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April-July 2009

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1 in 150 children diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder - find out what you can do

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In your holistic practice - Chapter 1

Genetically modified crops in the USA Eco-friendly and healthy buildings

You can help restore our ecosystem starting in your very own backyard The blending of science and spirituality

Your thoughts have real and measurable effects on your body and brain

Cover Illustration by Mary Rembold, Blue Thistle Studio email: mary@bluethistlestudio.net website: www.BlueThistleStudio.net


elieve nothing. No matter where you read it, or who said it, even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own common sense - BUDDHA www.OurBerkshireGreen.com

April 2009


Letter from the Publisher


elcome to Our BerkshireGreen, your complimentary, tri-annual holistic magazine/directory and website focused on Berkshire County, Massachusetts and the surrounding area. My hope is that you will come to think of this magazine as your magazine. My wish, with your help, is to create an ever-expanding, unified network of holistic and environmentally conscious individuals, businesses, and services in our community. I know many of you are concerned about your personal and environmental health, and may have your own reasons for taking the steps needed to create sustainable living in our community. Perhaps you can even remember the turning point in your life when that awareness kicked in. For me, it was in 1992 when I was diagnosed with stage IV Hodgkin’s Disease (lymph cancer). My prognosis was not good. Because I had lived what I thought was an extremely healthy lifestyle the shock was earth shaking, thus my journey into environmental awareness and holistic living began. Hearing and reading how the products of our modern lifestyle impact us personally is just not the same as learning from experience. Conventional medicine played its part in the beginning stages of my healing process by buying me time, but when it failed to “cure” me by the end of treatment, alternative medicine ultimately saved my life and opened an entirely new world for me. I want to share this world with you. Many of us strive for clean living for the sake of our health as well as for our environment, or would like to learn how to begin to do so, but we are not all aware of one another and the unique and valuable services, products and information we each have to offer. This magazine, as well as events such as Berkshire County’s “Green & Healthy Living Expo,” held at Butternut in Great Barrington, will give us a chance to connect and grow. In addition, Our BerkshireGreen will continue to hold monthly networking events where we can gather and share. From the very outset of this dream, one thing that has been very important to our entire team is ensuring that the content of our publication meets an acceptable level of quality and credibility throughout the holistic, green and sustainable community. For that reason we intend to create an independent Advisory Board made up of experts in the various disciplines represented in our magazine who can review articles and advertisements prior to acceptance for publication. As part of this inaugural message, we are including a formal call to action for Advisory Board volunteers who believe that they have the credentials and the time to become a part of that process. I would personally welcome all those who are interested to contact me, and I will send you a form to fill out - publisher@OurBerkshireGreen.com. If you would like to be included in Our BerkshireGreen, we welcome editorial and illustration submissions, display advertising to businesses that sell at least one green/ holistic product or service, and sponsorship opportunities to those that wish to support green, healthy and holistic living. See www.OurBerkshireGreen.com. I would like to thank the very important people in my life that helped make this publication possible. My love and appreciation go out to my husband Kevin and my four year old daughter Brianna, who have been so patient while I had to work. I sincerely thank my parents Irene and Bill Baird and my Uncle Russ (my second father) who helped fund this project. My dear Aunt Florence, a beautiful soul, is no longer with us but I know that we have her support as well. Finally, enough cannot be said about our team who you will find pictured at right; they very much believe in what they are doing and have put their heart and soul into their work. I’ll look forward to meeting with you again in our August issue. Until then, I wish you good health and happiness.


April 2009


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contact us All advertising and editorial submissions can now be sent through our website, but for questions please contact: publisher@OurBerkshireGreen.com editor@OurBerkshireGreen.com advertise@OurBerkshireGreen.com All mail should be sent to: P.O. Box 133, Housatonic, MA 01236 Phone: 413-274-1122 Fax: 413-541-8000 Special Note: All content in Our BerkshireGreen is accepted in good faith. The publisher assumes no responsibility or liability for any claims, conditions, products, services, errors and/or opinions expressed through the articles, illustrations and advertisements appearing in this publication. We do not advocate or recommend any particular medical treatment. Every effort is made to avoid errors and misspellings, however, if you spot an error please accept our apologies. We welcome your ideas, articles and feedback so that we can give you the best service possible. We reserve the right to refuse advertising for any reason. Liability is limited to the cost of the ad space in which it first appeared for printed errors of the publisher’s responsibility or if the publisher fails to print an ad or article for any reason. We use a Creative Commons License in place of a standard copyright, unless otherwise noted, which allows anyone to freely copy, distribute and transmit all content, although it must be attributed in the manner specified by the author or licensor, and no one may use it for commercial purposes or alter, transform, or build upon it.

Getting to Know Us... Thea Basis

Independent Sales Representative

Patricia Strauch

Independent Sales Representative Patty was born and raised in Allendale, New Jersey, and spent 25 years in the corporate legal field. In 2004, she and her songwriter husband, Bruce Mandel, moved to the Berkshires, married and settled in Otis. Patty has a strong sense of community and also performs with Stockbridge Festival Chorus and Berkshire Bach. 413-2696119, patty@OurBerkshireGreen.com

Born and raised in New York City, Thea earned a B.S. in Holistic Health from Empire State College. In 1993, she came to the Berkshires, working for many years as an intuitive counselor at Canyon Ranch and created a Wellness Program at Berkshire Medical Center. Thea is a certified personal trainer and teaches meditation. 413-5288084, thea@OurBerkshireGreen.com

Sheri Ann Biasin

Independent Sales Representative

Suzannah Holiday

Independent Sales Representative

Sheri Ann Biasin is a lifelong resident of Berkshire County and has a B.S. in Psychology and currently lives in Cheshire. Her extensive sales experience spans over 25 years. Sheri prides herself in excellent customer service and prompt responsiveness to the customer’s needs. She has three children, Jacob, Justin and Ty. 413-8222070, sheri@OurBerkshireGreen.com

Tara Consolati

Proof Reading/Editing

Born in Brooklyn, N.Y., Suzannah began her career working in theatre. She more recently developed Suzie Sez, a Public Relations boutique. After a serious illness she began to research alternative therapies resulting in a successful cure. Suzannah currently resides in Great Barrington with her daughter, two dogs and a ferret. 413-528-3164, suzannah@OurBerkshireGreen.com

Chris Brady Cartographer

Chris graduated from SUNY Purchase with a B.S. in Environmental Science and earned a Certificate in Cartography from the University of Maryland. He has established his own business called The Mappers. In 2005, Chris, his wife Julie and two children relocated from Maryland to the Berkshires to be closer to family. E-mail: themappers@roadrunner.com

Tara relocated to the Berkshires from the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. Owner of T. Consolati, Virtual Assistance, as well as Delivered Events, Tara supports businesses throughout New England, and also loves to put together a fantastic party! She resides in Otis with her husband, two daughters, a spoiled Golden Retriever and three crazy cats. 413-281-7492, www.tconsolati.com

Andrea Feldman

e-Newsletter Design/Editing Andrea’s varied background includes design, counseling, cooking, and professional organizing. A native New Yorker, she relocated in 1997 in search of a healthier lifestyle and to become a macrobiotic chef. Her latest incarnation is helping small businesses to organize and create their marketing materials. 413-655-7766, Andrea@GetOrganized WithAndrea.com

Leslie Ellman

Administrative Assistant Leslie was born and raised on Long Island, and graduated from UMass, Amherst with a degree in Consumer Studies. She ran an Interior Design Business in the Boston area until she moved to the Berkshires in 2004. Leslie enjoys the diverse lifestyle of the Berkshires, as well as the sense of community where she lives in Pittsfield. 413-464-1195, leslie@ OurBerkshireGreen.com www.OurBerkshireGreen.com

April 2009


Directory of Categories Alternative Energy ...............................................6 Animal Products & Services ...............................7 Apothecaries - Health and Wellness ..................9 Art & Music .........................................................10 Babies & Children ...............................................11 Calendar of Events & Classified ......................14 Classes & Workshops .........................................15 Contests ................................................................16 Dance, Exercise & Fitness .................................17 Education & Training .........................................18 Environmental/Conservation Organizations ....22 Farmers’ Markets ................................................22 Food & Cooking .................................................23 Food Stores - Co-ops, Markets & Health .......26 General Stores - Environmental & Holistic ...26 Green Building, Renovation & Landscape Design ..27 Green Teams .......................................................30 Health & Beauty .................................................31

Health Care -

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Acupuncture .............................................34 Chiropractic & Kinesiology ...................34 Counseling & Therapy ............................35 Energy Medicine ......................................36 Massage Therapy & Bodywork ..............37 Neuromuscular Therapy .........................38 Nutrition & Supplements .......................39 Reconnective Healing ..............................40 Home & Garden ...............................................41 Inns and Bed & Breakfasts ..............................43 In Business; Greening Up! ..............................44 Lifestyles and Perspectives ..............................46 Love & Laughter are the Best Medicine! .......47 Mind & Spirit .....................................................47 Recycling At Its Very Best! Antiques & Collectibles ..........................51 Consignment Shops ................................51 Restaurants & Cafes .........................................52 Website Development & Services ..................53 Wellness Centers & Spas ..................................54 Wine & Beer ......................................................55 Maps of Directory Advertisers .......................56 Index ...................................................................59 Sponsors .............................................................60

4 Photo by Mary Rembold

Our contributors... Kristina Dow

Owner of BensDotter's Pet in Sheffield Kristina ‘Tina’ Dow is a retired college administrator, former veterinary assistant, and self-described Born-Again Raw-Feeder. Tina’s shop, BensDotter’s Pet which can be found in Sheffield, specializes in raw food diets. Visit her website at www.bensdotters.com

Bill Bean

President of Green Planning and Coaching Bill is a strategic planning expert with 30 years of experience. He has a BBA, and an MS (Wood Technology) combined with LEED AP and NAHB CGP designations, as well as professional certifications in Executive Coaching, Career Coaching and Retirement Career Coaching. Bill is a full time Berkshire resident living in Tyringham. www.GreenPlanningAndCoaching.com

Alan Inglis, MD

Integrative Health Solutions Dr. Inglis is a board certified internist educated at Amherst College and the University of Vermont School of Medicine. He offers precise, individualized care based on a holistic scientific model that addresses underlying function, not just symptoms. His practice, Integrative Health Solutions, is in The Plain School in Stockbridge. Dr. Inglis also writes a monthly national newsletter, Health Revelations. 413-298-1001

Mikka Barkman, LMT, ABT Mikka Barkman Bodywork

Mikka has been a bodywork professional for 20 yrs. Originally from Canada, she is a 3rd generation Cree Native American healer. She has lived in Berkshire County for 8 years, is the mother of 2 teenagers, and has a private practice in Great Barrington. Dialog and bodywork are artfully combined in her practice to bring a deep sense of nurturing peace. www.mikkabarkman.com

Deborah Golden Alecson

Author of Alternative Treatments for Children Within the Autistic Spectrum (Keats Publishing, 1999)

Deborah has an M.S. degree in Special Education and a certificate of graduate study in Autism Spectrum Disorders from Antioch University New England. She and Dr. Larry Bronstein co-founded CHILD Treatment and Consulting Services. In 2003, she moved from Westchester, New York to Great Barrington with her son, Skyler. www.berkshirechild.com

Coach Millie Calesky

Author of Tools for Success in Your Holistic Practice Coach Millie has provided her clients and audiences with the tools, support and structure they need to achieve their goals since 1998. She is a certified coach who trained at Coach University, a graduate of McGill University, and a Registered Nurse. Look for her April 7, 2009 Workshop: “Succeed in Your Holistic Practice” at Berkshire Community College (www. berkshirecc.edu.), www.milliecalesky.com

Karen Lyness LeBlanc

Director of Sales and Marketing for Project Native After receiving a degree in Environmental Education from Prescott College, Karen moved back east to settle in the Berkshires. She is embarking on her fifth season as Director of Sales and Marketing for Project Native. Karen currently resides in Hillsdale, N.Y. with her husband, five year old son and 12-year old wonder-dog Vesba. www.projectnative.org

Mark Hyman, MD

Founder and Medical Director of the UltraWellness Center Dr. Hyman is editor in chief of “Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine” and the Medical Editor of Natural Solutions. He is the author of the New York Times best-sellers UltraMetabolism and The UltraMind Solution. Dr. Hyman is the founder and Medical Director of the UltraWellness Center in Lenox, Massachusetts. www. ultrawellnesscenter.com www.OurBerkshireGreen.com

April 2009


Alternative Energy


Contest #2

ind this image in one of our advertiser’s ads. If you are the first caller to call 413-274-1122 on Friday, May 1st at 10:15 AM with the correct answer, you will win one acupuncture treatment for pain and/or stress reduction. This prize is valued at $75.00 and contributed by Peter Goldberg, Dipl. Ac. of Berkshire Acupuncture. See ad on page 34.

Berkshire Photovoltaic Services, BPVS 46 Howland Avenue, Adams, MA 01220

Tel. 413-743-0152 • www.bpvs.com MA LIC #'s HIC131996, CSL 73150

Since 1985, recognized for careful designs,

proven components and high quality workmanship, BPVS solar electric systems are user friendly, efficient and reliable.


Member: American Solar Energy Society, Northeast Sustainable Energy Association, Solar Energy Business Association of New England, Solar Energy Industries Association.

Contest #1 Find this image in color in one of our advertiser’s ads. If you are the first caller to call 413-274-1122 on Friday, May 1st at 10:00 AM with the correct answer, you will win a full color 1/8 page ad space in Our BerkshireGreen Magazine valued at $250.00.

Photo by Frans van der Werf


April 2009


Stockbridge Gas Company Nick Nadorff, President • Propane Delivery & Installation • Warm, Comfort Zones • Licensed & Insured

www.StockbridgeGas.com 413-298-3000 P.O. Box 600 • Stockbridge, MA 01262 Bio diesel, L.P. gas efficient heating equipment

Animal Products & Services

BENSDOTTER’S PET 413-229-2277



Mother Nature’s Prescription for Health and Vitality


By Kristina Dow









The Berkshire Humane Society 214 Barker Road • Pittsfield, MA

We have the largest selection of pets available for adoption in Berkshire County.

Visit us at

www.berkshirehumane.org call 413-447-7878 Helping Animals and People Since 1992

My journey as a raw-feeder began with the adoption of an adult cat plagued by inflammatory bowel disease. After months of offering Yung-Dau a variety of quality canned and dry cat foods with little to no success, I finally followed the advice of a holistic veterinary nutritionist and converted Yung to a raw food diet. The results were immediate and amazing. Yung stopped vomiting, her diarrhea vanished, she began to gain weight, and her coarse, dingy coat became soft and shiny. Moreover, her attitude changed. Previously shy and reclusive, Yung began to seek attention and affection, and to play with toys and with the other cats. It wasn’t long before I’d converted all of my cats and dogs to a raw food diet. Everyone’s skin, ears, teeth and gums became wonderfully clear and clean. Fourteen-year-old Tug’s diabetes went into remission after only two months of raw-feeding, and sixteen-year-old Xena conquered her earlier diagnosis of renal disease within a year of starting raw-feeding. Feeding Pets As Nature Intended Dogs are natural carnivores. Cats are natural carnivores. One need only admire their dentition to confirm that status, and nothing humankind has done in the past centuries has changed that clear fact of Nature. Perhaps the most compelling evidence in the case for rawfeeding is found in the Pottenger study of feline nutrition. At a time well before the influence and control of the mega-million dollar pet food industry, medical doctor Francis M. Pottenger, Jr. questioned the effect of dietary changes on the health and vitality of the population of laboratory cats used in his studies of adrenal extracts, and the unique Pottenger cat studies ensued. What Pottenger’s studies revealed between 1932 and 1942 remain true today. Heat-processed diets have deleterious effects on health, vitality and longevity. Raw diets encourage and increase well-being. My Veterinarian Says That Raw-Feeding Is Dangerous In the decades since Pottenger conducted his studies, the multimillion dollar veterinary prescription diet industry has come to hold great power and influence over the education, training, research and financial success of the veterinary community. The enormous wealth of the veterinary prescription diet industry has afforded it unmitigated opportunities to determine what veterinarians learn and what they don’t learn. Veterinarians who categorically characterize raw food diets as dangerously contaminated, and canned and dry commercial pet foods as the only way to feed a complete and balanced diet, do so under the extreme influence and control of the veterinary Continued on page 8 www.OurBerkshireGreen.com

April 2009


prescription diet industry. Those veterinarians have done no nutritional homework beyond that which was assigned by that industry. Pathogens In Raw Diets Whether raw meats are purchased for human consumption or pet consumption, pathogens should be assumed to be present, but naturally occurring pathogens such as Salmonella do not pose the same risks to dogs and cats as they may to humans. The natural pH balance of the saliva and of the gut of a raw-fed carnivore is not pathogen-friendly, and the naturally fast transit time of raw proteins through the carnivore’s shortened digestive system does not encourage pathogen proliferation. Nature equipped her natural raw-feeders for survival. Nevertheless, raw meats must be handled responsibly, using the same safe-handling practices employed when raw meats are prepared for cooking for human consumption. Additional safeguards for raw carnivore consumption result from using raw meat diets that have been frozen immediately upon processing. Chilled grocery case meats can be far more susceptible to unnatural pathogen exposure between processing and serving. The Basics Of Raw-Feeding Although raw-feeders have adopted a variety of wholesome recipes, the basis for most canine rations is raw ground muscle meat and bone, raw ground organ meat, and ground vegetables. Rotational feeding of a variety of meats is ideal, and consumable raw bones are enjoyed for recreational chewing and to keep teeth and gums naturally healthy. Cats, as obligate carnivores, have no nutritional need for vegetables and often find their inclusion in raw recipes to be off-putting. Cats enjoy ground whole-carcass meats, and a weekly chew on a whole raw chicken neck helps to keep a cat’s teeth and gums in good condition. Balancing A Raw Meat Diet In light of humankind’s profound degradation of the earth and air, and the known (and presumed) degradation of essential nutrients through the processes of grinding and freezing raw pet diets, it is advisable to supplement raw pet diets with at least a good quality vitamin and mineral supplement. To keep it simple when raw-feeding dogs, raw-feeders should look for an all-in-onevitamin and mineral supplement that also contains the digestive enzymes, prebiotics, and probiotics that wild carnivores would normally find in the stomach of their prey, and which help to keep the domestic carnivore’s gut healthy and working happily. Additional supplementation should also include a bit of salmon or sardine oil, and an occasional raw egg yolk. All of those are easily and quickly added to daily rations. Most cats enjoy a separate tasty vitamin and mineral treat, used in addition to an enzyme and probiotic supplement added 8

