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Keeping up with the news New residents to Franklin district will quickly learn that keeping up with local happenings is easy and stimulating. That’s because the district is served by local newspapers and magazines which report the latest happenings and provide valuable information for those living ‘in the country’. In addition to local community newspapers, which are delivered weekly across the district, there are ruralfocused publications with the Rural Living magazine being pitched mostly at small block owners while the new South

is a lifestyle magazine covering many subjects. These publications can be a great source of help to new residents as well as the rural community. Residents have easy access to coverage of council decisions, sports, the arts, education, health, policing and all manner of local issues and events. They can also read about farming matters and rural achievers and receive excellent advice on how to go about life on the land – big and small. Importantly, Franklin residents are kept in the know!

Published by Times Media Ltd, PO Box 259 243 Botany, Auckland 2163. Level 1, The Lane, Botany Town Centre, 588 Chapel Rd, East Tamaki. Phone 271 8080. Fax 271 8073. Publishers of Rural Living, South, Design & Build and Settling In.

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Welcome to the district Congratulations on choosing to live in beautiful Franklin district where residents enjoy a wealth of lifestyle options and are part of a friendly, vibrant community with a mix of fine man-made facilities and stunning natural heritage. From its public amenities and facilities for many different interests through to its rural and waterfront playgrounds, the district provides good reasons to make it home. Embracing land reaching from the Awhitu Peninsula in the west to Hunua and Umupuia/Duders Beach in the east, Franklin is bounded by rural landscapes and beaches. To the south lies Waikato, and Hamilton city, just 45 minutes away from the top of the Bombay Hills, which are regarded as the gateway to Auckland city in the north. Central to its character is Franklin’s horticultural and farming roots which still dominate today. Early history of the area is well documented with places such as the Karaka Museum, Glenbrook Railway, Tuakau & District Museum and more providing wonderful insights of the past. With the motorway running through the centre of Franklin, access to the north and south is effortless. Recent



Kariotahi redevelopment of transport links to Auckland International Airport means it is easily accessed. While the greater area enjoys country quietude, Franklin is growing fast. New residents are encouraged to talk to neighbours and visit information and community centres. Take advantage of local restaurants – you’ll find plenty to titivate the palate. Visit local markets and make the effort to take part in community events such as local agricultural and pastoral days, vintage shows and sports days. Most of all just enjoy your new home – you are living in a wonderful part of New Zealand!

Glenbrook Vintage Railway

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I M PO RT A NT N U M B E R S/ Ser v ices Alcohol and Drug Helpline ���������������� 0800 787 797 Citizens Advice Bureau ������������������ 0800 367 222 Civil Defence ������������������������ 0800 222 200 Coastguard Auckland ������������������� 09 303 4303 If no reply, phone Police Counties Care A&M (Papakura) �������������� 09 299 9380 Electric Power Lines Down ��������������� 0800 100 202 Emergencies Police, Fire, Ambulance ���������������� 111 Gas Leaks/Broken Mains ������������������ 09 301 0101 Healthline �������������������������� 0800 611 116 Hospitals Franklin Memorial Hospital ��������������� 09 235 9284 Pukekohe Hospital ��������������������� 09 237 0600 KidzFirst Hospital ���������������������09 276 0000 Manukau Superclinic ������������������� 09 277 1660 Middlemore Hospital �������������������09 276 0000 Kidsline ��������������������������� 0800 543 754 Lifeline 24 Hr Counselling ���������������� 0800 543 354

MAF – Animal Welfare Complaints ����������� 0800 008 333 – Exotic Disease Hotline ��������������0800 809 966 Noise Control ������������������������ 09 301 0101 Plunketline ������������������������� 0800 933 922 Poisons & Hazardous Chemicals ������������ 0800 764 766 Police – Highway Patrol Pokeno ������������� 09 261 1300 – Pukekohe Police Station ������������ 09 237 1700 – Community Constable Tuakau ��������� 09 236 7300 – Community Constable Waiuku �������� 09 236 5020 Pukekohe Family Health Centre ������������� 09 237 0280 SPCA ������������������������������ 09 256 7300 Watercare ��������������������������� 09 442 2222 Womens & Childrens Refuge Crisis Line ������� 0800 733 843 Victim Support ����������������������� 0800 842 846 Useful websites: Civil Defence ���������������� Metservice ��������������������� Neighbourhood Support ���������������� Police �������������������������

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From land wars to prosperity Aucklanders have seen the light – Pukekohe and the surrounding Franklin district (now part of the SuperCity) offers a wonderful lifestyle yet is still within cooee of New Zealand’s queen city. New housing developments are mushrooming from Drury through Paerata on to Pukekohe as well as to the northwest around Karaka, Kingseat and Patumahoe then out to Glenbrook and Waiuku while both Pokeno and Tuakau to the south are burgeoning, too. Although growing rapidly, Franklin is by no means a new settlement. In fact, it has a rich Maori and European history. The proximity of the Manukau Harbour and two portages, one between the Manukau and the Tamaki River and the other between the Waiuku arm, Awaroa River and the Waikato River, were once major factors in the development of the area for both Maori and, later, colonial settlers. The closeness of the Karaka shore to Weymouth, across a narrow part of the harbour’s tidal arm, meant that was also a well-used route. In addition to the land’s cultural and economic value to tangata whenua, the area has long been in agricultural and horticultural use and land around Pukekohe still has concentrated areas of market gardening. Paerata was principally associated with the railway, dairying and Wesley College where Paerata Rise, a new estate of 5000 houses is planned. Drury’s development

Pokeno was a colonial settlement focused on the Great South Road, accommodation and rural services. There, too, the new Auranga Estate is underway. The first immigrant farmers arrived in the early 1840s but before that, the region was occupied by Maori tribes. The tangata whenua of the area and Maori occupation dates back centuries. Before European colonisation, it was the home of Tamaoho (also known as Te Akitai), Ngati Pou and Ngati Ata. Tamaoho/Akitai had the major interest in what became the Pukekohe West Block; the Ngati Pou region was more



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h istor y

Alexandra Redoubt southerly, closer to the Waikato River and Ngati Te Ata’s area was to the west of both. All three hapu can trace their whakapapa back to the Tainui waka. Records show a ‘fortified pa of the Ngati Tamaoho Tribe – Te Maunu-a-Tu or “The War God’s Lure” – once stood on the western end of the Paerata ridge . Two other Ngati Tamaoho pa sites were at the mouth of Slippery Creek. The Karaka, Pukekohe and Opaheke landscape was one of wetlands, creeks and bush supplying natural resources to tangata whenua. Scattered throughout the region were papakainga (settlements), urupa (burial grounds) and vast areas of cultivation. Foot tracks skirted the swamps e.g. from Maketu to Paparata; Tuamata to Tuakau. Official records and accounts by church missionaries and kaumatua confirm that the tangata whenua living around Pukekohe were the land barons until the mid-19th century when new settlers began to put down roots. European crops, fruit and livestock rearing were added to the established freshwater and saltwater fishing industry. Dressed and undressed flax were other commodities. Trade between iwi and settlers was brisk and relations good until disputes about land ownership and possession created a crisis that would not be resolved The district did not escape the conflicts of the 19th century. There was the musket war period of 1807-1843 and the land wars of the mid 1800s during which a major battle was fought at Pukekohe East in 1863 between 11 armed settlers, (who were converting the Pukekohe East church into a redoubt), and approximately 200-300 Maori rebels mainly from the Waikato area. Although outnumbered, the settlers held off the Kingitanga invaders until troops arrived. No settlers were killed

