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May 29 - June 4, 2011





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Most GOH students will continue Catholic education By SARAH HITE

When the doors to the Gate of Heaven elementary and middle schools close for students one last time on June 15, many of the 197 young scholars will continue their education at surrounding Catholic schools. According to Bill Genello, a spokesman for the Diocese of Scranton, 662 students out of the 750 affected by the recent Catholic school closings have

registered to attend another Catholic school in the fall. “We’re very grateful … for the faith that those parents have demonstrated in the Catholic school system,” said Genello. “This is a very encouraging sign for our goal and mission to preserve the Catholic school system and ensuring we have a stable sustainable Catholic school system.” In April, the Diocese announced the closing of four Catholic elementary schools – Gate of Heaven and St. Mary’s

Parents of students in the Gate of Heaven system have been struggling with a difficult decision for the past two months in trying to decide whether their children should continue in the private, Catholic system or register for public schooling in the neighboring Dallas and Lake-Lehman districts.

Assumption in Luzerne County and Marion Catholic School and Sacred Heart School in Lackawanna County. Parents of students in the Gate of Heaven system have been struggling with a difficult

decision for the past two months in trying to decide whether their children should continue in the private, Catholic system or register for public schooling in the neighboring Dallas and Lake-Lehman dis-

tricts. Parents were given the options of sending their children to Good Shepherd Academy in Kingston, Wyoming Area Catholic School in Exeter, St. Nicholas/St. Mary’s Elementary School in Wilkes-Barre and Our Lady of Peace in Clarks Green to serve Tunkhannock students. Individual schools do not provide transportation, but public school districts are obligated by state law to provide transportation to any private

school within a 10-mile distance from the district’s boundaries. Principals at all the schools said there are still spaces available for students from Gate of Heaven. Genello said many students who registered by deadline received their first choice of school to attend in the fall. “Part of the rationale for the schools being closed is that there’s an excess (unfilled) capacity versus actual enrollSee GOH, Page 12

Female cops are patrolling BMT Both women admit to having had experiences unique to a female police officer, though Editor’s note: The women neither of them believes it interviewed for this story re- makes them any different quested not to be photo- from their male counterparts. By SARAH HITE

graphed due to opportunities for undercover work.

Gina Kotowski, 38, has to keep track of guns and cupcakes on a regular basis. As a police officer in four different municipalities, including Harveys Lake, and a mom to two boys, keeping up on Parent-Teacher Association meetings and arresting drunk drivers are just parts of a typical day. Christy Elias, 26, patrols exclusively in the Back Mountain. She was recently hired as Lehman Township’s first female police officer, and she’s worked in Dallas Township, Jackson Township and Harveys Lake. These women make up the current female police force in the Back Mountain region, but the two of them don’t think of themselves as anything but public servants trying to make a difference in others’ lives. Kotowski, of Mountain Top, decided to become a police officer about four years ago at a time when she was 100 pounds overweight and ready to live her dream. “My dad is a retired officer, my brother’s a cop, (I have) a couple uncles, cousins (who are cops),” she said. “I always wanted to do it. I got married at 19 and went the medical route, which was safer. But when I turned 34, I couldn’t shake it.” She joined Weight Watchers, started running and attended the police academy at the Lackawanna College Hazleton campus. Kotowski was one of four females in a 15-person class and the first female in a long-running tradition of police officers in her family. “My family has been very supportive,” she said. “At first, my father was a little leery because he knows the job, but now my father and brother are the proudest of me. Now, we talk shop.” Kotowski patrols in Plymouth, Wilkes-Barre Township, White Haven and Harveys Lake. She loves her job, but said it’s not the coffee-and-

doughnuts type position everyone thinks. “People don’t realize it’s tough in these small little towns,” she said. “I’ve been in a couple tussles, but it’s expected.” A native of Wilkes-Barre, Elias always wanted to join the military and eventually be a police officer, but an injury in high school turned her plans around. She attended Luzerne County Community College for criminal justice and received her Act 120 from Lackawanna College – one of six females in a 30-person class. Elias worked as an officer part-time in Jackson Township and Harveys Lake for about four years and then in Montgomery County, Maryland, for two years – not as a cop, but she was able to ride around with officers in a patrol car for some experience. “It was right above Washington, D.C.,” she said. “Everything there was so different. The crime was different.” Elias missed being a cop in the Back Mountain community and came back to the area about three months ago. She said the Back Mountain is a distinct area in which to work, and she especially enjoys being able to work directly with people due to the smaller police forces. “In Montgomery County, you would work on something and then hand it over to someone else when your shift was over,” she said. “Here, you can take the time and work on your own cases from start to finish.” Both women admit to having had experiences unique to a female police officer, though neither of them believes it makes them any different from their male counterparts. “People aren’t expecting me,” said Elias. “A lot of people don’t know I exist, like they’ve forgotten about me. They’ll say, ‘Oh, there’s that female cop, there’s that chick cop.’” Kotowski has similar experiences being the “chick cop.” “What I love about being a female officer is the kids follow my car and say, ‘It’s the girl,’” she said. “Then I have See COPS, Page 12


Members of the Trucksville United Methodist Church were on hand to help celebrate the 100th anniversary of worship at the church.


Trucksville United Methodist Church celebrates 100 years of history in Back Mountain. By SARAH HITE

Hundreds of attendees came out to celebrate a steeple steeped in history at the Trucksville United Methodist Church on Sunday, May 15. The congregation acknowledged the building’s 100th anniversary on this day, while also commemorating the new carpeting, paint and other improvements made to the church over the last few months. The renovations were made possible by a gift of about $60,000 from the estate of lifelong Trucksville United Methodist Church member Dr. Richard Post, who passed away on Aug. 13, 2008. The church, built in 1911, had not been renovated since April 1973, and before that, in May 1950. The church has been around far longer than its structure – it all started 193 years ago when a circuit rider named the Rev. George Peck was appointed to Trucksville to preach in the very area where churchgoers now stand, sit and kneel faithfully. Circuit riders were ministers who traveled the country on horseback for a salary of about $64 a year, according to a history of the church written by Louise Hazletine, the church’s

“We wanted to do this for a while. The money came through an act of God.” Jill Evans Kryston Church member

historian. “What a day it is,” said refurbishment committee member Wayne Long. “I get emotional when I think of the almost 200 years of outreach from this church.” The church was “completely destroyed by fire” on Jan. 3, 1910, and the current structure worshippers utilize today was built in 1911. Long said between $3,500 and $4,000 of the renovations were covered by community outreach – church members volunteered to offer whatever they could do to help, including polishing brass fixtures, building cabinets, making radiator covers and cleaning flags. “People even helped us move out and move back in,” said Long. The renovations began in January and were completed at the end of March. Church members attended Sunday services in the educational center across the street from the church on Knob Hill in Trucksville during the remodeling. Besides new carpeting and paint, the church also received updates to its audio/visual equipment and the many pews that line the building.

Celebrating 100 consecutive years of worship, the Trucksville Methodist Church held a consecration and rededication ceremony. The church was established in 1844.

“We wanted to do this for a while,” said Jill Evans Kryston, of Shavertown, another committee member. “The money came through an act of God.” Kryston said the committee wanted to change the dynamic of the church through changes to its inside appearance. From the earthy-colored walls to the soft carpeting, she said it was a way for the church to remain a hearth of positivity for years to come. “It’s warm and welcoming,” she said. “It stands the test of

time.” Ruth Pritchard, 95, of Trucksville,has been a part of the Trucksville United Methodist Church all her life – a life spanning almost as long as the church’s existence. “I was married in the church, my children were married in the church,” she said. “I love the improvements. I think it’s wonderful.” Kryston said the church has a congregation of about 600 with about 200 attending service every Sunday.





Sunday, May 29, 2011


Puzzle answers, Page 12

GFWC HL honors 10 LL seniors

THIS WEEK’S MEETINGS TUESDAY, MAY 31 Dallas Township Zoning Hearing Board The board will meet at 6:30 p.m. in the Dallas Middle School auditorium for its con-

tinued hearing on Chief Gathering LLC’s application for special exceptions to build a natural gas metering station off Hildebrandt Road.


The top 10 seniors of Lake-Lehman High School recently honored by the GFWC Harveys Lake are, from left, first row, Meghan Bloom, Erin Hohol, Stephanie Zeller, Lily Calkins. Second row, Tyler Pearson, Claire Sesson, Henry Judson, Thomas Bedford, Kristopher Carter and Corey Hohol.

Because of erroneous information supplied by the Dallas Lions, it was incorrectly reported in the May 29 edition of The Dallas Post that Lt. Col. Ronald Fitch Jr. is a recipient of the U.S.

Army Medal of Honor. Lt. Col. Fitch is currently stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina with the Special Forces. He is not a U.S. Army Medal of Honor recipient.


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Sunday, May 29, 2011





Board approves $32 million budget with 5 percent tax hike By SARAH HITE

The Dallas School Board approved a 5 percent tax hike in a 6-3 vote Monday for its proposed final budget. Board members Dennis Gochoel Jr., Maureen Matiska and Karen Kyle voted against the tax increase while Russell Bigus, Richard Coslett, Bruce Goeringer, Gary Mathers, Charles Preece and Catherine Wega voted in favor of the spending plan. The $32 million preliminary fiscal plan for the 2011-12 year was presented to the board back in Feb-

ruary with an increase from 11.0118 to 11.5624 mills. Business Manager Grant Palfey said this could translate to an additional $85 per property for taxpayers in the district. A mill is $1for every $1,000 in assessed property value. In addition to the millage increase, the budget also calls for a $10 per capita tax, a 1 percent earned income tax to be shared between the district and municipalities and a $52 emergency services tax, of which the district receives $5 with the remainder going to the municipalities that have enacted such a tax. This budget was changed slight-

In addition to the millage increase, the budget also calls for a $10 per capita tax, a 1 percent earned income tax to be shared between the district and municipalities and a $52 emergency services tax, of which the district receives $5 with the remainder going to the municipalities that have enacted such a tax.

ly since the release of Gov. Tom Corbett’s state budget in March – Palfey had anticipated about $340,000 in state funding cuts for the February budget, but the board had to deal with a nearly $900,000 state funding shortfall. Actions to close the funding gap included using current staff to replace retiring teachers, which in-

cludes the appointment of Paul Reinert, assistant superintendent and director of curriculum and instruction, to replace Kathleen McCarthy, principal of Wycallis Elementary. Reinert will keep his title as director of curriculum and instruction, and his position of assistant superintendent will be phased out of the administrative

roster. Other penny-pinching tactics include eliminating before and afterschool tutoring programs in math and reading, reducing the district speech therapist position to an hourly rate and decreasing individual building budgets for each school and the administrative wing. All the changes added up to an $826,000 savings for the district, and Palfey said the tax increase is largely caused by the completion of the new high school building which is set to open in mid-September. The budget is currently available for public viewing in the dis-

trict’s administration offices next to Wycallis Elementary. The final budget must be passed at the board’s June 27 meeting. The board tabled a decision to enter into an agreement with Chief Gathering LLC that would cause the company to relocate certain aspects of natural gas activities from the school district service area. For months, the district has had legal representation at Dallas Township zoning board hearings in Chief Gathering LLC’s application for special exceptions to build a natural gas metering station off See HIKE, Page 12


Talk of regional police force returns By SARAH HITE

The Back Mountain Community Partnership discussed an issue brought up in past years but never before came to fruition during a meeting last Thursday – regionalizing the area’s police force. Vice Chairman John Wilkes Jr. said the partnership was recently notified by the Governor’s Center for Local Government Services about an opportunity to utilize a police regionalization study to be conducted in Back Mountain municipalities. “I don’t know how the Back Mountain feels about this, but this study may bring results that are positive,” said Wilkes. “It’s a free grant.” Lehman Township Supervisor Ray Iwanoski said he would look favorably on such a study, but reminded the partnership a similar study was done more than 10 years ago and never materialized into any sort of action. Wilkes added the study can be done between at least two municipalities, and it’s up to the supervisors whether or not they would like their police forces to be involved. Dallas Borough Mayor Timothy Carroll said a police regionalization study was done for Dallas Borough and Dallas Township a few years ago, and while it seemed like a good idea at the time, not everyone was on board for the change. He said he wouldn’t be in favor of the study because he believes not everyone would agree to the proposed changes. Tom Yoniski, of state Sen. Lisa Baker’s office, said when he was part of a police chiefs’ association, talks of regionalization often sparked heated debates. “I don’t even want to repeat what was said at those meetings,” he said. Yoniski continued that police officers should be included in the discussion, even if just to give them a head’s up to proposed changes. Iwanoski said police force consolidation doesn’t always translate to cost savings, but it could give Back Mountain police departments the opportunity to have more and better services for residents.

“I don’t know how the Back Mountain feels about this, but this study may bring results that are positive. It’s a free grant.” John Wilkes Jr. Partnership vice chairman

“It’s more professional,” he said. “You can have K-9, drug, detective units.” Wilkes said the group should table the decision until its June meeting, but in the meantime discuss the possibility of the study with their individual boards. Iwanoski asked those from Jackson and Kingston townships to consider partnering with Lehman Township to request a weight limit to be imposed on Hillside Road and Old Route 115. He said large trucks traveling to and from Williamsport are using the route as a short cut from State Route 118 to State Route 309 and vice versa. Iwanoski said the road’s windy path and school traffic for the Penn State WilkesBarre campus and Lake-Lehman Junior/Senior High School are issues for large tractor trailers and heavy haulers to contend with. He said Lehman Township has requested a weight limit on the roads in past years, but that has not happened because the roads are also located within Jackson and Kingston townships. He said the parts of the road located in Jackson and Kingston townships are maintained by the county, while Lehman Township’s road department is responsible for repairing the road damage in its territory. “Those roads are always ripped up,” said Iwanoski. Solicitor Jeffrey Malak suggested the three municipalities write a request to appropriate officials for a weight study to be conducted on the roads. In other news, the partnership agreed to make a $100 donation to the Margaret Reino Scholarship Fund of the Penn State Wilkes-Barre campus. Reino, who passed away May 17, was the wife of partnership chairman James Reino Jr.

Surrounded by cool and stately wooded areas, this country garden was designed with tender loving care featuring shrubs, annuals and plenty of perennials including daylilies, yucca, rudbeckia, astible, coreopsis, monarda, lupines, hosta and loosestrife. This private garden is one of six that will be featured during the Back Mountain Bloomers 2011 "Tour of Back Mountain Gardens" on July 2.

