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JUNE 4, 2019

Maycock Eyecare celebrating 70 years Is it safe to take fibre with your medication? Where did you get that hat?

Musical Hat Show and Strawberry Tea at the Brentwood Centre for Active Living

Don’t miss Car Free YYJ Day in Downtown Victoria on Father’s Day

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Times Colonist

Focus on eye care By Dr. Jason Maycock, Maycock Eyecare Celebrating 70 years — providing the most advanced eye care and eyewear to Victorians.


ut of all the five senses, most of us would agree that our vision is of critical importance. Vision provides us with about 80 per cent of our environmental information. Because of this fact, vision is the sense people are most reluctant to lose and most keen to preserve and protect. Normal vision changes occur as we age. These changes don’t have to affect your lifestyle. The key is knowing what to expect and to seek professional care when you experience changes in your vision that might not be normal. As we reach our 60s and beyond, the effects of aging on vision can range from mildly irritating changes to more serious eye diseases. Changes may include difficulty reading small print, taking longer to adjust from light to dark, increased sensitivity to glare from sunlight or car headlights, loss of depth perception, difficulty seeing contrasts and colour, dry eyes and tearing or watery eyes.

Thankfully for most of us, normal age-related vision changes can be corrected with glasses, medication or surgery. Proper nutrition combined with healthy habits such as abstaining from cigarettes and wearing sunglasses to protect against UV radiation are the first steps toward better eye health and maintaining good vision at all ages. Regular eye exams are even more important as you reach your senior years. The British Columbia Association of Optometrists (BCAO) recommends annual eye examinations for everyone over age 65. Fortunately for all of us, technology used in a comprehensive eye exam has advanced tremendously over the past five years. This allows for the earliest possible detection of eye disease, and for early intervention and treatment, giving the best possible outcome of maintaining your vision for a lifetime. New devices like the Optomap Ultra-Wide Retinal camera deliver a panoramic view of the back of a patient’s eye without traditional dilation drops. This panoramic view displays over 80 per cent of

It’s more than dentures It’s your smile!

Fashionista model, Jo-Ann (she’s 77-years young) is wearing the latest eyewear from Maycock Eyecare. Jo-Ann’s frames are from Face a Face, and are handmade in France.

the retina at one time, providing optometrists with a far greater view than the 15 per cent seen with traditional cameras. The ultra-wide images of the retina reveal important information for the comprehensive evaluation of a patient’s ocular health and reveal any signs of systemic diseases that could be affecting the eyes, like diabetes or hypertension. Other cutting edge technology like Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) uses light waves the way ultrasound uses sound waves. The

WOW! This Job Really Delivers!

Call for your FREE consultation Robert R b tK Knight, i ht D Denturist t i t

CALL TANYA 250-380-5388 OR EMAIL:

4085 Quadra St. 250.658.1417 | 9769 Fifth St.,Sidney 250.656.1417

OCT is able to construct crosssectional images of the retinas and optic nerves, providing us with images we couldn’t achieve with any other method. OCT is a tremendously helpful technology and displays any abnormal areas of tissue, alerting doctors to the earliest signs of diseases such as macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma. Other advances in health care are finding their way into the eye care world. Genetic testing has become an incredible tool over

the past few years, and its uses range from genealogical investigation to disease prediction and management. Macula Risk genetic testing is one such test that is now available that will not only determine a patient’s risk of developing age-related macular degeneration (ARMD), but can also predict how a patient will progress and what course of treatment would be most effective to slow the disease. Recent studies indicate that about 15 per cent of the population who take AREDS eye supplements to slow ARMD have the genetics that can actually cause the disease to become worse. The age of personalized medicine and treatment is now upon us and will definitely help to prevent significant loss of our most precious sense of vision. In the years after you turn 60, a number of eye diseases may develop that can change your vision permanently. Wise lifestyle choices, regular eye exams with the most advanced equipment possible combined and early detection of disease can significantly improve your chances of maintaining good eye health and vision as you age.

On the cover Just because you’re a senior of a certain age who wears glasses doesn’t mean you’re doomed to bifocals, glasses hung from chains around your neck, or the pastel frames you bought back in the 80s. Your glasses are a major accessory. If you pick the right eyeglasses and frames, you could actually shave years off your look. On this month’s cover, Gene sports a jazzy pair of sunglasses made by a company called Wissing. They take about three

months to be created and each one is unique.