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Auranga or injured, however, 30 Maori were killed with many wounded. The church still exists today and the bullet holes are still visible – testimony to a tragic era and the many mistakes on all sides and by many parties. As tensions increased, most of the Pukekohe area was abandoned apart from military outposts. Growth didn’t re-occur until some years later. There is so much more to recount about the district’s past but this is not the publication to debate the rights and wrongs of our forebears. Rather it is hoped this snapshot of good and bad early times will prompt budding historians to probe further. It should also be mentioned that Franklin was initially a New Zealand territorial authority lying between the Auckland metropolitan area and the Waikato Plains. It was abolished as a formal territory on October 31, 2010 and divided between Auckland Council in the Auckland Region and Waikato and Hauraki districts in the Waikato Region. The Auckland portion is now in the Franklin ward, which also includes rural parts of the former Manukau City. Settling In 2018-19


23/03/2018 10:50:57 a.m.





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Space for you and your baby Weekly meetings sharing experiences and advice

Music and free play for pre-schoolers and their caregivers Monday & Friday 9.15am during the school term

SEASONS FOR GROWTH A programme for adults and children experiencing grief Weekly afternoon activities during the school term

Social morning and gentle exercise for the over 65’s. Lunch available Tuesday’s. Sessions Tues and Thurs 9.15am



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HUNUA ELECTORATE OFFICE Address: 7 Wesley Street, Pukekohe. Phone: 09 238 5977 during office hours. Email: Funded by Parliamentary Service and authorised by Andrew Bayly, MP, 7 Wesley St, Pukekohe.

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communit y


Wealth of services Generous public amenities have contributed to the growth Franklin’s largest township, Pukekohe as well as to the wider district and its individual communities. In recent, Pukekohe, in particular, has seen more boutiques, more large chain stores – the opening of Farmers department store in the centre of town being a significant addition – and more cafes. Professional services have expanded and whether new residents require a lawyer, doctor or accountant through to vets, bankers, real estate agents, travel consultants or other business services, they seldom need to look beyond this attractive and growing town. Excellent health focus means all areas have general practitioners at their fingertips and there is a small satellite hospital at Pukekohe which has a birthing unit and an adult rehabilitation and care ward. It is open 24 hours. Pukekohe Hospital provides for services such as aged care, maternity, home health care, public health nurses, outpatient rehabilitation and more. It also hosts a mobile surgical unit every six weeks offering minor surgery on referral.

Cinema The hospital comes under the Counties Manukau DHB and the good news is, a mini Super Clinic – The Hub – is in the pipeline and there are plans for a new private hospital. Retirement homes and villages provide options for seniors. Some inner city specialists hold clinics on a regular basis and medical advice is also readily available. The Maternity Resource Centre and The Centre for Independent Living provide support for pregnant mums and the elderly. If the district has ample health and professional services, as well as access to council offices, then new residents will also discover plenty of added amenities such as pre-school care and education services, leisure activities, entertainment, libraries and more. Pukekohe town boasts a boutique three cinema complex as well as a thriving art gallery. Many small block holders as well as serious farmers live locally and there is a huge range of agricultural and horticultural services and machinery to support such lifestyles. For major events, there are A&P show grounds in Clevedon and in Pukekohe as well as equestrian and sporting facilities in other townships.


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Importantly, no one has far to travel for community services designed to meet nearly every need. Settling In 2018-19


23/03/2018 10:51:00 a.m.




Settling In 2018-19

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c h ildcare & education



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Settling In 2018-19


23/03/2018 10:51:01 a.m.

childcare & education

Come in and see Twinkle, our friendly dragon

Providing outstanding care and education for children from 4 months to 6 years. World class school readiness programme. Heated swimming pool, farm animals.


Massive play area with a Big Vegetable Garden Children 0-6 years old Open 7.30am-5.30pm Monday to Friday 20 Hours Free with NO hidden costs


Follow us on

Open Monday-Friday 7.30am-5.30pm 113 Harbourside Drive Papakura Ph 09 298 4199

Unique Family Environment


1A & 3 Madill Street, Tuakau Phone 09 236 8195

Quality before, after school care and holiday programmes Creating long lasting relationships with Franklin families since 1998 Catering for school aged children between 5-13 years of age. A variety of arts and crafts, science experiments, cooking, games, sports and fun activities are scheduled daily.

An activity drop off service is available in some of our programmes so your child doesn’t miss out.

ENROL NOW Call 09 236 4078

MSD Social Sector Level 3 Accreditation WINZ subsidies available for eligible families Belonging – Quality – Nurture – Trust – Respect - Responsibility



Settling In 2018-19

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23/03/2018 10:51:02 a.m.

c h ildcare & E DU C A T I O N Suits & Gumboots Country Daycare offer learning experiences that are unique to living in our rural community. We nurture a safe and secure learning environment which extends our children’s minds and explores their evolving interests and natural talents. Check us out today at one of our two beautiful locations – the original, much-admired daycare centre in Te Kauwhata or the brand new, purpose-built centre in Pokeno. Te Kauwhata 46 Waerenga Rd 07 826 4404


Your children will love you for it! Pokeno 12 Helenslee Rd 09 947 7958

0800 46 46 56

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Settling In 2018-19


23/03/2018 10:51:02 a.m.

childcare & education

Small, cosy centre for mixed ages (0-6 years) situated in the heart of Pukekohe ECE 30 hours available for 2-6 year olds WINZ subsidies available for all qualifying families

Opening Hours 7.00am-6.00pm 29 Queen Street, Pukekohe Ph 09 238 1795 KAT5461


Make an appointment


Childcare Centre

Waiuku’s family-owned Childcare Centre


All Meals

Swimming lessons

20 hours FREE ECE

Music sessions

Nappies and wipes


Sunblock and Sunhat

Weekly library visits

CALL 09 235 0172



11 Domain St Waiuku



Settling In 2018-19

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23/03/2018 10:51:03 a.m.

