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CONTENTS PG. 4—A letter from our Executive Editor and founder, Sarah Seado PG. 5—This issue’s contributors

PG. 9—Artist of the Season: the amazingly talented Miamibased artist, Laelanie Larach! PG. 10—After Hours: Libations. This season it’s magical.

PG. 11—Eye of the Tiger! Check out this season’s ass kicking sport from Brazil!

PG. 27—Hip Hop Spotlight: LOWFI. A great interview with a true up-andcomer in the Hip Hop world.

PG. 29—Adorn Me. Our newest segment featuring accessory aficionado Gabrielle J. Weil! PG. 42—For Your Consideration. It’s short but very, very sweet!



INTHIS I SSUE Check out this season’s Heyku post picks and a Q&A with the app’s founder! Pg. 13

What’re we listening to this summer? Read the Times Beach Summer 2013 Playlist Collective for details! Pg. 15

The stylish and innovative technology brand, Gavio, talked with us about their brand and what makes it more amazing than others. Pg. 23

This season’s The Spread features a radical black diamond jewelry company launched by one of Times Beach’s very own writers, Gabrielle Weil! Pg. 32

Cover credits: All photos courtesy of the beautiful teams that work with our clients as well as Marc Jacobs & our staff photography team 3

FROM tthe he R O T EDI We’ve finally made it to the summer. A time where the sun rules and all love affairs are just that much more special. This issue we’re bringing you fantastic new content and a couple of the reoccurring segments! The magazine did so amazingly well in the spring! I was so happy to receive such a positive reception after all the hard work we all put in to get it off the ground! This issue we have a new segment with a new writer (Gabrielle, you’re awesome!) and we also have some fun content featuring upand-comers as well as the staff of Times Beach! For this issue, I really wanted to get the staff and writers involved in the magazine personally. I don’t think a magazine can fully come together until readers are familiar with who’s writing what they’re reading In the spirit of “summer” we’ve included lots of

lovely summer suggestions to help you celebrate the “Freedom Season” to the fullest extent. Things at Times Beach have been rather busy this summer and I’m really excited to say that this issue exceeds our first issue with an extra ten delicious pages of content and features! How’s that for awesome? If this were Vogue, this issue would easily be the size of a phonebook (I love Vogue, which is why I can make that joke). :) Regardless, onwards & upwards for us! We have exciting news about our Fall issue (yes, it’s already in development! Told you we were busy) and much more coming at you minute-to-minute on our Twitter & Facebook pages! Once you’re connected, grab your copy of Times Beach, head to the beach, throw on your shades and sink your teeth in to our deliciously juicy sunkissed summer issue! Enjoy and on behalf of everyone here at Times Beach: Have a riproaring summer! We’ll see you in the fall! Kindest regards,

Sarah Seado Sarah Seado Executive Editor


C.B. Darlington

Cody Waldrop


Contributor- “After Hours: Libations”

Christy Brigitte Darlington is a published author, singer/ songwriter/guitarist and alt-pop/rock-nroll recording artist. After many years of touring, performing, recording and writing he is now on a quest to collect all the crystal skulls, fit them with pompadour hairpieces, and transform the earth into a rockabilly world.

USF Alumni. English Bulldog Lover. Alcohol Connoisseur. Craft Beer Cody@timesCody@times-beach.com Enthusiast. History and Antique Buff. Wannabe Writer. Follow my further adventures on Instagram: CJWALDROP.

Amanda Hudgins Contributor- “Eye of the Tiger” , “Hip-Hop Spotlight: LOWFI” Amanda@timesAmanda@times-beach.com

Amanda grew up in South Florida and fell in love with hip hop the first time she heard "Wrath of Kane" as a teen. A true verbalist admirer, she is always looking for a fresh sound and music that moves her. She is passionate about her dreams of being the next Questlove. While she is pursuing her dream, she dabbles in reading, writing, photography, and all things geek.

