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To me, architecture is a bridge that spans the gap between art and engineering. A truly successful design must walk a fine line between the two, and in doing so one discovers a beauty and a harmony in the balance. I approach every design project with this philosophy in mind, devoting attention not only to function and form, but to materiality, structure, context, inhabitability, and constructability. Overreliance on simple structural integrity produces dull and uninviting buildings. Similarly, architecture as pure sculpture is often insensitive to its surroundings and in defiance of its own physical properties. Architecture is design, but it is also construction. In this portfolio are a series of projects - both academic and professional - that hope to find this balance.

The cover photo was taken September 2007 during the opening of ‘Between Spaces’, an installation by artist Wendy Jacob. Over the preceeding summer, I worked as an assistant on this installation consisting of two tightropes - one suspended across a light shaft between the gallery and adjacent library stacks - as well as several ‘Squeeze Chairs’ - furniture that hugs the sitter via pneumatic pumps. As assistant I was responsible for locating the tension-wires within the site, as well as design, engineering, rigging and maintenance of the wire for the duration of the semester-long installation. The silhouette in the photo is Madeleine Prevost, a professional tightrope walker from Montreal who performed at the installation opening.

Selected Works 2013  

An abridged, updated version of my portfolio. I'll be publishing a complete update in March 2014.

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