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May 28, 2011

Side tables that inspire a room

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May 28, 2011

Stay six steps ahead of weeds Special to the Times-Call

Every garden is filled with millions of weeds, even if they can’t be seen. You can pull, chop, spray and dig weeds out, but they remain. That’s because garden soil is well-stocked with millions of future weeds in the form of seeds. Nature gives weeds survival skills that make it easy for them to procreate and difficult for us to eradicate them. With a strategic approach, however, it’s possible to beat weeds at their own game, by stopping weed seeds from sprouting. Here are six simple steps that can radically reduce time and energy wasted on weeds, resulting in nearly weed-free gardening throughout time. Get Rid of Existing Weeds New weeds come from mature weeds gone to seed. Eliminating those weeds is the first step. You can pull them, dig them, or spray and kill them. Whatever you do, be sure to get them, roots and all. Of course dead weeds still need to be removed. So in many cases it may be faster, cheaper and just as easy to simply dig out existing weeds by hand. The exceptions, of course, are invasive weeds such as bindweed, poison ivy and knotweed, which need to be both killed and then removed and disposed of carefully. Add Mulch as a First Line of Defense Weed seeds beneath the soil surface

are dormant. It’s only when exposed to light that those seeds sprout. Adding a 2- to 3-inch layer of mulch helps keep the seeds in soil in the dark. Prevent New Weeds from Starting A pre-emergent weed preventer such as Preen used in combination with mulch provides a double whammy of weed control, stopping seeds from sprouting for up to 3 to 4 months. This works whether the seeds are already in the top layer of soil or mulch, or carried in by the wind, birds or animals during that time. Early spring, when forsythia is in bud locally, is the optimal time to start a weed prevention program. That said, Preen is effective spring, summer and fall, so any time is a good time to apply it. Just sprinkle the granules directly on the soil surface or on top of the mulch. If mulch is deep (3 inches or more), Preen should be applied over the mulch. Follow the directions on the package for correct application and best results. Preen also offers a completely organic option for vegetable gardens that’s made of granulated corn gluten. Activate the Weed-Control Barrier After applying Preen weed preventer, it must be watered in to activate it. Once activated, Preen bonds with soil particles, creating an invisible weed-control barrier that prevents weed seeds from forming roots for up to three to four

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Use Preen to help control weeds at home. See story above. (Special to the Times-Call)

Summer Stair

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months. No roots, no weeds. Preen’s allorganic formula works in a similar manner, though its effects last only four to six weeks. There’s also a special bagged weed-suppressing mulch, Preen Mulch Plus, with powerful weed preventers already mixed in, that protects against weeds for up to six months. Note that Preen should not be used near aquatic eco-systems or near rivers, streams, ponds, water gardens or pools, drains or sewers that flow into bodies of water. Eject any Weedy Volunteers Sometimes unseen weeds will have already sprouted before you lay down mulch and weed preventer. As you see them, pull them out. Remember that weed seeds already in the soil are only part of the problem. Other weed seeds continue to arrive in the garden, day after day, borne on the wind or by birds and animals. Preen will stop most from sprouting, but a watchful eye and periodic spot action can help you stay ahead of any weedy interlopers. The Campaign Continues In mid-summer, a second application of Preen helps squelch windborne seeds from weeds that set seed in late summer or fall. Each spring begin the campaign anew. Refresh mulch as needed and reapply weed preventer. As you start the process again, each year, you’ll find fewer weeds to deal with.

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Preen weed preventers won’t build up in the soil, or leach into ground water. Within six months to a year or so the active ingredient in Preen is broken down by soil microbes and is no longer active. As with all garden products it’s important to read and follow the directions on the label. By following simple anti-weed routines it’s possible to stop most garden weeds in their tracks. A weed-free garden is better for your plants and better for you, leaving more time to enjoy your garden. Which is as it should be.

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Coral Bells bursting with color

A co-worker whispered in my ear the other day, extolling the amazing charms of the new Coral Bells (Heuchera spp.) coming onto the market. These plants, she insisted, will take your breath away with colors so rich, so brilliant, you’ll want to plant them all. To prove her point, she sent me to the website of Terra Nova, ( a leader in specialty plant development. I clicked on the link to the Heuchera collection, Carol O’Meara and was instantly swept Colorado State away by the gorgeous palUniversity Extension let of plants. The crimson, maroon, chartreuse and purple leaves captivated my eye; variegated and silver-frosted leaves added elegance. I believe I moaned out loud. Heucheras are easy to grow perennials that do best in part shade, but breeding improvements have given some of the Heucheras tolerance for full sun. They’re in their glory in shade gardens, where their dazzling colors appear to glow. Formal, whimsical, in borders or beds, you can find a Heuchera to fit your style. Here are a few new varieties to put in your garden. • Cherry Cola is an outstanding, 6-inch tall mounding Heuchera that gives big impact at the front of the bed. One of Terra Nova’s “Soda” series (with Root Beer and Ginger Ale), the rich red leaves look stunning against nearby green leafed plants. Flower spires are cherry red, held on

stalks up to 18 inches tall. Though a rapid grower, Cherry Cola doesn’t drink a lot of water.

• Peach Crisp, with ruffled, amber and peach leaves, is incandescent in any garden or container. Use to add texture and eye-popping color to borders or pots – this is a blazing glory to behold. Petite white flowers held on stalks above the foliage add a bit of jazz. • Double your fun with Shanghai, whose deep purple leaves are lightly frosted in silver. Perfect for anchoring the front and center of your garden, Shanghai stands tall at 10-inches high, with white flower spikes up to 18 inches. Tough throughout winter, this Heuchera blooms from May through September. • Mint Julep adds green and silver to darker corners of the garden. Young leaves emerge lemon-lime in color, then mature into mint green. Ideal for blending into perennial gardens that struggle for zing, Mint Julep is a favorite of butterflies and looks stunning planted in masses. • Autumn Leaves took my breath away with the promise of four season glory. If you’re pining for color and love showy plants spring, summer and fall, pop Autumn Leaves into the garden. Early season leaves emerge bright red, while summer foliage is taupe. Once fall arrives, the plant heats up, blazing into ruby tones. Mass this in the garden, plant it into containers for fall or use it to accent perennial beds. • Spice up your garden with Electra, a show stopping Heuchera with gold toned leaves veined in blood red. Follow the seasons with changes in leaf tones, with bright yellow leaves in spring, chartreuse foliage in summer, and amber-tan leaves in fall. White flowers are compact; this plant is all about the leaf colors. • Though the silver-green leaves of Lipstick are understated, the flowers make a stunning show. Flashy lipstick red spires soar over the plant, covering it in masses of brilliant red. In mass, this Heuchera really struts its stuff. • Blackout, a top performer at CSU Perennial trials in 2009, is a glossy-leafed Heuchera that is tough enough to take our intense sun. Black foliage adds elegance to formal gardens, while the masses of white flowers cover the plant. Shop now to add these Heucheras into your garden; they’ll reward you year after year with colorful counterpoints in the garden.

Heuchera Cherry Cola, top, Huechera Peach Crisp. (Courtesy Terra Nova)

Carol O’Meara is a horticulture entomologist with the Colorado State University Extension office at the Boulder County Fairgrounds in Longmont. Contact her by calling 303-678-6238 or emailing For more gardening tips, check out her blog at

May 28, 2011

Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly

A guide to good bugs Is there really such a thing as a good bug? A nice bug does no harm, meaning it’s garden-friendly and doesn’t eat any of your plants or crops. A really good bug eats those insects that make mincemeat of your plants or crops. But understand, a lot of good-bug behavior is hard to find. That’s because much of it is out of sight. The stealth stage of most of these insects is the larvae, and that’s why life cycles are key.

