Time Auction 2018 Annual Report

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2018 Impact Report

2018 has been a big year — we have a record high number of volunteer hours and launched ​Time Auction​ in 3 more cities! Together, our community volunteered over 12,018 hours to charities (that’s 1,460 working days!), joined 71 meaningful conversations with leaders in business, government, entertainment and non-profits, and completed 207 empowering and challenging workouts with O ​ ne Ten​. There is a long tail of charities we support, and notably we’ve contributed 315 hours to Hands On Hong Kong​, 214 hours to ​FoodAngel​, 105 hours via ​Social Career​ and many, many more.

We're now international! Time Auction now has a chapter in ​Singapore​, ​Sydney​ and L ​ os Angeles​, with operations run entirely by volunteers. Big shoutout to our city launchers — Monica in Los Angeles, Cecily & Kim in Sydney, Raphaela in Melbourne, Athena, Ray, Jeanette & Chui Chin & our City Sponsor F ​ ave​ in Singapore.

Singapore: Tea with Tony (Founder of AirAsia) Sydney: Dinner with Jane (Founder of Showpo) raised 132 volunteer hours raised 178 volunteer hours

Sydney: Dinner with Cameron (Co-founder of Canva) raised 192 volunteer hours

Interesting in bringing Time Auction to new cities? Sign up ​here​.

Fun facts about our community!

Did you know the top reasons people come to our events? 77% came to meet interesting people, 71% came for life advice, and 42% for career advice. A whopping 89% have learned something they’d think of or start doing differently in their lives. We're growing the pie — 38% are incentivised by Time Auction to volunteer, with 91% say volunteering taught them about the social issues and are driven to continue contributing to the causes.

Your support means the world to us. Without each of you who volunteered your time, and the generous donors who gave time or money, it would have just been a bunch of us asking people to grab a bite. This is a true testament of how kindness goes far — each of us doing a little ended up creating a massive and rippling impact. Our team consists of 2 full-time staff and 14 volunteers, and every time someone donates to our charity, someone does a little happy dance — If you'd like to help further our mission, we'd be grateful for any big or small donation. From the bottom of our hearts, thanks for being part of our community! With gratitude, Fion, Suetyi & Time Auction team