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Customer service is the cornerstone of business. The goal must be to exceed customers expectations every day.

When the customer comes first, the customer will last.

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We Put You First — August 2016 — 1

Scene setting style Fashion the perfect scene at your place with exclusive furniture from Danske Møbler. Offering premium quality and the latest looks, your home will be transformed with ease into a stylish yet practical environment for the whole family. For personalised advice, our fully trained consultants will visit you at home to discuss your ideas and offer suggestions on which furniture from our collections is best suited to what you wish to achieve. When you choose furniture from Danske Mobler you can be confident that you are choosing style, quality and value. That’s a decision you will never regret. PROUDLY NEW ZEALAND OWNED AND OPERATED SINCE 1958

SHOWROOMS AUCKLAND 501 Ti Rakau Dve, Botany Town Centre. Ph 09 274 1998 ◆ 983 Mt Eden Rd, Three Kings. Ph 09 625 3900 ◆ 13a Link Dve, Wairau Park. Ph 09 443 3045 HAMILTON 15 Maui St, Te Rapa. Ph 07 847 0398 ◆ TAURANGA 683 Cameron Rd. Ph 07 281 1426 ◆ TAUPO 29 Totara St, Totara Point. Ph 07 378 3156 HASTINGS 810 Heretaunga Street West. Ph 06 876 1010 ◆ PALMERSTON NORTH 699 Main St. Ph 06 358 6800 LOWER HUTT Harvey Norman Centre, 28 Rutherford St. Ph 04 568 5001 elbatius




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Customer % service OFF is a priority OFF H EXCLUDES SUPER aving great customer service is crucial to any business wanting to maintain a good reputation.


It can be improved by providing ways to meet your customers’ needs in a timely manner. Although you may not be able to solve every issue your customer has, your staff should be trained on how to suggest other alternatives and options that they may have. Doing this will let your customer see that you are there to help them. Listen.  It doesn’t matter what kind of business it is, all costumers truly just want to be heard. Even if you feel like they are in the wrong, listen to what they have to say. Your business is being evaluated every time a customer or





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potential customer speaks to you. Make them feel welcomed and let them know that you value their business and will do everything possible to answer all of their questions. Inform.  As much as customers want to talk to you about whatever their needs may be, they also want you to inform them of all of the options they have. They want to be educated on your products and services that you offer, and want you to speak to them in an understanding and friendly way. All of your customers’ needs will vary, so make sure that when speaking to them you always come off in a professional ‘here to help’ type of manner.

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It costs more money to go searching for new customers than it costs to maintain your current relationships so there is a substantial payoff for providing good service to your current patrons.

We wil better any NZ made bed price!


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maintaining loyal customers. It is more important to strengthen customer loyalty than it is to try and obtain new customers.

Queen set RRP $5,000

Once customers are treated courteously and fairly, you will begin


With that being said, take the extra steps to ensure that the customer will return to your business. Greet them with a smile and have a genuine interest in assisting them with whatever they may need. Listen to what they are saying, inform them about your business, and you could have a customer for life.

Was $1,390

Now $1,290


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12 Months

KOWHAI InterestPOP KOWHAI POP UP UP Perfect for the kids or

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St POP UP NOBU The Gateway, Corban Ave Unit I The Hub,SERTA Unit B,TRINITY 16 The Boulevard, 27 Crowhurst Street The Supa Centa, 8d Link Drive 57-61 MakiKOWHAI So Comfortable for the kids or Torquezone® HD spring system. Massey Perfect You’ll o ASB Bank)EXCLUSIVE 260 OtehaL ValOFF ley Road U 451 Ti Rakau Dri5D vZoned e TeCount Rapa Never Call us 09 523EXCLUSIVE 4101S CavendiMATTRESS shU Drive, (next tP These EXCLUDES EXCLUDESSUPER SUPER EXCOFF E S E R SUPER Call us 09 263 6597 Call us 09 443 3922 Call us 09 903 unexpected NZ’s No.Cal1Guys selusliC ngAgain. innerspri ng system, 9680 guests. Cal l us 09 447 3983 Cal l us 09 271 6387 l 07 949 9242 OPEN 7 DAYS SPECIALS SPECIALS S P E I A L S Dreamfoam® comfort SUPER For peace of mind - Bob’s 60 OPEN 7 DAYS OPEN 7 DAYS EndorsedOPENby7theDAYSNZ Chiropractors’ ExSPECIAL eeosivtoplee to eyerseoDAYStopleensure you$199 sivdpOPENeeosivtople siv7dpclu clu clu clu Ex Ex Ex $199 SPECIAL OPEN DAYS OPEN 7 DAYS l a sl e ep i n 7 eople Be Be dp TheThe Be Queen setset RRP $259 Queen RRP $5,000 $259 The The Bedp Associ ation for superi o$5,000 r support . true comfort. $319$319 NowNow $1,290 Now $1,290 Now Featuri ng Fusio$1,999 nGel$1,999 +, and Dreamfoam. Day ComfeniLoprtorGuarant C laedI ee.

60 Day

Terms and conditions apply.



K/Single K/Single

We will better made price! Comfortable QWe Card &will GE Financebetter lending criteany riaany , fees, tNZ ermsNZ&made condi tionsSoapplbed ybed . Farmersprice! Credit Card accepted. Terms & Conditions apply. See in store for details. Albany Botany Albany Botany The Gateway, Corban Ave Unit I The Hub, The Gateway, Corban Ave Unit I The Hub,



Was $1,390 Was $1,390



12 months interest free.

Wairau Park


tions apply. 12 Condi Months Interest12 Months See in store for detaiInterest ls.


FREE Westgate Wairau Hamilton Newmarket Manukau 8d Link Drive Park57-61 Maki St Unit B, Never 16 The Boulevard, 27 Crowhurst Street The Supa Centa, You’ll 8dASB LinkBank) Drive Massey57-61 Maki St The Supa Centa, (next to 260 Oteha Valley Road 451 Ti Rakau Drive Te Unit RapaB, 16 The Boulevard, Call 27 us Crowhurst 09 523 4101Street Cavendish Drive, to ASB 260us Oteha Valley 451usTi09 Rakau Drive CallTeusRapa Call7 DAYS us 09 523 4101Call us Cavendish Drive,Call us(next Call us Massey 09 903 9680 09r 443 3922Bank) Call 09 447 3983Road Call 271 6387 07 949 9242 OPEN 09 263 6597 Forpeace peaceofofmind mind--Bob’s Bob’s60 60 60 o e a These us 09 903 9680ce o us 09 443p 3922 Call us709 447 3983 Call us 09 271 6387Count Call7us 07 949 9242 OPEN 7 DAYS usF 09 263 6597 OPEN 7Call DAYS OPEN Call 7 DAYS OPEN DAYS OPEN 7 DAYS OPEN DAYS OPENCall 7 DAYS Day For OPEN 7 DAYS OPEN 7 DAYS OPEN 7 DAYS OPEN 7 DAYS OPEN 7 DAYS OPEN 7 DAYS Day Comfort D a y C o m eniL porGuarantee. C laedI e n Guys Again. Call Day Comfort eniL porGuarantee. C laedI Call us uson on0800 0800262723 262723ororvisit

Terms and conditions apply. Terms and conditions apply.

Q Card & GE Finance lending criteria, fees, terms & conditions apply. Farmers Credit Card accepted. Terms & Conditions apply. See in store for details. Q Card & GE Finance lending criteria, fees, terms & conditions apply. Farmers Credit Card accepted. Terms & Conditions apply. See in store for details.

