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find five frames

find five frames Introduction

find five frames is the first project born of our web site time of the thieves. At the beginning of September we sent an invitation to participate to the first 24 authors presented in our webpage, where 10 of them confirmed their participation featuring photographers, illustrators and artists. This publication brings together a diversity of styles, formats and contents product of the variety of authors that we have published in ttt. The idea of the project was that the participants sent us five images of any given day that represent them. There was not any particular format; they were free to choose between photography, drawing, collage, painting, etc. Also we requested from them to indicate us the estimated place, date and hour of the creation in each of the images. In this way, we organize the images in relation to the time when were created and corresponds to the idea of the project of showing them the closest to a chronological line. After this, we selected one image between the five images sent for every author and we made three general questions (to all the participants) and one specific for each one of them, which you can find at the end of the publication. This selected image you can see in the list for author, in bold. We are very grateful for the received collaboration and we expect to continue creating new projects. All the best.


Claudio Troncoso Rojas + MarĂ­a Aparicio Puentes Editors

aleksandra kojić, ann pajuväli, anna sophie berger, francisca pageo, gema gonzález, kari koty, katarina šoškić, lukasz wierzbowski, maja malou, & sabino aguad.

aleksandra kojić 1. The two of us drinking coffee at the roof of the house. January 1st 2011, early morning. Budapest, Hungary. 2. A fencing practice. February 2nd 2011, late afternoon, Red Star stadium. Belgrade, Serbia. 3. My sister in my mirror. February 5th 2011, afternoon, My room. Belgrade, Serbia. 4. Playing fetch with a stray dog on a frozen lake. April 15th 2011, sunset, Ada Ciganlija. Belgrade, Serbia 5. Old friends hanging out in the garden. August 4th 2010, early afternoon. Zahumska, Serbia. .

ann pajuväli 1. My very first portrait, what started the girl portraits collection. October 2nd 2009, a Friday afternoon. Tallinn, Estonia. 2. I saw a raven outside my window while drawing and decided to make that girl raven-like. March 3rd 2011, early evening. Tallinn, Estonia. 3. A bear can’t bear. April 9th 2011, evening at my parents home. Tallinn, Estonia. 4. After a rough night out, the other morning. August 2011, morning time. Tallinn, Estonia. 5. We are all special cases by Albert Camus - A subject I’m working on. October 3rd 2011, late monday night.Tallinn, Estonia.

anna-sophie berger 1. A very early picture of mine. 2005, early evening. South Tyrol, Italy. 2. My mum undressing a pair of jeans. that day I made her wear all the jeans she ever bought. July 2011, afternoon. Kremsm端nster, Austria. 3. A window to the pool. August 2011, noon. Camogli, Italy. 4. A blanket dress. Middle of August 2011, morning. Frastanz, Austria. 5. My sister being groomed by my friend Roshi. September 6th, later afternoon. Kremsm端nster, Austria.

francisca pageo 1. Deep clouds, deep blues. September 26th 2011, 17:30h, Made at home, (balcony). Molina de Segura, Spain. 2. Hold on with my open hand. September 27th 2011,19:30h, Made at home (bedroom). Molina de Segura, Spain. 3. I believe in simmetry. September 28th 2011, 12:45h, Made at home (bedroom). Molina de Segura, Spain. 4. Something to dream on. September 29th 2011, 16:30h, Made at home (bedroom). Molina de Segura, Spain. 5. When the curious girl realizes she is under nature. September 30th 2011, 17:00h, Made at home (bedroom)Molina de Segura, Spain.

gema gonzรกlez 1. I will meet beautiful girls. September 8th, 2011, 12:11h, in the Valencia Fashion Week. Valencia, Spain. 2. Someday I will be a fashion photographer. September 8th, 2011, 12:18h, in the Valencia Fashion Week Valencia. Valencia, Spain. 3. Beautiful ears. September 8th, 2011, 12:19h, in the Valencia Fashion Week. Valencia, Spain. 4. Beautiful feet. September 8th, 2011,12:25h, in the Valencia Fashion Week. Valencia, Spain. 5. Beautiful night dresses. September 8th, 2011, 13:03h, in the Valencia Fashion Week. Valencia, Spain.

kari koty 1. Sing me to sleep. June 16th, 2011 2:16h, taken on my parents bed. North Carolina, USA. 2. Adventure. June 26th, 2011 3:20h, taken in a Lava Tube. Hawaii, USA. 3. Little boxes. February 8th, 2011,4:52h, taken in my home, sittin on the floor. North Carolina, USA. 4. The day I turned 16. August 17th, 2011, 4:30h, taken in my bathroom. North Carolina, USA. 5. Freedom to those who release themselves. August 7th, 2011 12:42h, taken in the wood bordering my home. North Carolina, USA.