c h ildcare & E DU C A T I O N

Pre-school to high-school Education is one thing new Franklin families don’t have to worry about. The district is well catered for everything – childcare and pre-school facilities through to secondary college, as well as extra-curricular activities and tuition. When it comes to pre-school care, parents can be confident that they will find something to suit their personal needs. In addition to playcentres and kindergartens, there are numerous childcare centres that offer all day care for children from working families. Some of these cater for very young babies and some may take primary aged children after school has finished. Centres adhere to strict regulations and offer proper sleeping arrangements for young infants. Some provide hot meals during the day and most have excellent indoor/outdoor facilities. All employ trained staff and work to government guidelines when it comes to teacher/child ratios, social programmes and developmental skills. Newcomers to Franklin can be confident about local schools

too. The wider area is well endowed with quality primary and secondary schools and new schools are planned. Belmost Primary is expected to go ahead in the near future. Furthermore, most rural districts schools also offer calf club and country days as part of annual programmes. While most secondary schools and many primary schools are subject to zoning, it is possible in some cases for out of zone pupils to be placed in a school of choice if there are unfilled places. Some have no zoning restrictions. Most local schools have an open door policy when it comes to community interest and parental enquiries are welcomed. When seeking an appropriate school enquire about special programmes such as music, drama, catering, science, environmental sustainability and sports programmes. As well as state and private education facilities, there are hobby classes and special interest groups with tuition available. Yes, Franklin offers all ages many satisfying ways of learning in a structured or informal environment.

Lockwood Road, Hunua l Phone: 09 292 4889 l A rural full primary school that offers children

A rural full primary school that offers children unique opportunities to grow and learn unique opportunities to grow and learn  We encourage close family relationships with the school and work with you to help your child grow into their potential

◆ We encourage close family relationships with the school and work with you to help your child grow  Up to date technology with computers in every classroom. Ultra-fast broadband to facilitate e-learning into their potential Small school allows all our teachers to get toinknow yourclassroom. child, with more opportunities to shine to facilitate ◆ Up to date technology with computers every Ultra-fast broadband e-learning  Inter-school competitions broaden their social networks and allow them the opportunity to test themselves in ◆ Small school allows all our teachers to get to know your child, with more opportunities to shine different environments ◆ Inter-school competitions broaden their social networks and allow them the  All children are offered the opportunity to participate in all activities, growing their confidence to try something new opportunity to test themselves in different environments School busare available fromthe Papakura – out of zone students areinwelcome! ◆ Allchildren offered opportunity to participate all activities, growing their confi dence to try something  Focus on individualised learningnew programmes for each student ◆ School bus available from Papakura – out of zone students are welcome! on our environment and educationfor inside and outside the classroom ◆ FocusWe on focus individualised learning programmes each student We focus on our environment and education inside and outside the classroom


To fi ndmore outor more oraarrange visit please callorus on 09 292 4889 To find out arrange visit pleaseacall us on 09 292 4889 email or email Visit our website at to what our kids up to! Visit our website at tosee see what ourare kids are up to!

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Settling In 2018-19


23/03/2018 10:51:03 a.m.

childcare & E D U C A T I ON



Settling In 2018-19

Settling In Franklin 2018.indd 16

23/03/2018 10:51:04 a.m.

c h ildcare & E DU C A T I O N PaParimu School Welcoming new enrolments, Year 1-8 students

Aka Aka School is a great choice for your child – come and see why! Paparimu School is a vibrant, small rural school that is a great place for children to learn and develop. Our students thrive in our exciting and supportive learning community • Small class sizes • More “teacher time” • Focus on individual learning needs • Strong relationships with whānau • No school zone We warmly invite families to visit our school to discuss enrolling your child. Come and experience our small school with BIG benefits!

• • • • • • • •

Beautiful rural setting with plenty of green space Innovative and responsive teaching A focus on educating the whole child Curriculum connects to real world learning supported by a well-balanced digital curriculum The arts are used to enhance learning and self-expression Large playground, BMX track, pool, and forest for exploring A pleasant 10 minute drive from Pukekohe School Bus route from Waiuku


For more information Ph 09 235 2806 | 3 Matheson Rd, Paparimu • Ph (09) 292 5861 JE0935

YOU SHOULD BE WITH US! KingsGate School is an active Christian community nestled in the heart of Pukekohe that nurtures children towards their full potential in God’s Kingdom.

Empowering students to care, adapt & succeed with PRIDE

Settling In Franklin 2018.indd 17

Come and join us for a quality Christian education in Pukekohe that you and your family can rely on.

For a prospectus or to contact the school email:, visit or phone 09 239 0297 Settling In 2018-19

JE0947 09 235 1005


Awhitu District School is a rural, full primary school situated on the beautiful Awhitu Peninsula. Our innovative and engaging curriculum focuses on our learning, our community and our environment. Contact us today.

KINGSGATE SCHOOL CAN OFFER YOUR CHILD: • Safe and respectful learning environments. • Creative and enthusiastic teachers. • A thoughtful blend of modern and traditional learning practices • Excellence in special needs programmes


23/03/2018 10:51:05 a.m.

childcare & E D U C A T I ON

School terms Primary & Intermediate Schools 2018 Term One: Monday, Jan 29 – Wednesday Feb 7 – Friday, April 13 Term Two: Monday, April 30 – Friday, July 6 Term Three: Monday, July 23 – Friday, September 28 Term Four: Monday, October 15 – Thursday, December 20 Term One 2019: Monday, Jan 28-Thursday, Feb 7 – Friday, April 12

** Or to a day in December which ensures that the school has been open for instruction for 384 half days in 2018.

Secondary Schools 2018 Term One: Monday, Jan 29 – Wednesday Feb 7 – Friday, April 13 Term Two: Monday, April 30 – Friday, July 6 Term Three: Monday, July 23 – Friday, September 28 Term Four: Monday, October 15 – Tuesday, December 18 Term One 2019: Monday, Jan 28-Thursday, Feb 7 – Friday, April 12

** Or to a day in December which ensures that the school has been open for instruction for 380 half days in 2018.

TUAKAU PRIMARY PRIMARY SCHOOL SCHOOL TUAKAU A great place for children p s e g ct o n s i b il Re I n t e r it y it y es p TUAKAU PRIMARY SCHOOL TUAKAU PRIMARY SCHOOL to learn and develop R p R e s e ct

I n t e g r it y

For Self

Pukekohe North School Principal: Jim Stafford-Bush

Our school features Rumaki classes delivering the curriculum in Te Reo • Music Suite • Computer Suite • • Astro Turf • Extensive Grounds • • New Library for all students • We are a full primary from Year 1-8 57 Princes Street, Pukekohe Ph 09 238 8552



For Others

Ma n a a k i ta n g a


es p

o n s i b il

it y

For The Environment

Ti a k ita n g a

ng W ha a n a u a t a n g aT i a k i t a n g a

Ma n a a k i ta n g

W h a nau

ng a t

a n ga


Together, as parents, children and staff, we can uphold these values, grow and succeed as future-focused learners 2 School Road, Tuakau To arrange a visit, please contact us by Phone: 09 236 8105 Free Text: 027 260 7432 Email: JE0944

Settling In 2018-19

Settling In Franklin 2018.indd 18

23/03/2018 10:51:06 a.m.

c h ildcare & E DU C A T I O N At Eden, it is our vision for our students to thrive, to be confident and to be prepared to fulfil their God-given calling.

