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New Space, New Technology Kick Off Year What’s new at Vianney this school year? Plenty! The former multi-purpose room at the juncture of the 100 and 200 hallways (the room known to most alumni as the library) has been converted into our new Leadership Center. The bright, inviting space provides a conference room, offices for members of the guidance and counseling department, and muchimproved space for testing and presentations by college representatives. In addition, every classroom has been equipped with a 60-inch, flat-screen LED

television. These TVs communicate wirelessly with the teacher’s laptop and are in daily use for presentations and web page display. Vianney is also moving to the “Google Apps” online environment to take advantage of the flexibility and simplicity of cloud computing. “Our goal with Google Apps is to enable students to share data and create documents and presentations in a collaborative, online environment,”

Griffins take advantage of the new Leadership Center during encore to catch up on homework and collaborate on projects.

said Vianney’s new Instructional Technology Coordinator, Mr. Drew McAllister. “As an added bonus, because everything is online, a student won’t accidentally lose a file or leave important homework at home,” Mr. McAllister said. With an integrated e-mail system powered by Gmail, students will also have access to their Vianney e-mail anywhere at any time. “Teachers, counselors and coaches are using the system as a quick and efficient way to connect with students,” Mr. McAllister said.

Mr. Drew McAllister works with juniors Mark Segbers (left) and Kevin Henschel on Vianney’s new Google Chromebook laptop computers.

With the move to the Google Apps environment, Vianney also purchased 60 Google Chromebook laptop computers. The computers are fast, light and cost-effective, and they are proving to be a great tool for immersing Griffins in the online creation environment.

Vianney Academics Earn Top 50 Ranking Nationally The academic program at St. John Vianney High School has placed among the top 50 Catholic high schools nationally, earning an “Honor Roll” ranking based on a rigorous evaluation by the Cardinal Newman Society. There are 1,205 Catholic high schools in the United States. Vianney was designated as a school whose academic program is among the top 50 of these. The Catholic High School Honor Roll program looks at three areas in all: academics, civic education and Catholic identity. Schools

named to the Top 50 Catholic High Schools are recognized for overall excellence in all three Honor Roll categories. Other schools, like Vianney, receive special recognition in a particular category by placing in the top 50 in that individual classification. The Top 50 Catholic High Schools competition was created in 2004 to help parents evaluate the quality of Catholic high schools. It also serves to inspire these schools to pursue ever-higher levels of excellence through constructive competition.

Vianney is the only Catholic boys’ school in St. Louis to be recognized in this competition. This is a significant honor for Vianney, and we are grateful to our faculty and staff, and to our parents, alumni and other donors, who make possible Vianney’s ongoing pursuit of excellence.

On the cover: As Vianney Ambassadors, seniors Alec Schroff, Vince Riggio, Drake Cantu, Nick Allen and Jacob Kurt gear up to welcome visitors for the annual honors convocation.


FALL 2012

A Celebration of Griffins of the Year The Griffin of the Year is the highest honor bestowed in a graduating class. It is given to the young man who best exemplifies the characteristics of Marianist education and lives the Vianney mission. In recent decades, class members have made nominations for this honor, and Vianney faculty and staff have voted among top nominees to determine the winner. In two classes of early Griffins, 1962 and 1966, the Griffin of the Year honor was not bestowed. Reasons why — if they existed — have been forgotten. To correct this oversight, Vianney hosted these classes in August to allow them to grant this long-delayed award. At the first allschool Mass, Griffins from 1962 and 1966 were applauded by Vianney students and staff. Griffins of the Year

Vianney hosted past Griffins of the Year at the first all-school Mass in August.

Vianney invited all Griffins of the Year to join us for the first all-school Mass in August. Those who were able to attend included the following. Back row: Bob Barrett ’65, Tom Lang ’64, Mark Lux ’75, Tom Downing ’67, Mike Horn ’08 and Chris Heeb ’84. Front row: Joe Ojile ’77, Jim Voorhees ’78, Larry Bommarito ’71, Bill Bommarito ’73 and Dan Shea ’72.

Given the passage of the decades, these classes chose not to designate individuals for the honor. Instead, those assembled from each class accepted the award collectively in the spirit of Vianney brotherhood. Griffins of the Year from every graduating class were also invited to attend the Mass. We were pleased to welcome honorees spanning 1965 to 2008.

Griffins of the Year 1966 Back row: James Sevem, Bill Krodinger, Al Barton and Charlie Touzinsky. Front row: Bob Hughes, Dan Lamping and Richard Bayers.

Griffins of the Year 1962 Back row: Mike Rosemann, Leo Sullivan, John Rosenauer and Art Molner. Front row: Bob Burkhardt, Tim Handlan, Bill Wittenauer and Joe Biondo.



Where are they now? Catching up with Griffins of the Year 1961 - 1979 Vianney’s Griffins of the Year have always been men who stepped up when asked, so we were not surprised when many of them responded to our request for an update on their lives. What follows is an encapsulation of the information they sent. Some submissions were detailed, others quite brief. Before we go further, we need to make an apology. In the last issue of Black & Gold, we included a photo we thought was of the very first Griffin of the Year, William Scharf. Instead, the headshot was of Bill’s classmate, John Murphy. Given the way names are arranged in the 1961 Talon yearbook, it was easy to misinterpret which name belonged with which Griffin. We got it wrong, and we’re sorry. While we regret the goof, we were gratified to hear from a number of ’61 grads, including Mike Beckman, Tom Charron, Jim Lavelle and John Murphy, who informed us of our error. Thanks for reading and thanks for keeping us honest!

Among the Class of 2012 was Michael Scharf, the nephew of the original Griffin of the Year. He was joined by his parents Keith ’79 and Donna Scharf, and his grandmother, Mrs. Loretto Scharf (center). When Bill Scharf graduated in 1961, his mother was pregnant with Keith. In this photo, Mrs. Loretto Scharf is wearing on her collar a pin presented to her by the Vianney Marianists in 1961 for serving as an officer in the original Mothers’ Club.

country’s premier architectural firms. Among his projects was the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport.

Bill was chosen to be Vianney’s first Griffin of the Year. He set the bar very high.

“Bill was a super, super young man,” said Mrs. Loretto Scharf, Bill’s mother. “Of course I’d say that, as his mother, but he really was quite gifted.” At Bill’s graduation, Mrs. Scharf was pregnant with Bill’s younger brother, Keith. Keith Scharf grew up to become a Griffin as well, graduating in 1979.

Bill Scharf died in 1974.

1961 William Scharf Bill Scharf ’s senior class was the first to walk the halls of the brand-new Vianney High School. Although it was a small class — just 33 young men — Bill Scharf would have stood out even in a much larger Bill Scharf ’61 group. He served as senior class president, played varsity football, and was a member of the senior sodality and the glee club. Bill was a gifted artist and drew the first Griffin used as the Vianney symbol. He also played guitar in a band with some of his classmates. Bill attended the University of Detroit, earning a degree in architecture. When he returned to St. Louis, he took a position with Hellmuth, Obata and Kassabaum (HOK), one of the


1963 Donald Cassilly Life was simpler when Don Cassilly and his twin brother Dave Cassilly were Griffins. The Cassilly boys lived a short walk from Vianney,

Keith’s son Michael Scharf graduated from Vianney in May. In keeping with the legacy, Mike was an honor student; he’s now attending Saint Louis University. Mrs. Scharf was pleased to attend Mike’s graduation in May. It reminded her of a graduation day 51 years earlier. “We didn’t find out until we came to Vianney on graduation day that Bill was also valedictorian of his class. He hadn’t told us. He wanted it to be a surprise,” said Mrs. Scharf. Earning such a high honor and being able to hold it for a surprise may demonstrate why

Don Cassilly ’63, on a vacation in Ireland.

FALL 2012

graduated from Vianney. The Barretts have four children and eight grandchildren.

and would hop the back school fence on their commute. One of the Marianist brothers made their trip even easier by giving them a key to a back door.

1968 Anthony Garofalo Don said he always expected to become a priest, and he entered the Marianist novitiate after graduating from Vianney. “It turns out that was not what God had in store for me,” Don wrote. He ended up earning a bachelor’s at Drury University and a law degree from St. Mary’s University. He and his wife Lynn, have been married for 38 years and have lived in Florida since the mid-1980s, raising two sons there. He came back to St. Louis a couple of years ago and spent some time with his cousin, fellow Griffin, and famed local artist Bob Cassilly ’68. (Bob, founder of the City Museum, died last year.)

1964 Thomas Lang Tom Lang distinguished himself in the first “all-four-years-at-Vianney” graduating class and has continued to build an impressive résumé over the years. He received a BA at St. Mary’s University and earned a law degree from Saint Louis University. Since 1971, he has had a law office in Clayton.

Tony Garofalo says he has been “very fortunate” in his career as an athletic trainer. He credits Vianney coaches Don Heeb and Irv Capler for launching him on his path.

Bob Barrett ’65 with one of his eight grandkids.

Tony graduated from Benedictine College and went to work in the St. Louis Cardinals minor league system. In 1977, he became head trainer for the Chicago Cubs. He spent the next 10 years in Major League Baseball and worked two MLB All-Star games.

1965 Robert Barrett After graduating from Vianney, Bob attended the University of Missouri - Rolla where he earned a bachelor's in mechanical engineering, a master’s in management, and a pair of Second Lieutenant’s bars in the U.S. Army. After his Army hitch, Bob worked for Monsanto, with assignments in St Louis, New York, Chicago and London, England. He retired from Monsanto in 1997 and joined IBM in a sales role. Bob met his wife Sherry on the very day he

In 1983, Tony became one of the founding members of the Professional Baseball Athletic Trainers Society (PBATS). His career in MLB included meeting then-Vice President George H.W. Bush and being personally thanked by Bruce Sutter in Sutter’s Hall of Fame induction speech. Tony has served as president of the Illinois Athletic Trainers Association and on the board of the Great Lakes Athletic Trainers Association. He continues to lecture at the state and district level on athletic training and baseball injuries.

He has served as an officer on both the Missouri Bar Association and the St. Louis County Bar Association. He was recognized as the St. Louis Bar’s “Outstanding Young Lawyer” in 1979 and received the organization’s Distinguished Service Award in 1998. Tom has led and served on a number of committees to improve legal services to families and the poor. Tom Lang ’64

Tom served as chairman of Vianney’s Board of Directors from 1992 to 1998 and was inducted into our Hall of Fame in 1999. He has served for many years as a CYC coach and Parish School of Religion teacher at Ascension Parish. Tom and his wife Jill have five children and five grandchildren.