12 months interest free. Conditions apply. 12 months interest free. See in store for details. Conditions apply. See in store for details.

T erms




60% Call us on 0800 262723 or visit So Comfortable You’ll Never Count These Guys Again.

Jetts – all about the people Botany Junction

Trina Lavatai loves her job and is as excited walking into Jetts Fitness every morning as she was two years ago when she first took over as manager at Jetts in Botany Junction. As a mum, personal trainer with a background in dance and accounting, she says that each day is a different ball game of fun and crazy which makes her job really interesting. “My staff is all diverse like myself with different interests outside of the gym. But inside the club we all strive to make our club a friendly place where people want to come and treat it as a second home.” Apart from cleanliness and hygiene standards being top priority, Trina says that the focus is also on making the fitness centre a fun place to work out at. “We have fun interacting with clients and while there is always friendly banter to go around, we are equally driven to provide the right experienced trainer to suit individual’s goals.”  The local fitness centre connects with the community and is involved in local competitions, games and get-togethers outside of the club. “We like to showcase what Jetts is about— a premium gym for everyday people.”






NU T H H A Y 4.


A happy, friendly atmosphere is what manager Dayna Spiller and her team thrive on at Jetts Fitness in Botany Road. Having been involved with the Botany Road branch since the beginning, Dayna receives great satisfaction from seeing changes in members as they embark on their personal fitness journey. “I really enjoy seeing the positive transformation that people go through as they see more and more results and make choices that help them learn and grow.” The clued up local with a degree in business  management, event management and personal training uses all the skills she has learnt to engage with her clients on a deeper level. “We set targets together and I monitor their progress on an emotional as well as physical level to ensure they’re happy with their progress and their entire well-being.”  It is enhanced by Dayna’s dedication to building a happy and friendly environment so people can feel as if they are coming home every time they step into the gym.  “I want it to be a meeting place for friends; working out is not a chore, but part of a fun, healthy and energised lifestyle.”

Highland Park

The atmosphere at Jetts Fitness in the revitalised Highland Park district (formerly Highland Park Home Centre) is always buzzing thanks to manager Emile Clayton. The former New Zealand representative in karate comes from a varied background in fitness including counselling and training professional rugby teams in his native South Africa. Locals may also recognise him from his time at the Jetts Fitness in Howick, where he was based for two years. “Fitness has always been as much a passion as a priority for me,” he says. Together with a friendly and knowledgeable team, Emile goes the extra mile to keep members on their toes. “We focus on keeping members interested and motivated with ongoing events and in-club competitions. “We’ve had great success ranging from fitness runs, nutrition seminars to Easter egg hunts in the gym.”


Manager Karlos Thomas completed the rounds at Jetts Fitness in Botany and Highland Park before finally settling in the Highbrook branch which was introduced more than a year ago. The former Pakuranga College student has always loved helping people and was an especially big help to his rugby peers during his schooldays. On completing his degree in sport and recreation, Karlos who joined Jetts Fitness as a member, enjoyed his experience so much he went on to work at the Botany and Highland Park branches. He enjoys seeing people return year after year to the gym and he and his pro-active team are big on guiding members. “If we spot someone with an incorrect technique we’ll approach them in a friendly manner so they can enhance their workout. “After all, if they can improve their technique, the better their results, and we’re all about results.”


With experience gleaned from years of working at top gyms in the United Kingdom, manager Richard Clements knows that Jetts Fitness in Howick has all the makings of a stellar gym. A former New Zealand football representative, Richard has recently returned home from a stint of professional football in England and has always loved playing sport. The Howick-raised talent’s competitive streak partnered with a people personality is what keeps his gym members smiling and motivated. “I try to make the environment as enjoyable as possible for both members and staff and I love helping people set and achieve their goals. Working with a great team of trainers has improved the value of fitness at Jetts Howick.” In fact most find it easy to stay motivated with Richard around – through his support and encouragement, they realise their goals are achievable. Now comfortably located in Howick’s Picton Street, Jetts Fitness Howick has been a local favourite ever since it was based in The Terraces in Wellington Street.

Are you clued up on why to join?







ACROSS 3. -------- is the key to good health 4. Good ---------; healthy eating 5. Jetts will make you -----


DOWN 1. Exercise makes you ----,---2. Maintain a ------ life

Now you have the answers, join with a friend and pay ZERO start up fees* Sign up at

*T&C’s apply and are available at Ends 31.08.2016. JH11309

4 — August 2016 — We Put You First

What is customer service? (and why is it important?)


ustomer service is the support you offer your customers — both before and after they buy your product — that helps them have an easy and enjoyable experience with you. It’s more than just providing answers; it’s an important part of the promise your brand makes to its customers. And it’s a critical to the success of your business. Why?

Customer service can have a big impact on your bottom line


It’s often said that it’s cheaper to keep existing customers than to find new ones. (Some estimate that acquiring customers costs 6-7x more). And it’s true: bad customer service is a key driver of churn. The US Small Business Administration claims 68 per cent of customers leave because they’re upset with the treatment they’ve received. Unacceptable! Prioritising customer support helps you attract and retain quality customers.

Customer support can make or break your reputation It’s no surprise that as today’s social, mobile consumers have grown accustomed to getting what they want, when they want it, their expectations have risen accordingly. In fact, in a recent poll, 82 per cent of CEOs reported that customer expectations of their companies were “somewhat” or “much” higher than they were three years ago. And customers are quick to share negative experiences online. Now the products and services you offer are only as good as the service you back them with — so it’s important to support customers on every channel from day one.

Customer service is critical to competing effectively In the past, people chose which companies they did business with based on price or brand, but today the overall experience is the driver. Gartner reports that 89 per cent of companies

now expect to compete mostly on the basis of customer experience, versus 36 per cent four years ago. Customer support is a major driver of customer experience, but only if you expand the role of your support team beyond the purely reactive role many of them play today. When support agents are empowered to go above-and-beyond with customers, or have a helpdesk solution that makes it easy for them to up-sell or cross-sell relevant services, they can create winning experiences that help you stand out from the competition.

Customers are willing to pay more for a better experience Focusing on the customer experience isn’t just the latest trend — it’s also smart business. It turns out that making every touch-point great doesn’t just make customers love you; it can also increase your profits. Surveys have shown that 86 per cent of

legal services We have a wide range of law services: Litigation, Conveyancing, Commercial, Employment, Family, Trusts and Wills. our team Our team at Galbraiths has the qualifications, extensive knowledge and expertise to ensure you achieve your aims. technology Galbraiths uses the latest technology software packages to expedite all your special requirements.

consumers would pay more for a better customer experience. You may decide to tier your customer base if some are willing to pay more for premium experiences, including support, early access to features, or other benefits. Either way, your bottom line will benefit.

Support is an integral part of the product experience. The line between products and services is blurring, and customer service has become part of the product itself. It may seem like only a big technology company thing, but even small companies are building product into their customer experiences. Some start by integrating their support centres into their headers and footers or by adding links to relevant support articles to specific pages on their site. And many app companies are adding a way for customers to log tickets within their product experience. In-product support is the wave of the future. Source:

Conveniently located with ample free client parking right outside the door

Units 1-3 Fencible Chambers Cnr Fencible Dr & Moore St, Howick Village

Phone 535 4190 We Put You First — August 2016 — 5

Ormiston Weight Loss Service

Welcome to the Ormiston Weight Loss Service. Our service is intended to offer our community a surgical choice and clinical support, to assist in taking ownership of your health and moving forward to a greater place of wellness.

food-holding capacity of the stomach so the patient has a feeling of fullness after eating very little. Without hunger pangs, the person tends to lose interest in overeating and is more likely to stick to a low-kilojoule diet.