Pukekohe Christian School The doors of Pukekohe Christian School are always open to visitors. If you are interested in finding out more about our school, please telephone and make an appointment. You will find a warm welcome and the opportunity to view the school “in action” visiting classrooms with happy, challenged and focused students, learning the Cambridge Curriculum from a Christian perspective.

Eden is a private, non-denominational Christian school catering for boys and girls from Year 1 through to Year 13, offering the A.C.E, NCEA and University of Cambridge qualifications. We pride ourselves in: • A safe, nuturing environment founded on the Christian values of grace, forgiveness and compassion • Small class sizes and personalised approach – the winning recipe for success! • Great students and an amazing community who nurture and cherish our country climate!


LaValla Estate 131 Dominion Rd, Tuakau Phone (09) 237 8228 /


Years 1 – 13 82 Yates Road, Pukekohe / Ph 09 238 6449 /

WANT JOB SECURITY? The workplace is changing and new skills are needed. Future-proof your career with skills that are in hot demand. Apply now to study at MIT and get the practical, hands on skills employers want.

At Tuakau College we are committed to providing the best secondary education for our community

We offer... • A positive and supportive learning environment • Year 7-13 semi-rural school • Proudly bi-cultural • High academic expectations and achievements • A number of international student opportunities annually • River, sea and land based outdoor activities • Within easy travelling distance of Auckland and Hamilton

Visit or get personalised advice by calling our team today.


Phone 09 236 8521

Settling In Franklin 2018.indd 19


TUAKAU COLLEGE 0800 62 62 52 JU0509

Settling In 2018-19


23/03/2018 10:51:07 a.m.

retail F R A N K L I N

Open 7 Days

Closed Public Holidays Ph (09) 23 92 964 Shop 2 / 33 Edinburg St (Next to Pizza Hut)

For all your hunting, fishing, camping and tramping needs plus diving and clothing


Pukekohe Mega Centre, 182-196 Manukau Rd Ph 09 239 2098



Open 7 Days

Mon-Sat 8am-6pm; Sun 9am-5pm Closed Public Holidays Ph (09) 23 52 769 6a Court St



With a full range of blinds, shutters, automation options and thousands of curtain fabrics to choose from, visit the friendly team at Crosbies Colourplus for expert advice! Automate your blinds from as little as $199. CROSBIES COLOURPLUS PUKEKOHE 204 King Street. Ph 09 238 7489.



At Harwood Goldsmiths we specialise in all things jewellery! From custom manufacturing to jewellery repairs. All work is performed in-house and in full view of our customers, with one of three goldsmiths on-site at all times. We welcome you to come in and watch us in action.

50 Edinburgh St, Pukekohe | Ph 09 239 2502 KAT5508

Settling In 2018-19

Settling In Franklin 2018.indd 20

23/03/2018 10:51:08 a.m.

H E A L T H & beaut y

CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY Do you have... Pain – back, neck, head, joint, muscle, nerve or gut pain? A baby/child with colic, reflux, repeated infections or is unsettled? Anxiety, stress, depression or nervous disorders?

CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY (BCST) IS HERE TO HELP! BSCT is a holistic, gentle, non-manipulative, hands-on body therapy suitable for all ages, which originated from Osteopathy. Inner Health has three registered Craniosacral Therapists available for weekday and evening appointments at:


Ground Floor Waiuku Health Plus 30 Constable Rd, Waiuku

The Villa, 12 Wesley St, Pukekohe Ph Angela 0800 CRANIO (272 646) KAT5902

Tristan de Chalain MSc MB ChB FCS(SA) FRCSC FRACS

Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery by a Specialist Plastic Surgeon Consulting in Auckland, Tauranga and Pukekohe

Ph (09) 522 0652 • Fax (09) 522 0435 • Level 2, OneHealth Building, 122 Remuera Road, Remuera, Auckland

Settling In Franklin 2018.indd 21

Settling In 2018-19



23/03/2018 10:51:08 a.m.

HEA L T H & beauty

Ormiston Hospital Surgery Closer to Home Botany Junction

How do you get to see a surgeon at Ormiston Hospital? Ask your GP to refer you to one of our specialists. You can find out who our specialists are by visiting our website: Ormiston Hospital is a private surgical hospital accommodating your ACC, Private Health Insurance or Privately Funded surgical needs from the following specialties; ✜ Colonoscopy & Gastroscopy ✜ Plastic / Cosmetic Surgery ✜ Ear, Nose & Throat Surgery ✜ General Surgery ✜ Gynaecology ✜ Eye Surgery ✜ Oral & Facial Surgery

✜ Obesity Surgery ✜ Orthopaedic Surgery including Joint Replacement & Reconstructive Surgery ✜ Paediatric Surgery ✜ Spinal Surgery ✜ Urology ✜ Vascular & Endovascular

We can be found at 125 Ormiston Road, Botany Junction. Phone 250 1157. For more details on the services we offer, visit our website: 127843


Settling In 2018-19

Settling In Franklin 2018.indd 22

23/03/2018 10:51:08 a.m.

H E A L T H & beaut y

Ormiston Hospital – top level care Featuring state-of-the-art facilities and technology, Ormiston Hospital is easily accessed from the motorway and provides top quality private surgery from some of the country’s leading surgeons. Over 70 specialists, covering all specialities (with the exception of cardiac and neurosurgery), offer their services at Ormiston Hospital, which features: • Six operating theatres • A highly advanced endoscopy suite • 12-bed recovery unit • Day patient recovery facility • Close Observation Unit • Physiotherapy for all post-operative rehabilitation • On-site radiology, pharmacy and cafe

Having trouble with your arthritic hips or knees?