April 2009


to the daily rations. Any daily vitamin and mineral supplement for cats must include at least 200mg of Taurine, an amino acid which is absolutely essential for feline heart health, but which in its natural state has been found to undergo at least some degradation during the process of grinding and freezing raw meat diets. Most raw-feeders ensure that feline rations are supplemented with 200-500mg Taurine daily. As with dogs, cats also benefit from the addition of essential fatty acids to the diet, but cats require a somewhat different balance of Omegas than do dogs, so it’s better to use an Omega blend specifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs of cats, rather than using salmon or sardine oil. An occasional bit of raw egg yolk is also a nice touch when added to the diet. How Much To Feed and At What Cost A dog’s ideal weight divided by five (5) should give a good approximation of how many ounces to raw-feed a dog twice daily. A 40lb dog would be expected to need to consume 8oz raw diet twice daily for a total daily ration of 16oz. The cost of locally available canine pre-mixes with vegetables can range from $1.00 to $1.50 per 8oz meal. A cat’s ideal weight divided by three (3) should give a good approximation of how many ounces to raw-feed a cat twice daily. A 9lb cat would be expected to need to consume 3oz raw diet twice daily for a total daily ration of 6oz. The cost of locally available feline rations without vegetables can range from $0.40 to $1.40 per 3oz meal. The above-referenced feeding guidelines give a new raw-feeder a starting ration with which to work, but metabolic needs will vary from pet to pet, so it’s up to the raw-feeder to watch their pet’s weight over time to determine if an increase or decrease in the ration is appropriate. As a general rule with dogs, one should be able to count the ribs with gentle pressure over the rib cage, but the vertebrae should not be countable along the topline, nor should the hip bones be obvious to the touch.Cats should look long and lean, but neither the vertebrae nor the hip bones should be discernable when the cat is firmly stroked. Getting Started With Raw-Feeding Even if a raw-feeder is lucky enough to be working with a veterinarian who is supportive of raw-feeding and who may even be themselves a raw-feeder, every inductee should find a well-experienced mentor and/or mentoring group with whom to network. Real raw-feeding is still very much a grass-roots movement, and there is much to be learned from the timehonored experiences and wisdom of long-term raw-feeders. And finally, check out www.urbancarnivore.com . Brenda Hagel has done a beautiful job of bringing it all together for raw-feeders. Welcome to the raw-feeding revolution! ~ Kristina Dow, BensDotter’s Pet - see ad on page 7

Spring planting can be hazardous to your pet!


By Nina Anderson

hen we go green we naturally think of adding beneficial plants both to our yard and indoors. Unfortunately, many of these plants can cause illness and death to our furry family members and it is extremely important you know which ones are toxic. Animals tend to consume plants as a natural way to improve their health. For example, cats normally eat grass for nutrition, as well as to induce vomiting for the removal of hair balls. Common indoor and outdoor plants can cause illness, and in extreme cases, death. Cats may scratch plants and become infected when grooming their claws. Dogs may randomly chew or eat plants that emit intriguing scents. Therefore, it is important to be familiar with the types of plants in your area, and to keep the toxic ones out of your pets’ paths. Catnip is an example of a relatively harmless plant that simply intoxicates the kitty. But, other common house and yard plants have lethal effects on our animal friends. Plants that you should avoid if you have outdoor pets are Daphne, Holly, Hyacinth bulbs, Iris, Lantanas, Laurel, Lily of the Valley, Rhododendron, Daffodils, Tiger lilies, and leaves from avocado, rhubarb, spinach and tomato. Indoor plants can be as poisonous as well. Dieffenbachia inflames the mouth and lips of some dogs and cats. It may also interfere with breathing and swallowing. Philodendron

has been known to cause irritation of the mucous membranes and excessive salivation in cats. Indian rubber plants are also toxic. Dried flower arrangements are a beautiful addition to a home’s decor, but often contain toxic plants. Hydrangea and bittersweet have been known to provoke gastroenteritis. Furthermore, the ingestion of bittersweet can result in unconsciousness. Some holiday plants can be dangerous to your pet. Mistletoe, if eaten, can be lethal to a dog. Poinsettias may cause vomiting, and even death to any household pet. Even Christmas tree needles and the water from the base of the tree can provoke gastrointestinal distress. Easter lilies are poisonous to cats. Symptoms of plant poisoning are breathing difficulties, convulsions, excessive salivation, gastric distress, irritation of the mouth and lips, skin rash, swallowing with difficulty, vomiting, watery eyes and nose. If your pet encounters any of these symptoms call the veterinarian immediately! You might not be able to identify harmful plants yourself, but observe the vegetation and report anything that you find suspicious or unfamiliar to the veterinarian. They will then be able to offer better treatment when they know the entire story. ~Nina is the author of the book, “Super Nutrition for Dogs n’ Cats” www.safegoodspub.com. See her ad for ElectroBlast on page 39.


Contest #3

Your independently-owned community pharmacy caring for the people of Lenox& South County for 25 years

Find this image in one of our adveriser’s ads. If you \are the first caller to call 413-2741122 on Friday, May 1st at 10:30 AM with the correct answer, you will win one Energy Healing Session. This prize is valued at $100 and was contributed, by Robert Pollock from Berkshire Energy Healing. See ad pg. 37.

5 Walker Street Lenox, MA 413.637.4700 m-f 9-6 • sat 9-5 • traditional & alternative approaches to healthy living • • your prescriptions receive our immediate attention–delivery available • • ongoing educational programs and community involvement •

www.healthylivingcenteronline.com Photo by Mary Rembold


April 2009


Art & Music

Acoustic guitar, a keen lyrical ear, intimate and honest vocals... delight your guests with a personal and memorable musical experience. Available for house concerts and intimate gatherings. For details on booking arrangements & appearances visit: www.brucemandel.com or call 413.269.7229



Original Photography


413.528.4427 www.bluethistlestudio.net

photo courtesy of: Michael Lavin Flower


The Music for Healing & Transition Program, Inc.TM (MHTPTM ) offers a lively and transforming course-of-study at 12 sites in the US, leading to certification as a Music Practitioner ®. ®


What is a Certified Music Practitioner (CMP. )? A CMP is a musician trained in the art and science of providing live, therapeutic music at the bedside.

MHTPclasses are not far from you! Classes are being offered at our NY Summer Camps in Columbia County, NY. Weekend modules are offered in NH, MD, TX, OH, MN, FL, CA, WA and ID. Please see our web site below for class schedules, enrollment information, our monthly e-newsletter, the MHTP Conference & Concert CDs, and contact listings of over 500 Certified Music Practitioners ®.


Karen Johnson, CMP at Portsmouth, NH nursing home

The Music for Healing & Transition Program


22 West End Rd, Hillsdale, NY 12529 • 518-325-5546 • mhtp@mhtp.org


April 2009



Contest #4

ind this image in one of our advertiser’s ads. If you are the first caller to call 413274-1122 on Wednesday, July 1st at 11:00 AM with the correct answer, you will win a $25.00 gift card from Papa’s Healthy Food and Fuel in Otis. See Papa’s ad on page 26.

Babies & Children

La Leche League: Mother-to-Mother Breastfeeding Information and Support

La Leche League is an international, nonprofit, nonsectarian organization dedicated to providing education, information, support and encouragement to women who want to breastfeed. La Leche League Leaders are experienced mothers who have breastfed their own babies and who have been trained and accredited by La Leche League International to help mothers and mothers-to-be with all aspects of breastfeeding. LLL of South Berkshire County meets monthly, and both nursing and expectant mothers are welcome. Join us the 3rd Monday of the month at 10am, downstairs in the Mason Library on Main Street in Great Barrington. We also provide phone assistance and pre-natal breastfeeding classes. Call or visit our website for more information and a meeting schedule.


Janet: 413-229-2003 • Becky: 414-528-4998 • Kate: 413-229-6016 LLL of North Berkshire meets at 7:00 pm on the second Wednesday of each month at Chapters Book Store, 78 North Street, Pittsfield, MA Judy 413-443-9599 • Marya 413-743-8205 • Julie 309-444-6828

Brianna Irene Regan (daughter of the publisher)- Breast fed for the first few years of her life, and has never had one ear infection or the need for antibiotics in her almost 4 years.


ubstances in breast milk

coat your baby's intestines, which prevents microscopic food particles from "leaking" through into a baby's bloodstream. If there are allergies on either side of the family, it is beneficial to avoid the foods the baby's mother or father are sensitive to, while the baby is quite young. But there's a good chance the baby will not be sensitive to these foods, later in life, if the baby is breastfed. This is because breastfeeding lessens the baby's chance of becoming sensitized to the allergen. Healthy, full-term infants need to nurse every two to three hours during a 24-hour period. This equates to eight to twelve feedings per 24 hours. If a breastfeeding mother is getting an adequate supply of vitamins in her diet, her milk will contain adequate nutrients in the perfect balance for her baby. If your baby is healthy and doing well, there is no need for vitamins, iron, or other supplements in the early months. Breastfed babies have a decreased likelihood for allergies and dental cavities. They also benefit from appropriate jaw, teeth and speech development as well as overall facial development. Some of the physical benefits of breastfeeding for the mother include reduced rates of breast cancer and ovarian cancer. The American Academy of Pediatrics stated that "human milk is uniquely superior for infant feeding" and recommended that mothers breastfeed for a minimum of one year after the birth of a child. Researchers in New Zealand have found that the longer babies are breastfed, the higher they score on intelligence tests later in childhood. An extensive psychological study measuring IQ and academic performance showed that children who were nursed for more than eight months consistently outscored children raised on formula in reading comprehension and mathematical ability. Human milk is the ultimate in renewable resources. It's there as soon as the baby arrives, in the quantity the baby needs, for as long as the mother and baby want it. Human milk is delivered to the consumer without any pollution, unnecessary packaging or waste. For instance, 80,000 US mothers who breastfeed their babies for six months save 17,200 tons of tin that would have been used just for formula containers, not to mention the production and shipping costs. Breastfeeding has been shown to be protective against many childhood illnesses, including ear infections, upper and lower respiratory ailments, allergies, intestinal disorders, colds, viruses, staph, strep and e coli infections, diabetes, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, many childhood cancers, meningitis, pneumonia, urinary tract infections, salmonella, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome(SIDS) as well as lifetime protection from Crohn's Disease, ulcerative colitis, some lymphomas, insulin dependent diabetes, and for girls, breast and ovarian cancer. When babies are born, their immune systems are very immature and they have less ability to fight illness-causing germs. Through your breast milk, you give your baby immunities to illnesses to which you are immune and also those to which you have been exposed. Nursing also allows your baby to give germs to you so that your immune system can respond and can synthesize antibodies! ~ Contributed by South Berkshire County La Leche League www.OurBerkshireGreen.com

April 2009


Autism is Treatable By Deborah Golden Alecson


utism was once a rare disorder first identified in 1943 by the American psychiatrist, Leo Kanner. The rate of incidence at that time and up until the late 1980’s was 2-5 per 10,000 individuals. During the 1990’s, the rate increased to 1 in 500 and by the year 2000, 1 in 250. Today, 1 in 150 children are being diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). There are certain geographical areas with higher rates of incidence, as well as a higher rate of incidence among children of those in the armed services. Attention deficits with and without hyperactivity, speech delay, and other developmental disorders including behavioral issues, affect 1 in every 6 children, 4 boys to 1 girl. We are having an epidemic. This epidemic is not a reflection of either a greater awareness of ASDs or better diagnosis. It is not the result of children with mental retardation now being diagnosed with ASDs. It is the result of a real increase in the number of children exhibiting autistic behaviors that are spelled out in the DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders - fourth edition). However, though listed in the DSM-IV, the autism that we are seeing today is not a psychiatric disorder, and probably never has been. The autism diagnosis that is now epidemic often follows normal development and growth. We call it “regressive autism,” a term that I will interchange with ASD. ASD is a metabolic disease that involves all of the biological systems. It is a physiological and bio-chemical disorder that ultimately manifests as behavioral and cognitive disturbances. Children with autism are medically ill, not mentally ill. I started seeing children in early intervention (a federally funded program for children, birth to three) and


April 2009


preschool in the early 1990’s. My mentor, Susan Varsames M.Ed., who was my supervisor at that time, told me that there was a perplexing increase in the number of children with autism. ABA (applied behavioral analysis) was being used with positive results and she trained me in this therapeutic technique. We found (and continue to find) similar profiles in these children as illustrated by their histories. There was normal development (as demonstrated on home-made videos of the first birthday party) and then around 18 months or soon thereafter, autistic behaviors either slowly emerged or were in full presentation, seemingly overnight, after a round of vaccinations. These autistic behaviors affected all developmental domains, especially the areas of social development and nonverbal and verbal communication (expressive and receptive language). There was a loss of eye contact and interest in others; meaningless and repetitive activities took the place of emerging play skills; and, they were either oversensitive to stimuli or under-sensitive, or both. Along with the loss of normal development and acquired skills, there were health issues, and the greater the number and intensity of health issues, the more autistic the child. The following is a typical list of these issues: diarrhea, constipation and persistent digestive and elimination problems, ear infections that required antibiotics (as often as four infections in the first year of life), colic, sleep disturbance, rashes, thrush, limited diet as toddlers (usually any combination of dairy and wheat was acceptable – macaroni and cheese, pizza, etc.), on and on. These children were sick. What was going on? Susan knew way more than I did about what was going on, as did a growing number of doctors, biochemists,

scientists of all persuasion, parents and other concerned and open-minded individuals. Under the tutelage of the late Bernard Rimland, a PhD in experimental psychology and the father of an autistic child, who wrote the groundbreaking book Infantile Autism: The Syndrome and its Implication for a Neural Theory of Behavior published in 1964, the Autism Research Institute was formed. An extension of the Autism Research Institute, called DAN! (Defeat Autism Now!) later came into being and was comprised of dedicated physicians, scientists and parents. I was privileged to be at their first conference in 1999. DAN! continues to be at the forefront of understanding and treating ASDs with medical interventions. What, then, are the physiological mechanisms that have gone awry in individuals on the spectrum? Why the epidemic? Many of us, and certainly those supportive of DAN!, explain autism as the result of a genetic vulnerability triggered by environmental impact. Patricia S. Lemer, M.Ed., executive director of Developmental Delay Resources, introduced me to “the total load theory” in her published writings. The total load theory posits that the timing, combination, persistence and accumulation of risk factors, especially environmental toxicity, indicate where along the autistic continuum one falls, with ADD being the least severe and autism the most severe. The insults and conditions that compromise the unborn and the young child’s physical health include the following:

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Genetic predisposition Disturbances of the detoxification pathways Undetected mitochondria disease or disorder Prenatal exposure to toxins including alcohol Level of toxicity of a woman before and during pregnancy that is due to water/air/soil pollution and pesticides Exposure to viruses when pregnant Birth trauma, especially spinal injury during the birth process Poor maternal health and illnesses including vaginal yeast infection at the time of birth Not being breast-fed and/or being given cow’s milk too soon Frequent upper respiratory infections that are treated with many rounds of antibiotics Unusual reaction to immunization Heavy metal exposure – lead and mercury (thimerosal in vaccinations) being the most common Undetected food and environmental allergies or sensitivities Inability to break down the proteins found in wheat (gluten) and dairy (casein)


The Good News

long with traditional interventions such as special education, occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, behavioral optometry (not as main-streamed), and other approaches such as ABA, Floor Time, and TEACHH, addressing the underlying medical issues can lead to autistic behaviors lessening, and in some individuals, disappearing completely. There are interventions to deal with diagnostic results. A gluten and casein free diet is enormously beneficial for children who cannot break down these proteins. Vitamins and minerals can be given in many forms for children who, for whatever reason, are not absorbing them from their foods. Detoxification regimes eliminate heavy metals. Antifungals are given to combat yeast overgrowth. There are ways to regulate mitochondria function to produce more energy. Given the toxic world in which we live, a woman who would like to have a child should prepare her body. This means clearing out possible toxins, eating well, exercising and avoiding, to the extent possible, pollution and heavy metal exposure. Of course the health of the sperm is of great significance and it is the responsibility of a potential father to keep healthy and toxic free as well. Staying healthy and toxic-free should extend into pregnancy and after birth. I suggest that a pregnant woman not get a flu vaccination (which has thimerosal). Breast milk is the best nutrient for a newborn but it too can be polluted; so again, vigilance toward good health is paramount. There are diagnostics that can detect mitochondria disorder or dysfunction and I would urge that a baby be tested before vaccinations are started. There is no logical reason for a newborn to get the Hep B vaccination that is now ROUTINE at the hospital. Take your baby home vaccine-free and wait to see how she is with nursing, sleeping, etc. before starting a revised schedule of vaccinations that can be found in Healing the New Childhood Epidemics: Autism, ADHD, Asthma, and Allergies by Kenneth Bock, M.D. and Cameron Stauth. The goal is to know the immune system of one’s child before challenging it with environmental exposures of all kinds. You want your child’s immune system to be able to withstand the onslaught of potential toxins. You want it to strengthen on its own. Finally, if you are worried about your child’s development yet you are being told by your pediatrician to “wait and see,” don’t wait and see. Follow your gut instinct and get your child evaluated. Early intervention is always the way to go. www.OurBerkshireGreen.com

April 2009


Calendar of Events & Classified


reen & Holistic Classified & alendar of Events....

