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THE GUIDE Rt. 315, Plains Twp • 822-0828 Center Hill Rd., Dallas • 675-4511

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Weekly Bar Specials Deck Open!

Mon nite: $5 Martinis with Kristen Tues: 16oz. Coors Lite-$2 All Nite with Jodi Wed: Wine Nite $4 with Denise Thurs Nite: Bud Lite Bottles-$2 All Nite w/Lynsey Fri Happy Hour: 5-7pm Sat Happy Hour: 3-5pm Sunday: $5 Burgers 12-5pm

“A Place of Love and Compassion” Affordable Living Remarkable Service Comfortable Environment Our family is committed to yours. Our community is a family atmosphere, where residents and our staff come together. 149 S. Hunter Highway | Drums (570) 788-7555 •


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715 Wyoming Avenue, Kingston • 288-6459




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The Princess Diaries (G, ‘01) ›› Julie Andrews, Anne The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (G, ‘04) The 700 Club (CC) Hathaway, Hector Elizondo. (TVPG) ›› Anne Hathaway, Julie Andrews. Diners, Diners, Best Thing Best Thing Diners, Diners, Diners, Diners, Diners, Diners, Diners, Diners, FOOD Drive Drive Drive Drive Drive Drive Drive Drive Drive Drive Special Report With FOX Report With The O’Reilly Factor Hannity (N) On Record, Greta Van The O’Reilly Factor FNC Bret Baier (N) Shepard Smith (N) (CC) Susteren (CC) Little House on the Little House on the Elevator Girl (‘10) ›› Lacey Chabert, Ryan Frasier Frasier Frasier Frasier HALL Prairie (CC) (TVPG) Prairie (CC) (TVG) Merriman, Patty McCormack. (CC) (TVPG) (TVPG) (TVPG) (TVPG) (5:00) Cults: Dangerous American Pickers (CC) American Pickers (CC) American Pickers (CC) American Pickers (CC) (:02) American Pickers HIST Devotion (TVPG) (TVPG) (TVPG) (TVPG) (TVPG) Hunters Hunters Hunters Hunters Kitchen Kitchen Kitchen Cousins (CC) House Hunters Hunters Hunters H&G Int’l Int’l Int’l Int’l Cousins Cousins (TVG) Hunters Int’l Int’l Int’l Picked Off “Outside the Picked Off “Cagey America’s Most America’s Most America’s Most The Week the Women LIF Box” (TVPG) Strategy” (TVPG) Wanted (TV14) Wanted (N) (TV14) Wanted (TV14) Went (CC) Jersey Shore: Gym, 2012 VMA Pre-Show 2012 MTV Video Music Awards (TV14) 8 Mile (R, ‘02) ››› Eminem, Kim Basinger, MTV Tan, Look Back Brittany Murphy. iCarly iCarly Victorious Victorious Victorious Victorious Friends Friends Friends Friends Friends (:33) NICK (TVG) (TVG) (TVPG) (TVPG) (TVPG) (TVPG) (TVPG) Friends Icons A Chance to Dance Dirty Dancing (PG-13, ‘87) ››› Jennifer Grey, Patrick A Chance to Dance (N) A Chance to Dance OVAT (TVPG) (TVPG) Swayze, Jerry Orbach. (TVPG) (TVPG) Lucas Oil Off Road SPEED Pass Time Australian V8 Supercars Sydney. Dumbest Dumbest Formula 1 Debrief (N) SPD Racing Center Stuff Stuff Gangland Without a Paddle (6:39) (PG-13, ‘04) ›› Seth Green, Super Troopers (R, ‘01) ›› Jay Chan(:15) Gangland ChiSPIKE Matthew Lillard, Dax Shepard. drasekhar, Kevin Heffernan. (CC) cago. (CC) (TV14) The Hills Have Eyes 2 (R, ‘07) › Michael WWE Friday Night SmackDown! (N) (CC) Lost Girl “Into the Dark” Alphas Rosen enlists SYFY McMillian, Jessica Stroup. (N) (CC) Skylar’s help. King of King of Seinfeld Seinfeld Stand Up to Cancer Better Better Better Better Daddy’s Little Girls TBS Queens Queens (TVPG) (TVPG) (CC) (TVPG) Worse Worse Worse Worse (PG-13, ‘07) ›› A Face in the Crowd (5:45) (‘57) ››› Andy Birdman of Alcatraz (‘62) ››› Burt Lancaster, Karl Cell 2455, Death Row (10:45) TCM Griffith, Patricia Neal. (CC) Malden, Thelma Ritter. (CC) (‘55) ››, Kathryn Grant Say Yes: Say Yes: I Found- I Found- Say Yes: Say Yes: Say Yes: Say Yes: I Found- I Found- Say Yes: Say Yes: TLC ATL ATL Gown Gown ATL ATL ATL ATL Gown Gown ATL ATL The Mentalist The Mentalist (CC) Inglourious Basterds (R, ‘09) ››› Brad Pitt, Mélanie Laurent. Soldiers seek BraveTNT “Redacted” (TV14) (TV14) Nazi scalps in German-occupied France. (CC) heart Regular Advent. World of NinjaGo: Dragons: Level Up King of the King of the American American Family Guy Family Guy TOON Show Time Gumball Masters Riders (TVPG) Hill Hill Dad Dad (CC) (CC) Bizarre Foods With Ghost Adventures (CC) Ghost Adventures (CC) Ghost Adventures (CC) The Dead Files (CC) The Dead Files (CC) TRAV Andrew Zimmern (TVPG) (TVPG) (TVPG) (TVPG) (TVPG) M*A*S*H (:32) (:05) (:43) M*A*S*H “Mail (:21) Love-Ray- Love-Ray- Love-Ray- Love-Ray- King of King of TVLD (TVPG) M*A*S*H M*A*S*H Call” (CC) (TVPG) M*A*S*H mond mond mond mond Queens Queens Law & Order: Special Law & Order: Special Law & Order: Special Law & Order: Special Law & Order: Special CSI: Crime Scene USA Victims Unit Victims Unit Victims Unit Victims Unit Victims Unit Investigation


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