Bariatric Surgery assists in weight loss and may be recommended as a last resort when diet, exercise and medication have not been successful and if obesity related conditions such as heart disease, asthma, high blood pressure, sleep apnoea and type II diabetes have worsened, among other problems.

When you choose Ormiston Hospital Weight Loss Service for your surgery, you choose the most experienced surgeons, treating you in the well-established Ormiston Hospital.

The aim of the surgery is to reduce the

We are dedicated to offering you a complete and comprehensive service with a fixed fee that will provide you with the best level of care through your journey to improved health.


6 — August 2016 — We Put You First

Reduced after hours charges (6pm to 8am weekdays, all weekend hours and public holidays) Reduced after hours charges applies to: 3 Free under 13’s after hours 3 Over 65’s 3 Community Service Card holders 3 High User Card holders • Doctors and nurses on site 24 hours • No appointment necessary • Over 40 visiting specialists

Contact us today on 09 926 5821 or email FINA 125 Ormiston Road, OPTI NCE AVAI ONS Flat Bush, Auckland 2019 LABL E You can now follow us on facebook

OPEN 24/7


260 Botany Road, Howick Phone 277 1516

Everyday lessons, strategies W hen it comes to great customer service, there are many valuable lessons and strategies that businesses can learn from. Originally penned for a call centre, you’ll find these seven tips translate neatly to our everyday situations.

On how to view problems Customers typically contact you whenever they have an issue they need help solving. The best way for your staff to handle this is for them to stop viewing these issues as problems and instead focus on finding solutions for them. Because in the end, finding the most effective solutions to your customers’ problems is what good customer service is all about.

On how employee treatment affects customer service Your customer service representatives act as front liners of your brand. How they feel about working for your company reflects on their work, which means that if they’re happy with you, they’ll happily serve your clients too.

Happy employees = happy customers. So, if you want to provide better customer service, start with your staff first.

On customer service all-day, everyday

Customers these days are more demanding.  A survey says that 41 per cent of surveyed customers said that getting their issues resolved quickly is the most important aspect of good customer service.

On how customers respond to bad service Customers who experience bad service will not hesitate to tell the world about it. Spreading the word is even easier now due to social media.

On customer feedback Customer feedback is of great value to a business, which is exactly why collection and analysis of customer data has become more popular lately. Knowing what will please your customers is essential to the success

of your business. Even John Russell of Harley Davidson says that: “The more you engage with customers the clearer things become and the easier it is to determine what you should be doing.”

On long waiting times Having to wait for a long time for an issue to be resolved is one of the things customers hate the most. It makes them feel unimportant and that’s the last thing you want to happen. Minimise waiting times by developing strategies and solutions that will enable you to resolve issues quickly and efficiently so that you can increase the number of

customers served in a day.

On prioritising customer service If there’s just one important thing you have to learn it’s that you can no longer afford to take customer service for granted. In fact, the Customers 2020 Report states that “By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.” So, if you want your business to not just survive but thrive, take action now and develop a better customer service strategy. Source: Infinit Contact

The faces behind the success of Auto Avantgarde

An Independent Service Centre boasting a state of the art workshop specially equipped for all servicing, mechanical and electrical repair work on Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Volkswagen. 16 Sir William Ave, East Tamaki. T: 09 215 0795. E: W: CP1058

We Put You First — August 2016 — 7




U WITH VACU ON THIS ADVERT TI EN M U YO itions apply, nd *Terms and coocks last. while st



DES’ BIG BIRTHDAY SPECIALS Corned Lamb Shoulder Silverside Chops $11.90 KG $9.90 KG Stockists of English Pork Sausages, Chippolatas, Black Pudding, Gammon Steaks. Our own Bacon & Ham. JH11349

102 PICTON STREET, HOWICK. PHONE 534 7411. • Open 7 Days • Free LOcaL DeLivery

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Trade in now for cash or credit


Trade in your old watches or jewellery now for credit towards any purchase

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Includes choice of roast dish, $ chicken dish or fish dish Unit 1, 15 Cook St, Howick. Ph 535 5540.

Howick Office Supplies H Printing self service HSHOWCASE Printer cartridges and toners H JEWELLERS Copy paper H Eftpos rolls from $2

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Shop 1/5 Cook St, Howick Ph 534 4413

A family owned bookshop who knows and understands what customers want!

Books and magazines for every taste and interest. READAWAY BOOKS LTD

83 Picton Street, Howick. Ph 534 5610.


WindoW Vacuum

Local for almost 60 years!

Michael’s Emporium We stock....

• DMC Threads • Ribbons • Craft • Fabric • Art supplies • Wool • Haberdashery

and much much more!

New season’s wool now in store! 7 Rices Mall, Howick. Phone 533 0442.


RENTAL CARS H We deliver to your door H Free airport delivery H Variety of size, makes and models available H Open 7 days

For friendly and professional service contact us today SHUTTLE SERVICE AVAILABLE

Auto Rentals Direct Ltd & 537 0991



After 50 years in the optometry business and being an independent, we feel we can offer the most comprehensive range of products available. 94 Picton Street, Howick Phone 534-8716

Up to date equipment and well trained staff we provide an all round experience. JH11352

8 — August 2016 — We Put You First

Growing a community Village P roviding a positive customer experience is vital to any business and it is something Howick businesses take seriously. With many of the Howick Village businesses being owner-operated, it is a genuine local community, which adds to the area’s charm. It’s not uncommon for shoppers to spot the owner of their favourite shop walking their dog around their neighbourhood and this point of difference gives Howick that special community feel. “People love the atmosphere and cafe culture, and they come because they want to support local businesses and they love Howick,” says Jenny Foster, manager of the Howick Village Business Association (HVBA). Dedicated business owners have good product knowledge and many know many of their customers by name. Shoppers want a seamless experience, whether they are shopping online or wandering into a local shop and they expect service on all levels including, click and collect, live chat, delivery, and in-store experiences. It’s not only about customer service though and all business needs to include product selection, product knowledge, phone manner, return policies, after-sales service and opening hours. Using the latest technology to connect with locals on their terms is embraced by Howick and an updated app has just been launched.

New Howick App It gives people instant access to shops, loyalty schemes, promotions and services – all in customers’ hands and businesses can communicate with tech-savvy clients.

service local businesses can use to build a rapport with customers who want to browse on their terms. The community connection is developed with a very responsive Facebook page where locals and many expats stay in touch with Howick and share their enthusiasm for the great area.

The Howick Market is a bustling and vibrant meeting place every Saturdays and it has formed a wonderful hub for the Village. It embodies good old-fashioned, village charm and it’s a place to meet and greet stallholders who live and breathe the products they grow, make and sell. Events that attract people are organised by HVBA and they are an opportunity to showcase Howick to locals and visitors. Village events always aim to focus on the community and families to make town a fun place for all to come to. Shop and win promotions are well-supported with many fantastic prizes up for grabs and they are a great opportunity to give something back to Howick’s loyal supporters.

Indoors Out The next competition is Indoors Out, which is part of Midnight Madness 2016. Artists and students can decorate or manipulate a door into a fascinating piece of artwork. Four sections, open 21 years and over, professional working artist, student 16-20 years and student 12-15 years, are set up with prizes in all categories – $500 for the winner and $200 for the runner-up. More information is on Howick is a place where people feel safe, comfortable and relaxed, without having too much stress when searching for a car park.