Tony Garafalo ’68 with Baseball Hall of Famer Bruce Sutter



1971 Lawrence Bommarito At the suggestion of Bro. Norbert Grass, S.M., Larry attended the (Marianist) University of Dayton and then went on to get a graduate degree at Kansas State University. He came home to St. Louis, married an Ursuline grad, and began a 23-year career with Southwestern Bell. After taking early retirement, he started on a second career at Saint Louis University as a program manager and adjunct instructor for a distance-based master's and doctoral degree program in biosecurity and disaster preparedness. (“Go figure,” Larry says!) Larry and his wife Josie have five children. The youngest, Billy Bommarito is a 2008 Vianney grad. The Bommaritos remain active at St. Peter parish in Kirkwood, where Larry and his brothers, Vince ’61, John ’63, Tom ’64, Jim ’69 and Bill ’73 grew up.

1972 Daniel Shea Dan has made his career in information technology. With a bachelor’s from Mizzou and a master’s degree from Boston University, he’s held positions with McDonnell Douglas, Mercantile Bank, AT&T and IBM.

Dan and his wife Meg have five children, including Jaime Shea ’03, and four grandsons. The Sheas live in the Kirkwood area.

1975 Mark Lux Mark attended Southwest Missouri State (now Missouri State University), then transferred to the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine. He graduated in 1982 with a degree in veterinary medicine. Mark owns Mackenzie Pointe Animal Hospital in Shrewsbury. Mark and his wife Janice, a Nerinx Hall grad, have put three boys through Vianney: Justin ’07, Brad ’11 and Brett ’11. Their daughter Amanda is a 2004 Nerinx grad. Mark says Vianney instilled in him the value of family and community involvement; he is active in his church and with the state veterinary association.

1978 James Voorhees Dr. Jim Voorhees operates a family dental practice in Lenexa, Kan., a suburb of Kansas City. After graduating from the University of Missouri – Kansas City Dental School, he returned to St. Louis and had a practice here for 11 years. He then pursued the opportunity for a post-graduate fellowship at the University of Florida College of Dentistry in Gainesville. Following that, Jim returned to the Midwest and established his practice in Lenexa in 1999.

Dan Shea ’72, speaking at the Vianney Hall of Fame ceremony in April. Behind him is his brother Tom Shea ’69.

Bill Hennessey ’79

1979 William Hennessey Bill Hennessey attended the University of Notre Dame on an ROTC scholarship. He completed a master’s in Health Administration at Saint Louis University and spent four years on active duty in Hawaii. After the Hawaii hitch, Bill and his wife Dawn moved to Springfield, Mo., where Bill began his ongoing career with St. John’s Health System (now named Mercy). He currently serves as Regional Vice President of Marketing and Communications. Bill and Dawn’s three sons have all attended Springfield Catholic Schools, including Springfield Catholic High School, former home of Vianney Principal Dr. Tim Dilg. Bill has served on the boards of a number of organizations, including the Springfield Catholic Development Board and Catholic Charities of Southern Missouri.

Jim and his wife Amy have three children, and he says he regrets that his son didn’t have the opportunity to become a Griffin.

In the next Black & Gold: Griffins of the Year, 1980 and forward! 6

FALL 2012

Classmate Update The White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico is the site of the annual Bataan Memorial Death March, a standard 26.2 mile marathon. Lou Grone V, an ROTC cadet at St. Mary’s University, finished first in his cadet group. It was Lou’s second time competing in the event.



Warrensburg is home to Matt Soer. He works as an emergency medical technician for the Johnson County Ambulance District.



Ryan Ploesser apparently is ready for the long run. He proposed to his girlfriend of five years, Audrey Lampe, when they both completed the Go! St. Louis half-marathon in April. The proposal was captured in a feature on KSDK Ch. 5. She said yes.



Pat Hooper is the lead vocalist for local pop punk/rock band La Bella Charade. Their debut release is called “All Friends, No Fans.” You can check out their concert schedule at




The Riverfront Times named Dan Mahfood the “Best HipHop DJ” in 2011. Working under the name DJ Mahf, Dan keeps busy with a steady stream of local shows. You can check him out at


We’re wishing Bryan Sisk was a little busier. He’s in his final year of medical school at the Cleveland Clinic, and has recently published a book called “A Lasting Effect: Reflections on Music and Medicine.” The volume describes his experiences playing guitar and singing for children hospitalized with conditions such as cancer or heart defects. Bryan is pursuing a career in pediatrics. Congratulations to Nate Stein, who married Allison Cole in June. The pair enjoyed a honeymoon in Ireland! Nate is a social studies teacher and lacrosse coach at Vianney.


The April issue of the U.S. Marine’s Leatherneck magazine included a lengthy profile of Joe Haman. Joe did two tours in Iraq before returning home to become a St. Louis police officer. Joe was seriously injured in 2010, when he was shot eight times following a traffic stop. Although his injuries have forced him to retire from policing, Joe told the magazine he doesn’t ponder his misfortunes. “I’m getting


around OK. I figure there will be other opportunities. I’m lucky,” he said.


Jeff Borgers let us know that a third-generation Griffin has arrived in the form of Jake Daniel Borgers, who was born to Jeff and his wife Kelly in June. Proud grandpa is Gary Borgers ’68.


Some people like their float trips a bit extreme. Matt Raterman tackled the MR340 — a 340-mile kayak race on the Missouri River from Kansas City to St. Charles. Nearly one-third of the competitors do not finish the race, which involves dodging buoys and barges, and even paddling at night.



Brian Rhame and his wife Nicolle welcomed their firstborn, Adalyn Marie, in April. Grandpa and veteran Vianney teacher Paul Rhame notes that Adalyn is the first Rhame girl born in 71 years. Welcome back to the neighborhood! Matt Walbaum is the new executive chef at Growler’s Pub, just south of Vianney on Lindbergh.



90 19 87 19

Gavin Joseph was born in May to Steve Spenner and his wife Carey. Gavin joins big brother Tyler.

Looking for a real deal? Brothers Tim Brunette and Joe Brunette ’82 operate, a deal-of-the-day website for St. Louisans. Most deals are 50 percent off, with no added fees. A run for mayor of Kirkwood may be in the future for Tim Griffin. Tim has served on Kirkwood’s City Council for 17 years. He’s hit the term limits imposed by Kirkwood’s charter for now, but he says he expects to seek council re-election in 2014, and probably will pursue the mayor’s post in 2016. Bless you for your service to Kirkwood, Tim!



Missouri Governor Jay Nixon recently appointed James Shrewsbury to the St. Louis Regional Convention and Sports Complex Authority. The authority oversees financing, design and construction of the domed stadium/convention center expansion and administers annual preservation funding. James is an attorney in private practice in St. Louis and has served on the St. Louis Board of Aldermen.



Life is full of ironies. Wendell DePhillips, Vianney’s business manager, recently moved offices. He now occupies what was once the principal’s office. He said he spent a fair amount of time in the space when he was a student.



At the spring reception of the St. Louis Soccer Hall of Fame, Dave Lange was presented with the 2012 Bob Burnes Benchwarmer Award. Dave recently published a book about St. Louis soccer. Old family-owned businesses often struggle in a changing economy, but Goedeker’s Superstore, run by Steve Goedeker, is making a successful transition to online retailing. In an article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch this spring, Steve described how they’ve converted much of their West County retail store to warehouse space for their online operation.



In memory Mike Dooley - Father of Mike ’87 and Dan ’90 Dooley. Jeffery Dougherty – Father of Chris Dougherty ’12 George Donnelly – Father of former staff member Sue Wulkopf; grandfather of Wulkopf brothers Dave ’88, Matt ’90, Steve ’93, Jim ’97 and Tim ’97. Julian Eckles ’63 Vito Favazza, Sr. – Grandfather of junior Jason Jordan Tim Fleming ’74 – Brother of Mike ’70, Patrick ’76. Adam Gaffney – Son of Tim Gaffney ’76. Robert Harvey – Grandfather of Brendan Butler ’11. Michael “Mickey” Kopp ’68 – Brother of William ’64, Ken ’74 and Richard ’78; uncle of Kyle ’11 and sophomore Will. Robert Ostendorf Sr. – Father of Bill ’76, Bob ’68, Jim ’70 and Joe ’80. Laura Rhame - Mother of teacher Paul Rhame, grandmother of Brad ’95, Brian ’96 and Tim ’99. Tyler Sindelar ’10 Charles Tarantola ’73 Karen Whatton – Wife of Gerard ’79 and mother of Joe ’03. Patricia Wolf – Mother of John Wolf ’76. Like us on Facebook! Go to

It’s great to hear from alumni! Please send your news to Ms. Molly Walsh, Director of Constituent Relations, at, or by mail to the school address.



Men of Distinction: Vianney’s 2012 Grads Vianney’s most recent graduating class earned an impressive range of honors and distinctions, including the highest total ever in college scholarship offers. Here’s a quick look at the achievements of the Class of 2012.

By the numbers Combined total college scholarships ............................... $8.5 million Average scholarship per class member ............................ $57,823 Average service hours per Griffin..................................... 148 100 hours are required

Men of distinction in the Class of 2012 included these National Honor Society grads, from left, Tom Hederman, Evan Washburn, Ian Harding, Ian Wohlstadter, Andrew Richard, Evan Johnson, Jeff Robben and Matt Gray.

Percent of graduates heading to college .......................... 100%

Other individual honors

Highest total hours of service Ian Wohlstadter ................................................. 618

Griffin of the Year ............................................................... Andrew Auer Principal’s Leadership Award............................................ Tom Dwyer

Valedictorian GPA Zakary Krekeler ................................................. 4.439 Co-salutatorian GPA Josh Giegling and Paul Scheipeter .................. 4.421

National Merit Scholars Finalist ................................................................. Zak Krekeler Commended ....................................................... Josh Giegling Commended ....................................................... Drew Imhoff Archbishop May Service Award ....................................... Joe Whitman ML King Model of Justice Award ..................................... John Schenk St. Louis Post-Dispatch Scholar-Athlete Award ............. Josh Giegling Missouri Scholars 100 Award ........................................... Josh Giegling

University destinations Most popular ....................................................................... 33 University of Missouri-Columbia Catholic universities ........................................................... 19 Marianist universities......................................................... 3 University of Dayton Top academic ade i achievers hie in i the cla class were, from left, Paul Scheipeter, co-salutatorian, Zak Krekeler, valedictorian and Josh Giegling, co-salutatorian.

Andrew Auer was named the 2012 Griffin of the Year. He has entered Kenrick-Glennon Seminary.


Out-of-state universities .................................................... 39 Most distant......................................................................... 1 University of Richmond (London, UK) Entering service academy .................................................. 1 U.S. Coast Guard Academy Entering seminary .............................................................. 1 Kenrick-Glennon Seminary

St. John Vianney High School is dedicated to forming young men for spiritual, academic and personal excellence in the Catholic, Marianist tradition.

Academic Excellence As a member of the Biology II Honors class, junior Kevin Ogle was chosen to evaluate science fair projects at St. Gerard Majella grade school

Spiritual Excellence At the Marianist Mass in January, sophomore Matt Rath brings forward a portrait of key Marianists in the opening processional.