Ladybug Both larvae and adults feed on aphids, the former devouring hundreds during development and the latter consuming thousands. Also favored are thrips, spider mites, mealy bugs, soft scales, whitefly and a variety of other soft-bodied, plant-eating insects. By summer’s end, they may eat pollen. Braconid Wasp Braconid wasps have such a strong reputation as killers of pests that they are widely used in agriculture. A few adults prey on other adult insects, but most feed on pollen. It’s the larvae that are extremely valuable controls of garden, farm and forest pests. Ground Beetle Why they’re good: A pest killer in two stages of its life cycle, this beetle enjoys snails, slugs, cutworms, gypsy-moth larvae, root maggots, tent caterpillars, Colorado potato beetle larvae and other pests that spend a stage of their life cycle in the soil. Spined Soldier Bug Another two-stage pest killer, the spined soldier bug effectively targets more than 100 insect pests, including caterpillars and grubs of gypsy and night-flying moths, Mexican bean and Colorado potato beetles and sawflies. It, too, has earned a place in the ranks of commercially available pest controllers, especially in the control of tent caterpillars. – Michele MacDonald,

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May 28, 2011

Side tables that inspire a room

Think outside the box to improve home value Article Resource Association

By Mary Carol Garrity

Scripps Howard News Service

Whether proudly flanking a sofa or tucked up next to a chair in a corner, side tables are a key component of a sensational seating arrangement. There are a lot of factors to consider when picking side tables. Here are some tips to aid your search. When I select side tables for my home or those of friends and customers, I always look for pieces that have beautiful lines, a lot of character and a top that’s broad enough to hold a few treasures. But the most important factor is the scale. It’s essential that the table match the scale of the furniture it will stand by. Pair a sofa or chair that is large and beefy with side tables that have some visual weight, as well. If you have a side table that is petite and leggy, you can give it more visual weight by placing something underneath it, like a large trunk basket or a garden stool. When figuring the dimensions for the table, make sure the tabletop is about 5 inches above or below the arm of the chair or sofa it will stand next to so you can easily reach the tabletop when you’re seated. My favorite rooms are those that appear to have evolved slowly through time, becoming more beautiful as the homeowner adds new items. An easy way to give your room this layered look is by using different-styled side tables. Once you make sure the scale of the tables match, the sky is the limit on what they look like. Don’t be afraid to put a traditional table on one end of a sofa and a more contemporary table on the other. If you don’t feel comfortable crossing design classifications, pick dissimilar-looking pieces from the same categories, such as two traditional tables that look completely different, like a small chest of drawers and a drop-leaf table. While I love end tables in all styles and finishes, from painted wood to bamboo and wrought iron, my favorite is the Pembroke table that’s in my study right now. The

When selecting a side table, look for strong character, beautiful lines and a top broad enough to hold a few treasures. (SHNS photo by Landis Collis/Nell Hill’s)

Pembroke is a traditional wooden table that features two drop leaves, which means it’s amazingly versatile. Right now, I can’t get enough of smaller-scaled tables that remind me of something you’d find in your grandmother’s home. They give a room a timeless feel. It’s little details that make each side table unique and a wonderful addition to your well-furnished room. When you shop for side tables, look for interesting features that steal your heart. I fell for one table, for instance, because each shelf was topped with a mirror. Sometimes I like to swim upstream when furnishing my home, using new pieces in unusual ways that rethink interior-design rules. A great way to push the bounds and achieve dramatic results is to use something unconventional as a side table.

For years, the conversation about strengthening your home’s value has revolved around interior projects. However, by keeping the focus inside, you might be ignoring one of the most effective ways to bring your property value up: the garden. When discussing home value, “garden� means more than just flower beds. It includes your lawn, gathering spaces on your property, paths and walkways, in addition to the trees, shrubs and flowers that decorate the space. In a housing market where it’s still difficult to stand out, turning your attention and efforts to these areas might be just the thing that will attract buyers. It’s a simple concept: A more attractive house is a more valuable house. And since your yard and garden are often what buyers see first, it’s your best opportunity to set the tone as they consider your property and what they’re willing to pay for it. In fact, well-designed landscaping was shown to raise perceived residential property value by as much as 18 percent, in a study recently released by Swedish power tool maker Husqvarna. In terms of return on investment, maintaining an attractive lawn and garden was shown to return $1.80 per dollar spent. For those who want to improve their home’s value, but can’t afford to hire contractors for major interior repairs, garden improvements can be an affordable alternative. Those not sure where to start can look to the wide variety of gardening websites, television programs and magazines for inspiration and practical tips. Some of the top-ranked garden attributes for improving home value included: a well-maintained lawn; an inviting social area; stone paths and walkways; decorative trees, bushes and shrubs; well-kept hedges; and nicely designed flower beds.

Townhomes  &$" ( '  $+ #(##  * #  ((  & &'  #&, (& (  ) !( &#     #  # $)(+'( $#"$#(    ! $&( $  $ &%$&(



May 28, 2011

Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly


Great Outdoors Turn to nature for inspiration when revitalizing tired interiors Aubusson Vine.

If you’re looking for something to make things seem a little less dreary this spring, there’s no better place to start than with your home’s interior. “Brightening up your living space is one of the best ways to embrace the change of seasons after a seemingly endless winter,” says Rachel Skafidas, color and design specialist for Dutch Boy Paints. “In particular, the introduction of crisp, new paint color throughout your home can usher in an almost instantaneous feeling of renewal to your surroundings.” What’s best, adding revitalizing color doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. “One of the easiest and most cost effective ways to give a room an entirely new appearance is with paint,” Skafidas says. “For a few dollars and within a few hours, any space can take on a completely updated look and feel. This year, Dutch Boy has made it even easier by creating a special palette of four springinspired colors to help simplify your seasonal design projects.” From the blue hues of early spring skies to the vibrant greens bursting outside your windows, you can effortlessly incorporate springtime nature into your home, whether you’re painting walls, trim or looking for accent colors that pop. This year’s spring color palette includes: Pursuit of Happiness, Fresh Linen, Weathered Wicker and

Capture it with Color After enduring months of gray, dull weather, nothing revives a room more than a paint color named Pursuit of Happiness. This neutral, grayed blue offers a cool, refreshing feel to any space when combined with a warm, welcoming neutral, such as Fresh Linen. Together the pairing creates a perfectly balanced blend that can uplift any interior. “Spring rejuvenation reaches beyond painting walls,” Skafidas says. “Just like the blooming flowers and greenery in your yard, brilliant accent colors can inject energy into every aspect of your home. For example, consider using paint to showcase unique architectural detailing, such as intricate trim and molding, built-in bookcases and shelves, as well as door panels.” Skafidas suggests two Dutch Boy hues as ideal decorating accents, the warm gold-infused brown of Weathered Wicker and the rich green of Aubusson Vine. Both colors echo the growth occurring outside.