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Fibre: the great equalizer

“I like to call it ‘the great equalizer’ — it slows things if you are going too much and moves things along if you are not.” By your friendly neighbourhood Heart Pharmacist his was a question from one of our readers: “Is it safe to take my medications with fibre?” This is a good question, as fibre can affect some medications. Perhaps we should start which what fibre is, and its potential health benefits Essentially, fibre is complex carbohydrates that your body cannot digest. Fibre is primarily found in fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains. There are many health benefits from increasing your intake of dietary fibre. Dietary fibre can promote bowel regularity, reduce cholesterol and reduce blood sugar. It is thought that we might not get enough fibre in our diets, so supplementation is recommended for some people. This is primarily done to promote bowel regularity. I like to call it ‘the great equalizer’ — it slows things if you are going too much and moves things along if you are not. To confuse matters more, there are two kinds of fibre. The first is soluble fibre. This form of fibre is soluble in water and helps to reduce cholesterol and normalize blood sugar levels. It forms a gel in the intestines to help promote regularity. Then there is insoluble fibre. This form does not dissolve in water and forms the bulk of your stools. When it comes to your medications, extra fibre can be an issue. Generally, the fibre from your regular diet will not significantly affect your medication. However, if you take a fibre supplement like Metamucil or Lax-aDay, it may interfere with your medications. This extra fibre can bind to your medication in the stomach and prevent its’ absorption.


Medications with very low doses or that are sensitive to change are the most troublesome. The ones that come to mind are thyroid medications, digoxin and warfarin. Check with your local Heart Pharmacist to see if fibre supplements work well with you medications. If you do take a fibre supplement, do not take it within two hours of taking your other medications. The other recommendations I make with fibre supplements is to start low and drink lots of water. Extra fibre in your diet can lead to gas, bloating or diarrhea. If you are recommended to take a fibre supplement, make a note of the dosage on the label and reduce that by four. Take this lower dose for a week or two. I say this for a few reasons. Your normal gastrointestinal bacteria need time to adjust to the extra fibre. Too much fibre too soon and your bacteria make too much gas. Wait a week before you decide to increase your dose. It might take that long before you see the laxative effects of fibre. So if you increase your dose of fibre daily in hopes that more will help, you might experience an unexpected laxative effect after one week. Drinking extra water always helps with regularity. Getting lots of fibre in your diet is good for your health. But if you take fibre supplements, check with your local Heart Pharmacist to ensure there will not be any issues. You might want to sit down with a Heart Pharmacist to ensure any supplements you take are compatible with your medications.

20% OFF Improve your health and regularity with the all natural and organic fiber product

Expires June 18, 2019. HEART COMPOUNDING PHARMACY AT CADBORO BAY, 3825 Cadboro Bay Rd. Ph: 250-477-2131 HEART PHARMACY AT FAIRFIELD PLAZA, Fairfield Plaza, 1594 Fairfield Rd. Ph: 250-598-9232 HEART PHARMACY AT SHELBOURNE PLAZA, 3643 Shelbourne St. Ph: 250-477-1881 UVIC CAMPUS PHARMACY, UVIC SUB, 3800 Finnerty Rd. Ph: 250-721-3400 ST. ANTHONY’S CLINIC PHARMACY, 582 Goldstream Ave. Ph: 250-478-8338

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A West Coast trip without the driving


Take a fully-escorted nine-day adventure down the West Coast of North America

FEATURED 9 Day Haida Gwaii & Inside Passage TRIP June 24, July 12 and Aug 13 $ 3999 uble) (per person



Travel the remote and untouched Inside Passage on route to the mystical islands of Haida Gwaii known as the “islands of the people”. Witness Mother Nature in all her glory. As you explore the most remote archipelago in Canada.

UPCOMING TRIPS Okanagan Spring 5 Days Magical Maritimes 10 Days My Island-Exploring Vancouver Island 8 Days Haida Gwaii & Inside Passage 9 Days Yukon and Northwest Territories 12 Days West Coast to California 9 Days Autumn in Quebec and Ontario 10 Days

May 10 June 1 July 3 June 24, July 8, Aug 13 Jul 22 & Aug 12 Aug 26 Sep 22

$1699 $3999 $2999 $3999 $5999 $4399 $3999

*Prices include roundtrip airfare from Victoria, per person with double *Home pickup/return in Greater Victoria – travel starts at your door!


Silver Threads Service We are a charitable, not for profit society that enhances social connections and well-being for seniors. We provide programs and services for those 55 years of age or better with two centres and outreach programs to serve you. Saanich Centre 286 Hampton Rd. 250 382-3151