Personal Excellence Seniior hoops star Tony Cochran Senior brok broke numerous Vianney records whil while leading the Griffins to an outs outstanding 27-2 season.



The Spirit



2 0 1 1 - 2 0 1 2

Who makes excellence possible at Vianney? You do. You and the hundreds of other donors and volunteers who give generously of their time and treasure to enable Vianney to continue its important mission. This Annual Report is a small way we thank and recognize our donors. The faculty and staff of Vianney are tremendously grateful for your partnership in the 2011-2012 school year. It was an excellent year. Bless you!


St. John Vianney High School Financials 2011-2012 Operating Revenues Program Revenues

Operating Expenses $7,038,168

Tuition/Fees Auxiliary Revenues


Athletic Café Gear Store Activity Revenues


Clubs Concessions Student Council

Program Services


Instructional Salaries/Benefits Academic Departments Media Center Tuition Assistance Technology Faculty Development Auxillary Services


Athletic Café Gear Store Yearbook/Publications


810,179 Activity Services

Griffin Fund Auction Calendars Investments and Miscellaneous


Total Revenues


Co-curriculars Retreats Clubs Concessions Campus Ministry

8,695,368 Support Services

Actual Cost Per Student


Tuition & Fees Per Student


Gap Per Student



Salaries/Benefits Public Relations Equipment/Supplies Maintenance/Repairs Custodial Services Fundraising Depreciation


Total Expenses









Griffin Fund Donors Fiscal Year 2011-2012 Cure of Ars (St. John Vianney pastor of Ars, France) $10,000+ Anonymous (4) Cox, Jerome Flatley, John & Pam Hoffman, Charles & Maureen Johnson, Jim & Diane Marianist Province of the United States Serafin, Jeffrey & Sandy Serafin, John & Jean Serafin, Kathy Sly, Patrick & Peggy Wanner, Edward & Marcie Zinser, Douglas & Andrea Maria Duce (Mary as Our Guide) $5,000+ Alumni Association Bantle, Gregory * Bowe, Christopher & Joan Garland, James & Dina Grant, Donald & Marlene Kohlberg, Mark & Mary Kurt, Timothy & Sharon Mueckl, Dave & Kathy Ojile, Joseph & Marianne Oliger, Michael & Jane Ostendorf, Robert Prante, Gerald Steinhart, Geoffrey & Mary Trotter, John Visconti, John

Meyer, Matthew & Kathleen Mueller, Dean & Janet Murphy, Patrick & Ellen Normile, Michael & Christine O’Leary, Thomas & Sue Passig, Michael & Robyn Purk, William & Jennah Redohl, Mike & Lizabeth Schuermann, Joseph & Lisa Schumacker, James & Kathleen Sebben, Anthony & Patti Serati, Stephen & Catherine Stein, Kirk Still, Russel Voorhees, Stephen & Marcia Voorhees, William & Kim Woods, David Wosman, John & Kathy Zielinski, Barb

Fortes in Fide (Strength in Faith) $1,000+ Anonymous Agne, Gary & Ruth Allen, Michael & Sharon Arendes, Michael & Gayle Bader, Luke & Sue Barnes, Gerald & Lynn Bick, William & Karol Cullen, Matthew & Angela DeVasto, Niel & Ellen Dwyer, Michael & Winchell, Patricia Essmyer, Thomas Estes, Stephen & Linda Fendler, Donald & Shelley Frei, Stephen & Linda Cor ad Cor Garth, Timothy & Carol (Heart to Heart) Harbaugh, Daniel & Kelly $1,500+ Haubner, Michael & Louise Anonymous Herdlick, David & Maria Baker, Rick & Emilie Higgins, Paul Barnes, Dennis Hoeing, Gerard & Barbara Basler, Daniel & Julie Jackson, Thomas Basler, Darin & Lisa Koenig, Charles & Kristin Basler, Richard & Dianne Lewandowski, Timothy & Laura Biffignani, Matthew & Julie Ludwig, Dan & Tracy Big River Race Management, LLC Lyons, Patrick & Lynn Bitzer, Peter & Maria Macke, David & Deanna Burton, Mary Mahn, Michael & Margaret Dombrowski, Alan & Donna Malfer, John & Toni Downing, Thomas & Nikki Malfer, Michael & Kristin Dressel, David & Shelley Mantia, Michael & Sharon Drury, Timothy McEvoy, Lawrence & Donna Eggleston, Donald & Mary Ann Naert, Daniel Evens, Robert & Kelly Nemec, Kenneth & Yon Ewart, Donald & Julie O’Connell, Thomas & Janet Fechter, John & Melanie Ogle, Bradley & Tina Foley, Trent & Angel Olliges, Ralph Frisella, James Reeves, Timothy & Cathy Gaddell, Joseph & Anna Renz, Lee & Clare Gansner, James & Sharron Reynolds, Vincent & Sandy Giljum, Matthew & Anne Ringwald, Donna Grant, Brian & Jennifer Riordan-Lux, Donna & Rex Haar, Kevin & Pamela Schulte, John & Amy Harfst, David & Kelly Shively, Robert & Paula Imhoff, Gerard & Leah Siebert, Joseph & Julia Jaksetic, James & Gina Smith, Terrance & Patricia Kamper, Michael & Sasha Snyder, Robert & Deanna Klocke, James & Tina St. John Vianney Lacrosse Club Kohlberg, David & Ami St. Peter Athletic Association Lange, Dave & Janet Stein, Nathaniel & Allison Leonardelli, Jim & Connie Stevison, James & Shawn Levick, Steve & Deni Target Loyet, Michael & Sheila Tegethoff, James & Diane Maus, Richard & Anne Wendl, Steven & Stephanie

Mission Patron $500+ Anonymous (2) Allgeyer, Kenneth & Jeanne Andre’s Armengol, John Barker, Lawrence & Lay, Teresa Beck, Edward & Janet Bibas, Ike & Kimberly Bumb, Richard & Denise Burmeister, Gerald & Jane Callison, Richard Cerone, Peter & Jennifer Corley, David & Yvonne Crowe, Gerard & Kimberly Crowe, Sandra & Keith Curran, David & Diana DePhillips, Wendell & Joanne Dierkes, John & Deborah Eddy, Charles Elder, Patrick Engel, George Farmer, Dwight & Yvonne Faust, Daniel & Patricia Fechner, William & Kip Fitzpatrick, Mary Kay Gallo, John & Christine Gargiula, Thomas & Susan Gauthier, Dan & Caryn George, Michael Guillot, Gerald & Elizabeth Haegele, Paul Hantak, Timothy Hartman, Joe & Ginny Hartnagel, Thomas & Dana Heeb, Donald & Billie Hoffmann, Robert & Jean Hooper, Patrick & Debbie John, Peter & Mary Kirn, Brian & Julie Kwasinski, Donna Lang, James & Meg Lipsmire, Mark & Julie Mahacek, Robert & Julie McCartney, John McCoy, Robert & Loretta Nobel, Daniel Olliges, Michael O’Neill, Richard & Susan Ott, Richard Pelch, Steven & Beth Price, Scott & Tina Robert, Bruce & Jane Roseman, Steven & Kathryn Siebert, Douglas Steiner, Robert & Judy Suggs, George & Lisa Tackes, Michael & Kimberly Tiemeyer, Keith & Kristin Valenza, Lawrence & Cathrine Wallis Oil Company Inc. Walsh, Charles & Joan Wood, Dennis & Pat Woodson, Frank & Cheri Family Spirit Sponsor $100+ Ackermann, Rob & Lynda Adamec, Robert & Candace Adamec, Robert & Donna Alexander, William & Mary Allen, Michael & Bridget Alonzo, Ray & Jan Alvarez-Mohrman, Shirley Amelung, Christine Anastasi, Jack & Marty

Auer, Gary & Christine Bader, Daniel & Jennifer Bader, John Baer, Christopher & Karen Bandy, William & Susan Bantle, Joseph Bartnett, Mark & Carol Bartnett, Robert & Karen Barton, Allan & Cynthia Bauer, Ron & Jane Bayers, Richard Becker, Gregory & Patrice Belaska, Ronald & Rita Bell, Daniel & Chrissy Bellarmine Speech League Benedick, James & Margaret Bereswill, Lawrence & Patricia Bergfeld, Todd Berra, Timothy & Lisa Berry, Patrick & Peggy Bettale, Glen Bevolo, Michael & Karen Bialczak, Richard & JoAnne Biggs, Michael & Cynthia Bittner, Glenn & Bobbi Bommarito, Lawrence & Josie Bommer S.M., Bro. Jerome Bono, John & Kathleen Bono, Matthew Borkowski, Daniel & Maureen Boschert, David & Gerry Bosslet, Kenneth & Jeanie Brokaw, Paul & Cathleen Brokaw, Stephen & Tracy Brown, Daniel & Ann Brown, Eric Brown, J. Scott & Wendy Browne, Michael Bruns, Bernard & Catherine Buergler, David Bullman, Arthur & Carol Burke, Joseph Burke, Kevin Burke, Tim & Helen Calcaterra, Gene & Marge Callanan, Brian & Malinda Calvert, Mike Campanella, Gregory & Kristin Cannon, Mark & Cristyn Canova, Jim & Mary Cantu, Dion & Leanne Carraher, Dennis & Nancy Caruso, Lawrence & Mary Cella, Timothy & Joyce Christian, Daniel & Mary Beth Church, Larry & Gerrianne Claywell, Christopher Cline, Michael & Mary Cochran, Ty Coyle Class of 1951 Cunningham, Geraldine Cunningham, Susan Cutter, Justin Czajkowski, Patricia & Dennis Dacey, James & Kathy Dailey, Matthew & Katherine Daugherty, Gary Davis, Richard & Bridget DeVasto, Dennis Devine, Michael & Patricia Dexter, Carol & Ron Diffley, Michael & Jen Dilg, Robert & Pearl Dilg, Timothy & Lesley Dobberstein, Roger & Jessica Dombek, Gerard & Susan