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Explore Other Senses Beyond paint color, take into consideration other design elements found in nature that can also have a significant impact on an interior space, one of which is texture. If your budget allows a few small changes beyond painting, consider removing heavy, winter-warming

materials, such as damask or velvet, from the room and look to lighter, airier textiles. Heavy draperies can be replaced with sheerer window coverings that allow sunshine to filter through. Cover a dark sofa with a slipcover made from linen or lightweight cotton. Even smaller items such as candle holders, picture frames and lampshades can be interchanged as the new season approaches and then easily and quickly replaced when the weather once again turns colder. In addition to color and texture,

Crisp, new paint color can usher in an almost instantaneous feeling of renewal throughout your home. (ARA)

springtime is filled with lively, invigorating aromas. Rather than using an artificial fragrance in your home, bring an actual piece of the season’s essence inside by investing in bunches of fresh daffodils, hyacinths and tulips – or cut them from your own flowerbeds. Place vases of them around your house and you’ll quickly discover the instantaneous and mood-lifting effect fresh flowers can have on any room.

We Salute Our Servicemen & Women & Their Families 1726 Twilight Court

This wonderful custom 2 story hm. sits on a very low traffic court & backs to open space w/views of Union Reservoir. 5 Bed, 5 Bath w/ 5540+/-tot.sq.ft. Upstairs are Mstr suite, add’l 3 bedrms, a wonderful 17’ x 17’ carpeted bonus rm w/lake views & an 11 x10 Loft. Bsmt prof. fin. w/permits to incl.a spacious L-shaped rec rm, bedrm & full bath. Lg. gourmet kitchen w/luxury appliances & fixtures, slab granite & more. Attached 3-Car garage. Hot tub rm.




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715 Sandpoint Drive 1529 Lark Bunting Pl. WOW! Immaculate quad level! This home is TRULY in LIKENewer paint in and out, newer NEW CONDITION. Immacuately kept inside, beautifully 8x10 storage shed in bkyd, landscaped & maint. outside. 4 newer mstr bath vanity & tile Bed, 3 Bath w/4110+/-tot.sq.ft. flr. 3 Bed, 3 Bath w/2027+/- On very low traffic st. near tot.sq.ft.New H2O htr. in 2010. park. elem. school,shopping & New 50 gal H2O htr Study/loft area overlooks liv. Rm. dining. Spacious eatin kitchen w/newer in ‘11.Full unfin bsmt. Lg mstr refrig overlooks fam rm w/gas w/vaulted ceiling, 5 pc bath & frplc. Lg. patio in priv. fenced spacious walkin closet. Kit.w/ 42” cabinetry, island & pullout bkyd. Spr. Syst. Sunny Southern shelving.Upgraded light & exposure. Unfin Bsmt. plumbing fxtrs. Covered patio.



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May 28, 2011


2221 Spinnaker Cr, NW Longmont

3 BD/3BA, Lovely updates, backs to open space, lovely views, garden level basement. The Shores!




1618 Otis Dr, NE Longmont

2or3 BD/2BA, Spacious and open, 3 car garage, huge basement, near golf, in popular Shadow Grass Park!



2321 Calais Dr., NE Longmont

2BD+ Study, lovely views, near golf, huge garage, furnishings Included,




517 2nd Ave, Lyons 1800+ finished SF, 2or3BD/4 BA, Low utility bills, Foothills views, Large Yard $248K

204 Welch Dr., Lyons 2000+ finished SF, 3 or 4 BD/3BA, near parks, trails, schools $324,900



183 B 2nd Ave, Lyons Popular Lyons Valley Village Co-housing, Under Contract in one day! $319K

3675 Silver Plume Ln, SW Boulder Lovely views of Flatirons and Open Space, 3BD/2BA! $550K



Mortgage market shows some improvement

Brinkmann notes that loans originated beThe Mortgage Bankers Association announced this week that the number of delinquent hometween 2005 and 2007, at the height of the real owners rose in the first quarter of 2011, but estate market, showed particular improvement. throughout the course of a year the number has “These are the loans that drove the mortgage dropped substantially. market collapse and now represent According to the MBA delinquency about 31 percent of loans outstandsurvey, the delinquency rate for morting, but 65 percent of the loans serigage loans on one-to-four-unit resiously delinquent. Given that loans dential properties increased to a seaoriginated during this period are now sonally adjusted rate of 8.32 percent past the point where loans normally of all loans outstanding as of the end default, and that loans originated of the first quarter of 2011, an insince then generally have better credit crease of seven basis points (0.07 perquality, mortgage performance should cent) from the fourth quarter of 2010. continue to improve,” he says. Ilyce Glink The better news is that the number While it’s interesting to look at the Tribune Media Services national statistics, real estate is driven of homeowners who are delinquent on their mortgage decreased 174 basis entirely by local business and market points (1.74 percent) from one year ago. The conditions. Local economies drive home value, non-seasonally adjusted delinquency rate desince it’s tough to pay the mortgage if you don’t creased 117 basis points to 7.79 percent this have a regular paycheck coming in. But beyond quarter from 8.96 percent last quarter. having dollars in their pockets, whether homeAccording to the report, the combined percent- buyers or someone they know have been hurt by age of loans in foreclosure or at least one payment the Great Recession “determines values and peopast due was 12.31 percent on a non-seasonally ples’ perception of values,” Brinkmann adds. adjusted basis, a 129 basis point decline from According to the survey, some states are still in 13.60 percent last quarter. trouble. While this doesn’t sound like a huge decrease, • Twenty-four percent of all mortgages in the MBA chief economist Jay Brinkmann says it’s a country that are in foreclosure are in Florida, and sign that the “mortgage market is on the mend.” 23 percent of the loans in Florida are anywhere The rate of borrowers who are less than 90 from one payment past due to in foreclosure. days late on their mortgage (known in street par• In Nevada, foreclosure actions are being initilance as a “short-term” delinquency) remain at ated at an annualized rate of more than 9 percent. pre-recession levels, Brinkmann says. Moreover: • In Arizona the annualized rate of foreclosures • The number of borrowers who are 90 days or started is more than 7 percent, and more than more delinquent on their mortgage payments has half of all of the loans in foreclosure in this coundropped for five straight quarters and is at the try are in just five states. lowest level since the beginning of 2009. Yet Brinkmann notes that 38 states have fore• Foreclosure starts are at the lowest level since closure rates that are below the national average. the end of 2008 and had the second largest drop “We have areas of recovery but those numbers are ever. often overwhelmed by the bad numbers still com• The percentage of loans somewhere in foreing out of a few large states,” he says. closure is down from last quarter’s record high Ilyce R. Glink’s latest book is “Buy, Close, Move In!” If you and also had one of the largest drops we have evhave questions, you can call her radio show at 800-972er seen, although the reasons for the drop will 8255 any Sunday, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. EST. Contact differ from market to market. Ilyce through her website at

Realtors open doors to buyers across the nation 299 Blue Mountain Trl, Lyons Lovely mountain home on 42 acres! $450K

LAND in Lyons A river runs through it! 35 acres of tranquility! $299K


224 Seward St., Lyons 14 Unit Trailer Park w Apartments in the heart of Lyons. Excellent income. Call for details! $699K

Jonelle Tucker, Realtor 303.902.6250

2700 Canyon Blvd Ste 200 Boulder CO 80302

As the spring home buying season kicks off, Realtors across the nation will host thousands of open houses in neighborhoods across the country by participating in the 2011 Realtor Nationwide Open House Weekend on June 4 and 5. Realtors in Longmont invite buyers to visit some of the many open homes throughout the area where they can learn more about home ownership. As the country continues to feel the effects of the recession and unemployment rates, many have pointed to housing as a key economic driver. It is estimated that for every two homes sold, one private-sector jobs are

created. In addition, each home sale at the median price pumps a total of $60,000 into the economy throughout time. According to a survey by the National Association of Realtors, nearly eight out of 10 Americans believe buying a home is a good financial decision. Two-thirds of survey respondents said they believe now is still a good time to buy. A majority of renters also said that owning a home is a priority in their future. For more information, contact the Longmont Association of Realtors at 303-7725555.

