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Even when you’re not attending a birthday bash, a coat and tie are required in the Homestead’s dining room, and “resort wear” is preferred in the Great Hall. My husband rose early the next day to head out with an Orvis-certified guide for fly fishing. They went to a nearby stream that has both wild and stocked rainbow trout. The Homestead has more than 4 miles of catch-and-release waters that encompass 13 waterfalls. He came back with photos of three catches and bragging rights. In the afternoon we joined two friends for skeet shooting at the Homestead’s 84-year-old gun club. The only exposure I’ve ever had to skeet was when Andy Griffith had a short-lived romance with Karen, who skunked him at the annual skeet shooting tournament. (Barney was insulted, but Andy was grudgingly impressed.) I had never even held a gun before, except for one that shot BBs at summer camp. I admitted this to our welcoming skeet instructor, and he wasn’t surprised. (Was it my 3inch wedge heel boots or the fringed leather clutch tucked under my arm that gave me away?) Actually, the gun club hosts novices and experts year round on four different skeet fields. Instructors have seen it all. Our friends and my husband, who had shot skeet before, nicked a few clay targets after getting used to their speed and the guns. I, on the other hand, shattered the first one in the sky. And the second. I nicked the third and fourth and was laughing so hard by the fifth I could barely pull the trigger. I share this not to brag (I did plenty of that at the Homestead, believe me), but to illustrate what travel to new destinations offers. You can relax in total comfort, yet leave your comfort zone to try something different.

The Omni Homestead Old Course putting green. Photograph courtesy of Omni Homestead Resort

Bay Magazine - March, 2017  

Fly Away. Vol. 10, No. 5. Copyright 2017.

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