katarina šoškić 1. Vuk in Vienna. September 5th, 2010, some time last summer, Stadtpark. Vienna, Austria. 2. Anna Schwarz on the mentioned shooting in Rome, failure pic. February 18th or 19th, 2011, evening. Rome, Italy. 3. Anna Schwarz in the cab in Rome. February 18th or 19th, 2011, evening. Rome, Italy. 4. Anonimous girl in the airplane Berlin to Vienna, Beginning of July 2011. 5. Kati in Lainzer Zoo in Vienna where animals are free to walk around. July, 19th, 2011, 16h, afternoon. Vienna, Austria.

lukasz wierzbowski 1. Untitled 01. September 9th, 2011. Hong Kong Airport, waiting for the flight to Taipei, early afternoon. 2. Untitled 02. September 9th, 2011. Warsaw seen from the airplane. 3. Untitled 03. September 10th, 2011. Conservatory at University (in Taipei), Taiwan. 4. Untitled 04. September 14th, 2011. Shoreline, sunset, Taiwan. 5. Untitled 05. September 15th, 2011. Hills,Taiwan.

maja malou 1. Waking up. Saying goodbye. Starting fresh. September 17th, 2011, morning, self-portrait. Aarhus, Denmark. 2. Never felt so cold. never felt so calm. September 18th, morning, self-portrait. Aarhus, Denmark. 3. Feel cloudy in my mind. October 1st, early afternoon, self portrait. Aarhus, Denmark 4. Burried in dreams 1.1 October 30th, 2011, morning, in the forrest, self-portrait, Denmark 5. Burried in dreams 1.2 October 30th, 2011, morning, in the forrest, self-portrait, Denmark

sabino aguad 1. I’m the oldest among six siblings and this photo represents a family trip during the summer. We where bored so we went out and took pictures all day long. February 28th, 2010. ChiloÊ Islands, Chile. 2. This was the first double exposure I took with my FM2. I was waiting the bus to go to school, happy with my new camera. July 3rd. Santiago, Chile. 3. I took this photo the first day my girlfriend came back from studying abroad for 3 years. August 5th. Santiago, Chile. 4. I got stuck home with my girlfriend during a big storm for days, so TV shows and books became good friends. Around Christmas 2010. Tenafly, New Jersey, USA. 5. This was the first photo I took after staying stuck at home for days during the storm with my girlfriend. We took the subway and early in the morning and then we walked all day. Just after Christmas 2010. Manhattan, NY, USA.

questions 1. If we think that this series of images as a narrative structure, in which images make up a story or a meaning, what relevance or relationship has the selected image over the other of this series? 2. Of what form you position yourself inside the scene that you portray with this image? Only as observer or as protagonist part of the image? 3. In which way can you determine that this one is the definitive image? Saying in another way; in which way you establish this image as a “frame�. It was product of a series of tests to find an image that you had in mind previously or it was an unique and spontaneous event that was found? 4. Specific question for the author.

aleksandra kojić

1. Every one of these pictures is just a moment, a blink of an eye that had happened to get caught onto negative also.

2. Absolutely as a part of it. If the luck was a bit different, any one of us could have ended taking the same photo.

3. This photograph is a product of a random, fortunate event. I would even say fate if it wasn’t so tacky. It could have turned out completely different if I had taken the time to construct it in my head earlier, and thank god I didn’t.

4. We cannot stop associating this photography with the picture Danseuses en bleu of Edgar Degas. Did you seek to develop certain relation with this reference, and if it is not, what do you wanted to transmit?

I was hoping to transmit the natural grace that my friends have. Edgar Degas was an artistic genius. Me, just a regular political science student.

ann pajuväli

1. This one is the simplest, yet the strongest one. I got rid of all unnecessary to find the core of being single. There are no copies, every individual is a special case. So in a way we are all internally lonely and isolated.

2. Someone once said that an artist always paints its own portrait. I like that symbol. The process of making art is a very personal experience. To me drawing is a tool to connect with my inner self, so it is natural that my work is a reflection of myself in any form.

3. I had a vision in my head and I did no tests before. There were no hard work or erasing. Things just came together naturally and it felt complete in its simplicity.

4. If we seek a relationship of this image with the quote of the French writer Albert Camus, the first thing that comes to mind is the condition of the special visibly expressed in the form of the subject’s head you drew. A second interpretation could be understood as that of attributing traits of individuality to this geometric figure, and understanding this elements as special features. Does this quote allude to some of this affirmations?