We would like to thank you for your amazing response to our one-time offer to place free calendar of event listings in our premier issue. Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate every request that we received. We have however included as many condensed listings as possible, and would like to encourage you to take this opportunity to upload your events into our free online community calendar at www.OurBerkshireGreen.com. Please note that we do not accept classified and event listings that are advertisements for standard ongoing daily business services; you must place this type of listing in our directory so that our readers are able to locate your service in our alphabetized directory. Thank you and happy networking!

Calendar listings ongoing weekly Tuesdays: 6-8pm - Tasting, Cooking, Dinners, Demos, Preservation. The Nutrition Center, 94 West Ave, Gt Barrington, MA, 413-429-8110, www. nutrition94west.org

Wednesdays: 3:30-5:30pm - After School Kids' Kitchen: Ages 6-12. The Nutrition Center, 94 West Ave, Gt. Barrington MA, 413-429-8110, www.nutrition94west.org

April 20-24. Berkshire Humane Society, Camp Humane Vacation session for 3rd-6th grade students. Limited to 10 students. 10:30-2:30 Mon-Fri, $20 per day. Forms on line at www.berkshirehumane.org/camp-humane April 20-24 - 9am to noon each day. Garden Explorers Day Program at Berkshire Botanical Garden. Enjoy fresh snacks. Ages 5-9. Call 413 298 3926 to register.

ongoing monthly

Wednesday, April 22 - 8am to 8pm. Berkshire Co-op Market In-Store Earth Day Celebration. 42 Bridge Street, G.B., MA.(413) 528-9697, www.berkshire.coop.

Green Drinks: An informal gathering, open to everyone with any environmental interest. Make new contacts. Free appetizers, cash bar.

Thursday, April 23. Project Native’s Garden Shop opens for the season! Store Hours are Thursday – Tuesday 9am- 5pm.

1st Wednesday of every month Gt Barrington Green Drinks, starting at 5:15pm, Route 7 Grill, 999 Main Street G. B. - Erik at Orion 528-4422 or ehoffner@orionsociety.org for info. 3rd Tuesday of every month Pittsfield Green Drinks, starting at 5:15pm, Pittsfield Brew Works, 34 Depot St, Pittsfield. CET: 413445-4556 x14, or BEAT jane@thebeatnews.org

april Sunday, April 5 - 12 to 2pm. - Berkshire Humane Society Rabies Clinic at Allen Heights Veterinary Hospital, 289 Dalton Ave, Pittsfield, MA. $12 . www.berkshirehumane.org April 15-May 20. Couplehood As A Spiritual Path. 6 Wednesday evenings in Lenox. Contact Ani or Bill Grosser, Certified Imago Relationship Therapists. 413-637-2868, www.compassionaterelationships.com. Thursday, April 16 - 6:30 to 7:30pm. Learn how Montessori cultivates children's connections to the natural world and community. Also view plans for the new "green" LEED certified campus. www. BerkshireMontessori.org or call (413) 637-3662. Saturday, April 18- 9 - 11:30am. S. Berkshire HHW Mini-site event at Gt Barrington Recycling Center. Dispose of your unwanted oil based paint, stain, thinner, turpentine and used motor oil. NO latex paint. Open to residents of: Alford, Becket, Egremont, Gt Barrington, Lee, Lenox, Monterey, Mt Washington, New Marlboro, Otis, Richmond, Sheffield, Stockbridge, Tyringham, W Stockbridge. Registration is MANDATORY. Info/register: Jamie at CET at 413-445-4556 x14


April 2009

Thursday, April 23rd - 5-7pm Guido’s Fresh Marketplace will host a wine tasting (and hors d'oeuvres) fund-raiser for CET at G. B. store Tickets $10 at the door, Guido's: www.guidosfreshmarketplace.com, 413-528-9255. Thursday, April 23 - 5 to 7pm - Business After Hours at SunDog Solar, 343 Rte 295, Chatham, NY 518-392-4000 www.sundogsolar.net Saturday, April 25 - 10:00am to 4:30pm - Project Native is sponsoring Native Knowledge Conference with Douglas Tallamy: habitat gardening & biodiversity. William Cullina: "highly biopositive" natives. Breakout sessions: Native Edibles, Ecological Landscape Design and more Monument Mountain H.S. For more info. for tickets - www.projectnative.org April 25-26. CET’s 14th Annual Textile Drive. Saturday 10am-4pm and Sunday 10am. NO hangers, rugs, carpeting or pillows accepted - call to find out what is accepted. Open to Berkshire County, southern VT and eastern NY residents. Drop at CET, 112 Elm Street, Pittsfield. Contact Jamie Cahillane at (413) 445-4556 ext. 14. Saturday, April 25 - 6 to 9pm "Love, Sex & Feng Shui" Onota Arts Lectures at Patriot Suites, Pittsfield-Lenox Rd. $30 ($20 w/ pre-registration). 413281-9501. Jess Kielman & Gayle Andrew April 28-30. Planning and Planting the Garden of Eden: An Introduction to Permaculture with Shamu Fenyvesi Sadeh at the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center, 116 Johnson Road, Falls Village, CT. www.isabellafreedman.org, (860) 824 5991 Registration is required.


Thursday, April 30; or Wednesday, May 6; or Tuesday, May 12. Learn the TECHNICAL aspects of LEED and the TACTICAL aspects of business planning. One day workshop by Brian Sutton, the LEEDlinc group and Bill Bean of Green Planning & Coaching. Info: www.leedlinc.com.

may Saturday, May 9 - 10am registration. Berkshire Humane Society’s Humane Race - Spring Street Williamstown. For info: www.humanerace.org Saturday, May 9 - 1 to 4pm. Community Appreciation Day - Open House at The Family Chiropractic & Holistic Wellness Center, 19 Lewis Avenue, G. B. Free acupuncture & SCENAR treatments. Refrain from wearing lotions creams powders or scents. Kathleen @ 528-5535 or Michelle @ 6449488 x 2 Wednesday, May 13 - 5:30 to 8:30pm. “It’s All About You”. Mini beauty services, health information & more. Hosted by Downtown, Inc., at the Crowne Plaza Pittsfield. Tickets $20 call 413-4436501 Yvonne. Saturday, May 16 - 9 to 11:00am. South Berkshire HHW Mini-site event at Lenox DPW. See full details in the April 18 listing above. Registration is MANDATORY. Contact Jamie at CET at 413-4454556 x14 to register Saturday, May 23 - 6 to 9pm. "Your Great Outdoors" Onota Arts Lectures at Patriot Suites, Pittsfield-Lenox Rd. Feng Shui, $30 ($20 w/ pre-registration). 413-281-9501. Facilitators: Jess Kielman & Gayle Andrew

june Wednesday, June 3 - 10am to 2pm. Project Native’s Annual Community Volunteer Day. Call 413274-3433 www.projectnative.org Wednesday, June 10 - 4 to 6:30pm. South Berkshire HHW Mini-site event at G.B. Recycling Center. Registration is MANDATORY. Contact Jamie at CET at 413-445-4556 x14 to register and for information on what is accepted. Saturday, June 20 - 11am to 4pm. Berkshire Coop Market Summer Solstice Celebration. Memorial Field, Great Barrington, MA. (413) 528-9697, www. berkshire.coop. Saturday, June 20. Solaqua's Summer Solstice Celebration at Crellin Park in Chatham, NY 518392-4000 www.sundogsolar.net

June 29-July 3 9am to noon each day. Garden Explorers Day Program at Berkshire Botanical Garden. See full details in the April 20-24 listing above. Ages 5-9. Call 413 298 3926 to register.

july July 6-10 - 9am to noon each day. Garden Explorers Day Program at Berkshire Botanical Garden. Ages 5-9. Call 413 298 3926 to register. Saturday, July 11 "Dowsing for Water, Love & Money" Onota Arts Lectures at Patriot Suites, Pittsfield-Lenox Rd. Lecture 11am-12pm; Workshop 1-3pm. Lecture $10 ($5 pre-registration). 413-2819501. Facilitators: Jess Kielman & Gayle Andrew July 13-July 17 - 9am to noon each day. Garden Explorers Day Program at Berkshire Botanical Garden. Ages 5-9. Call 413 298 3926 to register. July 20-26. A Taste of ADAMAH. A week long retreat on our six acre farm. Experience organic farming: Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center, 116 Johnson Road, Falls Village, CT. www.isabellafreedman.org, (860) 824 5991 Reg. is required. Sunday, July 26 - 2 to 5pm. Isabella Freedman Community Day. Everyone is welcome! 116 Johnson Road, Falls Village, CT. www.isabellafreedman. org, (860) 824 5991 Registration is required.

august Sunday, August 2 - 11am to 2pm. Feast in the

Field - organic farm - gourmet local brunch, farm tours and fun activities for the kids. Fund-raiser for ADAMAH: The Jewish Environmental Fellowship. The cost is $100 per person. Kids are free. 116 Johnson Road, Falls Village, CT. www.isabellafreedman. org, (860) 824 5991 Registration is required. Sunday, August 9 - 10am to 4pm. ADAMAH Family Farm Day. Lunch included. Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center, 116 Johnson Road, Falls Village, CT. www.isabellafreedman.org, (860) 824 5991 Reg. is required. August 10th-16th Taste of ADAMAH. A week long retreat. With Rabbi Jill Hammer and Shamu Fenyvesi Sadeh. www.isabellafreedman.org, (860) 824 5991 Registration is required.

september Monday, September 21st - 6:30pm. Berkshire Grown’s 11th Annual Beautiful Bountiful Berkshires Harvest Supper at Eastover Resort in Lenox, MA. Reservations required, 413-528-0041 www.berkshiregrown.org. Ashley Nelson,Outreach Coordinator.

Classified listings help wanted Papa's Healthy Food and Fuel, Organic and Traditional Groceries looking for experienced Counter Help. Must be self motivated, friendly and have good work habits. Non-smoker preferred. Apply in

person 2000 East Otis Road, East Otis, MA. Seeking Talent in the Berkshires: Join our Studio. Brookview Studios, a virtual studio based here in the Berkshires, is seeking experienced and talented event photographers to join our team. We reduce your travel and sales meetings by booking jobs for you, we work completely digitally in a streamlined workflow designed to harness the skills of a dynamic widespread team. We cover events of all types: weddings, galas, family reunions, corporate events, etc. Your style is preserved and your work sells itself. Want to learn more? jobs@brookviewstudios.com

special savings Save 75% on insulation and home energy improvements! Get a no-cost energy home energy assessment through the MassSAVE program, and be eligible for incentives Right now you can get 75% off (up to $2000) upgrades like adding insulation and sealing air leaks in your home. Homeowners who qualify can also apply for a 0% interest HEAT loan (up to $15,000) to finance recommended upgrades. The MassSAVE energy assessment is the first step to qualify for these incentives. Call 1-866-527-7283 to schedule your no-cost assessment or go to http://www.masssave.com/. The Center for Ecological Technology (CET) provides the MassSAVE energy services in the Berkshires. Learn more at http://www.cetonline.org/.

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Gifts from around the world,readers, healers, workshops 69 Main Street, Lee MA 01238 www.SoulandSpiritCenter.com


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Elisa Novick, MSS


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“The Motivator’s Motivator”

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heilaa Hite


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Throughout this issue, you will find twenty one contests (we have added extra contests to celebrate our premier issue!). The summary of prizes shown below are contributed by our advertisers. As instructed in each contest scattered throughout the publication, the first caller to call 413-274-1122 at the specified day and time with the correct answer, will win the prize indicated. Everyone is welcome to participate except for the staff of Our BerkshireGreen, Inc. We wish you the very best of luck! Contest #1 - Our BerkshireGreen, Inc.: One full color 1/8 page ad space in Our BerkshireGreen Magazine valued at $250.00.

Contest #2 - Peter Goldberg, Dipl. Ac. of Berk-

Contest #10 - Jerome E. Errico, Board Certified Chiropractic Physician : one chiropractic evaluation, history and intake valued at $120. Please note that adjustment fee not included. See ad on page 35.

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Contest #12 - GreenCore Builders: One yard of mulch delivered in South County valued at $200. See advertisement on page 30.

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A GREEN VISION REQUIRES MORE Basic Formula for Creating a Vision for the Future of Your Business... • In the next ____ years we will have

• Achieved _____ outcomes • By addressing _____ issues • With _____ targeted population • In _____ geography

Education and......

How are you doing on that promise you made to yourself to pursue "Green" business in 2009? Not so good? Maybe we can help…

Green Planning & Coaching

can help you capture the vision for your "Green" business initiative, and build a better plan faster to achieve it.

BILL BEAN, President • 30 years business and planning experience

• Green Credentials: LEED AP and NAHB CGP • Certified Professional Coach: Executive, Career, & Retirement Career coaching Call us at


or visit our website:

www.GreenPlanningAndCoaching.com See our workshops with LEEDlinc in the calendar of events


April 2009


It was Monday morning and as the sun came up Jason was driving into his office parking spot. His business had declined dramatically in the last two years and as owner of the company, his team was looking to him to get sales back on track. Over the weekend he had grabbed two friends, one a Lenox native looking to start a new local business and the other from the City who lost her job and finally made the full-time transition to the Berkshires. They headed off to the International Green Expo in Boston seeking the answers to their future. All of them had been tracking the momentum in the Green movement, but this show took it up a notch, and this morning Jason was up at the crack of dawn with a renewed sense of urgency and commitment. The “Green” business idea that had been cycling in his brain was finally beginning to crystallize. At 9:45 Jason was still typing feverishly but he wrapped up his notes just as his team was walking through the door for their Monday morning meeting. It took only 10 minutes to lay out his new concept and the initial reaction from the team was positive. Next they had an hour of spirited discussion and debate with some great questions and ideas that he would never have thought of. Everyone was feeling the excitement of this “Green” opportunity as they headed back to their daily routines. As Jason sat there reviewing their meeting results, he realized that they had a full page of great ideas, but that that alone was not enough to get this new concept off the ground. As the day progressed he tracked down each of his team members to get a sense of what they had thought of the session. They were excited and ready to move forward, but as he spoke with them, he realized that they all had a different idea of exactly where they were headed, what the timing was, and how they were going to get there. John in finance was thinking that they were going to move very cautiously over the next 3 years because of their current cash position. Mary, their operations lead, was ready to fast track the new initiative to double their entire business in 12 months as the stop gap to laying off key employees. Stephen, head of sales, saw the new initiative as critical to their growth, but wasn’t sure how to justify the time needed for pioneering a new product if it cannibalized the sales time and relationships with their existing customer base. Hearing 3 radically different perspectives made Jason realize that he had done only part of his job as a leader. If he wanted everyone in lockstep toward a single consistent goal, he needed to clearly articulate their vision. He spent the next week researching their current situation, their strengths and weaknesses, where the Green opportunities and threats might be, and what changes were on the horizon in technology and other factors. He was then ready to craft a vision for their future.


By Bill Bean

The issues in the before mentioned fable are commonplace in Green initiatives of all sizes and types and developing a sound vision is a critical first step in creating a business plan. If you need to develop your vision today, do some research to validate your current situation and market opportunity, then consider the following five components: 1. TIME FRAME: Three years is a typical planning time frame. It is long enough to achieve dramatic change but without having to overhaul your entire team and overtax your resources. Most businesses plan in detail for the first year and tie the plan timing to the budget cycle because that is when they allocate resources and it is easier to track results. 2. ISSUES ADDRESSED: You should identify the key issues that face you. For example; solving a problem by introducing your new green product, possibly over the web. If you are truly going to be “Green” you also need to consider a “Triple Bottom Line” including people and planet as well as profitability. 3. OUTCOMES ACHIEVED: Visualizing your success helps you in achieving it and your vision is for internal use so you can include confidential targets. One might be achieving Green growth that equals 25% of your existing revenue. Assigning a magnitude to the outcome is important. It creates the mind-set for execution and you create a completely different mind-set if your expectations are a 100% increase versus 25%. Stating it clearly is the only way to eliminate confusion.


4. POPULATION TARGETED: Who you are going to impact is another component to consider. The “Sustainability” message resonates from college aged consumers to retirees and so a “Green” target market might expand a business into both of those sectors. 5. GEOGRAPHY SERVED: It is helpful to identify the specific geography for your initiative. Assume in this example that to increase revenue you would need to serve the entire Northeast. Now you have a rough sample of a three year vision: To add a Green component to your business that would represent 25% of your revenue and incorporate a triple bottom line. This would include web-based sales capabilities to expand your market area to the entire Northeast and your prospect base to include college students and retirees. Whether you are the owner of an established business, a Lenox native starting one, or a transplant who finally made the full-time move to the Berkshires, the first steps in the formula for Green success are the same. Find an opportunity you are passionate about, validate the idea through research and make the time to create a compelling vision that is well defined. Then use that vision as the foundation for a plan to execute your page of great ideas on your path to Green success. ~ Bill Bean, Green Planning & Coaching. See ad on page 18.


April 2009


Tools for Success in Your Holistic Practice Inspiring You to Step Into Your Greatness Chapter 1 of Millie's Book (Look for chapters 2 & 3 in our August issue)

By Business and Life Coach, Millie Calesky


What is Success?

picture of how you intend to get where you want to go. From there, you can make a specific plan. Think of a road map of the United States. Using that, you can find your way from New York to Florida. But when you reach Florida, you will also need a map of the town where you want to end up. A detailed map is an essential tool if you expect to reach your destination.

ccording to the dictionary, success is defined as achieving a favorable or desired outcome; the attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence. To succeed is to reach a desired result. As a coach, I am a mentor who guides people toward success. I support clients in clarifying their visions, formulating their plans, and putting those ideas and strategies into motion. The ad vice in this book is based on the experiences of many people whom I’ve coached over the years, including chiropractors, coaches, homeopaths, homeopathic veterinarians, macrobiotic counselors, and creativity coaches. They all came to me with a dream and the desire to reach a goal. Together we clarified their vision, the strategy, and the steps required to reach the desired result. I then guided them as they moved forward and achieved their goals. My experience with holistic practitioners is that we care less about eminence and honors. We are driven more by other factors, especially to do work that we love and value. That’s a  goal I think we all share.

