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International tailor-made market research The International Marketing Expedition (TIME) is an initiative of Asset | Marketing, in cooperation with Tilburg University. The objective of TIME is to

Poland, Turkey, China, India, Brazil, South Africa, and most recent the United Arab Emirates. In 2011 TIME goes for a new challenge in China.

perform international marketing research for Dutch companies in an appealing foreign market. The research will be conducted by talented, senior academic students, with special interest in

Especially in these times of economic decline, it is important to always search for new possibilities, beyond the existing work field of the company. Without a big time effort by you as

marketing. The students are selected entrepreneur and at cost price, TIME exclusively for this project. can provide valuable information on In the past, successful projects have the specific possibilities for your been performed in countries like Japan, company in China.


TIME-destinations in the past Investigate Emirates


United Arab Emirates South Africa



A BRIC building the future



A billion opportunities to explore



Breaking through the wall



Turkey, the next European star?



Looking over the wall



Passage to a billion opportunities


South Africa

Voetstappe in die Toekoms



Succeeding in Sweden



The Canadian Connection

entry of a new market.



Poland, the Perfect oPPortunity



A World to explore



Portugal, promise for the Future



Japan; Threats or opportunities



The rich history has proven the success of the TIME concept. The experiences of companies who participated in the past leave no doubt about it, international market research in cooperation with TIME leads to enlightening insights that you will benefit from in the



The formula of TIME is both simple as unique. As an entrepreneur you will get the chance to gather valuable information about a country somewhere in the world

Ondersoek in die Toekoms

to bring theoretical knowledge that is gathered in previous academic years into practice. TIME brings business and students together in a ‘win-win'

that is economically booming. On the situation for the participating parties. other hand, the student gets the chance

General information about China ABOUT CHINA Capital: Beijing Surface: 9,596,961 km² Population: 1,336,718,015 (2011 estimate) Population Growth: 0,493 % (2011 estimate) Trade Languages: Standard Chinese or Mandarin, English Time zone: UTC +08:00 Religion: Buddhism, Taoism

ECONOMIC FACTS Gross domestic product: 9.872 trillion dollar GDP per capita: 7,400 dollar GDP growth: 10,3% Currency: Renminbi Yuan (RMB) Value RMB: 1 US dollar is 6.7852 RMB

TRADE Total import in China: 1.307 trillion dollar Total export from China: 1.506 trillion dollar

General information continued about China ECONOMY The economy in China has changed a lot over the past forty years. China set sail to a new economic direction, based on the encouragement of foreign investments. Before, the Chinese economy was aiming to minimize contact with foreign investors. This new policy caused trade with China to experience tremendous growth since the


middle of the nineties. Agriculture has been the most important sector in the Chinese economy for years. Despite agriculture still being a great contributor to the Chinese economy,

The Chinese economy is growing at a high rate. At the moment, it is the second largest economy in the world and is one of the most attractive nations worldwide for direct foreign

nowadays the most important sector is the industry. The machine industry is taking over the traditional textile industry. Also the electronics sector is booming, China’s main export products are

investments. On top of this, it is the biggest consumer market on the planet with a continuously growing purchasing power and a large labor force. Because of a continuously growing

electronic goods, like computers

population, the consumption and thus demand for consumer goods keeps In 2009, despite the economic crisis, the growing. Chinese economy still experienced a growth of 9.1%. The real GDP of 2010 Attractive sectors for Dutch companies is expected to grow to 9.9% (Source: EVD). Analysts expect China to have passed the US in the next 10 years as biggest economy on the planet.

going to China could be: - Logistics - Infrastructure - Creative industry - ICT-outsourcing - Automobile industry

At this time China is at number 1 in the - Renewable energy sources and ‘Global Retail Development Index’. environment Conclusively, China is at the moment the - Machinery most attractive country for companies to - Shipbuilding settle in.

What can TIME do for you? Some references from past years Marcel Michels General Sales Manager Export

Royal AGIO Cigars In the years 2003, 2004 and 2005 Royal AGIO Cigars participated in the TIME project in India, China and Turkey. The fact that we participated multiple years indicates that the cooperation with TIME, the university and the students was very positive. Each of the research projects have given Royal AGIO Cigars a good insight in the market, the market players and the culture which has helped us to eventually determine the strategy for these areas. Since 2004 we have been active in the market of India. Because of the research in China, we have found some very useful contacts for the future and the research in Turkey has provided us with new ideas to strengthen our position in that market. Research by students, under professional supervision by the university with an attractive price tag is for Royal AGIO Cigars a good and strong combination.

