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May 8, 2010


Gardens Add beauty to your garden with plants

Cosigning a mortgage makes you liable Get vegetables planted for your garden


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May 8, 2010

Plant pots for container vegetables

Carol O’Meara Colorado State University Extension

Apartment living doesn’t mean you can’t have your own vegetable garden. Growing crops in pots is easy as long as you have a plan and outdoor space; all you need is a balcony with a bit of sunlight, a pot or two and the will to water, and you’re on your way to fresh, homegrown produce. Most vegetables need six to eight hours of sunlight daily, so put your plants in the sunniest location you have, adding supplemental light if your balcony is on the north side of the building. Then shop containers, keeping in mind that almost anything will work – you don’t have to spend a lot. When choosing pots, make certain they have drainage holes. To avoid problems from leaching lead, go with pots that don’t have a glaze on the inside. Clay, plastic, metal, wood – the choice is yours, but be aware that you’ll need to pay close attention to watering plants that are in porous pots, which wick moisture away faster than plastic, metal or glass. Vegetables need plenty of root space to be productive. Full size tomatoes do best in 5-gallon pots while dwarf varieties can be planted in small, 2-gallon containers. Lettuce, chard or spinach like to spread out, so put them in wide, shallower pots of 10-inch diameter. If vining crops catch your fancy and you want to plant cucumbers, squash or melons, give them the

deep soil of 5-gallon pots and plenty of room to ramble. Balcony gardeners can think vertical by giving smaller melons a trellis to climb and sling the fruit in a hammock of old pantyhose to keep the fruit from tearing off the vine. Prevent problems with soil pests or salt build up by using fresh, clean potting soil; don’t reuse soil left over from last year. Once you’ve planted your pots, remember they’re now dependent upon you to provide for their needs. Containerized plants need water more often, requiring a drink at least once or, in hot weather, twice per day. You need to feed them too, which means fertilizer, because they can’t access naturally occurring nutrients. Balanced fertilizers are best; if you’d like to add a timed release into your soil mix, blend it in well before planting, following the ratios for mixing on the label. But don’t be fooled into thinking that adding slow release fertilizer will take care of the plant all summer; warm temperatures and moist soil will exhaust that fertilizer more quickly than the package suggests. Plan on giving it a small boost of liquid fertilizer in mid season, just as it begins to produce fruit. What varieties should you plant? Depending on the size of your containers, look for compact plants. Most peppers are perfect for pots, as well as Spacemaster cucumber or Pot of Gold chard. Sever-

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Carol O’Meara is a horticulture entomologist with the Colorado State University Extension office at the Boulder County Fairgrounds in Longmont. Contact her by calling 303-6786238 or e-mailing For more gardening tips, check out her blog at gardeningafterfive

By Helaine Fendelman and Joe Rosson



Don’t forget to plant a row for the hungry, or in this case, a pot for the hungry and donate produce to the food banks. You can be part of the national drive to help ease hunger by registering your pledge to donate food at WesternGardeners .com, a blog by garden writer Jodi Torpey (




For a list of vegetables that do well in containers and more tips on potted success, check out the Ohio State University Fact Sheet, ohioline.osu .edu/hyg-fact/1000/1647.html.

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Plenty of tomatoes do well in containers. Try Early Girl or Celebrity for slicers, Sweet 100 or Tomatoberry for cherries. The list for tomatoes in containers is a long one; it’s best to check out the habit of the plant before you buy it.



al All America Selections are wonderful: Carmen pepper, purple Hansel and white Gretel eggplants, or Honey Bear acorn squash. Bush beans like Blue Lake or Contender do well, and your garden won’t be complete without a zucchini or two, so pop in a Richgreen hybrid.

Dear I.M.L.: These useful storage units first came into general use in the 17th century in Holland, but before that, clothing was stored in boxes and chests of drawers. This type of furniture is known by different names, depending on the country of origin or stylistic influence. For instance, kast is a Dutch word for this type of clothes cupboard. The French word is armoire, which originally was a non-portable piece of furniture fitted with shelves and hooks. However, because we feel that the piece in today’s question originated in Germany, we will use the German word – schrank – from here on. The term derives from the medieval “shranke,” meaning a wall closing off a niche. From the 17th century onward in central

and southern Germany, the schrank became a central decorative focus in the home. This style of clothes closet became popular initially with urban dwellers because it provided a way to keep fashionable clothing in better wearing condition than a chest. Many schranks were made during the 19th century, but this example – with its neoclassical images and Italian Renaissance design – appears to be from the late 18th century, which is more rare and more desirable to many collectors. If we are correct, this piece has an insurance-replacement value of $6,000 to $9,000. But recent reports say that kasten, armoires and schranks are declining in value because these items are no longer used to store or hide electronic equipment, their main use in the modern world. Helaine Fendelman and Joe Rosson are the authors of “Price It Yourself” (HarperResource, $19.95). Contact them at Treasures in Your Attic, P.O. Box 27540, Knoxville, TN 37927. E-mail them at

May 8, 2010

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Add beauty to your landscape with containers of plants By Nikki Downs Longmont Times-Call

Container gardening expands horizons for city dwellers and country homeowners alike. Without being restricted by ground space, light sources or planting bed locations, a well-planned pot or barrel allows you to create a virtually controlled environment that can enhance a tiny apartment balcony or a spacious backyard and patio. Both aesthetically pleasing and a great way to minimize the harshness of outdoor horticulture, containers let you control everything from light source and heat levels to fertilizers and plant location. “Life is much easier if you just grow it in a container,” says Ryan Schmitt, annuals manager of The Flower Bin Garden Center and Nursery in Longmont. Styles vary as well, and with a little creativity and resourcefulness the most unexpected objects, containers and ideas can turn into a summer haven of greenery. “You are only limited by your imagination,” Schmitt says. Container Types Past years have shown a broad array of unique containers, including old-fashioned boots, bathtubs, wheelbarrows and anything else that held dirt and water with a drainage source. And while this style clearly still suits some gardeners, Schmitt says such unique gadgets filled with flowers are less trendy now. With a few exceptions, the basic pot, large barrel or box container dominate garden patios and yards. One of these exceptions is the concept of water gardens, created with a series of water-tight barrels or large glazed bowls. The possibilities for this new style are virtually endless, and on-

When choosing a container don’t just think functional, but fun too. (Paul Litman)

Kristi Ritter Summer Stair

Vertical Gardens An exciting new development in con-

Vertical gardens offer a new alternative to containers and give gardeners the chance to grow plants on the wall. Top: Container gardening can include mixed edibles and floral arrangements. (Paul Litman)

ly recently being realized. Done correctly, Schmitt says, water gardens recreate ponds and bring an added element of nature to the garden. Some include tiered bowls or different levels, with a power head and fountain connecting each. Potting benches are also a popular source of economy and decoration. Used mainly as a platform to start seedlings before transplanting them, many gardeners take this function-based tool and turn it into something permanent. Like any other container, these work well for an organized, focused theme. A small veggie garden, certain perennials or other shallow rooted plants look quite at home on this easy access work table. Fairy gardening, which consists of creating fairy scenes out of mini plants and accessories is also a possible use for potting benches. Although trends have shifted away from unique potting with household items and toward traditional containers, Schmitt still encourages gardeners to think outside the box.

tainer gardening, as well as cutting edge business decor is vertical gardens. Be it a unique form of artwork or a gardener’s challenge, the concept of plants growing on a wall is intriguing to just about anyone. Healther Baltrush of Boulder has been gaining experience and spreading interest about this garden style since she began experimenting with it. Vertical gardens start like any other garden, as seedlings planted in a horizontal tray divided into compartments. As the plants grow, small holes in each of the dividing walls allow the roots to intertwine with the structure itself and with each other. Three to six months later, when the tray is tipped on its side and hung on a wall, the roots have effectively prevented the dirt from falling out, and the plants can continue to grow on the wall. The small holes that originally provided the plant roots with something to grip onto during the horizontal to vertical transition continue to serve an equally vital purpose now. From a trough at the top of the structure, a water line is strung, allowing water to drip onto the plants, trickling down from compartment to compartment through the holes. As many as 180 plants can be planted and watered in a 3-by-10 foot vertical garden, eventually creating a tapestry of thick, lush foliage growing on a wall. For a beautiful new twist on wall art and container gardening, don’t be limited by regular pots and gardening spaces. Always think outside the box, looking even so far as growing plants on the walls themselves.