Bloomers’ Garden Tour is July 2 The Back Mountain Bloomers will present their “Tour of Back Mountain Gardens” from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, July 2. The tour will include six private gardens and a chance to see the new Shakespeare Garden at Misericordia University. Proceeds benefit the Anthracite Scenic Trails Association (ASTA). The gardens offer a variety of unique and creative features, including beautiful stone walls built by the homeowner; multiple gardens highlighting a single property; a unique retreat created with boulders; a sparkling pool combined with a large patio and stone-built waterfall; an ultimate country garden; perennial beds offering plenty of yearround color and new home landscaping offering instant curb appeal in a wooded setting. All of the gardens are in the Back Mountain. The Shakespeare Garden at Misericordia University was dedicated in June 2010 in memory of beloved English professor Regina Kelly, RSM. It is designed in the English garden style and includes water features, arbors and brick pathways that wind around a central knot garden. All the plants are species of plants which were named in various Shakespeare plays. A full schedule of garden, na-

ture and landscaping workshops and demonstrations is planned by some of the region’s most recognized master gardeners, professional landscapers and arborists. The Back Mountain Bloomers will also hold a Standard Flower Show and Special Exhibits feature that day in Sandy and Marlene Insalaco Hall at Misericordia. Tying into the Shakespeare Garden tour, the theme of this year’s Flower Show is “Expressions of the Bard” and will include three table design classes, three miniature design classes, five sections of horticulture with 25 classes and special exhibits. The Special Exhibit classes will include Adult Educational, Youth Educational, Youth Horticulture, Artistic Crafts and Invitational. Entries are welcome. A complete Flower Show schedule, including detailed rules, entry specifications and directions, is available on the Back Mountain Bloomers website, or by contacting Louise Mattas at 6745973. Back Mountain artist Sue Hand will paint at the Shakespeare Garden during the day of the tour. Her painting will be offered at a Silent Auction at 4 p.m.

You’ve heard of bodacious? Come see boulderacious! Boulders form the base of the supporting walls, cascading streams, bubbling fountains and even outdoor tabletops. This landscape is all about boulders and yet it is as if it were painted by an artist using plant material as the medium. This garden in Dallas is one of seven to be featured during the Back Mountain Bloomers 2011 "Tour of Back Mountain Gardens" on July 2.

that afternoon. Bids will be accepted throughout the day at Insalaco Hall. All proceeds from the day’s events will benefit ASTA, an organization developing and maintaining the Back Mountain Trail, a 15-mile former railroad bed that has been transformed into a recreational trail for hiking and biking. Five miles of the trail located between Luzerne Borough and Dallas Township have been constructed and are open to the public. The trail will eventually contact to Ricketts Glen State Park. To date, the Bloomer’s Garden

‘Tearin’ it Up for the Tear Down’ today Memorial Day parade Monday “Tearin’ it Up for the Tear Down” will be held from 1 to 11 p.m. today, May 29 at the Luzerne County Fairgrounds. There will be live music from area bands, including Echo Whiskey Charlie, Mother Nature’s Sons, Strawberry Jam, Concrete Road, Dymond Cutter, Southbound, Bus 5, Studio 309, RJ of Stealing Neil, Headlock and more. There will also be food and plenty of festivities for the whole family, including pony rides, free petting zoo, face painting for the kids and special

guests. There will be hourly raffles with great prizes from local businesses. As the sun goes down, a fireworks display by Pizza Paul will light up the sky. Tearin’ It Up for the Tear Down is being held in conjunction with the demolition of the current Dallas High School building and is an opportunity to reunite with old classmates, teachers and friends. The event is open to the public. A no-alcohol policy will be in effect at the fairgrounds. All proceeds will benefit Make-A-Wish,

with a video message to be played from Make-A-Wish CEO Dave Williams, a 1977 Dallas High School alumnus. Tickets can be pre-purchased at a discounted rate of $15 for adults, $10 for children ages12 to 17 and free for children under12. Family passes are also available for families of four and can be purchased at the following Dallas locations: Kern Bros., Dallas American Legion, Dallas Tap and Grille, Wayne’s World and Appliance Parts Etc., George Avenue, Wilkes-Barre.

Daddow-Isaacs Dallas American Legion Post 672 will hold its traditional Memorial Day Parade on Monday, May 30. The parade will begin at 9 a.m. from the Dallas American Legion Post building and continue to the center of Dallas. It will then continue to Woodlawn Cemetery and then to Chapel Lawn Cemetery for abbreviated services. Honorary Parade Marshal will be Sally Mock, daughter of Walter Galka, deceased member of Post 672. Marchers will include Boy

Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts and Brownies, American Legion baseball team, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, Brownies, Lions, Shepherds, the Dallas High School Band, fire trucks, ambulances, antique cars and more. The Rev. William Lewis, a retired Army chaplain and chaplain of Post 672, will be the main speaker. The Lions Hometown Heroes Project will be recognized. Joe Kelley is Post Commander.

Tours in 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2009 attracted more than 1900 people and have raised over $23,000 for ASTA and the Back Mountain Trail. Tickets for the ‘Tour of Back Mountain Gardens’ are $20 per person if purchased on or before June 25. The ticket price is $25 per person after June 25. A Garden Tour Brochure with ticket request form is available online at or by contacting Julie McMonagle at (570) 696-5082 or e-mail Tickets will be available June 1 at the following outlets: Back Mountain Library, 96 Huntsville Rd., Dallas; Wild Birds Unlimited, Dallas Shopping Center, Route 309, Dallas; The Lands at Hillside Farms, Hillside Road, Shavertown; and Perennial Point, 1158 N. River Rd., Plains. Tickets will also be on sale the day of the tour at the Back Mountain Library and inside Insalaco Hall at Misericordia.

N O H A R P T O D AY Harp Heffernan’s column “Harpin’ on things” does not appear today. It is expected to resume in the June 5 issue of The Dallas Post.


INMAN - Joan S., 73, of Meshoppen, died on Saturday, May 14, 2011, at the Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center, Wilkes-Barre. She was born in Wilkes-Barre on September 26, 1937, and was a housewife and homemaker. Surviving are her husband, Eugene E. Inman; three sons, David, Charlestown, W.Va.; John, Dunkirk, Md.; and Charles, Stevensville, Md.; three daughters, Jeannie Brent, Bowie, Md.; Joanne Prebula, Shady Side, Md.; and Diane Hall, Laurel, Md.; 16 grandchildren, eight great-grandchildren; two brothers, James Ladner, Montrose; and Richard Ladner, Noxen; three sisters, Kathleen Dunbar and Nancy Jennings, both of Meshoppen; and Ruth Ann Scapilatto, Buffalo, N.Y., nieces and nephews. Memorial donations to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Washington, D.C. LUTZ - Robert, 75, a resident of Mooretown Road, Sweet Valley, died Monday, May 16, 2011, in Hospice Care VNA, Heritage House, Wilkes-Barre. He was born August 8, 1935, in Wilkes-Barre, was an accomplished musician and also a 44year member of Local No. 30 and No. 6, Pa. Bricklayers and Allied Craft Workers International Union. Surviving are his wife of 35 years, Nancy Lutz; daughter, Heidi; sisters, Leona Hummel and Dorothy Hummel, New Jersey; and Bertha Lutz, Kingston; brother, Sterling, Pittston; grandchildren, nieces and nephews. REINO - Margaret M., 54, of Shavertown, died Tuesday, May 17, 2011, in Hospice Community Care Inpatient Unit at Geisinger South Wilkes-Barre after a lengthy battle with cancer. She was born in Kingston on October 20, 1956, was educated in the Wyoming Valley West School District and was a graduate of Luzerne County Community College’s nursing program. She was a registered nurse working in various disciplines of nursing during her career and was most recently employed as a surgical nurse for Eye Care Specialists of Kingston. She was involved with the Gate of Heaven PTG, Bishop O’Reilly Parents Club, Dallas High School Lock-In Committee and The Penn State Campaign for the Future. She was a member of the Pennsylvania Nurses Association and Our Lady of Victory Church, Harveys Lake, and St. Therese’s Church, Shavertown. Surviving are her husband, James V. Reino Jr., Shavertown; daughters, Meghan and Carla, both at home; brothers, Dominic Boyle, Ridley Park; and Louis Nowasielski, Pittsburgh; nieces and nephews. Memorial donations to Penn State Wilkes-Barre, attention Development Office - Margaret Reino Scholarship Fund, P.O. Box PSU, Lehman, PA 18627. RUNTA - Robert C., 79, of Dallas, died Thursday, May 19, 2011, at home. He was born in Luzerne and lived in Nanticoke before moving to Dallas. He was a graduate of Luzerne High School and a U.S. Army veteran of the Korean War. He was a heavy machine operator for Ray Pisaneschi Con-

SORBER - Bart P., 40, of Lake Township, died Friday, May 20, 2011, at the Wilkes-Barre General Hospital. He was born June 23, 1970, in Wilkes-Barre, graduated from Lake-Lehman High School in 1988 and was employed as a pipeline welder for Local 798 Pipeline Union. He was a member of the Sons of the American Legion, Harveys Lake. Surviving are his mother, Donna Hoover Sorber, of Pikes Creek; his brother, Brett, of Pikes Creek; his fiancée, Michelle Adams, of Lake Township; aunts, uncles and cousins. STEINRUCK - Loretta A., 75, of Old Tavern Road, Hunlock Creek, died Friday, May 20, 2011, at Lehigh Valley HospitalCedar Crest. She was born on November 2, 1935, in Bloomingdale, and was a graduate of Shickshinny High School, class of 1953. Prior to retiring, she was employed by Luzerne Outerwear, Shickshinny, and Native Textiles in Dallas. Surviving are her daughter, Deborah Smith, with whom she resided; brothers, Delano Culver, of Sweet Valley; and James Culver, of Kingston; sisters, Shirley Lewis, of Stillwater; and Connie Ridall, of Shickshinny; longtime companion, Bob Grey; nieces and nephews. WILLIAMS - Alice M., 83, of Harveys Lake, died Sunday, May 15, 2011, at the Meadows Nursing Center, Dallas. She was born January 4,1928, in Wilkes-Barre, graduated from Kingston High School, class of 1946, and had resided at Harveys Lake for the last 62 years. She was a secretary for Chapel Lawn Memorial Park, Dallas, for 22 ½ years, retiring in 1989. She also served as past president of the Daniel C. Roberts Fire Co. Ladies Auxiliary, Harveys Lake, and was a member of the Outlet Free Methodist Church, Harveys Lake. Surviving are her children, Thomas P., Shavertown; Patricia Loomis, Iron Station, N.C.; Judi Spagnuolo, Harveys Lake; a grandson; sisters, Dianne Hall, Wilkes-Barre Township; Kathy Kazimer, Mount Dora, Fla.; nieces and nephews. Memorial donations to The Outlet Free Methodist Church, 531 Lehman-Outlet Rd., Dallas, PA 18612, or the Grace Community Church, RR 5, Box 117C, Memorial Highway, Dallas, PA 18612.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

GOH youth music camp is scheduled Gate of Heaven Church, Dallas, invites singers from local churches to participate in its annual Summer Youth Music Camp. The camp will be held from 9:30 a.m. to noon Monday through Friday, July 18-22. A youth liturgy featuring the camp participants will take place at 11:30 a.m. on Sunday, July 24. The theme for this year’s camp is “Lord, give us wisdom.” Campers will be treated to a variety of games and a pizza party on the last day of camp. In addition, there will be daily choir rehearsals of the music for the weekend liturgy. Deacon Tom Cesarini will offer a brief lesson for the Several members of the Gate of Heaven Youth Choir are, from left, first row, Maggie Paciga, Eryn campers each day. The camp is McMonagle, Jennifer Leonard, Melissa Leonard and Gabriella Soper. Second row, Emily Paciga, Jestdirected by Anthony J. Kubasek. een Adams, Michelle Leonard, Courtney McMonagle, Rachel DeCesaris and Bridget Goodrich.


Church slates Memorial Day service

The Sweet Valley Church of Christ, 5439 Main Rd., will hold a special Memorial Day Service at 9:30 a.m. today, May 29. The service will include speaker Major Doreen Lysiak and patriot music. For more information, call 477-2320

Memorial mass slated

St. Frances Cabrini Church, 585 Mt. Olivet Rd, Carverton, will celebrate a Memorial Mass at 10 a.m. on Monday, May 30. The mass is in honor and memory of all the deceased loved ones who are laid to rest at the Mount Olivet Cemetery. Father Vincent Dang will be the celebrant for this special mass.

Flea market and bake sale planned

The Social Committee of St. Frances Cabrini Church, 585 Mt. Olivet Rd., Carverton, will sponsor its annual flea market and bake sale from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Monday, May 30 on the church grounds. This year’s flea market will include household items, pictures, dishware, knickknacks, toys, DVDs, games and books. There will be a $2 a bag sale at 2 p.m. Picnic foods for purchase include homemade clam chowder, haluski, pork barbeque, wimpies, hotdogs with sauerkraut or chili and a variety of beverages. A special “early bird” flea market will held from 7:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. today, May 29.

Saturday, June 3 and 4. Food and refreshments will be available along with Welsh Cookies. For more information, call 333-4626.

Alderson church plans rummage sale

A rummage and bake sale will be held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Friday, June 3 and from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, June 4 at the Alderson United Methodist Church, 108 Lakeside Dr., Harveys Lake. Saturday is Bag Day. For information, call 639-5688 or 333-4218.

Halsor graduates from Skidmore Chelsea Halsor, of Dallas, received a Bachelor of Science degree Magna Cum Laude during the 100th annual commencement ceremonies of Skidmore College on May 21. A total of 652 students in the Class of 2011 were recognized. In addition. 30 students in the college’s University Without Walls for non-traditional learners earned their bachelor’s degrees. Ten master of arts in liberal studies degrees also were awarded.

Rummage sale set

The women of the Orange United Methodist Church, 2293 W. 8th St., Orange, will hold their annual spring rummage sale at the church hall from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Friday and


“Growing Quality Is A Family Business Since 1930”


Hanging Baskets • Gerber Daisy • Geraniums Herbs • Bedding • Veggie Plants Combination Pots • Cemetery Logs • Potting Soil Humus • McCutcheon’s Canned Goods

M-F 9-6 • SAT & SUN 9-5 • 675-2080

1/2 Mile Off Rt. 309, Dallas, Hildebrandt Rd. (200 yards north of Dallas Elementary School)


Session I: Monday, June 20 - Friday, June 24 Session II: Monday, Aug. 15-Fri., Aug. 19 8:30 am - 3:00 pm $185 Includes Camp T-shirt, Basketball & Lunch Daily Visit, click on athletics, then icon for Summer Camps for more information or to register on line or contact Carl Danzig at 941-7252


HARVEY - Lucille, of Whippoorwill Hollow Road, Tunkhannock, died Wednesday, May 18, 2011, in Tyler Memorial Hospital in Tunkhannock. She was born in Beaumont, on November 21, 1919, was the mother of 13 children and enjoyed working on the family farm. Surviving are sons, Monroe, of Lander, Wyo.; Norman, of Las Vegas, Nev.; and Stirel “Butch,” of Laceyville; Mark, Paul and Jonathan, all of Tunkhannock; daughters, Patricia Thomson, of Calabash, N.C.; Millie Snyder, of Lima, Ohio; Inez Knutson, of White Bear Lake, Minn.; Alice Davenport, of Hunlock Creek; Virginia Welna, of Bloomington, Minn.; Esther, of Minneapolis, Minn.; a sister, Ramona Wall, of Noxen; 27 grandchildren, 24 great-grandchildren; one great-great-grandson.

struction of Swoyersville and later for Neal - Lynn Inc., of Luzerne. He was a member of Our Lady of Victory Church, Harveys Lake; American Legion, Post 672 of Dallas; and Labor Union Local 215. Surviving are his wife of 54 years, the former Arlene Irene Carver; daughter, Susan Krzysik, of Dallas; son, Robert, of Perkasie; three grandchildren; cousins.