Mr Gary French, Ormiston Orthopaedics, is now an Affiliated Provider to Southern Cross Health Society. If you are a Southern Cross member and you need surgery for a hip or knee replacement, there are significant advantages for you:

• You will get clear prices upfront • We will organise prior approval through Southern Cross for you • We will manage your claim for you • If you are on a shared cover plan we can let you know, before surgery, what your share of the costs will be

Ormiston Orthopaedics is located in the new purpose-built Ormiston Hospital, 125 Ormiston Road, Botany Junction. It is easily accessible for those in greater Auckland, with free parking available. To compare our prices or arrange an appointment phone 09 252 0370 or visit: Terms and conditions apply 125149

For Primary Total Hip Joint Replacement and Primary Total Knee Joint Replacement

For Primary Total Hip Joint Replacement and Primary Total Knee Joint Replacement

Settling In Franklin 2018.indd 23

• Free visitor parking • Flexible visiting hours • Shopping and dining outlets nearby The hospital has 32 in-patient beds. Single and double rooms all have ensuites, Sky TV, telephone and high-speed internet. Patients receive a complimentary daily newspaper and current magazines are available for leisure reading. Balanced meals with a daily changing menu catering for special diets, children’s needs, specific food allergies and gluten-free, are provided by Nourish Café, located within the hospital. Ormiston Hospital aims to make the patient stay a safe, comfortable and pleasant experience. Simply ask your GP to be referred to one of our specialists, or for more details on specialists and procedures available, call us on 09 250 1157 or visit the Ormiston Hospital website

Maree Louise Underfashions

Maree Kay


Specialising in: • Fittings for Bras • Undergarments

• Breast Prostheses • Medical Hosiery

113 Great South Road, Papakura

09 298 0999 Settling In 2018-19


Franklin residents requiring treatment at a private hospital don’t need to travel the considerable distance to Auckland City, as the region is fortunate to be served by a privately owned surgical hospital at Botany Junction.


23/03/2018 10:51:09 a.m.


Final farewell Discussing funerals and death is seldom easy but working through this process with reassuring and approachable professionals helps put people at ease. Families place considerable trust in funeral directors at an extremely difficult time and, fortunately, Franklin district is privileged to have the services of long standing and reputable companies which offer practical and emotional support. Flexible and culturally sensitive, local directors can help with suggestions for venues, caskets, flowers, service details, brochures and more. They can also advise on ways in which to involve family, friends and grandchildren in the service and can, generally, take care of special burial or cremation requests too. Those in need of professional yet dignified assistance after a death in the family, don’t have far to turn for help.

GOOD GRIEF For a goodbye to remember let Grahams take care of your family

Contact us to plan ahead, or for guidance and support with all funeral arrangements

Call: (09) 236 8919 (24 hours)



Tuakau | Pukekohe | Waiuku Settling in 2018-19

Settling In Franklin 2018.indd 24

23/03/2018 10:51:14 a.m.

c h urc h es

Spiritual life The spiritual life of local Franklin residents is well taken care of by a wide variety of Christian denominations and other religions. Churches, temples and places of worship abound regardless of whether one is Roman Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian, Methodist or Baptist (just five of the mainstream Christian denominations), a member of one of the inter-denominational churches; or a devotee of other religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism or Islam. New residents will also find modern church complexes as well as congregations meeting in schools, commercial buildings and shared church facilities. Our places of worship are active in the community supporting local projects and providing services such as school holiday programmes and youth activities. People seeking spiritual sustenance, guidance and friendship within the religious community, will find local religious groups helpful, supportive and welcoming.

St Mary on the Hill

Pukekohe Anglican Church St Andrew’s Church

Corner Queen and Wesley St Holy Communion Every Sunday 8am and 9.30am First Sunday of the month 11.15am

A warm welcome to Franklin Baptist Church

St Paul’s Church

Buckland Rd 2nd and 4th Sundays 11.15am

Sunday Service times 9am, 11am Children’s programmes during the 9am service

Selwyn Centre Seniors

Tuesdays and Thursdays 9.15am

Oasis Music and Playgroup

Long weekends and Christmas holidays – one service 9am

Settling In Franklin 2018.indd 25

For children and adults in grief, runs each term

SPACE for You and Your Baby

Supporting Parents Alongside Children’s Education Phone 092387228 or 0274521366 Settling In 2018-19


128 Victoria St West, Pukekohe For more info call (09) 238 8544 or email

Seasons for Growth 12180-V2

Youth Group (high school age) Wednesdays 6.45-8.15pm

Mondays and Fridays 9.15am during the school term


23/03/2018 10:51:15 a.m.

dining & entertainment

Out and about It’s hard to living in a rural area and not be a foodie! That’s because there’s usually a wealth of fresh meat, fruit and vegetables grown right on the doorstep, even in one’s own garden. And, nothing could be truer of Franklin, renowned as a horticultural bowl with plenty of farming to add that all important protein! Pop into any one of various weekly markets all around the district (conveniently listed in the monthly Rural Living magazine) and there is no end of choice when it comes to fruit and veg to satisfy keen home cooks. However, for those whose busy days mean they enjoy eating out then the diverse range of eateries will surely satisfy – everything from ethnic gems, hearty pub grub and trendy cafes to coffee houses, relaxed family restaurants, Cosomopolitan (and similar clubs) plus a touch of fine dining. Naturally, takeaway outlets abound. While dining out can be a haphazard affair when patrons are unfamiliar with their local restaurants, by taking a

Red Earth eatery & wine bar offers a premium dining experience in Papakura, with fare ranging from smaller Tapasstyle sharing plates and platters to full meals. Gluten-free and vegetarian options also available. Red Earth’s truly extensive wine list offers a wide selection of fabulous wines from around the country and the world. For those after something extra special, there is a cellar list for more exclusive bottles too! Pop in and see our friendly team for a fantastic time – Red Earth caters for couples and larger groups.

drive around the district, newcomers will not only become familiar with the area but will gain a feel for the array of dining options. Offering something for all tastes and budgets, local café owners and restaurateurs are most accommodating, generally willing to oblige special requests such as vegetarian or gluten-free and dairy-free meals if advised early enough. However, most venues already have a range of vegetarian choices on their menus. Remember too, come public holidays, many waiver

7 days a week, 11.30am till late! 255 Great South Rd, Papakura Phone 09 296 9027 KAT5631


Settling In 2018-19

Settling In Franklin 2018.indd 26

23/03/2018 10:51:16 a.m.

dining & entertainment surcharges and at festive times, special menus and added niceties often come into play. While Pukekohe offers choices galore at nearby Waiuku, Papakura, and even in small locations, such as Patumahoe and Tuakau, there are some great eateries too not to mention special rural locations such as Palazzo Cafe at The Red Shed in Drury, St Margaret’s Cafe, Karaka and Calendula Cafe not far from the Glenbrook Vintage Railway. But beyond the dining scene, Franklin also offers concert venues and pub gigs – many out of town acts love coming to the area. Pukekohe has a three-cinema picture theatre too. And, last but not least, Counties Racing provides several events during the year that attract plenty of interest, Pukekohe Park and, just ‘down the road’, Hampton Downs, both host motor racing while the annual Counties Power Show managed by the Franklin Agricultural and Pastoral Society and the Clevedon A&P show are not to be missed weekends. Indeed, throughout Franklin new residents will find a wonderful meld of rustic and sophisticated ways to socialise and enjoy life. KAT5619

Red Shed


Country Cafe Franklin’s original Tapas restaurant!