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On the Cover A mix of edibles and floral make this container at The Flower Bin multifunctional. (Paul Litman/Times-Call)



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CARHOF grant applications now available The Longmont Association of Realtors has funds available for qualified Longmont nonprofit organizations that provide housing services to moderate to low-income persons. Grant applications will be accepted through June 3. CARHOF, a nonprofit foundation created by the Colorado Association of Realtors, collects interest from earnest money held in home purchases. By law, brokers cannot earn interest on escrow trust accounts. With CARHOF, however, the interest can be collected and made available as grants supporting crisis shelters, affordable housing developments, down payment assistance programs and other housing-related projects. To be eligible for funds, organizations must be based in Colorado, have a housing-related mission, and be a nonprofit agency with a 501(c)3 status or a public agency. “2010 is CARHOF’s 20th year of providing financial support for affordable housing projects, and thousands in Colorado have benefited from CARHOF grants. To date, the foundation has distributed $6.8 million statewide to over 100 nonprofit and public agencies,� says Rodney Carlson, local chairperson for CARHOF. Deliver grant applications to the Longmont Association of Realtors office at 420 Kimbark St. For more information, call 303-772-5555.

May 8, 2010

Make your floor sparkle By Mary Carol Garrity Scripps Howard News Service

I have hardwood flooring in nearly every room of my old home, and while I love the charm of wood floors, they can be a bit chilly at times. My cold feet have given me just the excuse I’ve needed to invest in area rugs to warm up each room. As I’ve experimented with different sizes, shapes and styles, I’ve learned a few important lessons about how to pick the perfect rugs. Hold Out for True Love I think of area rugs as artwork. They bring color, texture, style and personality to a space. Don’t ever purchase an area rug just because it has the right colors for your room or is the right size. Rugs can be expensive, so chances are, you’ll be living with your choice for many years. So hold out for a rug that captivates you and complements the room. My quest for the perfect area rugs for my home has led me to Kalaty Rug Corp., which is located in the heart of the rug district in New York City. I’m head over heels in love with their Soumak collection because these classic beauties look just like the old Persian rugs I fawn over in antique stores but could never afford. When you find a rug that steals your heart, make sure it also features outstanding craftsmanship so it will look fabulous for years. You’d hate to invest so much in a rug only to have it look faded, worn and matted in a few years.

Get the Right Size One of the biggest mistakes people make is purchasing an area rug that is too small for the space. This cost-saving measure usually doesn’t pay off in the long run because an incorrectly sized rug can throw off the look of the entire room. To determine what size rug you’ll need, decide where your furnishings will be placed. If the furniture will rim the room, your area rug should measure 1 or 2 feet smaller than the room’s perimeter. If your furniture grouping will float in the center of the room, perhaps in front of a fireplace, your rug should be large enough so the front legs of your furniture can rest on it. Similarly, in your dining room, don’t make the mistake of getting a rug that’s the same size as your tabletop. Add 18 inches to each side to accommodate your chairs.

Give Your Rugs a lot of TLC Once you invest in a gorgeous rug, treat it right so it will look lovely for years to come. Start by putting a high-quality pad under the rug because the right pad can double the lifespan of a rug, especially if the rug is in a high-traffic area. Sunlight can slowly leach the color out of a rug, so if your rug is in a sunny room, close the window shades when the sun is beating down directly on the rug. When cleaning your rug, sweep or vacuum on low suction and never vacuum against the nap of the rug. Check with the manufacturer for recommendations on how to treat stains. But when accidents happen, clean the stain immediately, before it has a chance to set in, working from the outside of the stain in to keep the stain from spreading.

Shiny Boy watermelons win top picks




Well-chosen area rugs are a great way to introduce style, color and pattern to a room. (SHNS/Courtesy Landon Collis)

*XDUDQW\ %DQN 18-147218

In a taste test against comparisons, Shiny Boy won. Judges favored the sweet tropical flavor and crisp texture. A red fleshed melon with dark seeds; this globe-shaped melon weighed about 20 pounds, some larger. The hybrid plants are vigorous; vines can grow up to 12 feet. Shiny Boy can be grown vertically so that a large yard for a vegetable garden is not needed. Judges noted a high yield and generally healthy plants, tolerant of severe weather. It is an art form to determine when melons are ripe for harvest but plan to check plants in about 75 days from transplanting for mature fruit. Shiny Boy is earlier than other varieties. This AAS Winner can be grown successfully in any geo-

graphic region with warm summer growing conditions.

How to Grow In northern areas, sow seed 4 weeks prior to last frost date. Sow seed directly into peat pots filled with soilless mix that has been well-watered and allowed to drain. Cover with media and maintain 75 degrees. Wrap in plastic to maintain uniform moisture. Germination will occur in 7 to 14 days. Keep warm, transplant after soil and air temperatures warm or protect from cool night temperatures. In areas with long growing seasons, seed may be sown directly into prepared garden soil. â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Special to the Times-Call

May 8, 2010

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Check outdoor appliances After a winter in which all 50 states saw snow, many Americans are looking forward to spring. And for those homeowners with outdoor gas appliances, a quick safety review can help them get a jump on enjoying time outdoors. Before firing up the gas grill or rolling out your portable patio heater this spring, first make sure your propane appliances are in their proper place and in good condition. PERC recommends the following checklist to help homeowners keep their outdoor living spaces safe and enjoyable. • Keep burnable materials like dry grass, wood or debris at least 10 feet away from propane tanks and cylinders. Never burn wood, coal or anything other than propane in a propane fire pit. • Never store tanks or cylinders inside buildings, including garages or sheds. • Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the appliance you’re using, including where to place the unit, how to connect it to a cylinder and how to use, clean and store

Fairy gardens are a fun way to display plants in a container. (Paul Litman)

“Trendy isn’t for everybody,” he says. “If you like it and think it’s pretty, go for it. Who’s to say it’s not?” Boulder master gardener Heather Baltrush made good use of old wine barrels and used interior design containers for container gardening. Content Types As trends favor traditional pots, people are looking to change things up by focusing more on what grows inside the pot instead of the container itself. Instead of a burst of many colors, choosing several plants of the same color or hue might be a nice change of pace. Creating a lot of attention for one large display of foliage draws the eye and could clean up a patio nicely. However, both Schmitt and Baltrush see no reason to limit containers to flowers. Herb gardens, salsa gardens, salad gardens and basic vegetable gardens turn out to be an economical way to save money, as well. Flowers are pretty, but planting vegetable gardens provide both food and color to your backyard. Growing Tips Whether you choose traditional or unique pots and regardless of ornamental or vegetable content, all container plants are going to have the same basic needs as plants in the ground. Pot size, sunlight, pot material

and fertilizers all play an important role in the success of the plant. For starters, it is crucial to plant in a pot that allows room for growth. Overcrowding your pots may look good in the beginning but will not last long when the roots run out of space. Roots need air, so be sure to use a pot that will allow the soil to remain loose and moveable. Providing this space for the plant while it is young will pay off in the end. Sunlight is obviously an important factor, and the dry Colorado climate makes it especially important. Knowing what plants work well under different amounts of sunlight can determine the success of your potted plant. Carefully choose plants that can survive direct sunlight. And if they can’t, take the liberty of moving the pot to a shadier location. Finally, water and drainage is an absolute must, and due to the dry climate people are more likely to run the risk of having too little water than too much. Baltrush has found that although rough terracotta pots are affordable and easy to come by, plants dry out quickly. Her best success has come from glazed pots that trap moisture better than basic terracotta. As far as creativity goes, it is entirely up to you what you do with your container pots. Be it crazy and unique or chic and resourceful, taking gardening from the unforgiving ground to containers will only make life easier.




