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Why multitasking is not such a good thing How many of us do not discover our self multitasking at some time or another. We have all seen a woman with a baby on her hip, a mobile phone in her ear, while cleaning the dishes or mixing food in the stove. We have also noticed the business man, talking on his cellular phone, while riffling via documents, and pushing the elevator button to go up. It is definitely a busy world we live in, and Multitasking has become quite typical. Nevertheless, if you choose to multitask in order to assist manage your time and the tasks you have to complete, you might not be performing your self a justice at all. There are so many reasons why multitasking is bad. It is not always the best solution to assist bring order in a very busy schedule. You will find a lot of things that will go wrong whenever you multi-task. One of the many reasons Why Multitasking is Bad is poor is because you can't give your total attention to just 1 job. You are splitting your interest, thus some thing is certain to get forgotten or neglected. It is significantly better to give each task your undivided attention so that you are performing your greatest with out distraction. Imagine trying to put together the end of the year reports while answering phones for your boss as well as sending out the companyテ不 holiday Christmas cards to all their important clients. Better yet, picture failing to remember to send a card to the most important client of all simply because you had been taking a phone call, but got disturbed. Then it maybe slipped your mind that his had not been sent. These things commonly occur when a busy person chooses to multitask. When a person chooses to multitask, it is simple for them to forget essential information or essential parts of the tasks to be performed. It's tough to maintain your mind on multiple things all at the same time. time management programs are significantly much better than trying to multitask. Time management programs teach you how you can make the time to better concentrate on the individual tasks at hand. Although some people might find it easy to multitask, many people don't. Multitasking can cause us to make mistakes and neglect tasks that we would not normally do so. With a million things going on in your mind, it would only make sense that to multitask could be the less effective method of obtaining things done. Time management is a significantly better way.

Why Multitasking is not such a Good Thing  

Are you of the many people who Multitask? Read along as you get to unravel why Multitasking isn't good for you.

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