WINNER of Rural Cafe of the Year 2016/2017 Breakfast/Lunch – licensed OPEN 7 days 8.30am - 4.00pm

Open Tuesday to Sunday from 5pm till late

Settling In Franklin 2018.indd 27


64 Jesmond Rd, Karaka Ph (09) 294 6687

Email: Weddings - Birthdays or any special occasions

Poco Loco means “Little Crazy” in Spanish, so come along for a different and fun eating experience. We have been serving the people of Franklin since 2004 utilising fresh, seasonal, local produce using authentic Mediterranean and Spanish recipes with a Kiwi twist. Italians call it antipasto, Chinese call it yum char and Spanish call it tapas. It’s a delightful way to enjoy great food in a fabulous local restaurant with friendly service.

15 Queen St, Pukekohe, Email Phone 09 238 1607


Settling In 2018-19


23/03/2018 10:51:16 a.m.

dining & entertainment

Fully Licensed & BYOW only


12 $12




Curry with Rice


ates Oper ys & a d n u S days c Holi Publi am






Curry, Rice, Naan


10 King St, Pukekohe Ph: 09 238 8338 or 09 238 7165


*Conditions Apply

Check out the reviews on


Tenpin bowling Adults Juniors (under 16 yrs) Family ConCession 2 Adults / 2 Children

• Pukekohe’s Premier Club • Friendly family atmosphere • Great quality restaurant Centrally Located at: Corner East Street & Station Road (Just a 5 minute walk to Counties Stadium)

OPEN 7 DAYS Call us now for information

09 238 9465

2 Games $18 2 Games $15

1 Game each $40 2 Games each $60 $8 per child Extra Child – (max. of 2 1 Game each extra children under 16 yrs) 2 Games each $13 per child speCials Tuesday – ALL DAY 1 Game each $9 per person Sunday – 6pm till closing 2 Games each $14 per person sChool Groups (During school hours only) $7 per game openinG hours: mon, Tues: 11am – 8pm Wed, Thurs, Fri: Sat 10am – 10pm | sun: 10am – 8pm noTe: monday & Wednesday: NO available lanes from 6pm onwards. We have leagues bowling these nights. puKeKohe CosmopoliTan CluB 78 Nelson St, Pukekohe | Ph 09 238 8404 | Fax 09 238 9909 KAT5915



1 Game $13 1 Game $10

Settling In 2018-19

Settling In Franklin 2018.indd 28

23/03/2018 10:51:20 a.m.


All good sports Franklin district has a wealth of affordable sports options for residents of all ages and abilities. Whether seeking competitive or social sports, recreational relaxation or an opportunity to coach or be a volunteer, there is no shortage of options for young and old. Catering for mainstream and unusual sports alike, there are various facilities such as the Navigation Homes Stadium, Pukekohe Park – home to horse racing and motor racing – and Franklin Pool and Leisure in Pukekohe.

others. Hunters and fishermen are catered for too and, of course, when it comes to rugby, touch rugby, rugby league and football (soccer) there are opportunities for juniors upwards.

At Takanini the Bruce Pulman Park complex is home to a variety of codes including Counties Manukau Gymnastic Club, and across the district their are fitness centres, Pilates studios and other facilities to help residents stay fit and in good health.

Often called horse country, Franklin is home to pony clubs, The Pakuranga Hunt, polo and polocrosse grounds and other equestrian groups so for riders, the choices are many and varied.

These are but a few offerings but be assured most sports are catered for. Check out local golf courses, bowling and tennis clubs, athletics, swimming, netball, cricket and

Martial arts, darts and softball are examples of other codes well catered for and, of course, with beaches nearby the choice of water sports from wind sailing to kayaking offer plenty of challenges.


Open Wed-Sun Lunch and Dinner


9 Hole Golf, 9 Hole Foot Golf, 9 Hole Putt Putt, Target Golf, Indoor Driving Range


Hire the house from 4-6 people $575 ($65pp extra people up to 12) or Bed & Breakfast from $140 for two

18 challenging holes Various memberships & payment options available 14 golf cars available for hire Friday 1/2 price green fees Twilight golf on Saturdays 3-5pm - non golf members welcome / cafeteria open TAB & Gaming machines available Friendly atmosphere


You must watch the ball at strike. Feel the right shoulder brush under your chin before you look up to see the result.

CLINICS (Learn or Upskill Your Game)

New Adult Clinic: Friday 9am-10am also Wednesday 9am and Sunday 10am 205B Ingram Road, Bombay Phone 09 236 0911

Settling In Franklin 2018.indd 29

Ph 09 232 1788

or email: KAT5965


Settling In 2018-19


23/03/2018 10:51:21 a.m.

vets & pets

Help pets settle in Pets love routine and stability in their lives, so moving home can be a stressful time for them (and you!) But there are some simple steps pet owners can take to help them adjust. Check out the following tips: n Be sure to microchip. It’s a great idea to microchip pets (your vet will do this for you), and update their details on the NZ Companion Animal Register (www.animalregister. This will help you find lost pets if they wander off from their new home. n Have everything ready. If there’s going to be a lot of disruption at your new place, consider boarding your pets in a kennel or cattery for a few days, while settling in. n Provide a refuge room. When your cats move to a new home, keep them confined indoors (with a litterbox) for at least a week. Also provide a quiet ‘refuge room’ where they can avoid the stress and noise of unpacking. n Explore slowly. Take your dog on regular walks around

the new neighbourhood so it can identify smells and start learning where this new home is located. Don’t rush things with your cats – they will explore outside when they’re ready. n Keep things familiar. Unpack your pet’s things straight away. Familiar items such as beds, bowls and toys will help them feel at home. n Be prepared. Establish yourself with your new veterinary clinic as soon as possible. Don’t wait for a medical problem to arise. Call in, have a look around, and register your pet’s details.


