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5 Essentials for More Time Webinar

With Valerie McDougall & Jayne Jennings

50% of Australian women aged 18-59 made a New Year’s resolution to diet in 2011 How many stuck with their goal beyond the first week? 10% !!

The 5 Essentials • Why emulating successful people doesn’t work • How to know what to focus your time on for best results • How to stop these 5 time thieves • The key to achieving more • How to find an extra 5 hours/week

Why do people struggle with time? • Growing a business & trying to do it all? • Sabotaging your efforts? • Using systems that work for others? • Not taking take time to plan - too busy reacting? • Not learning how to manage your time?

You know it’s time to change when you… • Regularly feel guilty for not spending time with family • Get to the end of the day exhausted with little to show • Haven’t read a novel in months • Find you’re saying no to opportunities • Spend your days putting out fires & reacting • Feel overwhelmed by your inbox and in-tray

Our story

1. Don’t try to be like successful people

2. Know what to focus your time on for best results

3. Avoid the 5 Time Thieves 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Email Phone Procrastination BSOs Distractions/ Interruptions

4. The key to achieving more

The 100 Day Challenge with the 7 Step Program • Doing things differently rather than trying to fit more into your busy schedule • Proven system for reaching goals you’ve struggled to find time for • Practical, results focused • 7 simple steps in 100 days • Enjoy an extra 5 hours/week • Personal coaching at your pace

At the end of the program you will..

• • • • • • •

Achieve at least one important goal Easily master the absolute ‘must- • do’ techniques Be truly working with the strengths of your Time Style

Identify your challenges and how to avoid sabotaging your time Overcome your time stealers Have a ‘handbag’ of tips and techniques for working (or living) with other Time Styles Redesign your week for success – at work and personally Put in place the critical habits to keep you on track from day 101

Month 1 - Gain clarity & space in your life • • • • • • •

Identify about what you really want to achieve Establish critical benchmarks to track your progress Learn secret ‘must-do’ technique for regaining control of your time Discover your own Time Management Style Understand how to achieve your key goal & start taking action towards it Find out the 3 massive mistakes women make with their time management & how to avoid them Discover the special formula for finding out the real value of your time (this may come as a shock!)

Month 2 – Tapping into your strengths • On track to achieving your goal • Unpack your personal ‘power tools’ • Gain clarity about your challenges and how they sabotage your time • Know the critical strategies to use each time the challenges undermine what you’re wanting to achieve • Enjoy access to supporting resources and templates • Learn the steps to keep your energy tank levels high • Understand how to ensure your work space is working for you, not against you

Month 3 – Living the dream • Have your goal within easy reach now • Redesign your week for success • Gain mastery over your ‘power tools’ • Learn how to avoid email overwhelm and handle phone calls to save time • Receive a proven 80/20 tool for powerful focus • Discover the best kept secret to filing to simplify your life

Other goodies you’ll receive • Access to the Profiler • A 3 page personalised Report about YOUR Time Style • Access to powerful tool for getting control of your time • Resources for each session to help you easily understand the material • Our checklist of important resources to draw from • Our support at each step of the way

How to register • Best Value – pay up front $139. Includes FREE Profile report free You SAVE $66.99 • Cash Flow option - payment plan. Pay $84 first up, then 2 payments of $47/month You SAVE $27.99 Register now because space is limited

Early Registrants Special Be amongst the first 5 to register and you’ll receive a 30 minute personal coaching so you get the maximum benefits from the program

Valued at $97, yours FREE. Register now

5. A key TM secret we swear by to give you extra time


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5 Essentials for Finding More Time  
5 Essentials for Finding More Time  

Presentation reveals 5 practical strategies to help you have more time for what's important to you each day