Sunday, May 29, 2011


Slocum receives scholar-athlete award

Andrew Slocum, of Shavertown, received the Ratzlaff Scholarship and the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference Scholar-Athlete Award at Millersville University’s Honors and Awards Convocation on April 30. More than 600 students were recognized at this convocation for their academic accomplishments including impressive grade point averages, departmental awards for excellence in an academic major, community involvement and Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference scholar athletes.


from Saint Michael’s

Pugh earns law degree

Rachael Marie Pugh, daughter of Alan and Brenda Pugh, is a member of the Class of 2011 of the Ave Maria School of Law. A graduate of Dallas High School, Pugh earned an Associate’s degree in marketing and a Bachelor’s degree in Pugh business from King’s College.

Kyle Daniel Gallagher, son of Daniel and Catherine Gallagher, of Dallas, earned a bachelor of science in Business Administration from Saint Michael’s


College on May 16 in ceremonies held on the campus of the liberal arts residential Catholic college located in the Burlington area of Vermont.


Phillips named to honor society

Shauna Phillips, of Dallas, was recognized by Widener University as a member of the

Psi Chi National Honor Society in Psychology. Psi Chi aims to encourage, stimulate and maintain excellence in scholarship of its individual members and to advance the science of psychology.

Heintz sisters named to dean’s list

Katrina Heintz and Theresa Heintz, both of Dallas, have been named to the dean’s list for the spring 2011 semester at York Four Back Mountain residents College of Pennsylvania. Katrina is a junior nursing graduated from Millersville major while Theresa is a senior University of Pennsylvania during the spring 2011 undergradu- mass communications major. To be eligible for this honor, a ate commencement ceremony student must be registered for held Saturday, May 7. at least 12 academic credit hours William N Barnes, of Dallas, and earn a semester GPA of 3.50 earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Studies Educa- or higher. tion Cum Laude. Barnes was also a member of the university’s Honors College David Lee Hanadel, of Dallas, earned a Bachlor of Arts degree in Government. Emily L. Deubler, of Dallas, Elyse Ellen Apaliski, of Harwas recently inducted into Phi vey’s Lake, earned a Bachelor of Sigma Tau, the national honor Science degree in Biology. society for philosophy at The Andrew Slocum, of ShaverUniversity of Scranton. town, earned a Bachelor of Deubler is a senior at the Science degree in Biology Mag- university. na Cum Laude.

Four graduate from Millersville

Deubler inducted into honor society

Sabol attends HOBY

Samantha Sabol, daughter of Jill and Dave Sabol, of Shavertown, has been selected to join 245 leaders representing many high schools throughout the central and northeast Pennsylvania at the Central Pennsylvania Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Seminary (HOBY) at Millersville University. Sabol is a student at the LakeLehman Junior/Senior High School.

Two inducted into honor society

Emily Louise Deubler, of Dallas, and Rosemary Ann Shaver, of Shavertown, were recently inducted into Pi Mu Epsilon, the national honor society for mathematics at The University of Scranton. Deubler is a senior majoring in both biomathematics and philosophy while Shaver is a junior majoring in both history and political science.

Margaret Rupp will perform at festival

Margaret Rupp, of Dallas, was among 17 Wyoming Seminary Upper School students recently selected to perform in district, regional and state chorus, band and orchestra festivals. Rupp is a junior at Seminary.

Ferlenda graduates from Lebanon Valley

Jessica M. Ferlenda, of Dallas, graduated Magna Cum Laude from Lebanon Valley College, Annville. She earned a bachelor of science degree in elementary education.

Heintz graduates from York College

Theresa Heintz, of Dallas, graduated Cum Laude from York College of Pennsylvania on May14. Heintz earned a BA degree in Mass Communication.

Bryan Simms, of the Jackson Township Volunteer Ambulance Dept. was among nominees for the 2011 Outstanding EMS Providers of the Year during the Geisinger Health System Outstanding EMS Providers Awards ceremony.

Gallagher graduates


Paul and Licia Witt, of Dallas, twins who graduated from Wilkes University this spring, will enter Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine’s (PCOM) doctor of osteopathic medicine program in June. The Witts decided on PCOM after shadowing Dr. John Kish, a PCOM alumnus who practices at Inter Mountain Medical Group in Wilkes Barre.

Bryan Simms is award nominee



Faith, Family, Duty, Commitment, Heroism and Honor.

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Dallas twins will attend PCOM



Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Dallas Post


Two-year-old Buck enjoys a spring swim at a lake in Copaigue, New York where his owner travels for work. A Labrador/Retriever mix, Buck lives with Brian Mullen in Dallas.

Community Newspaper Group

15 N. Main St., Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 18711 • 570-675-5211 Richard L. Connor PUBLISHER 829-7202

Dotty Martin EDITOR 970-7440

Diane McGee ADVERTISING 970-7153

Library auction is less than two months away Though it’s hard to believe, the Back Mountain Memorial Library’s Annual Auction is less than two months away…and what better way to share the excitement than by attending the Auction’s Annual Kick-Off Dinner. This year’s dinner will be held on Monday, June 6 at the Apple Tree Terrace of Newberry Estates in Dallas, beginning at 6 p.m. with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres followed by a buffetstyle dinner at 7 p.m. Attendees will want to indulge at the Grilling Station consisting of top round of beef with horseradish sauce; grilled Caesar chicken with rice pilaf or grilled salmon with citrus sauce and an assortment of vegetables. The Pasta Station will tempt us with penne or linguine pasta with a choice of three sauces, salad and soft breadsticks. There will also be a fresh fruit and cheese display and an assortment of desserts, coffee, tea and iced tea. While lingering over dessert, a mini auction will offer us a chance to bid on a sampling of Nearly Olde and New Goods items, antique collectibles and plants. The price of the dinner is $21 per person and it’s open to the public. Reservations (along with

payment) can be made at the library by May 27. Call the library at 675-1182 for more information! Plan now to attend and start practicing your bidding skills! ••• Along with the excitement of the auction, of course, comes the planning…and along with the planning comes the need for volunteers! All tweens 12 years and up, teens and young adults are needed to volunteer for auction set-up from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday, July 3; Tuesday, July 5; and Wednesday July 6. This is an easy fun way to complete any requirements teensmay have for community service hours. You (and a group of your friends!) may stop in at the library or call us to sign up. A light lunch and refreshments will be provided for volunteers. ••• The library will be closed on Monday, May 30 in honor of Memorial Day and will re-open on Tuesday, May 31 with regular hours. ••• Our Slightly Read Bookshop will also be closed on Monday, May 30 and will re-open with its regular hours (10 a.m. to 7 p.m.) on Wednesday, June 1.

STRANGE BUT TRUE By Samantha Weaver • It was 20th-century Belgian writer and philosopher Raoul Vaneigem who made the following sage observation: “There are more truths in 24 hours of a man’s life than in all the philosophies.” • The next time you’re annoyed by a bad case of the hiccups, consider poor Charles Osborne. In 1922, when he was 28 years old, Mr. Osborne got the hiccups. For the next 68 years, he continued to hiccup, finally stopping in 1990, one year before his death at the age of 97. • Those who study such things claim that an average bank robber in the United States nets about $4,000 for every heist. No info at hand on how the researches acquired their data. • If you’re planning a trip to the United Kingdom in the near future, you might want to be sure Windsor Castle, located in the county of Berkshire, is on your itinerary. Built in the 11th century, it is both the longest-occupied palace in Europe and, with more than 500 people living and working there, the world’s largest inhabited castle. As a bonus, through April of 2012 you’ll be able to view a special exhibit on royal cakes. Yes, cakes. Amazingly, included in the exhibit are two pieces of cake from the wedding of Queen Victoria to Prince Albert, which took place on February 10, 1840. • Stephen Spielberg, who has earned two Academy Awards for Best Director, and three of whose films have set boxoffice records, was rejected - twice - when he applied to the film program of the University of Southern California. ••• Thought for the day: “Every man possesses three characters: that which he exhibits, that which he really has, and that which he believes he has.” - Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr

"YOUR SPACE" is reserved specifically for Dallas Post readers who have something they’d like to share with fellow readers. Submitted items may include photographs or short stories and should be sent via e-mail to, by,

20 YEARS AGO A steeple now shines in the sunlight over the Fellowship Evangelical Free Church in Dallas, raised in memory of Amber Nicely. Earlier this month, the white steeple topped by a gold cross was placed on the new Christian Education wing added to the original church building. The steeple was purchased with money from the Amber Nicely Memorial Fund and church member contributions, and was raised in memory of Amber who died two years ago from cancer. Amber won the hearts of people ONLY throughout YESTERDAY Wyoming Valley when her battle with cancer became a symbol of hope and strength. Dallas Area Federated Woman’s Club held its installation of officers for the coming year earlier this month at Perugino’s Restaurant, Luzerne, with President Jean Hillard presiding. Following dinner and the end of year reports, Luzerne County Federation President Sandy Timko conducted the installation ceremony of new officers. New officers are Nancy Ferko, president; Pam Egly, vice president; Shirley Smith, treasurer; and Maryann Daily, secretary.

30 YEARS AGO Trucksville Elementary students provided entertainment at the recent PTO meeting held at the Trucksville School. Participating in the program were: Erica Bullock, Cheri Smith, Kim-

fax to 675-3650 or by mail to The Dallas Post, 15 N. Main St., Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711. Information must include the submitting person’s name, address and telephone number in the event we have questions. Readers wishing to have their photos returned

berly Mahoney, Heather Berube, Carrie Isaacs, Lori Lee McMurtry, Lori Akenbrand, Trina Stesney, Michelle Traver, Jennifer Bryant, Sandra Morrisey, Michelle Hardik, Heather Hofmann, Denise Korey, Jeffrey White, Brian Kaplanski, Scott Connors, Edward Cavalari, Dale Morris, Brian Novicki, John Aston, Harry Swepenheiser, Scott Brody and Richard Cosgrove. Dallas’ Cathy Newhart ran the 100 meter dash in 12.6 to break the previous record set in the track districts by Riverside High School’s Kim Sochevka. She also ran the 200 meter dash in 26.3 to break the record set in 1979 by Crestwood’s Lori Papka.

40 YEARS AGO The Back Mountain Horseshow 4-H Club held its fourth annual Open Horse Show recently at Highland Acres Equestrian Center. The show drew exhibitors from New Jersey and New York, as well as local riders and other Pennsylvanians. Connie Bogden, riding Mrs. P.J. Schalm II’s horse, “Judge Saunders” took top honors in the regular working hunter champion class. Ten Back Mountain residents were among the 98 drivers of Commonwealth Telephone Company honored for safe driving by Pennsylvania Manufacturer’s Association Insurance Company during ceremonies conducted in the Dallas executive offices of the telephone company last week. The ten drivers are: Bruce Spencer, Howard Johns, Frank Summa, Tom Sayre, Edward Kravitz, Robert Dominick, Joseph Balavage, Charles Searfoss, Tom Traver and Henry Yezefski.

MOMENTS IN TIME The History Channel

• On June 10, 1752, Benjamin Franklin flies a kite during a thunderstorm and collects a charge in a jar when the kite is struck by lightning, enabling him to demonstrate the electrical nature of lightning. Inventor Franklin coined a number of terms used today, including “battery,” “conductor” and “electrician.” • On June 7, 1893, Mohandas Gandhi commits his first act of civil disobedience. Gandhi, a young Indian lawyer working in South Africa,

refused to comply with racial segregation rules on a South African train and was forcibly ejected. • On June 6, 1949, George Orwell’s novel of a dystopian future, “1984,” is published. The novel’s all-seeing leader, known as "Big Brother," becomes a universal symbol for intrusive government and oppressive bureaucracy. It described a grim vision of a future where all citizens are watched constantly and language is twisted to aid in oppression. • On June 11, 1955, a racing car in Le Mans, France, goes

should include a self-addressed/stamped envelope. Items will be published in the order in which they are received. The editor of The Dallas Post reserve the right to reject any items submitted for publication.

50 YEARS AGO Co-chairmen Carolyn Rhone, Trucksville, and Elaine Kozemchak, Huntsville, are completing plans for the first Art Fair to be held by the Department of Fine Arts and Education of Wilkes College. In addition to an outdoor exhibit featuring student work, films and art history slides will be shown. Throughout the day demonstrations will be given in oil paintings, sculptures, ceramics, pottery, mosaics, pastels, pan and ink, figure drawing, fashion drawing, color, lettering and layout, block printing, copper enameling and clay modeling. Three boys from the Back Mountain stood on the flight deck of the Aircraft Carrier USS Lake Champlain as it stood by last Friday to pick up the astronaut Navy Commander Alan Shepherd after his flight through space from Cape Canaveral. They were John Lonie, son of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Meeker, Kunkle; Bob Spare, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Spare, Carverton; and Dan Congden, son of Mr. and Mrs. C.L. Congden, East Dallas.

60 YEARS AGO Clyde W. Birth, Trucksville, was elected to the board of the Back Mountain Branch Town and Country Y.M.C.A. at the board meeting last Tuesday night. He will serve with Frederick W. Anderson and Thomas P. Shelburne, representing Kingston Township. All municipalities of the Back Mountain “Y” will add one more director – making three directors from each. Mr. and Mrs. R.J.W. Templin,

out of control and crashes into stands filled with spectators, killing 82 people. The tragedy in the famous 24hour race led to a ban on auto racing in several nations. • On June 8, 1967, during the Six-Day War, Israeli aircraft and torpedo boats repeatedly attack the USS Liberty in international waters off Egypt’s Gaza Strip. In all, 34 Americans were killed and 171 were wounded. Israel later apologized for the attack, claiming that it had mistaken the Liberty for an Egyptian ship. • On June 9, 1973, Secretariat becomes the first horse since Citation in 1948 to win

Woodlawn Drive, entertained at a family farewell dinner a week ago Sunday for their son, Pvt. Fred who was enjoying a fifteen day furlough. Fred, who is with the infantry, left Camp Kilmer over the weekend for service in Europe. Present were: Mr. and Mrs. Richard Templin and Shirley; Mr. and Mrs. Philip Templin, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kain, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Eck and Marilyn, Dorothy, Jack and Beverly and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Templin and Billy and Bobby, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Maxwell and Bobby, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Reese and Peggy and Cathy.