Equine Farm Vaccinations Teeth Worming Critical Care Ultrasound Endoscopy Xray Blood Testing

✔ Conveniently located in Karaka, just 5 mins off the motorway ✔ Equine treatment from routine health care to complex surgeries

✔ 24/7 emergency support ✔ Team of vets and surgeons available ✔ Modern hospital with advanced facilities

Monday-Friday 8am-5.30pm, Saturday 9am-12pm, Emergency 24/7 12 Sim Road, Karaka | | Ph 09 294 7307

KAT5997 12361


Settling In 2018-19

Settling In Franklin 2018.indd 30

23/03/2018 10:51:22 a.m.

v ets & P ets

Taking animal welfare seriously With agriculture playing a huge role throughout Franklin, animal welfare and health care is of major importance. The district is home to many farms, lifestyle blocks and agriculture-related businesses as well as pony clubs, equestrian facilities and other equine concerns. Whether one is a dairy farmer, alpaca breeder, thoroughbred stud owner, poultryman or a lifestyler with a couple of sheep, a few hens, a pig and a goat, ensuring the wellbeing of one’s animals is imperative. Fortunately, Franklin is home to leading veterinary and equine services and regardless of whether the household moggy needs vaccinating or a cow’s leg wound needs tending, help is always at hand. It’s important to remember whether responsible for a farm full of animals or only one family pet, owners and carers have legal responsibilities towards them. New Zealand’s Animal Welfare Act 1999 says an owner of an animal is responsible for its physical and behavioural needs; for

treating or humanely putting down sick or injured animals and ensuring animals are not kept in pain or distress. Under the Act owners are also responsible for not deserting an animal without making provision for it; not ill-treating or killing an animal that feels pain or distress and for ensuring animals are fit to be transported. The Ministry for Primary Industries leads and facilitates the management of animal welfare policy and practice in NZ. Complaints made about non- compliance with the Animal Welfare Act 1999, including cases of animal ill-treatment or cruelty, are investigated by MPI and the SPCA. In Franklin, animal welfare is taken seriously in every quarter but for new lilfestylers it is easy to make genuine mistakes. However, local vets are active in promoting and monitoring animal welfare. Advice is readily available and vets on hand to treat illness or injuries in animals as well as carrying out routine health checks, vaccinations and other treatments.

Town & Country Veterinary Services Winner of the Auckland South, NZ Herald Small Business of the Year

Based at 257 Great South Rd, Drury, we have all your veterinary needs taken care of

Let us take care of your best friend Town & Country Veterinary Services have a dedicated companion animal clinic based in Drury Village. We believe in delivering the very best quality care for your pets, along with making sure that you receive a personally tailored service. We have a strong focus on keeping your pet healthy and our team is here to help achieve this. Our shop stocks a range of premium food and flea treatments which all have loyalty cards and money back guarantees. For more information check out our website or facebook page • or contact us on (09) 294-8779, email KAT5957

Settling In Franklin 2018.indd 31

Settling In 2018-19


23/03/2018 10:51:22 a.m.

around t he home


Visit to discover a huge range of stylish, quality tiles

on elliot


Woodgrain Tiles



John Bannister and his team have over 40 years experience in the flooring industry in both the domestic and commercial markets. Together with his family they own and operate our local Flooring Xtra store – JB’s Flooring Xtra Pukekohe.


Mosiac Tiles

Wall & Floor Tiles

29b Elliot St, Papakura • Ph 09 214 6044 email Open Mon-Fri 8am-5pm, Sat 8am-1pm www. KAT5938


Services we offer: • We can assist you through your journey from start to finish • Free measure and quote • Supply and installation • Floor preparation • Insurance work • For both domestic and commercial situations

153B Manukau Rd, Pukekohe. Phone 09 238 2954 Hours: 8.30am-5pm Monday-Friday, 9am-1pm Saturday KAT5903


Settling In 2018-19

Settling In Franklin 2018.indd 32

23/03/2018 10:51:23 a.m.

around t h e h ome

Home décor Homeowners building new or updating an existing property, will have a myriad of things to consider from soft furnishings, paint colours, and new carpets through to wall art, occasional furniture and accessories of every description. Whether titivating just one room, contemplating a complete upgrade or outfitting a brand new build, it’s never an easy job bringing everything together. Getting the look right often requires expert assistance. The good news is Franklin has a wealth of retailers, professionals and tradespeople who are qualified to help solve a myriad of interior design and home decorating problems. Whether looking for products, advice or services, key people are available to ensure a satisfactory outcome to your search. New residents may be living on the outskirts of Auckland city but the there’s no need to traipse miles for the best. Residents can find everything from cost-effective do-ityourself options through to custom-made bespoke gems.

When it comes to protecting the investment you have made in your home but keeping up with ongoing maintenance, repairs and regular makeovers, Franklin is well served by companies that will get the job done for you or help you to make the most of your own efforts.



22 Queen St, Pukekohe | Ph: 09 2389326 |


Settling In Franklin 2018.indd 33

Settling In 2018-19


23/03/2018 10:51:23 a.m.


technology solutions technology technology solutions solutions technology solutions technology solutions technology solutions

Call Now Call CallNow Now Call Now 09 238 6900 09 238 6900 09238 2386900 6900 09

Having a Computer Having Computer problem? Havinga Computerproblem? problem? Having aaComputer problem?

Paradise Landscapes Design and build for residential and commercial

• Gardens/plantings • Section levelling/retaining walls • Poolside landscapes • Paving/decks/concrete work • Large lawn sowing & establishment

For a free quote phone 09 294 6413

and your your Mac Mac too! too! and and your your Mac Mac too! too! and and your Mac too! and your Mac too!



No Fix No Fee (conditions apply) Mobile phone repairs No Fix No Fee (conditions apply) Mobile phone repairs No Fix No Fee (conditions Mobile phone repairs NoNo Fix NoNo Fee (conditions apply) apply) Mobile phone repairs Fix Fee (conditions apply) Mobile phone repairs No Fix No Fee (conditions apply) Mobile phone Internet Cafe Cafe Tablet repairs repairs repairs Internet Tablet Internet Cafe Cafe Tablet repairs repairs Internet Tablet Internet Cafe Tablet repairs Internet Cafe 4/41 SEDDON STREET, PUKEKOHE Tablet repairs 4/41 SEDDON STREET, PUKEKOHE JU0536


Pukekohe's home of outdoor power equipment


See us for all your parts and servicing BUILDING BEAUTIFUL FUTURES


Visit Our Showroom: 151 King Street, Pukekohe



44 Crosbie Rd, Pukekohe KAT5633

Or Catch Us On The Web:

PH 09 238 0150

(near Pukekohe's Transfer station)

Like us on KAT5996

Settling In 2018-19

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23/03/2018 10:51:25 a.m.

around t h e h ome


Computer & IT Solutions for today and tomorrow

Bathrooms and kitchens are of the first areas to be updated and the local district is well endowed with professional kitchen, bathroom and building companies staffed by experienced people. Before starting a renovation, look for ideas in magazines and pamphlets. Get several quotes and be sure each company is quoting on a level playing field – the same materials and the same fixtures. Allow for extras and price rises. Many local companies will provide a free measure and quote and most will be happy to assist with ideas and practicalities that might change your initial thinking. Once you have made up your mind to do a renovation, enjoy exploring local businesses where you are sure to find only helpful, friendly service.

• Computer & IT Hardware, Software • Sales, Service & Consultancy • For Business & Home • PC, Mac, Server, Printer • Networking & Cloud Solutions • Onsite & Remote Support • Workshop Repair 119 Edinburgh St, Pukekohe

09 238 2966 0800 TO ZOOM


Franklin likes other parts of Auckland has seen house and land prices escalate and as a result renovating an existing home has become a popular choice with many locals.