Victoria Centre 2340 Richmond Rd. 250 388-4268

Visit www.silverthreads.cafor more information

stay active * stay healthy * stay connected

ow does a West Coast road trip minus the driving sound for this summer? Victoria-based tour operator Mile Zero Tours is offering a nine day adventure, leaving Victoria on Aug. 26 to travel one of the most spectacular routes of North America. And the best part is they take care of all the driving and planning! Your adventure begins with Mile Zero Tours usual and complimentary door-to-door pick-up service. Next thing you know, you are aboard the Coho ferry sailing the Juan de Fuca Strait. In the evening, find yourself in a luxury hotel in the eclectic and cosmopolitan city of Portland. After a couple days exploring Portland and the stunning Columbia River Gorge, you’ll be back to the coast. Get ready, because the next few days you will be surrounded by stunning sandy beaches, rocky cliffs and sparkling ocean views. Along the way, overnight in a couple charming seaside towns, explore caves of seal ions and take a ride across dunes. There will be delicious, locally inspired meals to be enjoyed on the Oregon Coast. There is more to see, as you are now just entering California. Walk among the stunning redwoods. Gaze upward at these peaceful giants

towering over 300 feet above your head. Spend the night in the port city of Eureka and take a few minutes to explore the beautiful Victorian era architecture of its Old Town. The final leg of this memorable journey brings you into California’s famed wine country. There will be time to stop for a tasting at a winery or two. The highlight of the day will be crossing the famous Golden Gate Bridge and entering the magical city of San Francisco. Final nights of this adventure will find you bedding down in a top of the line hotel just steps from Union Square. By day, learn of early missionaries, gold prospectors and more as you explore the city with an expert local guide, then perhaps savour some chowder at Pier 39. A cable car ride and an incredible dinner caps of this West Coast adventure in style. Tomorrow you will be flying home to Victoria with a lifetime of memories. For information and booking, visit: or call: 250-590-0811. The West Coast to California and all other Mile Zero Tours trips are fully escorted from Victoria, and include all transport, many meals, attractions, tours and home pick-up and return service. Space is limited, so book soon and you may still qualify for an early booking discount.

Blood pressure clinics RN Wendy checks Anne’s blood pressure at Silver Threads.


he more you have a handle on your blood pressure, the better you’ll be able to measure your risk, predict heart problems and flag danger. Dr. Oz describes blood pressure as the amount of force your blood exerts on the walls of your arteries as it passes through. If your blood pressure is high (optimum level is 115/76; the national median is 129/86), the force is literally gouging holes in your arteries, causing inflammation. But high blood pressure has no symptoms, which makes it easier to ignore than a dirty air filtre in your house. It is also, however, as easily treatable with medication or lifestyle changes (diet and exercise), which means that everyone should have their blood pressure measured regularly and take immediate steps if it is high. Blood-pressure readings can be more variable than pants sizes at the bus stop — but you always want your bloodpressure reading to be low. You also want to monitor it regularly and make sure you are getting proper health advice. Silver Threads Service provides monthly blood pressure clinics with a registered nurse who takes both a standing and sitting reading and discusses

the results in a friendly and supportive environment. Free June Clinics are offered at the Saanich Centre 286 Hampton Rd. on Monday, June 10, and at the Victoria Centre, 2340 Richmond Rd. on Friday, June 14. Both sessions run from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. There is no charge for this service and drop-ins are welcome. Call 250-382-3151 for details.

Victoria Computer Club Tip of the month: Chrome books

Chrome books are inexpensive, lightweight laptops that suit the needs of most seniors. If you mainly use email, web browsing and digital photos, a chrome book is a quick booting, low maintenance laptop. Try a Chrome book at the Victoria Computer Club at Silver Threads Saanich Centre, and they will give you help and advice on whether it will suit your needs. If you need more help, drop into the Computer Club on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays (in June). Call ahead for times and details. There’s lots of help available at the Saanich Centre, 286 Hampton Rd. Call: 250-382-3151, or check out the website at:


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Walk-in tubs help those with mobility issues Safe Step Walk-in tubs make bathing easier than ever before.


or many people with mobility issues or physical disabilities, what once were considered routine tasks, such as taking and enjoying a bath, can now be perceived as dangerous and challenging. Slippery surfaces, high step-ins and lack of support bars can cause falls in the bathroom that carry serious health consequences. According to recent statistics from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), falls account for 65.5 per cent of all home injury deaths for adults age 65 to 84, and adults age 65 and older experience an average of 2.3 million non-fatal home injuries annually. Adding to these startling numbers, over 95 per cent of hip fractures are caused by falls, and one in three adults over the age of 65 will have a fall this year.

At Safe Step, we understand that to enjoy bathing again, we need to provide the safest walk-in tub in the market that will help our customers remain safe, comfortable and independent. Safe Step walk-in tubs are loaded with safety features such as a low step-in, anti-slip surfaces, safety grab bars and a wider door that makes the bathing experience safe again. The decision to purchase a walk-in tub should be carefully evaluated. The ideal walk-in tub should not only help you stay safe while you bathe, it should also provide pain-relieving therapy by hydro-massaging — to help soothe sore muscles and joints caused by arthritis, rheumatism and poor blood circulation. Canadian Safe Step Tub Co is a Canadian owned business supplying the highest quality American made walk-in tubs with the most certifications and the best warranty in the industry.