  

The Three Most Important Steps 1. Visualize

To reach any goal, there are always three steps. First, you must have a vision. You’ve got to know what you want. If you aren’t clear about what you want, it’s hard to move forward. Fortunately, I find that most clients with whom I consult have at least some idea about what they want, even if they don’t yet know how to achieve it.

2. Strategize

To succeed, it’s not enough just to have a good idea. You must also have a strategy. The strategy is the big 20

April 2009


3. Actualize Everything in this book is practical. Nothing is rocket science—guaranteed. This advice does require, though, that you roll up your sleeves, and take action. Ultimately, the essential part of achieving is that you’ve got to actualize. You’ve got to get into motion. You can have the clearest vision and the greatest road map, you can have a detailed plan, but if you don’t get going, if you don’t take action … nothing is going to change. You may have heard this popular definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again, yet expecting different results. If we keep doing the same thing—or nothing—we’re going to keep getting the same results. Nothing is going to change. We’re still going to be doing whatever it takes just to pay the bills, and dreaming, wishing, and hoping for something else.

Why Have a Holistic Practice? Holistic practitioners want to do work we love. We want work that we value. We want to be of service to others. We want to make a difference in some way. We want work that’s challenging, lucrative, and fun. Fun! I know from my own experience, and from the experiences of people I’ve coached, that you can do work that you love. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to come easily, but it doesn’t have to be hard, either. We spend a lot of time at our jobs. Work is such a major part of our lives, it’s important that we do our best to be happy in it. Another reason that people often want to have

their own business is to have more balance in their lives. When you work for yourself, I guarantee that you’ll work more, and harder, than you’ve ever worked for anyone else. It may not always have to be that way, but certainly, at the beginning, it requires that you put in effort and time. However, what you can do is tailor your work style to suit your lifestyle. If you like to work at night, why not? Work at night. Of course, if you are, let’s say, a massage therapist, you will need clients who will come to you in the middle of the night. But it also makes sense to have hours during the day when you can interface with the rest of the population. I know a coach in the Berkshires who is also an artist. He has carved out a schedule giving himself one day a week devoted to painting, and he has held firm on that. That day is his art day, and it’s non-negotiable. Many years ago I worked in a hospital as a manager of a resident training program. I had job security, but I was bored. I’d been doing this work for many years, and by then I could do it with my eyes closed. I started thinking about making a change. I mentioned to my mother (who grew up during the Depression) that I was thinking of exploring, looking for another career. She said, “How could you think of leaving that job?” I said, “But Ma, I’m not happy.” And she said to me, “Happy? Your father was never happy at his work, your grandfather was never happy.” In other words, who are you to want to be happy at your work? At first I thought that my mother was not being rational, that she should have realized that it is very hard to be at a job where you’re unhappy. But I also understood that people from her generation, especially women, had far fewer options. When I was growing up, I was told that women could have only three careers. Our options were to be a secretary, a nurse, or a teacher. I tried all three of them. It served me to try them all, but I was not happy in any of them. When I finally decided to change careers, I worked with a coach first. As I trained to become a coach myself, I realized that I’d finally found something that was truly right for me. Because I’m happy in the work that I’m doing, I find that I’m actually willing to get up earlier in the morning than I ever thought I’d be willing to get up, to do things that are important to me. When I had other jobs, I always felt—maybe it was because I was unhappy—as if I couldn’t sleep long enough. Now, I get up at five, I exercise, I chant, I have a spiritual practice that I do in the morning, I play the organ, I write in my journal. I make sure to get up and do them, because I value them. I’m happier, so I’m more committed to doing things that are good for myself. Remember, as a holistic practitioner, you can design a life that suits you.

Build Your Holistic Practice Break Through Your Roadblocks What stands between you and what you want most? Does it seem as though there's a giant boulder blocking your path? Do you feel stuck -- as though, no matter what you do or try, you'll never move forward? As a coach, it's my experience that there's almost always something that you can do to get past your fear and resistance. If you're ready to break through, here are three steps to help you get over, under or around those barriers:

Look for an opening/take a tiny step forward Look for one little action that can help you move forward. Ask yourself to take one step, no more. Even though it may seem too small to be consequential, it can help you start to build momentum. Years back I decided that I wanted to study the piano. I found it so hard to sit at the keyboard and practice that I was ready to give up. My teacher recommended that I practice for five minutes each day. That sounded ridiculous to me. Five minutes is such a short amount of time. What can you do in five minutes? The answer -- a lot more than nothing -- which is what I'd been doing. His simple advice helped me progress at a time when it just didn't seem possible. Don't wait to feel ready! Clients often share that they don't want to move forward with their project until they feel ready. Their fear leads them to hesitate. They rationalize that it will be easier to get started later rather than sooner. By delaying, they're actually decreasing the likelihood that they'll ever get going. Procrastination rarely leads to action or change. What's amazing is that, by giving yourself a gentle nudge and taking one tiny step forward, you'll break through your inertia, gain momentum, and greatly increase the probability of achieving your goal. Don't go it alone - get support! Independence is overrated. We need each other and can accomplish so much more by getting support. Going it alone can be isolating. Working with others can accelerate your growth and stimulate both your creativity and productivity. It's also expansive and fun. You don't have to stay blocked Rather than repeating old behavior and grinding yourself deeper into your rut, why not experiment with a new approach? Try one of the three simple strategies that we've described. You have nothing to lose but the boulders in your path! www.OurBerkshireGreen.com

April 2009


Environmental Org.

2009 Farmers' Markets A to Z Farmers’ Market at The Nutrition Center Wednesdays 3-6, June 3-Aug 26 94 West Ave., Great Barrington, MA 01230 In the parking lot at The Nutrition Center Peter Stanton, www.nutrition94west.org 413-429-8110 Adams Farmers’ Market Fridays 12-6, May 22-Oct. 23 60 Columbia St., Adams, MA 01220 Berkshire Area Farmers’ Market Wednesdays and Saturdays, 8-2, May 2-Oct 31 Old State Road , Lanesborough, MA 01237 In the Berkshire Mall parking lot

B.E.A.T. - Working with you to protect the environment in the Berkshires and beyond Receive the latest environmental news, calendar, and public notices for western Massachusetts delivered FREE to your computer each week.

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Farmers’ Market of Otis Saturdays 9-1, May 9-Oct 31 2000 East Otis Rd., Otis, MA 01253 In the parking lot of Papa’s Healthy Food & Fuel Farmers’ Market of Sheffield Fridays 3:30-6:30, May 8-Oct 9 340 S Main St (Rt 7), Sheffield, MA 01257 In the parking lot of Old Parish Church Great Barrington Farmers’ Market Saturdays 9-1, May 9-Oct 24 44 Castle St., Great Barrington , MA 01230 At the train station, behind Town Hall Lenox Farmers’ Market Fridays 2-6, May 8-Oct 16 55 Pittsfield Rd (Rt 7) , Lenox, MA 01240 In the Aspinwell parking lot Norfolk Farmers’ Market Joel Howard Rte 44 , Norfolk, CT 06058 www.norfolkfarmersmarket.org 860-542-5153 North Adams Farmers’ Market Saturdays 8-12, July 11-Oct 24 77 Holden St., North Adams, MA 01247 In St. Anthony’s municipal parking lot, across from Mass MoCA

Photo by Frans van der Werf


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ind this image in one of our advertiser’s ads. If you are the first caller to call 413-274-1122 on Friday, May 1st at 11:30 AM with the correct answer, you will win one Healing Session valued at $100.00 from Elfi Six - www.CosmicResonance.com ~ See advertisement on page 37. 22

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Pittsfield Farmers’ Market Thursdays 4-7, May to October Jeff Winslow 333 North St., Pittsfield, MA 01201 413-447-7000 Williamstown Farmers’ Market Saturdays 8-12, May 23 - late Oct South end of Spring St., Williamstown, MA 01267 List courtesy of Berkshire Grown

Food & Cooking Red Lentil Pâté


Deb Howard, Kripalu Kitchen Makes one loaf pan. Serves four to six. Prep time: 35 minutes.

When the heat of the summer is here, I like to make dishes that I can prepare early in the day and then enjoy later. The red lentil pâté recipe is great both warm and cold. This is an extremely nutrient-dense summer meal, and an excellent example of a combination of foods ideal for weight loss.. 1¼ cups red lentils 2¾ cups water 1 small onions, diced 1 clove garlic 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 1 teaspoon basil 1 teaspoon oregano 1 teaspoon thyme 1 teaspoon salt ¼ cup chopped parsley 1 teaspoon umeboshi vinegar ¼ cup chopped kalamata olives 2 tablespoons brown rice flour Pepper to taste To garnish: ½ cup roasted red peppers ½ cup mixed greek olives Chopped parsley


Himalayan Salt Organic Pepper Wind Powered Healthy Green

live deeply. eat purely. Shop @ www.HimalaSalt.com

Wash lentils. In a large sauté pan, sauté onions and garlic in olive oil. Add lentils, water, and herbs. Bring to a boil, then cover and simmer. When lentils are soft (about 20 minutes), add salt, umeboshi, parsley, olives, and pepper. Stir until well combined. Stir in flour and turn off heat. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Oil and flour a loaf pan (glass works well), pour lentils into pan, and bake for 15 minutes to set. Garnish with roasted red peppers and olives, and either serve immediately or refrigerate and serve cold with light crackers. © Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health. Reprinted with permission.

Local Food Builds Community “When you buy direct from a farmer, you’re engaging in a time-honored connection between eater and grower and you’re supporting a local business. Getting to know folks who grow your food helps you know more about the place you live”. ~ Ashley Nelson, Berkshire Grown







April 2009


Why Don’t We Hear More About GMO Foods? The troubling story of genetically modified crops in the USA By Dr. Alan Inglis

You may not realize it, but genetically modified organism (GMO) foods could be here to stay. Thanks to a supine, underfunded FDA and powerful corporate interests willing to spin the science to meet their own needs, GMO foods have made their way into countless food products. The top GM crops are soybeans, corn and canola, found in thousands of processed foods. In a troubling case of the fox guarding the henhouse, the FDA agrees that GMO foods are safe if the companies that produce them say they are! Nor are these companies required to label GM foods as such. We’re all deliberately being left in the dark about what we’re putting into our bodies. Even worse, no one knows the long term consequences of foods that have been genetically tinkered with, although the available research is disturbing, to say the least.

It Starts With Weeds How do you get rid of weeds? Take a gene from a bacterium that’s resistant to weed killer then splice it into soybeans, for example. Next you douse your soybeans with a weed killer like Roundup and voila, no more weeds. As an extra bonus – for food conglomerates, that is – the crop seed is sold along with the corresponding weed killer. Of course the crop’s now soaked in the chemical. What about inserting a new gene in a foreign organism? Research with animals suggests that surprise changes can damage brain tissue, lungs, liver and skin . . . not overnight but over many years. Symptoms can be so mild and creep up on you so slowly that few doctors are likely to make the connection. GMO advocates say there is no definitive proof that any of this is unsafe. More studies are needed. Opponents – including many scientists – evoke the precautionary principle and insist that the burden of proof should be on proving no harm instead of waiting around to see how many people get hurt and when, as this country did for tobacco and we continue to do for the hundreds of new chemicals that get pumped with minimal oversight into our environment every year.

Children at Highest Risk Small children may be taking the brunt of this large scale illicit experiment. They’re up to four times as susceptible to allergies


April 2009


than adults and scientists are seeing a spike in kid’s food allergies. According to the head of an allergy department at a major Chicago hospital, food allergies in kids have “skyrocketed” over the last few years. Is there a connection? We’ll never know if we don’t ask the question.

Hormone Disrupters At Work Weed killer residue in concentrations 100 times lower than allowed may disrupt a key enzyme involved in estrogen metabolism. This might disturb normal estrogen levels and help cause disease in susceptible individuals. Roundup residues as high as 3 mg/kg have been detected in soybeans, many times the allowable 20 parts per million. The EPA has not conclusively determined whether this is potentially harmful. The experiment on the public continues amidst cries of “more studies needed.” More studies may delay responsible application of the precautionary principle and protective regulatory action. The demand for more studies to supply “definitive proof ” of harm serves the selfish needs of the food conglomerates, who have a history of funding such studies, in a deliberate ploy to put off the inevitable. Photo by Brighe McCracken

The Research Shows Do any of the following sound safe? GM peas cause lung cancer in mice. GMO corn and canola oil produce something called barnase. Barnase is toxic to humans and causes kidney damage in rats. High lysine corn produces toxins that retard growth. Cooking with high lysine corn syrup can produce toxin chemicals associated with Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, allergies, kidney disease and cancer. Your gut bacteria can take up DNA from GM foods, even after one meal. This raises the spectre of seeding the gut with antibiotic resistant bacteria, already a major concern due to antibiotic overuse. Inserting foreign genes can damage the structure and function of DNA, causing a slew of unpredictable events that we do not have the means to measure and assess. At best, genetic engineering is a hit-or-miss affair, resulting in changes in DNA structure and function and genetic instability that may not occur

for many generations down the road from the original insertion.

What Happens To Whistle Blowers Former biotech scientist Arpad Puztai PhD, from England, is a classic case of what happens when findings go against the grain. Dr. Puztai at the Rowett Institute in Aberdeen, Scotland, was hired to evaluate GMO safety. Negative animal-feeding study results, which included liver damage in rats after feeding them


wo-thirds of the 1 billion GMO crop acreage is in the USA. 89% of all soy grown in USA is GMO. Other main crops are cotton, corn and canola. 125 crops are on GMO registry. 75% of items on store shelves contain GMO ingredients.

field, non-GM soy on another. Visiting geese fed on the nonGM soy only. Same with the local deer. Anecdotes like this abound in the literature.

FDA Lame, Media Silent Let’s be real clear about this. The FDA does not regulate GM foods. Asking food producers to prove that GM foods are nonallergenic is an “impossible task,” according to one FDA scientist. The only definitive test for proving no harm is by feeding GM foods to affected individuals, which naturally poses a moral problem. Meanwhile, the mainstream media remains silent, apparently suppressed by a slew of so-called “experts” disdainful of the precautionary principle and for the most part hired by food giants who are running the show. The GMO driven “Green Revolution” appears to a corporate-driven scam under the “Green Umbrella” facilitated by a lame FDA and a mainstream media for some reason unable to navigate its way to the truth.

Protect Yourself GM potatoes, were duly reported. Dr. Puztai criticized the food industry for their shoddy science. He also stated he wouldn’t eat GM foods after learning what he did. Dr. Puztai was promptly sacked. On the other hand, Monsanto was fined $1.5 million for bribing government officials in Indonesia in order to prevent an environmental risk assessment. If there’s no difference between GM and non-GM foods from a safety standpoint, why was Monsanto so concerned?

1) Buy organic: Organic foods are by definition GMO free. Buying locally, when you know the source, also works, even if it isn’t organic.

Animals Know Better

4) Learn the facts: Obtain Genetic Roulette, The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods by Jeffrey M. Smith. Clear, rigorous and easy to reference.

When given a choice, the evidence shows animals reject GMO foods. Take the Illinois farmer who planted GM soy on one

2) Check labels: Many products are labeled “non-GMO.” In addition, the PLU number on stickers for organic fruit has five numbers following a “9” while GMO fruit starts with an “8”. 3) Go online: www.responsibletechnology.org for online shopping guides for non-GMO foods.

~ Dr. Inglis, Integrative Health Solutions. See ad on page 32.

Deb Koffman - www.debkoffman.com


April 2009


Food Stores - Co-ops, Markets & Health



L&M Auto, Inc

GULF SERVICE CENTER Route 23 East East Otis, Massachusetts 413-269-6220

The Berkshires’ Best-Kept Secret

Delicious, healthy local & organic food delivered to your door! Fresh harvested produce offered in baskets to suit singles, couples, families & businesses.

Call 413.446.5510 or visit 720 Main Street, Dalton, MA

Store Open: Wed. 2-6pm, Thurs. 9am-6pm Fri. 9am-5pm, Sat. 10am-4pm, Sun. 12-4pm SUPPORTING LOCAL BUSINESSES


Organic Fruits and Vegetables—we sell to local restaurants

Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri 10-4pm • Thu 12-4pm • Sat 9-2pm 814 East Street Pittsfield MA • Phone (413) 445-4586 • Fax (413) 445-4447

“One kind word can make someone’s day.” - Irene Baird

Sister-owned since 1980

Summer: extended hours Winter: closed some Sundays MON - SAT

9:15 - 6 • SUNDAYS 11 - 3 413.637.2721


11 Housatonic St. Lenox, MA 01240

Ruth Wheeler Jack Sadoway Maggie Sadoway

General Stores www.MamasEarth.com The Online Environmental General Store

Organic Clothing & Environmental Products

10% off coupon at: www.mamasearth.com/obg Coupon valid for your first order, expires 7/31/09


eplace Your Light bulbs- Replacing a 60 watt incandescent light bulb with a 15 watt compact fluorescent lamp will use 75% less electricity, last 10 times as long and save more than $50 over the lifetime of the bulb. ~ Contributed by Center for Ecological Technology (CET)


April 2009


Green Building, Renovation & Landscape Design

Hartsville Design Architectural Woodworking “Kevin and his Brianna�

Specializing in Healthy Furniture & Woodwork for Environmentally Sensitive Individuals & Children

Owner Kevin J. Regan is a hands-on craftsman with over thirty-five years of experience designing and fabricating custom wood projects. Licensed and insured, Hartsville Design builds and installs a full range of high-quality custom cabinetry and millwork for every room in your home and office including:

Fine Custom Furniture • Historic Millwork • Cabinetry Entertainment Centers • Display Cases for Antiques & Collectibles Fireplace Mantels • Windows & Moldings • Kitchens Libraries & Free-standing Bookcases • Doors & staircases Bathrooms • Custom Storage for High Tech Equipment

Kevin J. Regan Old Grange Hall, Route 57, Hartsville, MA Ph: 413-528-6133 • Fax: 413-541-8000 Kevin@HartsvilleDesign.com





April 2009


Healthy Green Considerations By Trina Porte


e all want the same results: eco-friendly and healthy buildings. A vital part of achieving this goal is good planning. Two difficulties of planning are the time it takes, and sharing the information it yields with all concerned parties prior to making a decision or taking action. I did two years of research into finding the best, most local, most healthy products on the market for buildings and interiors prior to becoming General Contractor for our home being built here. To support making your own green choices, I’m sharing the best of what I learned with you.

be local and/or non-toxic. Another example: non-toxic, no -VOC interior paint is much more of a priority than what is used for exterior paint, because inside you breathe it in, and outside it has to withstand weather, temperature changes and direct sunlight.