Interior Design, Furniture, Fashion, Homeware, Gifts, Handbags, Jewellery, Fashion Accessories

Your Lifestyle Store of Choice Rachael Buxton of interiors.etc is a qualified interior designer who has been assisting home owners with their interior furnishing solutions for 20 years. Rachael is a colour and furnishing specialist. She works at ease with both new build and residential renovation projects. Rachael is able to access and source an extensive range of off

the floor and custom made furniture, lamps, tiles, and fabrics for curtains and interior furnishings. The interiors.etc retail store is located 50m from the Blackbridge and Karaka Roads intersection, along Karaka Road. Alternatively exit the motorway at Drury and head toward Pukekohe. We are 5km from the motorway on the right hand side.

R e ta i l S to R e KAT5670

458 Karaka Road, Karaka – within the Old Karaka Church Hours 10am-4pm – 7 days Ph 021 264 8432 Please ‘LIKE’ us and follow us on Facebook

Settling In Franklin 2018.indd 35

Settling In 2018-19


23/03/2018 10:51:25 a.m.

rural / lifesty le

Maintaining a lifestyle block For many people the move to Franklin may also mean the move to a small block with enough land to keep a few animals, or to have a small orchard or large garden. But a small block of say, between five and 40 acres, still means work even if it isn’t big enough to operate as a farm. There will be fences to build and maintain, hedges to cut, possibly a race to build for transporting steers and other animals in and out. There will almost certainly be a need for pens, coops and animal shelters as well as sheds to house specialist tools and equipment. Think about security, veterinary services and the many other jobs which come with owning a lifestyle property. Fortunately, the Franklin area, especially around Pukekohe, but in other parts too, is home to many rural orientated

Engineering Supplies & Service

businesses which can provide the proper advice, services and expertise needed to ensure small blocks and the animals they support, remain in peak condition. While many land owners are also able handypersons, others work during the week and may need to employ experts to do those ‘must not neglect’ jobs. Before starting out on any project, and certainly before bringing in animals you may know little about, ensure you are fully prepared. Seek the advice of knowledgeable and experienced local people. You’ll find everything you need nearby from experts on animal care and feed right through to a mountain of services to keep your property and equipment in good order.




• Bearings • Seals • Steel Sales • Tools • FASTENINGS – all types • V-Belts • Chains and Sprockets • Wire Rope • Galvanised and High Tensile Chain • Manufacture replacement machine parts • Total hydraulic service – make and repair hoses, services rams, pumps and hydraulic motors


• Insects and rodents • Domestic and commercial • Consultancy work

Calf Cl are all distric natura Frankl and P

YOU NAME IT – WE’LL KILL IT! Controlling your pests since 1988

Since 1957

143-145 Manukau Rd, Pukekohe Ph 09 238 3281 Fax 09 238 6019 • Email


Mobile 0274 789 857 Main Highway, Paerata JU0224

Settling In 2018-19

Settling In Franklin 2018.indd 36

23/03/2018 10:51:27 a.m.

rural / lifest y le KAT5883

Water watch Former city slickers, who seldom had to worry about water – where it came from, how clean it was or whether there was enough – will find themselves in a different situation if moving on to a lifestyle block in Franklin. Most will now need to rely on tank water and while some may be lucky enough to have a bore, others will rely purely on rainfall or top ups from water tankers. For new small block owners there will be certain things to watch for including water contamination from leaf fall, bird droppings, insects or rodents that slip into the system. Tank maintenance and cleaning is an annual task that shouldn’t be neglected. Keeping tanks vacuumed, or even totally scrubbed out from time to time, may be a necessity that some have not thought about. Also, if summer is dry, and storage inadequate, you may run out of water so check tank capacity. Fortunately, there are excellent water delivery and tank cleaning services throughout the district.

CHRIS JULIAN Freephone (0508) RURAL H20 (0508) 787 254 Chris mobile 021 765 629 Water Tank Cleaning (While full or empty) Water Tank Maintenance Water Deliveries ~ Swimming Pools Filled

ROY F PARKER & SON LTD Servicing Franklin for over 45 years


We’ve got solutions at Think Water Pukekohe Sales, Service & Design of: • Pipes & Parts • Filtration • Pool & Spa

148 Manukau Road, Pukekohe 2120 P. 09 238 9588 F. 09 238 7802 E.


• Bores • Pumps • Irrigation

Settling In Franklin 2018.indd 37

Settling In 2018-19


23/03/2018 10:51:27 a.m.

rural / lifesty le

Takanini Horse Feeds Quality Stock Feed


Great Feed at Great Prices!


295 TUAKAU RD, PUKEKOHE PH: 09 238 9414 EMAIL:



Call us for all your farming supply needs For the best advice and friendly service

• WATER BORES • Domestic to Irrigation Water Bores • Free Pump Consultation with Local Agents • Water Divining Service Available • All Workmanship & Materials Guaranteed



Full After Sales Service, Advice and Support

18 Elliot St, Papakura. Ph 09 298 7767. Mon-Fri 8am-5pm; Sat 8.30am-2.30pm



Cnr Madill & George St, Tuakau. Ph 09 236 8228. Mon-Fri 8am-5pm; Sat 8.30am-12noon

Ph: 09 267 9100 • Mob: 021 842 475 Email: Web: FREE ON-SITE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE


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Settling In Franklin 2018.indd 38

23/03/2018 10:51:28 a.m.

Proudly building Kiwi homes Proudly building homes for Kiwis for Kiwi 15 years Proudly building Kiwi homes forfor Kiwis forfor1515years Kiwis years

At A1homes we’re here to make things easy and it couldn’t be easier when using all the good stuff from home. Changing plans? Easy. Working out costs? Head over to our website, we’ve pretty much done it for you. Then you can choose to manage the build yourself with an A1 Kit Home, or we’ll make it even easier, and handle it for you. So whether it’s your first home, second home, or home away from home, call A1homes or visit our website and discover the easiest way to get the home you want. Showhome: 8 Kilbryde Crescent (off Mark Ball Drive), Pokeno Village Open: Tuesday to Friday 10am – 3pm | Saturday by appointment

Proudly building Kiwi hom for Kiwis for 15 years

Contact: Nicky Booker mobile: 027 226 5880 email:


Settling In Franklin 2018.indd 39

23/03/2018 10:51:28 a.m.

Living Local, Selling Local Your Franklin Specialist Selling Franklin One Letterbox at a Time! Jo-Ann Day-Townsend 021 1696 056

BCRE Ltd Licensed Agent REA 2008

24 Seddon Street, Pukekohe

Settling In Franklin 2018.indd 40

23/03/2018 10:51:29 a.m.