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July 3, 2010


Design Design principal becoming more popular Hydrangea bushes offer impressive palette to gardener Make your home decor earth friendly, yet stylish


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July 3, 2010

Watercolor not worth much

Downie is known for his skilled treatment of raking light in his work. The painting is pleasant and well presented, despite the stark, unadorned and somewhat depressing interior view that might be associated with an impoverished working-class neighborhood.

By Helaine Fendelman and Joe Rosson

Checking sales records, we found that Bonhams in Edinburgh tried to sell a similar version of this image in 2005. It was oil on board and titled “Peeling Tatties.” The scene was similar to this, except the woman sitting in the chair had the basket of potatoes in her lap and not on the floor.

Scripps Howard News Service

Dear Helaine and Joe: I wonder if you have an opinion on the value of this painting by John Patrick Downie. Titled “Dutch Woman,” it is signed by the artist and dated 1896. – G.F. Dear G.F.: A Scottish painter who worked in both watercolor and oil, John Patrick Downie (1871-1945) is perhaps best known as a landscape painter and seldom if ever did portraits. The piece in today’s question is properly called a “genre painting,” which refers to images of ordinary, unidentified people engaged in common activities of daily life – shopping in a market, feeding the chickens in a yard or, in this case, presiding over an interior domestic setting. After a little research, we discovered that the primary market for Downie’s work is in Great Britain (primarily Scotland) and, to a lesser extent, in Canada. This may be because his style and thematic material do not appeal to most American collectors and buyers at the moment.

Unfortunately, this piece did not sell on the two occasions it was presented to the public at auction. The first time, it had an estimated value of 700 to 800 pounds, and the second time it was offered at 400 to 600 pounds – and both times it failed to find someone to take it home. More desirable images painted by Downie (mainly oil on canvas or board) can bring a bit more than 1,000 pounds at auction. As a general rule, watercolors are priced somewhat less than oils on either board or canvas, and we feel the insurance-replacement value on this item is between $600 and $800, but only in Scotland. Helaine Fendelman and Joe Rosson are the authors of “Price It Yourself” (HarperResource, $19.95). Contact them at Treasures in Your Attic, P.O. Box 18350, Knoxville, TN 37928. E-mail them at

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Hydrangea bushes offer impressive palette By Sean Conway Tribune Media Services

If you love blue flowers in your garden, few plants offer as many shades of this elusive color as hydrangeas. These reliable midsummer blooming shrubs for the most part require no care, and if a few simple cultural requirements are met they will bloom reliably in the garden for years. Hybridizers from North America, Europe and Asia have been breeding this versatile shrub for years, and new varieties arrive on the market annually. The most recent breakthroughs in breeding have been in the area of containerized hydrangeas – what professional growers call “florist hydrangeas.” These plants are often available around the holidays and are found in beautiful shades of blue, pink, white and bi-colors. They often have large flowers that last for a long time indoors. Hydrangeas prefer a moist, well-drained soil, and do best when planted in locations that receive sun in the morning but are shaded from the hot afternoon sun. They also benefit from periodic watering during hot dry spells. Flower color in hydrangeas is influenced by the presence of aluminum, as well as soil pH. In order for flowers to be blue, the plant must have access to aluminum. If the soil naturally contains aluminum, the pH must be slightly acidic for the plants to access it. A range of 5.1 to 5.5 is ideal. To get the bluest hydrangeas possible, a solution of 1 tablespoon of aluminum sulfate per gallon of water can be applied to plants throughout the growing season. To avoid burning the roots, be sure to water plants well before applying solution. When the pH is raised to a range of 6.0 to 6.2, hydrangeas will turn pink, as the bluing effect of the aluminum is locked up in the soil. If pink flowers are desired, adding dolomitic lime to soil several times

per year will raise the soil pH. Take care not to raise the soil pH above 6.4, as an iron deficiency may occur that will turn the plant’s leaves yellow. Pruning hydrangeas can be confusing to some gardeners. A few simple tips will keep your plants in check and still provide an abundance of blooms. First know what type hydrangea you have. There are many different types, and their forms range from small shrubs to small trees. Flower color ranges from blue and purple to pink and near red to white and cream. Your local garden center can help you determine which type you have. Most blue hydrangeas are either “mopheads,” named after their round billowy flowers, or “lacecaps,” named for their flat delicate flower heads. Both mophead and lacecap hydrangeas bloom on stems formed the previous season. Start your pruning by removing all dead stems. If you are unsure which stems are alive, just wait until growth has begun in the spring, or scratch the stem and look for green bark under the surface. Stems with leaves sprouting from the sides are last season’s stems and will bloom this year. Pruning them will remove this season’s flowers; so don’t cut them just yet. After the shrub has finished blooming, cut back the plant back by one third. Be sure to do this before mid-July, as the plant will need time to start forming buds for next year. A notable exception is the mophead hydrangea called Endless Summer, which blooms on new growth each season and can be cut back in the fall or early spring without diminishing the number of flowers produced. Sean Conway’s television series, “Cultivating Life,” airs Saturdays at 12:30 p.m. ET on WGN America. His new book, “Sean Conway’s Cultivating Life” (Artisan Books, 2009), describes 125 projects for backyard living.

July 3, 2010

Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly


Glamour Green Make your home decor earth friendly, yet stylish Article Resource Association

Going glam and being green don’t need to be mutually exclusive, especially when it comes to decorating your home. Makers of furniture and home decor items have started incorporating environmentally friendly practices and materials into their products, allowing consumers to have greener households without compromising their personal style. It’s possible to incorporate greener choices in almost all home decor projects. Because so many companies are recognizing that their customers want eco-friendly products, it’s possible to find green products at all price ranges. Even the highest-end design firms now source items like couches made from sustainable wood and organic fabrics – but you can also find them at retail stores, too. Home accessories are a quick and easy place to start if you’re just looking to add some small revitalizing touches to your rooms. Pillows made from antique linen grain sacks that were once common in Europe add rustic-chic texture without being uncomfortable. To add a pop of color to your

Kristi Ritter Summer Stair

Make a statement with earth-friendly wall murals made with low-VOC paints and canvases made out of ecologically friendly materials. (ARA)

couch, drape it with a throw made from a natural material and eco-friendly dyes. To add a touch of social consciousness, choose from a multitude of throws made by indigenous communities in developing countries, like luxurious alpaca blankets from Peru or mohair from Swaziland. Decorative bowls made from reclaimed wood add a touch of natural beauty, as do driftwood or Manzanita branches. Be cautious about adding some natural touches, though – coral, for instance, is often harvested in ways that are unsustainable and threatening to natural environments. Don’t count out wall decor as a way to express your eco savvy, either. More paint companies are trotting out low-VOC (volatile organic compound) paints that are safer to breathe. But if you want to add extra dimension to your walls and make a bolder statement, add wall murals printed on earthfriendly canvas. Sites such as bring beautiful nature scenes right into your home. Not only are their canvas murals made of an ecologically friendly fabric material, there are more than 5,000 options to choose from. You can choose

everything from a jungle scene to the Mona Lisa or you can print a photo of your own on their fabric wallpaper. Greening your furniture can be done in multiple ways. If you’re ready to buy new pieces, consult an interior designer, who can weed out items that don’t match your standards. But you can re-use and recycle when it comes to furniture, too – just make sure you revitalize first. Consider re-upholstering items like dining chairs with exotic fabrics that are hand-made or antique. Suzanis, brightly-colored Central Asian textiles in graphic patterns make a great statement fabric, as do boldly embroidered Otomi textiles from Mexico. Ask a designer to help seek them out, or check out exotic import shops – sometimes you can find large examples of these textiles that can be repurposed on your furniture. You can also add new life to pieces already in your home by painting them in one, or a coordinated couple, of the year’s color trends. For 2010, turquoise promises to be big, as do coral, cobalt blue and eucalyptus green – all colors inspired by natural materials.