Dowers, William & Mary Downes, Jack & Rosemary Doyen, Fr. Mitchell Drazen, Christopher & Sally Dugan, Mitch & Janet Dunn, Robert & Johanna Eggleston, Timothy Ehrhardt, David Eisele, Charles Elfrink, Joe & Mia Evans, John & Gale Evitts, Jeffrey & Danielle Evitts, Lloyd & Connie Fait, Patrick & Melissa Farrell, James & Jedda Fechter, William & Kathryn Felling, Michael & Darlene Fiala, Neil & Kim Finder, Robert & Jennifer Fiock, William & Joan Fitzgerald, Dennis Follis, Linda & John Franklin, Shane Fraraccio, Stephen & Leslie Freiling, Phillip & Marianne Frein, Stephen French, Mark & Jackie Friskel, Terence Fritzlen, Robert Fuhr, Gary & Denise Fullenkamp, Barbara & BJ Furrer, Lawrence & Carol Gabbert, Christie & John Gallagher, Daniel & Sharon Gallagher, Neil Garwitz, Paul & Barbara Gau, Thomas & Elisabeth Gauvain, David & Karen Geldmacher, Stephen & Kelly Geraci, Anthony & Paula Gianino, John & Janet Gibson, Andrew Gier, Joseph & Teresa Gilliam, Michael & Victoria Giuffrida, Santo & Geralyn Glasscock, Kevin Glosemeyer, James & Martha Goodwin, Barry & Joyce Gottlieb, Richard & Jana Grana, Joseph & Mary Grant, William & Candace Gray, Michael & Nancy Green, Dan & Beth Griffard, Joseph & Angela Grillo, Anthony & Kelly Gross, James & Diann Guffey, Stephen Guth, Alyce & Richard Haddock, Brian & Lori Hagerty, Mark & Teri Hagerty, Timothy & Dayna Handlan, Timothy & Mary Lynn Hanewinkel, Thomas & Katherine Harris, Edward Harris, Michelle Hart, Richard & Lakie Hasenmueller, Peggy Hassett, Michael & Susan Hassett, Robert & Lynn Hebrank, Joseph & Michele Heck, August & Patricia Hegger, John & Rebecca Heumann, Robert & Kristie Heuvelman, Dale & Debra Hines, Lawrence & Mary Lou Hingle, Craig & Katie


Pautler, Michael & Mari P Pawlowicz, Gerry P Payken, Mark & Angela P Pelizzaro, Anthony & Michelle P Peniston, Timothy & Sarah P Pepple, Kim P Phillips, Carl & Cecilia P Phillips, Tom P On the heels of their 2011 national championship, the Griffins proved they Pijut, Daniel & Colleen P had the depth and talent to continue as top competitors. The team finished Ploesser, Michael & Meghan P third in Missouri and finished in the top 10 nationally, snagging eighth place Poelzl, John & Jane P Politte, Cliff & Jennifer P at the U.S. Chess Nationals in Minneapolis. Among the team’s top players were, Polovina, Ilir & Katerina P from left, senior Steve Esswein, junior Tim Ellebracht and senior Mitch Wise. Poniewaz, Gregory & Jane P Powers, Thomas P Preiss, Brian & Kelly P Preiss, Kimberly P Prost, Robert & Diane P Quinlan, Michael & Sandra Q Rainey, Jeanine & Robert R Rallo, Charles & Marian R Rasnic, Steven & Tamara R Ratermann, Carl & Vicki R Rath, Joseph & Mary R Rearden, Kathy R Redman, Bill & Shelly R Reilly, James & Janet R Reilly, Patrick & Mary R Reneski, Charles & Shelby R Retired Sorrento Springs Staff R Reyering, Ronald & D’Ann R Reynolds, James & Carol R Rice, John & Joan R Right, Anthony & Jill R Ringwald, David & Bernadette R Ringwald, Richard & Amanda R Rippey, Warren & Carolyn R Rolfes, Gregory & Danielle R Roseland, Richard & Lisa R Hingle, H Hin g ,E gle Edward dwa ard & Shar Sharon S ha on har o Koehre Koe hre rerr Kar arll & Ma Maria rian n Koehrer, Karl Marian Merker Mer ker Thomas Thom homas as s & Pam Pam Merker, Rotary Club of St. Louis R Hingle, Kevin & Susan Koeper, James & Patricia Metherd, Jeff & Stephanie Runge, Timothy Hitzemann, Russell & Stacy Kohlberg, Brian & Emily Meyer, David & Jennifer Saliga, Stephen Hoffman, Mathew & Katherine Kohlberg, Jeffrey & Abbie Meyer, Robert & Mary Sargent, Eric Hollman, Mark & Michelle Kohlberg, Patricia Michel, Gerard & Sue Sauder, Gerald & Debbie Hollowood, Guy & Deborah Kramer, Michael Michelsen, Mark & Denise Sauer, Stacy & Linda Hopfinger, William & Mary Kritchell, Joseph & Robyn Miskall, William Savens, Anthony & Elizabeth Hopkinson, Joan & Doug Krodinger, William & Pam Misuraca, Vincent & Jan Scanlon, Sean & Lisa Horn, Harland & Theresa Krueger, Emil & Robin Mitchell, Carrie & Dan Schamburg, Theodore Howard, Rick & Linda Kueneke, John & Sharon Moore, Lyle & Laura Schmidt, Paul & Beverly Howdeshell, Brian & Linda Kuhlmann, David & Laurie Morales, Philip Schmitz, Brian & Tracy Hrbacek, Emil & Mary Kujawa, Vincent & Deborah Moriarity, John & Betty Schneider, Stephen & Stephanie Huck, James & Jincey LaMartina, Joseph & Anne Moriarity, Roy & Bonnie Schneiderhahn, Matthew & Wendy Huck, Mark & Susan Lambrechts, Robert & Mary Morrow, Thomas & Ann Schoemehl, John Hummel, Ronald & Denise Lampen, Robert Moszczenski, Keith & Christina Schoen, Kevin & Holly Ingenbohs, Jason & Katie Lamprecht, Albert & Kathy Mueller, Barry & Barbara Schoor, Gerald & Marge Jackson, William Landry, Henry Mueller, Gary & Tamara Schrader, Edward Janasik, Paul & Karen Lang, Thomas & Jill Muenster, Elizabeth Schroeder, Stephen & Berna Jansen, Mark & Kathleen Langhorst, Phillip & Laura Mullen, Michael & Kathie Schroff, Brian & Amy Jeep, Brian Lauber, Ronald & Ellen Mulvihill, Thomas & Megan Schuermann, Mark & Rachel Jennewein, Thomas & Jane Lenzen, William & Linda Neale, David & Keiko Schuessler, James & Dorothy Jokerst, Raymond & Diane Lipic, Randall Nickels, Michael & Suzanne Schwaab, Douglas & Lynn Judge, Colleen Love, Gregory & Ann Niewoehner, Douglas & Mary Ann Sedlak, Robert Juergens, Stephen & Kristine Loyet, Rick & Becky Noce, Gerard & Barbara Shannon, John Karasek, Raymond & Ann Lueders, Kevin & Kathy O’Brien, Bob & Beth Shaughnessy, Patrick & Victoria Kazda, Anthony & Janice Lux, Stephen & Geri O’Brien, Matthew Shea, Daniel & Meg Kelly, David Macejak, Wendell & Sheri O’Brien, S. Vincent & Ann Sheahan, Michael Kelly, James & Maude Madden, Thomas & Kathy O’Connell, Judith Shepard, Michael & Kathleen Kemp, Robert & Margaret Mallon, John & Mary Ann O’Donnell, Thomas & Linda Sherwood, Robert & Kathryn Kertz, Vincent & Joanne Manuel, Matthew & Peggy O’Keefe, Joseph & Nicole Simonson, Robert & Kathy Keutzer, Thomas Marschner, Stan & Jane Oldani, John Simpson, Mark & Peggy Kidd, Ryan & Jennifer Masterson, Mary Jo & Bill O’Leary, Karen Singer, Alois & Kay Kiefer, Mike & Wilma Matreci, Dennis Onder, William & Barbara Slazinik, David & Kathryn Kirchhoff, James & Shellie Maurath, Justin Opich, John & Rebecca Slesinski, Raymond & Linda Kleine, Scott & Terri Mayes, Theresa & Louis Orr, Samuel & Janice Sly, Paul & Mary Klipsch, Frank & Teresa McCaffrey, Peter & Dena Ossie, Robert Snyder, Brad Klipsch, John & Sue McMullen, Michael & Barbara Owens, Don & Ellen Sodemann, Linda & Bill Klutho, Victor & Joan Mechler, Mark & Amy Paino, Robyn Sommer, Stephen & Colleen Knernschield, Richard & Stacy Menkhus, Thomas & Joan Palliser-Barton, Mary Sontag, Robert & Kathleen Kniesche, Mike & Carol Menner, James & Janey Paradoski, Michael Springer, Thomas & Melissa

Another Big Season for the Chess Team


Stecich, Rudy & Mary Kay Stevison, Gerald & Jackie Stewart, John & Janis Strebler, Joe & Tina Suter, Thomas & Deborah Tabash, Edward Tapella, Joseph & Denise Tegethoff, Thomas & Lyndsey Templin, Martin & Cindi Thiem, Ronda & William Thomas, William & Gia Thum, John & June Trowbridge, Robert & Lisa Uxa, John Valenta, Anthony & Laura Valenta, Kevin Valenta, Michael & Jean Valleroy, Gregory & Stephanie Vitale, Rio & Marianna Vocks, Joseph & Clista Vogan, Richard & Rose Vogelgesang, Bruce & Debbie Vuch, John & Maria Wagner, Daniel & Angie Wagner, Dennis Walsh, Kevin & Jill Ward, Michael & Kim Weber, Jared Weible, Brian Welker, Jeffrey & Dayna Welker, Jonathan Welker, Randy & Paula Westmeyer, Andrew Wetzel, Ryan Wheadon, Patrick & Teresa White, John & Maureen Whyte, James & Lori Wiese, Timothy & Shawn Wilson, Robert & Lynne Windhorst, Stephen & Debra Wittenauer, William & Janet Wohlschlaeger, Kurt Wroble, James & Anne Yanko, Albert & Kathy Yehlen, Thomas & Sharon Youngman, Gail Zielonko, Teresa & Marty Zonca, Steve & Pam Friend of Vianney Up to $100 Abeln, Mary Anthony, Michael Apenbrinck, Dustin & Kimberly Asbury, John & Margaret Ascheman, Russell Barkalow, Donald & Diane Barnett, Sean & Christina Basler, Carl & Judy Bates, Patrick & Kathleen Baumgartner, Beverly & Jay Beck, Mark & Patricia Benson, Joseph & Kathleen Bereswill, Lawrence & Carol Berger, William & Julie Berra, Jason Bickers, Mary Blouin, Amy & Squillace, Joe Boehm, James & Barbara Bommarito, William & Margaret Bono, Dominic & Amy Book, Al & Sandy Borowiak, Thomas & Lee Brand, Patrick & Elizabeth Brighton, Don & Kitty Brother, Gerald & Cam Bruce, A. Robert & Nancy Bruner, Mark & Laura Buck, Matthew