The Single Best Thing You Can Do Insulate completely. To insure everyone’s safety in an airtight home, you must have and use a good ventilation system, a CO2 detector in every bedroom and a smoke/ fire detector just outside every bedroom. Make a family fire safety plan: how each person can get out and where you will all meet to call 911 if ever an alarm sounds. Be sure baby-sitters know the plan as well, and get “pet inside” stickers for the doors (so the fire company knows to rescue pets).

Please Avoid

In General Something that is locally-produced and as non-toxic as you can determine is the best choice. Vermont marble or limestone for counter tops or tiles is a good example. While decorative stone of any kind is better for you and the environment than any of the resin-based composites available, most of the granite, limestone and marble in stores and on the internet is not local. Ask what your supplier can get that’s locally quarried. Budget, life-span, maintenance, availability, quality and location are the factors that determine what percentage of your project can 28

April 2009


Avoid vinyl, formaldehyde, hexane, bleach, all the “ene” ingredients (benzene, toluene, etc.) and all other toxic material, products and ingredients. You can look up anything on the internet at the A.T.S.D.R. or epa.gov websites. This includes fixtures, lights, furniture, decorations, yard equipment, office and school supplies, sports equipment, toys, health and beauty supplies and food [see below, “reading labels”]. Please stop using all chemical pesticides and herbicides. They poison our well water and create really strong weeds and bugs. Get into the habit of reading every label: if it says artificial, scented, fragrance, hydrogenated, a bunch of chemical-sounding words or numbers, poison, or toxic don’t buy it. Note: some products that are safe say “hazardous to,” “harmful if,” or “danger” as warnings to keep away from young children and/or if they are a choking hazard. This is to avoid lawsuits and does not mean something is toxic if it is a non-toxic item.

Also Avoid Anti-bacterial Anything What these products do is create super-strong bad bacte-

ria and kill off good bacteria. All you need to do is wash hands with soap and water before eating and after playing, gardening, shopping, etc., and especially using the bathroom. There is no way to eliminate bacteria from our environment and we don’t want to. Bacteria is responsible for septic systems working, yogurt and bread being created, and many other items and systems that we rely on for living, our immune system being the most important one.

Recommendations Aglaia non-toxic paints, various brands of organic cotton products, Tried and True Wood Products non-toxic wood and floor finishes, Crystal Cold propane refrigerators, radiant heat (radiators or baseboard), on-demand, super-insulated, or solar hot water heaters, Lehman’s Non-Electric Catalogue for mechanical household goods, Historic Albany Foundation and ReStore for recycled building materials, Chatham Makes Scents for non-toxic and locally-made soaps, and www.freecycle.org for free items. For utilities I recommend propane. For our 1,600 square foot home, our payment for ’08 -’09 is only $160 per month (at $2.94 per gallon for an 800 gallon contract). This covers our heat, hot water, stove top, clothes dryer and refrigerator. Our oven, vent fans, combustion air intake and dishwasher are electric. Propane pluses: when the electricity goes out, our fridge stays on and we can still cook, propane is primarily a domestic product, and it burns cleaner than oil, wood, pellets and coal.

"Long story short, it was completely worth it to be our G.C., and my new mission in life is to share what I learned with everyone who will listen. Our home just won NY House Magazine’s “Best in Green Building” award, so I guess I did a good job! Mainly, I’m proud of our home because it is beautiful, functional, and energy efficient. You are welcome to get a personal tour any time I’m available: email t4peace@juno.com. Just leave your shoes at the door and don’t let the cat out."

About Trina Trina Porte lives in the woods of New Lebanon, NY, with her wife and cat. She is a poet, member of the Town Planning Board, and giver of green building advice. Her favorite hobby is inventing ways to make tofu taste like junk food but still be good for you. She learned more than she thought possible by being General Contractor for the building of her green home and wants to share what she learned to help the Berkshires stay beautiful and be healthy for everyone. She can be reached at 518781-3188.


April 2009


Green Building, Renovation & Landscape Design education & training certification services www.leedlinc.com

LEED AP resources

ecocentric designs for living

Hartsville Design

Architectural Woodworking Specializing in Healthy Furniture & Woodwork for Environmentally Sensitive Individuals & Children Kevin J. Regan • 413-528-6133 Kevin@HartsvilleDesign.com

christy thorne

413.329.1514 renovations . interior design new construction . consulting www.ecocentricdesignsforliving.com

Design/Build, Inc. Renovations & Custom Cabinetry Joseph Carry (413) 281-0046

Green Teams - Send us your Info! Lenox Environmental Committee

Working to reduce our carbon footprint. Meet the first Monday of the month at 5:30 PM at Town Hall Contacts: Jamie Cahillane: jamiec@cetonline.org Greg Federspiel: Federspiel-townmanager@townoflenox.com

Lee Recycling Committee

Working to improve recycling awareness and access. No regular meeting schedule but try to meet every 2 months. Contact: Monica Ryan: niryan@hotmail.com Jamie Cahillane: amiec@cetonline.org


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Health & Beauty


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Blissful Dr. Hauschka Facials Swedish Massage Iredale Mineral Cosmetics Body Polish & Manicures Pedicures & Waxing Fantasy Tan GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE


www.studiodayspa.com 2 Elm St., Great Barrington, MA 01230

the HAIR STUDIO on Park Square Member American Board of Certified Colorists

Rene Furterer Hair Products completely organic




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ind this image in one of our advertiser’s ads. If you are the first caller to call 413-274-1122 on Friday, May 1st at 11:45 AM with the correct answer, you will win a $25.00 gift certificate for Upper Crust Bakery. This prize was contributed by Valerie Lawson. ~ See advertisement for Upper Crust Bakery on page 23 of this directory.


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Health Care - Alternative, Complementary & Integrative

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Smoke-Free for a Healthy Community For our patients • For our employees • For our community All Berkshire Health Systems campuses are completely tobacco and smoke-free. This includes: Berkshire Medical Center, the BMC Hillcrest Campus, Fairview Hospital, BHS physician practices, outpatient testing centers and BHS administrative offices. Improving the health of our community is a key part of our mission, and providing a smokefree environment for our patients, our visitors and our employees will contribute to better health for our community. For those who choose to quit smoking, we can help. Tobacco Treatment Services at BMC: 413-499-2602 Tobacco Treatment Services at Fairview: 413-528-2663 32

April 2009


Berkshire Health Systems Berkshire Medical Center Fairview Hospital


Health Care - Alternative, Complementary & Integrative

tom fleming

SFHJTUFSFE SFTQJSBUPSZ UIFSBQJTU DFSUJGJFE CVUFZLP QSBDUJUJPOFS Holistic techniques for pain relief and correction of dysfuntion for adults, infants and children

Relieve your asthma, anxiety/panic disorders. Enhance your sport endurance.


15 Mahaiwe Street • Great Barrington, MA • 413-644-9474 • randiphysicaltherapy.com

See remarkable recoveries – FREE VIDEO

Kushi Institute 1-800-975-8744 -FMBOE 3PBE t #FDLFU t ."


inding the path to normalizing your stress level is a conscious choice requiring a 24/7 commitment. Learn how to relax your body and mind. Each of us does this a different way, but recognize that it starts with recognition of what makes you tick. Self-exploration in a meditative, mindful way is a starting point. Practice simple relaxation techniques, breathe deeply and slowly, rest, find quiet time, laugh and enjoy family and friends. ~Lee Valley VNA

Seeds of Thought

Is health a lack of sickness or is sickness a lack of health? By Adam Kerzner New ideas don’t always sit well with us at first. Like seeds, they need to sit a while in fertile soil. Only then will they grow and become a part of us


ost of our thinking, which is largely influenced by a medical or allopathic paradigm, would say that health is in fact a lack of sickness. If we could eradicate all sickness through vaccines, antibiotics, surgery etc., then we would be healthy, right? We are searching for health by studying and treating our sicknesses. We spend billions of dollars to name new diseases and then we spend billions more figuring out ways to get rid of them. I believe if we want to learn about health we should study what makes us healthy. Challenge #1 Define health. There is no one definition for health because it is an individual thing. We all have different paths physically, emotionally, chemically and spiritually. What helps us down a healing path is an act of self discovery, although healthcare practitioners can hopefully be guides on this journey. If we don’t define health for ourselves we may pass it right by and never know we were there. One definition that I love is, “Health is the appropriate coordination of all of what we are.” (Fritz Perls) Stop and read that again. Another one is “Health is one’s ability to adapt to an ever- changing environment internally and externally.” Take the time to define health for yourself. Challenge #2 As you discover your own definition for health, pick a path that goes along with your definition. What is healing for you? Eating differently, breathing differently, seeing old friends, moving your body, reading, writing, laughing… The biggest challenge here is to not just think with your head. We have our educated know-how in our heads and we also have our innate wisdom in our hearts and in our gut. By in large we have lost our ability to access our innate wisdom, and healing requires that we try. Likewise, our healing path is not necessarily a path to alleviate our sickness. The path we choose should feel like a healing path regardless of the diagnosis, illness, pain or other symptoms.

Also, finding the right people to assist us on this journey is important. Find people who are respectful of your healing process including friends, family and health practitioners. There are so many stories about health and so many people telling you they have the answer. For better or worse, we live in an area of the world that has so many choices when it comes to healing. Trust yourself to choose the right people, ideas, therapies, exercises etc. and always know you have veto power over anyone no matter how many degrees they have. Enjoy the ride! – One of the biggest clichés in alternative health care is that “healing is a journey, not a destination” and yet it is so true and so important. The path we find does not end, it just leads to other paths. Our lives change. The people and places around us change. We grow and we grow old. As our needs change we find our path can change. Be flexible to finding new paths, for it is often at the crossroads where we find sickness. So, is health a lack of sickness or is sickness a lack of health? This question is merely a seed. Plant it and see what grows. - Dr. Kerzner, Body Connection Chiropractic, has been in practice for 12 years in the Berkshires. The focus of his work is building health and wellbeing in his clients through gentle handson spinal care and to empower people in their healing choices through education and self discovery. ~See ad on pg 35


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Health Care

- Acupuncture


W e must learn how to care for ourselves in the midst of caring for others.

Berkshire Acupuncture


46 Main Street • South Egremont, MA

When we are healthy our family is healthy. By taking care of our families our communities are taken care of. By tending to our communities our society is tended to. A healthy society leads to a healthy country and a healthy country to a healthy planet. The ripples are felt in every corner of the earth and in all the heavens. Personally and collectively it is time to tend to ourselves and make the choices toward balance. Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine can help you regain and maintain your health.

(413) 528-5055

Michelle Manto Lic. AP., Dipl O.M. (NCCAOM) 19 Lewis Avenue Gt. Barrington, MA 413-644-9488 ext. 2

Peter Goldberg, Dipl. Ac.


LINDA JACKSON, Lic. Ac., MAcOM Over 30 years in Healthcare, Experience You Can Trust

The Centre for Acupuncture, Herbs & Massage 105 Main Street, Gt. Barrington

413 528-3514 •



ever doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed people can change the world: indeed it's the only thing that ever has!" Margaret Mead ~ Submitted by Patty Strauch of Otis, MA

Chiropractic & Kinesiology

Orchid Blossom Healing Arts

Classical Acupuncture and Zen Shiatsu Cultivating wellness for the whole family

Lauren Paul, Call

M. Ac.

-Licensed in CT and MA

413.258.4296 for an appointment



Don’t continue to suffer!


Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, Chronic Pain Specialist & Massage Therapist

SCENAR LIFE...living pain free!

No Doctor’s Office, Therapist or home should be without SCENAR! Do you suffer from: Chronic Pain, Sciatica, Bursitis,Headaches? Do you have: Stiff Neck, Frozen Shoulder, Knee Joint Replacement? The SCENAR Try the SCENAR to speed your healing is an advanced & feel better FAST! Do you want to reduce biofeedback and your need for Oxycodone and Tylenol? treatment modality, Order your portable devise today. that locates, measures Free Seminar with purchase. and treats areas of pain and dysfunction.


cav12@juno.com 19 Lewis Avenue, Gt. Barrington, MA 01230

Photo by Frans van der Werf


April 2009



Health Care -

Chiropractic & Kinesiology

BODY CONNECTION CHIROPRACTIC Chiropractic care for the whole family Gentle technique, pediatrics and pre-natal care, auto accident care

ADAM KERZNER, DC 413-644-0030 168 Main Street, Suite 2 • Great Barrington, MA 01230

Madden Chiropractic LLC 2 Convenient Locations Open 6 Days a Week!

Dr. Keith Madden & Dr. Brian Traversa Graduates of Palmer College of Chiropractic Specializing in Whiplash Recovery

r MASSAGE AVAILABLE s Allendale Underground, Pittsfield, MA (413) 442-0913 35 Canal St., Lee, MA (413) 243-3994


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ind this image in one of our advertiser’s ads. If you are the first caller to call 413-274-1122 on Friday, May 1st at 12:15 PM with the correct answer, you will win a one hour session in the Energy Enhancement System at Berkshire Energy Connection in West Stockbridge. This is a $50 value and is offered by Allura Janet Adelson from Berkshire Energy Connection. See ad on page 36.

J\im`e^ CleZ_ ;`ee\i

99H GXikp GcXkk\ij :Xk\i`e^ =lcc 9Xi KXb\flk Xe[ ;\c`m\ip XmX`cXYc\


C`jk\[ fe >flid\k dX^Xq`e\Ëj

`e 8d\i`ZX 9\jk Ê=Xid$kf$KXYc\Ë I\jkXliXekj 000 DX`e Jk# >i\Xk 9Xii`e^kfe# D8 '()*'

K\c% +(* ,)/$*)*, ROUTE7GRILL.COM

Health Care -

Counseling & Therapy


Marcia Bernstein, MSW Psychotherapy • Hypnotherapy • Consulting 413.429.6255 518.392.5136 marciab@taconic.net 17 Main Street • Lee, MA

emember, if you ever need a helping hand, you'll find one at the end of your arm ... As you grow older you will discover that you have two hands. One for helping yourself, the other for helping others. Audrey Hepburn ~ Submitted by Patty Strauch of Otis, MA

The Center for Compassionate Relationships Offering counseling, groups, workshops for creating healthy relationships

Ani Nadler Grosser


Eileen Lawlor, MPS, MSW, BCD


Counseling Services



EMDR (Trauma Reduction)


Guided Imagery for Healing

Promoting well-being at all of life’s stages

54 Wendell Avenue Pittsfield, MA 01201

Bill Grosser

LICSW’s, Certified Imago Relationship Therapists www.compassionaterelationships.com • 413-637-2868

Most Insurances Accepted

Tel. (413) 443-7264

Grief, Loss and Transition Counseling

Call 413.528.7916 for appointment www.OurBerkshireGreen.com

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Health Care

- Energy Medicine Come see me for a CHANGE!

Recharge every cell in your body

with the “Bio-Scalar Technology”


ENERGY ENCHANCEMENT SYSTEM Relax, Rejuvenate, Regenerate


“This is work of creative genius! My observation is that the EESystem not only supports people to go into deep meditation, it also activates the deep spiritualizing force of the Cosmic Energy.” - Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD Ask about our new inflation-friendly rates! "I am thrilled to say the results from my sessions include a dramatic increase in clarity of vision. There is no evidence today of any macular degeneration!” - Sara

Offering Grace Healing Arts products and Zrii

BERKSHIRE ENERGY CONNECTION 6 Depot Street • West Stockbridge, MA 01266


www.BerkshireEnergyConnection.com Simple. Non-invasive. Scientifically verified.


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“Tap” Your



Claudia MacGruer has been working in the Holistic Health/ Healing field for over 25 years finding clues to help resolve difficult situations. Claudia uses her training, intuition + cutting edge technologies to shift you into a state of well-being, helping you work through life's challenges including fears, phobias and addictions.

Techniques employed include: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT & TFT, tapping on specific body points) State-of-the-art EPFX biofeedback device to reduce stress + pain. Immersion in a 2 year Healing Arts program gave her training in a Multi-pronged approach. Also certified in Reconnective Healing... Pranic Energy Healing... Neurolinguistic Programming... Reiki... Therapeutic Touch... "Claudia has helped me gain access to those deeper regions which were hidden to me, so I could find my dreams again and my heart's desires." - Barbara Dean, Musician “Simply the best session I’ve ever had." - Dr. Allen

Call Freedom Chiropractic www.ClaudiaHelpsYouHEAL.com Speak with Karen for appointment 518.672.4019 or e-mail Claudia at claudiahelpsyouheal@fairpoint.net

Health Care

- Energy Medicine

ROBERT POLLOCK Therapeutic Energy Healing Classes in Heart Centered Spirituality

Twenty years of helping people address their issues by connecting with Higher Energy



Pain - Stress - Injury

413 499 4369

Elfi SIX, LMT, CMA www.CosmicResonance.com

www.BerkshireEnergyHealing.com Robert@BerkshireEnergyHealing.com



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Health Care

The Art of Wellness

- Massage Therapy & Bodywork

Nanci Worthington LMT

17 Bridge St., Gt. Barrington, MA 01230



nergy medicine is one of five domains of “complementary and alternative medicine” (CAM) identified by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) in the United States. The approaches vary widely in philosophy, approach, and origin. The U.S. National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine divides energy medicine approaches into two general categories. Therapies predicated on theorized forms of "energy" unconfirmed by scientific investigation are known as putative energy medicine. Therapies which rely on known forms of energy, such as electromagnetism are termed "veritable" energy therapies. ~ National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

ArtofWellnessLMT.com 413-329-5573 artofwellness@earthlink.net

Healing Bodywork Ming Lash,

Release tension around injured/dis-eased parts Reconnect the parts to the whole



West Stockbridge, MA • 413-232-7819 • threadsofjoy@gmail.com

Hearts & Hands:

EMBODYMENT HEALING SESSIONS A wholistic clothes-on approach to bodywork, using an intuitive blend of energy work, sensation awareness, cranial-sacral/myo-fascial release, breathwork, movement & humor.

