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in the winter and mountain biking, horseback riding and fly-fishing in the summer. There’s a spa, too, of course, to pamper those aching Florida bones after biking on real mountains. Our fashion spread was photographed at Sheltair executive airport between Tampa International Airport and International Plaza. This is where you can arrive five minutes before takeoff to hop on your own private plane or one you have leased. Sinking into a caramel-colored leather seat on one of the ExecuJet planes, I said I could fly to Australia for two days and be disappointed when the flight is over. Total comfort. Total privacy. But when Taylor Sanger drove up in the McLaren 650S that Dimmitt Automotive Group loaned us for the fashion shoot, I wasn’t an immediate convert. Yes, the doors open up instead of out. He explained why the carbon fiber “tub,” or “cockpit,” is stronger than steel. I wrapped my nonautomotive mind around that, and it pretty much made sense. I loved the red and black leather interior. But I had to admit that I still didn’t get why anyone needs a car that goes 210 mph. “You have to drive it to understand,” Taylor told me. “It’s instant adrenaline.” Perhaps Dimmitt had checked my driving record or seen the scrapes and nicks on my Acura MDX. Maybe it’s just

protocol for anyone who isn’t test driving a car with the intent to buy. But Taylor didn’t let me drive the McLaren. He did, however, take me for a ride in it. Now I get it. We went from 20 to 110 mph in six seconds. Once I caught my breath 30 minutes later, I said it felt like Test Track at Epcot on steroids. It felt daring. It felt out of this world but still in control. When I screamed for Taylor to slow down, he did so smoothly in seconds. No whiplash like I used to get on the Himalaya at the fair. Far from that. I still don’t want a McLaren. But I now understand why so many people love luxury sports cars. They give you a chance to leave it all behind, way behind, even if it’s just for 30 seconds. That’s what all travel allows us. Whether it’s to a fabulous resort, on a yacht you charter from St. Petersburg, in a mountain cabin or at a condo at the beach, travel releases and recharges us. I hope you enjoy this issue and start making plans. Thank you for reading, —Katherine Snow Smith Have comments, questions? Let us know. Contact Katherine Snow Smith at (727) 893-8785 or

MARCH 2017



Bay Magazine - March, 2017  

Fly Away. Vol. 10, No. 5. Copyright 2017.

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