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November 27, 2010


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November 27, 2010

Getting rid of your home with seller financing By Michele Lerner

Can seller financing be the incentive you need to get your house sold? In seller financing, the seller functions as a direct lender, with the buyer making monthly mortgage payments to the seller instead of a bank. Buyers who accept seller financing usually cannot qualify for a traditional mortgage loan, often because they have a low credit score. “For sellers, the biggest benefit is to increase the pool of potential buyers to include those who might not qualify for a loan,” says Ardina Franssen, RealEstate .com agent for the Atlanta and Lake Lanier region in Georgia. Because borrowers with this profile are considered riskier, sellers often can charge as much as 8 or 9 percent in interest, which is more than many other investments earn. In addition, taxes are owed only on the amount received each year rather than on the entire sale price. This reduces any taxes that might be owed. Sellers often are able to negotiate a higher price for the home when they offer financing.

“Seller financing can be a good investment because sellers will often be able to sell at full price and will earn a high interest rate on their funds,” Franssen says. “Both sides benefit because there are reduced closing costs when no lender is involved in the transaction.” Seller financing is easier to arrange when homeowners own their property without a mortgage. In 2008, about 32 percent of all American homeowners owned their homes free and clear, according to a U.S. Census American Community Survey. Homeowners with a small mortgage may be able to pay off that mortgage with the down payment from a buyer or other funds in order to offer seller financing. In most cases, seller financing covers the entire purchase other than the down payment because institutional lenders rarely approve financing for a partial loan, says Brandon Coppock, program director for Owner Finance Buyers in Dallas, a company that assists owners with seller financing. “Most of the buyers we work with are using seller financing as bridge financing for a few years until they can qualify for a refinance,” Coppock says. “In many cases, the buyers have had a short sale or some other

singular event that damaged their credit rather than a pattern of not paying bills.” Most sellers prefer a loan of three to five years, though some will agree to a 10-year loan. At the end of the loan period, it is assumed the buyers will refinance with a traditional lender to cover the balloon payment owed to the seller. The higher interest rate sellers charge is an incentive to the buyer to refinance as soon as possible. While seller financing can be a good option for some sellers, it’s important to take steps to mitigate risk. Sellers who use seller financing continue to hold the title until the loan is paid in full. Buyers must sign a promissory note that includes all the terms of the loan agreement. Renee Mayhall, vice president and general manager of its Georgia and Carolinas region, says sellers should reduce risk by working with a Realtor who can provide protections in a written contract and assist the seller by checking the buyer’s credit, income and assets, and by verfiying employment. “Often the buyers are self-employed or someone who has a single instance that has damaged their credit, or even international

buyers who have not built up the right kind of credit in the U.S. to qualify for a traditional loan approval,” Mayhall says. Requiring a bigger down payment also can help protect sellers. “Sellers usually require a down payment of at least 3 percent to 5 percent, but sometimes they can negotiate a bigger down payment to protect themselves,” Mayhall says. Lance Churchill, an attorney and president of Frontline Real Estate Education Group in Boise, Idaho, says all sellers also should come up with a contingency plan in case the buyers do not make their payments. Review state laws concerning foreclosure that could impact the seller’s ability to evict nonpaying buyers, he says. While not required, both sides can consult with an attorney to make sure they are protected by the contract. “The seller takes on more risks in seller financing than the buyer, but they have the option of foreclosing on the buyer and taking the property back if necessary,” Coppock says. “I always recommend that the sellers keep the down payment money as a cushion in case the buyers pay late or default on the loan.”

Family heirloom is not an antique By Helaine Fendelman and Joe Rosson Scripps Howard News Service

Dear Helaine and Joe: I have an old candy dish that belonged to my mother, who passed away in 1992. My grandfather was born in 1863, and my mother in 1913. I am sending you several photographs, hoping that you can tell me about its origins, age and value. – L.M.

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Dear L.M.: “Old” is such a slippery term; it can mean any number of things. To us, “old” is generally applied to objects that were made in the early 20th century or before, but as we talk to younger collectors, we find that they often feel that the designation “old” can be used to describe any object that predates their birth. We are often told that objects from the 1960s or, in extreme cases, the 1970s are “very old.” As we read between the lines of this letter, we feel that this dish’s present owner may believe this item is older than it is. Her grand-

father had been long dead before this piece could possibly have been made, and her mother was probably into her middle years. We can understand how a greater age might be supposed because the children who are holding up the leaf-shaped bowl are dressed in 18th-century-style costumes, but this circumstance is deceptive. Confusion may also arise from the mark found on the bottom, which is the letter “N” inside the letter “C.” Cursory research may lead someone to believe that this is ei-

ther the mark of the Newcomb College Pottery in New Orleans, or perhaps of Camille Naudot, which worked in porcelain from about 1900 to 1919. Unfortunately, neither of these firms made this covered candy dish. Instead, a company named Ardalt Inc., which had offices at 95 Madison Ave. in New York City, imported this piece to the United States from Japan. The retail price should be in the $45 to $60 range. Any damage whatsoever would reduce the value by as much as 90 percent.

November 27, 2010 Simple touches, such as accessories and soft accents can turn your bathroom from blah to beautiful. Below: Towel bars and towel bar hooks are inexpensive and easy to install – and maximize useful space in the bath. (ARA)

Perk up your bathroom with chic ideas Article Resource Association

Want a new bathroom, but think the price tag might be out of your budget? Don’t give up so easily. Many simple updates and unique products can give you a custom-designed look on a bare-minimum budget. “Consumers today are looking to ‘remodel lite’- that is, refresh a room with only a few items and with a minimal investment,” says Jack Suvak, director of market research and insights at Moen. “But at the same time, they want their home improvement project to make a significant impact on their home, in terms of both style and functionality.”

To avoid becoming overwhelmed, break your bathroom up into smaller sections and projects. Storage and Space While you can’t easily add more square footage to your bathroom for extra storage, little things can make a difference. Adding new accessories, such as a towel bar, towel bar hooks, a towel ring, shelves and robe hooks can easily and inexpensively provide additional space and storage for your necessities and add a bit of style. “You can change the look and functionality of your bath for less than $100 just by adding accessories,” says Tim Bitterman, group marketing manager of Creative Specialties International, the accessories division of Moen Inc. “With designer finishes, such as brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze – and unique accessories, such as hotel shelves or new towel bar hooks – your bath can be more beautiful with more useful storage in no time.” Moen recently introduced several new accessory collections, such as the modern Method collection and the more transitional Sage collection in an oil-rubbed bronze finish. But no matter what your style – bath accessories will add a beautiful and functional update.

Kristi Ritter Summer Stair

Color After focusing on new finishes for your accessories, take your bathroom from blah to beautiful with a splash of color. Cool colors can create a calm, serene environment, while darker colors can be warm and inviting. And once you’ve updated the walls, consider perking up the cabinets, trim and hardware with a touch of spray paint for a final finished look. Sensational Showers Your shower can be many things – rejuvenating, cleansing, soothing – but it should always be enjoyable. Add more space in the shower with a curved shower rod. Switching from a straight rod to one that curves outward can add up to 7 inches of elbow room – not to mention immeasurable style. Next, finish off your shower with a multi-function showerhead, such as Moen’s Inspire or Home Care by Moen’s hand-held shower with innovative palm grip. Soft and Subtle Touches The bathroom is filled with hard, slick surfaces – so be sure to add a variety of plush, soft accents. Fabric shower curtains, window valances, rugs and towels in coordinating colors will be the final finishing touches for a chic and appealing look in your newly “remodeled-lite” bath.

Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly

Converting that empty nest Metro Services

Homeowners who have spent many years in one home likely raised a family and shared many memories inside of those walls. When the kids grow and move on it can be somewhat bittersweet. Being left with vacated rooms – especially ones still decked out in children’s decor – can cause the house to feel more empty than it has to be. Now is the time to turn those empty rooms into adult spaces. Homeowners shouldn’t feel guilty about taking down band posters and packing away Little League baseball caps. Chances are the children made good use of their rooms and now it’s time for the adults to reclaim the spaces for their own. There are easy ways to turn children’s bedrooms into spaces adults can enjoy. With a few fixes, the room can be a man’s space, a woman’s retreat or a room both can enjoy. Because the room will reflect the adult homeowners’ interests, it should be designed with their needs in mind. Comfortable furniture and items that please the residents should be incorporated. Lighting should be used to set the mood. If the room will be used for television watching, have dimmer switches so the brightness can be tuned down. For reading or office work, have overhead lights and task lighting, such as a desk lamp. For the “man cave,” the room can reflect interests such as sports or fishing, but be decorated in a subtle way to complement the rest of the home’s decor. For example, if a guy likes a sports team, he can paint the walls in a subdued shade of the team colors instead of hanging pennants or player jerseys on the walls. Homeowners should remember to include extra seating and space so they can entertain friends or family in their newly adapted specialized rooms. A table for snacks or even a small refrigerator hidden within a decorative piece of furniture can keep snacks and beverages available.

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On the Cover Plan for your holiday parties by pulling out all the dinnerware, flatware, linens and decor. See story on page 6. (thinkstock)



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November 27, 2010

Refinancing family member’s mortgage could be tricky


        SAT U R D AY, DEC E M B ER 4 , 2 0 10 10AM – 4PM COLDWELL BANKER LONGMONT OFFICE 1707 N. Main Street, Suite 500 Longmont, Colorado 80501 303.772.7478 We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, December 4, 2010 to kick off the holiday season.


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may be saving money by obQ: My brother-in-law is going to refinance his home taining a loan from you. If at a lower interest rate, and that’s the case, you may wish to we are considering carrying obtain a slightly higher interest the loan. rate on the loan. The loan would be Your age is a factor in this fi$150,000 for 30 years at 4 nancial decision. While you are percent. The payback for figuring that you will live until the $150,000 would be in age 86, you might well live to 17.5 years. Ilyce Glink be 96 or 106, and having that I am 66 years old and my Tribune Media Services extra income might come in wife is 63. We are estimating handy. a life span of 86 years, which But there are some other will be 20 more years for me. If that questions you must answer before going were the case, there would be 10 years through with this. First, what happens if left on the balance of the loan that I your brother-in-law doesn’t live another 30 would never see. years? How will the loan be paid off? Will We believe that 20 years would be a you require that he escrow the property much better term length for us, but my taxes and insurance so you know the home brother-in-law wants the 30-year loan. always has insurance and property taxes If we decide to carry the loan, would it will be paid? How will you check on these have any negative impact on our credit? items? Will the property be sold, or will he It would be a non-issue as far as our buy an insurance policy to cover the budget goes. amount of the mortgage? What if he goes We are not sure what we should do. into bankruptcy? What happens if he deAny advice or suggestions would be cides to sell the house and it is worth less appreciated. than the mortgage amount? Will you foreA: You’ve asked several good questions. close on the house? Will you sue him for Let me see if I can answer them. the difference? What will happen if you First, your investment in your brother’s and he no longer get along? mortgage is akin to you being the bank. InFinally, all this needs to be in writing, vestments are generally never listed on a and then the loan documents must be credit history (have you pulled yours laterecorded in the local recorder of deeds ofly?). fice or other office that is used in your area The choice on how to invest your monto record documents so the world is on noey – be it in the stock market or by becomtice that you have a lien against the proping his lender – is yours. But you must erty. If you don’t record the mortgage, your make sure you are comfortable with your brother-in-law could easily get another choice. If you invest in the stock market or loan on the property or sell the home withput your money in a CD at a bank, you out paying you off. have some control over when and how to You and your brother-in-law might be get your money back. When you become a close now, but if he stops making paylender on a residential piece of property, ments, this whole scenario won’t have you may have to hold on to that loan for such a rosy ending. the full term. You had better understand exactly what Given current interest rates, you may you’re getting into with this loan. To that prefer to give your brother-in-law the end, consider pulling a copy of his credit money and receive 4 percent back in interhistory and score from each of the three est. If a 30-year loan term does not appeal credit reporting bureaus to get a sense of to you, you might want to insist on a where your brother-in-law is financially shorter term. Or, if you decide to go forand to confirm any information he has givward on a 30-year mortgage, you could en you. I’m not suggesting that you agree on a higher rate of interest at 10-year shouldn’t give him a loan if he has a terrior 15-year intervals. ble credit score. It’s just that you want to You are operating from a position of go into this with your eyes wide open. strength. If your brother-in-law is unwillIn short, your own credit history and ing to do a 20-year amortization schedule score shouldn’t be affected. But hire a good that suits your needs, then you might sugreal estate attorney to draw up the docugest that he find another lender willing to ments and make sure all the t’s are crossed. give him the loan he needs. Ilyce R. Glink’s latest book is “Buy, Close, Move In!� The real issue for you is to be comfortIf you have questions, you can call her radio show able with the structure of the deal. at 800-972-8255 any Sunday, from 11 a.m. to 1 Generally, lenders charge fees to give a p.m. EST. Contact Ilyce through her website at loan to a borrower. Your brother-in-law

Remington Homes opens new Erie neighborhood called Candlelight Ridge

Save money, energy this winter Article Resource Association


As winter approaches and you reach for the thermostat, you might be thinking of ways to save money and energy. Installing an environmentally friendly vent-free gas product could do both. Vent-free gas appliances – such as wall heaters, logs, stoves, inserts and fireplaces – are modern, cost-effective and easy to install. Because they require no chimney or vent, vent-free gas systems are less expensive, and quicker and easier to install than other types of gas zone heating systems. These products provide supplemental heat to complement your home’s existing central furnace or heat pump, improving energy efficiency and providing tremendous comfort and ambiance. A great way to use a vent-free gas product is for zone heating, which allows you to turn down your home’s central heat system and focus the heat from a vent-free gas unit in the rooms your family uses most often. This can save precious energy dollars – more than 20 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Energy – compared to maximizing the heat in both occupied and vacant rooms in your home. In addition to zone heating to reduce energy costs, vent-free gas appliances are

Remington Homes of Colorado has now opened Candlelight Ridge, a new neighborhood in Erie offering ranch and two-story homes.

economical. They operate at 99 percent efficiency – delivering 99 cents worth of heat for every dollar of energy cost. Environmentally friendly vent-free appliances are fueled with natural gas or propane, among the cleanest of all fossil fuels, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Both gases are domestically abundant and are secure sources of energy. In addition to a clean, green output, vent-free gas products don’t generate hazardous waste when they’re manufactured. When winter weather hits your neighborhood and puts your power supply at risk, you can be assured of having a reliable, efficient heat source with a vent-free gas product. That’s because these systems require no electricity, so they will continue to provide reliable heat even when the electricity is interrupted. In addition to saving money and energy, vent-free gas products have a remarkable safety record. These products have been available to consumers for more than 30 years, with more than 20 million units sold. As with any gas appliance, proper installation, basic care and regular maintenance are required.

Home sites at Candlelight Ridge are generously sized, which affords plenty of space for landscaping, letting the kids roam or kicking back and enjoying the views. Building sites average 16,000 to 18,000 square feet in size, with several of the lots having walkout basements.