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it. Fire pits and heaters need varying amounts of clearance, depending on the model. In general, allow at least 3 feet of clearance on all sides. • Have your propane fire pit inspected by a professional every year. • Before lighting your propane grill for the first time in the spring, check the cooking grid and warming rack to be sure both are in their proper place. Clean the grid, the interior of the grill and the burner (following the manufacturer’s instructions) with a wire brush or scraper to remove any built-up food. And remember, always keep the top open when lighting a propane grill. • If the igniter fails to light the grill after two or three tries, turn off the gas and replace the igniter according to the manufacturer’s instructions. • When it’s time to refill or replace a propane cylinder, stow it upright in your vehicle in a well-ventilated area, not the trunk. Return home directly after refilling. • Replace any tank that has holes, dents, rusted weak spots, cracks or other damage, or is past its expiration date.

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May 8, 2010

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Think twice before cosigning a mortgage Q: I have a complicated real estate money. Frequently, they made a good profquestion for you. My boyfriend is reit. cently divorced. He needs to refinance These days, homeowners might take a his mortgage to buy out his ex-spouse, loss upon the sale of a home, and it could as per his divorce agreement. take months or even years until you find a They have agreed upon this; however, buyer. You need to understand the consehe is unable to refiquences of buying a nance without a home with your cosigner, namely, me. boyfriend, particularly His lender will not alif you don’t have plans low me to cosign unto marry soon. less my name is on the If you have thought deed, and of course through the relationhis ex does not want ship, including possible him to put me on the breakup scenarios and deed. how you and he would Ilyce Glink & Sam Tamkin handle the home upon Can he put me on Tribune Media Services that breakup, you the deed without her permission? What are should then have a docthe implications for me if I cosign the ument put together that formalizes what mortgage but do not go on the deed? would happen in that scenario. Can we use a quitclaim deed to put my It may be that he’s putting up all the name on the property after? money to buy the home, but it’s your credit I have researched quitclaim deeds that he’s using to get the loan. You’re bringand cannot find the answer to this. ing a lot to the table and taking a big risk. A: Your question is not complicated. If you cosign the loan, you should be an First, your boyfriend’s ex-spouse cannot owner of the property. prevent you from being on the title to the If he doesn’t agree to recognize your property. She’s given up the right to dictate contribution to the deal, you and he might the terms of your boyfriend’s life. be better off renting a home until the two But there are some significant issues you of you decide to get married and buy a new should think about with regard to cosignhome together. ing the mortgage. Once you cosign the You shouldn’t cosign a loan and not be mortgage with your boyfriend, you and he on the title to the home. You should know will be connected by this real estate deal. that in some states, the lender can come afIf he fails to make payments on the ter you alone for repayment on the loan mortgage, your credit will be hurt. If you should your boyfriend fail to make the and he break up, you won’t be able to get payments. You need to be on the title to your name off the mortgage unless he refiprotect your interests. nances the home. If your name is on the title, the home Cosigning a mortgage is an important can’t be sold unless you sign the sale docudecision, and you should make sure you ments. If your name is on the title, the loan are in a committed long-term relationship. on the home can’t be refinanced unless you You must consider what would happen if sign the refinance loan documents. you and he do terminate the relationship Samuel J. Tamkin is a Chicago-based real estate atunder less than pleasant conditions. torney. IIlyce R. Glink’s latest book is “Buy, Close, Years ago, when real estate was hot, peoMove In!” If you have questions for them, write: ple bought homes together and if there Real Estate Matters Syndicate, P.O. Box 366, Glenwere relationship problems it was easy to coe, IL 60022 or contact them through Glink’s Web site at get out of the home, sell it and split the

Fixing an ice maker Q: The ice coming from our refrigerator’s icemaker has developed a funny taste. What causes this, and what can be done about it? A: Odors in refrigerators and freezers tend to accumulate and show up in the ice. First, remove any spoiled foods and clean the refrigerator and freezer according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Also, check the owner’s manual. Manuals often have a troubleshooting section to help deal with problems such as poor-quality ice. – Karen Youso, Star Tribune

May 8, 2010

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and to the countertop with a roller. Remember: A heavy, even coat will ensure maximum adhesion of the decorative chips. After the base coat has been applied, spray the countertop with the wetting agent. While the surface is still wet, apply the decorative chips with the chip dispenser that’s included in the kit. Allow it to dry overnight. Step 3: Apply the protective top coat: Remove excess decorative chips from the surface with a hand brush or vacuum and carefully sand to create a smooth, even surface. Remove painter’s tape and wipe down the surface with a damp, lint-free cloth. Mask off sink and adjacent areas again and you’re ready for the top coat. Use a brush to apply the protective top coat to the backsplash and front edge and a 6-inch high density foam roller to apply a heavy, even coat to the countertop. It will dry to the touch in four to six hours and be ready for light use in 48 hours; fully cured in seven days. It’s that simple. Countertop Transformations is available in a variety of on-trend finishes to coordinate with any decor – including today’s most sought-after neutrals. Available exclusively at Lowe’s, its antimicrobial finish that will not mold or mildew and is non-yellowing and can stand up to years of wear and tear.

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End of homebuyer tax credit unlikely to deter local buyers

Transform your kitchen countertop There’s nothing quite like the look of a new countertop to give a kitchen style and personality. Perhaps that’s why countertop replacement ranked second only to cabinet replacement when homeowners considered a kitchen remodeling project. Unfortunately, with countertop prices at $10 to $30 per square foot for laminate and up to $200 per square foot for high-end granite, countertop replacement can be a real budget buster. But what if you could transform your outdated laminate countertop without the time, mess or expense associated with replacing it? Now, it’s easy thanks to innovative, do-it-yourself coating systems like Modern Masters Countertop Transformations. “Homeowners today are looking for countertop materials that are durable and functional, yet appeal to their sense of style. Since the kitchen occupies a highly visible space in most homes, some homeowners would rather delay replacement than settle for anything less,” says brand manager Ashley Lehrmann. “Fortunately, now there’s an affordable alternative that gives old laminate countertops a premium designer finish without the expense or mess associated with replacement.” Countertop Transformations replicates the look of today’s most sought after countertop materials – like natural stone – and gives old laminate countertops a durable finish in less than a weekend – for less than $275. And, the system is so easy to use that anyone who can paint can get beautiful results in three simple steps. Step 1: Prepare the countertop for coating: Clean your countertop thoroughly with soap and water and wipe dry. Thoroughly sand the surface with the diamond embedded sanding tool included in the kit and wipe it down with a damp, lint-free cloth. Step 2: Apply the adhesive base coat and decorative chips: Apply the adhesive base coat to the backsplash and front edge with a 2-inch brush