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On the Cover Universal home design is becoming a popular option. See story page 4. (Courtesy Quayside Publishing Group)


Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly

July 3, 2010

Universal Home Design Tips Many universal home design concepts are affordable and easy to install.

For Lighting • Low sill windows can be installed so people sitting at a wheelchair can look out. • Motion lights in every room and easy to use light switches, especially at the top and bottom of the stairs. For Bath • An adjustable-height shower head is ideal, because anyone can use it. • Single lever handles for the sunk, tub and shower are easier on arthritic hands

The Rise of Universal Home Design Design style works for people of any age, while fulfilling the needs for a well-designed home Universal home design is becoming more prevalent in homes today. The room at top shows the open and wide spaces designed into this home. At right, the book “Universal Design for the Home” is a great resource for homeowners considering universal design features. (Courtesy Quayside Publishing Group)

By Kendall Schoemann Longmont Times-Call

Designed with accessibility for all house members, driven by the growth of aging populations and displayed with safe and appealing accents, universal home design is an increasingly desirable home concept that makes sense. Universal home design was created with the theory that a space should be safe, usable and friendly for anyone ages 2 to 82. Helly Duncan, principal of Design Matters Home, an interior decorating and home staging company in the Longmont area, is noticing a trend in universal home design concepts. “It is definitely gaining speed and fire,” she says. “More people are aware and understand that it makes the whole home available to any age.” Originally debuted in public spaces with modifications such as automatic hand dryers and sensor lighting, the concept is now trickling down to a residential level. In preparation for elderly relatives, children, accidents, illness or aging in your current home, universal home design fulfills everyone’s needs. Teresa Bennett, a Longmont homeowner since 1973, wanted to find a house that her husband and she could age in safely and comfortably. “We do not have children who will come home to help us when things stop working correctly,” she says. “Our house was too

small in some places for a wheel chair if one of us needed it.” While the design’s foundation is accessibility, simplicity and longevity, its flexibility allows homeowners to pick and choose specific design aspects. Helly suggests starting with the kitchen or bathroom when implementing the universal design concept. “There is so much opportunity there,” she says. “You can install roll-out drawers, different counter heights and have temperature control.” A side-by-side refrigerator, a raised dishwasher and a power sink, which lowers and raises, are smart kitchen appliances. A standard universal home design has at least 36-inch-wide hallways and door frames to accommodate wheel chairs, no step entries and an abundance of space and lighting. Color is an important element to consider in multiple areas of the home. “As we age, our perception starts to lack,” Helly says. “Choosing wall, counter and floor colors that have a high contrast help eyes distinguish definition.” Color contrast is also helpful on the staircase. Anti-slip grips in contrasting colors can be applied to the front edge of each stair. Ideal-

For Anything • Purchasing a home with multiple rooms on the main floor gives you the the option to turn your office or library into another bedroom.

ly, stairs should be straight and at least 4 feet wide to allow a lift to be installed if needed. Bennett and her husband recently purchased a home that they hope to turn parts into a universal home design. “It has an open floor plan with some of the concept features, such as the knobs of the stove in the front,” she says. “And eventually we can do things like ramp the entry from the garage and install grip bars.” While the universal home design concept mostly consists of affordable fixtures, the pricier improvements pay off down the line. The idea of installing stackable storage closets in every floor of your home can easily be changed into an elevator if needed, without disrupting the existing floor plan. “I think it is a smart design philosophy and I am thrilled it is beginning to take off,” Duncan says. “I do not think it is just because the population is aging, it is smart and it makes sense.” Bennett thinks that people do not think about the future until it happens. “In our 30s and 40s we were remodeling our home and it never occurred to us that we might need to get through those rooms in a wheel chair,” Bennett says.

July 3, 2010

Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly


Get your lawn in shape for picnic season

Clean water important in birdbath By Barbara Mahany Chicago Tribune

within two days. How you plant is the difference between rookie and professional, says Kurcab, so err on the side of aggression. “People think you just throw it on the ground and it grows, but grass seed needs planting. Get the seed into the soil by spreading it thickly – about five or six per square inch – then sprinkle a half-inch of soil over the top. Seed is cheap, don’t go too light with it; though this is three times the recommended rate for new lawns, we’re doing a quick fix to get you through the picnic.” Rake the area to get the seed into the core aeration holes and break up the cores. Then lightly roll the area to press the seed against the soil (rental firms may have rollers available). Once your seeds are in, water them thoroughly for the first two days, keeping the area slightly squishy. Then water the area three times daily for 5 minutes for two weeks to keep the top half-inch moist. After the seedlings are up, slowly wean the water away until you’re watering it along with the rest of the lawn. Fertilize it when the seedlings get a half-inch tall with regular strength fertilizer. You’ll need to mow more often to keep fast-growing seedlings even with the mature grass, but no pain, no gain. And it’s a small price to pay for a winning picnic. Carol O’Meara is a horticulture entomologist with the Colorado State University Extension office at the Boulder County Fairgrounds in Longmont. Contact her by calling 303-678-6238 or e-mailing For more gardening tips, check out her blog at gardeningafterfive

Ever notice how, when you turn on the sprinkler on a hot summer’s day, the robins come hoppin’? The thing about birds is that they are big drinkers. And their cocktail is water. Water, for birds and the rest of us, is no iffy proposition. It’s essential – year-round, but most especially in summer. “Birds don’t perspire,” says birdscaper Tim Joyce, “they respire. That means they breathe more (or faster) when they’re hot, and the more they breathe, the more fluid they lose.” And, says Joyce, they’re not just splashing around for the sheer delight of it, although it sure is delightful to watch. Joyce calls it “a beautiful, intricate process,” one that is worth sitting down to enjoy. All that splashing is really about “feather maintenance.” Birds emit plenty of oils from glands in their tiny bodies, and the splashing in water helps to spread the water out to the wing feathers. It promotes smooth flight, helps ditch the pests (feather mites) that might want to hitch a ride on those wings, and when temperatures dip, those oiled-up feathers

create better insulation. So it’s up to us, the ones who know how to turn on the hose, to keep up the water patrol. Your birdbath shouldn’t be too deep, no more than 1 to 1.5 inches of water for songbirds. Bigger birds might like to splash in the deep end, so if you do go deep, make sure you’ve got a pile of stones, or a fat rock, plopped in your bath so the little ones don’t feel unwelcome. tub because the slip factor is too high. Don’t let it stand there. The water, we mean. Standing water invites in the mosquitoes, and boosts the risk of bringing West Nile disease carriers to your yard. Be sure to keep that water, and the birdbath clean. Squirt it with a hose once a day. At the first sign of goo (that would be algae, building up on the birdbath surface), grab a scrub brush. Just dump the old water, scrub and rinse with a hose, avoiding the need for even vinegar or bleach. If you must, an equal water-to-vinegar ratio is another option, especially kept in a squirt bottle. Again, dump the old water, squirt your vinegar wash, then rinse with a hose. Try to avoid bleach, if possible.