1604 16th Place



BROKER ASSOCIATE Diane’s Direct Line:


9455 Crystal Lane INCREDIBLE HOME W/AWE INSPIRING MTN VIEWS on pastoral 10 (+/-) acre lot gated subdiv. 4 Bed, 7 Bath w/ 8814+/tot.sq.ft. Flawless attention to detail, Mstr w/Morning Bar,19x18 retreat w/see-thrufrplc,Library/ Study. Gourmet kit. w/Butler’s Pantry, PotFiller Sink at Gas Cktp, Alder Cabinetry, Walkin Pantry. Elevator to Wlkout Bsmt w/Inlaw suite, Lg. Rec.Rrm w/frplc, wine cellar, Multi-Purposerm(5th Bedrm).WraparndDeck& More! $3,650,000

1921 Panorama Circle

Private, Historic MidCentury Estate on Secluded 1.5 acre lot. Situated on Sunset Golf Course, Towering trees, inviting patio, Japanese garden, raised beds, & gazebo. 9330 +/- tot.sq.ft. 3 Bed/ 7Bath, Orig. tile & wide woodplank flrs,many bltins, nat.stone frplcs, den w/walnut paneled walls & ceiling & spacious living, din., fam. & rec. rms. Lavish master retreat with priv. patio, sitting rm/ library & luxurious bath. RV gar., dog kennels & much more! $1,500,000

For Further Details Of These Listings And:

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The community provides a neighborhood park, biking and jogging trails. A new Community Center, library and recreational facility are located approximately one mile east of the subdivision. Remington Homes of Colorado at Candlelight Ridge will feature a variety of ranch-style designs, with 2,400 to 3,000 square feet finished on the main level plus unfinished basements. Two-story layouts will have 3,000 to 4,000 finished square feet and unfinished basements. Home values are from the high $400s and more. For more information, contact Dan Johnson at Re/Max Alliance at 720-313-5370 or dljohnson7@

Beautiful Low Maint. Living! 3 Bed, 3 Bath w/ 3514 +/tot.sq.ft. No snow to shovel or grass to mow! Upgrades incl. new carpet, bathrm vinyl, 2 new H2O htrs, bath fixtrs, paint & more. Near hospital,shopping,golf& medical ofcs. 2 main level mstrs w/walkin closets, 1 w/a jetted tub & sep. shwr, Eat-in kit. w/newer refrig & range/oven. Bonus rm & 24x12 storage rm w/safe in bsmt. Ramp access in garage. Eastside patio w/retractable awning. Cent A/C. Elect. Air Cleaner.



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November 27, 2010

A few tricks will keep your tableware in tiptop shape during the offseason. Keep at least two dozen cloth napkins on hand. Far right: Find a designated spot for storing your wares. (Bill Hogan/Courtesy Chicago Tribune)

Party Basics Prep your cupboards for a social season

By Heidi Stevens Chicago Tribune

Of course your warm hospitality and sumptuous fare are what bring folks to your home for the holidays. But is it wrong to hope they’re a little bit wowed by your killer table settings as well? Of course not. Which is why we sought some expert advice on hosting holiday festivities that leave your guests sated, spirited and slightly amazed at your all-around fabulousness. The Basics • Plates – Stock up on at least a dozen white dinner plates and a dozen white salad plates, says Kevin Sharkey, Martha Stewart Living’s executive editorial director for decorating. Two dozen if you can swing it. “That way no one will feel like the 13th person with the odd plate who probably shouldn’t be here.” If you’re on a budget or short on storage, worry less about the number and size of the plates and focus on the color, which should be, unequivocally, white. “It’s completely versatile, it’s seasonless and it mixes and matches with everything,” Sharkey says. “Nothing shows off food like a white plate,” adds Jeanne Benedict, host of DIY Network’s “Weekend Entertaining.” “And we all know the better it looks, the better it tastes.” Dessert plates are a good place to toy with color, say our experts, if you’re hue-inclined. • Flatware – “Flatware is more fun when it doesn’t match,” Sharkey says. Unearth your various inherited sets, bring on the fancy wedding gift sets and pair it all with a few sale sets from a discount store. (It doesn’t have to hold up to everyday wear and tear, so don’t fret too much over the quality of your add-on sets.) • Glasses – “Find a glass that’s all-purpose and inexpensive that you can use over and over and over,” says Jen Aaronson, Martha Stewart Living’s editorial director of food and entertaining. “I like a basic glass that doesn’t have a stem for wine, cocktails, water. I have dozens that I bought at a

restaurant supply store that I just keep in my basement and bring out when I’m entertaining.” If your soirees tend to revolve around drinks as much as (or more than) food, you may want to keep a dozen extra wine glasses on hand. “I like a water, a red wine and a white wine,” Sharkey says. “But you have to be sensible about your numbers and how much space you have in your cabinets.” If you’re hosting a larger-than-usual shindig, consider renting glassware. “I tend to rent mine when I’m having large cocktail parties,” Sharkey says. Likewise for Benedict. “You’re usually able to rent stemmed glasses for about 35 cents each, and they’re easily transportable by car,” she adds. • Linens – Keep at least two dozen cloth napkins on hand, says Sharkey, who is partial to linen. “For me it’s a luxury.” Napkins are a natural place to play with color and various prints, but Aaronson extols the virtue of white here as well. “White’s going to go with any tablecloth or place mats, and even if you have different kinds – some cotton, some linen, some embroidered – all white lets you mix and match them.” If you’re hosting more than two dozen guests, Sharkey recommends paper napkins. “Especially if it’s a cocktail or buffet-style party,” he says. As for place mats versus tablecloths, it’s a personal call. “Tablecloths are much more flexible because you’re not boxed in by place mats, which don’t give you a lot of wiggle room to decorate,” Sharkey says. Then again, beautiful place mats can serve as decor all their own. Your call.

That means lots of platters and lots of bowls.”

Take it up a Notch You’ve covered the basics, so mind the small details that make a big difference. • Serve it – “Have a lot of platters on hand,” Aaronson says. “The easiest way to entertain is to do things family style, where you put everything out on the table for people to serve themselves.

“Felt rounds are a really good thing for protecting dishes,” he says. “If you don’t have felt rounds, get some paper plates and put them between your dishes.

• Shake it – “Everyone has that big ol’ clunky pepper grinder,” Benedict says. “But you can find really affordable, nice salt and pepper shakers that look great on a dining table.” Pick up two or three sets so your guests don’t have to keep reaching across each other. • Pour it – “A simple glass water pitcher – it could be your margarita pitcher, but you’ve filled it with water – is always nice on a table,” Benedict says. As is a gravy boat – and not just for gravy. “They’re really nice for salad dressings.” Icing on the Cake Now it’s time to knock it out of the park. • Flowers – “Take your plates and linens to a florist and say, ‘Here’s what I’m looking for, I’d love your pro advice,’” Benedict suggests. • Candles – “Everything looks better candlelit,” says Sharkey. “But I do not like scented candles. It totally interferes with the food.” • Seasonal touches – “Maybe you put a mini pumpkin on each plate and tie a cranberry bow on the stems,” Benedict says. “Or roll your silverware in red napkins and tie a beautiful white bow around them.” Offseason Storage A few tricks will keep your tableware in tiptop shape during the offseason. Find a designated spot for storing your wares. “In the way you would think of a seasonal wardrobe, you should feel the same way about your dishes,” Sharkey says.

“Lining your shelves makes a big difference. It keeps things from being chipped, and it’s just the right way to take care of your glasses and dishes.”