70 YEARS AGO With weather permitting and State inspectors lenient, Trucksville Dallas Highway will be opened for traffic on Memorial Day. Two of the three lanes of concrete have been finished for some time and the third is rapidly approaching completion. A fourth section will be paved from Fernbrook intersection to some distance beyond the overpass bridge on Fernbrook Avenue, and the contractor expects to have all concrete laid by Monday. Mrs. Fred Lamoreaux and Mrs. Robert Hessler were elected new members of the Fernbrook Girl Scout committee at a meeting at the home of Mrs. Claude Cook on Tuesday evening. Information for “Only Yesterday” is taken from past issues of The Dallas Post which is 122 years old. The information is printed here exactly as it appeared in the newspaper years ago.

America’s coveted Triple Crown - the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness and the Belmont Stakes. In 1999, ESPN added Secretariat to the list of Top 50 North American athletes of the 20th century, the only non-human on the list. • On June 12, 1987, in one of his most famous Cold War speeches, President Ronald Reagan challenges Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev to “tear down” the Berlin Wall, a symbol of the repressive Communist era in a divided Germany. Two years later East and West Germans did break down the infamous barrier.

“ H O W W I L L YO U C E L E B R AT E M E M O R I A L D AY ? ”

“We’re hoping to watch the parade in Sweet Valley or play baseball.” Mark LeValley Sweet Valley

“Have a cookout at my grandma’s house in Pittston.”

“I plan to be with family – a break from a busy life.”

Kiera Paraschak Lehman

Richard Mark Luksic Wilkes-Barre

“Barbecue and watch Yankees baseball on TV.” Greg Petorak Dallas

“Hopefully, playing baseball – then a family picnic at the foot of Sorber Mountain.” Chip Sorber Loyalville

"We might go down to Philly Zoo if the weather holds up.” Robyn Valentine Dallas


Sunday, May 29, 2011





Supervisors will join in regional emergency agency By EILEEN GODIN Dallas Post Correspondent

Supervisors unanimously agreed during a meeting held May 11 to join in an intergovernmental cooperation agreement with other Back Mountain communities to create a regional emergency management agency. The resolution to participate in an agreement with neighboring Back Mountain communities, combining emergency management resources, was adopted earlier this year by Jackson Town-

ship, Lehman Township, Dallas Borough, Dallas Township and Kingston Township. The cost-effective agreement allows municipalities to combine emergency equipment and resources to provide mutual aid for fire, EMS, rescue, Hazmat and other emergencies. Supervisor chairman Lonnie Piatt said Barney Dobinick, the township’s emergency management coordinator, learned of other municipalities adopting the agreement and presented a copy of the resolution to the supervisors.

“The agreement will allow us to work together during emergencies.”

Lonnie Piatt Lake Twp. supervisor

“The agreement will allow us to work together during emergencies,” Piatt said. With public safety on their minds, supervisors also met with area fire and ambulance companies to better define emergency coverage. Piatt explained a dis-

crepancy existed on which company, Harveys Lake or Sweet Valley, covers Sorber Mountain Road. It was determined Sweet Valley Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Companies will cover one end and Harveys Lake Volunteer


Memorial Day service scheduled

Committee members planning the annual Market on the Pond at The Meadows Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Dallas, are, from left, kneeling, are Marilyn Gregorski and Betty Sorchik, volunteer directors. Standing, Millie Yanchik, Irene Transue, Marie Belasco, Barbara Wentz, Maryan Daily, Irene Meren, Louise Montigney, Bernie Hill, Lloyd Ryman, Fran Dierolf, Pete Klein, Market chairman; Bob and Mary Law, Margaret Smith and Jean Clark.

Market on the Pond is June 18 The annual Market on the Pond sponsored by the volunteers of The Meadows Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Dallas, will be held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, June 18. The event will feature 120 vendors offering a variety of goods and treasures. The aux-

iliary booths include odds and ends, plants, books, raffles, residents’ crafts, refreshments in the pavilion and much more. Fresh-baked goods and Welsh cookies will also be available. Rain date is June 25. Residents and members of

the Occupational Therapy Department are creating tie-dyed t-shirts for children and adults for sale. Raffle basket tickets area available in the lobby of the Meadows and on the day of the market. For more information, call 675-8600, ext, 195.


Mercy Center Skilled Nursing and Personal Care Center recently celebrated Nursing Home Week. The theme, “Fulfilling the Promise by Serving Others,” featured a specific color theme each day to support the wisdom of the residents, the appreciation of the volunteers, the support of families and the enthusiasm and spirit of the staff. Daily parties and entertainment were provided throughout the week. To begin the event, Douglas Delescavage entertained the residents at the piano with jazz and a nostalgic sing-a- ongs. Shown here with Delescavage are, from left, seated, Rachel Jones, Adelle Luke and Josephine Besecke. Standing is Ann Marie Morgan, activities coordinator.

Meadows volunteers seek donations The Meadows Nursing Center’s Auxiliary volunteers are asking the community to pitch in and help by donating items that can be used for various booths at their annual fund raiser, Market on the Pond, that benefits residents. Items for booths such as odds and ends (no clothing or broken items), soft and hardcover books (no magazines), handcrafted items, new but never used items, kitchen items and perennial plants are appreciated. Donations can be taken to the lobby at the center from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday, June 4 and Saturday, June 11 when an auxiliary volunteer will be available to help. Other times can be arranged by calling the volunteer office at 6745-8600, ext. 195.

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C.J. Bufalino Law Offices, P.C. Pendragon Square, Suite 2B • 165 S. Memorial Highway Shavertown, PA 18708 (Next To Sheetz) • (570) 696-5660

SUMMER THEATRE WORKSHOP For children ages 8 to 12 Sessions begin July 25

Student performances of Disney’s ALADDIN: August 19 and 20

THEATRE WORKSHOP FOR STUDENTS AGES 13 TO 18 Sessions begin August 30 Student performances of GREASE: October 14, 15, 16


The Kocher Cemetery Association will hold a Memorial Day service at 10 a.m. on Monday, May 30 at the flagpole in the cemetery in Ruggles, Lake Township. In the event of inclement weather, the service will be held in the chapel. For more information, contact Carlene McCaffrey, association secretary, at 639-5308.

Irem Women plan card party

The Irem Women’s Auxiliary will host a card party from noon to 4 p.m. on Thursday, June 2 at the Irem Country Club. Tickets are $12 and may be purchased from Hope Beisel at 675-1652, Lorraine Hastie at 654-3755, Mary Lou Bechtold at 655-1089, Lorraine White at 328-1381 or at the door. Ticket includes parking, lunch, prizes and games.

Dr. Bucha will speak to moms group

The Holistic Moms Network will meet from 5:15 to 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 2 in the

Fire and Ambulance Companies will cover the other end. Fire company representatives requested that all township residents display their 911 house address numbers clearly. House numbers should be at least three inches in size to be legible from the street. Also, Dobinick stepped down as the code enforcement officer, citing scheduling conflicts between serving as both the code enforcement officer and the emergency management coordinator. Piatt was appointed to assume

the position of code enforcement officer until the end of the year. In other news, Piatt said the Luzerne Conservation District will provide assistance in repairing two township roads. The agreement would require the Luzerne Conservation District to contribute $3,146.40 for work to 430 feet of Bear Hollow Road and $6,930 for work on a dirt road located in state game lands, section 57. The agreement requires the township to contribute about $7,000 for the two projects, according to Piatt.

Wyoming Seminary Lower School library, 1560 Wyoming Ave., Forty Fort. Dr. John Bucha, a Harveys Lake veterinarian, will speak to the group about a holistic approach to the health care needs of family pets. For more information, call Nicole at 466-1347.

raffle, vendors and plenty of food. The proceeds from all sponsorships and the basket raffle will benefit Wyoming Valley Children’s Association. For more information, contact Peaceful Valley Equestrian Center at 333-BARN or 406-6911.

Alzheimer’s Support Group meets

The seventh anniversary meeting of The Dallas Alzheimer’s Support Group will be held at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, June 2 in the board room of the Meadows Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, 55 W. Center Hill Rd., Dallas. For more information, call 675-8600.

Horses 4 Hope event planned

The Peaceful Valley Equestrian Center’s Annual Open House Fundraiser – Horses ‘4’ Hope is slated for 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday, June 4 at the Peaceful Valley Equestrian Center Inc, Centermoreland, Route 2020, Wyoming County. The day’s events will include pony rides, horse demonstrations, horseshoe tournament, exhibits, kid’s activities, basket

Fire department plans open house

Northmoreland Twp. Volunteer Fire Department will host an open house from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday, June 5 at the hall on Demunds Road in Centermoreland. There will be Bingo, refreshments and activities.

Kids Trout Derby planned for June 5

The Bowman’s Creek Watershed Association and the Noxen-Monroe Sportsman’s Association will hold a Kids Trout Derby on Sunday, June 5 at the sportsman’s grounds, Main Street, Noxen. Registration will begin at noon with the derby set to start at 1 p.m. There is no registration fee. The derby is open to children ages 2 to 15 years of age. Prizes will be awarded in four different age groups.





Sunday, May 29, 2011

MEMORIAL DAY Lake-Lehman High School students who recently won History Day awards are, from left, kneeling, Brittany Faux, Anna James, Courtney McMonagle, Kelly Sweeney, Ashley Rood, Stephanie Konek. Second row, Lindsay Williams, A.J Reyes, Megan Davis, Mr. Brian Gorski, LLHS Associate History Day Coordinator; Mr. Michael Novrocki, LLHS History Day Coordinator; Mr. Ryan Lindbuchler, LLHS Social Studies Dept. Chair and Associate History Day Coordinator; Sarah Bedford, Alyssa Talacka, Megan Sorber, Alex Hoyt. Third row, Katie Heindel, Karen Yamrick, Bethany Williams, Michelle Ash, Thomas Boyle, Kristen Boyle, Kaitlyn Yoniski and Nick Egan.


Lake-Lehman is first at Regional History Day for 12th straight year

Jaime Lipski, of Dallas, and Joscelyn Mahon, of Shavertown, received undergraduate degrees from Providence College during commencement exercises on Sunday, May 15. Lipski received a bachelor’s degree in psychology Cum Laude. Mahon received a bachelor’s degree in health policy and management.

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Two graduate from Providence College

First place - Group Exhibit: Thomas Boyle, Sarah Beford (Grade 10) and Kristen Boyle (Grade 11) for their project, entitled “Prohibition: The Debate that Divided America.” Second place - Individual Documentary: Megan Davis (Grade 10) for her project, entitled “Carter’s Call for Palestine Peace: Egypt and Israel at Camp David.” Second place - Group Documentary: Nicholas Egan and Alexander Hoyt (Grade 9) for their project, entitled “War, Olympics and Jimmy Carter: How our Athletes Lost a Shot at Glory.” Second place - Individual Exhibit: Lindsay Williams (Grade 9) for her project, entitled “Flappers in the 1920s: The Chaos and Controversy Surrounding the New American Woman.” Second place - Group Exhibit: Karen Yamrick, Bethany Williams, Katie Heindel (Grade 10) for their project, entitled “Ronald Reagan’s Risk: SDI and the Star Wars Shield.” Second place - Group Performance: Michelle Ash, Stephanie Konek, Courtney McMonagle (Grade 9) for their project, entitled “Real Rene-

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

For the 12th consecutive year, Lake-Lehman High School won first place as the Senior Division Outstanding School at the 2011 Regional History Day Competition. This award is given to the school with the greatest number of award-winning projects in grades 9-12. Twenty-six students and their projects (14 in total) qualified to represent Lake-Lehman High School at the Regional Contest held on March 19. A record number of 10 projects from Lake-Lehman captured either a first, second or thirdplace award at the regional contest. Lake-Lehman earned three first-place awards, five second-place awards and two third-place awards. A record group of 21 students advanced to the state competition held at Millersville University where sophomore A.J. Reyes, who had won a first place at regional competition, grabbed a fourth-place state award for his Individual Documentary project, entitled “Old Enough to Fight, but Not to Vote?” Lake-Lehman students who won Regional Competition awards are: First place - Group Documentary: Anna James and Brittany Faux (Grade 9) for their project, entitled “Tocks Island Dam: Killing a Valley or Fueling the Future?”


gades or Make Believe Murderers: The Molly Maguires at their Finest.” Third place - Individual Documentary: Kaitlyn Yoniski (Grade 10) for her project, entitled “The Reserve Clause Challenge: Curt Flood’s Fight for Free Agency.” Third place - Group Documentary: Kelly Sweeney, Alyssa Talacka, Ashley Rood, Megan Sorber (Grade 9) for their project, entitled “Boston’s Busing Battle: Desegregating the Seventies One Bus At A Time.”

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Sunday, May 29, 2011










Dallas. Also, Andrew Santora, son of Ron an Judy Santora, of Dallas; Robert Schaub, son of Robert and Julie Schaub, of Dallas; Christopher Tamanini, son of Tim and Sandy Tamanini, of Kingston Township; Thomas P. Tidey, son of Tom and Lisa Tidey, of Dallas;

and Aaron Weir, son of Walt and Susan Weir, of Dallas; Student Leadership in Civics of Dallas High School was formed in September 2009 after students had an opportunity to attend a leadership workshop with then First Lady of Pennsylvania Judge Rendell.

At the workshop, students were challenged to make a difference in civic education. To that end, this group of young adults decided it was time to act so they created the club and established its mission which is to educate the school and local community through service learning pro-




Eleven DHS students cited for Civics Eleven Dallas High School stue Leadership in Civics Recognition Brunch on May 15 at the East Mountain Inn, Plains Township. Honored students include Shannon Brobst, daughter of Mary Susan and Donald Brobst, of Shavertown; Adrienne Box, daughter of Jeff and Maire Box, of Trucksville; Bethany Harris, daughter of Vincent and Michelle Harris, of Dallas; Ryan Hertel, son of Doug and Jill Hertel, of Dallas; Ryan Hogan, son of Michael and Diane Hogan, of Dallas; Angelina Hoidra, daughter of Matthew and Deborah Hoidra, of


jects. During the second year, the club has participated in the Pennsylvania Mock Election, volunteered with Habitat for Humanity as part of National Make A Difference Day, hosted a community-wide Veterans Day Commemoration Ceremony, vol-


unteered at Shoemaker Hub as part of Martin Luther King and Global Youth Services Day, implemented a school-wide Martin Luther King assembly, conducted a voter registration drive and finished its busy year with the U.S. Post Office’s Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive.


Students from Dallas Middle School participating in a NASA Endeavour Program are, from left, first row, Jacob Bozenkta, Ryan Marshall. Second row, Grace Schaub, Talia Szatkowski, Madalyn Bozinkski, Alex Milligan, Isabella DelPriore. Third row, Jesse Goode, Kyle Llewellyn, Aidan McLaughlin and David Schnablen. Kylie Rosengrant is the teacher/advisor.