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Hosting the family picnic seemed like a good idea months ago, but looking over the struggling lawn, are you wondering what possessed you to say “yes” to this event? With cousins bringing footballs and aunties croquet mallets, what should be a cause for celebration is now a source of panic. If the date is looming while the Carol O’Meara yard is dying, get it Colorado State in shape with University Extension coaching from an all-pro turf master. With no room for error before your relatives arrive, here are a few tips from one who knows how to handle the punishment a wild bunch delivers to a lawn. “Give it four to six weeks and you can have a pretty good lawn,” says Ross Kurcab, Turf Manager for the Denver Broncos, who keeps Invesco Field at Mile High ready for play. “It won’t take a lot of traffic, but it will get you through the event, after which you can plant for recovery of it.” Kurcab shared tricks turf managers use to jump start fields for the big show. His quick fix suggestions aren’t for everyday lawn renovation; instead they’re designed to make you the hero without big league spending. Identify areas needing to bulk up, making sure spots of bare soil, dead grass or weeds are prepped before over seeding. “Don’t plant into a patch of weeds. Dig them out, rototill them up, or use a weed killer before you seed.” If using a weed killer, check the label to make sure you can seed grass after it’s applied. Remove thick mats of grass or weeds before you plant, then run a core aerator several times across the area, poking a lot of holes into the soil. Rake up the area to rough it before planting. Under a time crunch, choose your grass wisely; not all germinate and establish quickly. Perennial rye is the go-to grass of choice for the professionals, since it can be coaxed to germinate in a week if temperatures are ideal. For fast results, pre-germinate the seed by soaking it in water for 24 hours. “We put a mesh bag of it into a big trash can of water, soaking it to pop the seed coat. It’ll give you a two day head start on getting the seed out of the ground,” he says. Once soaked the seed is perishable, so drain the seed after 24 hours, fluff it up and sow it


Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly

July 3, 2010

Cosigning on a mortgage holds you accountable

Don’t hang flag from tree By Ben Jones Star Tribune (Minneapolis)

Q: Is it legal to hang a U.S. flag from a tree? A: It’s a no-no to fly an American flag from a tree, says First Lt. Kenneth Toole, a public affairs officer at the Minnesota National Guard’s Camp Ripley.

The U.S. Flag Code states that the flag needs to be displayed from a permanent structure, he says. “It needs to be on a structure where, say, if the wind was blowing, it wouldn’t blow the flag off or blow the branch off,” Toole says. To read the U.S. Flag Code, visit .gov/download/pls/04C1.txt.

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Q: Please help. A is making all of the payfew years ago I signed ments on the mortgage. for a mortgage on my If your daughter made daughter’s house. the payments and you How do I get this could prove she had, changed into her the lender would still name or taken off my consider the other loan credit report and put in determining whether onto hers? to grant you a new loan, I now have a retireIlyce Glink but it would discount ment property I want Tribune Media Services that loan substantially, to buy. With her enabling you to get admortgage on my credditional financing. it report, it appears that I am Given the current state of the overextended financially. What mortgage and real estate markets, do I do? many lenders aren’t willing to do A: Sadly, your story is a perfect that. example of how the best of intenPlease talk to a real estate attortions can torpedo future financial ney for more details. decisions. Q: We closed on a mortgage When you cosign a mortgage, fuwith a big box lender for a condo ture creditors will look at your sigthat required flood insurance. nature as a guarantee that you will pay the entire loan back, should the We purchased a policy in the amount of the mortgage, which other party to the contract not is what was required. make his or her payments. Now the lender has contacted In this case, it’s unclear from us to say it is requiring us to buy your e-mail whether you cosigned a policy for 100 percent replacethe mortgage (and your daughter’s ment value that comes to almost name is also on the loan) or you three times the amount of the simply bought the property and mortgage they carry. added your daughter’s name to the The lender actually lied on the title. phone and told me it is because Either way, lenders now look at the National Flood Insurance you as having to support a single Program (NFIP) requires it. I mortgage on your income, which called NFIP and they told me probably doesn’t leave much room that they do not require this levfor a second loan. el of flood insurance. They said There is nothing you can do unthey leave it to the discretion of less your daughter has good the individual bank. enough credit to refinance the At the closing, the lender only property in her own name alone, or required us to carry flood insuryou can find someone else who can ance in the amount of the mortcosign the mortgage for your new gage and now that the loan is retirement home. “signed, sealed and delivered,” In past years, lenders were willing to look at a person like you and they are forcing us to increase have your daughter prove that she the amount we’re carrying.

I feel this is fraud. Is there any way to fight it? Please help. A: Let’s start out by saying that requiring you to carry a higher level of flood insurance may not rise to the level of fraud. I haven’t seen your loan documentation, but I’m sure there is a line in there that allows the lender to require you to increase your homeowners insurance or flood insurance coverage upon request to a certain level. Read the fine print of your loan and see what it says regarding lender-required coverage. If you find legalese difficult to interpret, please talk to your real estate attorney and ask for help in evaluating your options. It’s possible that your lender made a mistake initially, and is now trying to correct it. It’s also possible that your area’s flood status has recently been redesignated, requiring an upgrade of all flood insurance policies. (Flood area maps have been redrawn through the whole country in the last couple of years.) With the help of your attorney, you may be able to negotiate a compromise with your lender regarding the flood insurance you’re being required to carry. But you’ll need to know more about what your loan documents say before that can happen. If you truly feel as though this is being required for no reason, then your attorney can advise you on your next steps. Ilyce R. Glink’s latest book is “Buy, Close, Move In!” If you have questions, you can call her radio show at 800-972-8255 any Sunday, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. EST. Contact Ilyce through her website at

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July 3, 2010

When figuring title to a property, consider all options

When you bought your home, did you give much or any thought about how you’d title it? “Many homeowners don’t think about it,” says Matthew Drewes, an attorney at Thomsen & Nybeck in Bloomington, Minn. “Some don’t even realize there are options until they show up at closing and are asked how they’d like their deed to read. At that point, they’re pretty much on their own. Title companies are reluctant to give advice, and frequently you’re dealing with a closer who’s not well-versed in title issues.” How you title your home shouldn’t be an afterthought. “It’s important so that your interest in your property goes where you want it to go at your death,” says Nancy Polomis, chair of the real-estate-development department at Hellmuth & Johnson PLLC in Eden Prairie, Minn. Here’s a primer on common ways to hold title to your home, along with tips for figuring out which is best for you. There are several common ways to hold title to your home. You can hold it solely in your name, in joint tenancy or as tenants in common. Sole ownership is just what it sounds like: You hold the title in your name alone, even if you own the property with other people. The second option formally called joint tenancy with the right of survivorship is a way to hold title in more than one person’s name. “Joint tenancy means that you and I own the property together, and if one of us dies, the other gets it without the property passing through probate,” Polomis says. “The survivor files an affidavit saying the other titleholder is dead, attaches the death certificate and gets the property.” Tenancy in common is another method for holding title in several names. “With tenancy in common, you and I own the property together,” Polomis says. “But upon my death, my interest is distributed according to my will, or if I don’t have a will, according to state law.” Some states have variations on joint tenancy. For instance, “In Florida, when you take title as husband and wife, it’s deemed a tenancy by the entirety,” says Roberto Blanch, an attorney at Siegfried, Rivera, Lerner, De La Torre & Sobel PA in Coral Gables, Fla. Tenancy by the entirety is joint tenancy with twists. You can end a joint tenancy simply by conveying your interest in the property to another person. With

tenancy by the entirety, however, you can’t transfer your interest unless you and your spouse participate in the transfer. Carefully evaluate which form of title is right for your situation. “Ask yourself: Who do I want to end up with my interest in this property?” Polomis says. “Do I want it to be the person with whom I own it or someone else?“ If you’re married and want your interest to pass to your spouse upon your death, joint tenancy is probably the best solution. But there are drawbacks. “Maybe you or your husband have credit issues,” Polomis says . “You might not want the person with debts to be on the title at all.” That may also be true if one spouse has a high-liability occupation. “If one of you is a doctor or lawyer with the risk of malpractice claims, you may want the spouse not at risk to own the property,” Drewes says. Joint tenancy may also be unwise if you have a complicated family history. Perhaps you’re married, but not for the first time, and you have children from a previous marriage. “You may want to title your home as tenants in common so that when you pass, your interest goes to the beneficiaries of your estate,” Blanch says. That reasoning may also be sound if you’re divorced with children, but own a home with a new partner. Think carefully about adding someone other than your spouse as a joint tenant. Parents sometimes add an adult child thinking the property transfer upon their death will be simpler. Before you do that, speak to a tax adviser because your children may lose important tax benefits. The tactic carries other risks, too. “What you may not be considering is that if your son Johnnie is a joint tenant, Johnnie’s creditors can come after your property,” Polomis says. “And if Johnnie and his siblings don’t get along, he can file the affidavit of survivorship and stick his tongue out at everyone after your death. He goes on his merry way with the property solely in his name even though everybody knows that’s not what you intended.” Changing how you’ve titled your property is relatively simple and inexpensive, but it’s not for the uninformed. “In Minnesota, you can get free forms, and recording a new deed is just $46,” Drewes says. “But it’s risky to attempt the transfer of title without the advice of a lawyer or other professional. You may need to use particular words in your deed, and there may be tax implications. Get advice because there can be so many unexpected results.”