Smart technology is second nature to a big part of the community and the Howick app is one more

A truly local shopping experience where customers and businesses can become great friends. or find us on Facebook

We Put You First — August 2016 — 9

Ella Bella’s Pet Boutique:

Howick’s new breed of pet shop


anya Cramoy earned her B.S. in Animal Science, with specialisation in veterinary medicine, from one of the top programs in the U.S.A. However, post-graduate work with Hawaii’s Humpback Whales led her on to an Environmental Law degree. After clerking for the Natural Resources Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, love for a Kiwi bloke saw this American animal lover move herself and her passion halfway around the world—to Howick. Right in the heart of Howick, Tanya has fully rebranded and refurbished the now eco-friendly, holistic, and highly unique pet boutique. Here, she helps pet owners make well-informed decisions on just about anything regarding their pets. Tanya specialises in animal nutrition and helping pet owners with specific needs: there is no one-size-fits-all anything at Ella Bella’s. The beautifully designed store displays just about anything you could need for your pets—from fish to cats, and

birds to bunnies — but also carries a wonderful range of gifts for their humans. A focal point of this unique shop is a deli cabinet full of deliciously healthy, NZ-made, treats and chews. “Everything is handpicked and nothing is artificial,” says Tanya who is very passionate about biologically appropriate pet food. You won’t find puppies and kittens in the windows of Ella Bella’s either. Tanya uses her extensive knowledge of companion animals to help customers make informed decisions on new pets, before guiding them toward a responsible breeder or rescue group. You will, however, find beautifully stocked, handmade, vintage TV fish tanks. “Ella Bella’s embodies my passion for animals and the environment — it is a little piece of me,” she says about the hobby turned successful business that has become a go-to place for pet lovers all over the country.


10 — August 2016 — We Put You First

Customer service: Are we improving?


t won’t be too much of a surprise to learn that industries that rate the worst for customer service in New Zealand are Government agencies and local councils, telecommunications, utilities and insurance companies. Customer service satisfaction in New Zealand overall has, however, doubled from 2012. The results of the fifth annual KiwiHost Perceptions of Customer Service Survey – 2014 was the last one conducted by the company - of more than 1250 New Zealanders revealed that the private sector appeared to be heeding the call for better customer service. Did it have any choice? The survey covered customer service across 16 different industries, from automotive repairers, hotels/motels, banks and accounts/legal to supermarkets, medical centres, local councils, Government agencies and internet service providers.

How to rate happiness Companies were rated by customers according to a Happiness Rating, which applies to the number of satisfied responses minus the number of unsatisfied

responses, represented as a percentage of the total number of responses for each company. A Happiness Rating of 100 would indicate that all responses from the company were positive, while a negative Happiness Rating means that responses suggest that the company has more unsatisfied customers than satisfied ones. KiwiHost boss Jared Brixton said half of the industry sectors surveyed came out with a Happiness Rating of 50 or more, which is double that of 2012 when only four sectors achieved a similar result. “At the other end of the scale, no sectors scored a negative rating, which is a tremendous improvement over the previous year. Unfortunately Government agencies, while making a big improvement from last year, just scrape home with a Happiness Rating of three. “It appears we have hit a critical point where the general level of service has improved to a level at which most organisations are providing somewhat satisfactory service,” he said. The perception of satisfactory customer service

levels increased by 16 per cent – compared to previous years – to 64 per cent compared, to 48 per cent in 2012, and 54 per cent in 2010. However, the increase in satisfaction is not necessarily reflected in what customers believe, with only 32 per cent of customers saying that customer service is getting better. This is, however, also a marked improvement on 24 per cent from the previous year. “If satisfaction levels continue to improve at current levels, those that are not delivering good customer service could find that the responses to their failings become more strident and obvious than in the past, particularly with tools like social media sharing now available to customers. “We believe that there is still room for improvement when you consider that 36 per cent of those surveyed said they were not happy with the level of customer service provided generally. When you combine this with the 58 per cent of people who say they never complain, it becomes abundantly clear that this does not means companies can become complacent,” Mr Brixton said. Continued on page 12

We want you to have hair that

looks GREAT & feels GREAT so we have GREAT people &

GREAT products.

1/10 The Terraces, 24 Wellington Street, Howick | Phone 535 9554 | Email JH11441

We Put You First — August 2016 — 11

And our customers love that


Your Hair is Our Business

Happiness ratings Continued from page 11

Social media a growing influence Social media continues to surge as a popular medium for communicating with companies, whether to express satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the level of service.


Oyez, Oyez

“Those using social media have evened out across all age categories and we expect that social media will increase in significance as a medium of communication between a company and its customers.”

Jim Donald wants more people to share and enjoy his beloved Howick and he’s not shy to shout it from the rooftops. That’s why he’s frequently seen in the elaborate 18th century garb of the town crier – red and gold coat, white breeches, black boots and a tricorne hat. He’ll be carrying a handbell shouting “Oyez, Oyez, Oyez” to attract attention. “I’m passionate about tourism and attracting visitors to the Howick Ward,” Jim, who is also an elected member of the Howick Local Board, says. “I went to an international town crier festival in Otago last year and met 14 town criers from the USA, Canada, Australia, England and Wales. We had a great time promoting our countries. “We only have one town crier in Auckland and that’s me,” he says. “It’s a point of difference for Howick. I love the job because I am promoting the community and I’m glad to be following in the late Ron Fryer’s footsteps.”


More than 52 per cent of respondents told the survey that they have posted positive feedback via social media, while 30 per cent of respondents said they had used social media to respond negatively to poor service.

Take a trip to Howick village one Saturday morning. If he’s on duty you won’t miss him.

“If companies use social media to respond to both positive and negative feedback, the survey would suggest that they stand a better chance of retaining their customers.”

Rices Mall puts you and the community first Since the 1940s, one family has been cooking up a legend in Howick Village thanks to a family favourite recipe for business success that’s endured to this day. More than 70 years ago Henry Russell ‘Russ’ Rice and his father, Johnathan, began supplying Howickians with their daily bread after establishing the Golden Sheaf Bakery, one of the oldest commercial buildings in Howick still on its original site. The Rice family progressively acquired property in the area, developing what was to become Rices Mall. “Generally speaking, we haven’t really altered the way we do business,” says current landlord, Wally Rice. “People are very loyal and dedicated and they support our local retailers. Being based near the heart of Howick, we have our ears to

Air New Zealand remained the star performer when it comes to performance across the customer service landscape with a Happiness Rating of higher than 80, compared to other international airlines.

the ground. Feedback from tenants, some of whom have been in Rices Mall for many years, has always been important to understanding what the area needs and how we can go about ensuring it happens.” Today, the mall is a central focus of the Howick main street, in the heart of the town and in the hearts of locals. Since Wally’s father and grandfather first set up shop in Howick, the community spirit remains as strong as ever. Well known for its variety of retail shopping and its friendly courteous service, Rices Mall also provides support for the community at large. Local talent are encouraged ‘to strut their stuff’ in the front of the mall, learning self-confidence and entertaining the shoppers. Local community groups are also regularly seen fundraising at the mall. Rices Mall puts you and the community first.

ASB leads the banking industry with a Happiness Rating in the mid-50s, while 2 Degrees heads the telecommunications industry with a Happiness Rating in the mid-40s. Those surveyed gave the retail hospitality industry (cafes, bars and restaurants) a combined Happiness Rating of nearly 70.