Memory PLUS challenge Practice, Laughter and Useful Strategies Memory PLUS is a Silver Threads Service program for those 55+ who would like to increase their memory in an active and social group setting. A six-week Summer Brain Camp is being offered in July and August at various locations in Greater Victoria. Phone: 250-382-3151. Enjoy a word scramble for Father’s Day!

 ™™™Ǥ ‘ƒˆ‡–‡’Ǥ…ƒ

Answers : 1. Father 2. Fishing 3. Card 4. Present 5. Weekend 6. Parent 7. Loving 8. Care 9. Special 10. Guidance

1. raehtf 2. shnigfi 3. dacr 4. peetrsn 5. ewenekd 6. reptan 7. nigolv 8. reca 9. cilapse 10. cenaigud

‘”ƒˆ”‡‡„”‘…Š—”‡‘”“—‘–‡ǥ …ƒŽŽ–‘ŽŽˆ”‡‡–‘†ƒ›Ǩ


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Times Colonist

Don’t wait for the storm to arrive By Stephen Garrett, Memorial Society of BC ost Canadians —75 per cent of them — want to die at home, and a new report by the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) reveals that people who access palliative home care services in their last year of life are 2.5 times more likely to do so. Canadian Institute for Health Information Currently, 60 per cent of Canadians die in the hospital, even though most of us would prefer a home death. However, the recently released report, Bedlam in BC’s Continuing Care Sector, reveals some stark facts and figures that will likely drive many unsuspecting Canadians into realizing their dream — a home death — while being woefully unprepared to do so. Daniel Fontaine, the CEO of BC Care Providers, opens the report with these comments; “Today, seniors’ care providers across British Columbia are experiencing challenges on several fronts. Our infrastructure for many of our care homes is out of date, staffing shortages are rampant,


and demand keeps growing thanks to an aging demographic. More ominously, however, the data tells us that what we are starting to observe is just the beginning of something much more consequential.” “As the Baby Boom generation enters their retirement years, the pressure on long-term care and healthcare in general will continue to build. Regardless of how you measure the data or what methodology you use to project future demand, the numbers show that tens of thousands of beds will be required to support the seniors who will need care between now and the year 2040. Organizations such as the Conference Board of Canada are projecting that over 30,000 new long-term care beds will be required just in B.C. alone over the next 20 years.” Given the challenges end of life brings coupled with a system of care that is unable to meet the demands the baby boomer generation is creating, it is even more important that we get our end of life planning and paperwork together. The Memorial Society of BC has sensed this demanding time coming and has created

what they call the All Ready to Go binder — a well-organized and thorough system to store important pieces of paper that include, but not limited to, your power of attorney, your will and advanced care directives and your funeral arrangements. You my want to educate yourself on what it takes to safely take care of a loved one dying in the family home. How could I arrange homecare nursing? How could I make certain the home is safe for both my loved one dying and me and my family providing care? Is social funding available, should I need time off work? Who in the family can provide respite for the primary care provider? These question will help you come to grips with the necessary planning you may need to do in order to have a safe and graceful death at home. Don’t wait for the storm to arrive. We can all see it lurking on the horizon. Get your plans together and make sure you have some planning meetings with your family and closest friends. As the boy scout movement taught me many years ago — be prepared!

Take wings with the Social Butterflies Serving British Columbians since 1956. Learn about the realities of end of life planning from a reliable and independent agency. Leave a legacy of a personally designed and meaningful funeral.

LIVE THE GOOD LIFE Come fly with us! Guided Events & Outings for Mobile Seniors DOOR TO DOOR SERVICE FOR A CALENDAR OF EVENTS BOOK ONLINE: 250-383-4386


Exciting events and outings for mobile, independent and discerning seniors.

f you live alone, no longer drive at night and would love to attend all the exciting entertainment Victoria has to offer, The Social Butterflies are just what you have been looking for. Now you are able to enjoy a wonderful, exciting evening out on the town while making new friends and new memories. No longer home alone — bored and frustrated and having to rely on others for your entertainment. Knight Limousine provides door-to-door transportation with friendly, safe drivers — ready to assist if needed. A host accompanies each outing. You will be picked up at your home at a pre-determined time, along with other likeminded seniors, for a leisurely dinner followed by the event of your choice. After the theatre/concert, you will be returned home — safe and sound. No cares or concerns, as everything is

well taken care of, leaving you to relax in good company and start enjoying the good life. Now you are a Social Butterfly, breaking out of your cocoon — happy and content — no longer watching life pass you by. During the summer months, The Social Butterflies offer various exciting day-trips which include excursions on Vancouver Island and to the Gulf Islands and Vancouver. Interesting, relaxing, fun trips have been carefully chosen to appeal to all tastes. Walkers are accepted. Cost includes transportation, ticket (best seat in the house) dinner/ lunch, taxes and gratuities. This is not a business where you must pay a fee to join. Pay by credit card or cheque. To receive a Social Butterflies Calendar of Events, or for more info, phone: 250-383-4386. Book-on-line at:


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Volunteer drivers make a big difference “When you live alone and you don’t have family and friends to help you, the drivers are their friends.” By Norman Gidney, Saanich Volunteers Services Society f you like to drive and have some time on your hands, Saanich Volunteer Services Society (SVSS) has a part-time position for you. For more than 25 years, SVSS has organized volunteer drivers to carry people to medical appointments, shopping trips, the bank and hairdresser, as well as social outings around town. “I have enjoyed doing it; I’ve met a lot of nice people,” says Norah McQuiggan, who has a dozen years behind the wheel for SVSS. “It’s worked out really well.” She’s one of 50 drivers who record a total of about 70,000 kilometers a year — equal to an amazing 10 one-way trips across the country from Pacific to Atlantic. She had just moved here when she started volunteer driving. “It’s a way of getting to know Victoria,” says McQuiggan. At the back of her mind is one reason for volunteer driving: “Maybe one day I’ll be there.” Would they recommend driving for SVSS? “Absolutely,” is the quick reply from Laureen Matheson, another 12-year veteran driver. “If you like people, if you enjoy meeting other people, getting out and about.” “I would, definitely,” says Guy Blais, who started volunteer driving in 2008. “I don’t see any bad sides to it.” “I’m kind of hooked — it gives me something to look forward to.” Blais is a former bartender who enjoys the small talk with his passengers — the most interesting person he carried was a retired pilot for the huge Martin Mars water bombers that were stationed near Port Alberni. “Most are seniors; they’ve lived interesting lives,” he says. Blais figures he’s learned from his drives, too. “People can have tough lives, but they’re still resilient, positive and giving.” Drivers are key to many services from SVSS, but the women who answer the phone for the organization — located in the old McRae farmhouse on the edge of Cedar Hill Golf Course — are just as essential. As a receptionist, Ellie Donahue spends a threehour shift connecting drivers with all the people who need a drive. “I call the clients when I have found a driver who can take them. Today, I called a lady who is learning how to adjust to life with very poor vision. … She makes my job so worthwhile.” Drivers “talk to her, they reassure her that she is so improving on her skills as a blind person. They take her arm and help her to her appointment,” says Donahue. “When you live alone and you don’t have family and friends to help you, the drivers are their friends. They feel like the driver cares for them. They know that the driver will get them to their appointment safely.” If you’re interested in a volunteer sideline — it can be just one trip a week, or more — call SVSS at: 250-595-8008. Mileage is paid, or it can be a charitable donation with a tax receipt at the end of the year. There’s information at


Visit Live Well Pharmacist for all your Health and Wellness Needs Pharmasave Locations Offer: • FREE local prescription delivery • Medication experts to discuss your specific health care needs • Blister packaging to help organize your medications • Customized medications (Compounding Services) • Easy prescription transfers • Large selection of Home Health Care products • Postal outlet

JOIN US FOR SENIOR’S DAY The 1st Wednesday of Every Month! 15% Off Everything in Store* *Some exclusions apply. See in store details.

Proudly serving the local community: James Bay: #113 – 230 Menzies Street ............................. 250.383.7196 Broadmead Village: #310 – 777 Royal Oak Drive .............. 250.727.2284

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Staycation on Vancouver Island this summer Travel in ease and style on a luxury motor coach. Sit back, relax and let someone else do the driving while you take in the spectacular views,

As if you need more reasons to stay on Vancouver Island this summer — if you’re an Island local, you know just how lucky you are to live in one of the most beautiful places in B.C.


his summer, take a staycation and revel in nostalgia. Visit some of your favourite places like Chemainus. Enjoy dinner and a play at the iconic Chemainus Theatre and take a stroll through the quaint little town to admire the well-known murals. Summer is the perfect opportunity to discover new sites and take a journey through the West Coast, all while on-board the Vancouver Island Connector. The VI Connector is a convenient and affordable option for a summer road trip, with daily departures from Victoria all the way to Port Hardy. Take advantage of the convenient transfer option at Nanaimo’s Departure Bay Terminal onto the Tofino bus. Passengers who want to visit the Island’s tropical oasis can also stop in Coombs, Parksville, Ucluelet, and of course, Tofino. Travel in ease and style this summer on a luxury motor coach. Sit back, relax and let someone else do the driving while you take in the spectacular views, and maybe see a critter or two. Guests can easily book their trip online, as well as view the full schedule at: Or call: 1-866-986-3466 to speak with an agent.

