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SO, WHAT IS RECLINK AUSTRALIA? Reclink Australia is a non profit organisation whose mission is to provide and promote sport and art programs for people experiencing disadvantage. Established in Victoria in 1990, Reclink Australia operates nationally providing over 4500 activities and 80,000 participation opportunities for disadvantaged Australians annually. We target some of the communities most vulnerable and isolated people, including people experiencing significant mental health challenges, disability, homelessness, substance abuse, culturally and linguistic diverse communities, correctional services and economic hardship. Our organisation values the importance of sport and arts programs in improving the health inequities of people experiencing disadvantage, which is supported through various research providers. REFERENCE:

PRESS RELEASE During the month of may 2014, FORTA FITNESS WILL BE working WITH RECLINK AUSTRALIA to help bring fun and exciting recreational activites and sporting events to the underpriviledged and disadvantaged communities across australia. IN ORDER TO SHOW SUPPORT, FORTA FITNESS HAS ADDED a limited edition DESIGNER SPORTS TEE AS WELL AS A SLEEKLY CRAFTED SHAKER BOTTLE to their SPORT APPARREL RANGE FOR PURCHASE in COMMEMORATION of this collaboration. A PERCENTAGE OF THE PROFITS MADE WILL ASSIST IN FUNDING SPECIAL SPORTING EVENTS FOR UNDER-PRIVILEDGED COMMUNITIES TO PARTICIpaTE IN. furthermore they will get the opportunity to meet some of their favorite atheltes from australia’s national football and cricket teams. PARTICIPANTS WILL ALSO RECIEVe THe LIMItED EDITION FORTA FITNESS PRODUCTs FREE OF CHARGE. THE PRODUCTS WILL BE AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE ON the FORTA FITNESS ONLINE STORE. PLEASE SHOW YOUR SUPPORT TODAY!





Cause Related Branding  
Cause Related Branding  

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