DMS students work with NASA Eighth-grade gifted students of Dallas Middle School are participating in the NASA Endeavour Program for the second year in a row. The NASA Endeavour Program engages students in real life problem solving that NASA scientists are currently facing. Students are presented with a problem and then given time to brainstorm and develop a solution. The most recent project stu-

dents are competing in is the WLMR project (Waste Limitation Management and Recycling Design Challenge). Students had to design a water recycling system that could be used on the moon. Teams from across the nation submitted their proposals to NASA scientists. Twenty schools from across the United States were named as finalists and Dallas was one of them.

Students will now finalize their design and present their findings to NASA scientists. Once all schools have presented over a two-day window, a winner will be announced. The winning team will receive an all-expense paid trip to the NASA Kennedy Space Center in Florida as well as a monetary gift card. Second and third-place teams will also receive a monetary gift card.

Locals graduate from King’s College Back Mountain residents Shavertown Mathematics - James J. Heffamong members of the Class of 2011from King’s College who re- ers, Dallas Political Science - Angela Kay ceived degrees on May 22 are: Wagner, Dallas MASTER OF SCIENCE Health Care Administration - BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Accounting - Shannon Lee SiLeanne Mikielski, Shavertown moson, Harveys Lake BACHELOR OF ARTS Biology - Robin D. Crossley, Communications - Aimee Ni- Trucksville; Michael William cole Fritzges, Shavertown; Gergel, Shavertown; Janel G. Brian Michael Gibbons, Dallas Grundowski, Noxen; Alexander Criminal Justice - Alycia Ma- John Kish, Shavertown; Kathleen M. Paley, Shavertown; Ashrie Rebovich, Harvey’s Lake Economics - Joseph Michael ley Elizabeth VanScoy, Shavertown George, Harveys Lake Business Administration - JaElementary Education mie A. Donahue, Forkston Adam L. Barry, Trucksville History - Eric David Butruce, Township; Kevin J. Gilbertson,

Shavertown; Amber L. Hughes, Dallas; Adam C Pajka, Shavertown Computers and Information Systems - Jacob M. Devlin, Dallas Environmental Science Christina Michele Dennis, Shavertown; Brittany Hillman, Hunlock Creek Marketing - Alyssa Lynne Miller, Shavertown; Laura A. Milligan, Shavertown; Nicholas J. Samanas, Dallas Medical Studies - Megan Colleen Devine, Harveys Lake; Victoria G. Posatko, Dallas Psychology - Cody Lee Karalunas, Wyoming

The Dallas High School Student of the Quarter Breakfast was held recently to honor the 20102011 Students of the Quarter. Honored guests State Senator Lisa Baker and Carol Sweeney, Legislative Outreach Specialist to State Representative Karen Boback, presented certificates of recognition. From left, seated, are Ashlyn Van Deutsch, Janara Koehler, Sara Skammer, Rachel Alles, Erica Sims and Maria Fessler. Standing, Sweeney, Megan Redlich, Ryan Hertel, Joshua Kachurick, Christopher Tamanini, Christopher Clemson, Sam Savoy, Decklan Cerza, Corey Ehert and Senator Baker.


Volunteers will run through Lock-In

There will be a mandatory run-through of the 2011 Lock-In at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, May 31 in the Dallas High School auditorium for all volunteers working the night Lock-In. The Lock-In is an alcohol-free, drug-free, fully-chaperoned, all-night party for the graduating class. This year’s Lock-In will be held after graduation on Friday, June 3.

60th anniversary reunion planned

The 60th anniversary reunion of the Lehman-Jackson-Ross Class of 1951 will be held at noon on Wednesday, June 1 at the Red Rooster restaurant, Route 118, Hunlock Creek with participants ordering from the menu. All persons wishing to attend should call Grace Lord at 6751503 or Ken Swan at 639-1381.

THS Class of 1961 plans reunion

The Tunkhannock High School Class of 1961 is planning its 50th anniversary reunion to be held on Saturday, June 25 at

the Triton Fire Company with a mixer at 5 p.m. and dinner at 6 p.m. Music of the 50s and 60s will be provided by the Tones at 7 p.m. For more information, call Allan Kinsman at 674-9882.

WSCC plans 70th Birthday Bash

West Side Central Catholic High School Class of 1959 is planning a 70th Birthday Bash the week of June 25 and 26. Any classmate interested in attending who did not receive an invitation may call Rosemary Grebeck at 655-3333.

Misericordia hosts diversity camp

Misericordia University will host the 2011 Diversity Institute Summer Camp from June 26-30. Participants in the five-day, four-night program will stay in the Misericordia residence halls and will be treated to campuswide cultural events and leadership workshops. The camp’s goal is to create student leaders who are engaged in and community advocates for inclusive excellence in the region. Sessions will examine stereotypes, aging and

ability, and world religions, which also includes visits to a local mosque, temple and church. For additional information, contact Erica Acosta at 6748155.

DHS Class of 1986 plans reunion

Dallas High School Class of 1986 will celebrate its 25th anniversary reunion from 5 to 10 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 3 at the Checkerboard Inn Pavilion on Carverton Road in Trucksville. Classmates interested in attending are asked to send ane-mailto

Reunion committee seeks classmates

The reunion committee of Westmoreland High School Class of 1961 is planning the 50th anniversary reunion of the class for September 9, 10 and 11. Anyone having information about the following classmates is asked to contact Sue Kelley Misson at or Harold (Sonny) Smith at 675-2801 or Frank Stocker, Sherry Gauntlett Letts, Richard Powell, David Stout, Marijane Moss, Ken Thomas, Bill VanBuskirk.





SUNDAY, MAY 29, 2011



Cody Coolbaugh gets second win of season

Dallas pitcher Neil Shaver combined with teammate Mike Carey to pitch a 1-hitter and lead the Mountaineers to a 13-1 junior varsity baseball victory over Lake-Lehman.

Dallas outscores Lehman

Yankees 4 Red Sox 3 Cody Coolbaugh picked up his second win of the season as the Yankees squeezed past the Sox, 4-3.Coolbaugh combined with Collin Pertl to allow three hits while striking out 12. JD Barrett and Jason Anderson held the Yankees to two hits, a double by Coolbaugh and a single by Derek Answini. Robert Wagner tripled and Jayson Strausser doubled to lead the Red Sox offense. Pirates 10 Yankees 2 Byron Oldeack tripled and drove in four runs as the Pirates defeated the Yankees, 10-2. The Pirate offense was led by Jack Tomko, Justin Marshall and Chris Murray who all scored two runs. Oldeack handled the pitching as well, striking out 11 in the win. Eric Llewellyn came on to get the final out to end the game. Derek Answini and Michael Doggett led the Yankees’ four hit attack with

each smacking a double. Answini scored both runs for the Yanks. Doggett pitched four innings of no-hit relief for the Yankees while striking out seven. Astros 14 Phillies 7 Nick Kocher struck out 10 as the Astros defeated the Phillies, 14-7. Kocher also led the Astros’ offensive attack with three hits, including two doubles. Noah Gorski blasted two doubles with three RBIs and four runs scored. Jacob Stritzinger chipped in with two hits and three RBIs for the Astros. Jared Dieffenbach pitched well for the Phillies, striking out eight Astros. Dieffenbach also went 2-3 at the plate, including a solo home run. Lee Eckert also had a huge day at the plate for the Phillies, including a three-run triple. Adam Borton and Jay Bittner hit safely for the Phillies.


Bandits 5/6 girls team beats Seminary

Neil Shaver and Mike Carey combined for a 1-hitter as the Dallas High School junior varsity baseball team clobbered LakeLehman, 13-1. Shaver hurled from the mound for five innings while Carey took over for the last two. Big hitters for the Mountaineers were Bill Gately with two hits, Eric Zawatski with two hits and three RBI, Mike Kapral with two hits and three RBI and Zack Macosky with two hits. The lone hit for the black Knights was turned in by Justin Partington. A host of Lake-LehCHARLOTTE BARTIZEK PHOTOS/ FOR THE DALLAS POST man pitchers retired 12 Dallas batters. Lake-Lehman’s Jeff Carter (No. 26) attempts to keep Bill Gately from second base.

The Bandits 5/6 girls lacrosse team scored an impressive 5-4 win over Wyoming Seminary. The Bandits sealed the hardfought win on Lauren Golden’s goal with only 10 seconds left in regulation after an assist from Kate Roberts who won a crucial ground ball in the Wyoming Seminary zone. Also scoring for the Bandits were Samantha Delamater (2 goals), Lauren Delamater and Katie Romanowski with assists

from Makayla Adams, Olivia Carichner, Ava Bauer and Olivia Shenefield. The defense, anchored by Katie Strohl, Taylor Alba, Claudia Leu and Christiana Leu, held Wyoming Seminary in check while goalie Grace Butler made 18 saves in the winning effort. Turning in strong midfield play were Olivia Zablocky, Julia Sabol, Morgan Critchosion, Caitlyn Pike and Parker Callahan who each had three ground ball victories during the game.

Box completes marathon Christopher Box, 21, of Shavertown, recently completed his first marathon on May 15. He completed the 26.2 mile Pittsburgh Marathon in 3 hours, 28 minutes and 31 seconds, placing 395 out of 4,265 runners. A senior at The University of Pittsburgh studying Mechanical Engineering and a cadet in the Air Force R.O.T.C., Box is a 2008 graduate of Dallas High School. He is the son of Jeff and Maire CHRISTOPHER BOX Box.

Stanchik is new PSU AD The United Fighting Arts Association team recently attended the GMA Open Tournament in Wilkes-Barre. Team members are, from left, first row, Tanner Saracino, Shane Healey, Brayden Saracino, Karla Goebel, Connor Healey, Kyle Havrilla, Olivia Goebel, Drew Dickson, Dalton Soper, Gavin Hamilton. Second row, Kelly Monegan, Kim Floyd, D.J. Thomas, Tyler Yang, Brad Kotarsky, Shelby Traver, Breena Kravchick, Gabriella Soper, Josh Betz, Alyssa Monegan. Third row, Emma Healey, Rob Nichols, Nick Pearce, Sempi Dan Siblini, Sensei Will Breton, Master Richard Dixon, Sempi Dave Obaza, May Goebel, Martin Kravchick and Jackie Soper.

Martial arts team attends GMA Open Tourney The Unified Fighting Arts Association, under the instruction of Master Richard Dixon at the Back Mountain Martial Arts & Wellness Center in Dallas, re-

cently attended the GMA Open Tournament at the Soccer Dome in Wilkes-Barre. The local group had over 20 competitors and won 20 first-

place awards, 17 second-place awards, 10 third-place awards and one Grand Champion award in the following categories: Weapons, Breaking, Self-De-

fense, Forms, Sparring & Stick Fighting. The local demo team took first place in Team Choreographed Musical Demo.

Brian Stanchak has been named athletic director at Penn State Wilkes-Barre. Stanchak graduated from Seton Hall University in 2004 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration in sports management. While at Seton Hall, he also worked with the men’s basketball team as a student assistant/video coordinator, during a time in which the Pirates earned one NCAA and two NIT tournament appearances. Stanchak brings more than a decade of athletic knowledge to Penn State Wilkes-Barre, most BRIAN STANCHAK recently working as an assistant coach/camp director with Seton Hall’s women’s basketball sible for on and off-campus program where he was respon- recruiting efforts.


Sunday, May 29, 2011






DMAC plans summer league

Dallas Mountaineers Aquatic Club’s (DMAC) Summer League camp (previously MTAC) is an 8-week competitive swim program held from June 13 through August 5. The swim program is open to ages 6 through college level. For more information, call Reo Cheshire at 357-8631.

Basketball clinic set

Craig Skudalski, left, of Kingston Township, Hunter Obeid, center, of Wilkes-Barre and Bobby Polachek, of Kingston recently became 16U AA Tier II National Ice Hockey Champions.

Hockey champs cited Craig Skudalski, of Kingston Twp., Hunter Obeid, of WilkesBarre, and Bobby Polachek, of Kingston, recently became 16U AA Tier II National Ice Hockey Champions. The boys play for the MidState Mustangs in Altoona. The team first won the MID –AM District / Pa. State Championship played in March in Pittsburgh, then advanced to the national tournament in Reston,

Virginia where the Mustangs went 6-0. The team knocked off the Alaska Wolves in the quarterfinals, the Metro Maple Leafs (MD) in the semi-finals and the Florida Jr. Panthers in the championship game. During the regular ice hockey season, all three boys are members of the Wyoming Seminary varsity ice hockey team.

Mounts Field Hockey Camp set June 20-24 The Mounts Field Hockey Camp will be held from 9 a.m. to noon June 20-24 at the Cleary Soccer Field on the Dallas school campus. Members of the Dallas High School varsity field

hockey team will assist coaches in instruction of basic skills and game-like scenarios. For more information, call Kylie Rosengrant at 8816907.

The 2011 Holy Redeemer Boys Basketball Clinic for boys in fourth through ninth grades will be held June 23, 24 and 25 at Holy Redeemer High School gym, 159 S. Pennsylvania Blvd., Wilkes-Barre. Boys in seventh, eighth and ninth grade will meet from 9 a.m. to noon each day while boys in fourth, fifth and sixth grades will meet from 1 to 4 p.m. each day. For more information, contact coach Mark Belenski at 2629562.

Basketball camp slated for June 21-23

Firm A.C. Nothing But Net Basketball Camp will be held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. June 21-23 and from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on June 24 at the Kingston Rec Center, 655 Third Ave. Kingston for boys and girls in grades two through eight. For information, contact Darnell Ford at

The Dallas High School Graduation Lock-In Committee is finalizing plans for a fun-filled, safe night for the graduating seniors graduation on Friday, June 3. There will be games, plenty of food, a hypnotist and each senior will receive gifts and prizes that night. The committee has been planning the 12th Lock-In since August 2010. Some committee members are, from left, first row, Anne Manganello, Tania Reinert, co-chairperson; Diane Thompson, Maire Box, cochairperson; Stephanie Baloh, Jill Ferdinand. Second row, Donna Davies, Louise Haughwout, Lorraine Reimard, Debbie Zimmerman, Ellen Hunter, Kim Smith, Kathy Millington, Sandy Sobocinski, Heather Calkins and Sue Prater.

Scholarship is awarded

Pierce Donovan, who will graduate from Dallas High School in June, recently received a $500 book scholarship from the Dallas Lions Club. Donovan and his parents, Brian and Mary, were guests of the club at a recent dinner meeting at the Irem Country Club. Donovan will attend Rochester Institute of Technology to pursue a degree in physics. From left, are Lions Dave Fitch and Joe Newhart, co-chairmen of the scholarship committee; Donovan and Lion President Sean McGrath.


Income Guidelines: 1-4 People: $74,050 5-8 People: 97,750

Advertising the Skyhaven Airport Fly-in Breakfast & Craft Show are, from left, Damien Williams, Nate Edwards and George Turner.