Important information for

shopping online Submitted by Consumer Protection BC hen B.C. consumers buy products or services online, they may be entering into something called a ‘distance sales contract’. These contracts are not entered into in person, and there’s no opportunity to inspect goods before purchasing. It’s important that businesses provide certain information to consumers before an online purchase is made. This ensures the consumer knows what to expect from the transaction. The business should also provide a chance to review the details and correct any mistakes that may have been made. Before payment, the business should provide this information to the customer: • A detailed description of the goods or services • The currency


We Do Home Care Differently

• Delivery details, including shipping method and place of delivery • Cancellation, return, exchange and refund policies, if any Once the order is confirmed, the business should send the customer a copy of the contract or receipt within 15 days. The contract must also include all the details about the order. For more info about online purchases, visit: Consumer Protection BC is the regulator of a variety of sectors and specific consumer transactions in the province. Its mandate is to license and inspect regulated businesses, respond to consumer inquiries, investigate alleged violations of consumer protection laws, classify general release motion pictures and provide information and referrals to consumers.

Don’t settle for anything less than what your loved one deserves.

In Partnership with:

Veterans Affairs Blue Cross

Live well at home with your personally selected Caregiver, from hourly to 24/7 live-in and short term respite care. Home Care Assistance is the only home care agency that offers Cognitive Therapeutics, a research-backed activities program that promotes brain health and vitality. Call for a free in-home assessment. 1133 Fort St., Victoria 250-592-4881 Flader Business Centre, 101–9837 7th St., Sidney


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Functional Fitness for Family Caregivers

Submitted by Care & Company Ltd. Senior Care Victoria re you aware of your functional fitness? If not, your ability to care for your loved one could be at risk. “Functional fitness” describes a person’s ability to perform Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). The family caregiver must be functionally fit to provide care to both themselves and their loved ones. As you care for someone, you end up carrying more of their weight — especially when transferring. Your back is going to take the brunt of the strain after repeating these motions. Learn to support your core — learning how to properly push, pull, carry and lift is vital. Family caregivers should be much more aware of their core strength.


The primary claim made by professional care providers to Work Safe BC are back-related injuries. Professionals get time off when they hurt their backs. You won’t. A lack of knowledge of your functional fitness could turn into injuries when you are faced with an emergency. If your loved one suddenly falls, your instinct to leap to their aid might have serious consequences. Garnering the strength and skill to safely transfer the person you care for is imperative. Finding a block of time to exercise can be difficult, but if you take a different approach, you can incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Here are some ideas that will benefit you and your functional fitness:

• In the kitchen: perform 10 squats while holding onto the counter. • While cooking a meal: transfer your weight from one leg to the other. If you can do it safely, balance on one leg, then the other. • Before settling in to watch TV: perform 10 “sit-to-stands”, or press your hand into your thigh and lift your leg up for five seconds. • Walking through the living room: pick up some three-pound weights and do one repetition of biceps and triceps exercises. • When watching a fitness DVD with your loved one: engage them in the activity by creatively modifying the exercise for them while you perform the full moves. • If your loved one is in a wheelchair:

pack both of you up and head to Beacon Hill Park. Properly engaging your core muscles while walking will give you a good workout. Try and have some fun so it doesn’t feel so much like exercise. With a little creative thought and guidance, you can find many ways for self-care and exercise. The alternative could easily lead to injury. Then you won’t be any good to anyone — least of all yourself. Functional fitness exercises and core strength maintenance will help you maintain or increase your strength, empowering you to care for your loved ones more effectively and with a greater peace of mind. For more information about functional fitness for family caregivers, visit

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Babysitting for grandparents


itnessing your children getting older and starting their own lives and families can be bittersweet. There is pride that comes with seeing their successes, but a melancholy of knowing that the years have passed so quickly. Although you may no longer be tucking your children into bed, reading them bedtime stories or bandaging booboos, when your children have children, the chance to nurture can start anew. One of the great joys that comes from having older children is the ability to welcome and love grandchildren. Grandchildren are points of light in people’s lives and provide the exuberance and excitement that reminds you of your own youth. Grandparents often are thrilled to be involved in the care and upbringing of their grand kids. Some may live with their grandchildren to help take some pressures off adult children. Babysitting is one way that grandparents can be a frequent fixture in their grand kids’ lives. If it’s been some time since you cared for little children, it’s well worth it to take a refresher course in child care.