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1410 Whitehall Drive C

1369 Northwestern,


13497 Darby Lane




Geri Oliveira 720-564-6041

Arlene Fox 303-834-5032

Lois Purtell 303-541-1915




1255 3rd Avenue,


Suzanne Rodgers 303-541-1904

LONGMONT 1940 Ionosphere Street

NEW CONSTRUCTION! CONTEMPORARY! $334,900 Suzanne Rodgers 303-541-1904

11723 Montgomery Circle

OUT OF TOWN...BUT NOT TOO FAR! LOVELY HOME $368,900 Dene Yarwood 303-808-0076

11722 Montgomery Circle

TOP OF THE LINE RYLAND HOMES SONOMA MODEL. $439,000 Jim Green 303-775-2553

997 Glenarbor Circle


Kim Johnson 303-746-6307

255-257 Butler Courtt

FABULOUS INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY! $225,000 Gary Collins 303-898-3531

1767 WCR 20.5

VACATION AT HOME. 4 ACRE STOCKED LAKE! $969,000 Jim Green 303-775-2553

5605 Mount Sanitas

3805 Glenneyre Drive


Stu Wright 303-541-1900

6328 Waxwing Court

SPACIOUS RANCH ON 1 ACRE NORTH OF BOULDER. $549,000 Charlie Matzen 303-541-1903


GORGEOUS RANCH STYLE HOME! $235,000 Janet Borchert 303-263-3215

CHARMING MEADOW MOUNTAIN TWO-STORY! $269,900 Maynard Team 720-564-6049

330 Baron Court

1378 Parker Drive

2906 Steeple Rock Drive

BRICK RANCH ON CORNER LOT! $209,500 Dene Yarwood 303-808-0076


By G.M. Filisko

Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly


FEELS LIKE A MOUNTAIN CHALET! $399,000 Jim Green 303-775-2553

RANCH SYTLE HOME IN WYNDHAM HILL! $299,900 Betsy Messerschmidt 303-947-8529

Visit our website to see details for all our listings...

303.776.3344 Wright-Kingdom, Inc.


Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly

July 3, 2010

New rose overflows with petals Special to the Times-Call

The Rosa ‘Wisley 2008’ is a repeat-flowering English Old Rose Hybrid with approximately 95 petals. This is a rose of exceptional delicacy and charm bearing some resemblance to the old Alba Roses.

up into a fine and healthy shrub. There is a delightful, fresh, fruity fragrance with hints of raspberries and Tea. It is a good choice for formal and informal garden areas and also for a hedge.

The flowers are shallowly cupped and about 3 inches across, the petals arranged in a most perfect rosette formation – their color being a pure soft pink and the outer petals paling a little toward the edge. The growth is tall and slightly arching, producing its flowers along the stems and building

‘Wisley 2008’ was awarded Best Rose for Landscaping at the 2009 Concurs Internacional de Roses, Barcelona. Size: 5 feet tall by 3.5 feet wide. Hardiness: USDA zones 5 to 9.

ath s Re qui red Allo wS mo kin g? Pet s Wa she r/D r ye r Fa Wa cili she ties r/D rye rH ook Oth -up er Am s eni ties



fB #o



ed r oom

ang eR Pric





Lea se


Hover Manor Senior Apartment Residence 1401 Elmhurst Dr. • 303-772-9292









Secure building, quiet neighborhood, meal program, transportation, utilities paid, appliances & cable TV included, 62 yrs & older; vouchers accepted.

Victoria Inn 2400 17th Ave. • 303-772-4667



1, 2

1, 1¾




(in each apartment)

A/C, D/W, cable ready, balcony or deck, carport, outdoor pool, close to shopping & bus stop.

Ute Creek Apartments 1100 E 17th Ave. • 303-684-6821

Starting at $799


1, 2

1, 2



Full SIze in each apartment


Move-In Specials, senior and other discounts. Fireplace, pool & spa, 24-hour fitness, garages. Close to shopping.

The Shores 2450 Airport Rd. • 303-774-8000


$100 $200 $300

1,2,& 3 Studios

1, 2

Yes (Short Term Avail.)





Gas fireplaces, 24 hr. fitness center, heated pool & hot tub, A/C, business center, gourmet kitchens, detached garages. *On selected apartments.

Cloverbasin Village 630 Peck Dr. • 888-837-4912



3-bdrm. townhomes




(65 lbs limit)


(& rental available)

Elliott Apartments 418 Emery St. Longmont, CO 80501 303-772-6452 Fox Ridge Apartments 3800 Pike Rd., Longmont, CO 80503 303-774-9944



1, 2, 3

1, 2



Pets Neg.




1, 2, 3

1, 2

(Short Term Avail.)





Island kitchens, garden tubs, gas fireplaces, double balconies, two tone paint, gated community. Close to schools & newest community in Longmont.

Utility Room w/ Full size W/D in each condo

W/D provided in ea. Condo

All utilities & cable paid, sec. bldg., elevator, W/D in every unit, transportation, social events. HUGE amenities package, quiet 55+ community. Call for incentives!

Tanglewood Condominiums Senior Community 100 21st Ave., Longmont, CO 80501 303-774-0300





1, 2

1, 2




Yes Some $50+ mo.


Convenient location, pet friendly, garages available, 24-hour maintenance In historic Longmont, large trees, quiet neighborhood on-site parking & storage. Close to RTD. Heat included.

Reach over 44,000 readers each week with your ad in the Times-Call Apartment/Condo Directory. Call Lisa or Sue in Classifieds today at 303-776-7440

July 3, 2010

Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly


To place an ad, call 303-776-7440 or go to and place your ad any time of the day or night. Fax: 303-772-8339…email: Apartments/ Apartments/ Apartments/ Apartments/ Apartments/ Condos/ Houses Unfurnished 4030 Unfurnished 4030 Unfurnished 4030 Unfurnished 4030 Unfurnished 4030 Townhouses 4050 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭ 1, 2 & 3 BDRM Apartment Homes The Shores Apartments, Hwy 66 & Airport Rd (303)774-8000 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭


Apartments/ Furnished 4010


2 BDRM, 1 ba, lg sunny & quiet, WD, A/C, balcony,

Starting at $450, some with strg! No pets. 2041 Meadow Move-in Specials! Dr. $725 303-443-4308 Call PMP, 303-776-RENT


1 BDRM ON Starting at $550, some with COFFMAN Move-in Specials! $525. On-site laundry, Call PMP, 303-776-RENT A/C, off-st pkng. N/S. Avail now. (303)651-2881

