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By Kevin J. Regan

ake your sink fixtures gleam with wax paper. First scrub them with a little baking soda and a damp sponge, rinse and dry, then polish them with some wax paper. The wax will help remove water spots and prevent future stains. Vinegar. It can do so much. We get the inexpensive large bottles of white vinegar at the supermarket to use for cleaning. It’s a good counter disinfectant, especially when applied directly after a quick spray of hydrogen peroxide. It can be used in your washing machine (see the final hack below) or in your dishwasher to help make glasses sparkle (add 1½ to 2 cups to the bottom of your dishwasher). Vinegar does a great job cleaning hard-to-reach areas in coffee makers (fill the reservoir with a few tablespoons of white vinegar mixed with water, run the coffee maker, then rinse). It’s extremely helpful for cleaning mineral buildup in toilets – whenever you won’t be using the toilet for a few hours fill up an empty jug of water and quickly pour down the toilet without flushing to lower the water level. Then, add a few cups of vinegar and let soak for several hours. Vinegar can also be used to clean clogged shower heads (soak overnight), and to prevent soap scum build-up – wipe tubs and shower doors with a sponge soaked in distilled white vinegar. Clean and remove difficult stains on your wood cutting boards with lemon and salt. After washing, sprinkle kosher salt on your cutting boards and use a half of a lemon to rub it in. Let the mixture sit on your boards for a few minutes, then rinse with clean water.

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One of my pet peeves is secondhand chemical-scented detergent and dryer sheet odors wafting around the neighborhood. Not only is the odor overpowering, it also exposes us (both by breathing it in and by dermal absorption) to an unhealthy chemical cocktail of known carcinogens and hazardous endocrine-disrupting pollutants. Our current US Consumer Product Safety Commission does not require dryer sheet manufacturers to list actual ingredients, including the chemicals used for fragrances. The solution? Instead of using chemical dryer sheets, try adding a quarter cup of white vinegar to your washer’s rinse cycle and then place wool dryer balls in your dryer for the dry cycle. You can also add a few drops of organic essential oil to the wool balls to add a natural pleasant scent. The Berkshire Food Co-op in Great Barrington carries essential oils, and you can purchase wool dryer balls directly from Community Access to the Arts, (CATA), at CATA is a wonderful local nonprofit organization that unleashes the creative talents of people with disabilities, using the arts to connect them with the wider community. ~ Kevin Regan,

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Our BerkshireTimes Magazine, Spring/Summer 2019  

Our BerkshireTimes Magazine is your resource for local events, community news, and vibrant living in the Berkshire region of Massachusetts....

Our BerkshireTimes Magazine, Spring/Summer 2019  

Our BerkshireTimes Magazine is your resource for local events, community news, and vibrant living in the Berkshire region of Massachusetts....

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