Make sure it’s safe Conduct a safety audit of your home if grandchildren will be coming over to your place. Are outlets secured with covers? Are medications you may be taking out of reach? Do you have gates to block stairs or restrict access to certain rooms? Modifications may be needed. Assess your health Chasing after children can be a workout. Be sure you are up for the challenge and have the stamina. If you have any medical conditions that can impair judgement or


reaction time, you might want to reconsider babysitting. Take directions The way you parented may not be the same way your own children parent. Be humble and follow their lead with regard to instructions. The parenting guide, Apt Parenting, advises that you should ask about the eating and sleeping habits of the child. You may have to defer to your own children’s guidelines on discipline and behaviour. Learn what’s new Many things regarding childcare have changed in the last 20 years, including safety laws and guidelines. Be sure you are up to date on these changes. And if you aren’t certain about something — ask. This involves everything from crib bar widths to car seat installation. Babysitting can be a joyous task for grandparents who are ready for the job. — MC



Assisted Dying 101: The Basics


edical assistance in dying is now a legal end-of-life choice in Canada. One of the primary activities for the Dying With Dignity Canada organization is educating the public about this important option. Most people are interested in learning how Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) might apply on a very personal basis, either as a possible option they might choose for themselves at some future date, or for a loved one. The Victoria Chapter of Dying With Dignity Canada will be speaking at Goward House about end-of-life issues. They do not go into the history of court cases and decisions and how these impact ordinary seniors, although they are able to do this if there is interest. Similarly, they can talk about assisted dying in other countries, including Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium and the US. Their goal is to quickly bring those present up-to-speed and up-to-date with assisted dying on southern Vancouver Island, including what ‘MAID’ means, some basic statistics, who qualifies, how to apply (patient request), getting approval, what to do once you are approved, the peace one feels, setting the date, what happens on the day, what arrangements need to be made, and other considerations. Bear in mind — chapter

members are in constant contact with senior staff at Island Health who are responsible for the MAID program, so their information is current. They have also met with the seniors advocate of B.C. about access in assisted living residences. Assisted Dying 101: The Basics Thursday, Jun. 27, 1:30 p.m. at Goward House, 2495 Arbutus Rd. Phone: 250-477-4401 to register The presentation is about 45 minutes long, with an additional 15 to 30 minutes for questions and discussion. The presentation consists of slides, and two or more short videos, taken locally of Noreen Campbell. Goward House Society is a non-profit organization that operates as an activity centre for those aged 50+. For info, call: 250-477-4401, or visit:

Carson Tiede BSc., NBC-HIS, RHIP Registered with CSHHPBC


To learn more, call

250-391-6294 Goward House Annual

Victoria Cremation Service *Includes: Cremation, Arranging & Administration, Local transfer of deceased and shelter, a vehicle used for administration and transferring and a minimum required cremation container. Arbor Memorial Inc.

Concert & Strawberry Tea


250-324-4002 103B-3055 Oak St (Chemainus Village Square)





360-2720 Mill Bay Rd C3B-100 Aldersmith Pl (Mill Bay Centre, (Nelson Square by 2nd floor) Scotiabank)

Thursday, Jun. 20 1 p.m. Concert 2 p.m. Strawberry Tea Join this fabulous annual tradition and enjoy a concert provided by the Goward House Singers followed by a delicious tea with strawberry shortcake. Everyone is welcome. 2495 Arbutus Rd. Tel: 250-477-4401 to reserve.


Events Sea of Plastic: Trash in Our Ocean Wednesday, June 5, 6:30 to 8 p.m. Presented by Ocean Networks Canada, UVic Speaker’s Bureau. Learn about our oceans and what is happening to the sea and plant life as a result of plastic. 14th Annual Teeny Tiny Garden Tour Sunday, June 9, 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Take a glimpse into some of Victoria’s best backyard gems when a dozen garden owners generously open their gates. Funds raised support Victoria Hospice programs. Self-guided tour showcases gardens Your ticket/map allows you to read about the gardens, enter a draw. $25: Cook Street Village Activity Centre Father’s Day Lunch Friday, June 14, 12 noon to 2:30 p.m. Time to celebrate fathers! Special guest speakers and live entertainment to celebrate dads. Three course lunch. Family and friends welcome. Purchase tickets by Jun. 11. Cook Street Village Activity Centre, 380 Cook St. Phone: 250-384-6542. Car Free YYJ Sunday, June 16, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Douglas Street, Victoria Held every year on Father’s Day and taking over nine city blocks, this day-long celebration includes five stages with live entertainment, a 4,000 square foot park on Douglas Street, multiple all-ages licensed food and beverage areas, a 19+ beer garden, 400+ local artists and makers, and activations created by local businesses and organizations. Also First Peoples’ Festival with a complete day of programs, vendors and food in celebration of Canada’s First People. TD Victoria International JazzFest June 21 to June 30 Multiple locations Ten-day music festival of jazz, blues and world music of local, Canadian and international musicians offers its devoted audience a wide scope of programs comparable to larger festivals in larger urban areas. Presented and produced by the Victoria Jazz Society. Tickets available online.