Cadice, Richard & Mary Ellen Caffey, Albert & Diane Candela, Joanne Cibulka, Thomas & Lisa Cira, Salvatore & Debra Cissi, Alex Cochran, Terry & Janet Cook, Dean & Laurie Costrino, John & Debbie Coughlin, Stephen & Corrine Dagenais, Robert & Evie Davis, Eric & Deborah Davis, Robert & Sandy Deddens, James & Joanne Dedic, Bob & Gail Derus, Charles & Cynthia Downing, Robert Doyle, Thomas & Charis Duane, William & Cathy East, Jim & Mary Ann Ebbesmeyer, James & Colleen Effinger, Michael & Marilyn Eggleston, Andrew Elli, Michael & Maureen Ellsworth, Brian & Linda Engel, Kurt Essmyer, Ronald & Denise Evans, Brandon & Lucy Exler, Louise Falleri, Frank & Mary Carol Fehrmann, Thomas & Nanette Ferner, Alan & Jeanne Finke, Scott & Janet Flaherty, Dennis & Elizabeth Fuller, Kathleen Furrer, Robert Gauvain, Geraldine Geraty, Ann Gerau, William Gladstone, Gene & Kim Glaser, Gerald Goulden, Rosemary Granda, Robert & Diane Griese, Rose Grillo, Anthony & Victoria

Grone, Louis & Diane Grzesik, Kathryn Haberstroh, Carl Hale, Thomas & Anita Hall, Dave & Patty Haring, Susanne Harlan, Daniel & Nancy Harlan, John Harmon, John & Karen Haug, Paul & Bettie Heath, Patrick & Karen Heinrich, David & Pat Hennessey, William & Dawn Hermann, Dorothy Hermann, Jacqueline Hildebrand, Charles & Arlene Hilliard, Wesley & Andrea Hirstein, Mary Jane Hittler, Mary Hoffmann, James & Robyn Hogan, Sean & Tina Hollrah, Arthur & Rose Holtmann, Vincent & Ann Hopfinger, Michael & Erin Horas, Richard & Gina Horvath, Richard & Meredith Impellizzeri, Maria Jones, Donna Keller, Lawrence Kelly, Michael & Stephanie Kelly, Thomas Kemp, Jerry & Julie Kennedy, William & Nancy Kheriaty, Nick & Sarah Kipper, Jim & Marian Kladiva, Joseph & Loretta Klaus, Christopher & Christy Klipsch, Joseph & Karen Kohler, John Kohler, Rodger & Mary Kohnen, Audrey Kopp, Henrietta Kopp, Rose Krauze, Benny & Bernice Krull, James & Jeanne

Kuhn, Douglas & Marcella Kurka, Bruce & Christine Lamprecht, Albert & Rose Ann Langan, Robert & Barbara LaRose, Sherry Larson, Eric Leeker, Geraldine Leicht, James & Marilyn Little, David & Sandy Logush, James & Anne Long, Joseph & Elizabeth Loyet, Dennis Luebbering, Shannon & Elena Luechtefeld, Stanley & Judy Lueken-Delf, Jennifer Majchrzak, David & Sue Matreci, Lawrence Maurer, John & Margaret Maus S.M., Bro. James McCoy, Gloria Meehan, Kay & Pitchford, Mike Merkel, Larry & Adele Mills, Kevin & Kelly Mimlitz, John & Katherine Mohr, John & Beth Mohrman, James Molner, Dennis & Karen Moro, Donna Mueller, Daniel & Janet Mueller, Kevin Mueller, Ronald & Jeannie Muldoon, Margaret Mulligan, Michael & Maureen Murray, Susan Nadolny, Scott & Julie Nahlik, Michael Nahlik, Steven & Patricia Nangle, Jerome New Century Financial Inc. Neyer, James & Dorothy Nie, Robert & Jane Nigro, Richard & Rosemary O’Brien, Timothy & Myra O’Connell, Brian O’Donnell, James & Susan

O’Donnell, Timothy & Julie Oldani, Phyllis Onder, Richard Organ, James & Betty Orr, Rosemary O’Toole, Kevin Ottenlips, Bernie & Patricia Owens, James & Elizabeth Paradoski, William & Ann Peters, Shawn Peterson, T. Scott Petri, Robert & Pat Piontek, Ronald & Marla Pupillo, Anthony & Janis Puricelli, Jim & Jenny Rackley, Rachael Rankey, Marlene Rapisardo, Christopher & Donna Reed, Robert & Maureen Reich, Robert & Mary Reynolds, Don & Andrea Rhame, Paul & Jana Ridings, Will Ringkamp, Terri Ringwald, Leo & Victoria Robb, Bryan & Leslie Rodis, Theodore Ruehl, Anton & Alison Sandweg, Christopher & Concetta Sartori, Richard & Kathy Sayler, James & Betty Ann Schilli, Dave & Mary Schnur, Robert & Elaine Schott, Edward Schrader, John & Barbara Schweitzer, Robert Shamroe, Thomas & Wendy Short, Keith & Corrin Shortell, Elizabeth Shortell, Sean Sigler, T. Michael & Ida Stecich, Flavio & Mary Steck, Francis & Mary Stevenson, Steven & Mary Stevison, Thomas & Mary

Suda, Michael & Ramona Sullens, Michelle Sullivan, Leo & Barbara Suppa, Sam & Lane Thenhaus, Maureen & Carl Thoele, James & Mary Ann Thomallari, llir & Rajmonda Thompson, Nancy Thompson, Sandra Tichy, Martin & Mary Tissi, Anthony & Barb Tomber, Phillip & Addie Travis, Steven & Mary Tullock, Gerald & Mary Vianney Family Vielhaber, David & Carol Villa, Thomas & Karen Vineyard, Barbara Vinyard, Keith & Sally Vitale, Robert & Angela Vogt, John & Terry VonderHaar, Virgil Waldschmidt, Robert Walsh, Sean & Diane Washburn, Mary Anne Welker, Jason & Melissa Welker, Kristian & Joanne Welker, Stephen & Vicki Welshans, Ed & Dee Wendl, Michael & Betty White, Thomas & Mary Helen Wieners, Nancy Williams, John & Terri Winkelmann, Timothy & Nancy Wiss, Joseph & Judy Wohldmann, Thomas & Marla Wolfangel, Steven & Teresa Wunderlich, Keith & Sheryl Yerkes, James & Prudence Yochim, James & Nora Zahn, Mark & Anna

Griffin Fund Parent Donors by Son’s Graduation Year CLASS OF 2012 Anonymous Agne, Gary & Ruth Auer, Gary & Christine Basler, Daniel & Julie Brown, Daniel & Ann Burton, Mary Christian, Daniel & Mary Beth Cochran, Terry & Janet Drazen, Christopher & Sally Dwyer, Michael & Patricia Evens, Robert & Kelly Gray, Michael & Nancy Hantak, Timothy Hollman, Mark & Michelle Imhoff, Gerard & Leah Kuhlmann, David & Laurie Lux, Stephen & Geri Maus, Richard & Anne Meyer, David & Jennifer Mueller, Barry & Barbara Murphy, Patrick & Ellen Ojile, Joseph & Marianne Polovina, Ilir & Katerina Purk, William & Jennah Reneski, Charles & Shelby Runge, Timothy Shannon, John Siebert, Douglas

Suggs, George & Lisa Tapella, Joseph & Denise Tegethoff, Thomas & Lyndsey VanderPluym, Joseph & Julie Vuch, John & Maria Washburn, Mary Anne White, Thomas & Mary CLASS OF 2013 Allen, Michael & Sharon Allen, Michael & Bridget Benson, Joseph & Kathleen Bitzer, Peter & Maria Blouin, Amy & Squillace, Joe Brown, J. Scott & Wendy Cantu, Dion & Leanne Dowers, William & Mary Ewart, Donald & Julie Faust, Daniel & Patricia Finke, Scott & Janet Foley, Trent & Angel French, Mark & Jackie Garth, Timothy & Carol Gauthier, Dan & Caryn Gottlieb, Richard & Jana Hoffmann, James & Robyn Howdeshell, Brian & Linda Janasik, Paul & Karen Johnson, Jim & Diane

Kemp, Jerry & Julie Klaus, Christopher & Christy Kniesche, Mike & Carol Kurt, Timothy & Sharon Lipsmire, Mark & Julie Love, Gregory & Ann Nemec, Kenneth & Yon O’Brien, Bob & Beth Ogle, Bradley & Tina Oldani, John O’Leary, Thomas & Sue Paino, Robert and Robyn Preiss, Kimberly Price, Scott & Tina Renz, Lee & Clare Reynolds, Vincent & Sandy Roseman, Steven & Kathryn Schroff, Brian & Amy Schumacker, James & Kathleen Weible, Brian Wiss, Joseph & Judy Wood, Dennis & Pat Woodson, Frank & Cheri CLASS OF 2014 Allgeyer, Kenneth & Jeanne Baker, Rick & Emilie Becker, Gregory & Patrice Bialczak, Richard & JoAnne

Brown, Daniel & Ann Brown, J. Scott & Wendy Bruner, Mark & Laura Burmeister, Gerald & Jane Cochran, Terry & Janet Dombrowski, Alan & Donna Elder, Patrick Elfrink, Joe & Mia Evans, John & Gale Farmer, Dwight & Yvonne Garland, James & Dina Glasscock, Kevin Harfst, David & Kelly Hoeing, Gerard & Barbara Hoffmann, James & Robyn Hooper, Patrick & Debbie Hopkinson, Joan & Doug Huck, James & Jincey Jaksetic, James & Gina Kleine, Scott & Terri Knernschield, Richard & Stacy LaMartina, Joseph & Anne Ludwig, Dan & Tracy Macke, David & Deanna Madden, Thomas & Kathy Maus, Richard & Anne McCaffrey, Peter & Dena McCartney, John McCoy, Gloria

Meyer, Robert & Mary Michel, Gerard & Sue Morrow, Thomas & Ann Mueller, Dean & Janet Murray, Susan Pelizzaro, Anthony & Michelle Preiss, Brian & Kelly Rackley, Rachael Rasnic, Steven & Tamara Rath, Joseph & Mary Reynolds, Don & Andrea Roseman, Steven & Kathryn Sandweg, Christopher & Concetta Schmitz, Brian & Tracy Schrader, Edward Schulte, John & Amy Serati, Stephen & Catherine Shannon, John Sly, Paul & Mary Strebler, Joe & Tina Thompson, Nancy Tichy, Martin & Mary Valenza, Lawrence & Cathrine Vogan, Richard & Rose Walsh, Sean & Diane Wendl, Steven & Stephanie Williams, John & Terri


CLASS OF 2015 Baker, Rick & Emilie Barker, Lawrence & Teresa Barnes, Gerald & Lynn Belaska, Ronald & Rita Benedick, James & Margaret Bick, William & Karol Biffignani, Matthew & Julie

Crowe, Sandra & Keith Cullen, Matthew & Angela Estes, Stephen & Linda Evans, John & Gale Fechter, John & Melanie Fritzlen, Robert Gargiula, Thomas & Susan Glosemeyer, James & Martha