12 — August 2016 — We Put You First

Star performers

“Respondents have a more favourable perception of the level

Reasons influencing perceptions of customer service The KiwiHost Perceptions of Customer Service Survey revealed that New Zealand customers have three basic expectations of an organisation: 1. Listen to me and understand my needs 2. Demonstrate a willingness to help 3. Respond to me in a timely manner ■■ KiwiHost is New Zealand’s largest provider of customer experience management programmes

of customer service provided by banks overall, but the retail hospitality industry and supermarkets are right up there with them – the retail hospitality industry and hotels/ motels had the least number of negative responses. “Telecommunications and internet service providers have clearly got the message and improved the most from last year, going up by 34 Happiness Rating points. On the other hand, Government agencies are still barely making a positive impact. “It may be easy to say that nobody ever feels favourably disposed towards Government agencies, but the same can be said of local councils, yet local councils – while being the other cellar dweller – still significantly outperform government.”




Whether it’s Ciao, Kia Ora, Aloha, Hola or Bula, no matter where you are, there’s always a way to say “hello”.

Whe or Bu alwa

helloworld is a fresh new travel brand, and comes with a long and solid history. helloworld has been creating lasting travel memories for many years through the Harvey World Travel and Air New Zealand Holidays brands. We are there to share our knowledge, passion and expertise with you. We’ll continue to provide the same great service and care you deserve to receive. The teams at helloworld Howick and Botany Town are passionate, experienced travellers and understand what goes into making a great trip. We will go the extra mile to help you plan your trip and make sure your next holiday is the best one yet. We also understand the importance of efficient and accurate service and taking the stress out of your travel arrangements. In addition to a complete personalised travel service, the teams of professional consultants offer assistance with visa applications, foreign currency and travel insurance. Our mission is to offer travellers unparalleled convenience, industryleading service and the best value

tailor-made holidays. You also have the comfort of knowing we are there to monitor your travels and ensure if any adverse situations arise while you are overseas we can immediately spring into action with making alternative arrangements; recent world events will attest to this. A level of service you will not get from a web site! Finally, we firmly believe our role does not end when we deliver your tickets, but when you arrive back home! Are you ready to see the world in a new light? Travel to places you’ve always dreamed about?


Then it’s time we got to know each other. We’re helloworld - nice to meet you!

helloworld Howick 63 Picton Street 09 535 9747



helloworld Botany Town Park Way, Botany Town Centre 09 277 2010








s based . Flights and are may be


FLY FREE* Valid until sold out *Conditions: Prices are per person, twin share and include port charges. Prices are correct as at 6 July 2016, but may change without notice. Prices based 18 December 2017 (Cat. E) departure. FLY FREE INCLUDING TAXES: Offers are available until sold out. Includes air taxes up to the value of $250 pp. Flights must be booked by Travelmarvel. Flights are in economy class with Singapore Airlines from Auckland (or another airline of Travelmarvel’s choosing), and are subject to availability of airline and booking class. GENERAL: Travel agent service fees are not included. Prices are correct as at time of printing & may be subject to change without notice. Further conditions apply, see in store or the website for full terms & conditions. HW0519

We Put You First — August 2016 — 13

hello and c hello trave the H Zeal to sh expe prov you d

The t and B expe what We w plan holid unde and a stres

In ad trave cons appli insur

Our m unpa leadi

You can be assured that you will receive great care and friendly service with Dr Catherine Laing

Call us now to book your appointment

H Mole Mapping H Skin Checks H Mole Removals H Plastic Surgery

Phone 533 4141


Unit 4a, 10 Wellington St, Howick

Need nurturing childcare or rewarding work? We’d love to chat to you today! –


please contact Stephany on 0800 78 33 78 or

I want to reflect my personality...

Jennian Homes CBD & East Auckland 59B Sir William Avenue, East Tamaki P 09 918 9078 E

40 years of fashion


lack Pepper is an iconic Australian women’s fashion brand bringing stylish, quality clothing to the mature age market. Known for its wide range of colour, unique fabrications and considered design Black Pepper is setting a new standard in fashion for women over 60 who feel 40 at heart. Now in its 40th year, the ever expanding Australian designed apparel business has lots to look forward to. Black Pepper is very excited to have recently opened a brand new store in Botany Town Centre. Located just outside of the centre next to Spec Savers, the beautiful new shop is starting to fill with exciting new season stock bringing new prints, vibrant colours and stylish shapes we can’t wait for you to see. With the warm spring air and longer days just around the corner there’s no better time to update your wardrobe. Embrace the new season with optimism, adventure and a new look to match. Get creative with different ways to style your wardrobe essentials with our stunning accessories range. Experiment with bold colours that reflect your sense of freedom. Make a statement and play with new prints and patterns. Or have fun with old favourites, like springtime florals. Discover, explore and enjoy the new spring/summer collection.

At Black Pepper Botany there’s plenty of finds to keep you inspired. The possibilities are endless. Our friendly staff are always on hand to lend a style tip and ensure you leave feeling fabulous. Now with 18 stores across the North Island you are never too far away from the Black Pepper experience. Drop in to your local store at Botany Town Centre or Pakuranga Plaza to find your own spring/summer favourites. Black Pepper Botany, Shop SP0524 Botany Town Centre, Town Centre Drive, East Tamaki 2016


14 — August 2016 — We Put You First

Celebrating 15 Years


now open

New season HAS ARRIVED! Black Pepper Botany Shop SP0524 Botany Town Centre, Town Centre Dr, East Tamaki NZ 2016 Also shop at: Black Pepper Pakuranga Shop S143 Pakuranga Plaza, Cnr Ti Rakau Dr & Pakuranga Rd, Pakuranga NZ 2010


588 Chapel Road, East Tamaki, Auckland 2016 We Put You First — August 2016 — 15

NOW OPEN Boasting in-cinema service, a new gourmet food & beverage menu


HOYTS BOTANY DOWNS | 0508 4 HOYTS 588 Chapel Road, East Tamaki, Auckland 2016 16 — August 2016 — We Put You First



Celebrating 15 Years


friendship and Zodiac Collection

Foreign currency made simple. Located in the Botany Town Centre, opposite New World.

PANDORA’s shimmering season collection celebrates astrology with a series of stunning silver openwork charms featuring depictions of the zodiac signs. Further to the collection is a series of friendship inspired charms to remember those special relationships in your life. Be it a momento of your best friend, sister of loved one, PANDORA has that special charm to add to your bracelet collection.

0800 732 303

KC11850 + Travel Money (NZ) Limited (“Travel Money”) guarantees to beat any New Zealand competitor’s rate of exchange by the equivalent of $1NZD, or we will give you $100NZD. The rate of exchange is based on the overall transaction cost and includes but is not limited to fees, charges, commissions or levies charged on the transaction.Visit us in store or online at for full details. TMG70059

588 Chapel Road, East Tamaki, Auckland 2016

The Pavillion, Botany Town Centre Ph 278 5550 KC11849 We Put You First — August 2016 — 17

Celebrating 15 Years

Get a Samsung Gear VR headset or Tab A 7” Wi-Fi Tablet on us. When you buy a Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 edge interest free on our $49.95 Plan.

Samsung Galaxy S7


$29 upfront



per month


over 24 months

Carryover Data

On a $49.95 Plan

Over 6 months



Visit us in store today, 2degrees Botany Town Centre & 2degrees Pakuranga Plaza. To redeem data, scratch & enter code on the side of your phone box by 04/09/16. Limited time only, or while stocks last. Handset RRP $1199. Monthly Plan charges additional to the interest free mobile price. If you leave or move from your eligible Plan during the 24 month interest free term, you’ll need to immediately repay the outstanding balance on your phone. Plan and Mobile Repayment conditions apply. Bonus data is 1GB each month for 6 months. To get data enter unique code online at or text 229 by 04/09/16. NZ Data only. Not available to Business customers. Visit for full conditions. KC11842

Botany Pakuranga Times V4.inddFirst 1 18MC5885A — August 2016 — Wepress Putad You 

25/07/16 3:06 PM

Celebrating 15 Years





fine drycleaners

25% OFF


ONLY $299

Make a statement with these stunning 9ct Gold & Cubic Zirconia pieces.