Circle is a symbol of unity and wholeness. It represents completion just like every single person is complete with its special features and strange flaws. We are part of a system like the sun and the moon, but even if we belong to exist with others, we are solitary and entirely unique phenomenon. We are all special cases.

anna sophie berger

1. The five pictures I sent you, clearly do not belong to a series. I chose them very independently, trying to show those pictures from different fields that are dear to me. The relationship between this very picture and the others I can’t clearly define. In my photography the most important subjects are my family members and I love the silent subtle moments, like this hand touching the head in the picture. That makes it one of my favourites.

2. I have noticed that when I take pictures of people, I like them propositionally more to the degree of closeness I established with that person. As I said my protogonists and subjects are mostly family or close firends. I tried to find out the reason for this, and I realised that only with people I feel natural with, that I am blunt and open with, I can become part of the event, of the scene. When I take pictures of my mother or sister, I am never moving away, in fact we communicate all the time, the act of photographing is not a serious sterile moment, but becomes lively, which is what I am aiming for above all. It’s this moments when they laugh or yawn, scratch their skin or talk to me. Me holding a camera has become so natural to us all that it doesn’t change the situations and allows me to always be a part.

3. That really depends on the series. Obviously some of my images are if you will snap- shots of moments and situations that I encounter and have to catch. Then there is single projects, like the image of my mother undressing, that are plannend and have a concept that exists long before the event of picture taking. Then there is shootings for friends, that are somehow half and half, of course you have to wait for the day, the model, to see the atmosphere, but in fact you plan ahead and know what you will do.

Also, as I work more and through the process of ever and ever reselecting, I realised that concept for me is way more then a prefexed idea before touching a camera. The way of taking pictures of very specific things, of ever the same moments, then laying them out together I consider concept in a way. It is always in my mind, the collector in me goes for the subjects that he needs, he finds them everywhere and therefore it happens that series are done over a great turn of time. What started as a snap, is rethought and repositioned till it leads to a selfstanding project. So things I collect spontanously lead to series that are then result of planning and made by decision.

4. For what purpose she is being groomed?

She is being groomed by my friend who I did a shooting with. It was done in the garden of my parents on the countryside. I always love the pictures and moments during the pauses and changes within a shooting. Those moments are magic, one person working on the other, both giggling, the off-set moments. Most of the time those pictures are more important to me than the actual images of the shooting, even though I try to get this natural mood in all of my pictures.

francisca pageo

1. I guess all them are related about the feelings and emotions i had that week. They are parts of my inside life.

2. Both, I feel like observer and protagonist. As observer because i see the contradiction between the two girls but they are attached the one to other; like protagonist because i feel we all have some contradictions inside and we feel them so much sometimes... so so much like the clouds before the rain.

3. I think about the frame, and life, like a instant, something to happen, by chance... Later, when i realize the frame, or the moment, then i think about that frame and the reason why to make it.

4. What is the blue in this image?

The blue represents the self control & the emotional restlessness; it’s like the colour we find to have peace between all these intense feelings. Equilibrium.

gema gonzález

1. This photo shows just another previous moment to the fashion show. I love the seriousness and concentration of the characters.

2. I’m only an insignificant observer. They would have done the same even if I hadn’ t been there.

3. It`s a frame who tells what was happenig there. It was an unique and spontaneus event that I found while I was shooting in the backstage.

4. What is the role of that man in the image?

In the photo there are two women waiting for the beginning of the show. It’s a time full of stress, but their faces show peace.

kari koty

1. This image is the “release” image, the moment in the series that it’s in where the subject almost loses coherence with the viewer. In my mind, it’s a moment where the subject almost lets themselves go.

2. The position I believe that I am in is one of an observer from a distance. I am interested with what is happening with the subject, but I am not close enough to the subject to disturb the moment that they are experiencing.

3. These shot was created when I told my sister, the model, to throw her hair back. It was quite spontaneous because it was near the end of the shoot, and it didn’t really fit in with the rest of it, at least at that moment. However, now I think it fits seamlessly with the rest of the images and I find that I might even like it more than the images that I had planned out more specifically.

4. What symbolizes the release in this image?

The release in the image is almost the release of all emotions. A blank state of mental spirits, almost. It is also, most importantly, a moment in time that was very quickly passing. A moment that just the naked eye might have missed. With this image I feel that I have cheated time, and with this, I hope that I was able to create something beautiful.

katarina šoškić

1. The connection is in the mood and color. and in that game of being visible and invisible. Girl from the previous picture is hidden and anonymous.

Bicycle-light or day-light in the airplane from the next two give the same color as the light of the city that girl from selected picture is seeing through the car-window so it puts her somewhere between day and night. It’s raining and she is wandered in her thoughts, what goes back to the mysterious vibe of the first one. This girl from selected picture was modeling on the shooting and it was important for her not to be exposed in too personal way I like how the last picture of my mistake emphasizes that need of hers. and also takes us back to anonymity of the first one.

2. i was an observer, almost voyeur. i caught anna in very intimate moment. she wasn’t even aware of me photographing her.

3. It was spontaneous event.

4. Who is Anna Schwarz and what was she doing in Rome?

Anna Schwarz is a friend of a friend. Three of us were spending a weekend in rome, working on a fashion shooting.

lukasz wierzbowski

1. Think it’s the feeling of both mystery and intimacy that holds these photos together. They fullfill each other in away but this particular one seems to represent the idea very well.

2. In this case I felt more as an observer. I was the one who picked the moment, I also decide which way I want to show the scene but at the same time I wasn’t able to controle the nature of this happening. It’s much different from the way I usually work with the models when everything changes all the time and I give instructions, this time I could only wait.

3. It was totally unplanned I was just in the right place in the right time. I don’t like to plan the detail of my sessions in advance so whatever happens on my photos is the re sult of certain kind of trip which it take (with models or a bunch of friends). I work on film and each frame is very precious. The photos I like are usually the ones that have a kind rhythm and balance that I feel attracted to.

4) Do you believe that the most important thing of this image is what we do not see of it?

This kind of mystery is definitely exiting. I like to feeling that there is something hidden that I don’t have the access, this way I can play with my imagination. Both the visible and invisible parts are important, the relation and the tension between them is what makes it so interesting.

maja malou

1. This picture was difficult to take, in two ways. In a psychical and emotional way. The process was very cold and needed a lot of consentration in a short amount of time. It took about 15 minutes (but was sick the rest of the day) This picture represents a mo- ment where I want to hide away and not open my eyes to reality. On the other hand, this picture also reminds me of the sentence “I close my eyes in order to see”. The picture is introvert. It is sentimental. It is a door to another world, a dreamy place inside my mind.

2. Well -- it is a self-portrait. So I guess I am the main character - the one thats being observed. But actually, in this case, with this picture, I feel like I am the observer. I don’t feel like Im looking at my self. But that Im looking at stranger. Thank you for making me conscious of that thought and feeling.

3. I have had this picture in mind for a while. And I knew what I wanted to express. I had thought a lot about it. But you can’t control it when you’re lying in the water. So I guess it was spontaneous how the result turned out.

4).We can interpret that you refer to the personage Ofelia in this image. Does “ Never felt so cold. never felt so calm “ speak us of the moment of her death?

Wow, in fact, I didn’t even know about this character Ofelia, before now (yes, I googled it). Never felt so cold, never felt so calm has no fancy references. It is just a description of the moment. Im from Denmark and at this time of year its already bloody cold - and so was the sea. The feeling I had in my body was indescrib able, I was almost unconscious because of the icey water - but at the same time a feeling filled my body with a strong and peaceful emotion. My face was under water, therefor everything was quiet. It felt like I was in a dream. I remember thinking to myself in the moment, that it probably felt like this dying. Something painful - yet so peaceful.

sabino aguad

1. There’s no other intention but to give an aesthetic overturn with this image to the series, using colder colors and no one being portrayed. Maybe it’s just a relaxing and pleasant photograph.

2. Like an observer. I think I’ve never felt as a protagonist in any of my photos. Most of the time I photograph things just to see how they will look in a photograph, with no other intention but to remember that moment or image.

3. It was spontaneous. I had a new camera, the Nikon FM2, and I wanted to try out the double exposure button to see if it was working properly. I just had to wait a little to find to things that I liked that could be combined, and this was the only photo I took.

4. Being that this image is a double exposure photography. What is it that sepa rates them from each other? Is it a temporary notion? Spatial?

I think it’s more spatial. I’m not a big fan of double exposures, but sometimes it’s interesting to see what image comes out of two separated objects, focusing the image in the final result more than the thing that separates them.

in this edition aleksandra kojić

ann pajuväli

anna-sophie berger

francisca pageo

gema gonzález

kari koty

katarina šoškić

lukasz wierzbowski

maja malou

sabino aguad

thanks to all!

find five frames. a project by time of the thieves. copyrights © 2011. time of the thieves and individual authors. all rights reserved. cover photography by lukasz wierzbowski. claudio troncoso rojas + maría aparicio puentes. barcelona, spain. december, 2011.

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find five frames  

find five frames is the first project born of our web site time of the thieves. At the beginning of September we sent an invitation to part...

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