May 28, 2011

By Michele Lerner

For some homeowners, opting for a mortgage refinance requires a simple math equation to determine how much they can save with a lower interest rate. Homeowners within a decade of retirement, though, need to take a broader look at their overall financial plan before determining how a refinance fits into their retirement scenario. The first consideration is whether to retire with debt. “Many people believe they should not have any debt in retirement, but it may not be a problem as long as the retirees have the capacity to make the mortgage payments,” says Rich Arzaga, founder and CEO of Cornerstone Wealth Management Inc., in San Ramon, Calif. “If their cash flow is healthy and their investments are growing enough to beat inflation, having a mortgage is not really a risk.” Jeff Bogue, owner of Bogue Asset Management LLC in Wells, Maine, says retirees carrying a mortgage need to be certain of a sustainable cash flow. “I would not recommend retiring with debt unless you have a long-term stream of steady income such as a pension or a large Social Security benefit,” Bogue says. “If you are relying solely on the market to provide your retirement income, you may run into more trouble.” He advises eliminating debt before retiring. Arzaga says homeowners should methodically evaluate scenarios for retiring with and without mortgage debt before choosing whether to refinance. “Homeowners should look at the possibility of a mortgage with lower payments for 30 years and also see if they can afford a 15-year loan to pay off the loan faster,” Arzaga says. A 15-year loan will have higher monthly payments than a 30-year loan, but the long-term cost is significantly lower. Arzaga says, “Refinancing makes sense as long as the homeowners will stay in the property for at least 10 years, qualify for a lower interest rate and will use the savings for retirement.” Steve Foldes, CEO of Foldes Financial Management Inc. in Miami, suggests evaluating refinancing based on the two biggest retirement challenges: longevity and inflation. “Retirees need ... a well-balanced, diversified portfolio, and if a refinance can generate additional cash to invest, it can make sense,” Foldes says. But after retiring, homeowners “will need to make their mortgage payments from their investments. Increasing the amount of your portfolio to make sure you will be able to generate growth even after retirement is essential to avoid running out of money.” Foldes advocates cash-out refinancing in some cases so homeowners can invest their cash for re-

“Even if you refinance into a 30-year loan, you can always make accelerated payments on the mortgage after you have paid down other high-interest debt and funded your retirement account.”

Rich Arzaga, founder and CEO of Cornerstone Wealth Management Inc., in San Ramon, Calif. tirement. Arzaga says refinancing to get out of an adjustable-rate mortgage, or ARM, makes sense for pre-retirees who benefit from a fixed payment. “Even if you refinance into a 30-year loan, you can always make accelerated payments on the mortgage after you have paid down other highinterest debt and funded your retirement account,” Arzaga says. Bogue says many homeowners calculate refinancing costs and monthly savings to determine how quickly they can recoup their expenses. “If they are refinancing from a mortgage on which they have 25 years left to pay into a new 30-year loan, they will be making five extra years of mortgage payments,” Bogue says. “It makes more sense to look at the current mortgage, the new mortgage and the cost to refinance along with those back-end extra payments.” For some homeowners, particularly those near the end of their mortgage, Bogue recommends paying down the principal with extra payments rather than refinancing. While some homeowners want to keep a mortgage for the tax deduction on interest, Bogue points out that retirees usually are in a lower tax bracket, reducing that deduction’s value. Also, near a mortgage’s end, most of the monthly payment goes to principal rather than interest. For some pre-retirees, paying off their mortgage with their current loan or by refinancing into a shorter loan term means more than the numbers. As Bogue puts it, “some people just sleep better at night if they know they will retire without any debt.”


Create an outdoor party plan Have a backyard soiree planned this summer? Make sure you’re prepared with this expert advice. • Get your yard clean and in order. Make sure the grass is mowed, raked and free of debris, tools and toys. • Don’t overlook spaces inside the house where guests may be, particularly the entryway, kitchen and bathrooms. • Decorate with cuttings from your yard. • Have plenty of seating for guests. If you’re short on chairs, spread blankets on the grass. • Choose music that will be entertaining and pleasant, not too loud or overwhelming. • Think of your guests when choosing the menu. When extending invitations, you may want to ask whether anyone has food allergies or dietary preferences. • Be open to the idea of a potluck party. • Ask a couple of guests whether they would arrive early to help with pre-party preparations. • Prepare as many foods in advance as possible. • Have at least two large trash cans emptied and placed in convenient locations. • Create a special atmosphere with lights. Consider adding lanterns and strings of holiday lights. • If you are grilling, make sure the grill is clean and ready to fire up with enough charcoal or gas. • Have a working meat thermometer on hand. • Keep aluminum foil and plenty of clean plates handy grill-side. When the meat is ready, place it on the plates and create a foil tent to keep it hot. • Consider grilled vegetables as a great side to accompany the main dish. Skewering is a ideal method. • Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your party. Include decorative citronella candles with the rest of the lighting scheme. • Set out a couple of yard games to play. • Relax and allow your guests the same privilege. • Especially if alcohol has been served, make sure everyone is able to get home safely. – HGTV

1007 3rd Ave LONGMONT $430,000

Old Town Longmont architectural gem.This stone and brick with fishscale wood shingle style Dutch Colonial Revival house is restored with an eye to detail and generous amounts of light and space. 3 bedroom/2 bath.

934 Sumac St LONGMONT $212,500

Move in and enjoy this large semi-custom brick ranch with updated kitchen and great curb appeal. Spacious family room with fireplace, sparkling wood floors on most of the maim level, six panel doors throughout. 5 bedroom/3bath.

Tom Precella 720-350-0070


Retirees should not carry high-interest debt

Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly


Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly

May 28, 2011

Get to work on garden tasks By Sean Conway

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Make your deck an outdoor living room Article Resource Association

Nothing beats relaxing in the shade or entertaining a group of guests on your own private deck. When you take the time to plan your deck for the way you live, the result can be a versatile living space and a value-boosting addition to your home. Trent Boozer, publisher of Extreme How-To magazine, notes his readers have made it clear that decks are one of the top projects they love to design and build. The Internet is full of deck plans and planning tools – and with the range of decking products and accessories on the market, every deck can take on a personality of its own, he says. Personalization is what makes the deck an extension of the home, says Rick Preble of Deckorators, the leading deck accessory brand that embraces the concept of deck personalization. “The idea of an outdoor living room has really materialized as people have reattached to their existing homes,” Preble says. A cost-effective way to add square footage and upgrade your lifestyle without moving is with a deck. With all the deck products and accessories available today, homeowners can customize their outdoor rooms.” Deckorators has made the process of mixing and matching different deck accessories and building materials easy with a new, easy-to-use online design program: the Deckorators’

Deck Visualizer. The online tool is free and provides homeowners a way to visually discover the different design options they like best for personalizing a deck. The Deck Visualizer allows the user to set the virtual deck environment to a lake or backyard view and then change the deck accessories for limitless combinations. Users can select the color or grain of composite or wood decking, select the style of metal or even glass balusters, add baluster infill centerpieces, change railing colors, and add post caps, lighting options and even stone. “This deck design program is fun for homeowners to use and is a great tool for deck planning,” Preble says. “We work with hundreds of deck builders, and they appreciate having this when working with clients. It allows both consumers and deck builders to visualize different options and choose deck products prior to constructing a deck.” The North American Deck and Railing Association website ( is another good place for consumers to start when gathering information for a deck build. The organization has a large gallery of photographs of decks that have received national awards for design or construction. Michael Beaudry, executive vice president of NADRA, says consumers are definitely hungry for deck design ideas and information on new products. NADRA offers resources to help consumers with deck and rail design and deck safety. The organization’s website also provides access to more than 1,750 different building products companies. Homeowners who want to build or who are renovating an existing deck will find new trends for 2011. One material making its move onto decks is stone. Deckorators cast stone Postcovers, which install over rail posts, are one new product in high demand. The postcovers provide the same look and feel as natural stone columns, but are designed to install over basic wood posts. Postcovers are hand-painted to look like cobblestone, fieldstone or stacked stone. The simulated product costs far less than real masonry work and makes it possible for do-it-yourselfers or contractors to add simulated stone columns to a deck. Experts agree that putting the time into planning your deck up front and knowing what your product options are is the best way to ensure you end up with a space your family will embrace as a true outdoor living room.