November 27, 2010

to go early this year, because everyone is getting a taste of the garden. For gardeners, homegrown is an A-list gift. The bounty we take for granted is a perfect for those less fortunate than us, and by “less fortunate” I mean those without a green thumb. You know who belongs on that list – they’re the ones who drop by a few times each season, stare at the garden, then tell us they don’t know how we do it year after year. A quick note accompanying a jar of mouthwatering strawberry jam tells them that this is a hobby that keeps you dreaming of spring. “After putting all that time, effort and love into the garden, it’s hard to see anything go to waste,” says Charlotte Allen, a Boulder gardener who has made a tradition of making seed sachets to give as gifts each year. “Everybody thinks it’s lovely to get flowers, and lots of people ask if they’ll be getting some each year.” With bucket in hand, Allen winnows seed heads from her garden in fall, collecting them once they’ve dried and matured on the plant. Cleaning the seed from husks and other debris as she sits in front of a fire in the evening, she separates the seed into small, zip-lock baggies, attached a photo of the flower and growing instructions, then places a collection of seeds into small cloth bags. “If you have a little patch of flowers, go out and deadhead them, putting them into a container or bucket. In an hour you’ll

Simplify your

HOME 45-157211


Spruce up your home with paint

Gather gifts from green thumbs Early this season, I planted cucumber seeds, eager to grow crisp summer salads. But the soil was cool and when they didn’t germinate, I panicked, rushing to buy sprouted vines to ensure I had a crop. Predictably, once the soil warmed my seeds sprang up, doubling my plants and their crunchy green fruit. Thus began the Year of the CuCarol O’Meara cumber. Faced Colorado State with overwhelmUniversity Extension ing bounty, I pickled. I relished. Then I pickled and relished some more, weekend after weekend until the house smelled of vinegar and the shelves groaned under the weight. Just when I thought my marathon of food preservation was over, the peaches ripened, giving me six bushels to eat, preserve or give away. I did all three in a seven-day forced march of jellies, syrups, pies, cobblers and canning; Community Food Share enthusiastically took the rest. After hours of toil and a few exhaustion induced temper tantrums, I ended up with all of my Christmas presents, ready

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have enough to make four or five gifts,” says the 30-year gardener. “Some seed heads are easier to disassemble than others. Pick off the husks, but leave some of the dried petals in the seeds to add color.” For others, a gesture they’ll love is often labor. My son regularly gives me the gift of rototilling my vegetable plot each Mother’s Day, wrestling the big machine around until the garden is smooth and ready for planting. That he works up an appetite that clears my refrigerator of leftovers is a bonus. Take note of those dear to you who might welcome a window box of flowers or a porch pot of pansies to welcome guests, given now for delivery once the weather warms. This spring, shop together for the flowers that they want, sitting with them to fill the window box just the way they like it. Your gift could be as simple as a packet of heirloom seeds saved from your plants, or as complex as a new landscape plan for their yard. It’s not so much the gift as it is the time you give creating it; in a fastpaced world that’s something to be cherished. Carol O’Meara is a horticulture entomologist with the Colorado State University Extension office at the Boulder County Fairgrounds in Longmont. Contact her by calling 303-678-6238 or e-mailing For more gardening tips, check out her blog at gardeningafterfive

Given the sluggish economy, now is not the time most of us want to spring for a costly remodeling project. But you don’t have to spend a lot of money to spruce up your home with paint. The nation’s No. 1 do-it-yourself project holds that title for a reason (two reasons, actually): Painting is easy and it’s inexpensive, making it just right for budget-minded consumers. What’s more, even small paint projects can greatly enhance the appearance of your home. Here are some quick ways to get a lot of mileage out of a little paint, according to Debbie Zimmer, spokesperson for the Paint Quality Institute. • Paint just an interior accent wall. Don’t have the time or energy to paint an entire room? Give the space an exciting new look by painting just one wall in a different color. A so-called accent wall can add visual interest to a room and introduce another hue into your color scheme. • Paint the area above (or below) a chair rail. According to Zimmer, if your home is blessed with chair rails, you don’t have to paint the entire wall. “You can choose to repaint only the wall area above the rail, or the area below it,” Zimmer says. “It’s a simple project that can dramatically change the appearance of the room.” • Paint the interior windows and trim. Love your wall color, but still yearn for a new look? Give the room a makeover by painting your windows, molding, and trim. You’ll be surprised how different a room can look when you change the intensity of color there. • Paint a room’s standout feature. Play up what’s special about a room by painting it a different color. This could be a fireplace surround, a curved archway, the backs of built-in bookshelves or cabinets, or something else. Using a strong “punch” color will draw immediate attention to your standout feature. • Paint the front door. Studies have shown that visitors get their first impression about a home from the condition of the front entrance, according to Zimmer. A freshly painted door helps ensure that first impression will be favorable. Whether you try one of these quick and easy do-it-yourself projects, or take on more ambitious home painting, Zimmer advises that you always use a top quality 100 percent acrylic latex paint. These paints have superior “hiding” capability when painting over dark colors, they are stain- and mildew-resistant, many function as both primer and paint, and best of all ... they offer tremendous durability, so your paint job will continue to look great for years to come. – Metro Services

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Hover Manor Senior Apartment Residence


• Borrower: Gabriel Mohedano & Lan Kim, Lender: Wells Fargo Bank NA,

Amount: $174,613, Property: 2408 Sunset Dr, Longmont, Filed: 11/09/10 • Borrower: Terry Lund, Lender: Wells Fargo Bank NA, Amount: $143,185, Property: 1744 Corey St, Longmont, Filed: 11/09/10

Washer/Dryer Hook-ups

• Borrower: Brad Landers, Lender: Wells Fargo Bank NA, Amount: $228,380, Property: 7060 N 63rd St, Longmont, Filed: 11/09/10

Washer/Dryer Facilities

• Borrower: Gavin Creer & Ali Oldfield, Lender: Midfirst Bank, Amount: $156,980, Property: 1253 Linden St, Longmont, Filed:








1, 2

1, 1¾




In each apartment

A/C, D/W, cable ready, balcony or deck, carport, outdoor pool, close to shopping & bus stop.

Starting at $799


1, 2

1, 2




Full SIze in each apartment


Move-In Specials, senior and other discounts. Fireplace, pool & spa, 24-hour fitness, garages. Close to shopping.


$100 $200 $300

1,2,& 3 Studios


Short Term Available





Gas fireplaces, 24 hr. fitness center, heated pool & hot tub, A/C, business center, gourmet kitchens, detached garages. *On selected apartments.



3-bdrm. townhomes






1, 2, 3

1, 2





1, 2, 3

1, 2

Short Term Available





1, 2

1, 2




1401 Elmhurst Dr. • 303-772-9292 Victoria Inn

2400 17th Ave. • 303-772-4667 Ute Creek Apartments

Longmont, CO

1100 E 17th Ave. • 303-684-6821 The Shores

2450 Airport Rd. • 303-774-8000 Cloverbasin Village

630 Peck Dr. • 888-837-4912 Elliott Apartments

418 Emery St. Longmont, CO 80501 • 303-772-6452 Fox Ridge Apartments

3800 Pike Rd., Longmont, CO 80503 • 303-774-9944 Tanglewood Condominiums Senior Community

100 21st Ave., Longmont, CO 80501 • 303-774-0300




65 lbs limit Pets Neg.

Yes No

& rental available

Convenient location, pet friendly, garages available, 24-hour maintenance


In historic Longmont, large trees, quiet neighborhood on-site parking & storage. Close to RTD. Heat included.



Island kitchens, garden tubs, gas fireplaces, double balconies, two tone paint, gated community. Close to schools & newest community in Longmont.

Full size in each condo

W/D provided in each Condo

All utilities & cable paid, sec. bldg., elevator, W/D in every unit, transportation, social events. HUGE amenities package, quiet 55+ community. Call for incentives!


$50+ mo.

Other Amenities


Secure building, quiet neighborhood, meal program, transportation, utilities paid, appliances & cable TV included, 62 yrs & older; vouchers accepted.



# of Baths Lease Required


# of Bedrooms

Address Phone

Complex Name

• Borrower: Leroy & Corby Layer, Lender: US Bank National Association, Amount: $141,591, Property: 2344 Bowen St, Longmont, Filed: 11/08/10 • Borrower: Lynn & Miguel Viejobueno,

Lender: Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, Amount: $201,782, Property: 1180 Fall River Cir, Longmont, Filed: 11/08/10


Real Estate Transactions are supplied by Prospects Unlimited Inc., 1151 Eagle Drive Ste. 467, Loveland, CO 80537.

November 27, 2010

Allow Smoking?

Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly

Price Range


Reach over 44,000 Readers Each Week With Your Advertising Message. Call Your Classified Advertising Executive Today 303-776-7440

November 27, 2010

Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly


To place an ad, call 303-776-7440 or go to and place your ad any time of the day or night. Fax: 303-772-8339…email: Apartments/ Apartments/ Apartments/ Apartments/ Duplexes Unfurnished 4030 Unfurnished 4030 Unfurnished 4030 Unfurnished 4030

Apartments/ Furnished 4010

•1 & 2 BDRM ✭ $550-$675 FREE Heat 1060 17th Ave, Habla Espanol 720-327-8918

1 & 2 BDRM Apt Homes Fox Ridge Apts Premier NO lease, dep or credit chk Gated Community. Pets Wkly/4-wk • 303-776-2185 OK! For Info & Specials • ALSO RV SITES AVAIL! Call (303)774-9944

Apartments/ Unfurnished 4030

● 1431 STUART 2nd Floor, 1 bdrm, heat and water included, small pet OK, $525/mo. RMG Realty (303)772-4466

0 App Fee,1 bdrm, quiet, $545 Heat furn, A/C. No Smk/Pets. 303-775-7517

1 BDRM APT - $485 Quiet, cozy, clean. 801 Bowen. 303.931.5211

0 APP FEE: Winter Special! 1 bdrm $550 2 bdrm, $650 On-site pkng/laundry. A/C. Water & heat pd. Se Habla Espanol. (303)774-0593

1 BDRM APT in No Longmont. Senior housing, 62 or older or those w/ disabilites. Call for our move-in specials. (303)485-5232 ● 1 BDRM- nice, N/S ● A/C, lndry, off st pkng ● $625, 303-444-0501

Starting at $645, some with Move-in Specials! Call PMP, 303-776-RENT

•1809 EMERY ST2 bdrm in 4-Plex, off st pkng, pet nego. Avail now, $650. (303)447-8988

1 Bedroom- $545! 2 Bedroom- $645! Secure bldg, swimming pool, A/C, on-site laundry. Call PMP, 303-776-RENT

CLOVERBASIN VILLAGE (303)485-0512 630 Peck DriveLongmont West on Nelson/Airport Rd 1 Bedroom 1 Bath as LOW as $690 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath as LOW as $799 3 Bedroom 2 Bath starting at $799 3 Bdrm Townhouses Starting at $1000

2 Bedroom as LOW as 3 Bedroom as LOW as

**Income Guidelines May Apply** ✓ Full Size Washer & Dryer Hookups


✓ Close to Bus lines 45-157232


2 Bath $731 2 Bath $844!


2400 17th Avenue, Longmont, Colorado 80503

(303)682-2943 1, 2 & 3 BEDROOMS: Pool, air, laundry ✭Wtr, trash, sewer pd

✓ Pets Welcome

Mtn Views! 1 BDRM APT Quiet area, lndry, nr 23rd & Main. Sorry no pets, $575 Top Realty, (303)931-6423

QUIET LIVING! Ground level, Clean, 2 bdrm, 1 bath, W/D hkup, A/C, storage, patio. Water/Sewer pd. N/S/P. Located near St. Vrain Greenbelt. Starting at $635/mo + sec dep. 1 year lease. Call (303)776-0386

Rent Me! Rent Me!

1 bdrm Lafayette Beauty. Move-in Special $645 Call PMP Today, 303-776-RENT


1 Bd From $575 2 Beds From $610 Great Location Large Units Park Like Setting Ample Parking A/C & Pool


VALUE PLACE FIRESTONE New Extented Stay Hotel ● $179 * WEEKLY or ● $649 MONTHLY ✓ Perfect for visiting friends & family! I-25 & Hwy 119, Longmont exit 240. 303-485-0040

4080 Houses


3129 Lake Park Way, 2 bdrm, 1 ba, 2 car, fncd yd, frpl, $1200 + 303-709-6402

2 & 3 Bedroom Duplexes

2 BDRM W/D, DW, A/C, & garage. NE Longmont No pets. $625/mo & deposit 720-938-1559; 303-666-5546

EASTGLEN APTS 630 Lashley, Longmont

Horizon Place

321 Quail Roadacross from Longmont Rec Center

• FREE Washer/Dryer & Carport • Wood-burning fireplace • Large balconies/patios • Approved pets accepted • MTM leases available • Within walking distance of shopping, restaurants & RTD • On line leasing available • One bdr, 1 bath starting at $725 • Two bdr, 2 bath starting at $875

ROOMS & Apartments Weekly/Monthly, from $100/week. Utililties included. (303)931-7108


QUAIL VILLAGE 303-485-0065


Apartments, your choice!



✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭ 1, 2 & 3 BDRM Apartment Homes The Shores Apartments, Hwy 66 & Airport Rd (303)774-8000 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

2 Bdrm, 1 ba, large, comp. remodel- WD, A/C, deck, N/P/S 2041 Meadow Dr. $840 303-443-4308

4060 Houses

2 BEDROOM, GAR, Fncd yd, D/W, W/D hkup, water paid. 472 Lashley. $750 + $750/dep. (303)638-9738

3 BDRM, 1.5 ba, off st pkng, N/P. Storage, $835/mo. Water paid. Gerald, 303-775-1598. Se Habla Espanol Chris, 303-682-3005. 4 BDRM (conforming in fin bsmt) 617 5th St, Berthoud, pets nego. Call 970-669-0842

Duplex, 2 bdrm, 1 ba, fenced yd, patio, new kit, rfr, stove, D/W, CLEAN! No Pets, $695/mo. 1 mo. Dep, S. Bowen, 303-772-5734

EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY All real estate advertised in this paper is subject to the federal and state Fair Housing Act which makes it illegal to advertise “any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or an intention to make any such preference, limitation, or discrimination.” The newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis. ● 1018 SUMAC ST3 bdrm, 1.5 ba, $1100/mo. 303-775-0429 ask for Sean

3 & 4 Bedroom Houses

3 BDRM, 2 ba, patio, gar, spectacular country setting! $1200/mo. Sm pet Ok. Avail 12-1. 720-233-3708 3 BEDROOM, 1 bath, 1 car gar. 108 Forsyth Dr. $950 + dep. (303)435-3077 4,500 SF in Prospect New Town, Lgmt. 6 bdrm, 5 baths, $2,900. Avail Jan 1. Access to community pool. This beautiful home with great views has all upgraded features. Also would consider lease with option to buy. Call Laura or Dave at 303-882-6159. Serious inquires only. ● 4 BDRM, 1203 SPRUCE2 bath, 2 story, NEWER Old Town. Fncd, 2 car & RV pkng. $1195/mo. One month FREE rent! Sits above 2 bdrm unit. RMG Realty, (303)772-4466

10544 Sunburst, Firestone, 4 4 BDRM, 2.5 BA, lg fncd yd, bdrm, 3 ba, 2 car, bsmt, garden, sprklr, AC, schls 1411 Deerfield. $1600, DUPLEXES fncd, frpl, A/C, loft, N/S. reduced to $1295 w/good $1495/mo Jim 303-775-0163 2 Bedrooms refs. Avl 12/1. 303-776-7528 • 1451 Lamplighter ● 1701 ADKINSON Call PMP, 303-776-RENT 4 BDRM, 3 BATH, 2 car, 4 bdrm, 3 bath, 2 story, 2 car gar, Lgmt. $1495. fncd yd, cul-de-sac, Lgmt, RMG Realty, 303-772-4466 great cond! 2408 Scott Ct. $1350/mo. N/S, N/P. SUNSET GOLF AREA, Avail Dec 1. (303)506-2266 2 BDRM, 1 BA, W/D, frpl, 1 FURN EXEC HOME Old 0 App Fee-$100 off 1st 2 mos fncd yd, N/P/S, $715/mo. Town Lgmt. 3 bdrm, 2 ba. 5 BDRM, 3 ba, 2 car, 4290 Lg 3 bdrm, 2 ba, gar, water 1828 Spruce. 303-772-5233 $2000 incl utils w/ cable & sf, 1505 Red Mtn Dr, fncd pd. No dogs. 303-682-2525 bkyd. $1495+ 720-891-6936 internet. 303-912-4663 Bring ad to qualify. *Expires 11/30/2010 *New Guests Only*



