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TIMESHARE END OF AN ERA? A tale of how timeshare owners have suffered at the hands of a greedy industry and how the tables could now be turning!

hink back 30 years to the late 70’s, and luminous coloured clothes; the birth of pop music and the new Thatcher era come to mind. This was also birth of the boom of timeshare... All over the World timeshare resorts were springing up offering a superior quality accommodation to conventional package holidays. What made timeshare such an attractive proposition was not just the financial logic of owning a share of a holiday property for a one off payment and only a small annual maintenance fee (historically under £75 per week) which was then far less than what package holiday accommodation would have then cost.

The World Was Your Oyster! The exciting bonus was that you could exchange your ownership for another luxury resort anywhere in the world through specialist timeshare exchange networks. All this was thrown in with “just a little” high pressure selling and some “slight economy with the truth”. In the early days whilst timeshare wasn’t for everyone, the families that used their resort every year or for those who were able to achieve successful exchanges

it actually provided a flexible and practical quality holiday option. Since the 80’s numerous new timeshare products have been conceived and marketed such as points, flexi-time, and floating weeks to name a few. All were a slight variation on the theme of the original concept. These products were created to give the marketers a new vehicle to sell to the existing owners at the resorts to extract more money by “upgrading” their ownership. In reality this delivered very little difference from their original product. There are many instances of owners having been “upgraded” more than 4 times (some spending in excess of £100,000 on timeshare products) believing that each time they are making an “investment” whilst the reality was that they were simply increasing their liabilities, often to their own detriment by signing away the contractual rights to their original agreements..

30 years on and things are very different…… The majority of those unfortunate enough to own a timeshare are now faced with a worthless liability that

is virtually unsellable with financial obstacles being put in the way of cancellations and transfers. Many owners believe that they are simply trapped by receiving demands to pay highly inflated annual maintenance fees for something they do not want any more. Even charities turn down gifts of timeshare weeks because of the associated potential ongoing liabilities. Many resorts are now getting run down and look as though they have not been updated since the 80’s! Meanwhile the hotel industry has been revitalised with luxury hotels opening up on the doorsteps of timeshare resorts, offering similar or even superior quality accommodation for a lot less than the resorts annual maintenance fees. To compound the misery, the exchange systems that once were well managed to satisfy the flexibility of destination requests for the timeshare owners have since been manipulated, resulting in many owners failing to achieve a fair and balanced exchange year after year. This was because the prime weeks had been skimmed and rented from the deposited inventory pool and the income was quietly pocketed by third parties. For those owners who are trapped or have suffered distress there has been no solution.

That is until now… The International Timeshare Refund Action (ITRA) was launched over four years ago and has, with the support of its sponsors invested so far over £1.000.000 in pursuing financial restitution on behalf of timeshare owners, both past and present, who believe that they may have been fraudulently misrepresented in respect of the purchase and ongoing use of their timeshare or points so as to currently render their ownership virtually valueless, untenable and an extremely expensive ongoing liability.

ITRA are now inviting all owners that believe that they were deceived, to join their action group which has organised professional funding and leading specialist lawyers to pursue group litigation claims in the courts on a collective basis which is often known as a Class Action. There is no up front payment requirement and it is not necessary to even appear in court. There is no risk and all claimants can be pre qualified FREE on line from the comfort of their arm chairs. This is a NO PAYOUT – NO FEE Claim and an agreed percentage will be deducted from any awards only after the case is won and damages have been awarded. This will cover in full the insurance risk to funders and all the legal costs. There is no liability or risk whatsoever to claimaints.

Claim your money back for your unwanted timeshare or points

STAKE YOUR CLAIM CLAIMS INCLUDE... • Problems with obtaining a selected balanced exchange from exchange companies. • Year on year escalating maintenance fees from your resort • Exorbitantly high and other illegal PPI covered interest rates charged by finance companies • Restrictive practice and breach of contract, in relation to the surrender and transfer of unwanted timeshares and points. If you are (or have been) a timeshare owner and would like to find out if you could qualify to claim a refund by joining thousands of fellow timeshare owners who have already registered in these NO PAYOUT - NO FEE claims, Call freephone UK 08000 128 028 or IN SPAIN 952 939 939 OR REGISTER FOR FREE ONLINE WWW.OWNERSACTION.COM

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Timeshare - end of an era?  
Timeshare - end of an era?  

A tale of how timeshare owners have suffered at the hands of a greedy industry and how the tables could now be turning!