Grant, Brian & Jennifer Harris, Michelle Kurt, Timothy & Sharon LaMartina, Joseph & Anne McCartney, John Moore, Lyle & Laura Mueller, Gary & Tamara Nickels, Michael & Suzanne

Palliser-Barton, Mary Passig, Michael & Robyn Poniewaz, Gregory & Jane Rearden, Kathy Rice, John & Joan Schamburg, Theodore Shannon, John Snyder, Robert & Deanna

Steinhart, Geoffrey & Mary Tackes, Michael & Kimberly Thiem, Ronda & William Thomallari, llir & Rajmonda Whyte, James & Lori

Griffin Fund Alumni Donors by Graduation Year Class Of 1962 Handlan, Timothy M. Moriarity, Roy T. Sullivan, Leo M. Wittenauer, William E. Class Of 1963 Dunn, Robert B. Vocks, Joseph T. Class Of 1964 Carraher, Dennis J. Harlan, John L. Kueneke, John C. Lang, Thomas M. Little, David M. Moriarity, John M. O’Neill, Richard E. Steiner, Robert V. Class Of 1965 Cella, Timothy R. DeVasto, Dennis P. Downing, Robert E. Kelly, James H. Kramer, Michael L. Kurka, Bruce H. Lenzen, William D. Singer, Alois N. Class Of 1966 Barton, Allan D. Bayers, Richard W. Dierkes, John B. Krodinger, William W. Leicht, James T. Quinlan, Michael J. Robert, Bruce P. Class Of 1967 Ascheman, Russell S. Bandy, William M. Daugherty, Gary M. Downing, Thomas E. Elli, Michael J. Friskel, Terence A. Hanewinkel, Thomas J. Harlan, Daniel J. Hassett, Robert J. Heck, August E. Hines, Lawrence J. Hoffman, Charles E. Kennedy, William F. Klipsch, Frank J. Normile, Michael T. Pepple, Kim P. Rallo, Charles E. Schmidt, Paul W. Sheahan, Michael J. Simpson, Mark T. Smith, Terrance M. Class Of 1968 Adamec, Robert T. Brother, Gerald M.


Browne, Michael F. Furrer, Lawrence R. Hagerty, Timothy J. Hassett, Michael G. Horvath, Richard L. Loyet, Dennis A. McMullen, Michael N. Ostendorf, Robert E. Pupillo, Anthony G. Reilly, James E. Schweitzer, Robert J. Sly, Patrick J. Uxa, John C. Vogelgesang, Bruce E. Class Of 1969 Bosslet, Kenneth F. Haberstroh, Carl J. Nobel, Daniel A. Paradoski, William L. Welker, Randy L. Class Of 1970 Bumb, Richard P. Felling, Michael J. Karasek, Raymond N. Koehrer, Karl A. Landry, Henry D. Loyet, Rick J. Pawlowicz, Gerry T. Schumacker, James M. Waldschmidt, Robert C. Class Of 1971 Anonymous Bartnett, Robert M. Bommarito, Lawrence G. Borowiak, Thomas G. Bullman, Arthur L. Burke, Joseph L. Deddens, James E. DePhillips, Wendell L. Effinger, Michael G. Fitzgerald, Dennis J. Hagerty, Mark X. Kelly, Thomas M. Klipsch, Joseph A. Krueger, Emil A. Lange, Dave A. Levick, Steve J. Menner, James E. Niewoehner, Douglas M. O’Brien, S. Vincent Orr, Samuel J. Peterson, T. Scott Rath, Joseph C. Reyering, Ronald J. Schwaab, Douglas G. Sebben, Anthony J. Sontag, Robert F. Wagner, Dennis C. Wroble, James L. Class Of 1972 Bartnett, Mark S.

Frei, Stephen J. Gallagher, Daniel J. Garwitz, Paul J. Haubner, Michael J. Opich, John M. Pautler, Michael L. Sauder, Gerald K. Shea, Daniel E. Steck, Francis X. Zahn, Mark R. Class Of 1973 Berry, Patrick J. Bommarito, William M. Bowe, Christopher C. Fehrmann, Thomas J. Hopfinger, William P. Lueders, Kevin M. Naert, Daniel A. O’Brien, Matthew J. O’Connell, Thomas P. Purk, William J. Sauer, Stacy J. Sherwood, Robert M. Suter, Thomas E. Class Of 1974 Fechner, William J. Fiala, Neil S. Goodwin, Barry G. Huck, Mark F. Leonardelli, Jim C. Schilli, Dave E. Shamroe, Thomas J. Class Of 1975 Essmyer, Thomas M. Fechter, William A. Green, Dan G. Lyons, Patrick G. O’Brien, Timothy J. Pijut, Daniel T. Voorhees, Stephen G. Class Of 1976 Dobberstein, Roger E. Gier, Joseph N. Kemp, Robert J. Lang, James J. Sommer, Stephen M. Class Of 1977 Agne, Gary L. Bitzer, Peter W. Grant, Brian J. Horas, Richard M. Kohlberg, Mark E. Lambrechts, Robert J. Lewandowski, Timothy J. Loyet, Michael E. Misuraca, Vincent M. Ojile, Joseph M. Olliges, Ralph Redohl, Mike R. Stecich, Rudy J.

Valleroy, Gregory A. Voorhees, William B. Ward, Michael J. Class Of 1978 Arendes, Michael L. Engel, George L. Giuffrida, Santo D. Harbaugh, Daniel T. Kelly, David G. Klipsch, John E. Mueckl, Dave Nadolny, Scott W. Rapisardo, Christopher Ridings, Will Thum, John W. Valenta, Michael N. Class Of 1979 Davis, Richard P. Doyen, Fr. Mitchell S. Duane, William J. Gallo, John P. Hantak, Timothy R. Hennessey, William J. Heumann, Robert G. Higgins, Paul A. Imhoff, Gerard J. John, Peter J. Lipsmire, Mark C. Lux, Stephen T. Manuel, Matthew J. Mimlitz, John E. Ossie, Robert Schnur, Robert G. Slesinski, Raymond J. Valenta, Anthony T. Wanner, Edward J. Class Of 1980 Brokaw, Stephen M. Christian, Daniel J. Fechter, John F. Grone, Louis H. Hooper, Patrick W. Hummel, Ronald S. Kleine, Scott R. Ottenlips, Bernie J. Roseland, Richard T. Wagner, Daniel J. Winkelmann, Timothy J. Class Of 1981 Bantle, Joseph D. Belaska, Ronald C. Ehrhardt, David S. Essmyer, Ronald L. Harris, Edward S. Hebrank, Joseph J. Jennewein, Thomas G. Langan, Robert P. Mueller, Gary J. Nickels, Michael G.

Class Of 1982 Basler, Daniel J. Bereswill, Lawrence G. Hegger, John D. Heuvelman, Dale M. Keutzer, Thomas J. Kohler, John P. Mills, Kevin M. Molner, Dennis R. Pelch, Steven J. Schoemehl, John M. Shepard, Michael D. Siebert, Joseph A. Visconti, John L. Class Of 1983 Bantle, Gregory S.* Frein, Stephen M. Gianino, John W. Guillot, Gerald J. Saliga, Stephen V. Sartori, Richard C. Schrader, John G. Valenza, Lawrence T. Class Of 1984 Brown, J. Scott Costrino, John E. Devine, Michael J. Gerau, William E. Gilliam, Michael J. Herdlick, David M. Hogan, Sean J. Lamprecht, Albert J. McCartney, John T. Olliges, Michael F. Ploesser, Michael J. Welker, Stephen Class Of 1985 Basler, Darin F. Dressel, David E. Fait, Patrick R. Kamper, Michael Rolfes, Gregory J. Serafin, John G. Siebert, Douglas R. Yochim, James M. Class Of 1986 Allgeyer, Kenneth J. Bell, Daniel J. Corley, David M. Finder, Robert J. Kelly, Michael J. Malfer, John P. Metherd, Jeff D. Puricelli, Jim S. Ringwald, David J. Wendl, Steven N. Class Of 1987 Barnes, Dennis E. Bettale, Glen A. Bevolo, Michael J.

Cannon, Mark G. Claywell, Christopher C. Engel, Kurt A. Geraci, Anthony L. Guffey, Stephen S. Hoffman, Mathew E. Koenig, Charles R. Kritchell, Joseph M. Larson, Eric G. Mahacek, Robert J. McCoy, Robert M. Mullen, Michael L. Neale, David A. Schmitz, Brian G. Serafin, Jeffrey B. Tiemeyer, Keith M. VonderHaar, Virgil J. Weible, Brian C. Welker, Jeffrey R.

Kohlberg, David O’Keefe, Joseph P. Ott, Richard C. Right, Anthony C. Welker, Kristian L.

Class Of 1988 Anonymous Armengol, John Boehm, James J. Juergens, Stephen J.

Class Of 1991 Bader, Daniel K. Buergler, David F. George, Michael R. Hingle, Craig E. Malfer, Michael P. Mulligan, Michael S. Walsh, Kevin W.

Class Of 1989 Brokaw, Paul B. Eddy, Charles S. Giljum, Matthew Hartnagel, Thomas W. Hingle, Kevin Kirn, Brian J.

Class Of 1990 Anthony, Michael J. Bergfeld, Todd J. Calvert, Mike J. Fendler, Donald M. Gansner, James P. Grant, William H. Lampen, Robert Michelsen, Mark A. Schneiderhahn, Matthew J. Short, Keith L. Springer, Thomas J. Welker, Jason A.

Class Of 1992 Mantia, Michael S. Woods, David T. Zinser, Douglas A

Class Of 1993 Adamec, Robert D. Cerone, Peter F. Gau, Thomas R. Mechler, Mark W. Miskall, William L. Politte, Cliff A. Schneider, Stephen R. Schoen, Kevin A. Snyder, Brad K. Wiese, Timothy L. Class Of 1994 Bader, Luke W. Burke, Kevin R. Geldmacher, Stephen W. Savens, Anthony M. Stevison, James B. Welker, Jonathan P. Class Of 1995 Campanella, Gregory A. Fraraccio, Stephen J. Hopfinger, Michael H. Jeep, Brian Westmeyer, Andrew W. Class Of 1996 Brand, Patrick R. Ingenbohs, Jason E. Kidd, Ryan M. Mohrman, James R. Reeves, Timothy W.

Class Of 1997 Callison, Richard C. Franklin, Shane C. Frisella, Andrew J. Grillo, Anthony L. Klein, Christopher M. Lipic, Randall W. Ringwald, Richard G. Tegethoff, Thomas M. Class Of 1998 Maurath, Justin J. Wohlschlaeger, Kurt A. Class Of 1999 Callanan, Brian T. Cutter, Justin L. Gadell, Joseph R. Jackson, Thomas J. Kohlberg, Brian M. O’Donnell, Timothy P. Paradoski, Michael W. Class Of 2000 Buck, Matthew J. Curran, David M. Kohlberg, Jeffrey T. Peniston, Timothy M. Powers, Thomas J. Class Of 2001 Bono, Dominic J. Jackson, William O.