Christina Vasquez, Contributor Christina is a unChristina@timesChristina@times-beach.com known Polish rap artist, most recently living in The Balkans at an undisclosed location. When she's not rapping, she travels the world as a professional art thief. Taking on the freelance writing assignment for Times Beach Magazine has been one of her dreams come true. Her other dream is to have a swimming pool filled entirely with marshmallows. That dream has yet to materialize but she's working on it. If you would like to contact her, please don't ask about her giraffe.

THIS ISSUE’S CONTRIBUTORS Gabrielle J. weil Contributor- “Adorn Me.” When not writing for the Times Beach Magazine Accessory pages, Gabrielle is the force behind her very own jewelry brand www.rocksdelux.com. Her black diamond jewelry collections have the unique purpose of creating adornment for the body. She believes in a conflict free world & strives to use only ethically Gabrielle@timesGabrielle@times-beach.com sourced, conflict free Brazilian black diamonds in her designs. When she's not busy designing & being inspired by these mysterious gems, she can be found reading a good book, doing yoga, swimming, listening to the birds & indulging in her other obsession iPhoneography. If you are a fab accessory designer she'd love to hear from you! 5

Times Beach Magazine Staff & Affiliates Executive Editor: Sarah Seado Social Media Manager: Nicole Hynes Special thanks to: Featured Guests:


Ken Siow


Gabrielle Weil


Shelby Mason


Laelanie Larach Baz Brown Martin Wilmsen

Gavio Lions + Lambs Boot Tights

Paul Curran


welcome TO OUR

summer issue



ARTIST OF THE SUMMER: Summertime should not just be about music, “rainbow blast” 36X48 the beach, fireOil, canvas works and all that other fun stuff that we’re so accustom to. It should include lots of discovery– both personal and discovery of the lovely cultures that surround us. This summer we’re inviting you to “discover” the amazingly talented visual artist, Laelanie Larach.

use of oil paints. In my own humble opinion, her art work is quite lively and rich. She combines her own abstract vision with a fusion of colors and visuals so strong that you’re sure to miss something if you neglect to take a long hard look at the piece in question “enchanted blue love” 36X48 Oil, Canvas

Laelanie , a Honduran artist currently hailing from Miami, Florida, has a unique approach to her art. She’s one of the few artists that I’ve seen who actually make beautiful, well-contemplated mixed media artwork. An oil painter by trade, she incorporates her own photography into the artwork and builds around it through an enlightened

I personally love her work as I think it stimulates your brain as well as sets the ambiance for the surrounding area. Laelanie’s art has been seen in numerous magazines and art galleries throughout southern Florida and you definitely need to keep an eye on this artist this summer!

“naturaleza irreal” 30X4o, Oil, Canvas

Check out her official website for more information and art openings! Www.laelanielarach.com 9




ummer is here and it’s time to enjoy a nice refreshing drink. So why not enjoy summer’s official drink, Lemonade, but with a twist.

“Summer Beer”- Pleasant, Refreshing, Fizzy. Photo Credit: Cody Waldrop

“Summer Beer” is a cocktail calling for lemonade, beer and vodka. This drink is made up of 24 ounces of a light lager, 1 cup vodka and 2 quarts lemonade, and will serve roughly 8 people.

The Shandy looks dandy! Sorry… I had to. Photo Credit: Cody Waldrop

The “Shandy” is a drink calling for a beer and lemonade mixture. This drink is a 50/50 mix of a wheat or light lager, and your favorite lemonade, regular or flavored.

Both of these drinks will be the highlight of your next summer get together. Cheers, Cody Waldrop Cody Waldrop Beer Connoisseur, Craft Beer Enthusiast, Amateur Mixologist *Always Drink Responsibly

If you want your lemonade to have some extra kick throw in some vodka. Yes…..vodka. 10

e y E of The

r e g Ti


s a tribute to the summer months, travel down to tropical Brazil to learn a martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics, and music. Developed in Brazil, Capoeira is not only a martial art, but has become a representation of Brazilian culture all over the world. A vision to watch as the Capoeira Masters move fluently across the floor, usually barefoot, rocking back and forth to the sound of drum beats. This rocking move is called the Ginga (pronounced