ONLY $199 ONLY $249


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Update your look this season with the tone everyone is talking about. ONLY $139




(excludes curtains)



Add the always stylish white & rose gold tone Baby-G watch to your look.

ONLY $249


588 Chapel Road, East Tamaki, Auckland 2016


Phone 272 3004


next to New world & opposite NZ Post Shop

Pascoes : Botany Town Centre, Ph: 09 271 1642 We Put You First — August 2016 — 19


professional hair design

Kohimarama Salon: 33 Melanesia Road, Kohimarama 521 8088 Manukau Salon: Shop 72, Manukau City Shopping Centre 262 2434


Botany Salon: 29 Garden Lane, Botany Town Centre 274 9525 Sylvia Park Salon: Sylvia Park Shopping Mall 579 2120



o matter how good your customer service plan is, nothing happens exactly the way it’s supposed to.



Customers will judge your company for service failures, large and small, from bugs in your software to responses not answered within five minutes. But you can seize these opportunities — how you handle managing customer service issues and conversations is what counts.

Monitor customer service issues as they emerge Use social channels as “listening posts” (create private lists on Twitter, save search terms for industry keywords, hashtags and company mentions). When a customer reaches out for help, you should respond on the same channel quickly and transparently.

Handle issues as they arise to prevent a potential crisis

Respond quickly and accurately Make a rule to respond to complaints within a set time frame (one-fourth of customers who complain via social media expect a reply within an hour). When someone has an issue, name check them so that they’re made


aware, or reply directly asking them how you can help. If it’s a bigger issue, ask customers to contact you via phone or email so you can better understand what happened and solve the problem in a reasonable amount of time.

NZ KNIT CO LTD 1/113 Vincent St, Howick. Ph 534 9904

...Thick rich hot chocolate Italian Denso Available exclusively at Chocolate Boutique Cafe 1/323 PARNELL RD, PARNELL

Open 11am to 10pm daily


Open Mon-Fri 10am-4pm, Sat 9am-12noon



Be truthful and transparent When you get a complaint, don’t avoid handling it. When you do wrong, apologise and make it right.

Make follow-ups systematic Always follow up - on social channels for smaller issues, through phone calls and emails for larger ones - to make sure the disgruntled got what they needed. Welcome advice and constructive criticism and collect it for reporting. Sometimes customers complain because they care. They want something to work and are disappointed that it didn’t. It’s your responsibility to fix the problem. How you communicate with your customers, how you accept responsibility, and how you make things right is what people remember. Source: KiwiHost


If there’s a problem that might affect a number of customers, post regular updates on the status page of the company’s website. Let people know you are working on the problem. As you figure things out, share the results. If a customer is complaining online, community teams should be aware of who they are and why they’re upset.



Five best practices to managing customer service issues




Present instore or mention this advert for a 10% discount on your next delivery fee* *Offer of discounted delivery valid to August 31, 2016

Open 7 Days with a 7 Day delivery service

64 Ormiston Rd, East Tamaki. Ph 09 273 9271



We Put You First — August 2016 — 21

Top 9 tips for amazing customer service 1. Always strive for better – Pay close attention to all aspects of your customer experience and strive to make it better. No detail is too small.

moments and try and figure out how you can say yes next time. 7. Say sorry – Mistakes will be made. Learn to say you are sorry when you do and be sincere. Be open to complaints and try and learn from them.

2. You are NOT the Boss – You are in the business of servicing your customer’s needs. You can only do that if you listen to your customers and learn their expectations. Remember, your customers pay your salary and that of your employees. 3. Remember you have two ears and one mouth – One of the greatest pieces of advice I got from my mother is to listen more and speak less - this augurs well for amazing customer service. Don’t assume anything, really listen to them, and also look at their body language. Some people are bashful and aren’t comfortable voicing their desire so body language and tone may be better clues.

4. Anticipate needs – There are hundreds of businesses just like yours in the world. What separates the good from the great ones? Ones that provide an amazing experience and not just sell a product or service.

25 cents with you poorly can give you a bad review just the same as providing bad service to someone spending a million dollars with your business. Always be sincere and treat everyone with respect and attentiveness.

5. All customers are VIPs – Treat every customer with the best service possible. In this connected world we live in, treating a customer that’s only spending

6. The Power of YES – Sometimes you might get hit by a request which surprises you into initially saying no. Take time to reflect after those

8. Deliver more than you promise – I recently stayed at a hotel and when I opened the door and inspected the room a plate of cookies was waiting for me. This little gesture instantly placed a smile on my face and made the experience better. People remember the little things in life. 9. Encourage feedback – Firstly, if you don’t provide channels for feedback, your customers will take to the web to send it publicly. Secondly, you should embrace feedback and always be thinking of ways to improve your service.  Source:

We do more than wash your car, we polish it too! Wash and polish with our new foam bright ice technology Services on site:

7 do-it-yourself bays • Grime Buster • Laser Wash – the touchless wash • Super Vacs, fragrance and upholstery shampoo • Trade Accounts available • Friendly staff available to advise

Save time and money, visit TJ’s today!

347 Ti Rakau Drive, East Tamaki




Opposite Howick & Eastern Buses and next to Animates Pet Centre


22 — August 2016 — We Put You First

Transforming lives one smile at a time


leading Pakuranga practice is giving people more reasons to smile. At PDP Denture Studio in Edgewater Drive, Pakuranga, patients may arrive feeling down but leave with a big smile on their faces. Founder and award-winning clinical dental technician, Leah Taylor, says: “A smile is the first thing people see. It affects how we speak, eat and communicate.” Leah, the Vice President of the New Zealand Institute of Dental Technologists (NZIDT), says: “It’s quite rewarding being able to change people’s lives.Especially for those who haven’t been feeling their best for a long time.” Established for nearly 20 years, PDP Denture Studio has helped patients from all over the world including the Australia, UK, US and

the Pacific Islands. They specialise in comprehensive denture solutions from full to partial or implant retained dentures, as well as mouth guards and snore guards.

“We perform a full oral check and while the denture is being cleaned. We also give our denture cleaning clients a goodie bag with everything they need to look after their plates.”

Using the very best European materials and cutting edge technology, PDP Denture Studio’s work is satisfaction guaranteed.

The state-of-the-art Renfert Sympro machine thoroughly removes any plaque, debris or staining that has accumulated.

Most importantly, the PDP Denture team assists with long term care of dentures. “We don’t just make and fit dentures. We also help existing denture wearers with services such as relines, repairs and cleaning,” says Leah.

Leah heads a team of professionals all trained at the University of Otago including head of dental laboratory Julie Lim and dental technician Natalie Hyland.  From left to right: Leah Taylor, Julie Lim and Natalie Hyland.

As people age or experience weight loss, the jaw shrinks (ridge resorption) and dentures may become ill-fitting, at which point they may need to be relined.

“We can reline dentures within a day. We also offer a while-you-wait denture cleaning service that takes just half an hour,” says Leah.

