in our childhood (forgetting to pick us up at Hebrew school, staying out all night riding the mechanical bull) she would say, defensively, "You kids didn’t come out with an instruction book stapled to your foreheads." Which was lucky for her (ouch!) and me: In response, I wrote one. — Brett Berk, author of "The Gay Uncle’s Guide to Parenting" (Three Rivers Press) Don’t ever lie, especially to your mother. — Amy Knife Gould When I was a teenager, my friends were making plans to see Fleetwood Mac in concert and I

desperately wanted to go. I’d never been to a concert. But my mom was a widow raising four kids on a teacher’s salary, so we didn’t have a lot of extra money. To my surprise, my mom said I should go. I asked her how we could afford it and she said spending money on an experience is much more worthwhile than spending it on things. Things will get broken, lost or forgotten, but the memories of that experience will stay with you for the rest of your life. She was right. Not only do I remember the concert in vivid detail, but I’ve also chosen to spend my money on experiences over things my entire life. It has made all the difference. — Mary O’Donohue, author of "When You Say ’Thank You,’ Mean It ... And 11 Other Lessons for Instilling Lifelong Values in Your Children"

A Mother’s Guiding Hand There is a time when we are all babies. There is a time when we are all adolescent. Yes, growing up is hard to do, yet we could not have done it without you. Yes, I am talking about our mother. My sister and I would never let her be mistaken for anything other! She is always there for us. She gives us great advice. Yes, our mom is definitely made of

Sugar and spice! The Blessed Mother, The Mother of Jesus Guides and directs our mother To perform in blessed ways And which always pleases us! No matter what time of the day, When we sit down to pray, We should all thank God for our moms! They gave birth to us, they fed us.

They helped educate their children From kindergarten, right up to our junior and senior proms! Yes, mothers are very dear to us. Some are still with us, others are not. But one thing never changes, we sure do Love them alot! So, please, on this Mother’s Day. Honor your mother. Because on this earth, You will find no other!

Celebrate with her, my sister and I Always do, and if for any reason You cannot, you can be rest assured Her spirit and compassionate love Is always with you! So with this poem I hope you will All understand. The gift of "A Mother’s Guiding Hand!" --- Michael J. English


Christine Renfer Katie Francis

with Patrick & Meghan

with Jonathan, Joyce, Stephen, Christian, Brandon & Samantha

Nicole Smith with son Tyler

Lori Luder Remus with Rebecca (on lap) & Gracie (kneeling)

Mothers Make Special Friends From the moment we are born, Until the moment we die, There is a special beauty A beauty which catches one eye!


H A P P Y M O T H E R ’ S D AY

Mother and Mothers To Be Today is special for you, a time for happiness instead of being blue. You have a rough journey ahead, to raise, nurture a child, and sometimes to be led.

That beautiful woman Who gives birth to you, Her ways and Love, Always faithful and true!

Watch the little one grow, and get up early to see its face glow.

Suzanne (Kasteleba) Halko

There is an aura when you see your tyke, a joy to behold when he or she gets a bike.

A mother will stand by your side, She respects you with pride! During this beautiful month of May, We honor her on her Day!

with son Andrew Vladimir Halko

The smile always gets me, even after bandaging a wounded knee.

Remember, honor her, You have no other, They all someway, seem to follow The footsteps of our Beloved "Blessed Mother!"

That little gesture of love, sticks with kids like a winter’s glove. Memories are meant to last, they start at day one and form a solid cast. So to Mothers and Mothers to be, today is your day to shine and be happy.

They help us with our school years They teach us how to pray, They show us that tender loving care In every abiding way!

--- Ronald Voveris

They teach us how to form Into dignified women and men! Yes, a Mother has been in every situation, She tops the scale with a "10"! A mother warns you About your decisions, A mother teaches you about life A mother is very concerned, When it is time for a child To take a Husband or a Wife!

Mrs. Christine Webb with sons Mikey & Christian Webb

A mother is always there for you, She has every heartfelt intention! A mother, in my opinion, Is God’s greatest invention! So if you are now in search For never - ending Love, Love that never ends, Look no further than You very own Mom, Because, "Mothers Make Special Friends." --- Michael J. English

MARIA Continued from Page 2

Today, I would make a thousand corrections if I could just one more time turn and see that beautiful smiling face watching me from the kitchen window as I hang laundry on the clothesline. I know spiritually she is there for what other reason would I hear the tap on the window. Happy Mother’s Day, Mama and to all Mothers on this special day.

Lori Boggetti

with sons Blaise (8) & Titus (3)


and Michele, the art of hanging clothes as I learned from Mama. They are part of the clothes dryer generation although Mari-

lyn will dispute me claiming she has hung laundry on a clothesline. There are days when hanging laundry I feel in communion with Mama. No matter what season or time of day it was she was standing at the window and watching. I knew if I heard a tap I had to make a correction on the order of the laundry hanging. I use to cringe at that sound.


H A P P Y M O T H E R ’ S D AY

Stacy Kovaleski

with her daughter Emily

Lyn Bartorillo


with Gianni (2) & Nico (6 mths.)

