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On behalf of our families, we would like to welcome you to Cutting Edge Show Pig Sires. We can’t believe how fast the last three years have went since our first boar purchase was made. We have been truely blessed in more ways than one. Without our faithful customers, we couldn’t be where we are today. We would like to thank each and every one of you for the success you have given us and for all of the success our clients have had. As many of you know, Ron suffered from a heart attack earlier this spring. Due to the Power of Prayer and the Grace of God, he is with us. Thank you to all of you who prayed and supported us in any way. We want to reassure you we are dedicated to the hog industry and to putting the best genetics together for you with the highest quality possible. Please don’t hesitate to call with any questions. We look forward to helping you with your breeding program. Sincerely, Ron & Kyla DeOrnellas & Family Eric & Jeff Fritz & Family Eric Schier & Family JP Fritz & Family

showpig sires

Table of Contents Name A-Game Ace in the hole Buried Alive Black Gold Cash out Civil war Deep Pockets Gilligan I’ll have another Legendary Split Never say never Passionate Smoke River monster soda pop special situation stop me strikes again super model super monster Surreal Texas War the one and only Tight rope Triple crown wage war

4810 State Route 187 London, OH 43140 937-834-1010

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To Order Semen call: 937-834-1010 Shipping: Semen shipped UPS Next Day Air, unless otherwise stated. Collection Days: Mondays and Thursday. Payment: All semen paid by credit card (Visa or Mastercard), or C.O.D. (must be paid by either cashier’s check or money order) Cancellations: In the event a semen order needs to be canceled, it must be done by 9:00 am (Eastern Time). Overrun Semen: We could have extra semen available at half price on some boars. Please call after 12:00 p.m. (Eastern Time) to check on the availability of the semen. A.I. Certificates: Breeding certificates are $25 on all purebred boars. Exclusion of Warranty: Cutting Edge Showpig Sires has the highest quality technology available, but cannot control the conditions under which the boar semen is used or the techniques used in applications. Therefore, we are unable to make any warranties or representations beyond those made expressly herein. Cutting Edge Showpig Sires warrants that the product sold is of excellent quality at the time of shipment. Cutting Edge Showpig Sires makes no other guarantees, warranties or representations, either written or oral, expressed or implied. Cutting Edge Showpig Sires specifically makes no guarantees concerning conception rate, how long sperm are viable, and will not be liable of the product or any condition developing in any herd after semen is introduced. Directions: Cutting Edge Showpig Sires is conveniently located 5 1/2 miles north of I70 at exit #72 / Route 56. From I70 take State Route 56 North approximately 1 mile to State Route 187. Turn right on SR 187 4 1/2 miles. We are located on the north side of the road. Please call ahead for an appointment.



Super Monster Monster 52-4 x Super 7

What has this boar not accomplished?! He is truly the definition of a “Living Legend”!!! Super Monster has taken the nation by storm with his magnificent run of Major winners. Champions at San Antonio, National Western Stock Show, NAILE, Fort Worth, American Royal, and Oklahoma Youth Expo speak for themselves! This guy has done it all! On top of that we are starting to see him on the bottom side of many winning pedigrees as his females have been equally as impressive. Super Monster will put style and balance in your showpigs with tons of shape. Super Monster has base width front to rear with a flexible spine that connects into a big square hip. This boar is agile footed on any kind of terrain. The phone’s have been ringing off the hook of continous reports of winners. Super Monster is re-writing the history not be left out!

$200 per dose - Stress Negative


Grand Champion Barrow

2012 San Antonio Stock Show Exhibited by: Colt Wolf Bred by: Cobb Family Sired by: Super Monster



Triple Crown did not disappoint in his first crop of pigs. Headlined by the World Record Selling $34,000 Grand Champion Gilt at the 2012 WPX. We have had endless reports of winners and success across the country. He possesses the same great bone and skeletal design as his daddy, but he is taller at the point of the shoulder, better looking, and more flexible than his sire. Mike calls him the best pig that he has ever produced. