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Martin P leyer

Chief Operating Officer at Grenzebach Corporation

How long have you lived and worked in Coweta? I moved to the U.S. and Newnan in January, 2011, and live and work here since then.

What makes Coweta a good place for Grenzebach? Grenzebach came here 28 years ago because of the great location and good workforce, close to the ATL airport, on Interstate 85 and the port of Savannah just four hours away.

How does the education system help with local industry?

Martin Pleyer

36 Coweta Living 2016-17

Our school system and post-secondary education institutes are supporting industry wherever they can. For example, the CEC is co-founded by the Coweta County School System, West Georgia Technical College and industry through the Chamber of Commerce. Actually with the CEC, the industry is in the driver’s seat when it comes to training a viable workforce. Internships and apprenticeships at local industry are very common, and more than 200 employers are participating in work-based learning programs with the CEC. This is how you get the workforce with the skills that industry requires.

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