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The expiration of the 2010 Homebuyer Tax Credits on April 30 is unlikely to put off Longmont residents looking to purchase homes, according to Prudential Rocky Mountain Realtors. This reflects the results of a new Prudential Real Estate and Relocation Services Inc. national survey which reveals that consumers believe now is a good time to buy and are confident that home prices will rise. The survey of 1,000 Americans between the ages of 25 and 64 with at least $35,000 household income was conducted during April 15 to 20. In the national survey, more than 90 percent of consumers believe that the homebuyer tax credits have helped both first-time homebuyers and the United States housing market overall. Among consumers actually shopping for homes, 65 percent believe that the end of the tax credits will have little or no effect on their interest in purchasing a home. While consumers remain unsure about the direction of the housing market, the survey reveals that they are optimistic about real estate values with 46 percent of consumers expecting real estate prices in their area to increase throughout the next year. Just 12 percent expect prices will decline. Throughout the next five years, 79 percent expect real estate prices to increase, with 20 percent expecting that prices will increase substantially. “The federal homebuyer tax credits clearly played an important role on a national and local level,” says Don Rulle of Prudential Rocky Mountain Realtors. “The survey data shows that overall consumers believe the market has hit bottom and are more optimistic about the future.” Survey respondents identified concerns about rising mortgage in-

terest rates and unemployment as the most important factors affecting their decision to purchase a home, along with more stringent lending criteria and fewer mortgage-backed securities purchased by the Federal Reserve. The expiration of the tax credits placed lowest on their list of concerns. Among those who have recently purchased a home, 61 percent cited low mortgage interest rates as “very important” to their decisions – an amount greater than either the tax credit or even cheaper prices. The 66 percent expecting interest rates to rise underscores potential headwinds for the market. Despite the significant downturn in the real estate market, the survey underscores that the dream of home ownership and the perception that owning a home is a good investment remain intact. Among current renters, 75 percent still believe owning their home is a better long-term choice for their needs than renting. The majority of consumers also believe that homeownership is a better investment than individual stocks or bonds (75 percent), mutual funds (72 percent) or savings accounts (74 percent). “While the tax credits clearly helped stimulate the market, the more pressing concerns of people looking at homes in the Longmont area are the availability and cost of financing, as well as if they will have a job,” Rulle says. “Despite the market downturn, consistent with the national survey data, the majority of our clients are more confident and, importantly, continue to believe that owning a home is a good investment.” The Prudential Real Estate Outlook Survey was conducted online. The margin of error is+/- 3 percent. A more detailed breakdown of the data is available, as well as supporting charts and visuals, at

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Update your kitchen on a budget

May 8, 2010

We all want the finer things in life, but while many of us have expensive tastes, we don’t always have lavish budgets. And, when it comes to updating the kitchen, many items can have large price tags. With a little creativity you can achieve a cost-conscious kitchen remodel that gives you maximum enjoyment on a minimal budget.

light fixtures? If so, updating these can instantly make your home look stylish. Home improvement retailers offer a variety of stylish and affordable choices in popular finishes, such as stainless steel or old world bronze. Or, turn your current lighting fixtures from brass to beautiful by spray painting them with a new contemporary finish.

Finished Look for Less Does your kitchen have shiny brass

Fashionable, Functional Focal Point Most kitchens have a basic faucet –

but as the focal point and most-used item in the kitchen, updating this mainstay can create a functional and fashionable change. When selecting a new kitchen faucet, look for a high-arc style with pulldown functionality. Models such as the Moen Anabelle Eco-Performance faucet feature this unique design – with the added benefit of up to 32 percent water savings. The multi-function wand offers both a fast-fill stream for filling

pots, as well as two Eco-Performance sprays that conserve water while allowing you to complete everyday tasks such as washing dishes or making food.

Sensational Shelves While adding new cabinetry can solve your storage issue, it can be costly. Instead, build exposed shelves to give your kitchen a more updated look and an open, airy feel. – Article Resource Association

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Hover Manor Senior Apartment Residence 1401 Elmhurst Dr. • 303-772-9292









Secure building, quiet neighborhood, meal program, transportation, utilities paid, appliances & cable TV included, 62 yrs & older; vouchers accepted.

Victoria Inn 2400 17th Ave. • 303-772-4667



1, 2

1, 1¾




(in each apartment)

A/C, D/W, cable ready, balcony or deck, carport, outdoor pool, close to shopping & bus stop.

Ute Creek Apartments 1100 E 17th Ave. • 303-684-6821



1, 2

1, 2



Full SIze in each apartment


Move-In Specials, senior and other discounts. Fireplace, pool & spa, 24-hour fitness, garages. Close to shopping.

The Shores 2450 Airport Rd. • 303-774-8000


$100 $200 $300

1,2,& 3 Studios

1, 2

Yes (Short Term Avail.)





Gas fireplaces, 24 hr. fitness center, heated pool & hot tub, A/C, business center, gourmet kitchens, detached garages. *On selected apartments.

Cloverbasin Village 630 Peck Dr. • 888-837-4912



3-bdrm. townhomes




(65 lbs limit)


(& rental available)

Elliott Apartments 418 Emery St. Longmont, CO 80501 303-772-6452 Fox Ridge Apartments 3800 Pike Rd., Longmont, CO 80503 303-774-9944



1, 2, 3

1, 2



Pets Neg.




1, 2, 3

1, 2

(Short Term Avail.)






Tanglewood Adult Rental Condominiums 100 21st Ave., Longmont, CO 80501 303-774-0300



1, 2

1, 2








Convenient location, pet friendly, garages available, 24-hour maintenance In historic Longmont, large trees, quiet neighborhood on-site parking & storage. Close to RTD. Heat included.


Island kitchens, garden tubs, gas fireplaces, double balconies, two tone paint, gated community. Close to schools & newest community in Longmont.

All utilities & cable paid, sec. bldg., elevator, W/D in every unit, transpor(in every tation, social events. HUGE amenities unit) package, quiet 55+ community. Call for incentives!


Reach over 44,000 readers each week with your ad in the Times-Call Apartment/Condo Directory. Call Lisa or Sue in Classifieds today at 303-776-7440

May 8, 2010

Call : 303-776-7440

FAX : 303-772-8339 Online : Email : Deadline to place classifieds ad in Real Estate Liner Ads: Thursday 3pm Display Ads: Tuesday 3pm

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Monday-Friday - 8am to 5pm 350 Terry Street Longmont, CO 80501 Apartments, Condos & Townhouses, Duplexes, Houses, Commercial, Retail etc...

Local & Out of Town Real Estate, Farms, Ranches, Acreages etc...

We accept cash, checks &

Apartments/ Apartments/ Apartments/ Apartments/ Apartments/ Apartments/ Duplexes 4060 Unfurnished 4030 Unfurnished 4030 Unfurnished 4030 Unfurnished 4030 Unfurnished 4030 Unfurnished 4030 ●2032 Collyer •1 & 2 BDRM ✭ $550-$675 FREE Heat 1060 17th Ave, Habla Espanol 720-327-8918 ● 1-2 BDRM- remod, N/S ● A/C, lndry, off st pkng ● $625-$775, 303-444-0501

1 BDRM, Coin-op lndry, off st pkng, pets ok $525. 303-431-0027 or 303-941-2158.

1 & 2 BDRM´s AVAIL Large, sunny, quiet bldg. 1 BDRM ON $600-700/mo, heat inc. N/P COFFMAN Don 303-881-1960 $525. On-site laundry, A/C, off-st pkng. N/S. 1333 SUMNER, 2 bdrm, Avail now. (303)651-2881 1 ba, $735, pets ok, D/W, W/D hkup. Avail Now. 1 BDRM - Nice inside, ● 1 BDRM- short term. FPM 303-443-6064 W/D. All utils paid ~ $600. Incl utils, TV, DSL, dishes. Avail Now. (303)834-9949 No Smk/Pets. (303)570-0402 ● 1431 STUART 1 bdrm, 1 bath, 2nd flr, NO lease, dep or credit chk heat/water pd, off-street Wkly/mnthly • 303-776-2185 park. coin-op lndry $535/ 1st FLOOR 1 bdrm apt • ALSO RV SITES AVAIL! m o . R M G R e a l t y Quiet area, lndry nr 23rd & Main. Sorry no pets, $550 (303)772-4466 Top Realty, (303)931-6423

Apartments/ Furnished 4010

Apartments/ Unfurnished 4030

● 1438 STUART 1 bdrm, 1 bath, 2nd flr, 2 BDRM, 1 ba, lg sunny & water pd, carport. $535/mo. quiet, WD, A/C, balcony, RMG Realty (303)772-4466 strg! No pets. 2041 Meadow Dr. $725 303-443-4308 000 APP FEE! NEWER! 2BR, 1BA, 1 gar, A/C, D/W, 1 BDRM, 1 car gar, gas DACONOLarge 2 bdrm. heat, A/C, W/D hkup. $600 W/D hkup, N/S/P. $700 + dep. No pets. 1321 Emery $700/mo, incl sewer/wtr & plus dep, lse. Avail 6/15 trash. Lndry facilities St Apt b. (303)776-1287 or 732 Delaware avail. N/P. (970)420-1363 (303)747-2219 303-823-5763 or 303-588-9818



Starting at $450, some with Starting at $550, some with Move-in Specials! Move-in Specials! Call PMP, 303-776-RENT Call PMP, 303-776-RENT

1 & 2 BDRM Apt Homes Fox Ridge Apts Premier Gated Community. Pets OK! For Info & Specials Call (303)774-9944



1 Bd From $565 2 Beds From $610 Great Location Large Units Park Like Setting Ample Parking A/C & Pool


CLOVERBASIN VILLAGE 1-888-837-4912 630 Peck DriveLongmont West on Nelson/Airport Rd ▼1 Bedroom, 1 Bath AS LOW AS $699 ▼2 Bedroom, 2 Bath AS LOW AS $765 ▼3 Bedroom, 2 Bath Starting @ $815! ▼3 Bedroom Townhouses Starting at $857!