Jeanne Bassis,

(413) 528-5732

Embodyment Practitioner since 1991.


Photo by Mary Rembold


April 2009


Health Care

- Massage Therapy & Bodywork

Antoinette Simms 413.248.9022 antoinette_simms @yahoo.com Integrated Yoga Therapy (IYT) Prenatal Yoga

Seth Levy Licensed Massage Therapist

413.429.6887 • Recover Mobility • Release Chronic Patterns • Realize your body’s ability to heal

marmaduke46@ yahoo.com Are you in need of a gentle, private Yoga therapist to assist you in pain management and care? Antoinette brings 16 years of Yoga experience, specializing in restorative and Svaroopa Yoga with a hands on approach to healing and restoring balance to the body and mind.

Specializing in pain relief, injury recovery, & rehabilitation. Deep Tissue massage and Neuromuscular Therapy Extensive training in Cranio-Sacral Therapy. Relaxing Swedish massage with Thai stretching. In my Great Barrington office, or in your own home. 15 years experience. Insured & Licensed in MA & NY

Neuromuscular Therapy

NEUROMUSCULAR THERAPY Hands on therapy for the purpose of pain relief, improving posture, restoring normal movement, stress reduction & general wellbeing.


Jack McKeon, NMT • Karen Rutschmann, NMT

413-243-8240 Lee Bodywork Associates 17 Main Street, Lee Suite #9

F Photo by Frans van der Werf


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Health Care

- Nutrition & Supplements

"Drink in rejuvenation" with Zrii , The Original Amalaki TM

Allura Adelson


The only third party product ever endorsed by The Chopra Institute

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Zrii Independent Executive TM

"Sometimes opportunity knocks. This time it's breaking down the door.”

Will Ryan Speaking of Health 297 East Road Alford, MA 01266 (413) 528-0501 willryan.shaklee@gmail.com


Products for the care of home and body

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Photo by David Ellis


e413 528-3262 •

NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS A Green company creating healthier lives for over 50 years dotschellhammer@hotmail.com

Save 60 bottles from the landfill

ElectroBlast™ rehydration concentrates

Flavored/NO sugar! 2 oz. bottle = 60 drinks

drink life in

Buy at Guido’s or Berkshire Bike & Board www.electroblast.com


Barbara L. Laureyns

independent distributor

zija id: 40410 phone: (413)442-4854 cell: (413)441-6684 zijaqueen@berkshire.rr.com zijaqueen.com/barbaralaureyns

Deb Koffman - www.debkoffman.com


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Health Care

- Reconnective Healing

Experience healing beyond anything you’ve read about, thought about, dreamed about.

While each experience is unique, many report healings from afflictions such as: Cancer Depression Fibromyalgia Arthritis Cerebral Palsy AIDS-related Diseases TM

Adam Seavey, Reconnective Healing Practitioner has been personally instructed in the facilitation of these extraordinary healing frequencies by Eric Pearl, the acknowledged instrument through which these frequencies have been introduced to the world. .

To schedule an appointment with Adam call 413.717.0995 or email adamconnect@adamsreconnection.org TM

DISCLAIMER: Eric Pearl and anyone associated with this work, inclusive of, but not limited to The Reconnection and R Reconnective Healing , make no claims, promises or guarantees and are neither diagnosing nor treating specific health challenges. You are solely responsible for seeing to and/or continuing with your own medical treatment and care. TM . 2002 Copyright Kenna Consulting, Inc. & The Reconnection

“Find out why these

Healing Frequencies

are unlike any other.” - Adam Seavey


Why Couldn’t I hear the Flowers? -

or as long as I can recall, I have lived my days in wonder. So many external influences accumulated within, I could not sort truth from fiction, let alone how I fit into the world. The more I continued, the more confused, alone, and separated I felt. Questions were beginning to overwhelm me. Where is Love, how is it that I feel so disconnected? Is all this life for nothing? Does a God exist, and if so, has He forgotten about me? I can remember friends, family and teachers with many things to say, only to realize that they too, were coping with the very same questions, and none of their answers were the ones I sought. No person, object or situation shed light to what became the most important issue for me to resolve – I once knew the threads of Life within me, Joy, Love, Happiness… but why was it so difficult to find them again? One day, I was planting Impatiens in my flower boxes. I heard a voice, but no one was around. The voice was saying, “Ouch, not so hard, separate our roots more carefully!” I was certain I was imagining this and vowed not to tell a soul. As I continued to be more careful, “they” continued the rapport with me. I suddenly realized that I was not imagining the whole thing and that something in me perhaps had changed. But what was it? I had been meditating for a few years by this point and so I went inside to ask about this experience. The answer I received, was reminding me about the lessons I have been learning about Self Love. It was presented to me, “The 40

BRILL GALLERY: Forest Money Brook © 2008 Joanna Gabler

April 2009


By Adam Seavey

reason you could not hear the flowers before, is because you could not hear your own inner voice. You cannot recognize Love until you recognize Love of your own being. Until you have the honor and regard for that Love of yourself, it is impossible to recognize it in anything else.” Suddenly, something was awakening within me. Life was all around me, Love was all around me, and God was all around me, with a thousand ways a minute trying to reach me all along. All that I had been trying to resolve, all that I tried to access, could only be done within me. There is a Universe within each of us, but as long as we try to define that from the outside, we will never find it. The important key however came from my shift of perspective. To see ourselves through the “Eyes of Love – Unconditional Love,” is the most primal way to create, to grow, and to access the infinite wisdom of the Universe. How could we ever find ourselves with the perceptions of judgment, anger, and fear? We are created in Love, with Love. Anything else is an illusion of that truth. Do we need proof of that Love? We have free will with no interference to live in that “self created reality” as long as we want, until one day you are like me, where things just don’t add up anymore and you can’t stand the illusion any longer…. It is my hope that one day, we all hear the flowers. ~ See Adam Seavey’s Ad for Reconnective Healing on this page 40.

Home & Garden d et a i l s inter ior de sign Carole King Julie Brady 292 South Main Street Sheffield, MA 413.229.3333

Improve your indoor environment and family’s well-being with the best state-of-the-art cleaning and air purification systems available!

Hartsville Design

Architectural Woodworking Specializing in Healthy Furniture & Woodwork for Environmentally Sensitive Individuals & Children

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Kevin J. Regan • 413-528-6133 Kevin@HartsvilleDesign.com



Vacuum Cleaners Carpet Shampooers

Rooftop Gardens on Bluebird Houses

Air Purification Systems

Orders Available Now for Spring!



You can trust in 85 years of experience! Call today!

383 North Street, Capitol Square Pittsfield, MA 01201 413.442.1544 • 413.743.0985

PROJECT NATIVE Growing Nature’s Garden

Photo by David Ellis


413-274-3433 WWW.PROJECTNATIVE.ORG Project Native is a non-profit environmental organization.


April 2009


Habitat Gardening It’s Not Just For the Birds By Karen Lyness LeBlanc


n recent years, human development has threatened or eliminated many species that were once prevalent in the landscape. As our society continues to expand into previously unmaintained wild areas, increasing pressure is placed on native wildlife. For this reason, there is no better time than the present for gardeners to recognize the important role they play in the future of land management and conservation. Gardeners, and the general public alike, need to begin to think of their backyards as living entities, made up of millions of interdependent parts. Gardeners hoping to create real habitat that will help to restore critical pieces of our ecosystem need to plant the species that support all wildlife: bees, flies, grasshoppers, bugs, butterflies, beetles, spiders and wasps. While it is easy to overlook many of the smaller creepy crawlies, we must remind ourselves that in absence of these smaller creatures the complex ecosystem crumbles. Unfortunately, people hoping to create gardens that provide habitat often miss the mark. Take for example the popular “bird garden.� Many bird lovers, in an effort to attract birds to their garden, plant a few select shrubs that provide berries for these winged beauties, while failing to consider the many less obvious species that are necessary to sustain a healthy bird population. Approximately 96 of all the terrestrial bird species in North America rely on insects and other arthropods (typically spiders) to feed their young (Tallamy, 21). Creating a true habitat that maintains biodiversity involves more than just planting a couple of berry and nectar producing shrubs. A habitat garden supports a complex web of creatures, large and microscopic, that make up a living community. Habitat gardens offer four important resources: food, water, shelter and nesting sites.

FOOD Food is usually the first thing people think of when they are creating a habitat garden and while this may seem simple and straightforward, there are a couple of points worthy of reinforcement. Gardeners hoping to provide habitat must remember that the needs of each specie vary according to its individual life cycle. For example, while butterflies need nectar, in the larval stage of their life cycle (when they are caterpillars) they will feed on foliage, flowers and seeds. In addition, caterpillars (unlike butterflies) are very selective when choosing their host plant. The Spicebush Swallowtail Butterfly in its caterpillar form will only feed on the Spicebush, Lindera benzoin. Dietary requirements of species change with the seasons as well. A well-designed habitat garden will provide a food source in every season. 42

April 2009


Photo by David Ellis

Trees and shrubs that hold their fruit into the winter are extremely important for migrating birds and small mammals that winter over. Eastern Red Cedar, American Cranberry, Red Chokeberry, Winterberry Holly and Staghorn Sumac are just a few species that provide food throughout the winter. Of course one could also supplement with feeders, but this requires a certain level of commitment and feed is a reoccurring expense.

WATER Water is a necessity for all life. If you are fortunate enough to have a spring, stream, pond or vernal pool on your property make every effort to maintain it and protect it from pollutants. Vernal pools are shallow depressions that collect snow melt and other runoff. Due to their small size and their tendency to dry up in summer, these pools do not contain fish, but are important breeding areas for frogs, salamanders

and many invertebrate species. In areas where naturally occurring water is not present, gardeners should provide an accessible water source in the form of a simple birdbath or artificial pond.

SHELTER & NEST SITES Shelter from the elements is critical to the survival of wildlife in the winter. Eastern Red Cedar, Juniper and White Pine are a few of the species that can provide protection from harsh weather. When snow blankets the ground the bare spots underneath conifer trees can provide important foraging sites for birds and small mammals. Dead and decaying trees are great for wildlife because they provide hollows for nest sites and are often home to many insects. Brush piles and thickets offer shelter and nest sites for many species. In addition, they can serve as important protection from predators. Shelter and nest sites can also come in the form of humanmade bat houses, nest boxes, bee hives or nesting blocks. The Brooklyn Botanical Garden published a small book called The Wildlife Gardener’s Guide which includes simple instructions for building some of these artificial shelters. Many of these can be great rainy-day projects for parents and children.

TIPS TO INCREASE BACKYARD HABITAT 1. Do not plant invasive or potentially invasive species. Consider native alternatives that will support, not threaten, the ecosystem. For example, there are a number of alternatives to the popular, yet invasive, Burning Bush. Some native alternatives would be Red Chokeberry (Aronia arbutifolia), Red Oiser Dogwood (Cornus sericea), Highbush Blueberry (Vaccinium corybosum), or Spicebush (Lindera benzoin). 2. Ask your nursery or garden center how they obtain their plants. Make sure their stock comes from seed or cuttings obtained in an environmentally responsible manner. Never dig plants from the wild! 3. If you want to create habitat and preserve biodiversity you must forego perfection. Habitat gardens will have flaws. Bugs will munch on leaves; they are supposed to! When we create habitat where all native species are allowed to thrive, natural ecological systems balance out and predators will keep insect populations in check. 4. Do not use fertilizers and non-organic pesticides. Wildlife is often inadvertently harmed by gardeners who fail to recognize how toxic these products can be.

- Bringing Nature Home: How Native Plants Sustain Wildlife in Our Gardens by Douglas W. Tallamy - Enhancing Your Backyard Habitat for Wildlife by Peter M. Picone (CT Department of Environmental Protection) - Bringing Nature Home by Douglas Tallamy - The Wildlife Gardener’s Guide by Janet Marinelli (Brooklyn Botanical Garden)

Cut Emissions in Your Yard Gasoline mowers are big polluters and greenhouse gas emitters. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, in one hour a conventional lawn mower produces as much pollution as eight new cars traveling at 55 miles per hour for the same amount of time. Try a manual mower or cordless electric mower or be sure to tune up and maintain your gas mower to run with fewer emissions. Reduce the amount of lawn that you need to mow by planting native species or ground covers, plants and wildflowers, or vegetables. Plant trees for shade, CO2 absorption and improved air quality. Mulch gardens with pesticide-free clippings. Reduce chemical inputs of pesticides and fertilizers. Nitrous oxide, a by-product of nitrogen-based fertilizers, is a potent greenhouse gas. ~ Contributed by Center for Ecological Technology (CET).


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ind this image in one of our advertiser’s ads. If you are the first caller to call 413-274-1122 on Monday, June 1st at 11:15 AM with the correct answer, you will win a one hour bodywork session. This is a $100 value offered by Mikka Barkman from Mikka Barkman Bodywork. See ads on page 37 and 48.

Inns and B & Bs The Award Winning private spa tubs with chromatherapy or rain showers with aromatherapy

~See Project Native Ad on page 41.

FOR MORE INFORMATION For more detailed information on habitat gardening check out the following books:



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In Business; Greening Up!


potlight on Holistic & Green usinesses in Our Community....

Hancock Shaker Village President: Ellen Spear What We Do

Hancock Shaker Village is situated on 750 acres of farm, field and woodlands in Pittsfield, MA. Once inhabited by Shakers who named the Village the City of Peace, the restored property includes 20 buildings, more than 22,000 examples of Shaker artifacts, and a working farm that houses livestock as well as spectacular, historic gardens.

In the Beginning

The Shakers trace their roots back to 18th-century England, where they held lively spiritual services that earned them their moniker. HSV was the third community to be established in the U.S., practicing the core religious tenets of celibacy, communal life, pacifism, and racial and gender equality.

Shaker Life- It’s Easy Being Green

The Shakers’ work and craftsmanship reflected their spiritual values, resulting in a particular design aesthetic in furniture, basketry, and woodworking that is well known. Less well-known are the inno-

vations they spurred in the areas of renewable energy, land use, and sustainable agriculture. The community at Hancock, for instance, made extensive use of water and wind power, using it to assist with sawing wood, manufacturing textiles, and grinding grain. Organic gardening is a time-tested concept on Shaker farms, blending three common practices: composting, which enriches the soil and sustains healthy plants; saving seeds and native plants, which ensures that vegetables remain adapted to their environment, and companion planting, a technique that encourages plants to help each other grow.

HSV is located on Route 20 in Pittsfield at the corner of Route 41. For more information visit us online at hancockshakervillage.org, or call 1(800) 817-1137.

Because the Shaker way of life is so rooted in sustainability and simplicity, there are several other opportunities to learn or experience more regarding green liv-

Owner: Robert Kelly What I do

I teach people to convert cars, trucks, motorcycles and other forms of transportation to run on 100% electricity. I also wear many hats as an innovator, musician, builder, licensed contractor, and educator and can be seen weekly, playing piano at many of the area venues.

How I got started

After completing two years at Berklee College of Music in Boston, I enrolled in GM’s auto mechanic training program, pursuing another childhood passion. I later went back to get my degree in music education.

April 2009

Where To Find Us

Simple Gifts

Berkshire Electric Vehicles


ing, be it work or pleasure-related. The Shaker Sustainability Tour, for instance, is offered daily throughout the main season (May through October) offers an indepth look at Shaker gardening, as well as architecture for passive solar heating and other energy-efficient building practices.


What I offer I juggle my many interests around the clock. By day, in between teaching music, I work as a technical consultant for various individuals and businesses, problem solving their buildings, as well as electrical and mechanical systems. I’ve created a 100% electric Jetta that’s fun to drive and easy to shift without a clutch and I hope to help many others create their own electric vehicles as well.

Who uses my services?

Having worked as an educator for many years, I believe it is important to teach these skills to our young people. A gasoline to electric conversion project for a high school tech education program is a wonderful way to teach the inner workings of an automobile and also demonstrate

Sustainable Sourcing™ Owner: Melissa Kushi What I do

Sustainable Sourcing™ makes ethicallysourced, artisan-made natural products from the world’s most remote, pristine lands, and is the leading manufacturer of a complete line of pink Himalayan sea salt products--HimalaSalt™, and Sustainable Sourcing Organics™, a line of organic peppercorns, and 100% zero-landfill gift sets.

Earth™. HimalaSalt™ was created 250 million years ago, during a time of pristine environmental integrity. Handharvested from a protected source deep within the exotic and remote Himalayas, HimalaSalt™ remains free of impurities, unlike refined table salt or salt from today's widely polluted oceans. HimalaSalt's™ rare, gorgeous pink color stems

How I got started

I’ve devoted much of my life's work to sustainable foods, alternative health and ethical business models. As a social entrepreneur, I’ve traveled some of the world's most remote regions and created bamboo micro-industries in rural Africa, replaced coca crops with organic cotton in the jungles of Peru, and introduced heirloom soybean seed to organic farmers in the US. Taking a high quality product to market was a natural next step. Fifteen years ago while teaching in London, someone gave me a bag of pink salt and it was love at first taste. The rest is history.