A beginners Capoeira class Photo Credit: www.alvinailey.org

By: Amanda Hudgins jinga) and is used for many purposes- not just to look entertaining. The Ginga is meant to keep the Capoeirista constantly moving. It’s great for attacks and defense on the martial arts side, but also looks beautiful as the rhythm of the Capoeirista combines with the music. Capoeira also combines a level of acrobatics in the choreography-like style. Cartwheels called Aú and various flips are part of the art of Capoeira. You might see them practicing outside, simulating the combat in a game. During this time they focus on the skill and avoid injuring or hitting the other opponent. It just depends on the game that is being played. You will often see the capoeiristas surrounded by a circle of fellow participants (also known as a Roda) singing and playing instruments. Capoeira is becoming more widely known and accessible to those that want to try out a 11

new form of exercise. This style of martial arts keeps the body constantly in motion. It can help flexibility, strength, stamina, and might even improve your rhythm. Don’t be intimidated by the Masters or more advanced capoeiristas. There are plenty of classes for beginners to start practicing their skills. There is a lot of history behind Capoeira and its origins, which makes this art even more special. If you are looking for a new challenge during the summer months, I definitely recommend you look for a local Capoeira spot near you.

A Roda with the younger Capoeiristas practicing. Photo Credit: www.scu.edu

Check out a Capoeira class in your area this summer! Here’s a few to get you going! Capoeira Brasil

Capoeira Maculelê Atlanta

Miami Capoeira Sol e Lua

Los Angeles, CA

Atlanta, GA

Miami, FL

Beginners classes Friday, 6PM First week is free!

First class free with signup!







Capoeira Volta Ao Mundo

Dallas Capoeira

Seattle Capoeira Center

Tampa, FL

Dallas, TX

Seattle, WA

First class is free!

Free trial class!

First week $20!







Axé Capoeira Arizona

Arte Capoeira Center


Scottsdale/Tempe, AZ

New York, NY

Washington D.C.

First week is free!

First week $30!

First month– unlimited: $62!









Thanks for the submissions, Heyku-ers! Want to see more Heykus? Get the app! Available in the Apple App market!


What’s the company all about? More importantly, what’s this app about?! We had the opportunity to ask Heyku CEO, Ohad Assoulin all about this great app. Read on to learn more about the “Instagram of poetry”, Heyku.

Times Beach Magazine: What inspired the Haiku-based “Heyku” app? Ohad Assoulin: Back in June 2012 I was on the subway in New York and heard an old man playing some beautiful music on his guitar. I wondered how exactly I could capture and share this special moment with my friends. Using this moment as inspiration, we set out to create a new way for people to share their moments, thoughts and feelings. Heyku is powered by our guided writing questions which instantly spark your imagination while the limited word count forces you to get creative when choosing your words. TBM: What sort of features do new users have to look forward to as Heyku grows? Any new developments? OA: We are looking into some exciting formatting options, location-based sharing and even the possibility of adding a sound to your Heyku! TBM: Are you guys developing any other applications? If so, can you tell us about them or are they top secret? OA: At the moment... no. TBM: Aside from Heyku, what other sorts of applications are you guys really enjoying right now? OA: We are loving Vine and Instagram as well as Snap

Chat. TBM: Where do you hope to see Heyku this time next year? OA: All over North America. Okay, quick fire round: New York or California? California \ New York :) Ice Cream or Candy? Ice Cream Facebook or Twitter? Facebook Ear buds or Headphones? Ear buds (gotta have them at all times in our pockets!) #FollowFriday or Black Friday? #followfriday Oceanside or Mountainside? Oceanside! Summer or Fall? Summer


TIMES BEACH MAGAZINE’S SUMMER PLAYLIST COLLECTIVE In the spirit of keeping this issue summery, we asked our staff members to contribute playlists of their favorite songs for the summer. All of these playlists are available on the Times Beach Magazine Spotify account ! Check out what our team is listening to this summer and chime in with your summer selections on our Facebook & Twitter pages!