Skyhaven Airport Fly-In Breakfast & Craft Show will be held from 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Sunday, June 5 at the airport, Route 29, Tunkhannock. The all-you-can-eat breakfast served inside the airport’s main hangar includes pancakes, eggs, ham, sausage along with an assortment of breakfast drinks, including coffee, milk and orange juice. Admission to the airport grounds is free with plenty of off-street parking on the airport grounds offered at no charge. Breakfast is $7 for adults and $3 for children. Free activities at the airport


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Breakfast and craft show slated for Skyhaven Airport



Signature Properties

include airplanes, vendors, bluegrass band, aircraft restoration, home-built aircraft, auto and farm equipment and a motorcycle display. There will be skydiving by the Endless Mountains Skydiving Club, weather permitting and airplane rides. Skyhaven Airport Fly-in Breakfast & Craft Show is sponsored by the Skyhaven Pilot’s Association. All proceeds benefit ongoing airport improvement projects at the local airport in Wyoming County. For more information, call Airport Operations Manager Charlie Gay at 836-4800.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 8TH 6:30PM-8:00PM 230 Ferguson Ave., Shavertown, PA

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Sunday, May 29, 2011


Students enrolled at Gate of Heaven School during its final year pose for a school-wide photo. Most of these students will continue their education at Catholic schools throughout the region.

GOH Continued from Page 1

ment,” said Genello. Gate of Heaven parent Nancy Valkenburg, of Dallas, decided to keep her children, 3-year-old Logan and 5-year-old Jacob, close to home. “It was difficult,” she said. “I talked with my family about it all the time. I felt it was pretty hard trying to make a decision so quickly.” Logan will attend preschool classes at I’m Big Now in Dallas, while Jacob will attend kindergarten in the Dallas School District. Valkenburg said the decision wasn’t easy because of her and her family’s attach-

COPS Continued from Page 1

the opportunity to tell them not to talk to strangers and things like that. That’s the mom and cop advantage.” Kotowski said, in some cases, perpetrators won’t take her very seriously when she’s trying to lock handcuffs around their wrists. “I don’t think males know they’re under arrest even though they have handcuffs on,” she said. “They think it’s not real.” But the women’s real world experiences weren’t completely unexpected. Kotowski was told at the academy that offenders will size an officer up, no matter if it’s a female or male cop, and both women said the training – from how to diffuse a bar fight to taking down someone two feet taller than the officer – is the same for women as it is for men. In domestic abuse situations, both women said their

HIKE Continued from Page 3

Hildebrandt Road about 1,300 feet from the district campus. The company’s presence in the area has drawn hundreds of concerned parents and residents to various meetings with concerns for the health and safety of children, employees and other residents within the district. The board agreed in March to oppose the natural gas metering station because members felt it would cause harm to the health and safety of employees and about 2,800 children attending district schools. The stipulation and agreement proposed at Monday’s meeting stated the company will not “physically locate any form of natural gas compression equipment (or) ... any odorant equipment and storage containment of the odorant mercaptan” at the proposed site. Local counsel for Chief, Atty. Jeffrey Malak of Chariton & Schwager, urged the board to approve the resolution as an interim action that can be changed at a later date. Goeringer stated this was the first time the board had seen the agreement, and he would like more time to ask questions of the district’s attorney in the case, John Dean of Elliot, Greenleaf & Dean, about specifics in the document. He had questions related to a 50barrel storage container, which he

ment to Gate of Heaven. “My mom attended the school,” she said. “I chose it for my children because I wanted to keep them in the Catholic faith. It’s a small-knit community that seemed very familyoriented.” Valkenburg enjoyed the small teacher to student ratio at Gate of Heaven, which she doesn’t feel her children will receive at another local Catholic school. “We went to Good Shepherd (Academy in Kingston) to look, but it was a very big school,” she said. Distance and the rising cost of gas prices also played a part in Valkenburg’s decision. “(Good Shepherd) was a little too far of a bus ride for my 5-year-old son,” she said. “There were definitely a lot of gender can sometimes play a role in handling the situation. “Female victims think I’ll be more sympathetic to them,” said Elias. “But then when I get (the male’s) side of the story, I see she wasn’t the victim. Females will think I’ll side with them, be their buddy. It changes the dynamic.” Kotowski said there are similar dynamic changes in her experiences with domestic violence situations. “I’ve found that the last thing a guy wants in that situation is to talk to another female after an argument,” she said. “But females and kids are more comfortable and always want to talk to another female.” Kotowski doesn’t think about being a role model, but one experience at the Turkey Hill in Plymouth made her realize why she decided to become a police officer. “This little girl was with her father, she was probably 5 or 6 years old, and they saw me and he told her, ‘See honey, you can be anything you want,’” said Kotowski. calculated to total 2,500 gallons. Malak said the storage unit would hold “99 percent” water, as its purpose is to store water vapor extracted from the natural gas flowing through the pipeline to prevent corrosion. District Solicitor Benjamin Jones III said clarifications needed to be made to the document, and it would be considered at the board’s June meeting. He said the district is concerned about potentially explosive or pollutant materials, other than natural gas, being located near the schools. The board also approved a 4.7 percent salary raise for Jones, to $39,000 for the 2011-12 fiscal year. Bigus said Jones has been a solicitor for the board for more than 40 years, and goes “above and beyond” his responsibilities to the district. In other news, the board … • Honored retirees with a gift for their years of services within the district. Retirees included Kathleen McCarthy, principal of Wycallis Elementary, 16 years of service; Gertrude “Trudy” Matley, student support services coordinator, 22 years of service; Len Matusczak, high school physics and science teacher, 26 years of service; Sharon Hartshorne, Dallas Elementary reading specialist, 33years of service; Mary Yankowski, high school secretary, 38 years of service; and Allison Lord, middle school secretary, 39 years of service. • Approved several purchases for the new high school construction project, including gym equip-

factors in our decision.” Mariam Randazzo, of Dallas, said she “can’t even talk about” the school closing without getting emotional because of her and her children’s bond with the Gate of Heaven community. “It wasn’t an easy decision because our first choice was Gate of Heaven,” she said. Randazzo said her two daughters, one in second grade and the other in seventh, will attend St. Nicholas/St. Mary’s Elementary School in the fall. She added many of her daughters’ friends will attend the school, and she said it was important to have social stability in addition to continuing in the Catholic school system. “All the schools offered tours and were very welcoming to parents and their families,” she

said. But the atmosphere of the Gate of Heaven schools was something she had enjoyed for years. “I just like the variety of values they instill within the children,” said Randazzo. “Simple things like kindness and how to treat other people. It’s not even about being religious – they have great academics.” Lisa Snyder, of Lehman, said her son, Will, will attend fifth grade at Good Shepherd Academy, though she’ll have to give up some of the features she enjoyed while her son attended Gate of Heaven. “We wanted to keep the smaller school atmosphere but we didn’t have too many options,” she said. Snyder said most of her son’s

friends will attend the school in the fall, and it was important to her son to still see his friends from the Dallas-area school. “I think all but three in his class are attending Good Shepherd,” she said. This isn’t the first time Good Shepherd Academy has seen an influx of students from closing schools – the kindergarten through eighth-grade school was created as part of a larger consolidation in 2007 of St. Boniface and Sacred Heart schools in Wilkes-Barre and Regis Elementary and Sacred Heart in Luzerne. Principal James Jones also said the school accepted many students from St. Aloysius School in Wilkes-Barre when that school closed in 2009. “We’ve all gone through a

consolidation experience,” said Jones. “It makes it easier to welcome new families and extend the olive branch.” Despite actions taken by neighboring Catholic schools to help make parents’ decisions a little easier, some Gate of Heaven parents are still not sure about what to do in the fall. “I’m still undecided,” said Kerri Hajkowski, of Dallas. She said she’s enrolled her sons, Tommy and Alex, at Good Shepherd Academy, but she still isn’t sure if it’s the best fit. “I figured I have until the first day of school,” she said. Gate of Heaven Principal Abe Simon said teacher placements will not be announced until the end of June.

‘Rapunzel’ comes to Lake-Lehman A live family theater production of “Let Your Hair Down, Rapunzel” will be staged at 7 p.m. on Saturday, June 4 at Lake Lehman Junior/Senior High School. The event is produced by Northeast Youth Theatre and has been directed by Mikayla Orrson, Hunter Lefkoski and Julia Whitesell in conjunction with the state Department of Education graduation requirements. Over 40 elementary school youth make up the majority of the cast in this musical. Kat Kaminski and Megan Rusonis play the parents of an off-beat Rapunzel, played by Amanda May. When the evil Witch Izwitch (played by Jessica Salus) steals Rapunzel away and locks her in a tower, the nerdish Prince Lew ment for an auxiliary gym from Fitness Headquarters LTD, totaling $75,721; relocation of materials from the old building to the new building from Matheson Transfer Co., totaling $77,740; laboratory equipment relocation and chemical disposal from Waste Recovery Solutions Inc., totaling $4,229; and a 5-year agreement with Frontier Communications to provide a new telephone system at a cost of $2,569 per month. • Approved the following personnel and students to attend the following activities: Dallas Elementary fifth-grade science classes to Toby’s Creek and Hillside Farms May 12 and 13 at a cost of $165 per day, Dallas Elementary fifth-grade science classes to Canal Park in West Nanticoke on May 18 at a cost of $425, high school functional and learning support classes to the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport and Hillside Farms on May 12 at a cost of $195, high school functional and learning support classes to the Wyoming Valley West Stadium May 20 at a cost of $70, middle school learning support classes to the Wyoming Valley West Stadium May 20 at a cost of $120, middle school jazz band and select chorus to the Fine Arts Fiesta in Wilkes-Barre May 20 at a cost of $120, Dallas Elementary Environmental Club to Frances Slocum State Park May 26 at a cost of $65 and elementary schools’ vision students to Kirby Park May 26 at a cost of $70. • Appointed the following personnel: Beth Bevevino as high school secretary at an hourly rate

Students rehearse a scene from the live family theater production of "Let Your Hair Down, Rapunzel." Amanda May, as Rapunzel, is in the tower. From left, Corrine Nevel, Jester; and Megan Rusonis, Rapunzel’s mother; Hannah Kasko, Prince Lew the Science Guy; Olivia Anderson, Knight; and Madison Chulick, a member of the royal family.

Science-geek (played by Hannah Kasko), has to save her, much to the surprise of his royal parents. In a story of unexpected bravery, whimsy and treating others

how you wish to be treated, the stars learn the true meaning of the Golden Rule. Tickets are $5 for adults and $4 for children age 12 and under and will be available at the door.

All profits will be donated to the Lake-Lehman Theater Fund to raise awareness of the need for continued funding of creative arts programs in high schools across the nation.

of $10.73, effective May18 and Mary Ellen O’Brien as part-time guidance secretary and part-time athletic director secretary at an hourly rate of $10.73, effective on or around June 7. • Approved a contractual agreement with Metz & Associates LTD for meal services at all schools for the 2011-12 year, with a financial guarantee of $9,134.46 less the cost of the district’s new Point of Sales program, which is $7,000, and a $0.05 increase to all student lunches. • Approved the following additional volunteers at Dallas Elementary for the 2010-11 year: Mi Bapst, Eric Russ, Erik St. Clair, Dina Alhashemi, Paul Booth, Helen Davis, John Giampietro, James Gronski, Marc Ramirez, June Russ and James Schappert. • Appointed PNC Bank as trea-

surer to the school board, effective July 1 and appointed the following banks as depositories for the district during the 2011-12 school year: PNC Bank, Landmark Community Bank, Citizens Bank, KNBT, First National Bank and M&T Bank. • Approved the amount of $5,000 in support of the 2011Graduation Lock-In. • Approved a leave of absence for the following teachers: Nicole Valkenburg, Wycallis Elementary fourth-grade teacher, from September 12 through October 28, and Sarah Kashatus, high school English teacher, for the duration of the 2011-12 school year. • Appointed Kai Szulborski as a lifeguard in the Natatorium at an hourly rate of $10. • Appointed the following as professional substitutes: William

Barnes, Karen Downs, Sarah Edwards, Jason Homza, Kelsey Muldoon and Maura Neher. • Approved the following organizations use of district grounds: high school football for use of Mountaineer Stadium for mini football camp from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. July 18-20, Mountaineer Aquatic Club for use of the Natatorium from 8 to 11 a.m. Monday through Friday June 13 through Aug. 5, Faculty and Friends Recreational Volleyball for use of the Dallas Elementary gym for games from 4 to 6:30 p.m. Wednesdays throughout the 2011-12 school year and Dallas Field Hockey Booster Club for use of the Cleary Soccer Field for summer camp from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. June 20-24. • Accepted the resignation of Krista Baines, high school cheerleading head coach.


Puzzles, Page 2

CMYK Sunday, May 29, 2011

Chatting at the prom are, from left, Erica Luzetski, Leah Benedetti and Abrianna Tolomello.




Mike Wright and Sarah Pomfret share a quiet moment together.


Dan Morgan and Liz Kravitz enjoy each other’s company.

Memories are made at Dallas prom


reen décor with floral touches highlighted the 2011 Dallas High School Junior/Senior Prom May 7 at the Best Western Genetti Hotel and Conference Center in Wilkes-Barre. The theme for this year’s prom was “Bella Sera,” meaning “Beautiful Garden” in Spanish, said prom advisor Barb Richardson. Prom king and queen were Corey Ehret and Leah Zumchak. The more than 350 attendees took home candy made by a group of students in support of battling childhood cancer.


The back of the dress is as much a fashion statement as the front.

BMT residents named to dean’s list at PSU

Ponytail drive nets many locks


pproximately 80 students and staff members of the Dallas Middle School donated six or more inches of their hair during a Ponytail Drive held May 23 in the school lobby. Local stylists from the Snips ‘n Tips salon in Dallas, the JC Penney salon in Wilkes-Barre, the Age of Innocence salon in Shavertown, Classic Hair by Melissa in Shavertown and other indeCHARLOTTE BARTIZEK PHOTOS/ FOR THE DALLAS POST pendent stylists volunteered their time and talents to per- Colin Ryniec has eight inches of his hair cut off to be donated to the 2011 Ponytail Drive at Dallas Middle School. form haircuts.