What I offer

HimalaSalt™ is the Purest Salt on

from its naturally high content of wholesome essential minerals, of which our bodies are made and require for wellbeing. HimalaSalt™ is never heat-treated or processed; it is slowly stone-ground to retain its full potency of rich essential minerals, delicious, full flavor and healthgiving alkaline properties.

Who uses HimalaSalt™?

Anyone who cares about what they put into their bodies. Health-minded, conscious consumers, gourmet cooks and people who love to eat good food.

What makes me green?

I believe that conscious business + responsible consumerism = global activism. My company is about market-based social change. We are committed to natural quality, social value, the environment and being a force for change. We offset 100% of our entire carbon footprint by creating live metered hours of renewable energy that goes into the main power grids. That’s the equivalent of planting 32 acres of trees annually or preventing 235,600 pounds of greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere. Our operation in the Searle’s School Building is certified Organic & Kosher for Passover, and 5% of our profits support awareness and solutions to global warming and preserving our oceans and biodiversity.

Where to find my products

Locally in the Berkshire Coop, Guido’s, Whole Foods Market, nationwide in natural and specialty gourmet retail stores and online at http://www.himalasalt. com. ~See ad page 23.

the adaptability of mechanical systems to other power sources.

What makes me green?

I have a strong concern for the environment and an ever-present desire to learn new skills. I combined diverse skills to create the electric Jetta because of the complexity to change a vehicle designed for one purpose to another. Networking with others who have completed gas to electric conversions is essential, as well as locating the fabricating and material resources in your neighborhood. It is a project that can stir up a lot of positive interest in a community as it did for me.

How to find me:

North Plain Road Housatonic, MA 01236 Phone: 413-528-0136 Website: www.BerkshireElectricVehicles.com E-mail: rkelly@berkshireelectricvehicles.com


April 2009


Lifestyles & Perspectives


ersonal Experience of Holistic Green living in Our Community...

Richard NAME: “Richard Rothbard.” HOMETOWN: “The Bronx.” WHY THE BERKSHIRES? “To recapture the ‘nature boy’ connection I experienced here at summer camp in my youth, my wife Joanna and I made regular visits to the Berkshires. We happened upon a vacant store in Stockbridge and added it to the four NYC galleries that we had already established.” HE THINKS COMMUNITY IS IMPORTANT: “In developing the first Green & Healthy Living Expo, I sought a partner that was rooted in the community and made the connection with the Noah Center in Great Barrington. This year we have added Kids Fest which will help bring families to the green event.” WHAT MAKES HIM TICK? “Coming up with a new idea is most motivating, energizing and exciting.” INSPIRATION: “Singers John Raitt and Frank Sinatra and actor Paul Newman. Woodworker George Nakashima and Wendell Castle.” WHAT MAKES HIM LAUGH: “When I'm willing to take a risk doing something when others wouldn't and they say, “How could you?” HE'S GOT STYLE: “I'd say I'm pretty impulsive and thrive on making something out of nothing.” WORKING IN THE BERKSHIRES: “I was looking for a new show idea to compliment the arts festival in the Berkshires at the same location. I have always been a serious health nut so the Green & Healthy Expo was a natural choice.”


"Why not?"

Richard is the driving force behind the Berkshires Arts Festival and Berkshires Green & Healthy Living Expo.

Richard Rothbard Phone: 845-355-2400 • Email: boxology@warwick.net Webpages: www.AmericanArtMarketing.com and www.boxology.com


April 2009


HE'S GONE GREEN: “Woodworking provided me with the opportunity to make many of my designs using downed trees, reclaimed woods and even exotic woods that were taken to clear land for farming purposes. Most of the wood scraps are used in my wood stoves or fireplaces. I live in an antique barn which is energy efficient by design and of course required almost no new lumber to convert it to my home.” BEST ADVICE: “When feeling like you have no options; stuck due to life’s conditions, you must choose to take a positive outlook for self-preservation.”

Love & Laughter are The Best Medicine

Love is Green at Concerned Singles For 25 years, we’ve been helping singles who care about the earth to find each other and build healthy, meaningful lives together. Visit us at www.concernedsingles.com or call Rodelinde at 413-243-4350 for more details.

Jeanne Bassis

Play Reflections P.O.Box 13 Great Barrington, MA 01230 (413) 528-5732 E-mail: playyes@PlayReflections.com http://wwwPlayReflections.com

Mind & Spirit


ove and laughter gives your immune system a boost, increases your endorphins (natural painkiller for the body), reduces blood pressure, increases the amount of oxygen in the blood, improves your body’s ability to heal itself and also keeps you and the people around you cheerful.

Visualization: The Power & Importance of seeing with the mind’s eye By Eileen Lawlor, MPS, MSW, BCD


uided imagery or visualization has been described by many as the ultimate consciousness tool! But because the human imagination and its contents are such a basic part of our nature it is often overlooked as the potent inner healing and integrating resource that it is. If you’re someone who doesn’t believe you can visualize just ask yourself the following questions. Do you catch yourself daydreaming now and again? Some mornings, do you wake up with the last snippet of a dream still present in your mind? Can you remember back over the last gathering you enjoyed with friends or family; if you closed your eyes can you recall the faces, hear something of the conversation, and taste that chocolate decadence you dove into so enthusiastically? If you answered yes to any of these questions you do and can visualize! The truth is we all see in the mind’s eye whether we’re conscious of it or not. There are so many remarkable benefits to using the simple, easy form of Self-Help. Guided imagery has been proven to deepen relaxation, enhance vitality, provide pain relief, offer comfort mentally and emotionally, build confidence, change attitudes, habits or belief systems and contribute directly to the healing process. What I appreciate most about guided imagery work is that it provides me a safe, economical and creative means of assisting in my own healing and rebalancing process. All healing, it is thought, springs from within and positive visualizations appear to gently nudge that process back into action, if or when balance (mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually) has been disturbed due to stress, illness or just plain fatigue and burnout. Begin by experimenting on your own, following the simple instructions found below. If you like how you feel after-

wards you might wish to investigate the many visualization/ relaxation CD’s commercially available to you locally. Music, nature sounds and the voice of a “guide” (played softly on a nearby CD player) have been found to increase concentration and thereby deepen the satisfaction with and quality of any guided imagery experience. But for now when you’re ready to begin . . . . Take a minute or two to get settled and relaxed. Loosen any tight clothing and sit or lie down comfortably. Close out the outside world by removing all distractions (ticking clock, cell phone, too much unfiltered light, etc.) Close your eyes and begin to put your body at ease with several slow, deep breaths. Continue to relax with regular, rhythmic deep breathing. Provide yourself with suggestions of the sensation of warmth and heaviness in the body and limbs. This will intensify your feeling of relaxation. Now call up your Relaxation Image. Imagine (or sense) a peaceful, serene natural scene (a desert island, a sandy beach, sailing on a quiet lake, or perhaps place yourself in a cozy study beside a warming fire). Be creative but highly personal. With as much detail as possible, respond to your image with all of your senses. Slowly inquire: Sights: What can I see around me? (clouds, surf, sky, etc.) Smells: What smells do I notice? (ocean, grass, flowers, etc.) Sounds: What do I hear? (birds, wind, water, etc.) Tastes: What can I taste? (salt air, salt water, food, etc.) Touches: What textures do I notice around me? (soft, rough, slippery, etc.) Awaken slowly, stretch, and notice what has changed inside you. Savor the sensations and enjoy the afterglow of having gone on a very special and personal retreat. Repeat daily if possible and always when needed.

~ Photo by Eileen Lawlor - EileenStillpointStudio@yahoo.com, www.EileenatStillpointStudio.com. See ads on page 35 & 47 www.OurBerkshireGreen.com

April 2009


MOSHOM By Mikka Barkman


oshom said that trust and faith blossom when one learns to see without eyes. When I opened my eyes, sitting atop Monument Mountain, the first thing I noticed was the beautiful muted colors of the waning autumn sunset. It was almost dark! He wasn't kidding, it was going to take lots of trust and faith for me to make it down the mountain without a flashlight! As soon as I entered the trees, all light vanished. I felt the warmth of Moshom's hand in mine, as I began my descent. When fear got the best of me, I pinched a barefoot on a rock. I 'd pause, breathe and say ,"Okay, I can do this. I trust that you will guide me down the mountain, Moshom." As I continued I could even walk quickly for short spurts. However, near the bottom, I was overcome with fear, I stood stone still for 10 minutes, my heart racing, my body shaking, scary thoughts consuming me until Moshom reminded me to breathe, I did. "Left" came into my mind and, now calmer, I stepped in that direction. Ten minutes later, I was at my car, I put on my shoes, and drove myself home. Moshom (Cree for "Grandfather") died of old age 24 years ago. A few years ago, sharing this story with others, some would think I was either making it up or I'm crazy. Others would engage in conversation with me as if communicating with "Spirits" was an everyday occurrence. Like talking about the weather.

Today, the latter is more apt to happen. Masses of people are recognizing the presence of spirit... trusting that inner voice... meditating... understanding how and deliberately creating the circumstances in their lives... grasping the concept of the unified field and taking full responsibility for their lives. This article is not about religion, but about the blending of science and spirituality. The merging of Newtonian physics with Quantum physics. The merging of mind and thought with biology, chemistry, and physiology etc. Modern science is finally developing the technology to identify and measure what shamans and healers the world over have intuitively known for millennium. Our entire universe and everything in it is energy, of varying frequencies, and part of the unified field of energy. Just consider water (H2O), which exists in the earth, the air, the sky, the plants, animals and humans. Water conducts electricity and often we can't even see it! It's a vital part of the unified field. The most powerful electromagnet in the human body is the heart, whose energy field can now be measured in a radius several feet around our bodies. The brain is not just inside our skulls, it's everywhere! It's in the membranes of our bodies, from membranes surrounding individual cells to our skin. Even hair can be considered antennae! They are all receptors. The pull of the moon controls the tides on the entire planet! Does

Did you know that meditation is good for your body/mind and spirit?

Contest #16

• Lower blood pressure • Boost immune system functioning • Increase positive emotions • Increase confidence • Reduce anxiety and muscle tension

• Improve performance on cognitive tests • Connect with the higher dimensions of your being

• Improve concentration and focus

Let Thea Guide You... Thea studied Agni Yoga and other forms of meditation for over 30 years.

Individual and group sessions available. THEA BASIS



April 2009




ind this image in one of our advertiser’s ads. If you are the first caller to call 413-274-1122 on Monday, June 1st at 11:30 AM with the correct answer, you will win a multi-vitamin and energizing soy based protein drink, beginning program kit. This is a $60 value offered by Rose (Dot) Schellhammer, Shaklee. See advertisement on page 39.

it not make sense that it affects us too since we are at least 70% water? The moon is part of the unified field as are all the planets for that matter, so how can we deny that they too influence us as in the science of astrology? So, what are the possibilities when we are looking at Holistic or Integrative health care options? Philosophies, like the Five Element Theory of China, Ayurveda from India and the Medicine Wheel of the Native Americans (to name 3) recognize the unity of this matrix but have only lacked the scientific jargon and the technology to measure its presence and its affects that modern scientists insist on in order to make them "real". These philosophies take into consideration the "standard" western requirements such as: nutrition, sleep, and exercise. They include the environment we live in: the climate where we live, the season, who we live with, the quality of our relationships with the people in our lives, what we do for a living, how we are responding mentally and emotionally to all of these, in other words, what we think and believe about ourselves. How well do I know myself ? Who am I? Why am I here? Here's your personal check-list: • • • • •

Plenty of clean water (electrical conduction of our body) Fresh air and sunshine (O2, far infrared light, the earth's magnetic field) Whole foods, nutrition (chemical balance) Regular bowel movements, elimination of waste Enough physical exercise to keep your body in shape to enable you to go about your daily activities without tiring

• • • • • • • •

Restful sleep Acute primary 5 senses Healthy home environment Nurturing relationships with self, friends, family, co-workers: love, laughter, empathy, etc. Daily activities which are in alignment with your purpose Financial health Spiritual practice (religion, meditation, prayer, reflection) Time to do the things that are important to you besides the things you do for survival

Physicians aren't trained in the holistic paradigm and they can't make us drink water or go outside for a walk. Most of the things on this list are things we have to choose for ourselves. Our health is our responsibility, not our doctor's, and certainly not the pharmaceutical industry's. I'm not saying it's necessary to follow strictly Chinese, Indian or Native American philosophies. I'm not saying to get rid of your physician or your medications. I'm saying, where are the gaps in your holistic health plan? Now, decide which things you want to do for yourself and which things you want help with. Then select a few people in this area whose services resonate with you and just get started, begin now, to cover all the bases. You'll know what is a good fit for you and what isn't once you gain some experience. Eliminate the words "should" and "try" from your vocabulary, replace them with "I choose" and you'll be amazed at the possibilities! ~ See Mikka Barkman's ads on page 37 & 48

~ Contributed by Mikka Barkman


Contest #17

ind this image in one of our advertiser’s ads. If you are the first caller to call 413-2741122 on Monday, June 1st at 11:45 AM with the correct answer, and you will win a one hour Reconnective Healing Session. This is a $110 value offered by Adam Seavey of Reconnective Healing. See ad on page 40. Deb Koffman - www.debkoffman.com www.OurBerkshireGreen.com

April 2009


thoughts are things

by Dr. Mark Hyman, Ultrawellness Center


houghts are things. They can heal or harm. Beliefs mold your brain. This is not just a figurative metaphor for what happens. Your brain literally stiffens, slows and loses function in direct relationship to your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes about you and your place in the world. How each of us responds to our life -- to our perceptions -- has enormous implications for how we feel, how we age and the health of our brain. The most powerful pharmacy in the world is right between your ears! Other than eating breakfast regularly, and eating more fruits and vegetables, the one characteristic that is present in all healthy older people is resiliency. Resiliency is that hard-tomeasure quality of adapting to change, shifting with changing tides rather than drowning, seeing the glass half full, or knowing how to turn lemons into lemonade. You see, your thoughts have real and measurable effects on your body and brain. In fact, every cell in your body listens to your thoughts. Your immune cells know your deepest feelings. Your stem cells are wired to your brain and help you repair and regenerate. But they ONLY turn on and make new brain cells when you relax! Research has shown over and over again that learning to relax is one of the most important keys to long-term health and vitality. Relaxing helps your brain regenerate and renew itself. You need to learn how to hit your “pause button” if you want to heal your brain. But that doesn’t mean sipping a glass of Chardonnay while watching TV or practicing retail therapy. You have to learn how to deeply relax and stimulate your Vagus Nerve. The Road to Vagus - Your immune cells, your stem cells and all of the other organs and tissues in your body are connected to your Vagus Nerve -- a long nerve that goes from your brain, through your chest and diaphragm, and throughout your body. Your Vagus Nerve is a very special part of your nervous system that helps you calm your mind and turn on a cascade of healing that can reverse depression and dementia and help sharpen your mind -- making old brains young again. It does this by turning off your stress response and activating your relaxation response -- what I call “hitting the pause button” -which most of us don’t know how to do. Most of us don’t need any help turning on the alarm system. Your stress response gets turned on automatically day after day. However, very few of us know how to calm this system down. We don’t know where our pause button is and we don’t know how to push it. This is a serious health concern, because stress is very bad for your brain. The effects of stress on brain health cannot be overstated. It shrinks the Hippocampus, the memory center of the brain; reduces serotonin; lowers BDNF (brain derived neutrophic factor), which acts like Miracle-Gro for your brain cells; increases inflammation; increases belly fat; lowers thyroid function; and much more. It is one of the chief causes of cognitive and emotional dysfunction. But what is stress? Stress is defined as any real or imagined threat to your body or your ego. It means the part of your bio50

April 2009


chemistry that governs the stress response reacts the same when you are in real danger (for example, if you are about to be run down by an oncoming car) as it does when you perceive danger (for example, if your boss tells you he thinks you are doing a poor job at work). In both cases, a flood of cortisol and other chemicals, like epinephrine and norepinephrine, is released into your bloodstream. These chemicals send messages far and wide, telling your body—and brain—to get ready for the danger at hand. In the first instance, the stress response is adaptive. It prepares you physically and mentally to move out of the way of that oncoming vehicle. In the second instance, the stress response is worse than useless—your body prepares for real physical danger but there isn’t any. There is only the perceived danger of your boss’s disappointment. The result is that you stew in your stress juices and they poison your body and brain. If you hadn’t perceived your boss’s frustration as a threat, this response would not have occurred. So how we think and what we believe make a huge difference in how healthy we are. There’s no doubt about it. Optimists live longer and are healthier! Our sense of control, meaning, purpose and connection in life is one of the most powerful factors that determine our health and well-being. What do you feel connected to? What gives you meaning and purpose in life? Answers to questions like these define who we are, not only mentally, but also physically. We have become so disconnected from feeling relaxed and at peace that many of us don’t even realize we are stressed out anymore. We aren’t awake to the fact that our beliefs have an impact on our health and we don’t realize the foods we eat make us feel even more stress. Turning Off the Stress Response - You DO have many options to calm your mind. Here are some other ways to give your brain the loving care that it (and you) deserves. • • • • • •

Make choices that make your life balanced -- practice saying “NO” to others and “YES” to yourself. Try yoga or meditation. Get enough sleep. Eat whole foods that decrease the stress response. Avoid stressed foods. The next time you reach for that industrial packaged food product, or fast food lunch just ask yourself if your food is “relaxed.” You might even try some herbs that can balance out the stress response, such as ginseng or rhodiola.

A little time each day for activating the relaxation response can transform deep-seated symptoms that show up as altered mood, behavior, attention and memory. Your brain can thrive. You just have to provide the right condition ~ Dr. Hyman, Ultrawellness Center. Ad on page 54.