Jan Jegerings Managing director I have been approached for the TIME project mid 2006. Because I had been in China in 2005, I was not interested in selling my products in China. However, I was interested in letting my products be produced in China (parts and eventual complete machinery). This approach also fits the TIME concept. Consequently, together with a student, I have composed a list of criteria potential

trade partners have to meet. This varied from demands in the machines available, location (because of transport and visits) but also: a contact person within the company that speaks decent English (which is not a certainty in China). The student has visited about 20 companies in the region around Shanghai and the province Guangzho. The majority of these 20 companies provided very low quality when it came to both factory equipment and products. Eventually, three companies that looked good and made high quality products remained. Of each company, a report has been made in which the whole list of criteria was evaluated. On top of this, a photo report has been made, because ‘one picture paints a 1000 words’. These have been e-mailed to us throughout the trip. For me, the mission was successful in the sense that I will visit the remaining companies myself. This will relatively cost me a little amount of time, differing from several days to a week. This is why I think the costs are relatively low. If I had gone to China for a month this would have had undoubtedly cost me more. Besides, I just cannot leave my company for a month. Because of this, I can strongly recommend the TIME project. One more advice: make sure the student’s research is prepared well. A high amount of conversations about the products my company produces have in my opinion made sure that the researcher truly had a feeling for my company and products and thus also was well informed about technical facts and the subject matter.



The research trip is preceded by a thorough desk research of three months. In these months the field research will be prepared. The students who will perform

T I M E i s p a r t o f a n o n - p r o f i t organization. Since TIME is not profit oriented, the investigations are done at cost price. The research costs can

the research will be selected on the basis of motivation, experience and skills. Participation in TIME is only available for senior students with an affinity for marketing. Additionally, the entire

v a r y w i t h t h e i n t e n s i t y o f t h e assignment agreed on. Still, it is a fraction of the price which, for example, consultancy firms charge for similar services.

process is accompanied by members of the Department of Marketing from Tilburg University, which guarantees an academic level in both the research and Because of intensive and professional reporting phase. support by the Marketing Department


of Tilburg University, TIME is able to conduct a great amount of research project in numerous sectors. Examples Every research is custom-made. In of research possibilities are a branche consultation with the client, TIME and the description, supplier selection, market


supervisors of the Department of analysis and a network analysis. For Marketing a research proposal will be more information on research fields composed. please visit



Because of the professional support from m e m b e r s o f t h e D e p a r t m e n t o f Marketing from Tilburg University, TIME can perform the research independently

T I M E i s p a r t o f a n o n - p r o f i t organization and because of this does not have the goal to make profit. The research will be conducted against the

of the company. The company itself can decide the degree of effort to be made in the support and guidance of the research. Consequently, the time investment needed is minimal.

cost price. The standard price for participation in TIME 2011 for companies is set to be 5.500 euro (excl. BTW). However, the research costs may very due to the intensity of

the assignment.

Time schedule and summary JULY - SEPTEMBER 2011 Students are assigned to each company and the preliminary research will be started. This period will consist of a thorough desk research by the

NOVEMBER - JANUARY 2011 - 2012 A f t e r r e t u r n i n g f r o m C h i n a t h e completion phase will take place. This is the last phase of the project. The results of the field research will be reported to

student to investigate the market and the company. This phase is also industry within which the company supervised by members of the Marketing operates. At the same time interesting Department to ensure an academic level. contacts in China will be mapped. The preliminary research will be completed with an interim report, which will be presented to the company. In close cooperation with the members of the - High quality market research against Department of Marketing, the final cost price. research proposals are made up, as a - Every research is tailor-made. In


base for the field research.

OCTOBER 2011 In October 2011 the students will, together with the committee and the supervisors from the Marketing Department, leave to China where the field research of approximately four weeks will be conducted. During this field research the students will visit s e v e r a l c o m p a n i e s , b r a n c h e o r g a n i z a t i o n s a n d e m b a s s i e s / consulates. The specific content of the r e s e a r c h i s d e p e n d e n t o n t h e p r e v i o u s l y c o m p o s e d r e s e a r c h proposal.

consultation with TIME and the company the research proposal will be composed. - China is the second largest economy of the world and is one of the most attractive countries worldwide for direct foreign investments. - An economy that keeps growing. -The presence of several interesting market sectors for Dutch companies.


Tilburg University and Department of Marketing TILBURG UNIVERSITY Tilburg University is a renowned university in Europe with more than 10.000 students. The scientific research and education of Tilburg University concentrates on the field of Economics and Business, Law, Social Sciences, Communication, Culture, Philosophy, Religion and Theology. The high quality of the scientific research grants Tilburg University a high position on international rankings. The Marketing Department is part of the Faculty Economics and Business. This faculty is ranked high through the whole of Europe and is one of the best when it comes to research. (Source: European Economic Reviews) Website:




Asset | Marketing is a study association within the Faculty for Economics and Business. Asset | Marketing is known as a very active association for students with a special interest in marketing and market research. With about 600 members it belongs to one of the biggest study associations within Tilburg University. The goal of Asset | Marketing is to narrow the gap between marketing theory and practice. As a part of this, TIME was founded in 1988. The TIME 2011 committee, responsible for the organization of the project this year, will be supported and monitored by the foundation TIME. This foundation consists of individuals that have experience with previous editions of TIME, members of the Marketing Department and board members of Asset | Marketing.

CONTACT INFORMATION Tilburg University Asset | Marketing C.o. The International Marketing Expedition Room E102 P.B. 90513 5000 LE Tilburg T: 013-4663044 F: 013-4638078 E:


Brochure TIME 2011  

Brochure TIME 2011