QUAIL VILLAGE 303-485-0065

1 Bedroom- $525! 2 Bedroom- $600! Secure bldg, swimming pool, A/C, on-site laundry. Call PMP, 303-776-RENT



Lanyon Park Apartments 1 br/1 ba $545, 3 br/1.5 ba $695, range, refrig, D/W, laundry fac., near bus & stores. Call on-site mgr Dan 720-494-2955 or Mock 303-497-0668. www. LOFT STUDIO APT. All appl. & utilities inc. Newly painted and redec. $850/mo. 303-833-2016, 720-224-3083

Old Town Efficiency, storage, wood floors, 425 Terry, $440 1 BD´s, coin laundry, Your Choice, $460-$475 2 BD, 1 ba, cn lndry, 2X pkng, 2 Ash Ct #13, $575 2 BD, W/D hkp, new paint/carpet, wood flr, 1851 Emery #1, #2 $655 Alert Realty 303-776-5156

New Extented Stay Hotel

●ASK ABOUT OUR MONTHLY SPECIALS! ● $189 WEEKLY New building. Furn studios, full kitchens, free utils, no lease. ✓ Perfect for visiting friends & family! I-25 & Hwy 119, Longmont exit 240. 303-485-0040 *New guests only. Bring ad to qualify. *Expires 5/31/2010


•2 Bedroom, 2 Bath AS LOW AT $741 •3 Bedroom, 2 Bath Starting at $799!

• FREE Washer/Dryer e Home! Welcom & Carport • Wood-burning fireplace • Large balconies/patios • Approved pets accepted • MTM leases available • Within walking distance of shopping, restaurants & RTD • On Line leasing available • One bdr, 1 bath starting at $695! • Two bdr, 2 bath starting at $825!

*LIMITED NUMBER AVAILABLE* **Income Guidelines May Apply** • Full Size Washer & Dryer Hookups • Close to Bus lines • Pets Welcome

2400 17th Avenue, Longmont, Colorado 80503



ROOMS & Apartments Weekly/Monthly, from $100/week. Utililties included. (303)931-7108

EASTGLEN APTS 630 Lashley, Longmont (303)682-2943 1, 2 & 3 BEDROOMS: SPRING SPECIALS Pool, air, laundry ✭Wtr, trash, sewer pd

ROOMS & Apartments Weekly/Monthly, from $100/week. Utililties included. (303)931-7108

Thistle Communities Longmont 1 Bdrm starting at $530 1 Bdrm w/ loft stng at $630 2 Bdrm starting at $645 MOVE-IN SPECIALS on select units. No credit check. 15 3rd Ave 303-651-9496 Se habla Espanol.

Check out the pet columns in classifieds for that special companion you’re looking for.

1000+ SF, close to Downtown, off street parking, garage door, clean. $650 (303)775-1598. 2000 sf shop, 1 acre fncd stor yd. I-25 & HWY 119 $1,900/mo, + mobile home Darrel (303)775-0114

Condos/ Townhouses 4050

2 BDRM, 1.5 bath, backs to park. 2026 Lincoln, $695. Alert RE 303-776-5156 2 BDRM, 1 bath, 1 car gar, large shared yard, DW, W/D hkup. $725/mo + dep. (303)652-2210 2 BDRM, W/D, DW, A/C w/garage. NE Longmont. No Pets. $625+ utils & dep. 720-232-2730 or 720-938-1559 2 BDRM, w/d hkup, across from park. 101/103 4th St Frederick, $675/mo N/P 303-651-1083, lv msg

● 1243 HUNTER CT 2 bdrm, 1-3/4 ba bi-level townhome, W/D hkup, carport, no dogs. $700/mo. RMG RE, (303)772-4466

AVAILABLE 6/1, 2 bdrm, 1 ba, 1 car. 1333 Parker Dr. N/P, non-smokers. $850, (303)817-6163

Charming Old Town Vic● 2 BDRM, 1.5 ba, newly torian, quiet street near remodeled, carport, patio. Thompson Park. 2 bdrm, wd floors, newly painted, $795. 720-334-0695 applcs furnished inc w/d. N/S, N/P $850 303-678-1911

Welcome Home!

CONDO IN NIWOT 1 bdrm, 1st floor, with W/D, DW. $650/month. Call Stan at (303)604-6382

• Flexible Lease Options • Senior & Preferred Employer Discount • Free W/D in All Apts • Pet Friendly • Garages Available • Close to Shopping & Golf Course

Garages/Storage Spaces 4070

NICE large 3 BDRM, 2.5 bath, w/d hkup, dbl carport, pets nego $795/mo, 1120 Mtn View. Background chk & dep req´d.720-394-4188

Rents starting at

$760 Excellent Move-In Specials Available! Please call for details.


● 1202 PARKER3 bdrm, 1-3/4 ba tri-level 2 BDRM, W/D hkup, stor, duplex, A/C, single car gar, N/S, gar, fncd bkyd, hdwd fncd yd. No pets. $995/mo. flrs $750 303-678-8193. RMG RE, (303)772-4466

321 Quail Roadacross from Longmont Rec Center


0 APP FEE: SPRING SPECIAL! 1 bdrm $550 On-site pkng/laundry. A/C. Water & heat pd. Se Habla Espanol. (303)774-0593

Horizon Place

Call for Specials ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ ♣ 1, 2 & 3 BDRM Apartment Homes The Shores Apartments, Hwy 66 & Airport Rd (303)774-8000



2 bdrm, 1 ba, WD hkups, WHY RENT off-street prk, no pets, $700/ When You Can Own? mo. RMG RE, (303)772-4466 Buy a home you can afford! With help 253 BOWEN ST- walk-out every step of the way. w w w . bsmt, 2 bdrm/shower only, 303-772-7751 liv room, din room, W/D hkup. Heat/water pd. No pets. $700/mo/sec. Shelly or Bill (303)776-0684

1 BDRM @ $545 2 BDRM, mobile home in GREAT Value! 2 bdrm apt, New carpet, A/C, coin Erie. W/D, no pets, $650. off st pkng. Avl now, W/D lndry, heat/water paid. 735 Kattell #110 303-980-1204 hkups. $575. 303-581-9239 No smoke/pets, 303-775-7517


1100 East 17th Ave.

Garage Town, Del Camino 1200SF, 2 overhead doors, heated, hot/cold wtr, 9000# lift, custom cabinets, epoxy flr, 80 gal comp, 220 outlet, SW Longmont TH- 2200 SF, RV outlet, RV dump area. 2 bdrm, main flr master, Clubhouse, restrooms. $115,000 720-351-8979 2.5 ba, study, frpl, deck, $1400 (303)442-8693 INDOOR GARAGE & Commercial Storage 20x40 or 20x50 start at $325, 9x29 w/ gar door $200; 10x10 $75; 12x5 $50; 10x5 $40 0 App Fee-$100 off 1st 2 mos I-25 & Hwy-66. 970-535- 6074 Lg 3 bdrm, 2 ba, gar, water pd. No dogs. 303-651-3216