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Custom toe splints eliminate foot pain


ost toe problems develop slowly as the toes change shape over time. The abnormal toe shape often leads to painful callouses and joint pains. Removing the callouses can provide immediate pain relief, but these callouses can quickly regrow. Often the crooked toes can be manipulated back into a more corrected position and Dr. Butler makes custom toe splints to accomplish this. The splints can alleviate painful lesions and also reduce the progression of toes curling. Patients find it very rewarding when a simple splint can

eliminate a painful problem. Dr. Kent Butler, D.P.M, graduated with honours from the California College of Podiatric Medicine. He completed a one-year surgical residency followed by a one-year biomechanics fellowship at the Pacific Coast Hospital in San Francisco. Specializing in biomechanics helps him accurately assess a patient’s foot and leg function during the gait examination. As a student, he worked four years making prescription orthotics for podiatrists. Here, he learned various fabrication techniques and modification skills to facilitate orthotic function.

Dr. Butler is the only podiatrist in Victoria who personally handcrafts every step of each custom orthotic for his patients. Foot pain is not something you have to live with. Most foot problems can be treated successfully. Happy feet allow you to enjoy an active and healthier life. “I love my job and would be glad to help you with your foot health. My mission is to treat every patient with respect and honesty,” says Dr. Butler. 207-4480 West Saanich Rd. Ph. 250-704-1178.

Having 10 toes with a total of 28 bones and 18 joints can produce a lot of possible problems.


Stop bunion growth and joint pain.


• Bunions • Callouses • Ingrown Nails • Heel pain • Sore feet • Arthritis • Orthotics Where Did You Get That Hat? Musical Hat Show & Strawberry Tea Sunday, June 23, 2 to 4 p.m. Featuring the Songbirds and the Jammin’ Seniors, and the best strawberry shortcake EVER! Tickets: $10/15. The Centre for Active Living, 1229 Clark Rd. in Brentwood Bay Phone: 250-652-4611.




Dr. Kent Butler D Foot Specialist F I handcraft each orthotic just for you!

Royal Oak Shopping Centre #207-4480 West Saanich Rd



NOW 3 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU! 1912 Richmond Rd TEL: 250 590 3707

#50 - 797 Hillside Ave TEL: 778 406 2022

2217 Oak Bay Ave TEL: 250 590 9217

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Retirement Living in Victoria


lement came to Victoria in 2018. Victoria was chosen because it is one of Canada’s most desirable locations for retirement. “Right by the harbour and in very close proximity to downtown, our property at Kimta and Tyee Road is ideal for our intergenerational vision for aging-in-place,” says Candy Ho, Director and Vice President of Element Lifestyle Retirement. “Everyone benefits from connection. Seniors participate and give to our culture through the sharing of their values, experience and wisdom,” added Ho.

“You’ll live a vibrant, inspired retirement.” The spirit of Element is rooted in legacy. Candy Ho, along with her father, Don Ho, director and president, started the company in 2012 with OPAL by Element in Vancouver. Don Ho has been involved in the retirement development industry in B.C. since the 1990s. Co-founder of the B.C. Senior Living Association (BCSLA), an organization committed to inspiring, supporting and advocating for seniors, he was the first to provide assisted living in a community environment, and was instrumental in the government’s formation of the Registrar of Assisted Living. Candy is currently

a board member of BCSLA. AQUARA by Element offers the opportunity to purchase or rent in a community where you can live independently, stay in the same unit for supportive living, or move into licenced care for 24/7 registered nursing care. This makes it easy for couples with different needs to stay together and receive the help they need. Young 65+ retirees can enjoy their lives fully during their active years while having complete peace of mind knowing they will not have to move again due to increased care needs over time. In offering condominiums and intergen-

erational events and activities, AQUARA creates the comfort of home within a vibrant gathering place for friends, family and community. This is where people can receive support and care without being engulfed in an energy of suffering and degeneration. The new Discovery Centre is open at #110-645 Tyee Rd. You can experience the model condo with all of its senior-friendly attention to detail, and find out more about the development. AQUARA by Element is working diligently to finalize their plans in time to launch their sales and rental reservations this summer.

Element is working to open Opal in Vancouver this summer/ fall. It is 100 per cent sold, 100 per cent of rentals are reserved, and there is an 80 per cent waitlist. The next project slated is Oasis — a 17-acre village that has passed third reading in the Township of Langley, which won Element an international award over 950 retirement projects assessed worldwide for its intergenerational vision. AQUARA by Element #110 - 645 Tyee Rd. Phone: 250-940-5155

The fun is in the getting there. Convenient, safe motor coach travel between Victoria & Vancouver.

Reserve your trip online at bcfco or call 1-888.788.8840

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Focus on Seniors June 4, 2019  

A Special Section of the Times Colonist

Focus on Seniors June 4, 2019  

A Special Section of the Times Colonist