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STORES REPRESENTED: Luca Italian Leather 100 2nd Ave. NE St. Petersburg (727) 201-4054 Tumi International Plaza Tampa (813) 353-1177 Leather weekend tote with rope straps, $740. Luca Italian Leather.



ExecuJet leases private planes at the Sheltair private airport in Tampa that carry seven to 12 passengers to New York, Nantucket, the Caribbean, Europe and anywhere else your compass desires.

There were 3,500 McLarens manufactured worldwide last year, compared with 203,000 Porsches, said Taylor Sanger of Dimmitt Automotive Group. Fifty of those McLarens sold were from the dealership’s St. Petersburg location. The other Florida dealers selling the rare car are in Palm Beach and Miami.

There’s no need to get to the airport 90 minutes before departure. Arriving on the tarmac next to International Plaza five minutes before takeoff is fine. Call ahead to request food or beverages you prefer. Cristal is the most common request, says Rob Jones of ExecuJet. Rates vary greatly depending on the plane, destination and number of passengers. ExecuJet designs and prices each trip individually.

McLaren, based in Surrey, England, added road cars to its line of Formula One race cars in 2012. It has been making race cars since 2001. This fashion spread features a McLaren 650S, which is 641 horsepower and sells for $285,000. The car’s pulpit is made of layer upon layer of woven carbon fiber, which is stronger than steel, Sanger said.

See for more information. With the push of a button, the McLaren can adjust the pressure in its hydraulic suspension from a flexible ride for comfort to a tighter ride for speed. “You can do track days on the weekends and drive it to work during the week,” Sanger said. (Sebring International Raceway is about 90 minutes away.) See for more information.

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MARCH 2017

Paris Isabella 4930 Park Blvd. #11 Pinellas Park (727) 545-4900 Pippa Pelure 50 Beach Dr NE St. Petersburg (727) 623-0926 FASHION STYLIST: Sandra Davila MAKEUP AND HAIR: Monique McLaughlin and Jackie Cupples MODEL: Minhee Greene Photographed at Sheltair 4751 Jim Walter Blvd. Tampa (813) 319-8000 tampa

Bay Magazine - March, 2017  

Fly Away. Vol. 10, No. 5. Copyright 2017.

Bay Magazine - March, 2017  

Fly Away. Vol. 10, No. 5. Copyright 2017.