Karen Miglionico with son Cory

Kelly Dudek

with daughter Karleigh Elizabeth (9 mths.)

Becky Zambetti

with daughters Leah Rose & Nicole Marie

Samantha Hull

with son Lucas William Hull

Cyndi Valeski

Roseann Chaump with son David Chaump

of Hughestown with sons Zachary Mark (7) & Chase Patrick (2)

Amanda Felter

Tiffany Betterly

with son Jacob Aiden Felter

Happy Mother’s Day Nonni Love, Sarah (10), Tony (7) & Patrick (2) Burns

with Aidan Slezak

Leslie Widdick with son Beau (3)

Maria McFarland White with sons Benjamin & Jacob

Lisa Caruthers

Christy Carey

with son Zachary Carey

Mrs. Laine Martin, Danville

formerly from Avoca, with sons Brycen James (4) & Brody Chase (2 1/2 )

Mrs. Nicole Dietrich

Melissa Redding

with sons Ryan & Jason

with son Robert D. Wall III

with daughter Mattea & son Christian

Dr. Ariane Conaboy with daughter Clare Conaboy

Christina Lowry

with son Connor James Scott (5 mths.)

Deanne Manganiello with son Joseph Patrick

Jennifer Kelly

with daughter Madison Mae Kelly (3 1/2 )

Teresa Luvender

with daughter Ella Mae


with daughter Emma Caruthers-Swortz

Jill Trzcinski Santos


H A P P Y M O T H E R ’ S D AY


H A P P Y M O T H E R ’ S D AY

` Urban Desiree

Kelly Schultz

Katie Noone

with daughter Kylie

with son Patrick (2)

with Ella & Michael

with son Ryan (14 months)

Maura Kivak

Mrs. Tara Craig

Atty. Danielle I. Bruno

Lynn Snopkowski

Linda Solo

Jamie Baranowski

with daughter Josephine Kivak


Linda Burns

Nancy Fornett DeMark with children Nico Carmen (4) & Ava Grace (1)

with daughter Alana Rose Craig

with daughter Sara Solo (23 mths.)

with daughter Apollonia

with son Karson David

with daughter Lily Ostrowski

Jessica DeSanto

with daughter Madeline DeSanto

Angela Chaump

with sons Joshua & Tyler

Amy Lynn Jones Petty Clarks Summit with sons Mitchell, Tyler & Jake

Mrs. Sandra Nat

with son Christopher John


H A P P Y M O T H E R ’ S D AY

Kelly Wilson-Davidson with son Bobby Davidson

Amanda Marriggi with daughter Meadow Elizabeth Marriggi-Shupp (3)

Mrs. Nicole Litwin

with son Joshua Stephen Litwin

Jennifer Pesotine Tigue Jennifer Wilson with twins Joel & Joshua with daughter Brooke Wilson

Priscilla Dommes

with son Geno (2 1/2 ) & daughter Shawna (1)

Erin Johnson

with son David Johnson (9 mths.)

Maria Burns

with son Justin Burns

with daughter Zoe Dommes & son Emery Dommes of Duryea


Marina DeMinico Pugliese


H A P P Y M O T H E R ’ S D AY

Christian Schumann son of

Peggy (Agolino) Schumann

Campbell Schumann son of


Peggy (Agolino) Schumann

Julie Kiesinger with Jack & Emma DeSanto

Kelly Kundla

Marina Clarke

with daughters Kira Kundla (2 1/2 ) & Kaitlyn Kundla (4 1/2 )

with sons Ethan Clarke (6) & Aidan Clarke (2)

Jay Belza

Nicole Karotko

with daughter Nina & son Mario

Jennifer Walsh with son J.J. Walsh

with daughters Kaya (10), Clare (8) & Caroline (2 1/2 )

Alissa Ranieli

with sons Joseph & Anthony & daughter Daniella

Laura C. Dennis

with daughter Mia Bovani

Jennifer Balchune with daughters Jenelle & Jillian Balchune

Melissa Styczen

with daughter Sophie & son Kolton

Mrs. Vanessa Ann Wesolowski-Halapin


H A P P Y M O T H E R ’ S D AY

Nadine DeMarco


with daughters Isabella Joy (8 /2 ) & Victoria Ruth (29 mths.)

with daughters Emilee & Mia

Michelle Galli

Lauren Flanagan

with children Brittany, Brandon & Olivia

with her daughter Ava Flanagan

Colleen Gaza

with daughters Amelia & Lilyauna Coolbaugh

with son Lorenzo


Nicole Emiliani


H A P P Y M O T H E R ’ S D AY

Cindy Romanski

with her children & grandchildren (back) Allison Romanski, Bobby Romanski & Kelli Copp, (front) Sydney Copp, Cindy Romanski & Kaylee Copp

Patty Wilk

with Tammy Wilk Silinskie, Holly Wilk Homschek, David (1), Julia (4) & Luke 5 mths.)