Hot Beats & BBQ’s By: Amanda Hudgins

"U & Me & Everyone we know" - Jean Grae "Love of my Life Worldwide" - Erykah Badu "Pitch it on a Party" - DJ Quik "Buddy (Remix)" - De La Soul feat. Q-Tip, Monie Love, Jungle Brother "Back in the day" - Ahmad "G.R.I.N.D." - Asher Roth "Award Tour" - Tribe "Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe" - Kendrick Lamar "This High" - OCD Moosh and Twist "This is how we do it" - Montell Jordan "Sunshine" - Atmosphere "On and on" - Mac Miller "Wishes and Luck" - Cool Calm Pete "Morning After Pill" - Louis Logic "Walk in the Park" - Sound Providers "Top of the World" - OCD - Moosh and Twist "Return of the Mack" - Mark Morrison "Tunnel to your Heart" - La Harrier Find this list on Spotify!


Sandy Dunes & Blue Skies “Makes me think of Brazil, the endless sand dunes of the northern parts of the country where you can drive for miles and see nothing but sand dunes and blue skies before arriving at a magical destination.� -Gabrielle J. Weil

Troubled Girl (Spannish Version) - Karen Ramirez Face a La Mer (Massive Attack Remix) - Les Negresses Vertes In a Little While (N.O.W. Remix) - U2 Sunbeams - UKO Tatouage Bleu (Avec Chet) - Ben Onono Gula Gula (Chilluminati Mix) - Mari Boine Smokebelch II - The Sabres of paradise Lula - Phil Mison Tout Est Bleu (Original Ame Strong S.A Remix) Ame Strong Whispering Wind - Moby Find this list on Spotify!


Bikinis & Bonfires I love it—Icona Pop Get lucky—Daft punk/Pharrel Amber---311 Locked out of Heaven – Bruno Mars

“Looking back on my great childhood memories, I always think back to the summers. Summer was the best time as a kid. School was out. It was hot. There were popsicles, pools, running through the grass with no shoes on and tons of fun to be had. Even as an adult, I still look to summer as my break between spring and fall and an opportunity to have fun and enjoy the slow pace of summertime. My playlist entitled “Bikinis and Bonfires” reflects my feelings about summer. I see summer as a time to relax, to dance around like an idiot and to just enjoy life for as long as you can. So this summer, get sand between your toes, dance in the warm summer rain, buy new funky sunglasses and wear a tacky Hawaiian shirt. It’s the summer! Feel young and do it all.” -Christina Vasquez

Thong Song- Sisqo stereo love-- edward maya feat vika jigulina Come and Get it- Selena gomez Alesso Vs. OneRepublic - If I Lose Myself (Remix)

Katie Perry- Teenage Dream

Avril Lavigne - Here's To Never Growing Up

dj jazzy jeff and the fresh prince— summertime

Still With me- Tritonal

Sheryl Crow—Soak up the sun

Tegan and Sara – Closer

Turth Hurts Ft. Rakim—Addictive

Carried Away remix- Passion Pit & tiesto

Don Henley—Boys of Summer

Lana Del Rey - Summertime Sadness (Cedric Gervais Remix)

Find this list on Spotify!

Fountains of Wayne - Stacy's Mom

Asia—Heat of the Moment


Sunburns, S’mores & Sandcastles By: Nikki Hynes

Lana Del Ray—Summertime Sadness Van Morrison—Brown Eyed Girl The Strokes—Someday Chiddy Bang—Opposite of Adults Tame Impala—Elephant Souls of Mischief—93’ Til Infinity Imagine Dragons—Radioactive The Jimi Hendrix Experience— Manic Depression Pete Rock & CL Smooth—They Reminisce Over You Mazzy Star—Fade Into You Find this playlist on Spotify!


Seasons of the Summer “When compiling this playlist, I thought of what summer has always been for me: not just a season but the foundation for a story.