Mueller, Kevin D. Onder, Richard M. Peters, Shawn R. Sedlak, Robert M.. Class Of 2002 Berra, Jason P. Shortell, Sean P. Class Of 2003 Bader, John P. Evitts, Jeffrey L. Morales, Philip J. Nahlik, Michael A. Schuermann, Mark A. Stein, Nathaniel R. Class Of 2004 Bono, Matthew J. Mulvihill, Thomas H. O’Connell, Brian J. Class Of 2005 Cochran, Ty Eggleston, Timothy Gibson, Andrew Wetzel, Ryan T. Class Of 2006 Eggleston, Andrew Valenta, Kevinn

Freshmen Earn High Scores on Explore Vianney can expect great things from these seven Griffins who scored in the 98th percentile or higher on the Explore test, which they took in October 2011. The Explore test is part of the ACT series of tests.

Principal Dr. Tim Dilg (back row center) congratulated the freshmen, who included (front row), Brandon Ochterbeck, Emil Banaszak and Adam Gilmore, and (back row) Chad Barton, Brian Belaska, Nathan Smith and Andrew Barnes.


Capital Campaign Donors 2011-2012 $10,000 + Basler, Richard & Dianne Sly, Patrick & Peggy $5,000 + Anonymous Bader, Ken & Frances $1,000 + Bumb, Richard & Denise Henschel, Richard & Judith Holloran, James JS Logistics Levick, Steve & Deni Loyet, Michael & Sheila Natsch, Charles & Joan O’Connell, Thomas & Janet

Purk, Robert & Tracy Suellentrop, Stephen & Betty Weber, James & Diane Winkelmann, Thomas Woods, David Up to $1,000 Anonymous Ahillen, Paul & Vicky Arcipowski, John & Angie Barnidge, Dan & Michele Barron, Kirk & Tarah Cahalin, James & Nancy Callanan, Brian & Malinda Caputa, Sam & Mary Caratenuto, Joseph & Stephanie Cerone, Peter & Jennifer

Cowie, John & Elizabeth Ehrhardt, David Fait, Patrick & Melissa Fendler, Donald & Shelley Fitzpatrick, Mary Kay Flanagan, Thomas & Ruth Geldmacher, Kenneth & Kathy Gier, Joseph & Teresa Glaser, William & Julie Goulden, James & Debbie Hacker, Kevin & Lynn Hantak, Gregory & Gayle Higgins, James Hingle, Kevin & Susan Hollman, Mark & Michelle Holzem, Thomas & Sunya Hopfinger, Mary Beth

Hrbacek, Greg & Lori Hummel, Ronald & Denise Kohlberg, Brian & Emily Kornmann, Brian & Tiffany Krueger, Terri Lipic, Paul & Sharon Matreci, Dennis McGauley, John & Mary Merkel, James & Maureen Meyer, Robert & Mary Miller, Larry & Tracy Mohr, John & Beth Moriarity, Roy & Bonnie Normile, Michael & Christine O’Connell, Brian O’Keefe, Donald Pinkowski, Scott

Land O’Lakes, Inc. Foundation Microsoft Monsanto Fund Peabody Energy Principal Financial Group Quest Diagnostics Regions Springleaf Financial Services

Stanley Works Union Pacific Corporation US Bancorp Wells Fargo

In-Kind Gifts

Matching Gifts Anheuser-Busch Foundation AT&T Federal Political Action Committee AT&T United Way Bank Of America BNSF Foundation The Boeing Company Callaway Golf Company

Chevron Corporation Covidien, LTD Emerson Express Scripts Grainger IBM ITW Laclede Gas Company

Vianney Athletics Earn Top Ranking It was a big year for Griffin Athletics. The soccer, basketball and baseball teams were all ranked No. 1 during their seasons. To wrap up the year, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch rated Vianney among the finalists for the Large School Athletic Program of the Year. Among the accomplishments: r Basketball: 27-2, conference champion, lost to state champ McCluer North in Class 5 quarterfinals r Baseball: 23-7, conference runner-up r Soccer: 18-7-2, conference champion r Volleyball: 23-10 r Football: 4-7, reached Class 5 playoffs r Racquetball: finished third in Missouri, sixth in nation By meeting the demands of the situation on and off the field, Paul Scheipter earned a combined athletic/academic scholarship to the University of Indianapolis. Other seniors earned scholarships in lacrosse, soccer, baseball, football, basketball and wrestling. Behind Paul is sophomore Adam Michel.


Sauer, Stacy & Linda Shepard, Michael & Kathleen Siebert, Joseph & Julia Snyder, Robert & Deanna Sontag, Robert & Kathleen Stevens, Byron & Rachel Stevison, Thomas & Mary Suda, Harold & Flossie Tipton, Daniel & Karen Vogel, Scott & Kristin Vogelgesang, Bruce & Debbie VonderHaar, Virgil Walsh, Kevin & Jill Welker, Perry Wolff, Gregory & Tonya Zonca, Steve & Pam

Cafazza, Charles & Bridget Donaldson, Debbie Lipic, Stephen & Traci Paradoski, Mike Pierce, Pete & Terri Pleimann, Kenneth & Jackie Sly, Patrick & Peggy Winkelmann, Nancy Woodson, Frank

Scholarship Fund Donors Robert W. Bosslet, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Bosslet, Alissa Bosslet, Kenneth & Jeanie Bosslet, Robert * Bosslet, Timothy & Jamie Downing, Thomas & Nikki

Tom Cella Memorial Scholarship Chier, James & Kimberly Hopfinger, William & Mary Lessmann, Scott & Kathleen Zinser, Douglas & Andrea

Jack Glaser Memorial Scholarship Meyer, Matthew & Kathleen Tullock, Nicholas

Clayton A. Pfeiffer Memorial Scholarship Anonymous Arentsen, Frank & Barbara Bahlinger, Michael & Denise Beelman, David & Pat Brahm, Don & Dorothy Buttice, Joseph & Marie Chinnici, Robert & Judy Cross, Jerry & Sharon Edelmann, Anne Ellrich, Sally Frank, Kevin & Sharon Gouge, Leroy & Mary Hylla, John & Kathleen Laferla, Michael & Joan Majneric, John & Lea Marr, James & Linda O’Brien, James & Mary Puricelli, Pete & Marie Strength & Conditioning Partners, LLC Sucher, Kevin & Joan Tappel, Louis Tuschoff, Donna Weissmann, Gary & Andrea Williams, Mark & Mary Lou Winders, David & Kathleen Zona, Anthony & Beth

Daniel Ringwald Memorial Scholarship Anonymous (2) Adams, David & Jamie Clay, Martin & Beth Essmyer, Ronald & Denise Fox, James & Melissa Greminger, Timothy & Pam Kadlec, Michael & Janae Madden, Timothy & Debra Mahacek, Robert & Julie Meyer, Matthew & Kathleen Rainey, Jeanine & Robert Ringwald, David & Bernadette Ringwald, Donna Ringwald, Richard & Amanda Ruzicka, Stephen & Jane Schneider, Keith & Virginia Schweiss, Kelly Tiemeyer, Keith & Kristin

Lt. Daniel P. Riordan Memorial Scholarship Anstey, Thomas Arendes, Clement & Nancy Bosse, Robert Briseno, Artez

Cafazza, Charles & Bridget Calcaterra, Gene & Marge Dickinson, Miles & Pamela First Command Financial Planning Friedmann, Cathy Garrett, John Henderson, Andrew & Kyla Horlacher, Jason & Kathy John D. McGurks, Inc. Levitt, Michael Lordo, Patrick Meyer, Kirby Morrison, Betty Ortinau, Mark & Marilyn Rasmussen, Brian & Linda Robbins, George Rohrbacker, Michael Rolfes, Gregory & Danielle Russell, Laura Smith, Debbie Stephen, Daniel & Sally Wallace, James & Barbara Welch, Kelli Wittman, Jerome & Carol

Patrick and Peggy Sly Scholarship Fund Eggleston, Donald & Mary Ann Sly, Patrick and Peggy

Student-Sponsored Scholarships Class of 2012 Beffa, Paul J. Brown, Thomas R. Djona, Lelis N. Drazen, Thomas C. Eskridge, Kevin T. Evens, Gregory E. Faust, Murray A. Giegling, Joshua M. Gray, Matthew M. Guignon, Matthew J. Kemlage, Mitchell D. Kirchner, Jeremy A. Lohse, Daniel S. Mahfood, William R. Maus, Matthew J. Mueller, Blake T. Murphy, Michael P. Owens, Daniel R. Picha, Tyler J. Robben, Jeffrey M. Roberts, Brandon T. Runge, Timothy M. Santangelo, Vincent Shannon, Sean S. Tierney, Daniel P. Ulrich, Nicholas Q. White, Andrew M. Young, Dennis M.

Class Of 2013 Allen, Nicholas C. Baker, Nicholas A. Benson, Brett A. Bitzer, Allen V. Blouin-Weers, Christian Bolin, Brian T. Borgschulte, Jacob T. Bradley, Robert K. Brown, Matthew C. Cantu, Drake A. Dreyer, Matthew S. Ewart, Donald L. Gauthier, Joseph C. Hackett, Jason C. Howdeshell, Cory R. Janasik, Ryan P.

Johnson, Matthew J. Klages, John T. Klaus, Andrew C. Lipsmire, Anthony C. O’Brien, Sean P. Ogle, Kevin B. Oldani, Maxwell R. Preiss, David W. Price, Anthony F. Renz, Leo P. Reynolds, Samuel V. Riggio, Vincent N. Sabatino, Alexander M. Schaetzel, Spencer W. Schumacker, Kevin D. Somogye, Joseph R. Theodore, Tyler P. Witwer, Michael E. Wood, Ryan P. Woodson, Bradley P

Class of 2014 Baker, Bradley R. Baker, Keith A. Bialczak, Alexander J. Brown, Chad D. Brown, Christopher M. Bruner, Clayton J. Burmeister, Brad J. Cochran, Tanner S. DePriest, Corey R. Doherty, Shane M. Dombrowski, Ben A. Elder, Brandon N. Elfrink, Pavel J. Eskridge, Connor M. Estopare, Nicholas A. Farmer, Christopher D. Garland, Connor J. Glass, William C. Glasscock, Andrew K. Hackett, Andrew L. Henschel, Kevin O. Hoeing, Kevin P. Hooper, John T. Hubbard, Jacob D. Jacquot, John G. Kelly, Ryan M. Kleine, Matthew S. Knernschield, Jory W. LaMartina, Joseph A. Lofstedt, Dane J. Ludwig, Jacob D. Lyons, Jack A. Macke, Michael C. Maus, Eric R. Medcalf, Zachary T. Moellering, Alexander C. Mueller, Matthew D. Nocchiero, Nicholas T. Paulus, Kennedy J. Pleimann, Kenneth J. Rasnic, Ryan C. Rath, Matthew J. Reynolds, Aaron C. Schaller, Benjamin J. Scheipeter, Marc J. Schrader, Anthony W. Schulte, Thomas J. Serati, Michael S. Shannon, Seamus B. Shuck, Brendan W. Somogye, Ryan J. Spies, Logan M. Strebler, Blake A. Thompson, Nikita A. Unger, Felix J. Voelker, Matthew H. Vogan, Trevor L. Walsh, Ryan P.