0 or 1 pet ok. Lg 1300 SF, 3 bdrm, 2 ba, frpl, DW, stor shed, fncd $860. 303-494-4115

2022 YEAGER DR- 950 SF, 3 bdrm, 1 ba, fncd yd. No pets. $800+dep. 303-774-8239 ● 2030 COLLYER STREET 2 bdrm, 1 ba, W/D hkups, near bus stop. Newly remodeled, No/smoke/pet. $650. Call (303)588-8115

Garages/Storage Spaces 4070

● 2213 COLLYER- 4 bdrm 2 ba, frpl, fncd yd, 2 car gar, $1300/mo. Pet nego. Call Pennant, (303)447-8988

INDOOR GARAGE & Commercial Storage 20x40x16 w/ 14x14 doors start at $300. 20x50x16 w/ 30 amp elect, man door & pwr door opener start at $425. Garage Storage LLC, 4070 Camelot Cir, located I25 Business Park. I-25 & Hwy-66. 970-535- 6074

BERTHOUD- 2 BDRM, 1 bath, 1 car gar, $800/mo + sec dep. N/P (970)532-2470

● 939 KIMBARK Central location, 2 bdrm, 1 ba, not fenced, workshop, single garage, $875. Pet OK. RMG Realty, (303)772-4466

Berthoud 3 bdrm, 2 ba, gar, A/C, fncd yd, N/P N/S $995 Cottage Realty 970-532-2695 ● 2 HOMES- 2 bdrm, 2 bath ranch & 3 bdrm, 3 bath 2-story. Each w/2 car gar & unfin bsmt. $1000/each. (303)588-0703

FIRESTONE HUGE 2700 sf, 3 bdrm, 2 ba, mstr suite, 3 car gar, $1395 RENTED!!


Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly

November 27, 2010


4080 Mobile Homes/ Rooms Spaces 4090 For Rent FREE RENT!

3/4 BDRM- enclosed atrium, laundry room, privacy fence, gar. $1300. 303-548-1091


Longmont 4130

MOBILE HOMES for Rent BSMT Rm w/prvt ba, acc $650 to $750, 2 & 3 bdrms. to kit. & laund rm., NS $600 River Valley Village, + dep w/util incl. 3-485-9730 (303)772-3240

Office Space 4100

Longmont 4 bdrm, 2 ba, fncd yd. 2 car gar. $1350. (303)652-7884

Newer 3 bdrm, 3 ba home, 2 car gar, NW loc. No pets. $1450 303-514-3706.

NW Longmont, 3 BR, 2 ba, 1627 Calkins, $1,150/mo NP/NS 303-601-6946. VERY CLEAN! 3 bdrm, 2 bath, all appl´s, hrdwd floors, custom tile. $875 + dep. Firestone. No pets/smoking. Avail. (303)523-0733.

Retail Space 4135 $250/MONTHGreat parking, quiet. Ground level. Four Seasons Realty, (303)875-1345


Try a color classified picture ad today! Call for details.



Why rent? Buy a home for

A picture is worth a thousand words

AFFORDABLE Office Space on Main Street. Only $250/Mo. 303-862-3232

PROFESSIONAL Offices N. Longmont. 150 to 825 SF. Single & 3 office suite. All ground level, 2 entr, great prkg. 303-956-1141

1314 S. Emery St, Lgmt Open Sat. 1-4, $174,900 3bd 2.5 ba condo. Joy Brooks, KWFRP 303-570-6402

773 SQ FT- busy shopping center, 1116 Francis St, $825. Alert RE (303)776-5156

500 to 2500 SF, can divide. On site prkg, Good traffic exposure. 303-523-3369

Professional garden level office space. 12 X 13 office, w/additional private work space including small kitchen & bathroom,14 X 10 Conference room, total 600 sq. ft., $550/mo. 1714 Duchess Dr. 303-651-0304, X 0.

Seasons Re, (720)494-2133.

SEMI-FURN Rooms/Apts Wkly/mnthly from $100/wk Utils/micro/fridge inc (303)931-7108

2500 to 5000 SF- great views from 2nd level, ample parking. 2432 Main. 303-875-1345

2- 4 Bedroom Homes • 163 Grant • 19 Reed • 28 Reed • 1973 Carr Ct • 1513 Green Pl • 132 Telluride • 1012 Pratt St • 1240 Meadow • 1517 24th Ave • 1249 Whitehall Dr Call PMP, 303-776-RENT

5090 Lots & Tracts 5100 Mobile/ 5130 Mobile/ 5130 Manufactured Manufactured 2 ACRE LOTS WEST OF BERTHOUD. Great Views! Homes/Spaces Homes/Spaces $149,900. Fred @ Four

Real Estate Farms, Ranches Acreages 5050

Heidi & Helena buy houses! $ SAVE YOUR CREDIT $ 303-725-8388 / 303-459-2711

MOBILE HOMES ✭ BUYING/SELLING Local park needs used mob homes. We´re buying! Big Sale! Many single & dbl LAKESIDE Custom Lots wides. Fin avl, auto apOnly seven left! $125K-up. proval on owner fin homes. Invest now. Build later. Bad credit OK! Moves avl. Beautiful, quiet Victorian 970-222-1473 neighborhood. Rural living- ✭ 690-2725 or 690-3283 ✭ city services. www. Hugh Fowler 303-986-1606

Mobile/ 5130 Manufactured Homes/Spaces

WOW!!! Beautiful 3 bdrm/2 bath Home for only $49,900. With lot rent specials • • • •

Buy it ... Sell it ... Find it ...

Swimming pool Clubhouse Playground New Fitness Center Financing Available Pet Friendly

Sun Homes at Eagle Crest 1-888-649-5616

Classifieds classified ads get results very, very fast! Call 303-776-7440

3 BDRM, 1 BA, new carpet, W/D, carport, Lgmt adult park age 55+, 970-215-1819

Sell, Advertise, Recruit

✭Opportunity For You✭ 4 Bdrm, 3 ba, 2 car bi-level in Melody Valley. W/some TLC it will be a gem! Mostly hrdwd flrs on main level under some carpets. Lg kitch, din room. $179,000

WOW WHAT VIEWS! 2.8 acres, water tap in & paid. Electric close, septic needed & Ish res irrig wtr. $100K, just SE of Berthoud. Call Mark Sullivan at ERA Tradewind (303)684-6335

Roommates Wanted 4120 Longmont


WE BUY HOUSES! CASH or TERMS Close fast - any condition 303-817-6168 Let´s Talk

Do you qualify? Dedicated to your best interest, Longmont´s Terri Hatch of People´s Mortgage & Devin O´Branagan ERA Tradewind



Non-smoker/drinker $450/ mo w/util + Dep. Furn bdrm &ba. 303-776-4369

628 4TH ST., FREDERICK Handypersons take note... Perfect opportunity to gain sweat equity for your talents! Put your finishing touches on this 3 bedroom, 3 bath with partially finished basement. $132,950

Responsible, clean M/F, W. side, great area, golf course, W/D, kit. $400+1/3 utils. 3-775-1144/3-772-8466.

5127 Misc.


Cute ranch style condo is move in ready now. 2 spacious bedrooms, 2 baths, enclosed porch, W/D hookups and detached garage. See this neat and clean unit today. Only $79,900!