Queens of the Stone Age—Feel Good Hit of The Summer Motley Crue— Kickstart My Heart Icona Pop— Ready for the Weekend The Cult—Fire Woman The Ataris—Boys of the Summer Morgan Page— In the Air Queens of the Stone Age–Go with the Flow

To me, Summers begin with excitement, lead to memorable experiences and end with new relationships… sometimes of a romantic nature. This playlist maps out those “seasons” with some longtime and newer favorite songs of mine.”— Sarah Seado

In this Moment—Adrenalize Les Friction—Louder Than Words Motley Crue—Too Young to Fall In Love The Darkness—I Believe in a Thing Called Love The Hives—Hate To Say I Told You So The Killers—Somebody Told Me The Von Bondies—C’mon, C’mon Scatter the Ashes—From the Tops of Trees Coldplay—Square One Darlington—Chelsea Coldplay—Talk Hooverphonic—No More Sweet Music Hooverphonic—2 Wicky

Hooverphonic—Renaissance Affair Justin Timberlake—Strawberry Bubblegum Aerosmith—Crazy Queens of the Stone Age—Make It Wit Chu Bitter:Sweet—Dirty Laundry Bitter:Sweet—Drink You Sober 311—Love Song Les Friction—What You Need Justin Timberlake—Blue Ocean Floor Find this playlist on Spotify!


Songs with “Summer� in the Title By: Darlington

"Summer" The Excessories "Summertime" Teenage Bottlerocket "Almost Summer" The Apers "Girls + Summer = fun!" Darlington "Lonely Summer Nights" The Stray Cats "My Summer Girl" The Rentals "Your Summer Dream" The Beach Boys "Summertime" Will Smith "Summertime Blues" Eddie Cochran "All Summer Long" The Beach Boys "Summertime Girls" Lyte Funky Ones "Cruel Summer" Bananarama "Here Comes The Summer" The Undertones "Summer Please" Chixdiggit! "Keep an Eye on Summer" The Beach Boys "Summer Nights" Olivia NewtonJohn & John Travolta "Brunette Summer" Chixdiggit! Find this playlist on Spotify!



KEN SIOW gavio



avio is changing the face of audio/visual technology as we know it– quite literally.

Ken Siow, founder of the luxury a/v accessory company Gavio, was kind enough to share some insight behind the company’s sophisticated style, new product releases, and why they’re the company to seek when accessorizing your mobile device.

TBM: Ken! So great to have you for this interview! How are you? KS: I feel great and thanks for the interview. TBM: How would you describe the gavio brand to someone unfamiliar with it? KS: Gavio produces an extensive range of high quality consumer goods from earphones, headphones, speakers, innovative cases and protectors for phones and tablets. We make originality, innovation in design and performance our priority when producing premium lifestyle products for the masses. In summary: we are a fashionable Lifestyle accessories Brand. TBM: Everything from gavio is quite lovely- very chic, stylish and streamlined- What inspired you to provide that level of sophistication in your products? KS: I need to credit our design language and effort to Gavio design Team, Alvin, Yvette and Moon. Their energy, vision and drive coupled with [current] fashion trends have contributed a lot to Gavio today. TBM: What can you tell us about the new “Man of Steel” products? KS: This is the 1st Licensing Project which we have embarked on. We are honored to work with DC Comics and Warner Bros. Superman is an evergreen icon, an American Hero and household name. It’s a challenge to us when we design “ Man of Steel” Products. We need to match the “Man of Steel” image to user or customer expectations or experiences. TBM: What do you think sets Gavio aside from other brands in the electronics industry? KS: Our Brand philosophy and Intellectual Property make us different. TBM: What sort of Gavio products can we look forward to in the future? KS: Funky, trendy and Quality Audio accessories. (Continued) 24

TBM: Okay, we would like you to pick your top 4 favorite Gavio products. KS: -Wrenz portable speaker Man of Steel Jackin’ Juice -Gazz+ earphone Photo Credit: gavio ™ -Metallon X earphone -Duetto ipad4 case which is rotatable and detachable. TBM: Which Gavio products would you recommend for our readers? KS: I strongly recommend Wrenz portable speaker. It’s cool and sleek.

Wrenz Speakers Photo Credit: gavio ™

TBM: What other electronics brands do you personally enjoy using? KS: Samsung and Apple are the two brands that I personally enjoy using.