Several Back Mountain residents have been named to the Spring 2011 dean’s list at Penn State Wilkes-Barre. To be eligible for dean’s list, students must complete 12 or more credits with at least a 3.50 semester grade point average. Local students named include: Shannon A. Brace, Hunlock Creek; Nikki Broody, Shavertown; Jordan M. Broody, Shavertown; Marley K. Bross, Shavertown; Rachel L. Buckman, Dallas; Sabrina M. Bush, Tunkhannock; Nikolas D. Capitano, Shavertown; Gregory C. Davis, Dallas; Jesse A. Derrick, Benton; Daniel A. Dymond, Tunkhannock. Also, Shane E. Grady, Sweet

Valley; Staci A. Hills, Shavertown; Lindsey G. Howell, Tunkhannock; Kathryn A. Huffsmith, Tunkhannock; Andrew K. Kempinski, Dallas; Matthew B. Luksic, Shavertown; Megan A. Millo, Dallas; Garry R. Musselman Jr., Dallas; Rebekah L. Nulton, Dallas; Michael D. Pelleschi, Dallas. Also, Chad M. Schraeder, Dallas; Bradley C. Sherman, Dallas; Thomas K. Smith, Sweet Valley; Clinton P. Sorber, Sweet Valley; Kianna M. Spencer, Dallas; Kristine J. Strong, Dallas; Scott D. Summa, Lehman; Adam E. Supey, Dallas. Also, Matthew R. Thomas, Sweet Valley; Ryan A. Urzen, Dallas; and Michael G. Zaleskas Jr., Shavertown.

Final Open House at Gate of Heaven set for Sunday, June 5

Parent-Teacher Group will host final event to celebrate its Diamond Jubilee.

Christine Manzella, of Shavertown, donated 11 inches of her hair to the Ponytail drive at the Dallas Middle School.

Emily Blessner shows off her contribution to the 2011 Ponytail collection held at the Dallas Middle School.

To celebrate its Diamond Jubilee, the Gate of Heaven Parent-Teacher Group (PTG) will host its final open house and picnic from 1 to 4 p.m. on Sunday, June 5 at the school gym. All “Gators” from the last six decades are invited to visit for a final tour of the school and share with the fellowship of current and former

school friends, parents and alumni. Gators of all ages are encouraged to bring along any pictures, stories or memorabilia they would like to share. The Boy Scouts in the current Gate of Heaven Middle School will compile a commemorative DVD documentary about the school and its impact on the Back Mountain community, which will be made available through local parishes and the mail. For more information, call Matt at 760-5065.


Samantha Loefflad and Vincent Edwards arrive at the prom, hoping for a night of fun.




Hunter Lefkoski, wearing his version of the high top hat, escorts Mikayla Orrson to the prom.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Friends Ashley Metz and Lexi Harry greet each other at the prom.

Making magic at LL prom


ll the females at the 2011 Lake-Lehman Junior/Senior Prom received decorated masks to tie into this year’s theme of “Masquerade Magic.” The prom, held May 20 at Best Western Genetti Hotel and Confernece Center in Wilkes-Barre, was decorated with special lights and candles to set the mood. All males at the prom received t-shirts and couples took home key chains and photo frames to remember the magical night. Seniors Brandon Roberts and Erin Hohol were chosen as prom king and queen and danced to the song, “For the First Time” by The Script before the nearly 270 students at night’s end.


Hanging around the piano waiting for the prom to begin are, from left, Nate Rinehouse, Sarah Bedford, Sean Fertal, Samantha O’Neill, Callie Grey and Matt Yurko

Gilligan graduates from Coast Guard Academy


Tug-of-war rope pull is a popular station during Lehman-Jackson Elementary School’s Field Day activities.

Kathryn M. Gilligan, of Dallas, graduated with honors from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy on May 18 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Operations Research and Computer Analysis and a Commission as an Ensign in the U.S. Coast Guard. Her diploma was awarded by Rear Admiral J. Scott Burhoe, USCG, Superintendent, U.S. Coast Guard Academy. Her commission was presented by Barack Obama, President of the United States, and her brother LTJG John W. Gilligan, USN. As a senior, Gilligan was named the Regimental Chief of Staff for the Corps of Cadets for the spring semester. She was awarded the Connecticut DAR Award for the cadet who has shown the highest conduct rating throughout the entire course of instruction. Ensign Gilligan has been assigned to the USCGC Confi-


dence in Cape Canaveral, Florida where she will be the student engineer. A 2007 graduate of Dallas High School, she is the daughter of Martin and Mary Barbara Gilligan.


Brianna Hazeltine has her face painted.

Emily Spencer comes through an exercise and obstacle course during Lehman-Jackson Elementary School’s Field Day activities.

Lehman-Jackson students get into Field Day activities


tudents in kindergarten through third-grade at Lehman-Jackson Elementary School got a break from academics on May 5 when they participated in Field Day activities on the school grounds.

McKenzie Kelly, who will graduate from Dallas High School in June, recently received a $500 book scholarship from the Dallas Lions Club. Kelly and her parents, Michael and Yvonne, were guests of the club at a recent dinner meeting at the Irem Country Club. Kelly will attend Bucknell University this fall to pursue a degree in secondary education mathematics. During her years at Dallas High School, she was secretary of the National Honor Society and a member of the Key Club International, class steering committee and the “Mini-THON” committee. From left, are Lions Dave Fitch and Joe Newhart, co-chairmen of the scholarship committee; Kelly and Lion president Sean McGrath.

CMYK Sunday, May 29, 2011









Sunday, May 29, 2011


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72 Mos.

24 Mos.

72 Mos. *Tax and tags extra. Security deposit waived. All factory rebates applied **Lease payments based on 24 month lease 21,000 allowable miles. First months payment, $595 Bank Fee, and $2,500 down payment (cash or trade) due at delivery. Sale ends 5/31/11.

NEW 2011 FORD TAURUS SEL NEW 2011 FORD F-150 4X4 Auto., 3.5L V6, SYNC, Reverse Sensing Sys., AM/FM/CD, Keyless Entry with Keypad, PW, 18”Alum. Wheels, Anti-Theft Perimeter Alarm, PDL, Sirius Satellite Radio

3.7L V6, Auto., Air, AM/FM/CD, Cloth Seat, Cruise Control, 40/20/40 Split Seat, ABS, XL Plus Pkg., XL Decor Group FOOT BOX

72 Mos.

24 Mos.

*Tax and tags extra. Security deposit waived. All factory rebates applied **Lease payments based on 24 month lease 21,000 allowable miles. First months payment, $595 Bank Fee, and $2,500 down payment (cash or trade) due at delivery. Sale ends 5/31/11.

72 Mos.

CALL NOW 823-8888 1-800-817-FORD Overlooking Mohegan Sun 577 East Main St., Plains

Just Minutes from Scranton or W-B


*Tax and tags extra. Security Deposit waived. All factory rebates applied **Lease payments based on 24 month lease 21,000 allowable miles. First months payment, $595 Bank Fee, and $2,500 down payment (cash or trade) due at delivery. See salesperson for details. All payments subject to credit approval by the primary lending source, Tier 0 rate. Special APR financing cannot be combined with Ford cash rebate. “BUY FOR” prices are based on 72 month at $18.30 per month per $1000 financed with $2,500 down (cash or trade). Photos of vehicles are for illustration purposes only. Coccia Ford is not responsible for any typographical errors. No Security Deposit Necessary. See dealer for details. Sale ends MAY 31, 2011.




906 Homes for Sale

906 Homes for Sale


Apartments/ Unfurnished



Apartments/ Unfurnished



Yellow $300. Black $200. Labs are 9 weeks old. Wormed 570-836-1090

SHIH-TZU PUPPIES & POMERANIAN PUPPIES Parents on premises Shots Current. $500 - Poms $550 - Shih-Tzus 570-401-1838

YORKIE MALE PUPPY With papers. 4 3/4

months old. Very smart & loveable. Shots & warmed. No fleas. Hypoallergenic. Paper/Outside trained. A bundle of joy! $650. 570-436-5083


Pet Supplies

HARVEYS LAKE Lovely lake living.

Welcome to the best of 2 worlds. #1: The amenities of lakefront properties - fishing, boating and a 2 story boat house (one of only 30 on the lake); #2: The serenity and privacy of tiered stone patios and lush gardens surrounding this classic 3,500 sq ft lake home perched high above Pole 306, Lakeside Drive. The views are spectacular from our 5 bedroom home with 2 stone fireplaces & hardwood floors throughout. Call for an appointment. We also welcome realtors. $799,000 570-639-2423


BIRD CAGES: small $10. Large $20. 570-288-4852

Find Something? Lose Something? Get it back where it belongs with a Lost/Found ad! 570-829-7130 DOG CRATE, wire, with plastic tray bottom. 24”x18”. $30. Call 570-814-9574


Family raised. Shots & wormed. Loving homes only. Female $250, Males $200. Call 570-765-1122

900 REAL ESTATE FOR SALE 906 Homes for Sale Having trouble paying your mortgage? Falling behind on your payments? You may get mail from people who promise to forestall your foreclosure for a fee in advance. Report them to the Federal Trade Commission, the nation’s consumer protection agency. Call 1-877FTC-HELP or click on A message from The Times Leader and the FTC.


20 year old Contemporary in prime location. 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, large kitchen, unfinished basement, hardwood floors 1st floor and attached 2 car garage. Total electric. $265,000 (570) 472-9660

8 Circle Drive Only one lucky family will be able to make this home their own! Beautifully kept Ranch with 2 car garage, new bath, partially finished basement, 3 season room, almost 1 acre in Dallas School District. Home Warrancy included. For more information and photos visit our website at www.atlas MLS #11-370 $174,900 Call Charlie 570-829-6200 VM 101


17 ONEONTA HILL FOR SALE BY OWNER Year Round Home! Spectacular View! Low Taxes!

Shopping for a new apartment? Classified lets you compare costs without hassle or worry! Get moving with classified!


2982 Blytheburn Rd OLDER SINGLE HOME FOR SALE BY OWNER 4 bedrooms, over sized living room with fireplace and large picture windows, large finished attic, 1.5 baths, on a 3/4 acre lot, 2 car detached garage & wrap around driveway. Walking distance to lake, golf course close by, 30 minutes to Poconos and easy access to Route 80 & 309. $149,900 Call (570) 371-1492



Single family built in 2005. 2.5 baths, two story with attached garage. Oil furnace with central air. 90 x 140 corner lot. Kitchen with center cooking island, dining room, raised ceiling with glass door entry & hardwood floor. Carpeting thru out home. Tiled kitchen and bath. Kitchen appliances included. (570) 233-1993


Directions Left @ Grotto @ Stop sign make left, then quick right onto Oneonta Hill, 3rd House on right. CALL Dave @ 570-417-6661

Collect cash, not dust! Clean out your basement, garage or attic and call the Classified department today at 570829-7130!

WILKES-BARRE Affordable Newly built 3 bedroom home. 20-year no-interest mortgage. Must meet Wyoming Valley Habitat for Humanity eligibility requirements. Inquire at 570-820-8002


Income & Commercial Properties



June 4th! 5 to 14 acre parcels - opening price $24,900! Less than 3 hrs NY City! No closing costs! Prime buildable acreage! Call 888-481-1373 NOW for free info!

New Section in Highland Hills, Charles Place Open! Four 1+ acre lots available. Call 570-498-9244


Lender Owned Land/Farm Buildings - $69,900! Less than 3 hrs NY City. Gorgeous setting, views, stonewalls! FREE CLOSING COSTS! 888-793-7762 for free info packet! www.NewYork

915 Manufactured Homes

ASHLEY PARK Laurel Run & San

Souci Parks, Like new, several to choose from, Financing &Warranty, MobileOne.Sales Call (570)250-2890


SMITH HOURIGAN 570-696-1195

Apartments/ Furnished


1 bedroom, furnished, LAKE FRONT apartments. Wall to wall, appliances, lake rights, off street parking. No Pets. Lease, security & references. 570-639-5920


PRICE REDUCED! Move right into this 3 Bedroom,1 3/4 Bath Split level on a cul de sac in Sutton Hills. Modern eat in kitchen, oak cabinets, Living room, wood, Fireplace with new Stainless Steel liner, Lower Level family room, laundry, Bath. Private back yard, deck, garage. New roof, lifetime leafless gutters, driveway expanded, shelving in garage. Quiet, private, Lake Lehman schools. $169,900 MLS# 10-2545 Call Sue Barre 570-696-5417


New furnished 3 room apartment Includes water, septic & most of the heat. No smoking & no pets. $750/ month. + security, references. Could be unfurnished. Call (570) 954-1200

DALLAS 1 bedroom, 1 bath,

2nd floor, appox. 800 sq. ft., walk in closet, laundry room, deck & yard. Off street parking. $575 + utilities. 1 year lease, credit check & references required. Call (570) 675-4597



FIRST FLOOR DUPLEX. UNIQUE $595 + UTILITIES. Cook’s kitchen with built-ins, formal dining room, front/rear enclosed porches, custom window coverings. TWO YEAR SAME RENT, NO PETS/SMOKING/EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION Managed

AMERICA REALTY 570-288-1422


5 UNIT MULTI FAMILY 2 Buildings. 4 Car garage. Prime location with over 6,000 sf. 3 New furnaces in last 2 years. New roof in ‘08. Separate utilities. Close to churches, parks & town. Fully rented gross income over $25,000!! $169,000 OBO 570-563-1261



Lots of off street parking, close to Raised Grotto. ranch with 2 car garage, 3 Bedrooms, 1 bath, living room, kitchen, large porch with lake view & bar. $142,500.

Immaculate 2 story, stone & vinyl. Large lot on cul-de-sac. 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths. Detached oversized 2 car garage with loft. Tile, hardwood, granite, central air. laundry/pantry & large family room with built in bar & fireplace on 1st floor. $276,900. 570-288-3256 570-406-2462

912 Lots & Acreage


Small ranch home. 2 bedroom, full basement, new roof. Large carport. Very low utility bills. 1 mile from Route 81. Asking $40,000. Call Nick 570-702-4077


Apartments/ Unfurnished


Brand new, clean 2 bedrooms. Washer/ dryer hook-up. No Pets. $550 + utilities. 570-868-6020


3 rooms, wall to wall carpeting, appliances, coin-op laundry, off street parking, security. No pets. $410/month (570) 655-1606

HARVEY’S LAKE Recently remodeled

2 bedroom, 2 bath. 1st floor. Laundry hookup. Off-street parking. Available now. $625. References & security. 570-793-9072


3029 South Main St Very large 1st floor,

3 bedrooms, wall to wall carpet, central air, eat in kitchen with appliances. Off street parking. Washer /dryer hookup. Heat & cooking gas included. Tenant pays electric & water. $750 + security. No Pets. Call 570-814-1356

E.Light, WALNUT ST. bright, 1st

floor, 2 bedrooms, elevator, carpeted, Security system. Garage. Extra storage & cable TV included. Laundry facilities. Heat & hot water furnished. Fine neighborhood. Convenient to bus & stores. No pets. References. Security. Lease. No smokers please. $840. 570-287-0900



317 N. Maple Ave. Large Two story, 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath, Central Heat & Air,washer/dryer in unit, parking. $830 + utilities & 1 month security 570-262-6947


Rutter Ave. 1 bedroom 1st floor, large living room, neutral decor. Gas heat, water included. Off street parking. No pets. $420 plus security & lease. 570-793-6294


No pets. Rents based on income start at $405 & $440. Handicap Accessible. Equal Housing Opportunity. Call 570-474-5010 TTY711 This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.