The secret to good gardening is timing. My advice to those who feel overwhelmed by the work that needs to be done in their gardens is to start by making a list. The trick to keeping your garden looking good is to get a jump on the maintenance early in the season rather than trying to catch up later on. Here are a few tips to help you get ahead of things this spring. 1. Weed all your beds early. Weeds in general can be divided into two groups: cool season weeds and warm season weeds. Cool season weeds are already in full swing. 2. After beds are weeded either keep the soil cultivated on a regular basis to prevent new seed from germinating (a few minutes of cultivating the soil each week will save hours of weed pulling later on) or apply 2 to 3 inches of mulch as soon as the weeding is done. 3. Cut a 3- to 4-inch edge into garden beds surrounded by lawn. Providing a sharp, deep edge will keep grass from infiltrating into your beds and save you hours of weeding later in the season. It also makes your gardens look neater. 4. Apply fertilizer now to perennials while plants are still emerging but not yet fully grown. Place the fertilizer around the base of each plant where it is needed. Applying it early makes the job easier and more efficient. 5. Weed your vegetable garden early in the season before turning the soil over. This will keep weed seed from being dispersed into the soil. This is especially helpful for cool season weeds that set seed early. 6. Apply aged manure or compost to your vegetable garden before turning the soil over. This makes it easier to see how much you have applied. 7. When buying plants from the garden center, bigger is not always better. Look for sturdy young plants that are not pot bound. Avoid buying annuals that already have flowers. They will take longer to get established. 9. In beds with stubborn weeds, put a layer of newspaper down then mulch over the top. The newspaper will help smother the weeds, preventing them from growing up through the mulch. Throughout time the newspaper will rot away. 10. Repair dead spots in lawns early by removing debris, scratching soil and applying seed while temperatures are still cool and there is adequate moisture in the ground. Grass seed will establish faster before hot weather arrives.

May 28, 2011

Longmont, CO

Ute Creek Apartments

1100 E 17th Ave. • 303-684-6821 The Shores at McIntosh Lake

2450 Airport Rd. • 303-774-8000 Cloverbasin Village

630 Peck Dr. • 888-837-4912 Elliott Apartments

418 Emery St. Longmont, CO 80501 • 303-772-6452 Fox Ridge Apartments

3800 Pike Rd., Longmont, CO 80503 • 303-774-9944 Tanglewood Condominiums Senior Community

100 21st Ave., Longmont, CO 80501 • 303-774-0300







Secure building, quiet neighborhood, meal program, transportation, utilities paid, appliances & cable TV included, 62 yrs & older; vouchers accepted.



1, 2

1, 1¾




In each apartment

A/C, D/W, cable ready, balcony or deck, carport, outdoor pool, close to shopping & bus stop.

Starting at $825


1, 2

1, 2




Full SIze in each apartment


Move-In Specials, senior and other discounts. Fireplace, pool & spa, 24-hour fitness, garages. Close to shopping.


$100 $200 $300

1,2,& 3


Short Term Available





Gas fireplaces, 24 hr. fitness center, heated pool & hot tub, A/C, business center, gourmet kitchens, detached garages. *On selected apartments.



3-bdrm. townhomes





& rental available



1, 2, 3

1, 2



Pets Neg.




1, 2, 3

1, 2

Short Term Available





Island kitchens, garden tubs, gas fireplaces, double balconies, two tone paint, gated community. Close to schools & newest community in Longmont.



1, 2

1, 2




Full size in each condo

W/D provided in each Condo

All utilities & cable paid, sec. bldg., elevator, W/D in every unit, transportation, social events. HUGE amenities package, quiet 55+ community. Call for incentives! Parking garage & storage units




65 lbs limit


Convenient location, pet friendly, garages available, 24-hour maintenance In historic Longmont, large trees, quiet neighborhood on-site parking & storage. Close to RTD. Heat included.


$50+ mo.

Other Amenities


Washer/Dryer Hook-ups


# of Baths Lease Required


# of Bedrooms

Washer/Dryer Facilities

Victoria Inn

2400 17th Ave. • 303-772-4667


1401 Elmhurst Dr. • 303-772-9292


• Borrower: Jerry & Jena Andrews, Lender: US Bank National Association, Amount: $210,313, Property: 380 Clubhouse Dr, Fort Lupton, Filed: 05/13/11 • Borrower: Greg Mocelin & Danika Reuterskiold, Lender: Wells Fargo Bank NA, Amount: $199,649, Property: 7150 Orchard Ave, Frederick, Filed: 05/13/11

Allow Smoking?

Hover Manor Senior Apartment Residence

• Borrower: Dennis & Cheryl Yost, Lender: US Bank National Association, Amount: $305,303, Property: 5940 Tenderfoot Ave, Firestone, Filed: 05/13/11 • Borrower: Darrin & Marnie Dill, Lender: Colorado Housing And Finance, Amount: $195,954, Property: 6860 Quincy Ave, Firestone, Filed: 05/13/11


Address Phone

Complex Name

• Borrower: Lori & Mark Vise, Lender: HSBC Bank USA National Association, Amount: $223,236, Property: 170 Lawley Dr, Erie, Filed: 05/13/11 • Borrower: Angela Thomas, Lender:

Citimortgage Inc, Amount: $190,250, Property: 11440 Deerfield Dr, Firestone, Filed: 05/12/11 • Borrower: Kirk McCurdy & Juanita Lucero, Lender: BAC Home Loans Servicing LP, Amount: $174,596, Property: 11469 Ebony St, Firestone, Filed: 05/12/11

Price Range

Real Estate Transactions are supplied by Prospects Unlimited Inc.,, 303-979-9536.

Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly

Reach over 44,000 Readers Each Week With Your Advertising Message. Call Your Classified Advertising Executive Today 303-776-7440


Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly

May 28, 2011

Real Estate

Business 4750 Opportunities


Executive Opportunity to Create Wealth. Visit 303-539-0185


303.466.3636 BoUlder/Broomfield/longmont or 970.635.3650 loveland or

Mobile Home For Sale

Brand New Home!! $69,900

1193 Twin Peaks Circle Longmont

Beautiful 3 bed 2 bath lot rent special!