TBM: What sort of activities or hobbies do you partake in when you’re not busy keeping up with Gavio? KS: Swimming and cycling with my family; playing Jethro Tull tunes on my flute. TBM: Where do you hope to see gavio in two years? KS: To expand our businesses into the US and Europe and have a substantial fan/user base worldwide.

Man of Steel– Plush Pocket

TBM: Where can we shop for your products? KS: You may Shop online: http://www.gavio.com.sg/prive/shop http://www.gavio.com.sg/dynag/shopping/


Let’s pretend you’re seeing your company’s advert here… Is it lovely?

Cost-free advertising opportunities available: ATTN: Marketing sarah@times-beach.com ® 26

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Allen Photography , 2011


LOWFI By: Amanda Hudgins

Times Beach Magazine: Where are you LF: (in my best Lil’ Wayne voice) "I got from, where did you get your start at? so many styles, I am a group". I'm universal, only dead things go in boxes. LOWFI: Well, universally I'm from the closest star in this solar system. My DNA I'm on a positive frequency, but It can go either way. I'm from New York so is from the motherland (Afrika). I was traditionally my style is truthful, but I'm born in and of Queens, in New York. in tune with my imagination. I let the TBM: When did you start rapping? listener judge for themselves. LF: I started rapping in grade school, I didn't rap at first. People just paid attention to what I said, and I saw the power.

TBM: If there could be anyone you could work with on an album or track, who would it be? No limits.

LF: I would work with anyone who has TBM: What made you want to become knowledge of self. I would love to an artist? work with Erykah Badu, she can get deep. It would crazy to get producLF: (laughs) I'm a creative genius, I've always been on some other shit.. I got tion from Diplo, Baauer, The Neptunes, The Roots… Too many people to that spark. TBM: How would you classify your style name. of music?

(Continued…) 27

TBM: What do you enjoy doing when you are not making music?

TBM: What is your favorite food?

TBM: What inspires/influences you?

becoming an artist?

LF: I'm serious about learning who and what I am on all levels. My true culture and history inspires me to create. There are so many things people don't know about themselves and their relationship with nature, it's disturbing. So when I discover new truths about me, my people, and nature- I'm live!

LF: I've learned that things are way deeper than what appears on the surface. I'm learning a language that's being spoken on different frequencies. It's deeper than rapping… I'm connecting with my spirituality through my craft; I'm learning mental alchemy.

TBM: Who are your favorite MC’s?

TBM: How do you feel about the current state of hip hop?

LF: I love Bar B Que. No pork though! I'm startLF: I'm into nature, so I started a garden. I'm ing to get into Juicing heavy, since I started into sciences most people find boring or weird, gardening. I'm like a medicine man . I'm unorthodox… TBM: What is the main thing you have learned

LF: There a too many to name! De La Soul! Lol, they got skills! All of the conscious rappers, LF: I feel like passenger 57 on a hijacking. I feel Maaaaaaaaad RESPECT! like I have a responsibility to represent for truth and justice. In my opinion, too many artist fall TBM: What is your favorite book? short. There's not enough originality. LF: I read a book called "The Science of Love" TBM: What sort of impact do you hope to have by John Baines, and that sparked something in on the industry? me. LF: I don't think the industry is interested in what TBM: Where do you want to be in a year? I have to offer. The Only thing the industry is LF: In a year I want to be on the road doing interested in is making money. I represent shows in venues with a solid fan base. I've got something bigger. The only way to know what blueprints, but that's only for the initiated. I'm that Is, is by listening to the music. researching the science of currency, so I'm TBM: If there was one thing you wish you were planning on being wealthy! In a year I should better at, what would it be and why? have a solid foundation for economic growth! I'm all about that JUICE! LF: I wish I was better at everything I do. TBM: Tell me about any upcoming projects/ music?

TBM: What is next for Lowfi? LF: LOWFI will be at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival as a vendor, and we will be performing on June 21 at the Marcus Garvey Amphitheater , 5pm.