May 8, 2010

4080 Houses

4080 Mobile Homes/ Retail Space 4135 Farms, Ranches Longmont Spaces 4090 Acreages 5050 3 BDRM, 2 ba, NW 773 SQ FT- busy shopping

Platteville, hdwd/carpet, A/C. W/D hkup, bsmt, fncd yd. No P/S. $1195. First Tree Property 303-772-5858

All real estate advertised in this paper is subject to the federal and state Fair Housing Act which makes it illegal to advertise “any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or an intention to make any such preference, limitation, or discrimination.” The newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis. ● 108 E. 5TH AVE2 bdrm, 1 ba, hdwd flrs, fncd yard, off st pkng. $800 RMG RE, (303)772-4466

1290 Fall River Cir, main flr mstr + 2 bdrm up, 2 ba, eat-in-kit, 2 car, fncd, a/c, n/p, $1300. 720-299-7918 1 BDRM IN OLD TOWN Room for garden, extra storage/shop. Avail 6/1. Pet? $700. (303)678-7384 2061 SPENCER, 4 bdrm, 2 ba, 1200SF, new windows, fence & deck, mtn views, all applc inc. $1300

On Mariana Golf Course. Exec 3 BDRM, 3 ba, 2 car, vaulted, office, many upgrades, must see. No pets/ smoke. 970-663-7474

3 BEDROOM HOUSE BARGAINS! • 1170 Trout Creek • 1225 Milner Ln • 2157 Hackberry Call TODAY! PMP, 303-776-RENT. 4 BDRM, 3 ba, 2 car gar. Frplc, 2000 sq ft, fncd yd, pets OK, N/S $1350/mo., 2500 Danbury, Longmont, 303-499-8698, Avail immed. HWY 66- Platteville 3 BDRM, BIG, central air, No pets/smoking. $925 Call, 303-857-8777

● 3618 Clover Creek Ln 4 bdrm, 3 ba, 3400 Sq Ft, 2 car gar, No pets. $1700/mo. RMG Realty (303)772-4466 3 BDRM, 1 bath, raised ranch, lg yard. 739 Atwood. $875. Alert RE 303-776-5156

Rural Property

$O Down!


Call Devin O´Branagan ERA Tradewind


AVAILABLE- furn bdrm, Male 40+, W/D, utils incl. N/S. $475. 303-833-0841.

Wanted: 3 bdrm, 2 ba, house or condo, pref W. Lgmt. Max $1500. 303-530-1100

MATURE MALE 40+ share home all utils + w/d $425/mo. (303)833-6808

Office Space 4100

Respon, M/F, W. side, large room, great area, golf course, W/D, kit. $400+1/3 utils. 303-775-1144.

255 WEAVER PARK CLASS “A” second floor office space for lease or sale. Common area, conference room, elevator, mountain views. 1 yr Free Rent! Don Rulle, CCIM




OFFICE SPACE For Rent Holistic wellness center. (720)280-9047

Roommates Wanted 4120

Do you qualify?

ROOM in 2 bdrm home, W/D, phn, cbl/int, stor. $420+1/2 utils. 303-702-0643


Real Estate


418 ATWOOD St OPEN SUN 11-2 $134,900 (303)981-9088

Commercial Real Estate 5030

Add a photo! 50,000+ can see your stuff!

Heidi & Helena buy houses! $ SAVE YOUR CREDIT $ 303-725-8388 / 303-459-2711


Commercial 4130 Real Estate 5030

SEMI-FURN Rooms/Apts Wkly/mnthly from $100/wk Utils/micro/fridge inc (303)931-7108

OPEN HOUSE May 15th (Sat) 2-5 1524 Green Place Owner Financing Available ✓ No Bank Qualifying 4 Bdrm, 2 Bath. $187K 303-725-8388 or 303-459-2711


5089 19-147885

Visit our Showroom today.

• FREE Estimates Cabinetry •C bi t • Counter Tops • Experienced Designers • Installation Available 1575 Marshall Rd., BOULDER | 303-499-5811 Fax 303-499-5809 Showroom Open Tues.-Sat. 9am-4pm or call for appointment |

From large deck, enjoy the complete updated kitchen, antique bookcase, fenced yard, 2 car gar, cul-de-sac. $196,500

Lots & Tracts 5100

2 bdrm, 1 ba, 1050 sq ft, $9,500 Anita at ERA, 720-260-9383. *ADULT PK- 2 bdrm, 2 ba $19.9K *FAMILY PK2 bdrm $13.9K (303)946-0865 FINALLY a HOUSING alternative that is truly affordable! Brand new 3 bdrm mfg home w/all applc´s. Own it outright in 8 years w/only $2,000 down & ONLY $725/per month. Ask about our completely furnished options. Call (303)772-3240 NOW!

✭ MOBILE HOME ✭ SPECIALS 2 ACRE LOT, Berthoud area, $30K price reduction, Many single & dbl wides/ $139,000. Call Steve Conder Big Sale! Fin avl, auto approval on owner fin homes. for details, 303-514-3706. Bad credit OK! We´re buying too! Local park 2 ACRE LOTS WEST OF needs used mob homes. BERTHOUD. Great Views! Moves avl. 970-222-1473 $149,900. Fred @ Four ✭ 690-2725 or 690-3283 ✭ Seasons Re, (720)494-2133. LARGE HOME SITES 50% off, 10K SqFt. 4 available, Johnstown. 970-290-3828



AVOID FORECLOSURE Don´t let time run out. I can help.

Real Estate Wanted 5170 Newer 3+ bdrm, 2 ba ranch style house near Lngmt. Can pay cash. No realtors please. 303-325-5718 Sell Your House Fast! Quick Sale - Fair Price 720-962-4688

BY OWNER, Last Chance, price reduced! 3 Bdrm, 1-3/4 bath ranch, gas frpl, new int paint, new roof. NE Longmont. $164,900 303-776-9594

Share Home, 1bd, priv bth, gorgeous area, $475/mo 303-651-6298 or 303-834-8326

Rooms For Rent



OFFICE SPACE, 6 rooms avail, $155-$325, great prkg, utils pd. Lgmt (970)231-7871

Own a home for

● 2142 BOWEN 3 bdrm, tri-level, 1.75 ba, 2 car gar, new carpet, No pets, large yard. $1100 RMG RE, (303)772-4466 2 BDRM, 2 bath, fenced yard, detached gar, big driveway. $880/mo + dep. 303-472-3120 or 303-828-4936.

Office Space 4100

PROFESSIONAL Offices N. Longmont. 150 to 825 SF. Single & 3 office suite. All ground level, 2 entr, great prkg. 303-956-1141



center, 1116 Francis St, 3 BDRM, 1 BA $750 + $750 $825. Alert RE (303)776-5156 dep & utils. River Valley Village, 303-772-3240. Mancos Inn Restaurant for lease close to SATURDAY, 12-2 Durango. Beautiful 4 17666 Weld County Rd 17 corners area. Great 5 acres bring the animals! tourism. Leasing nego. Ask for Nancy 970-396-9240 Incredible mtn views, big trees, barns, outbldgs, 4 bdrm, 2 ba turn-of-the century farmhouse. Don´t miss this rare oppty! Only 18 mins. from Longmont. Priced $299,900. Host Mike $250/MONTHDavis, 303-918-5668 Re/Max Great parking, quiet. Traditions, (303)772-3800. Ground level. Four Seasons 4 miles E of I-25 Realty, (303)875-1345 FOR LEASE, 265 acres & 4 miles N. of Hwy 66 near Firestone, avail to 500 to 2500 SF, can divide. farm. Wtr access through On site prkg, Good traffic Coal Ridge ditch. Please call (970)535-6074. exposure. 303-523-3369

5090 Mobile/ 5130 Manufactured Homes/Spaces


2 downtown retail buildings totaling 3,125 sq ft. Could be divided with City's approval. Near corner of 4th Ave. & Coffman St. $275,000

