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Make Your Hands Feel Special by Flaunting the Best Pearl Bracelets Pearl bracelets are complementary to a pearl necklace, earring or pendant set. These bracelets can be of different types such as a classic simple single strand, a double strand, Tahitian pearl, south sea, freshwater or tin cup. Many more types are available in on-line and off-line stores in the combination of various stones and metals. Along with pearl bracelets, Hamsa bracelets and evil eye bracelets are very popular with fashion lovers as well as those who believe in the power of good luck and evil forces. These bracelets are mostly made using diamonds, gemstones and enamel. Evil eye bracelets as the name suggests involve an eye design within the bracelet. This eye design serves as the protector. Some of the eyes on these bracelets are typical patterns of gemstones that are laid carefully. Others are designs with a soft central iris of color. Essential idea behind wearing a symbol of eye on bracelet is to keep the evil eyes of others away. It gives a sense of peace, protection and serenity to those who believe in the forces of evil in the existence. An evil eye is also attached to a safety pin and baby clothes or diaper bag to protect children from evil eye. Hamsa bracelets share some similarities with bracelets having evil eye. The difference is in the symbol. The Hamsa bracelets also use a hand pendant along with the eye. The symbol of hand is considered to be the hand of God

or hand of peace. It is because of this, these bracelets are found in many styles, designs and sizes. Among different materials and stones that are used in making these bracelets, there include diamonds, silver sterling etc. Some are also made using leather and different gemstones on the band. While you are looking for pearl bracelets, you can find many options. For example, if you are looking for white pearls, you may like to explore freshwater pearls which are relatively inexpensive. Japanese Akoya pearls are of classic quality which has high luster and jumbo sized south sea pearls that normally start at 9mm and extend to 12mm. Your hunt for unusual color can lead you to explore American pearl that comes in pink, peach, grey, chocolate and cranberry freshwater pearls. There are some who find black color Tahitian pearls or the extremely rare Golden south sea pearls quite interesting and prefer to flaunt them stylishly. Click here to browse our great collection of Black Pearls Bracelet here d/13 Follow us:

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pearl bracelets