Karen Collins

with (back row) Chris, Yvette & Donnie; (second) Kim, Emily, Jeremy, Donald, Tommy, Kim & Baya; (third) Matt, Ryan, Karen & Marcus

Kellie Copp


with daughters Sydney & Kaylee

Christina Comstock and Biagio Manganiello (7)

Theresa Guzik

with daughter Elizabeth

Dorothy Corcoran with her daughters


H A P P Y M O T H E R ’ S D AY

Maureen (Brady) Lussi

(L to R) Mary Doran, Melissa Styczen & Marge Krueger

with son Louis (6) & daughter Brea (1)

Mary Lynn (Kutzer) Murray

Sharon Tonte

with son Thomas, Carbondale, PA

with Barbara, Sharon, Joseph & Colleen

Lou Ann Marks

with daughter Melissa Yuschovitz & granddaughter Hannah Yuschovitz


Barbara Coyne

with sons Richie & Ryan


H A P P Y M O T H E R ’ S D AY

Bailey & Brenda Jordan Dr. Cara Ann Lund

of Belmont, Mass., wife of Dr. David M. Dudzinski formerly of Dupont with children Caroline & David Jr.

Melissa Yuschovitz

with daughter Hannah Margaret Yuschovitz

Rhonda Pizano

with children Bianca, Talia & Rocco

Happy Mother’s Day to Anne Tierney


From All The Family & Friends

Mrs. Nancy Salerno with sons Nicholas & Tyler

Kristie Stevenson

with sons Paul (4) & CJ (2 months)

Christy Savakinas

with husband Bob Savakinas, daughter Emmy & son Bobby

Annmarie Scarantino

Laurie O’Hop Ardoline

with Callie (5) & Michael Vincent (11 mths.) Chester Springs, PA

Clara Rome

with Sandra, Sharon, Maria, Sara, Alyssa & Rachel

Barbara Kresge

with Carol Healey, Jennifer, Jacob & Autumn Davis


with her daughters Mia & Tara & granddaughters Reese, Rowan & Adele


H A P P Y M O T H E R ’ S D AY


H A P P Y M O T H E R ’ S D AY

Christine Gavigan Romani with daughters Anneliese Marie (15), Isabella Helena (12 1/2 ), Tessa Regina (9)

Amy Jadus


with Jaiden (4) & Johnny (2)

Tammy Wilk Silinskie with son Luke (5 mths.)

Holly Wilk Homschak

Kim Collins

with son David (1) & daughter Julia (4)

with son Marcus & daughter Emily

Mrs. Jill Hindmarsh-Lavelle

Kimberly Walsh

with daughter Katherine Lavelle

Ashley Walker

with daughter Ameriana Walker

with daughter Baya Walsh

Kelly Widdick

with sons Anthony (8) & Ayden (6)

Mrs. Mara Valenti with daughter Nina

Danielle Berry

with daughter Danica Elizabeth

Amie (Williams) Moore with her three sons Eddie (6), Caleb (3 1/2 ) & Keegan (6 mths.)

Roseann Strelish


H A P P Y M O T H E R ’ S D AY

Mrs. Maria Brogna

with son Ronnie, daughter Kim & grandson Michael

with son Anthony Joseph Brogna

Maria Jiunta Heck

Courtney Scialpi

with daughter Julianna (9 months)

Ann Marie Matrunich

Kathy Ann Yaniello Richards

with daughter Natasha Ann Matrunich

with daughter Gianna Richards


with children Madeline, Nicholas & Patrick David


H A P P Y M O T H E R ’ S D AY

Patti Olmstead

with son Matthew Olmstead

Louise Stasik


with daughters Lynn Dolan; grandchildren Kayleen & Robert James Dolan III; Amy Perrins mother of Aaron Michael Perrins (deceased)

Dr. Jill Fasciana McCoy with sons Aiden & Evan

Mrs. Millie Palmasani

with daughter Dr. Ariane Conaboy & granddaughter Clare Conaboy

Mary Ann Gallagher

with Brenda Kavinski, Kayla & Briella Wallace

Kim Havard

with daughter Tenley Havard

Lisa Bocci Ide

with son Louis Joseph

Jennifer Nazarchuk

with sons Kyle (10) & Alex (8)

Lisa Ciampi


H A P P Y M O T H E R ’ S D AY

Randazzo Sisters

with sons Louis & Nicholas & daughter Mia

Danielle & Roman Aider; Rebecca & Ava Boyle

Jennifer Davis

Michelle Harden

with Jacob Davis & Autumn Davis

with twins Tyler & Lily

Helen Curry

(bottom left) son Joshua; (left) son Brian; (center) mom Helen Curry; (on lap) granddaughter Isabella; (right) daughter Brittany

Janet Dezinski


with sons Tyler & John (8), Jacob (2) & daughter Tiffany (12)


H A P P Y M O T H E R ’ S D AY

Happy Mother’s Day To Moms Everywhere!

Love, Dominick Ferentino (4 1/2 yrs.)

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3002 N. Township Blvd., Pittston By-Pass, Pittston Twp. PAGE 32


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