•1 & 2 BDRM ✭ $550-$675 2036 ESTES LANE FREE Heat 1060 17th Ave, 1 BDRM trlr, nice, lg liv Habla Espanol 720-327-8918 rm, 8x25 hobby rm, pvt 2 bdrm, newly remod, off st pkng, $595. 303-485-0272. patio. No pets. Refs. Lease. Se habla español. 1 & 2 BDRM Apt Homes $535/inclusive. 303-507-3457 ● 1 BDRM $865 N. Area Fox Ridge Apts Premier Incl TV, DSL, utils, 3 BDRM Mobile home in Gated Community. Pets 1st FLOOR 1 bdrm apt Erie. N/P. W/D, $650. 735 furn. N/S/P. (303)570-0402 OK! For Info & Specials Quiet area, lndry nr 23rd & Kattell #113. 303-980-1204 Call (303)774-9944 Main. Sorry no pets, $550 NO lease, dep or credit chk Top Realty, (303)931-6423 Wkly/mnthly • 303-776-2185 $675 Firestone- Lg 2 bdrm, • ALSO RV SITES AVAIL! 1 BDRM and 2 BDRM 1-3/4 ba, W/D hkup, 3-plex. 2 BDRM, 1 BA, $700/mo, 565 1st St #3. (720)936-1854. apartments available only $250 deposit. Gas & in Longmont from Wtr paid. 1419 Emery St. Se $475 to $695! For locations & details call Habla Espanol. 303-678-6221 PML Inc (303)772-5934 CLOVERBASIN

Apartments/ Unfurnished 4030

1 BDRM APT 700 Sq Ft, $635/mo (303)775-0777

0 App, 1 & 2 bdrm, quiet, $545/$650, Heat furn, A/C. ● 1 BDRM- remod, N/S No Smk/Pets. 303-775-7517 ● A/C, lndry, off st pkng ● $625, 303-444-0501 1 BDRM Studio apt in quiet area. $430/mo + elec, $200 dep. 80 21st Ave. Se Habla Espanol! 303-678-6221

0 APP FEE: Summer Special! 1 bdrm $550 On-site pkng/laundry. A/C. Water & heat pd. Se Habla Espanol. (303)774-0593

2 BD, W/D hkp, new paint/carpet, wood flr, 1851 Emery #1, #2 $655 2 BD, 1 bath, carport, 1611 Warren, $695 2 BD, 1 ba, gar, 850SF, 2330 Wedgewood, $710 Alert Realty 303-776-5156


1 Bd From $575 2 Beds From $610 Great Location Large Units Park Like Setting Ample Parking A/C & Pool


• FREE Washer/Dryer e Home! Welcom & Carport • Wood-burning fireplace • Large balconies/patios • Approved pets accepted • MTM leases available • Within walking distance of shopping, restaurants & RTD • On line leasing available • One bdr, 1 bath starting at $715! • Two bdr, 2 bath starting at $850!

▼1 Bedroom, 1 Bath AS LOW AS $614 ▼2 Bedroom, 2 Bath AS LOW AS $741 ▼3 Bedroom, 2 Bath Starting @ $815! ▼3 Bedroom Townhouses Starting at $857!

•2 Bedroom, 2 Bath AS LOW AS $741 •3 Bedroom, 2 Bath Starting at $799! *LIMITED NUMBER AVAILABLE* **Income Guidelines May Apply**

2400 17th Avenue, Longmont, Colorado 80503



Horizon Place

1 Bedroom- $525! 2 Bedroom- $625! Secure bldg, swimming pool, A/C, on-site laundry. Call PMP, 303-776-RENT

• Full Size Washer & Dryer Hookups • Close to Bus lines • Pets Welcome


Lanyon Park Apartments 1 br/1 ba $535, range, refrig, D/W, laundry fac., near bus & stores. Call onsite mgr Dan 720-494-7637 or Mock 303-497-0668. www.

New building. Furn studios, full kitchens, free utils, no lease. ✓ Perfect for visiting friends & family!

LG 1 bdrm, nice & clean. Downtown area, upstairs. No pets. Gas & water pd. $585/mo. 303-875-1399

ROOMS & Apartments Weekly/Monthly, from $100/week. Utililties included. (303)931-7108

UTE CREEK APTS 1 & 2 bdrm apt homes, Move-in specials & discounts avail. East 17th & Pace 303-684-6821

Need Some Work Done Around The House? Find the help that you are looking for in the Business B usi ess & S Se ice Service DIRECTORY DIRECTOR C ORY

To advertise in the Business & Service Directory call


Rent/option to buy-1 bd, 1.5 ba twnhm, frplc, granite tops, lndry rm w/ w/d, fncd ctyd w/flgstn, Rent only:$750/mo; Rent w/ option:$725/mo (1st 6 mo rent applies towards purch) 1 blk W of 17th and Hover 303-344-1382 REYNOLDS FARM LANE 3 bdrm, 2 ba, 2 car gar, patio, A/C, immaculate condition! Landlord pays water. $1200/rent & sec dep. Call (303)651-0437



0 App Fee-$100 off 1st 2 mos Lg 3 bdrm, 2 ba, gar, water pd. No dogs. 303-651-3216

EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY All real estate advertised in this paper is subject to the federal and state Fair Housing Act which makes it illegal to advertise “any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or an intention to make any such preference, limitation, or discrimination.”

*New guests only. Bring ad to qualify. *Expires 7/31/2010

2 BDRM, 1 BA, all applc, W/D hkup, offst prkg, 734 So Bowen St, N/S $700/ mo + $700 dep. 785-817-9827

The newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. All persons are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised are available on an equal opportunity basis.

Commercial/ Industrial 4040

2 BDRM W/D, DW, A/C, & garage. NE Longmont No pets. $675/mo & deposit 720-938-1559; 303-666-5546

1142 Frontier Dr-nr hosp. immac 3 bdrm 1.5 ba, fam rm,1car,$1175 303-859-3815.

1500 SQ FT936 MAIN ST Good visibility 303-885-7617

● 712 MEEKER2 bdrm, 1 ba, fncd yd, W/D, pet nego. $750. Call Pennant (303)447-8988

I-25 & Hwy 119, Longmont exit 240. 303-485-0040

321 Quail Roadacross from Longmont Rec Center



630 Peck DriveLongmont West on Nelson/Airport Rd

QUAIL VILLAGE 303-485-0065



VILLAGE 1-888-837-4912

EASTGLEN APTS 630 Lashley, Longmont (303)682-2943 1, 2 & 3 BEDROOMS: SUMMER SAVINGS! Pool, air, laundry ✭Wtr, trash, sewer pd


Condos/ Townhouses 4050 1390 SF, walk in pantry, double oven, hrdwd flrs, A/C, balcony, too many extras to list! $1075. 1416 Whitehall Dr. Call PMP, 303-776-RENT 2 BDRM, 1 ba, W/D, No smk/pets. 225 E 8th Ave. $675/mo + $675/dep. 303-678-8663

1819 Antero 2 bdrm, 2 ba, frpl, gar, fncd yd, AC, N/S, Resp. party only, $850/mo 303-204-7445

DUPLEXES 2 & 3 bedrooms

• 25 Mumford • 1775 Antero Call PMP, 303-776-RENT

Garages/Storage Spaces 4070

● 10x20 SECURE ● Garage/Storage unit on GREAT 2 bdrm in Sr bldg, 9th & Bross. $65 303-931-6423 $850/mo. Contact A&G Prop Mgmt, (303)419-8552 INDOOR GARAGE & NICE 3 BDRM IN LYONS Commercial Storage Mtn Living! 3 bdrm, 1.75 ba 20x40 or 20x50 start at $325, twnhm, 2 lvls, new W/D 9x29 w/ gar door $200; incl, patio. $1050/mo. 10x10 $75; 12x5 $50; 10x5 $40 $300/sec dep. Pets nego, I-25 & Hwy-66. 970-535- 6074 No smoking. 303-678-6221 or