LF: I’m working a single for the summer time vibe, which will be [released] in the month of July! I always release bodies of work, but now I'm focused on catching the moment. BAR B Check out LOWFI at www.facebook.com/ QUE!!!! I'll be putting together group gatherlivelowfi! ings to stir up the sauce of creativity! So if people want to create works of art, contact me.




By Gabrielle J. Weil

’m a firm believer that we need to look our best at ALL times & accessories are THE secret ingredients!

Summer is upon us, ladies! It’s time to travel to shores afar for that well needed break in the sun! If you’re lucky enough to live in a beach city then you’re probably already an old hand at being “Beach Ready” but sometimes, accessorizing goes by the wayside when it comes to beach-y times…. So I’m here to help you pull your beach look together for the ultimate in ocean chic with some of my favorite accessories of the season in this summer’s hottest colors. I’m loving the citrus hues about this year, classy, not too flashy & über sexy! As we saw in our last issue, this year’s Pantone colors are fresh and citrus.

COVER UP! The number one essential to add to your accessorizing on the beach is the Cover Up. This is your go to chic piece that you can slip on & off in a second to look instantly pulled together. It comes to your aid when you’ve had too much sun, feel a slight chill, when crossing that very public space to & from the beach when everyone will be checking you out to see how fabulous you look or simply for a quick hop to go find a drink or snack.


SWIMWEAR 101 Once you slip off your cover up, your swimming suit will be on full show so make sure it is worthy of the display. No matter what your body shape, there is swimwear to flatter your best assets & those are exactly the ones you need to make the focal points!

This Victoria’s Secret Lace tunic in Nectarine is the perfect fit as it suits all body types thanks to its clever cut & free flowing hemline. Its currently on sale for $48, down from $64.50 & is in one of this summer’s hottest trending colors to boot!

www.instyleswimwear.com is one of my most favourite go-to swimwear websites. When choosing a swimsuit, there are 2 golden rules: 1. You will want to draw attention to your best asset 2. You will want to camouflage your weakest one. Too much busy business on a swimsuit can so easily throw your entire look out of balance so I tend to prefer uniform blocks of color here. This provides the best possible canvas for your accessories, as well as being the most flattering for all body shapes.

Flat on top but great waist & behind? The Eyelet Monokini by Phily Q, comes in two great colors and does a great job at camouflaging up top. $144, www.instyleswimwear.com

Not so crazy about the front of your body but love your back? This simple bikini from MIKOH Swimwear wow’s from the back. The crochet web unexpectedly steals the show when you turn around & does all the work for you. $194, www.instyleswimwear.com

Want something with a little more coverage but love a sportier look? Most people thing that sporty means unflattering but this gorgeous navy romper style suit by MAIO Swim covers & flatters in all the right places. $132, www.instyleswimwear.com 30

Summer accessory picks Eye protection? Check! Ray Ban, $150 Www.ray-ban.com

Rosita Bonita wave shell pendant, $30.50 http://boticca.com/rositabonita

(From top to bottom): Braided Charm Double Wrap, $42 & Small Candy Turnlock Bracelet, $88 in Orange – Both by Marc Jacobs. Www.marcjacobs.com

Rocks Delux Black Diamond Spike Color Burst Necklace in Citrus Orange 0.25 carats, $155, Www.rocksdelux.com On trend right now is body jewelry I love this body chain by Jacquie Aiche $220, http://www.shopbop.com/ bezel-body-chain-jacquie-aiche 31

The Spread: Rocks Delux Jewelry 32

“The love to fiddle with shiny things, silk threadswhatever I could get my hands on to thread together - has never left me.�


“I like to think of them [Black Diamonds] as my little rebels.�



“A conflict diamond is so full of sadness. As a designer, I could not morally create something that is to bring the wearer so much joy by using a gemstone that symbolizes such hatred & oppression.� 36


“...buying diamond jewelry doesn’t need to be such a guilty pleasure.”