Wendl, Joseph M. Williams, Kyle D. Wojciechowski, Nicholas R. Wuesthoff, Nolan W.

Class of 2015 Auck, Nicholas K. Baker, Daniel J. Barczewski, Dominic J. Barker, Charles L. Barton, Chadburn R. Beckmann, Daniel W. Belaska, Brian J. Benedick, Matthew L. Biffignani, Dominic G. Cammarata, Matthew J. Cordia, Matthew J. Craft, David K. DiMercurio, Alex R. Dore, Adam L. Dreyer, Christopher W. Estes, Joshua A. Fechter, Jason A. Fritzlen, Cooper J. Galen, Joseph A. Gilmore, Adam C.

Greubel, Andrew R. Hargiss, William C. Harris, Jacob T. Johnson, Zachary C. LaMartina, Andrew M. Leible, Samuel J. Little, Christopher P. Mertens, Bradley T. Moore, Lyle J. Mueller, Alexander G. Parlow, Luke A. Poniewaz, John H. Roussin, Alec V. Schneider, Matthew J. Severino, Nicholas F. Shannon, Liam M. Snyder, Nolan R. Stockmann, Sean T. Tackes, Luke A. Thomallari, Albano Tierney, Brendan R. Ulrich, Daniel D. Wilson, Benjamin D. Wood, Brendan M. Yant, Mitchell N.

Scholarship Funds Keep the Vianney Dream Alive In fiscal year 2011-2012, generous donors gave more than $265,000 to specific scholarship funds at Vianney. These scholarships are a profound blessing in lives of scores of Griffins. For many boys, it makes the difference between the privilege of attending Vianney or going to a public school. Could you consider providing a scholarship to Vianney? You are free to define the amount and requirements of the scholarship, within certain parameters. Many of the scholarships currently offered are in memory of an alumnus, such as Clay Pfeiffer ’11 or Dan Riordan ’01. Other scholarships are targeted to certain types of students. For more information on creating a scholarship, please contact Pete Cerone ’93, Director of Advancement, at, or 314.965.4853, ext. 118.

Vianney students themselves are among the hundreds of scholarship fund donors. We are grateful to all those who help keep Vianney spirit alive!


2012 Night of the Griffin Auction Gross receipts


Net proceeds


Total attendees


Highest bid item LA trip to see Ellen DeGeneres live Fund-a-Need contributions

$4,000 $84,000

Auction Committee Chairs Auction Chairs Debbie McGuire Kim Tackes

Facilities Doris Voelker

Co-chair Emeritus Sue Dombek

Decorations Nancy Beffa

Spinning Wheel Joe Wiss

Acquisitions Connie Hayden

Grandparents Honor Roll Karen Riggio

Sports & More Tracey Nieder Sandy Scheetz

Griffin Gear Debbie Goulden Connie Williams

Volunteer Coordinator Peggy Klages

Ad Coordinator Debbie McGuire Bank Mark & Mary Scheipeter Bar Coordinators Robyn and Jim Hoffman Mary McEntee Certificates Linda Ederle Caryn Gauthier Classroom Packages Karen Janasik Judy Wiss

Griffin Gold Ken & Jackie Pleimann Hospitality Debbie McGuire Joe Mahfood Live Auction Jim & Jincey Huck Registration/Check-In Christine Johnson Joe & Mary Rath

Servers Coordination Brad and Tina Ogle Lisa Dreyer

Night of the Griffin Auction Fund-A-Need $20,000 Flatley, John & Pam $10,000 Sly, Patrick & Peggy $5,000 Kohlberg, Mark & Mary $2,500 Murphy, Patrick & Ellen Schumacker, Jim & Kathleen Wosman, John & Kathy $2,000 Kemlage, Tom & Joan $1,500 Gansner, James Shannon Loyet, Michael & Sheila $1,000 Bader, Ken & Frances Basler, Richard & Dianne Borkowski, Daniel & Maureen Brady, Tom & Lisa Gau, Robert Hayden, David & Mimi Henschel, Rich & Judy

Lionberger, Denver & Diane Ringwald, Donna Sebben, Anthony & Patti Serafin, John Jr. & Jean Tierney, Tim & Colleen Wosman, Jeff & Liz $500 Agne, Gary & Ruth Brown, Scott & Wendy Dodson, John Sr. Eggleston, Donald & Mary Ann Garland, Jim & Dina Klocke, James & Tina Mahn, Michael Jr. & Meghan Ojile, Joseph & Marianne Suzewits, Jeffrey & Joan Weckback, Bill & Theresa Welker, Gary & Kay $250 Alvarez, Robert & Patricia Arendes, Michael & Lisa Baringer, David & Donna Davis, Richard & Bridget Reilly, Pat & Sharon Reynolds, Vincent & Sandy Welker, Jeff & Dayna Wood, Dennis & Pat

$100 Arendes, Clement & Nancy Borkowski, Kim Cerone, Dan & Pat Cerone, Pete & Jennifer Dombek, Sue Drazen, Chris & Sally Garth, Carol Gauvain, David & Karen Geldmacher, Chris & Tracy Geldmacher, Kenneth & Kathy Geldmacher, Steve & Kelly Guilfoy, John & Nancy Hansmann, Bradley & Melissa Hayden, Paul & Connie Hummel, Ronald & Denis Kohlberg, Jeff & Abbie McGuire, Scott & Debbie Preiss, Kelly Ringwald, David & Bernadette Schuermann, Mark & Rachel Tackes, Mike & Kim Vonlehmden, Pat & Amy Woodson, Cheri Zoellner, Daniel & Michelle

Volunteer Dinner/ Kitchen Clean Up Chris Amelung Wine Masquerade Dina Garland Data Entry/Catalog Production Beth Hessi Cheri Woodson Michelle Zoellner

College Booth Karen & Bill Hoffman

Outstanding Outsta Out O standi nding ndi ngg stu sstudent st den entt volu vvolunteers olu lunte nt ers help nte help mak makee tthe h Nig he Night h off the Gr ht Griffin iffin a seamless sea eamle m ss production. mle p duc pro u tio t n. Juniors Joe Gauthier (left) and Matt Dreyer wheel meals to the field house to be served.

Vianney President Mike Loyet ’77 (center) visits with Bob Rainey and John Flatley.


FALL 2012

New Grad Creates Non-Profit to Help Troubled Teens While his classmates were buying dorm supplies and finalizing their freshman fall schedules, John Schenk ’12 has been setting up a board of directors, organizing volunteer training and considering whether to hire a development director. John Schenk is not your typical new alumnus. While his classmates have headed off to college, he’s been John Schenk ’12 busy getting his new non-profit organization, Teens to Teens, up and running. Schenk created Teens to Teens as a peermentoring organization that “seeks to bring the spiritual component to helping teens deal with crisis,” Schenk says. The program will operate through Catholic high schools — he has 16 on board so far — and will reach out to students who are struggling with personal issues. Schenk’s vision is that Teens to Teens will help young people build strong, positive

relationships with their peers so that they can deal with issues such as bullying, grief, drugs and suicide.

We provide peer mentoring services rooted in Catholic teaching, demonstrating that Jesus Christ is the center of healing and help for anyone when they struggle. From the Teens to Teens website

The basic concept of Teens to Teens is that volunteer teens within each school are trained to identify and befriend fellow students who may be in crisis. Through this peer support system, the troubled young person can be guided toward help and health.

Schenk was navigating the entrepreneurial waters before he reached adolescence. He started his first company, a sports memorabilia business, in the fifth grade. He successfully marketed autographs for names that included Stan Musial, Lou Brock and Bob Gibson. He dissolved the company during his senior year, after a falling out with his business partner. Schenk’s attitude, energy and leadership skills have inspired adults to enlist in his plans for Teens to Teens. Fr. Mitch Doyen ’79, president of St. Mary’s High School, will serve as chairman of the board. Other board members include an attorney, a social worker and a psychologist. So while his fellow Griffins in the class of 2012 are off to school this fall, Schenk will be busy running Teens to Teens. And in case that doesn’t keep him busy enough, he is also taking a full course load at Meramec Community College. He has no reason to believe he won’t be successful in that, too. You can learn more about Schenk’s organization at

Most 18-year-olds would not be brave enough to launch an organization, but

Summer Camps = a Hot Time at Vianney It’s not unusual for there to be hundreds of boys on campus at Vianney. But it might surprise some to learn that there are hundreds here in June. And July. And that some of the boys on campus are well shy of five foot in height. Summer has become a hopping time at Vianney, as the halls, sports fields and gyms host scores of grade schoolers and Griffins for sports camps, as well as for Camp Griffin, a week-long gathering of incoming freshmen. This summer, total attendance at summer camps topped 700.

At the close of Camp Griffin, members of the Class of 2016 gathered in the chapel with Fr. Tim Kenney, S.M., for Mass.

the official magazine of the st. john vianney high school family

Camp Griffin allowed new students, including Joe Thaier, to try out unfamiliar sports such as lacrosse. The boys tossed around tennis balls, so regular safety gear wasn’t necessary.

1311 S. Kirkwood Rd. | St. Louis, MO 63122 | Editor: Carol Dexter For information, please contact Carol Dexter 314.965.4853, ext. 270,


Non Profit Org US Postage PAID St. Louis, MO Permit 3514

a marianist college preparatory school

1311 south kirkwood road st. louis, mo 63122

Scenes from the Start of School Right: On the first day of freshman orientation, senior Link Crew member Mike Witwer leaps to give freshman Joey Nelson a really high five, welcoming him to Vianney. Below: At the fall honors convocation, senior Sam Oldani accepts his Gold Circle Award from Principal Dr. Tim Dilg. The Gold Circle recognizes students whose high level of school involvement has earned them 300 or more activity points.

Left: At the annual Grandparents’ Mass, freshman Brady Hoffmann (left) joins in the Lord’s Prayer with his grandparents, Mrs. Jean Hoffmann and Mr. Bob Hoffmann, and his brother Alex Hoffmann, a senior. Bob Hoffmann is a retired Vianney teacher and a member of our Hall of Fame. Right: The Vianney Swimming and Diving team got a great start on the season, bringing home the second-place trophy at the prestigious Ladue Invitational. Dive into the Athletics tab at for more sporting news.

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