● 118 MEREDITH LANE5 Bdrm, 2 ba, W/D, lg fam rm, pets ok, $1325. Pennent Investments, (303)447-8988 ● 1203 SPRUCE 4 bdrm, 2 ba, 2 story, 2 car gar, new carpet. N/P. No yard work. $1175/mo. RMG Realty, (303)772-4466 ● 132 5th FORT LUPTON Cute 2 bdrm, 1 ba, bsmt, 2 car. $850. N/P. 303-857-8777 2124 STEELE ST-NW Lgmt, Clean tri-lvl, 3 bdrm, den, 1 3/4 ba, 2 car, fncd yd N/S $1175 303-859-3815

3 & 4 BEDROOM HOUSE BARGAINS! • 4801 Platue Rd • 1107 Sheri Mar Call TODAY! PMP, 303-776-RENT. 3 BDRM, 2 BA, 2 Car, Avail July 1. $1495. No smkg,no pets. 303-775-0108 5714 Blue Mtn Cir. 1 yr lease. 303-775-0108


Times-Call / Home & Real Estate Weekly

July 3, 2010


4080 Mobile Homes/ Retail Space 4135 Commercial Condos/ Longmont Spaces 4090 Real Estate 5030 Townhouses 5040 773 SQ FT- busy shopping 3 BDRM, 2.5 BA House

center, 1116 Francis St, 1945 Juniper, 2150 sq ft, frpl, W/D, DW. Dogs neg, 1 BDRM trlr, nice, lg liv $825. Alert RE (303)776-5156 AUTO Body w/ paint booth, 2 BDRM/1.5 BA Townhome many comm/indust uses. near park & athletic club. park nearby, fncd yd, fin rm, 8x25 hobby rm, pvt patio. No pets. Refs. Lease. $305K Broker 303-828-3222 PAYMENTS LESS THAN bsmt. $1340 (415)297-7194 NEED MORE SPACE? RENT! $119,500 $535/inclusive. 303-507-3457 3,500 sq. ft. Only $2,500/mo. 307-216-0292 BERTHOUD Warehouse 3 BDRM, 2.5 bath. Russell 3 BDRM, 1 BA $650 + $650 incl. NNN. Long or short term. Great open space for with small office, 3000 SF Circle- Frederick. A/C, dep & utils. Small pets @ 604 2nd St. $200,000 sell a studio. N. Main Street N/S, dog OK. $1250 2 Bedroom, 2 bath allowed. River Valley lease. (970)493-7775 location. 303-588-1224 (303)642-3088. Condo, A/C, 1 car garage. Village, 303-772-3240. $111,500. 50 19th Avenue. 303-678-8231. Dayton Land 4+ bdrm, 2 ba, Shop Pets & RE. neg. 545 Main St. Mead $1300 970-216-0745

Office Space 4100

Commercial Real Estate 5030

OFFICE SPACE For Rent Holistic wellness center. (720)280-9047 4 BDRM, 3 BA w/ View Lgmt Est, 2 stry, approx 3400 sf, 2 car gar. Lg fncd yard, encl patio, BBQ, AC, gas frpl, updated kitch, green hse in back. N/S. 3572 Columbia Dr. $1650, avail 7/1. 303-995-9020 ● 916 Venice 3 bdrm, 1.75 ba, 1 car gar, cov patio, fncd yd. $900 RMG Realty, (303)772-4466

PROFESSIONAL Offices N. Longmont. 150 to 825 SF. Single & 3 office suite. All ground level, 2 entr, great prkg. 303-956-1141

Roommates Wanted 4120

Real Estate Loveland


$O Down! Do you qualify? Call Devin O´Branagan ERA Tradewind


PETS OK 5 Bdrm, 3 Ba, 2 Car, fnc´d yd $1099/mo. Call 888-358-8550 24/7 or


A picture is worth a thousand words Try a color classified picture ad! Call for details.


Ken Kanemoto

SAT 2-4 414 NOEL AVENUE Stunning 5 bdrm, 4 bath, 2 story, wrap-around porch & prof´l salon. $315,000 April (970)213-9394

1 BDRM $450/mo. Share ba w/1. Share quiet house w/3. Utils incl. 303-523-3195

Heidi & Helena buy houses! $ SAVE YOUR CREDIT $ 303-725-8388 / 303-459-2711

35 Acres Vacant farm land with Great Mountain views for home site.

Asking $595,000

Mike Davis RE/MAX Traditions 303-918-5668



Million Dollar Views! Ranch style home on 10+ acres w/ waterrights, award winning grass hay, over 3000 sq ft.home w/ multiple outbuildings great for raising animals or 4H located on the NW side of Lngmt, Reduced to $725,000 Call Steve Distel PPB&R (303)775-8723

6345 UTE HWY

ROOM FOR RENT Pets nego, $450/month includes utils. Cable TV & Hi-speed internet. (303)548-4332

Terrific ranch home on 3/4 acre. Fabulous views of the Front Range and McCall Lake. A true diamond in the rough with plenty of room to spread out in. $270,000

Buy it... Sell it... Find it...



SEMI-FURN Rooms/Apts Wkly/mnthly from $100/wk Utils/micro/fridge inc (303)931-7108

Huge, oversized lot! Fix it up and build instant sweat equity, perfect for the handyman. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths for just $168,300


5976 SCENIC AVE Gorgeous 2 story features all the bells and whistles and is Move-In Ready! Fresh paint, new carpet, and basement with some finish. Fabulous master bedroom with 5 pc. bath. Check this out $285,900.

Visit our Showroom today.

1575 Marshall Rd., BOULDER | 303-499-5811 Fax 303-499-5809 Showroom Open Tues.-Sat. 9am-4pm or call for appointment |

Gorgeous stucco ranch on 1 acre with West facing, Terrific Mountain Views. Walkout basement, 3 car garage, fresh paint and new carpet. A Must See! $329,900 27-150835

• FREE Estimates Cabinetry •C bi t • Counter Tops • Experienced Designers • Installation Available

Lots & Tracts 5100

• ADULT PARK • 2 bdrm, carport, cov´d patio. $15,900. (303)946-0865 FINALLY a HOUSING alternative that is truly affordable! Brand new 3 bdrm mfg home w/all applc´s. Own it outright in 8 years w/only $2,000 down & ONLY $725/per month. Ask about our completely furnished options. Call (303)772-3240 NOW!

2 ACRE LOT, Berthoud area, $40K price reduction, $125,000. Call Steve Conder Mobile Home Sale/Rent Platteville MH, 2 bdrm, for details, 303-514-3706. 1 ba, new flooring. lot rent $377. Nice clean park. 2 ACRE LOTS WEST OF Owner fin, low down. BERTHOUD. Great Views! 970-215-1819 $149,900. Fred @ Four Seasons Re, (720)494-2133. ✭ MOBILE HOMES ✭ BUYING/SELLING BLDR Ready, 1/2 acre lots, Local park needs used mob views, RV friendly. Bank homes. We´re buying! Big fin avl, $65K. (303)435-4264 Sale! Many single & dbl wides. Fin avl, auto approval on owner fin homes. Bad credit OK! Moves avl. 970-222-1473 ✭ 690-2725 or 690-3283 ✭

Mobile/ 5130 Manufactured Homes/Spaces

$41,000, 4 Bdrm, 28x80, new carpet & paint, deck w/ handicap ramp, frpl, lg corner lot, Seller financing. I25 @ Longmont. 303-570-6257

Real Estate Wanted 5170 Sell Your House Fast! Quick Sale - Fair Price 720-962-4688

$125,000 Per Share. Call (970) 482-1056; ask for Michelle

Buy it ... Sell it ... Find it ...

Classifieds classified ads get results very, very fast!

Call 303-776-7440





mature fenced yard, all updated, 3 bdrm 2 bath Tri-level, $208K

3 BDRM, ´03 Mobile home, exc cond, loc in Berthoud. $30,000. (303)772-4324

NE of Mead on WCR 38

Includes 1 Share Highland Ditch, 25 Shares CBT, 5 Shares Lake McIntosh.