$268K 3 Bed/3 Bath Mother-in-Law Suite OPEN HOUSE Sundays 2-4/5232 Mt. Arapahoe Cr, Frederick, CO Call 720-652-0934


Swimming pool Clubhouse Playground  New fitness room


Financing available Pet Friendly

Sun Homes at Eagle Crest 1-888-649-5616

BUYING & SELLING All types of mobile homes! (970)962-9860

2-story Deltec home, 2.08 acres bordering greenbelt and creek. Full views of San Luis Valley and Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Bathed in sun light/custom wood work, large deck. Peaceful, finished 1,400 sf home for weekends or fulltime. $339,000. Contact Darlene 719-256-4198. Place your ad. Call 303-466-3636 or 970-635-3650

South Longmont Park Your RV in the backyard at this nice Tri-level with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. 2 car garage, Storage shed, call for details. $206,000

Work where you live! 40x60 shop insulated & heated + 325sf office + 3BR house only $250,000 Poss OC 719-433-5095


Rural Real Estate

10 acres, SW Berthoud, 3 bdrm ranch w/ dbl gar, lg shop & barn, wtr rights, zoned agri, $437K. 970-532-2768


Apartments for Rent

I WILL MOVE YOUR HOME FOR FREE! LOT RENT STARTING@ $199 250+ communities to choose from. Offer expires 6/25/2011 970-377-0990

NEW MOBILE HOMES AROUND $799 MONTH Payment incl. lot rent Used singles/doubles starting @$595 Great locations! Quick Easy Credit 970-420-8488


Lots & Tracts

2 ACRE Building Site in Rainbow Lake Estates, Berthoud. HUGE price reduction! $79,000 Steve Conder 303-514-3706


Homes for Rent

1217 Lincoln St. Immaculate 3BR, 2BA, spacious ranch home, beautiful hw flrs & tile upgraded appls in kit., w/d hk-up, frplc in fam rm, 3 car, 3rd bay could be office w/ skylight sorry NP $1500/mo 303-530-7149

124 Anniversary Ln, Lgmt. 3 bdrm, 2 ba ranch, 2100 SF, hdwd flrs, fin bsmt, 1 car gar + wkshop, priv fncd yd, sm pets neg. N/S, Avail now, $1175 Jan 303-775-6668 2 BDRM, 1 BA, beautiful old Town Longmont. Gar, fncd yd, w/d, n/s/p $895. 303-682-5985


Homes for Rent

SW Lgmt, 3 bdrm, 2.5 ba, fpl, gar, sm fncd yd, N/P, N/S. 303-263-3410



Hwy 66 & Airport Rd

(303)774-8000  1 & 2 BDRM Apt Homes Fox Ridge Apts Premier Gated Community. Pets OK! For Info & Specials Call (303)774-9944

2400 17th Avenue, Longmont, Colorado 80503


* Homes for Rent

1 BDRM IN OLD TOWN Room for garden, extra storage/shop. Avail 7/1. Pet? $725. (303)678-7384 1 -RENT TO OWN! 3 bdrm, 2 ba, A/C, W/D, $1395/mo. 866-810-1446 x1032 (24/hr free rec msg)

2, 3, 4 Bedroom Homes 1624 19th Ave. 2245 Whistler Dr. 154 Grant St. 1309 Hilltop Dr. 411 Verdant Call PMP 303-776-RENT

23 TELLURIDE PL 5 bdrm, 2 ba, frpl, 2 car, large fncd yd. $1350. Pets nego. Avail June 1st. Pennant Inv. (303)447-8988 2640 W MTN VIEW. 1590 sq ft brick ranch, backs to park, 3 bdrm, 1.5 ba, hdwd flrs, fncd bk yd, att gar, smpets neg. N/S $1200/mo. (303)775-6668. 3 BDRM, 2 ba, 1230 sqft, 2 car, 10x20 deck w/ awning, 8x8 shed, A/C. Mtn view 11153 Longview Blvd, $1050 Lgmt (303)776-9147 (303)746-0948 3 bdrm, 2 ba, 2 car gar, N/S, pets? No Sec 8 In Firestone $1100 + dep. 303-833-3200

3 bdrm, $965, charming old town remodel, huge fncd yd, DW, AC, WD hkups, pets OK, 846 Collyer #A, Lgmt 303-319-1341


Homes for Rent

3BR, 1BA, Gar. fncd yard 1100 frontier dr. $990 + $990 dep 303-775-1495 3BR, 2.5BA, SS appliances, 3 car tandem gar, main floor master, gas fp, available 8/1. 2231 Creekside Dr, $1800. 303-776-6664 3BR, 2BA Air Conditioned, Fenced, Dog Run, $1150/mo+deposit 303-772-0719 3BR, 2BA Ranch, wood flrs, AC, gardener, Avail 7/1, $1350 + dep, N/P/S 303-485-7475 4128 Frederick Circle 5BR, 4BA 3840sq ft 3 Car Garage, No Pets $2600/month RMG Realty 303-772-4466 4BR, 2.5BA - Carpeted LR & DR, fam rm & eat-in kitch w/ wood flrs, gas fp, A/C, master suite w/ 5piece bath & walk-in closet, unfinished bsmt, backs to Ute Creek Golf Course, $1695/mo. 303-981-7031 or 303-567-4797 5 bdrm, 2 ba, large corner lot, fncd bkyd, near schools, A/C, frpl, N Lvld. $1350/mo Call 970-214-3522 for info.

2bdrm, 2ba, ex lg kit, gas FP LV rm, all utl inc, int acc, cable, W/D, 720-327-6336


Starting at $675/month Call PMP, 303-776-RENT

2 bed,1 ba. ,in 8-plex, laundry, offstreet parking, $620/mo, 970-310-6321 917 Sunset 2BR, 1BA, 2nd flr, inclds heat, water, trash. New carpet, N/P, off street parking $675/mo RMG Realty 303-772-4466 917 SUNSET, 2nd floor, 2 Bdrm, 1 bath, includes heat, wtr & trash. New carpet. $675 No pets. RMG Realty, 303-772-4466

EASTGLEN APTS 630 Lashley, Longmont


1, 2 & 3 BEDROOMS: laundry. Wtr, trash, sewer pd LSVL Very Nice Top Floor 2 BR, 2 BA Condo in Copper Crest. Quiet Area, Nice Amenities & Pool. $1200+dep. 303-666-5546; 720-938-1559 ROOMS & Apartments Weekly/Monthly, from $100/week. Utililties included. (303)931-7108

Townhomes/ 6002 Condos for Rent Cutest TH! End unit, 3 bdrm, 2.5 ba, part fin bsmt, walk to supermrkt & rec ctr. $1195. 303-776-6715

for 6005 RentApts. Furnished SEMI-FURN Rooms/Apts Wkly/mnthly from $100/wk Utils/micro/fridge inc (303)931-7108


6006 for Rent Furnished Mead Area-55+, 2 bdrm, 2 ba, central air, carport. $500 dep, $950/mo + utils. 303-319-4406/438-5707



close to Clark Centennial Park. Large kitchen, sprinkler system & fenced yard. $1495 O R  $ 1 1 9 5 w / g o o d references. Avail. 6/10 32 Nome Court

Call 303-776-7528

NICE! 2 bdrm, 1 ba, remodeled, new ss appls, new carpet, lg liv rm. N Lgmt. No smoke. Close to amenities. $700 + utils. 303-807-6822

for 6005 RentApts. Furnished NO lse,dep or credit chk Wkly/4-wk, 303-776-2185 ALSO RV SITES AVAIL!


Wanted to Rent

Responsible older male needs rural house or apt to rent w/ space for 2 mini donkeys. 303-772-8425 Wanted to Rent Carriage house or 1 bdrm apt for college couple with two cats. Needs affordable rent. 303-772-7715.