2,126 SF, OH door, some nice office finish, open warehouse $175,000

Ken Kanemoto

Ed & Keith Kanemoto


Bank Owned Industrial Condo For Sale


Are You Home Shopping? Home and Real Estate Weekly Boulder County’s Most Comprehensive Home and Real Estate Magazine. Every Saturday in the



Terrific ranch home on 3/4 acre. Fabulous views of the Front Range and McCall Lake. A true diamond in the rough with plenty of room to spread out in. $249,900


LAKE FRONT HOME 1817 Silver Leaf Dr 3 bed/2 bath ranch home, 1850 sq ft. More info/pics at Craig´s List. $343,500 Email: fsbosilverleaf@


6345 UTE HWY

Call Penni Zelinkoff with Penni Lane Real Estate TODAY 720-935-9985

310 7TH ST., FREDERICK Affordable 2 BR / 1 BA bungalow in move-in condition. Check out the new roof on house and garage as well as fresh paint and new carpet! Just $109,900


Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly



LONGMONT 629303-772-7576 Terry St., Longmont REALTY ww

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Longmont • Frank & Mary Wiley from Patricia B Ralph L Burnett Living, 2211 Riviera Pl, Longmont, $260,000, home • John Murino from Eric Pierce, 14501 Weld County Road 3, Longmont, $460,000, home • Leonard Goldberg from Cindy Barnhart, 1904 S Coffman St, Longmont, $336,000, home • Brett & Alisa King from Bank New York Mellon, 1242 Reserve Dr, Longmont, $284,900, home • Pete Coventry from Theresa Bradshaw, 2154 Frontier St, Longmont, $191,000, home • Shirley Robinson from BRM Partners LP, 10 Anchorage Ct, Longmont, $177,000, home • Steven Simms from Capital Advantage Investments, 17 Martinez Pl, Longmont, $170,000, home • Dallas & Marjorie Schneider from Cas Invest LLC, 1845 Emery St, Longmont, $258,700, home • Anthony Nelson from Cas Investments LLC, 815 Hilltop St, Longmont, $146,000, home • Rick Markhardt from Deutsche Bank National Trust, 720 Oard Ct, Longmont, $132,000, home • John Nugent from Eryn Eberlein, 14 Valentine Ln, Longmont, $153,500, home • Darrell Holladay from Fred Erb, 1923 Clover Creek Dr, Longmont, $246,000, home • James Midyett from Fannie Mae, 805 Summer Hawk Dr Unit Q98, Longmont, $154,000, condo • William & Sarah Marx from First National Bank, 6385 Snowberry Ln, Longmont, $1,400,000, home • Puran Lama from Pushpa Gurung, 854 Elliott St, Longmont, $191,000, home • Viven Gee from Benita Hensley, 226 Judson St, Longmont, $158,000, home • Robert Cahn from HSBC Bank USA National Trustee, 18 Burlington Dr, Longmont, $200,000, home • Jacqueline Iverson from Philip Judge, 753 Hallmark Ln, Longmont, $225,000, home • Ted & Traci Haley from Lance Lewis, 1401 Galapagos Pl, Longmont, $287,900, home • Jason Sayne from Sharyl Paswaters, 2330 Frontier St, Longmont, $232,500, home • Andres & Kaitlyn Saenz from Jim Rodgers, 1002 Herman Pl, Longmont, $176,500, home

May 8, 2010

• Philip Trimm from Rodriguez Family Investments LLC, 1144 Rodriquez Ct, Longmont, $243,000, home • Nicholas Booth from Silvercreek Capital LLC, 1834 Wasach Dr, Longmont, $474,000, home • Brian Podhajsky from Sonoma Pinnacle LLC, 1170 Olympia Ave Unit 17I, Longmont, $149,500, condo • Phyllis Kretsch from St Vrain Valley Cr Un, 1285 Monarch Ave, Longmont, $220,000, home • Thomas & Sharon Maiorano from Gary Stewart, 8676 Portico Ln, Longmont, $1,130,000, home • Robert & Amnuay Winter from Kenneth Strasser, 1336 Indian Paintbrush Ln, Longmont, $342,000, home • John & Mary Norman from Tousa Homes Inc, 804 Summer Hawk Dr Unit 5107, Longmont, $115,000, condo • Emil Tchilian from Brandon Vail, 722 Boxwood Ln, Longmont, $231,900, home • Jacob McKusker from Lisa Marie Venrick, 1442 Tulip St, Longmont, $174,000, home • Julie & Bruce Emo from Betty Vidamour, 50 19th Ave Unit 75, Longmont, $102,000, condo • Erik Sandstrom from Margaret Wischhoff , 6888 Countryside Ln Unit 257, Longmont, $164,000, condo • Richard & Kay Marsh from Flatiron Mortgage Lending LLC, 458 Greenwood Ln, Longmont, $292,500, home • George & Rosamond Reynolds from Redstone Homes Limited Partner, 4134 Heatherhill Cir, Longmont, $901,500, home • Cameron & Kimberly McKay from Laurie Smith, 923 Corey St, Longmont, $178,000, home • Steven Englert from Barbara Bollmann, 217 17th Ave, Longmont, $80,000, home • Bonnie Clark from Gayle Buman, 7329 Dry Creek Rd, Longmont, $408,000, home • Eugene Novak from Countrywide Bank, 12872 Sheramdi St, Longmont, $247,000, home • Timothy & Leslie Ireland from Jennifer Delaney, 8013 Meadowlake Rd, Longmont, $540,000, home • Lenore Klugherz from Deutsche Bank National Trust, 1290 Fall River Cir, Longmont, $172,800, home • Derek Neslund from Matthew Eldred, 706 Buchanan Ln, Longmont, $209,900, home • Tomasita Gardiner from David Kahl, 1019 Ponderosa Cir, Longmont, $130,000, home

• Resident & Thomas from Dianne Susan Moses, 1501 S Coffman St, Longmont, $210,000, home • Casey Luker from Susan Thal, 813 Arrowood St, Longmont, $207,900, home • Avram Saunders from Joanne Graham, 2407 Mountain View Ave, Longmont, $225,800, home • Joan Jordan from Lee Kaner, 801 Confidence Dr Unit 6, Longmont, $205,000, condo • Raymond & Joanna Topham from Radian Services LLC, 1095 Button Rock Dr, Longmont, $273,000, home • Joey & Richard Mauldin from George Suchenstein, 1171 Lefthand Dr, Longmont, $165,000, home • Angela Maldonado from Phillip Yarnall, 535 Cameron Ct, Longmont, $132,600, home Berthoud • Esther Wilcox from Verne Berry, 200 E Nebraska Ave, Berthoud, $230,000, home • Jerrie & Mary Munn from John Gensicki, 648 N 4th St, Berthoud, $149,800, home Erie • Cory & Kim Nelson from Randall Keller, 688 McClure Ct, Erie, $310,000, home • Krishna Dallakoti from Taylor Morrison Colo Inc, 81 Ortega Ct, Erie, $349,000, home • Keith Kavanaugh from Curtis Carpenter, 2157 Lupine Pl, Erie, $305,000, home • Jacob & Lauren Eker from Ryan Kraynick, 1302 Serene Dr, Erie, $431,000, home • Estevan Solis from Mary Jo Wright, 324 Montgomery Dr, Erie, $157,000, home • Steve Young from Laura Schneider, 1592 Brimble Dr, Erie, $232,900, home • Janis from Six Point Erie Village, 1164 Village Cir, Erie, $253,000, home Firestone • Yolanda Yazzie from CC Invest LP, 11362 Deerfield Dr, Firestone, $208,000, home • Carlo & Miranda Diaz from Fannie Mae, 10374 Dahlia St, Firestone, $210,000, home • Joshua Duran from Timothy Griffith, 6600 Stagecoach Ave, Firestone, $195,000, home • Jason & Nicole Willis from JJ Constr Northern Colo LLC, 9671 Raven St, Firestone, $226,700, home • Gregory & Marla Venette from Bank AM, 313 Buchanan Ave, Firestone, $158,000, home • Carlos Oliveira from US Capi-

Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly

tal Funding LLC, 6526 Silverleaf Ct, Firestone, $219,900, home Fort Lupton • Thomas Kraft from Fed Home Loan Mtg Corp, 941 Hoover Ave, Fort Lupton, $85,000, home • Lisa Gallegos from Nathan Davis, 1751 Oak St, Fort Lupton, $125,000, home Frederick • Brandon & Jenelle Vail from Karl Reagin, 9375 Birch Rd, Frederick, $418,500, home • Darin & Amy Josh from Fannie Mae, 5769 E Wetlands Dr, Frederick, $260,500, home Lyons • Mr. Riffe from Anne Cummings, 96 Antelope Dr, Lyons, $422,000, home • Robert Delisle from Drew Martin, 47 Pyrite Way, Lyons, $355,000, home • Barbara & Robert Garner from Mary Elizabeth Retivov, 241 Evans St, Lyons, $280,000, home • Squier LLC from Sanford Williams, 434 Main St, Lyons, $295,000, home • Kathryn Mild from Deborah Stewart, 398 Taylor Rd, Lyons, $230,000, home Platteville • Stephen Leonard from Mark Schell, 17464 Weld County Road 15, Platteville, $384,500, home • Derek Westmoreland from JPMorgan Mtg Acquisition Corp, 17666 Weld County Road 17, Platteville, $215,500, home • Dennis & Glenda Horsman from William Manker, 803 Main St, Platteville, $130,000, home • Becky Thorson from Steven Strait, 206 River Rd, Platteville, $155,000, home Foreclosures – notice of election and demand • Borrower: Manuel & Josefina Arreola, Lender: US Bank National Association, Amount: $309,160, Property: 1709 River Glen Dr, Berthoud, Filed: 04/22/10 • Borrower: Michael Reb, Lender: Wells Fargo Bank NA, Amount: $115,395, Property: 815 Gabriel Ct, Dacono, Filed: 04/22/10 • Borrower: Kathy Conway, Lender: Wells Fargo Bank National Assoc, Amount: $364,459, Property: 414 Graham Cir, Erie, Filed: 04/23/10 • Borrower: Scott & Michelle Bardwell, Lender: Citimortgage Inc, Amount: $506,772, Property: 250 Cessna Dr, Erie, Filed: 04/22/10


• Borrower: Lonnie Kermoade, Lender: Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, Amount: $82,310, Property: 740 Briggs St, Erie, Filed: 04/23/10 • Borrower: Michael Alvino, Lender: BAC Home Loans Servicing LP, Amount: $176,422, Property: 457 Bonanza Dr, Erie, Filed: 04/28/10 • Borrower: Judy O’Brien, Lender: Wells Fargo Bank NA, Amount: $94,327, Property: 7129 Parks Ln, Fort Lupton, Filed: 04/22/10 • Borrower: Kenneth & Connie Engel, Lender: Chase Home Finance LLC, Amount: $165,403, Property: 1610 Conestoga Trl, Fort Lupton, Filed: 04/22/10 • Borrower: Noe Cruz & Melissia Roybal, Lender: Pnc Mortgage Division Of PNC Bank Na, Amount: $134,558, Property: 226 6th St, Fort Lupton, Filed: 04/26/10 • Borrower: Donald & Alberta Thielen, Lender: US Bank NA, Amount: $123,310, Property: 1109 Ash Ct, Fort Lupton, Filed: 04/26/10 • Borrower: Dalvin & Gina Ickler, Lender: US Bank NA In Its Capacity, Amount: $188,012, Property: 1167 Cottonwood Ave, Fort Lupton, Filed: 04/27/10 • Borrower: Bill & Robin Stanley, Lender: US Bank National Association, Amount: $79,919, Property: 15469 Nancy Ave, Fort Lupton, Filed: 04/27/10 • Borrower: Countryside At Frederick Homeowners, Lender: Aurora Loan Services LLC, Amount: $171,251, Property: 7241 Foothill St, Frederick, Filed: 04/22/10 • Borrower: Barbara Hanson, Lender: Aurora Loan Services LLC, Amount: $153,163, Property: 218 Lincoln St, Longmont, Filed: 04/26/10 • Borrower: Jo Swanger, Lender: Aurora Loan Services LLC, Amount: $191,872, Property: 1108 Atwood St, Longmont, Filed: 04/26/10 • Borrower: David Heydenberg, Lender: US Bank National Association, Amount: $175,178, Property: 1260 Red Mountain Dr, Longmont, Filed: 04/22/10 • Borrower: Mary Mulry & Matilee Christman, Lender: Citimortgage Inc, Amount: $141,072, Property: 12855 N 66th St, Longmont, Filed: 04/22/10 • Borrower: Juan Valls, Lender: Chase Home Finance LLC, Amount: $192,447, Property: 1294 Fall River Cir, Longmont, Filed: 04/22/10


Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly

May 8, 2010

OPEN HOUSE DIRECTORY FEATURED HOMES Get a full color picture of your open house, the open house hours, address, price and your name and phone number featured at the top of our popular Open House Grid!

ONLY $49! • CALL 303-776-2244 Visit to map your home tour Open Sun 12-2pm


Open Sat 9am-3:30pm

Open Sat 1-4

817 Collyer

13733 Saddle Dr.

2172 Meadow Court




3 Bed, Renovated with hardwoods and new appliances

Gorgeous historical home in Old Town Longmont. Unbelievable backyard with Gazebo and garden area! Come by for a garden tour!

Jeanie Parsons-Re/Max Traditions • (303)775-9612 Tod Franklin/Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage • (970)214-2627 19-148296


Open Sat & Sun 12-4


Open Sat 12-3


1415 Armstrong Dr. Longmont







2BD/2BA + office, 3660 sf ranch in Fox Meadows. Built 2007, Hardwood floors, open layout.

Debra E. Hensen Real Estate • (303)819-0987 19-147917


$181,000 Longmont 1807 Juniper St.


Remax Traditions/DeMott



$218,000 Berthoud 1406 Glacier Ave.



$223,900 Longmont 13733 Saddle Dr.



$279,900 Longmont 1609 Denison St.


Prudential Rocky Mtn/Bradley Coldwell Banker Residential/ Stewart Remax Traditions/James

Debra Hensen Real Estate Coldwell Banker Residential/ 9-9:30 Franklin 12-2 Remax Traditions/Davis

Dir: Hover to 15th, west to Denison

Alice James/Remax Traditions • (303)931-2017






Longmont 2172 Meadow Court 12-2

Remax Traditions/Parsons



Berthoud 1406 Glacier Ave.


Prudential Rocky Mtn/Bradley



Longmont 1415 Armstrong Dr.


Shadow Grass Park



$284,900 Longmont 1843 Whitefeather Dr. 12-3


$299,000 Longmont 817 Collyer St.

970-214-2627 303-918-5668

$334,900 Longmont 1940 Ionosphere St. 1:30-4 Wright Kingdom/Rodgers


$349,000 Longmont 1415 Armstrong Dr.


Shadow Grass Park


$400,000 Longmont 2730 Villanova Ct.


Wright Kingdom/Yarwood


$417,500 Longmont 997 Glenarbor Circle 1-3

Wright Kingdom/Johnson


$419,900 Longmont 1255 3rd Ave.

Wright Kingdom/Rodgers



Open Sat 1-4pm Outstanding remodeled home on private lot, backs to open space. 4 Bedrooms, 3 baths, finished basement, granite countertops,stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors, new windows, paint, carpet, baths. A real beauty!


17666 WCR 17


1609 Denison St.

Hours Office

$299,900 Plattville

Janet Stewart/Coldwell Banker • (970)227-3136

1843 Whitefeather Dr.




Charming 2 Story w/3 bd, 2.5 ba. Upgraded Kitchen w/cherry cabs & granite. Security & Sprinkler System, Fenced with Mountain Views


3208 SF, 3 BR + 3 BA, Rear Load 2 GA. Across from Park, Finished Lower Level

Shadow Grass Park • • (303)776-3331





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