MATURE MALE 40+ share home all utils + w/d $425/mo. (303)833-6808

Rooms For Rent

7,200 Sq. Ft. Multi-Tenant Office Bldg. Only $69.30/sq ft Brick Construction & Large Parking Lot $499,000


2 ROOMS IN LARGE, clean home in SW near open space, mall. N/S, W/D. $280-$420. 720-495-5053.

Own a home for




500 to 2500 SF, can divide. 4 Bdrm, 3 BA on 10 ac, 3000 On site prkg, Good traffic sf, all appl, fp, views, horse exposure. 303-523-3369 nego. $1890 303-678-1991 Aprox 800sq, all util inc, 320 Main St Mead, At Old post office, $750/mo 970-535-4358 or 303-651-7217


$250/MONTH4 BDRM, 3.5 Ba Firestone, Great parking, quiet. beautiful kitch & frpl, loft Ground level. Four Seasons & 5 pc mstr ba, $1500. Call Realty, (303)875-1345 Mark & Lisa (303)517-7892.

5090 Mobile/ 5130 Water Rights 5200 Manufactured 1 1/4 Shares Highland Ditch ✭Summer Time Delight✭ Homes/Spaces Company Water Stock. Central A/C, lg patio,

LONGMONT 629303-772-7576 Terry St., Longmont ww REALTY

Log on to Click on “Submit An Ad“

Real Estate Transactions are supplied by Prospects Unlimited Inc., 1151 Eagle Drive Ste. 467, Loveland, CO 80537.

Longmont • Norman & Patricia Meyer from Mary Cantrall, 1113 Signature Cir, Longmont, $362,000, home • Sean & Sharon Lehman from Julie Case, 1112 Avon Ln, Longmont, $225,000, home • James & Carolyn Bieker from Ruth Dorr, 50 19th Ave Unit 52, Longmont, $94,000, condo • Jeffrey & Julie Simcock from Jean Driscoll, 219 Vivian St, Longmont, $221,000, home • Boulder LLC from Eastgate Development LLC, 1403 Bluemoon Dr, Longmont, $55,000, home • Nathan & Emily Wakefield from Fannie Mae, 1197 Fall River Cir, Longmont, $217,900, home • Jenny & Qwenton Oviatt from Fannie Mae, 348 Collyer St Unit 208, Longmont, $55,100, condo • Marie Thorsen from Grace Services LLC, 8050 Niwot Rd Unit 4, Longmont, $109,000, condo • Megan Kissel from Brian Grossman, 924 Gay St, Longmont, $161,000, home • Connie & Kevin Flyn from Gaylia Harrell, 2524 Cambridge Dr, Longmont, $135,000, home • Alyxandra Keith from Investment Management Beneficial, 229 Cardinal Wy Unit B, Longmont, $180,000, condo • Anne Graves from Rockwood Investment Co Inc, 2214 Watersong Cir, Longmont, $215,000, home • Max Lucchetti from Lauren Silverman, 1203 Cedarwood Dr, Longmont, $213,000, home • Francis & Judith Moore from James Simons, 7330 Pebble Ct, Longmont, $380,000, home • Austivia LLC from United Co, 717 5th Ave, Longmont, $2,150,000, home • Bradley Gallup from Kristin Wehner, 8135 Dry Creek Cir, Longmont, $220,000, home • Joshua & Jody Morrin from Keith Wines, 5721 Blue Mountain Cir, Longmont, $385,000, home • Resident from William Worrell, 1807 Sunlight Dr, Longmont, $316,500, home • Alex & Kristy Berger from Khalid Albaiz, 1471 Wildrose Dr, Longmont, $255,500, home • Jeffrey Tarrant from Nancy Bradley, 109 Chinook Pl, Longmont, $151,500, home • Vicki Peluse from D C Hood Co, 2990 Bellmeade Way, Long-

July 3, 2010

mont, $339,000, home • Shadow LLC from Eastgate Development LLC, 1345 Bluemoon Dr, Longmont, $55,000, home • Jennifer Lopez from Federal Home Loan Mortgage, 2439 Sherman St, Longmont, $129,900, home • Catherine Klas from Judy Hirigoyen, 1206 10th Ave, Longmont, $199,900, home • Scott & Jennifer Moreland from PNC Bank National Association, 2525 Lanyon Dr, Longmont, $143,400, home • Robert Frenette from Clinton Sigg, 7 Mumford Pl Unit C, Longmont, $110,000, condo • Michael Cotton from Brenda Baker, 7298 Timothy Pl, Longmont, $405,000, home • Clark & Vanessa Fishback from Phillip Barber, 220 Grant St, Longmont, $222,500, home • Michelle Steiner from Robert Crispell, 1517 Sicily Dr, Longmont, $364,900, home • Timothy Duffy from Discovery Investment LLC, 623 Kimbark St, Longmont, $173,500, home • Jeffrey Slock from Discovery Investment LLC, 946 Grant St, Longmont, $195,000, home • Jennifer Chisik from Maurice Elhart, 2749 Falcon Dr, Longmont, $384,500, home • Lyndsi Gutierrez from Lori Elvington, 708 S Pratt Pkwy, Longmont, $195,000, home • John McLaughlin from Fannie Mae, 710 Ridge Creek Ct, Longmont, $253,000, home • James & Constance Rehberg from Federal Home Loan Mortgage, 1219 Twin Peaks Cir, Longmont, $317,000, home • Susan Townsend from Karl Feierabend, 2323 Water Cress Ct, Longmont, $199,500, home • Danny & Deborah Larimer from Jerry Fetner, 844 Briarwood Ct, Longmont, $255,000, home • William & Jean Payne from Lesley Fujarczyk, 804 Summer Hawk Dr Unit 11101, Longmont, $162,900, condo • Scott & Terry Lee from Christopher Gaddis, 1263 Ptarmigan Dr, Longmont, $283,000, home • Ronald Whildin from David Horn, 2209 Spinnaker Cir, Longmont, $360,000, home • Michelle Narciso from Christopher Mattison, 1304 Lupine Ct, Longmont, $256,000, home • Richard & Priscilla Lukon from Charles Meier, 735 Sumner St, Longmont, $164,500, home • Patrick & Barbara Kusbel

from Steven Nixon, 1427 Clemson Dr, Longmont, $334,300, home • Lora Lehman from Don Parker, 1107 Sherri Mar Ct, Longmont, $125,000, home • Jeff Wahl from Greg Payne, 2050 Sumac St, Longmont, $167,900, home • Albert Williams from Williams Powley, 2319 Tulip Way, Longmont, $201,400, home • Mark & Carla Mueller from River Runs Throught It LLC, 5839 Pelican Shores Dr, Longmont, $240,000, home • Loretta Fox from Ruth M Reile Living Trust, 959 Champion Cir, Longmont, $360,000, home • Columb & Jessica Rigney from Susan Shaw, 835 Confidence Dr, Longmont, $456,000, home • Ryan Spinharney from Jon Snyder, 1356 10th Ave, Longmont, $168,900, home • George & Ruth Dietrich from Sasha Sulkosky, 546 Gay St, Longmont, $329,000, home • Brian & Kristen Oliver from Kevin Tatterson, 2330 Smith Ct, Longmont, $226,500, home • Ashley Roueche from Daniel White, 804 Summer Hawk Dr Unit 2206, Longmont, $102,500, condo Dacono • Ben Rahm from Richmond American Homes Colo Inc, 3131 Meadowbrook Pl, Dacono, $235,000, home • Matthew McLachian from Richmond American Homes Colo Inc, 3078 Meadowbrook Pl, Dacono, $224,500, home • Timothy McLaughlin from Richmond American Homes Colo Inc, 3132 Meadowbrook Pl, Dacono, $238,000, home Erie • Childrens LLC from Coreene Hanson, 4730 Cathy Ln, Erie, $267,000, home • Joshua & Andrea Lopez from Patrick Harrington, 933 Zodo Ave, Erie, $369,000, home • Trevor Haak from Tl Stauffer Construction Co, 1179 Links Ct, Erie, $700,000, home • Thomas & Clair Pearson from Chad Vos, 2186 Pinon Cir, Erie, $382,500, home • Phillip & Karen Glovier from Boulder Valley Development LLC, 291 Baxter Farm Ln, Erie, $160,000, home • Amanda & Michael Bagley from Boulder Valley Development LLC, 84 Baxter Farm Ln, Erie, $320,000, home • Kelli Lewis from Cas Investments LLC, 894 Pope Dr, Erie,

