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ROSALIA David C. Blankinship was the first homesteader in an area which would become Rosalia in 1869. He arrived with his wife and baby from Vermillion County, Ill. Within the next year, several other families made their homestead in this area. Blankinship owned a large portion of land and carried an influence on the forming of the community. In 1870 the St. Louis- Fort Scott and Wichita Railroad extended to the township area. The railway and depot attracted more families to settle. G.W. Chamberlain and F.G. Miller was the first to plat the town in 1888. Blankinship helped with establishment of schools and provided land for the first cemetery. Blankinship Cemetery started as a family plot on his homestead. He extended it to others in the town to be able to use it and decided that it should belong to the town. The livestock industry was a driving force of supporting the township until 1903 when oil was discovered in the area. With the oil boom, expansion of the community soon followed. More businesses were opened up with two grocery stores, a lumberyard, hardware store and




Established: 1869

Population: 171

Elevation: 1,519 ft. Schools: Flinthills School District Amenities: Old Hat Resturant

churches were able to establish their own buildings. With the population at its peak at an estimated 600, schools were reaching a capacity and a new building was built. Rosalia started with four school houses to keep children from traveling very far. Over time there were eight grade schools. In 1911 the first high school was built as a two-story wooden building. A second threestory brick high school that included the grade school was built to replace the wooden one with scares of fires. With a bond election and a new consolidation, Rosalia built its current high school in 1968. Fires have plagued the community intermittently since 1883, destroying the first lumberyard and hardware stores. In February of 1914, a fire in the night took down three buildings on Main Street. After each of these fires, the township was able to recover. Then 1934 brought the largest disaster to Rosalia. Another fire consumed a majority of the business district. With a mix of the economy from the Great Depression, the damage from the fire and a decline of the oil boom, the Township had trouble keeping businesses and families.

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