Office Space for Lease

2 bdrm apt, just painted, in quiet, no-smkg bldg. Bkgrd chk req. $675/mo 303-682-9273 3BR, 2.5BA, 1 car garage, fenced yard, pets nego, $1125 + dep, close to Lafayette schools 303-548-8434


2-3 Bedroom 1419 Red Mountain 1703 Whitehall Dr 805 Summerhawk 1000 Harmon Place Call PMP, 303-776-RENT


Housemates/ Roommates

1 BDRM $450/mo util inc. Share quiet house w/3, new paint & carpet, WD, 303-719-2197. Lyons Mountain Home Room for rent $450/mo+ utils 775-287-9993 MALE looking for same to share house. Lge rm. Don 720-203-6969 Mature lady to share home w/ same. Your own bdrm & ba. $450/mo + 1/2 utils. N/S 303-776-1081

Rent 750 sq ft of lovely, large Louisville home. Private bedroom, living room & bath. Garage, AC, WD, pool. NP/NS. Must be clean, quiet, responsible. Credit/criminal check $690 + utilities 303-817-3389 * Room $450 w/ utils * Longmont, semi-furn, W/D. Must have job, not 420 friendly. Call 720-340-4126


Rooms for Rent

Room in clean 2 bd. home, W/D, phoneLarge 2 BR, 1 BA in Niwot. / c a b l e / i n t . , storage Homes for Rent DW, heat, hot water in- yard, $575 inc. all w/ Option to Buy cluded $850+ deposit util, 303-702-0643. 4BR, 2BA Brick Bi-Level 303-652-2210

4BR, 2BA Chalet Style House, 2 car garage, schools, fenced yard, 1.75BA, 2 car sprinklers, $1495OR A C , E x c e l l e n t $1195 w/ good refer2137 Sherri Mar ences. Avail. 6/15 lease $1100/mo 1334 Nineteenth Avenue

3BR, gar, cond. 1 yr + dep. 303-319-5794

Apartments for Rent

 1, 2 & 3 BDRM Apartment Homes The Shores Apartments,

• FREE Washer/Dryer & Carport • Wood-burning fireplace • Large balconies/patios • Approved pets accepted • MTM leases available • Within walking distance of shopping, restaurants & RTD • On line leasing available • One bdr, 1 bath starting at $749

6000 *Expires 6/30/11

Exquisite Crestone Retreat!

Apartments for Rent

3 BDRM, 2 BA double wide, $45K, end lot in family park. 303-772-3240

Homes for Sale

Brick Ranch Home 5 Bedrooms and 3 Baths. Remodeled kitchen and baths Great NW location $384,000 303-589-4509


Subterranean 3Room space + private bath, shared laundry/kitchen $600/month, Sheryl 720-253-6097


Wanted to Rent

1BR Apt by retired handyman w/ bldg mngmt exp. Willing to trade off. N/S/P Bkgrd check welcomed. 303-828-3145 Pete


place yoUr ad:

255 WEAVER PARK CLASS “A” second floor office space for lease or sale. Common area, conference room, elevator, mountain views. 1 yr Free Rent!

Don Rulle, CCIM

303-772-2222 1400 SF. professional office suites, 8 offices, waiting room, reception area, storage, all ground floor, plenty of parking. (303)956-1141 500 to 2500 SF, can divide. On site prkg, Good exposure. 303-523-3369 PROFESSIONAL Offices N. Longmont. 150 to 825 SF Single & 3 office suite. All ground level, 2 entr, great prkg. 303-956-1141

DRIVE YOUR WHEELS List your car and

get ready to roll. $10, 3 lines, 30 days Place your ad. Call 303-466-3636 or 970-635-3650 Or visit


Indust./Comm’l for Lease

2500 sq ft office, lobby, warehouse. Avail now, lease nego, 720-684-4200 ask for Terry 912 Second Street Units A, B Berthoud 6120 sq ft $3550/mo. or 4080 sq ft $2375/mo. or 2040 sq ft $1190/mo. Plus Utilities 3 Phase Electric 2367 W. 8th, faces Wilson Loveland 1200 sq ft $950/mo Plus Utilities Light Industrial, Office or Retail Contact Shelley 970-430-4235 WAREHOUSE / SHOP I-25 North, Exit 245, 50’ x 60’, 16’ ceiling, 2 OH doors, 3-phase elect. Rent nego. 303-546-6881

May 28, 2011 Real Estate Transactions are supplied by Prospects Unlimited Inc.,, 303-979-9536.

Longmont • Eric Scamehorn from Kyle Bygott, 2141 Tulip St, Longmont, $187,500, home • Randi Gipson from Maddren Dawson, 801 E 4th Ave, Longmont, $156,500, home • Diane & Timothy Mester from Carol England, 216 Grant St, Longmont, $257,000, home • Guenlen Simons from Fannie Mae, 547 Baker St, Longmont, $102,200, home • Katherine Fuller from Fannie Mae, 24 Empson Dr, Longmont, $128,000, home • Paul Parker from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp, 1114 Neon Forest Cir Unit 4, Longmont, $193,500, condo • Andrew & Theresa MacFarland from Marla Fields, 252 Lincoln St, Longmont, $280,000, home • Alejandro & Janet Ruiz from Gordon Bruce Maxwell Living Trust, 2407 Skysail Ct, Longmont, $265,000, home • Elizabeth Lombardo from Jack Hamill, 1030 Sumac St, Longmont, $191,500, home • Snel Lamas from Zachariah Hicks, 1801 Donovan Dr, Longmont, $169,000, home • Dirty LLC from Vicki Hopp, 2026 Yeager Dr, Longmont, $210,000, home • Habitat Vrain from Gregg Kalbfleisch, 1445 Baker St, Longmont, $200,000, home • James Fox from Alejandro Maldonado, 500 Lashley St Unit 25, Longmont, $120,000, condo • Constance Holland from Thomas Marchitto, 1309 8th Ave, Longmont, $223,000, home • Georgene Andeway from Alan Middendorf, 1602 Geneva Cir, Longmont, $151,500, home • Carolee & Timothy Preston from Nationstar Mortgage LLC, 1142 Venice St, Longmont, $140,000, home • Amy Saucier from US Bank National Association Trust, 142 Stone Canyon Rd, Longmont, $251,300, home • Andrew & Elizabeth Cuffel from Julio Zuniga, 1341 S Grant St, Longmont, $145,500, home • Gregory & Linda Riddoch from

Robert Young, 3656 Stagecoach Rd, Longmont, $98,000, home • Patricia Watson from Lawrence Bearly, 2426 Santa Fe Dr Unit A, Longmont, $242,500, condo • Paula Peacock from Ruth Moore, 2702 Denver Ave, Longmont, $145,000, home • Susan Palmquist from Jeff Adams, 1608 Redfern Pl, Longmont, $195,000, home • Jon Ackerman from Boulder Creek Shadowgrass LLC, 1403 Bluemoon Dr, Longmont, $257,500, home • Cara & Cara Owen from CAS Investments LLC, 468 Greenwood Ln, Longmont, $360,000, home • Sundararajan Sankaranarayana from Steven Castaneda, 4201 Ravenna Pl, Longmont, $315,000, home • Adam Keiswetter from Fannie Mae, 1924 Lincoln St, Longmont, $147,500, home • Mike & Theresa Seader from Fannie Mae, 2010 Diamond Dr, Longmont, $425,000, home • Todd Schroeder from Kip Farnsworth, 931 Granite Ct, Longmont, $186,000, home • Luidmilla Hanks from John Forsgren, 2522 Wedgewood Ave, Longmont, $193,500, home • Michael & Michele Wooten from Jeffrey Kirkpatrick, 2320 Steppe Dr, Longmont, $280,000, home • Jessica Henley from Geralyn Kjosness, 1824 Logan St, Longmont, $174,500, home • Jonathan & Robin Haywood from Lennar Colorado LLC, 1732 Trevor Ct, Longmont, $252,000, home • Tim & Linda Trumble from Gregory Marshall, 4424 Nicklaus Ct, Longmont, $1,188,000, home • Prabhu & Mira Khatri from Christopher Martin, 1747 Sumac St, Longmont, $203,000, home • Gail Bruntjen from Mediterranean Avenue Properties, 235 Bowen St, Longmont, $139,200, home • BC LLC from Six Point Capital LLC, 1893 Caleta Trl, Longmont, $180,000, home Berthoud • Mark Moore from Aspen Leaf Construction LLC, 1408 Mount Meeker Ave, Berthoud, $174,500, home