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$376,000, home • Matthew & Ja Vanacore from Andrew Wheeler, 427 Mazzini St, Erie, $350,000, home • Lita Mathews from Carmeron Walker, 340 Montgomery Dr, Erie, $155,000, home • Stacy & Christoph Berg from Gina Demillo, 371 Tynan Dr, Erie, $210,000, home • Garth Gustafson from Delphine Despres, 1579 French Ct, Erie, $305,000, home • Mike & Diana Durrill from David Dugan, 4630 Weld County Road 5, Erie, $310,000, home • Paul Lanham from Flatiron Mtg Lending LLC, 1140 Columbine Way, Erie, $360,000, home • Michael & Tatiana Moore from David Slayden, 3940 Beasley Dr, Erie, $280,000, home Firestone • James Henneke from Carl Hoopes, 10323 Cherryvale St, Firestone, $203,000, home • Norma Pelayes from Morequity Inc, 6301 Saddleback Ave, Firestone, $409,000, home • Leslie Lovi from Morequity Inc, 10507 Foxfire St, Firestone, $194,900, home • Jill Bunnell from Great Northern Properties LLP, 10818 Cimmarron St Unit 306, Firestone, $200,000, condo Fort Lupton • Steven Thompson from Michael Fullmer, 1125 Beech St, Fort Lupton, $173,000, home • John Farrer from Cindy Love, 1638 County Road 29, Fort Lupton, $250,000, home • Jose Rodriguez from Va, 140 Lane Ct, Fort Lupton, $151,200, home • Bobby & Donesha Lujan from Julie Ratliff, 13913 County Road 20, Fort Lupton, $390,000, home Frederick • James & James Trost from KDB Homes Inc, 6433 Eagle Butte Ave, Frederick, $272,500, home • Jody Knudson from KDB Homes Inc, 6512 Steeple Rock Dr, Frederick, $290,900, home • William Thomas from Melody Homes Inc, 8028 Raspberry Dr, Frederick, $217,500, home • Cody & Laurie Landis from Dirk Schipper, 7482 Skyline Way, Frederick, $203,800, home • Benardino & Debora Duran from KDB Homes Inc, 6436 Steeple Rock Dr, Frederick, $311,700, home • Arthur Glover from Melody Homes Inc, 8200 Raspberry Dr, Frederick, $211,100, home


Lyons • Dean Redmond from Mary Magdalene Shoeneman Trust, 1390 Old Saint Vrain Rd, Lyons, $393,000, home • Brian Rosekrans from Jose Ruiz, 138 Eagle Valley Dr, Lyons, $478,000, home Foreclosures – Notice of election and demand • Borrower: Craig Phenicie, Lender: Chase Home Finance LLC, Amount: $164,354, Property: 865 Bruce Dr, Berthoud, Filed: 06/21/10 • Borrower: Roger Thompson, Lender: BAC Home Loans Servicing LP, Amount: $121,849, Property: 717 5th St, Berthoud, Filed: 06/23/10 • Borrower: William & Helen Martinez, Lender: Citifinancial Inc, Amount: $56,074, Property: 1061 MacDavidson Cir, Dacono, Filed: 06/21/10 • Borrower: Mark & Beth Mayfield, Lender: JPMorgan Chase Bank NA, Amount: $306,139, Property: 426 Wheat Berry Dr, Erie, Filed: 06/18/10 • Borrower: Sarah & Keith Fleming, Lender: Onewest Bank FSB, Amount: $195,996, Property: 2011 Alpine Dr, Erie, Filed: 06/18/10 • Borrower: Michael Puterbaugh & Farrah Voll, Lender: Nationstar Mortgage LLC, Amount: $411,909, Property: 2361 Hickory Pl, Erie, Filed: 06/18/10 • Borrower: Christy Graessle, Lender: BAC Home Loans Servicing LP, Amount: $268,939, Property: 1140 Sunset Way, Erie, Filed: 06/18/10 • Borrower: Stephen, Pennie & Chad Bednar, Lender: US Bank National Association, Amount: $208,707, Property: 597 Lehigh Cir, Erie, Filed: 06/21/10 • Borrower: David & Dao Allen, Lender: BAC Home Loans Servicing LP, Amount: $327,005, Property: 1662 Crestview Ln, Erie, Filed: 06/23/10 • Borrower: Ian Fahey, Lender: Wells Fargo Bank NA, Amount: $69,105, Property: 1827 Mountain View Dr, Erie, Filed: 06/23/10 • Borrower: Joshua Gamel & Hilary Nelson, Lender: GMAC Mortgage LLC, Amount: $226,185, Property: 10311 Echo Cir, Firestone, Filed: 06/18/10 • Borrower: Emily & Jason Benton, Lender: EMC Mortgage Corporation, Amount: $195,166, Property: 9747 Cascade St, Firestone, Filed: 06/18/10


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July 3, 2010


Open Sat 1-3






Longmont – Ryder Ridge








Open Sat 10:30-12:30

Open Sun 11-2

2310 JEWEL ST.

11288 Deerfield Dr



6 BR, 3BA RANCH – 3700 FT! ¼ Acre – MTN Views Steam Sauna.

4BR, 3BA, Lg KITCH & YD! $1102/Mo. P+I @ 4.75% 30yr. Call for Est. Taxes, Ins, & M.I

Dave Wagner/ERA Tradewind • 720 244-0980

Dave Wagner/ERA Tradewind • 720 244-0980

Open Sat 12-2

2207 Brehm Road Berthoud



10-acre horse prop. w/3bd, 2 ba log home, sauna, hay barn, and irrg. water just 6 miles NE of Longmont.


Keller Williams 1st Realty • (720)318-8431

- Only 4 spots available per week on a first-come basis -

ONLY $49! • CALL 303-776-2244



Gorgeous 2908 sq ft 4 bdrm, 3 bath, AC Fabulous Yard, Wood Flrg

Get a full color picture of your open house, the open house hours, address, price and your name and phone number featured at the top of our popular Open House Grid!

Nancy Dayton, Broker/Dayton Land & Real Estate LLC • (303)678-8231












$129,500 Longmont 1311 Keystone


ERA Tradewind/Crook


$279,900 Firestone 11288 Deerfield Dr. 11-2 Keller Williams 1st Realty/Steinbrecker 720-318-8431

$148,000 Longmont 306 Wadsworth Ct.


ERA Tradewind/Hanke


$185,000 Longmont 75 Springdale Pl.


ERA Tradewind/Stang


$219,000 Longmont 2310 Jewel St.

10:30ERA Tradewind/Wagner 12:30


$315,000 Longmont 414 Noel Avenue


Porch Light Real Estate/April


$325,000 Longmont 580 Sugar Mill Pl.


ERA Tradewind/Wagner


$335,000 Longmont 12490 & 12510 N 75th 12-2

ERA Tradewind/Mathews


$430,000 Berthoud

Dayton Land & Real Estate/Dayton 303-678-8231

2207 Brehm Road




Hours Office


Visit to map your home tour 27-148710

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Real Estate Weekly  

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