As well as being a guest lecturer at Otago University, Leah will also be heading to Fiji in October to be key note speaker in Dental Technology at the Fiji Oral Health Workers Conference as part of the Smiles for the Pacific Charity.

for natural looking dentures

high quality, natural looking and functional for natural looking dentures • full dentures high quality, natural looking and functional • partial dentures •• full dentures • implant retained dentures implant retained dentures •• partial dentures • denture repairs/relines denture repairs/relines denturecleaning cleaning• mobile service • denture • mobile service

09 576 6987

09 576 6987


Make an appointment today! 2 Edgewater Drive, Pakuranga Make an appointment today! 2 Edgewater Drive, Pak We Put You First — August 2016 — 23

Keeping customers Your little ones — the importance of loyalty


eeping customers makes good business sense but it’s not always easy. Here are our tips on how you can keep your customers coming back to your business

learn, create,

You’ve spent lots of time casting your lines, making your catch and reeling them in. But now you’ve got those customers, how do you keep them? The downfall for many companies is that they don’t know how to keep customers. It seems this is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and few firms find it. But why bother? What are the real advantages of customer retention?

explore and

Studies across a number of industries have revealed that the cost of keeping an existing customer is around 10 per cent of the cost of acquiring a new one. So, economically it makes pretty good sense. Putting together a good retention strategy will also lead to increased customer profitability, as the longer the relationship, the lower the account maintenance cost.

grow at Piccolo BOTANY DOWNS

Phone 973-0544 Email: 415 Ti Rakau Drive, Botany Downs

amazing interiors

creating stylish homes that sell quicker

interior design nnn nnn nnn nnn nnn nnn


nnn nnn nnn nnn nnn nnn

inspiring spaces nnn nnn nnn nnn nnn nnn



Shop 6/76 Vincent Street, Howick PH: 534 8662

nnn nnn nnn


Phone 570-5439 Email: 279 Mt Wellington Highway Mt Wellington

Home staging Opportunity to purchase the furniture In-home consultations and decluttering Lovely shop/showroom Curtain, blinds, shutters Bedlinen Cushions

concepts and furnishings for

We put you first!


24 — August 2016 — We Put You First

y t i p i d n e eS r

Spreading the word about your offer

There are other associated benefits to fostering a lasting relationship with customers, including the fact that long-term customers are more likely to introduce your business to others via a verbal referral, they’re more likely to purchase other products from you and if they’re completely happy with the service they’re getting then why would they even think about switching to a competitor?

We offer interior design and home staging services for both domestic visit our showroom located at 29c Ben Lomond Cr, Pakuranga and commercial environments. e. Allow w. to recreate an inviting and p. 09 576 8190 m. 021 66 99 31 sophisticated atmosphere in your home, B&B or hotel. us a call or visit our showroom and let the

The importance of loyalty If the business is maintaining good customer relations and keeping people loyal and satisfied, this also creates a happy workforce, with increased job satisfaction.

off to a competitor quicker than you can say “nice knowing you” if you don’t give them what they need. So, short of locking the doors and refusing to let people go until they pledge to stay loyal to you for the rest of their days, how do you keep people coming back for more?

Look at it this way: if the customer has been loyal to the company for some time, he or she will require less help and have fewer problems to deal with.

Make promises you can keep

Clearly there are a great many benefits to keeping hold of current customers.

The bad news is that there doesn’t seem to be one particular foolproof method. If there was, everyone would be doing it.

But modern customers are smart they’re not happy to deal with you simply because they know you or your office is nearby or even because it’s the easiest option.

Firms that can boast great success in their customer retention endeavours often have one thing in common though - great customer service.

These days, people know how to get the best deal and will be happy to pop

We do it from start to finish See in store for Special Deals Free measure & quote Give us a call or send us your plans

FLOORING Carpet, vinyl, timber, tiles and cork

Q Card finance available Terms and conditions apply

4/21 Ronwood Ave, Manukau. Phone 09 262 0048 E: Hours: Monday-Friday 8.30am-5pm, Saturday 9am-1pm We are happy to assist with your next flooring purchase. CP1022

We Put You First — August 2016 — 25

Keeping your customers It’s no good promising a customer the world at your initial meeting if three months down the line they discover you don’t have the manpower, skills or knowledge to go about fulfiling your pledges. You have to make promises you can keep and be able to provide what the customer demands. And you must do it better than any of your competitors.

Phone 534 7300 For personal, professional service to all districts at all hours

As all great gurus will tell you, the first thing you need to do is look within. In this case, that means within your business.

Robert Johnstone • Mark Rowley

Focusing on our community for over 44 years


35 Wellington St Howick

Employing staff who are enthusiastic and who actually know what they’re talking about will do wonders for the reputation of the firm.

Make sure you communicate well, too, with a customer magazine or newsletter to keep customers well-informed. An employee newsletter is also an effective way of keeping staff informed of new products, changes and good practice.

How many times have you walked into a shop and asked for some advice, only to be met with a blank stare from the shop assistant?

Rewarding loyalty

It’s frustrating if the customer contact person has no clue about what they’re actually selling - so staff training is key. In fact, staff are frequently listed as a company’s biggest asset and, as such, they deserve a good chance to develop in their roles. Business representatives need to be taught to exercise good judgment and take the initiative when it comes to problem solving.

Botany and Ormiston Botany and Ormiston

Communication is a vital part of keeping customers satisfied. It’s important to listen to your customers.

Tried and tested methods of customer retention also involve rewarding people for theirloyalty and giving customers something tangible - a real reason to come back to your firm.Incentives to return could include add-ons, vouchers, loyalty discounts or cards, special pricing and bonuses and gifts for ordering through a website. Above all, keeping customers happy should mean that actions speak louder than words. A proven rather than promised commitment will put you way ahead of the competition. 


From Superscapes to Vege Garden

• Top Soil • Compost • Garden Mix • Seeds • Bark • Stones • Pebbles • Shells, etc • Fertilisers & Chemicals • Weed Mat • Paving • Sleepers • Kitset Vege Gardens • All Your Paving Needs Including Mesh, Sand, Blocks, etc


09 265 2666

Monday - Friday 7am-5pm; Saturday 8am-4pm; Sunday 9am-3pm 26 — August 2016 — We Put You First

Free loan trailers Greenwaste drop off center We take hard fill Waste concrete


High standards of patient care


ery few surgeries have it all—a great medical practice with some of the best general practitioners, spacious consulting rooms, an efficient staff and high quality medical facilities. Picton Surgery holds a Cornerstone accreditation – the programme specifically designed by the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners for New Zealand practices. A Cornerstone-accredited practice signifies meeting very high standards of patient care set by a multidisciplinary development team that aims for excellence.    It’s been four months since Picton Surgery relocated from Picton Street in Howick to a brand new upgraded facility at 2/2 Fencible Drive. The general practice surgery, known for its ‘small and friendly’ approach in offering high quality patient care; has very positive feedback from their regular patients. “I can’t believe that moving to premises three minutes away would make such a big difference,” says the friendly Dr Lin.     

The bigger premises - with a pharmacy next door, as well as facilities like radiology and diagnostic blood tests just across the road - makes a trip to see the doctor or nurse very convenient for patients. “It makes a huge difference for the elderly especially, since we have everything on-site now.” he says. Another recent addition to the high quality medical practice is Dr Sujay Kleeman, specialising in women’s health. “She helps with family planning, gynaecological care, contraception, immunisation, diabetes and

insulin initiation,” says Dr Lin. Dr Kleeman who has lived and practised in England says there is full confidentiality. “We offer Jadelle, a contraceptive device option that is inserted under the skin and lasts for three years. “We also offer youth counselling services,” says the accomplished doctor who offers a range of primary health services including women’s health and travel. Picton Surgery promises to put you first!

PICTON SURGERY General Medical Practice PLUS

• Elder care • Paediatrics • Women’s health and family planning

Dr Jack Lin Dr John Malcomson Dr Sujay Kleeman 2/2 Fencible Drive, Howick. Phone 534 7176 | Open Monday to Friday 8.30am-5.30pm

Come and meet our team today! Reduced fees and online booking facility when enrolled. Well placed for additional services.

_____________________ Adult and Child Medical Care Minor Accident Care Minor Surgery Repeat Prescriptions Lab Results Liquid Nitrogen IUCD Insertion Immunisations Cervical Smears ECG Spirometry Travel Advice / Immunisations Well Child/Tamariki Ora Health Checks – Birth to Three Years JH11351

• Adjacent pharmacy • Blood testing • Radiology • Physio


We Put You First — August 2016 — 27

Keeping customers think about loyalty


ike Johnson reckons he must be doing something right. After 35 years as the well-known face of Howick Tyres and Alignment, he now often works with the third generation of local families he was dealing with in the 1980s. “Often young ones will say to me, their grandfather recommended my business to them,” Mike explains. These comments make the community-minded Mike (he’s a local boy – grew up and went to school in Howick) very proud. “It means Howick Tyres & Alignment were recommended because of our old-fashioned courtesy, good service and consistency of prices over the years.” About two years ago and after 16 years under the

Beaurepaires Howick banner, Howick Tyres & Alignment reverted to its original name. Mike and his wife, Carol, bought the business in 1986 – which he had been managing from 1981. Major stockists of Goodyear and Continental tyres, they can get in most type of tyres required – all at competitive prices and in a short time frame. Mike and Carol are assisted by two workers, including James Butler, who has worked there for seven years. The Howick Tyres team will also check your tyres pressures and even pump up tyres completely free of charge. “I recommend this check every six weeks to keep your tyres in order.” The workshop is immaculate – no worries about getting smart business clothes soiled or oil on your new

shoes there – and the business is very professionally run. He is often known as ‘Mad Mike’ because of his pranks – such as making Minions from tyres. But, the couple is serious about their business and giving back to the local community. They are proud supporters of the charity, Bellyful East Auckland, which provides free meals for families with newborn babies or young children who may be suffering an illness. Carol helps out in the regular cook-athons and the business recently bought 13,819 key-rings (typical ‘Mad Mike’) which they are giving away to customers in return for a gold coin donation to be passed to Bellyful East Auckland. A chart records donations made and last week the charity received $100 as a result.

Howick Tyres & Alignments 40 Years keeping Howick families safe on the road! Come in and talk to Mike and his team.

Est 1975

T S E B S ’ R E T S BU ! deals in town

out! m e h t k c e h c Come and Suppliers of EECA Energywise-approved FUEL EFFICIENT TYRES

28 — August 2016 — We Put You First


33 Wellington St, Howick. Ph 534 4975 •

WINZ Quotes Welcome


Spinal Manipulation Therapist

Trust Jannette to add a special touch to your wedding, funeral or naming ceremony

• Gentle effective Spinal Manipulation • Sciatic Nerve Pain • Lumbar • Cervical • Sacrum • Coccyx • Thoracic

Phone Julie M: 021 805 221 P: 09 951 5923 In the technique of Harley Blows CD1830

Howick: By Appointment Only • House calls available CD1841


Experienced and fun loving with a passion for people, Jannette will ensure your day will be perfect for you. Ph 534 1275, 021 075 7687

021 123 3707 Wash & Dry full service

TOOL BARN The Home Of Preloved Tools

(Conditions apply)

 0800 789 248



Marks Appliance Repairs NZ Registered

24 hours on site care

• Parmco & Turboair, Fisher & Paykel, European & Italian appliances • Stoves & Rangehoods • Laundry • Dishwashers • Waste disposals • Fridge & Freezer seals only CD1833

4/302 Ti Irirangi Dr, Botany Sth, Ph 2652865

The best classifieds in the area


BRADSHAW PLUMBING & Son Ltd Specialise General Plumbing Repairs & Maintenance Bathroom & Kitchen Alteration


Phone 527 3053 or 268 1007 Terry 0272 922 708 or Alywn 0274 743 505 email:

“We are here when you need us the most” Opening hours Monday-Friday 6pm-8am the following morning Saturday midday right through till 8am Monday morning Public holidays open 24 hours We are a full service emergency animal care hospital available to help in all after hours veterinary situations. • Complete diagnostic lab for immediate results • Blood transfusions and typing for both cats and dogs • ECG monitoring • Digital radiology • Advanced pain management including continuous rate infusions • Oxygen therapy including portable transport tank • Surgery and monitoring by highly experienced veterinarians and nurses



Ph 534 5888 - Mob: 027 507 8680

Ph 535 6950, 021 0333 149

HWC & toilet Installations, leaking pipes & new tapware – no job TOO small. Discount for Gold Card holders.



271 8055

45 Jellicoe Rd, Panmure. Phone 570 8064. Open Mon-Fri 8am-5pm, Sat 8am-2pm Enquiries

Freeview Installed Same Day - Best Prices Guaranteed

Repairs to:

We offer pickup/drop off service to and from your home. Airport pick up/drop off.

Botany and Ormiston


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Dog food avail, stockists of Pro Plan & Royal Canin Beds, leads, collars, flea treatments, shampoos and treats & Imported dog clothing.

We are a specialist tool shop based in Panmure. Our range includes secondhand tools, power tools and light machinery.

 Household  Garden Waste  General Rubbish


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• WOFs • Electronic Tuning • All Mechanical Repairs • All Makes & Models mb er on e re nu ! a S r • Low Volume Vehicle Certification tome

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We can help you with your accounting and taxation issues! • Personal and friendly service • Plenty of off-street parking • Business and taxation advice • Budgets and Cash Flows

• Assistance with tax compliance issues • Support for XERO and MYOB accounting packages

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“Suzanne runs a highly effective team that focuses on customer service. We get a continual stream of unsolicited testimonials from the Highland Park customers, and I’m very proud of the quality and quantity of property transactions that go through this office. At Mike Pero, it’s not only about real estate; it’s more about people. Suzanne is a people person and she has the added skill of being able to successfully market real estate.” Mike Pero Chief Executive

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One-stop shop for health services at the marina


he modern, architecturally designed Compass Building encompasses everything in terms of excellent healthcare.

With stunning views over the marina towards Rangitoto, Marina Medical is a general practice run by dedicated health professionals providing a primary healthcare service second to none. Marina Specialists sits alongside and offers a broad spectrum of medical, paramedical and surgical specialties, and also houses an operating theatre.

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Derek Timmins of Marina Physio says that the highly qualified physios manage injuries, women and men’s health, and breathing disorders. They work closely with the GPs, sports specialists and Marina Fitness, situated just next door. Rounding out the package, as part

of the integrated services, Marina Pharmacy gives top priority to medicine management. Owner Brenda Stuart says that the community pharmacy has a great working relationship with Marina Medical as well as with long time patients. “It is wonderful to now be seeing their children walk into the pharmacy.”  Offering an array of seamless services, including chronic management of patients with high health risks, Marina Medical has extended hours. “To make it more convenient, particularly for those who commute by ferry, we offer either a 7am start or 7pm finish every day of the week,” says Dr Bruce Page, practice principal, at Marina Medical. The practice has earned a reputation for providing comprehensive healthcare and strives to provide good communication with timely communication of results and management plans.

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