Simplify 18-1563199



Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly

• Charles Saunderswhite from Moka Investments LLC, 1029 N 2nd St, Berthoud, $175,000, home • John Hager from James Golden, 2090 Luvesta Ct, Berthoud, $757,500, home • Cody & Lisa Farmer from HSBC Bank USA, 2017 S US Highway 287, Berthoud, $195,000, home • Robert & Denise Blegen from Dennis Robbins Carpentry Inc, 1729 Wales Dr, Berthoud, $366,000, home Dacono • Diane & Glenn Wilson from Daniel West, 450 Short Dr, Dacono, $187,000, home Erie • Jerald & Elizabeth Boseman from Siddhartha Datta, 2821 Prince Cir, Erie, $408,800, home • Edward & Heather Hocki from Tim Marco, 1403 Banner Cir, Erie, $269,000, home • Tonya Mueller from Tanya Pierson, 3159 Stevens Cir N, Erie, $480,000, home • Rajeev Sobhitha from Nathan Bogg, 2452 Ivy Way, Erie, $286,000, home • Dwight McNaughton from Taylor Morrison Colo Inc, 1168 Mircos St, Erie, $290,000, home • Diane Sullivan from VRC Devl LLC, 3035 Blue Sky Cir Unit 10-105, Erie, $110,000, condo • Greg & Linda Neighbors from Brandon Wilson, 1496 Hickory Dr, Erie, $283,500, home • Donald Waller from Cartus Corp, 1365 Avgare Way, Erie, $249,000, home • Steven & Racole Nguyen from David Kenny, 2043 Tundra Cir, Erie, $273,000, home • Millicent & H Montgomery from Charles Miller, 173 Garfield Ln, Erie, $366,500, home • Lauren & Christophe Martin from Ben Ringle, 1461 Hickory Ct, Erie, $263,000, home Fort Lupton • Michael & Lauren Claypool from Robert Anderson, 1008 Pacific Way, Fort Lupton, $105,000, home • Zachary Bruns from Bell Bros LLC, 1006 Pacific Way, Fort Lupton, $105,500, home • Jorge & Aurora Longoria from Troy

Hernandez, 640 S Grand Ave, Fort Lupton, $165,000, home • Michael Mull from Guillermo Banuelos, 903 Greenwood Ct, Fort Lupton, $90,000, home Firestone • Ronald & Patrici Rogers from Richmond American Homes Colo Inc, 4714 Scenic Ave, Firestone, $260,000, home • Andrew & Karis Gathje from Wells Fargo Bank, 10367 Cherryvale St, Firestone, $196,500, home Frederick • Patrick Evanoski from KBD Homes Inc, 6516 Steeple Rock Dr, Frederick, $339,000, home • Richard & Angela Bates from KBD Homes Inc, 6309 Spring Gulch St, Frederick, $255,000, home • Nathan & Kellie Dutcher from Hunter Homes Corp, 5508 Mustang Dr, Frederick, $390,000, home • David & Zulema Castillo from Wayne Delaronde, 5112 Mt Buchanan Ave, Frederick, $200,300, home Lyons • Ed & Sharon Cole from Steve Fankhouser, 2186 Blue Mountain Trl, Lyons, $389,000, home • Marcus Richardson from Fannie Mae, 113 Choctaw Rd, Lyons, $175,100, home Niwot • Scott Palo from Aurora Loan Services LLC, 8542 Waterford Way, Niwot, $630,000, home • Hugh & Wendy Crawford from Todd Elmers, 7614 Crestview Dr, Niwot, $750,000, home • William Crisco from Roger Hume, 6900 Peppertree Dr, Niwot, $436,000, home • Merion & Paul Gibb from Margaret Wilson, 8091 Meadowdale Sq, Niwot, $292,000, home Foreclosures – notice of election and demand • Borrower: Mary Alverson, Lender: Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, Amount: $439,510, Property: 6346 Marron Dr, Berthoud, Filed: 05/18/11 • Borrower: JMPS Corp LLC, Lender: BAC Home Loans Servicing LP, Amount: $86,638, Property: 1400 Stockton Dr, Erie, Filed: 05/12/11

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May 28, 2011


Open Sat 10-12

1618 Otis Dr.

621 Glenarbor Cir.





Jonelle Tucker/Coldwell Banker • 303-902-6250 1571157

4 Bed, 3 Bath, 5112 sq. ft. Great home directly on Ute Creek Golf Course with mountain views & southern exposure.

Chris Freeman/ERA Tradewind • 303-478-0300

Open Sat 1-3

Open Sat & Sun 12-5pm

1665 Venice Ln

1769 Montgomery

SW Longmont


$208,778 • 303-502-5338

Day Saturday & Sunday Saturday & Sunday Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday Sunday

Price $208,778 $249,900 $275,000 $275,900 $379,900 $559,000 $795,000




1,400 Sq.Ft., Dual Master Suites, 2.5 Baths, 2 Car Attached Garage. Under Construction. Low-Maintenance, Built Green, Energy Star Rated

ONLY $49!


2-3 BD/2BA, Spacious and open, 3 car garage, huge basement, near golf, in popular Shadow Grass Park!



Chris Freeman / ERA Tradewind - 303-478-0300

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Call Thais Hafer 303.513.5597 • or Susan Lind 303.473.1452 • Location Longmont Longmont Longmont Longmont Longmont Longmont Longmont

Address 1665 Venice Lane 15th and Francis 1618 Otis Drive 441 Vivian St 621 Glenarbor Cir. 1769 Montgomery 4018 Portofino Dr


Hours 12-5 PM 11-6 PM 2-5 PM 11-1pm 10-2 PM 1-3 PM 2-4pm

Office Boulder Creek Life & Home Markel Homes Coldwell Banker/Tucker Re/Max Traditions/Kokenzie ERA Tradewind/Freeman ERA Tradewind/Freeman Equity CO/Umbreit

Phone 303-502-5338 303-589-5752 303-902-6250 303-775-1084 303-478-0300 303-478-0300 303-579-0970

“Working with Tommy was great and he saved us over $5,000 on the price of our house in commission fees alone!” ~ Cathy H. of Westminster



* Clients receive at least half of the buy-side commission that I receive... which is typically 2.8% of the purchase price of the home. While individual results will vary, this generally means that clients will get back at least 1.4% of purchase price. The commission rebate is provided as a credit at closing, requiring buyers to bring less cash to the closing table.

303.376.6111 t o m m y @ s l i c e r e a l t y. c o m

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