2 bedroom, 2nd floor spacious apartment. Electric range, refrigerator, garbage fee, water & sewer included. Laundry room on premises. Off street parking. Private entrance & back porch. Gas heat & hot water. No dogs. Lease & 1 month security required. $500 / month + gas & electric. Call 570-696-3596


TWO Clean & bright 3 bedroom apartments. Heat, water, garbage & sewer included with appliances. Off street parking. No pets, non smoking, not section 8 approved. References, security, first and last months rent. $725/month 570-852-0252 570-675-1589

NANTICOKE Deluxe 1 bedroom,

2nd floor apartment. Large bedroom & living areas, wall to wall carpet. Includes all appliances + washer / dryer. All electric. Must see. $425 + utilities, first/ last. No pets. 570-735-0525

OLD FORGE 4 rooms. Second


44 E. Walnut St. Must Be Seen! Private home, 2nd floor duplex. Outstanding neighborhood, 2 bedroom, 1 bath, expansive apartment. All new kitchen with appliances. Extra storage available. $650 + utilities. No pets, no smoking. Lease/ application 570-954-2111 leave message


72 E. W alnut St. 2nd floor, located in quiet neighborhood. Kitchen, living room, dining room, sun room, bathroom. 2 large and 1 small bedrooms, lots of closets, built in linen, built in hutch, hardwood and carpeted floors, fireplace, storage room, yard, w/d hookup and new stove. Heat and hot water incl. Available May 1. 1 yr. lease + security $900/month 570-406-1411

floor. Heat and sewer included. Security and references required. $635/month Call (570) 457-7854

PITTSTON 2 bedroom, 2nd

apartment. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. Large living, dining room, den, eat-in kitchen, enclosed porch all on 1 floor. Built in bookcases, modern appliances, washer, dryer, microwave included. Central air. Call 570-313-2930

KINGSTON Bring Rover or Kitty & move right into your choice of a 1 or 2 bedroom apt. Off street parking, coin laundry, great location. $450$600/mo + security, heat & electric. Call 570-262-1577


Modern 2 bedroom apt., yard, off street parking. Security & references. $590 + utilities. Call (570) 574-2588

Apartments/ Unfurnished


1 & 2 bedroom apartments. Laundry facility. Off street parking available. Starting at $440. 570-332-5723


Large 2, 3, & 4 bedroom apartments. Heat & hot water included. Balcony. Off street parking. Washer dyer hookup. Pets OK. $855 - $950. Call 570-237-0124


Mayflower Crossing Apartments 570.822.3968 - Light & bright open floor plans - All major appliances included - Pets welcome* - Close to everything - 24 hour emergency maintenance - Short term leases available

Call TODAY For AVAILABILITY!! www.mayflower


1 bedroom apartment. $375/ month + utilities & 1 month security. 139 Sambourne Street. Section 8 okay. No pets. 570-460-6173

Looking to buy a home? Place an ad here and let the sellers know! 570-829-7130


1 bedroom, wall /wall carpet, fresh paint. Eat-in kitchen, stove & fridge included. Front porch & shared backyard. Heat & hot water included. Tenant pays electric & cooking gas. $500/month + security. Call (570)814-1356


PAGE 19 Half Doubles


KINGSTON 3 bedrooms, living

room, dining room, kitchen, washer/ dryer hook up. No pets, no smoking. Fenced yard & offstreet parking. Excellent location, $700 + utilities, lease & security. Available June 1st 570-283-1180



Lexington Village Nanticoke, PA Many ranch style homes. 2 bedrooms 2 Free Months With A 2 Year Lease $795 + electric 55 Loomis St 3 bedroom, wall to wall carpet, full basement & attic. Stove, fridge & water & garbage included. No pets. $630+ security 570-814-1356

NANTICOKE GREAT LOCATION Center City WB NEAR SCHOOLS AFRAID TO MOVE? 260 E. Green Street Are you paying For lease, available


Rte. 315 2,000 SF Office / Retail Next to Gymboree 4,500 SF Office Showroom, Warehouse Loading Dock 4 Acres touching I81 will build to suit. Call 570-829-1206

COMMERCIAL SPACE FOR RENT KINGSTON 620 Market St. Newly Renovated Prime Space. 1,250 sq. ft., Near Kingston Corners. Great location for retail or business office. Easy Access and parking. Call Cliff 570-760-3427




414 Front Street available immediately, 1800 square feet, Move in condition. New carpeting. Reception area, conference room, kitchen, and 3 offices, Located on main street in Hanover Section, off-street parking, forced air furnace, central air, or $950/per month Call 570-760-3551 to set an appointment

PLAINS TWP 7 PETHICK DRIVE OFF RTE. 315 1200 & 700 SF Office Available. Reasonable. 570-760-1513


KINGSTON Great high traffic location, great for hair salon or many other uses, 1200 sq. ft. parking for 4 cars. $1200 month plus utilities. Available 6/1, shown by appointment. Call 570-574-5134

315 PLAZA 1750 & 3200 SF Retail / Office Space Available 570-829-1206


WILKES-BARRE/ PLAINS TWP LAIRD STREET COMPLEX, easy interstate access. Lease 132,500 s.,f., 12 loading docks, 30 ft ceilings, sprinkler, acres of parking. Offices available. call 570-655-9732


Commercial Properties

too much for your current office, but dread the inconvenience of moving? We can help! We not only offer less expensive rent, but we will also help you move to our modern office space in the Luzerne Bank Building on Public Square. Rents include heat, central air, utilities, trash removal, and nightly cleaning - all without a sneaky CAM charge. Access parking at the the intermodal garage via our covered bridge. 300SF to 5000SF available. We can remodel to suit. Brokers protected. Call Jeff Pyros at 570-822-8577

953 Houses for Rent



West River Street Several 1 bedroom apartments available. Hardwood flooring & appliances included. Heat, water, sewer & trash also included. Walking distance to Wilkes University. Pet Friendly. Available June 1. Starting at $600. 570-969-9268

floor, bath, kitchen area. Heat & water included, no pets. $560 + 1 month security. Call 570-655-3314

Certain Restrictions Apply*




immediately, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, refrigerator and stove provided, washer/dryer hook up, off-street parking, pets ok, References credit and background check required. Need security deposit, $650/per month, water and sewer paid, $650/security deposit. Call (570)760-3551 to set an appointment


West Green Street, 3 bedroom, semi modern kitchen and bath, w/w carpet, washer/dryer hookup, basement, yard, gas heat. No Pets. $525/month + utilities, security & lease Call 570-256-3461

WILKES-BARRE 247 Barney St.

Recently remodeled large 1/2 double. 3 large bedrooms, 1 bath, oil heat, partially finished attic, fridge & stove. Nice place needs nice tenants. Absolutely no pets. $600/ month + utilities & 1 month security. References checked. Call Jeff 570-332-6815

953 Houses for Rent


“The Patch” 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths. Large private yard. Off street parking, quiet neighborhood, no pets. Washer / dryer hookup. $850 / month + utilities & references. Available Immediately. 978-771-5012


Charming country farm house. 3 bedroom, 2 bath on 4.3 acres. Newly remodeled. Full basement and attic. Large barn and out buildings. Horses welcome. $950/month 904-673-6944



For lease, available immediately, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, refrigerator and stove provided, washer/dryer hookup, off-street parking, pets ok, Large home across street from park. Section 8 approved, $850/ per month, water and sewer paid, $850/security deposit. Call 570-760-3551 for appointment



River St. New roof, siding, gutters, windows, kitchen, hardwood floors on first floor, finished basement, laundry facilities, off street parking, single garage. 3 bedrooms, full bath first floor, 1/2 bath second floor. Security deposit required. No Pets. 570-498-8588

WILKES-BARRE MONARCH RENTALS 3 bedrooms, all appliances provided. Call 570-822-7039

971 Vacation & Resort Properties ORANGE


Camp sites available! Shaded. Showers, flush toilets, water & electric. Lake fishing, canoeing, biking & golf. 20 minutes from Wilkes-Barre. 570-639-5478 or 570-371-9770



Idetown Road, For lease, available June 1st, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, refrigerator & stove provided, washer/ dryer on premises, off-street parking, pets - landlord decision. $800/per month plus utilities & $800 security deposit. (570) 639-0967 to set an appointment or email hillbillys

DALLAS Lovely 4 bedroom

home nestled on 2 acres of land in a quiet, private setting. 2 story deck, above ground pool, large yard, private drive. Oil heat. Washer and dryer included. $975 + security, utilities & references. Water and Sewer included. Call 570-675-7529


2 bedroom home. All appliances, $600/month. NO PETS. Security and lease. Call 570-762-6792

Care Service FREE ESTIMATES Mike 570-357-8074 Bill 570-855-2474 Leave Message



A.B.C. Professional Painting 36 Yrs Experience We Specialize In New Construction Residential Repaints Comm./Industrial All Insurance Claims Apartments Interior/Exterior Spray,Brush, Rolls WallpaperRemoval Cabinet Refinishing Drywall/Finishing Power Washing Deck Specialist Handy Man FREE ESTIMATES Larry Neer 570-606-9638

LINEUP ASUCCESSFULSALE INCLASSIFIED! Doyouneedmorespace? A yard or garage sale in classified is the best way tocleanoutyourclosets! You’re in bussiness with classified!

Serra Painting Book Now For Spring & Save. All Work Guaranteed Satisfaction. 30 Yrs. Experience Powerwash & Paint Vinyl, Wood, Stucco Aluminum. Free Estimates You Can’t Lose! 570-822-3943


NORTHEAST FLOORING SYSTEMS, INC Installing & Refinishing Hardwood floors. We install laminate flooring too! 570-561-2079


Hauling & Trucking

A.S.A.P Hauling Estate Cleanouts, Attics, Cellars, Garages, Fire & Flood Damage. Free Estimates, Same Day Service! 570-822-4582 Charlie’s Charlie’s Hauling Residential & Commercial, Licensed & Insured. Free estimates. Whole estates, yard waste, construction Spring cleanup. 570-266-0360 or 570-829-0140


Lawn Care


Reliable service & reasonable rates! 570-829-5444 570-332-4199

Sell it in The Times Leader Classified section.

Call 829-7130 to place an ad. ONLY ONL NLY L ONE N LE LEA L LEADER. E DER.

Over 47,000

people cite the The Times Leader as their primary source for shopping information.

What Do You Have To Sell Today?

Paving & Excavating

Mountain Top

PAVING & SEAL COATING Patching, Sealing, Residential/Comm. Licensed Bonded Insured 570-868-8375

Job Seekers are looking here! Where's your ad? 570-829-7130 and ask for an employment specialist Commercial Properties

Call 829-7130 to place your ad. ONL NL N L ONE LY N L LEA LE E DER D . ONLY LEADER.


Commercial Properties


PROVINCIAL TOWER - S. MAIN Great Commercial Store Front, & Inside Suites Available Steps from New Intermodal Hub & Public Parking

Starting at $650

Residential / Commercial Cleaning by Lisa. Pet Sitting also available. Call Today! 570-690-4640 or 570-696-4792

Licensed & Insured. We install custom seamless rain gutters & leaf protection systems. CALL US TODAY ABOUT OUR 10% OFF WHOLE HOUSE DISCOUNT! 570-561-2328

Collect Cash. Not Dust.

*2008 Pulse Research

Cleaning & Maintainence

GUTTER 2 GO, INC. PA#067136- Fully

Painting & Wallpaper

Int./Ext. Experts! Aluminum, Wood & Deck Staining Free Estimates Licensed-Insured 30 Years Experience Locally Owned Sinced 1990 570-283-5714


Lawn Care



1129 Gutter Repair & Cleaning

3/4 bedroom home, gas heat, all appliances included. $1,050 + utilities. Call (570) 406-6044


utilities included FREE RENT - Call For Details Today!

570-829-1573 941

Apartments/ Unfurnished


Apartments/ Unfurnished


Immediate Occupancy!!

MARTIN D. POPKY APARTMENTS 61 E. Northampton St. Wilkes-Barre, PA 18701

• Affordable Senior Apartments • Income Eligibility Required • Utilities Included! • Low cable rates; • New appliances; laundry on site; • Activities! • Curb side Public Transportation

Please call 570-825-8594 TDD/TTY 800-654-5984


ST. STANISLAUS APARTMENTS 141 Old Newport Rd., Newport Twp.

Affordable, Accessible 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments Income Eligibility* Required. Rents: $455-$656 plus electric

(*Maximum Incomes vary according to household size)

• High Efficiency Heat/Air Conditioning • Newer Appliances • Laundry Rooms • Community Room • Private Parking • Rent Includes Water, Sewer & Refuse For more info or to apply, please call: 570-733-2010 TDD: 800-654-5984 Great, Convenient Location!

Apply Today!



Sunday, May 29, 2011





Sunday, May 29, 2011


As low as $898 Complete!


Located in the Dallas Shopping Center, Fresco Grill provides spectacular Northern Italian Cuisine in a relaxing atmosphere. The restaurant features an array of tried and true family favorites, including veal, pasta, risotto, fish, steak and seafood and a variety of specials. There is an abundant assortment of desserts on the menu. Enjoy the cocktails and expanded wine list to compliment your dinner.

and make your dream of a great smile a reality with

Sedation Dentistry

54 DALLAS SHOPPING CENTER RT. 309 DALLAS, PA 18612 • 570.255.1005


For more information or to schedule a complimentary consultation call us at




Find us on


Get your virtual smile makeover at

210 Carverton Road, Trucksville

570.255.1005 | Dallas Shopping Center





Open for Lunch Monday-Friday Dinner Monday-Saturday


54 Dallas Shopping Center Rt. 309, Dallas


Ah! Some Chocolates


281287 28128 87 281281



Annual GetTogether & Fund Raising Music Concert by Nirupama Dey & Manoj Mishra

Homemade soups, salads, sandwiches, bread and quiches made from the freshest local ingredients 100 E. OVERBROOK ROAD • SHAVERTOWN 6749787 • BROWNBARNCAFE.COM TUESDAY THRU SATURDAY • 11AM  3PM

To Advertise In The

“SA RE GA MA” Winner & Bollywood playback singer.

Sunday, June 5 • 3pm-7pm First Presbyterian Church

97 South Franklin Street, Wilkes-Barre (use YMCA parking) Please support the largest non-government movement in India to provide holistic development of rural and remote tribal villages of India through functional education comprising of literacy, basic health and hygiene, econonimc development and social empowerment. Help us reach our goal!

two $20 per person, $35 - V.I.P (first rows only)

Refreshments provided

For tickets please contact:

• Sue Gajula • Neela Patel • Mona Pande • Ratnamala Reddy • Nirmala Nirmul

570-696-5136 570-696-0976 570-406-0231 570-868-5847 570-474-0192

Please Contact

Diane McGee 829-7153

The Dallas Post 05-29-2011  

The Dallas Post - Community News for Dallas PA. 05-29

The Dallas Post 05-29-2011  

The Dallas Post - Community News for Dallas PA. 05-29