Real Estate Auction


Nominal Opening Bid Starts at $10,000

Loads of Potential Here, sweat equity for the Handyperson! Spacious ranch home with 1,633 fin. sq. ft. and access to unfinished basement. Rear 2 car detached garage with spacious loft area. Check out the endless possibilities... $99,900

4650 Holiday Dr Unit 202, Boulder1 BDRM, 1 BA 766sf+/- condo. 3526 E 141ST Place, Brighton 3 BDRM 2.5 BA 1,832sf+/205 Granville Avenue, Firestone 2 BDRM, 1 BA 896sf+/-

815 GABRIEL CT., Dacono. Discover the benefits of small town living and easy maintenance in this 2 story, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 1 car garage townhome. Move right in and relax in your new home... $79,900


All properties sell: 8:00AM Fri., Dec. 3 at 3526 E 141ST Place, Brighton Open to the Public Open this weekend, please go to or call 800-801-8003 for details. Many properties now available for online bidding! A Buyer´s Premium may apply. Williams & Williams CO RE LIC#ER01319859 DEAN C. WILLIAMS BROKER

LONGMONT 629303-772-7576 Terry St., Longmont ww REALTY

Self-Serve Classifieds Immediate access at your fingertips. Click on “Submit An Ad” 303-776-7440

Classifieds 07423006

November 27, 2010 Real Estate Transactions are supplied by Prospects Unlimited Inc., 1151 Eagle Drive Ste. 467, Loveland, CO 80537.

Longmont • Donald & Mary Begalle from Howard Willis, 1232 Cornell Dr, Longmont, $227,000, home • Matthew & Amy Miller from Steve Conder, 837 Glenarbor Cir, Longmont, $380,000, home • Randy & Linda Heil from Federal Home Loan Mortgage, 677 Penhurst Cir, Longmont, $259,000, home • Steve Troyer from Margaret Fleming, 1006 Red Oak Dr, Longmont, $180,000, home • John McGarity from Francis Gilmore, 435 Emery Dr, Longmont, $230,000, home • John McGarity from Francis Gilmore, 429 Emery Dr, Longmont, $230,000, home • Scott Cobb from Therese Johnson, 1234 Carolina Ave, Longmont, $224,000, home • Greg & Stacie Fieth from Megan Rossman, 803 Grant St, Longmont, $225,000, home • Maryann Martinez from Paul Roundy, 2441 Meadow St, Longmont, $187,000, home • Amelia Froy from Anthony Sarto 2010 Family Trust, 823 Sumner St, Longmont, $223,000, home • Donald & Donna Vermeer from Bank New York Mellon, 804 Summer Hawk Dr Unit 1303, Longmont, $111,900, condo • Lawrence & Margaret Stones from Thomas Charles, 1379 Clemson Dr, Longmont, $357,000, home • Greg & Amy Payne from Federal Home Loan Mortgage, 32 E Mountain View Ave, Longmont, $93,000, home • Eric & Katie Conner from Brett Hardtle, 566 E 16th Ave, Longmont, $262,000, home • Resident from Markel Homes Construction Co, 1530 Lincoln St, Longmont, $327,500, home • Robert Thayer from Gregory Payne, 1609 Redfern Pl, Longmont, $189,000, home • Jesse Bond from David Deuitch, 10671 Upper Ridge Rd, Longmont, $139,500, home Berthoud • Michael & Kelli Peterson from Mountain High Home Builders Inc, 1731 Exeter St, Berthoud, $391,000, home • Aaron & Carla Gustafson from Berthoud Lake LLC, 2044 Burbank St, Berthoud, $310,000, home • Brandy Queen from Steven Romans, 144 Welch Ave,

Berthoud, $147,500, home • Karen Bishopstone from Donna Siefert, 840 10th St, Berthoud, $181,500, home • Regina Sanders from William Unruh, 533 S 9th St, Berthoud, $335,000, home Dacono • Meredith & Elia Folley from Fannie Mae, 420 Short Dr, Dacono, $198,000, home • Robert & Mona Beach from Nicole O’Brien, 207 Sundance Pkwy, Dacono, $150,000, home Erie • Jonathan & Angela Lampros from Fannie Mae, 860 Quintana Ln, Erie, $407,000, home • Mark & Joanne Pastor from Taylor Morrison Colo Inc, 1144 Lasnik St, Erie, $324,600, home • Gabriel & Megan Colbeth from Taylor Morrison Colo Inc, 1156 Mircos St, Erie, $280,600, home • Eric & Rebecca Middleton from Taylor Morrison Colo Inc, 1127 Zodo Ave, Erie, $385,600, home • David & Jennif Moore from Douglas Clark, 913 Eichhorn Dr, Erie, $260,000, home • Linda Hance from Fannie Mae, 392 Montgomery Dr, Erie, $155,000, home • Janice Ferwerda from Taylor Morrison Colo Inc, 525 Powers St, Erie, $346,000, home • Devon Hopkins from Taylor Morrison Colo Inc, 410 Mazzini St, Erie, $290,000, home • Scott & Melissa Kozub from Adriane Wack, 1804 Alpine Dr, Erie, $389,200, home • Thomas & Lisa Heather from Todd Bearup, 1188 Conway St, Erie, $455,000, home • Shirely Henly from Six Point Erie Village, 1008 Village Cir, Erie, $321,800, home • Andria & Neal Elder from Nancy Engle, 1772 Clark Dr, Erie, $220,000, home • Shirley Henly from Six Point Erie Village LLC, 1002 Village Cir, Erie, $309,400, home • Alvina Living from Dennis Arnold, 1693 Alpine Dr, Erie, $312,000, home • Virginia Fonte from Bruce Cohen, 315 Moffat St, Erie, $157,500, home • John & Heather Shea from Evelyn Goei, 1860 Alpine Dr, Erie, $420,000, home • Joseph Bowen from VRC Devl LLC, 1425 Blue Sky Cir Unit 15-103, Erie, $115,900, condo Firestone • Timothy Thornton from Erin

Brueggeman, 6178 Valley Vista Ave, Firestone, $254,000, home • Joshua Strange from Casey Detorie, 5951 Shenandoah Ave, Firestone, $264,000, home • Art Martin from Scott Maier, 6435 Shenandoah Ave, Firestone, $285,000, home • Mitchell & Bobbee Temple from Douglas Yanker, 6732 Sunburst Ave, Firestone, $259,900, home Fort Lupton • Jacob & Betty Dawson from James Terry, 10701 Highway 52, Fort Lupton, $329,000, home • Michael Rethke from Fannie Mae, 10321 Weld County Road 23, Fort Lupton, $150,000, home • Kenneth & Sharon Swanner from Vu Lam, 875 McKinley Ave, Fort Lupton, $148,000, home Frederick • Austin & Susan Williams from Bank New York Mellon Trust Co, 5486 Eldorado Dr, Frederick, $220,000, home • Nome LLC from Fannie Mae, 5758 Canyon Cir, Frederick, $192,500, home • Elke Willis from Melody Homes Inc, 8157 Morning Harvest Dr, Frederick, $219,500, home Lyons • James McCain from Frank Judish, 3358 Riverside Dr, Lyons, $155,000, home • Mark Franzen from Roger Peirce, 2585 Riverside Dr, Lyons, $342,500, home Niwot • Andrew & Shelley Allen from Catherine L Clement Revocable, 8075 Meadowdale Sq, Niwot, $330,000, home Platteville • James Plumb from Fannie Mae, 440 Stevens Cir, Platteville, $130,000, home Foreclosures – notice of election and demand • Borrower: Kyler & Ashley Milligan, Lender: GMAC Mortgage LLC, Amount: $140,963, Property: 1401 Willow Dr, Berthoud, Filed: 11/16/10 • Borrower: Melisa & Mark O’Leary, Lender: First Horizon Home Loans, Amount: $268,409, Property: 130 Bein St, Berthoud, Filed: 11/17/10 • Borrower: William & Jana Hemion, Lender: Chase Home Finance LLC, Amount: $194,124, Property: 440 Elizabeth St, Dacono, Filed: 11/17/10 • Borrower: Debora Turner, Lender: GMAC Mortgage LLC,

Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly

Amount: $175,173, Property: 500 Elizabeth St, Dacono, Filed: 11/12/10 • Borrower: Marie Gabriella, Lender: US Bank National Association, Amount: $359,991, Property: 4415 NE County Line Rd, Erie, Filed: 11/17/10 • Borrower: Kerstin StanfordDorren, Lender: Sabr Mortgage Loan 2008-1 Reo, Amount: $591,195, Property: 2701 Ironwood Pl, Erie, Filed: 11/15/10 • Borrower: Brett & Noni Shull, Lender: US Bank National Association, Amount: $192,367, Property: 10238 Dover St, Firestone, Filed: 11/15/10 • Borrower: Bryan & Vicki O’Leary, Lender: BAC Home Loans Servicing LP, Amount: $301,806, Property: 5861 Mountain Shadows Blvd, Firestone, Filed: 11/16/10 • Borrower: Judith Madrid, Lender: Fifth Third Mortgage Company, Amount: $154,766, Property: 714 Florence Ave, Firestone, Filed: 11/16/10 • Borrower: Jeffrey Dolph, Lender: Chase Home Finance LLC, Amount: $157,986, Property: 314 Wooster Ave, Firestone, Filed: 11/15/10 • Borrower: Zachary & Lori Jones, Lender: Wells Fargo Bank NA, Amount: $179,201, Property: 11291 Coal Ridge St, Firestone, Filed: 11/17/10 • Borrower: Michael & Janica Johnston, Lender: Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, Amount: $247,396, Property: 5864 Pintail Way, Frederick, Filed: 11/15/10 • Borrower: Cheryl Detwiler, Lender: Citimortgage Inc, Amount: $164,576, Property: 5846 Canyon Way, Frederick, Filed: 11/17/10 • Borrower: Peggy Deese, Lender: Chase Home Finance LLC, Amount: $259,197, Property: 1440 Whitehall Dr, Longmont, Filed: 11/12/10 • Borrower: Teresa Gonzales, Lender: BAC Home Loans Servicing LP, Amount: $142,661, Property: 1601 Great Western Dr A3, Longmont, Filed: 11/15/10 • Borrower: Donald Polder & Robert Morrison, Lender: Aurora Loan Services LLC, Amount: $160,600, Property: 2236 Smith Dr, Longmont, Filed: 11/15/10 • Borrower: Deanna Capaldi, Lender: Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, Amount: $224,978, Property: 921 6th Ave, Longmont, Filed: 11/17/10 • Borrower: Avis Burnett, Lender: US Bank National Associ-


ation, Amount: $264,051, Property: 56 Eagle Feather Way, Lyons, Filed: 11/17/10 • Borrower: Linda Feola-Jung, Lender: Liquid Holdings LLC, Amount: $34,241, Property: 18230 County Road 35, Platteville, Filed: 11/17/10 • Borrower: Steven Bush, Lender: Federal National Mortgage Association, Amount: $211,129, Property: 10536 Sunburst Ave, Firestone, Filed: 11/08/10 • Borrower: Emily & Jason Benton, Lender: EMC Mortgage Corporation, Amount: $195,166, Property: 9747 Cascade St, Firestone, Filed: 11/04/10 • Borrower: Lino Meraz Olivas, Lender: JPMorgan Chase Bank National Assoc, Amount: $140,981, Property: 105 6th St, Fort Lupton, Filed: 11/04/10 • Borrower: Gunnybuck Inc, Lender: Aurora Loan Services LLC, Amount: $166,460, Property: 1813 Chestnut St, Fort Lupton, Filed: 11/05/10 • Borrower: Rosemary Borders, Lender: BAC Home Loans Servicing LP, Amount: $171,614, Property: 7169 Henry St, Fort Lupton, Filed: 11/05/10 • Borrower: Christy Vegwert, Lender: BAC Home Loans Servicing LP, Amount: $83,565, Property: 211 5th St, Fort Lupton, Filed: 11/10/10 • Borrower: Jim & Regina Field, Lender: Bank Of America National Association, Amount: $346,888, Property: 14875 County Road 6, Fort Lupton, Filed: 11/10/10 • Borrower: Eric Johnson, Lender: Chase Home Finance LLC, Amount: $176,404, Property: 2311 Collyer St, Longmont, Filed: 11/04/10 • Borrower: Harvey & Barbara Mathewes, Lender: The Bank Of New York Mellon, Amount: $138,390, Property: 453 Newman Cir, Longmont, Filed: 11/05/10 • Borrower: Christine & Phillip Little, Lender: Bank Of America National Association, Amount: $1,200,000, Property: 8630 Crimson Clover Ln, Longmont, Filed: 11/04/10 • Borrower: Kenneth Hartzheim, Lender: Colorado Housing And Finance, Amount: $115,458, Property: 1606 Emery St, Longmont, Filed: 11/04/10 • Borrower: Enrique Chacon, Lender: BAC Home Loans Servicing LP, Amount: $187,522, Property: 1513 Kimbark St, Longmont, Filed: 11/08/10


Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly

November 27, 2010


Open Sat. 1-3pm 4215 San Marco Dr.

926 Hover Ridge Cir. Longmont

4 Bdrms, 4 Bths, 2 Frplcs, Finished basement & a Gourmet’s Dream Kitchen! Huge Master Suite w/5 piece Bath. Granite countertops and lots of extras.



Open Sat & Sun 12-4




Terry Lee • Windemere Realty • 303-589-4712

Sandy Taylor/Keller Williams • 303-776-3200 S NO

Open Sat. 12-4

1243 Hummingbird Cir.


SELLER WILL PAY UP TO 3% OF CLOSING COSTS! 3 bed, 3 bath, 2200 sq. ft. See




ING SAV ,500






This lovely town home backs onto common area park. 3BRs, including expanded MBR, 3 baths, double garage, reasonable HOA fees. Don’t miss seeing this home.



Natasha Biggs - Blue Vista Sales - 303-652-7949

Open Sat & Sun. 11-5 1538 Venice Ln

1345 Bluemoon Dr. Longmont



SW Longmont



1756 SF 2BR + Study 2BA. Partial Basement, Corner Lot. 2 ½ Car Garage. Low Maintenance Community!

Low-Maintenance Townhome, 1,559 sq.ft. 2 Bed + Lofted Study, 3 Bath, 2 Car Attached Garage. Built Green, Energy Star Rated

Shadow Grass Park • • 303-776-3331 • 303-502-5338

By Appointment Only




503 Collyer Street Historic Old Town Longmont


Beautiful Historical Old Town Property is a must see! 3 Bd/2ba, 2,713 sqft. See Details at:



Open Sat 1-4

Cory Dudley • Old Town Real Estate Co • (303) 776-4004

Get a full color picture of your open house, the open house hours, address, price and your name and phone number featured at the top of our popular Open House Grid! - Only 4 spots available per week on a first-come basis -

ONLY $49! • CALL 303-776-2244 Visit to map your home tour SATURDAY OPEN HOUSES Price



Hours Office




Longmont 1538 Venice Ln


Hours Office



Boulder Creek Builders




1314 S. Emery St


keller Williams/Brooks





1538 Venice Ln


Boulder Creek Builders



Longmont 1345 Bluemoon Dr 12-4

Shadow Grass Park




926 Hover Cir


Keller Williams/Taylor



Longmont 503 Collyer St

Old Town Real Estate/Dudley




1243 Hummingbird


Blue Vista Sales/Biggs




1345 Bluemoon Dr


Shadow Grass Park




4215 San Marco Dr


Windemere Realty/Lee




503 Collyer St


Old Town Real Estate/Dudley



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Home and Real Estate Weekly  

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