Recycling at its Very Best! The following advice from the Center for Ecological Technology (CET) for recycling and energy conservation can help us all make easy positive changes that will help our environment. Reduce, reuse, and recycle It’s not just about paper or plastic. Almost every product on the market requires energy to produce and distribute, as well as to manage the resulting waste. Choose pre-owned products, products that have recycled content and products that are sold with less packaging. Businesses can make a significant positive environmental impact when they choose to recycle office paper. Consider salvage yards, construction demolition stores, and consignment or thrift shops. You never know what treasure you will find!

Stay out of hot water Your hot water tank is often the second largest user of energy in your home. Set your tank temperature to about 120° F, take shorter showers, use water-efficient washing machines, and wash clothes in cold water. You will save energy, water, and money. Look for the ENERGY STAR label to identify the most energy efficient appliances, computers, light fixtures and many other electrical conveniences.

Turn down, turn off, and unplug Lowering your thermostat 5° for 8 hours can reduce your heating bill by 5%. Use programmable thermostats to keep the temperature of your home at 68°F when you’re there and 55° or lower when you’re away or at night. Turn off lights in empty rooms and unplug electronics and chargers that aren’t in use. Put up a simple clothesline to dry your wash.

Drive less and drive smart Consider walking, biking, or using public transportation before you drive your car. Or if you do drive, try to combine errands or carpool. Do whatever it takes to reduce your time behind the wheel. Keep your car tuned and tires properly inflated. Don’t idle when you’re stuck in a line or parked for quick stops. About 15 seconds is the break-even point. Avoid “jack rabbit” starts and, on the highway, keep your top speed at about 60 mph. Driving a fuel efficient car that gets at least 32 miles per gallon leads to a real reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. When you buy a car, be sure it is the right size for your everyday needs and that it is the most fuel-efficient and least polluting in its class. Contributed by Center for Ecological Technology (CET).

Antiques & Collectibles

Consignment Shops *OTUBOU 3FQMBZ Hours: Tues-Fri 10-5 Thurs 10-7 EXERCISE Sat 10-4


10 Lyman Street Pittsfield MA 01201 (off East St. near KFC) Phone/Fax: 413-442-2429

E-mail: instantreplay599@aol.com


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ind this image in one of our advertiser’s ads. If you are the first caller to call 413-274-1122 on Monday, June 1st at 12:00 PM with the correct answer, you will win an AIR POD (air purifier excellent for your office desk space!). This is a $100 value offered by Real Gadoury from Aerus. See advertisement on page 41.


April 2009


Restaurants & Cafes

=Xid kf KXYc\ Jlggfik`e^ cfZXc# jljkX`eXYc\# fi^Xe`Z Xe[ Z_\d`ZXc$]i\\ X^i`Zlckli\# kf gifm`[\ kf fli 9\ibj_`i\ e\`^_Yfij Xe[ ]i`\e[j% J\im`e^ CleZ_ ;`ee\i 99H GXikp GcXkk\ij :Xk\i`e^ =lcc 9Xi KXb\flk Xe[ ;\c`m\ip XmX`cXYc\

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000 DX`e Jk# >i\Xk 9Xii`e^kfe# D8 '()*'

K\c% +(* ,)/$*)*, ROUTE7GRILL.COM

TheAt Point Restaurant the Thornewood Inn Featuring Comfort Cookin’ with Home-style Warmth in Casual Style

Slow Food. Supporting local, chemical free, agriculture. 453 Stockbridge Road Great Barrington Ma, 01230 413.528.3828

www.thepointgb.com 52

April 2009


Restaurants & Cafes

Featuring Handcrafted, Artisanal Beers and Pub Fare using Local and Organic Ingredients when available

Grilled Eggplant Recipe from The Point Restaurant The best things in life are often the simplest.... Grilling almost any vegetable will bring you much pleasure. It’s as easy as: slice the vegetable, in this case we’ll say eggplant, and dress it in a good coat of organic XVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) lightly salt and pepper both sides. Heat up the grill and lay across grates until it starts to soften then turn it over and do the other side. You will know it is done when it is soft but not falling apart. Enjoy alone, with some bruschetta or add to other grilled veggies for a meal! Enjoy!!!


Contest #19

ind this image in one of our advertiser’s ads. If you are the first caller to call 413274-1122 on Wednesday, July 1st at 11:15 AM with the correct answer, you will win one Hands & Hearts Embodyment Healing Session. This is a $100 value offered by Jeanne Bassis of Hearts & Hands. See advertisement on page 37.

Website Development

“The Point Restaurant’s eggplant is the best eggplant I have ever had!!!” ~ Kathy Regan, Publisher of Our BerkshireGreen Magazine. www.OurBerkshireGreen.com

April 2009


Wellness Centers & Spas

Berkshire Wellness Center “Discover A Healthier Lifestyle”

415 Elm Street Pittsfield MA 01201 413.499.1109 / BerkshireWellnessCenter@yahoo.com HOURS: Mon, Wed & Fri 12–7pm / Thu 12–5:30pm / Sat 10–4pm A sample of ways we can help you: Immune Disorders, Weight Loss, Lower Back Pain, Headaches, Allergies, Children’s Health, Chronic Pain (carpal tunnel, sciatica, shoulder and joint pain), Woman’s Health, Stress Relief We offer: Acupuncture, Positional Therapy, Swedish and Hot Stone Massage, Thai Massage/Shiatsu, Tarot Card Reading and Life Coaching, Naturopathy, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Reiki, Yoga Privates, Meditation, Nutritional Counseling, Cooking Classes

OUR LECTURES!! 6:00pm April 1st: Sciatica Positional therapy to deal and in many cases correct lower back pain

April 8th: Immunity/Allergies Learn how to boost your system to deal with these issues

Dr. Mark Hyman and Dr. Elizabeth Boham, board certified in Family Practice, lead a team of nutritionists and nurses committed to helping you reach optimal health. Through a new method of diagnosis they are able to identify the unique root causes of each person’s illness and treat chronic, complex medical problems and restore wellness. OUR WISH is to have everyone say, “I didn’t know I could feel this good.”

April 15th: Hands on Healing Mini 10-minute sessions (free)

April 22nd: Pain Management Positional therapy to deal with pain

April 29th: Weight Management Suggested Donation $10–$15


April 2009


45 Walker Street • Lenox, MA 01240 (413) 637-9991 www.ultrawellnesscenter.com

Wellness Centers & Spas

Wine & Beer


Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, Chronic Pain Specialist & Massage Therapist


Dr. Kathleen M. Favaloro has been in the healing field for over 20 years and has integrated exercise and soft tissue work along with the Chiropractic to provide a unique bio-mechanical approach to adjust the spine and relax the muscles. Dr. Favaloro started the Family Chiropractic & Holistic Wellness Center in 2000 where she offers comprehensive Chiropractic & Physical Therapy sessions for all ages that include Gonstead, Activator, Applied Kinesiology, N.E.T., TBM, Network, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, deep tissue work, ultrasound, exercise & SCENAR.

cav12@juno.com www.scenarlife.com/doctor A scent-free facility. Please do not wear perfumes, colognes, Hauschka products, scented oils or lotions to appointments.





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ind this image in one of our advertiser’s ads. If you are the first caller to call 413-274-1122 on Wednesday, July 1st at 11:45 AM with the correct answer, you will win a one hour meditation session. This is a $85 value offered by Thea Basis of Wellness Services. See advertisements on page 17, 48.

Contest #20

ind this image in one of our advertiser’s ads. If you are the first caller to call 413-274-1122 on Wednesday, July 1st at 11:30 AM with the correct answer, you will win one energy/psychology session. This is a $200 value offered by Claudia MacGruer of Claudia Helps You Heal. See ad on page 36.

Photo by Judy Sullivan

Photo by Judy Sullivan


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April 2009








Great Barrington



1. allium 2. Antoinette Simms, IYT 3. Art of Wellness 4. Barrett Tree Service, Inc. 5. BensDotter’s Pet 6. Berkshire Acupuncture 7. Berkshire Co-op Market 8. Body Connection Chiropractic 9. Claudia Helps You Heal 10. Consciousness Creates Choice 11. Cupboards and Roses 12. Details Interior Design 13. DeVries Lumber 14. Domaney’s Wine & Liquors 15. ecocentric designs for living 16. Face Haven 17. Fairview Hospital 18. Family Chiropractic & Holistic Wellness Center 19. Green & Healthy Living Expo & Kids Fest 20. Guido’s Fresh Marketplace 21. Hartsville Design 22. Hearts and Hands 23. Michelle Manto, Lic. AP 24. Mikka Barkman Bodywork 25. Peg Noonan, MPH 26. Project Native 27. Randi Haskins Holistic Physical Therapy 28. Route 7 Grill 29. Seth Levy - Licensed Massage Therapist 30. Studio Day Spa 31. The Center for Acupuncture, Herbs & Massage 32. The Nutrition Center 33. The Point






24 8

North Egremont





Pkw y

Tac onic

Philmont, N.Y.

14 miles to Philmont, N.Y.



Stat e




to Chatham


Southern Berkshire County




Central Berkshire County N



1 mile



22 E









4 20

to NYS Thruway 66

Chatham, N.Y.





11 miles to Chatham, N.Y.



Richmond to NYS Thruway & Taconic State Pkwy







West Stockbridge

22 102







15 90




Mass Tpk

Stockbridge 23









to Hinsdale




7 miles to Washington

1. Aerus Electrolux 2. Berkshire Energy Connection 3. Berkshire Energy Healing 4. Berkshire Health Systems Tobacco Treatment Services 5. Berkshire Humane Society 6. Berkshire Wellness Center 7. Christine M. Tobin, APRN, PC, A-HNC 8. Clearwater Natural Foods 9. Climate Heating & Cooling 10. Dr. Jerome F. Errico, Board Certified Chiropractic Physician 11. F.S.Whitney & Sons 12. Guido’s Fresh Marketplace 13. Instant Replay 14. Integrative Health Solutions 15. Lee Bodywork Associates 16. Lifecycle Counseling 17. Lisa Guthrie Massage Therapy 18. Madden Chiropractic 19. Naomi Alson Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist 20. Pittsf ield Brew Works 21. Sati LLC 22. Seven Salon Spa 23. Speaking of Health 24. Sun Dog Solar 25. The Berkshire Soul and Spirit Center 26. The Hair Studio 27. The Healthy Living Center 28. The UltraWellness Center 29. Tweet Elite















Taconic Stat eP kw








Washington to Becket

he Mappers.com


April 2009


8 miles to Pownal, VT.

to Bennington

Northern Berkshire County


Williamstown 4

7 346







North Adams

7 43


Pownal, VT. to Williamstown






1 7

1. Berkshire Photovoltaic Services, BPVS 2. Cafe Latino at MASS MoCA 3. Mezze Bistro + Bar 4. The Studio Club Artworks 5. Topia Inn & Green Topia

scale 0


1 mile

3.5 miles to Tyringham

Southeastern Berkshire County 23



Adams 5

he Mappers.com

12 miles to Becket Center

scale 0


West Otis 5


1 mile

East Otis


23 8



to Lee

2 M





Becket Center


4 to West Otis







1. Berkshire Organics 2. Green Planning & Coaching 3. Kushi Institute 4. Orchid Blossom Healing Arts 5. Papa’s Healthy Food & Fuel 6. Reconnective Healing


to Hinsdale

April 2009

Sandisfield he Mappers.com



to Route 20


Index of Directory Advertisers Aerus Electrolux ...................................................................41 allium, Cafe Latino, Mezze Bistro & Bar ...........................52 Antoinette Simms, IYT ........................................................38 Barrett Tree Service, Inc. .....................................................41 BensDotter’s Pet ......................................................................7 Berkshire Acupuncture ........................................................34 Berkshire Co-op Market .................................inside front cover Berkshire Energy Connection .............................................36 Berkshire Energy Healing ....................................................37 Berkshire Environmental Action Team, “BEAT” ..................22 Berkshire Health Systems Tobacco Treatment Services ..........................................32 Berkshire Humane Society .....................................................7 Berkshire Organics ...............................................................26 Berkshire Photovoltaic Services, BPVS ...............................6 Berkshire Soul & Spirit Center ...........................................15 Berkshire Wellness Center ...................................................54 Blue Thistle Studio ................................................................10 Body Connection Chiropractic ...........................................35 Bruce Mandel .........................................................................10 Christine Tobin APRN-BC, A-HNC .................................32 Claudia Helps You Heal .......................................................36 Clearwater Natural Foods ....................................................26 Climate Heating & Cooling ............................inside front cover Concerned Singles .................................................................47 Consciousness Creates Choice ............................................36 Cupboards & Roses ..............................................................51 David Ralph Electrician, LLC .............................................30 Decumanus Green Design ..................................................30 Details Interior Design .........................................................41 DeVries Building Supply ......................................................27 Domaney’s Wine & Liquors ................................................55 ecocentric designs for living ................................................30 Eileen Lawlor ..................................................................35, 47 ElectroBlast ............................................................................39 Elfi Six ....................................................................................37 F. S Whitney, Inc. ................................................................. 26 Face Haven .............................................................................31 Family Chiropractic & Holistic Wellness Center ..............55 Graymatterhost.com .............................................................53 Green & Healthy Living Expo & Kids Fest ..........back cover Green Planning & Coaching ...............................................18 greenbodyandhome.com ......................................................41 GreenCore Builders ..............................................................30 Guido’s Fresh Marketplace ..................................................26 Hartsville Design ......................................................27, 30, 41 Healthy Living Center ............................................................9 Hearts & Hands ....................................................................37 Instant Replay ........................................................................51 Integrative Health Solutions ...............................................32 Jerome F. Errico, Board Certified Chiropractic Physician ..........35

Kathleen M. Favaloro, DC, PT.........................................34 Kushi Institute .....................................................................33 La Leche League ..................................................................11 Lee Bodywork Associates ....................................................38 LEEDlinc ...............................................................................30 Lifecycle Counseling ............................................................35 Lisa Guthrie Massage Therapy ...........................................37 Madden Chiropractic ...........................................................35 Mama’s Earth ........................................................................26 Marcia Bernstein, MSW .......................................................35 Michelle Manto, Lic. AP ......................................................34 Mikka Barkman Bodywork ...........................................37, 48 Ming Lash, Somatic Movement Therapist .................17, 37 Naomi Alson Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist ........34 Orchid Blossom Healing Arts ............................................34 Papa’s Healthy Food & Fuel ...............................................26 Peg Noonan, MPH ...............................................................17 Pittsfield Brew Works ..........................................................53 PlayReflections ......................................................................47 Project Native ........................................................................41 Randi Haskins Holistic Physical Therapy .........................33 Reconnective Healing ...........................................................40 Route 7 Grill ..........................................................................52 Sati LLC .................................................................................54 Seth Levy - Licensed Massage Therapist ..........................38 Seven Salon Spa ....................................................................31 Shaklee Corporation .............................................................39 Sheilaa Hite ............................................................................15 South Berkshire Breath Connection, Tom Fleming ........33 Speaking of Health ...............................................................39 Stockbridge Gas ......................................................................6 Studio Day Spa ......................................................................31 Sun Dog Solar .........................................................................6 Sustainable Sourcing, LLC ..................................................23 The Art of Wellness .............................................................37 The Center for Compassionate Relationships ..................35 The Centre for Acupuncture, Herbs & Massage .............34 The Hair Studio ....................................................................31 The Music for Healing & Transition Program.................10 The Nutrition Center ...........................................................23 The Point ...............................................................................52 The Studio Club Artworks ..................................................10 The UltraWellness Center ...................................................54 Thriving Planet Counseling & Education .........................15 Topia Inn & Green Topia ....................................................43 Tweet Elite .............................................................................41 Upper Crust Bakery .............................................................23 Wellness Services, Thea Basis .......................................17, 48 WholePerson Movement .....................................................17 Zija Queen .............................................................................39 Zrii ..........................................................................................39


April 2009



summer 2009

jam e s l ev i n e mu s i c d i r e c to r

Shining Stars and

plenty of green

The Bank of America Charitable Foundation is proud to support Tanglewood and its education initiatives for Massachusetts students.


April 2009


888-266-1200 tanglewood.org



e would like to thank the following businesses and organizations that support green & healthy living in our community!

By donating 50% of our operating profits back to the community, we’re an agency where you can feel good about your insurance purchases. Home, Auto, Business, Health & Life 80 Maple Avenue, Great Barrington, MA 413-528-5509 • www.goodworksinsurance.com “Purpose Beyond Profit” Lillian M. Barker Deborah E. Wright

MENTION THIS AD AND GET $3.00 OFF Allendale Shopping Center 5 Cheshire Road Pittsfield MA 01201


Same day pick up and delivery

en Gre

s, Green Minds, Green Product Plan et Malaysian-Asian-American Restaurant


t ect ou lane r future by protecting our p

674 North St Pittsfield MA 413-442-3001


WiFi, Food Cooked to Order, No MSG, Gluten-Free Available CHECK OUR WEBSITE FOR A LISTING OF LIVE WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT www.FlavoursInTheBerkshires.com


NO COMMISSIONS EVER Sell all of your unwanted items with us


Classified Advertiser Magazine is also on sale throughout the Berkshires. Display ads available.



THE POWER TO CREATE CHANGE The Expo will bring together businesses and individuals who share common interests in health, wellness & global consciousness. The broad appeal of the event is sure to spark the interest of everyone seeking green & healthy lifestyle solutions.

MOUNTAINS OF FUN! • Sky High Bungee Jumping • Waterslide • Potters Wheel • 25 ft. Rock Climbing Wall • Kids Fest Stage • Kids Dance Party • Recycled Arts Contest The best in clothing, gear, products and services designed to enrich the lives of babies, children & families everywhere!

Show Hours: Both Shows June 27th: Sat. 10am-10pm • Sun. 10am-10pm


Health & Beauty Home & Gardens Food & Beverages Fashion • Lectures Business • Workshops Technology • Transportation


Contact Richard at 800-834-9437 www.greenandhealthylivingexpo.com