Q & A: G a b r i e l l e J. We i l Rocks Delux Jewelr y™ TBM: What inspired you to begin crafting jewelry? GJW: I’ve been working with jewelry professionally, on & off for around 10 years. I have always been on the marketing & sales side of things, except when I think back to as far as I can remember! My fascination with beads, gemstones, crafting bracelets, key chains, necklaces & anklets from sparkly plastic beads started at a very early age! The love to fiddle with shiny things, silk threads, whatever I could get my hands on to thread together has never left me. Rocks Delux came about from my love of gemstones & just wanting to create something different. The one thing that stood out for me was the price attached to diamond jewelry. This inaccessibility was what drove my business idea forward. I wanted to create unconventionally priced diamond jewelry so choosing an equally unconventional diamond was my must have ingredient. I then got a little carried away & decided to pierce the stone instead of setting it & Rocks Delux Jewels was born.

than the color-less diamonds that every little girl grows up admiring so it remains somewhat of a hard to source gemstone as well. With the jewelry industry so over saturated, this keeps them fresh & new. People love to be individual; to carve out their own style & this diamond allows them to do just that. Their deep, non-translucent color gives any piece of jewelry they adorn a Rock n’ Roll vibe. I like to think of them as my little rebels. TBM: How would you describe your jewelry? GJW: Affordable luxury: Unconventionally set, unconventionally priced (nothing over $500) black diamond body adornment. TBM: What are your favorite materials to use in jewelry making? GJW: Black diamonds & pink sapphires are my go-to precious gems. My metal of choice is Italian made 18k GoldFilled chains. I love mixing together the colors & textures of the chains & I find that by doing this, any piece can complement any skin tone.

TBM: What is the allure of the black diamond? My favorite combination right now is rose gold Why do you think it’s so appealing to so many with the rich black of the diamond. people? TBM: We understand you strive to use only GJW: Black diamonds are not that widely used conflict-free black diamonds. Are you actively in jewelry as they are considered to be the un- motioning to help raise more awareness about conventional diamond due to the stone’s very this issue? What makes it an important issue for mysterious origins. It’s only in the past 10 years you as a jewelry designer? or so that they have been included more & more in jewelry design. They are far more rare 39

“People love to be individual; to carve out their own style & this diamond allows them to do just that.”

GJW: A conflict diamond is so full of sadness. As a designer, I could not morally create something that is to bring the wearer so much joy by using a gemstone that symbolizes such hatred & oppression. Raising awareness starts with making it clear that we take great care in choosing the stones that we work with. Rocks Delux sources its Black Diamonds from Brazil, from reputed sources that pride themselves on supporting the Kimberley Process & Clean Diamond Act. Both of which exist so as to provide the required diamond paper trail that aims to eliminate conflict diamonds being in circulation. This is the first & most important step.

whole point of wearing jewelry? I can’t choose for them but I can create what I think is wearable & versatile but then it’s up to them to choose their heart’s desire…. I can say though with no piece above $500 the diamond can truly become a girl’s best friend. TBM: Who are your top 2 favorite designers? Why? GJW: Chanel for their dedication to black & white. Van Clef & Arpels for being whimsical & classic. TBM: Where do you hope to see your brand in 5 years?

GJW: Well, since I started Rocks Delux from wanting to make diamond jewelry more accessible, I want to keep providing this to women who love to be glam. I TBM: Which designs out of your collection are your want the brand to be able to be associated with introfavorites? ducing this notion to fashion savvy women via the InGJW: A tough question! I am wearing a lot of my ternet. I want to show women that buying diamond Chandelier Earrings & the Shoulder Duster Earring jewelry doesn’t need to be such a guilty pleasure. I right now. With summer upon us I love showing them want Rocks Delux to grow from that seed & when off with bare shoulders & just the black diamonds on people think of a deluxe rock, that they can see it show! within reach & that Rocks Delux Jewels comes to TBM: Which designs would you recommend to our mind. readers? Check out Rocks Delux Jewelry at GJW: Anything that makes them happy! Isn’t that the

www.rocksdelux.com! 40

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Times Beach Magazine - Summer 2013  

Sink your teeth into our delectable summer issue!

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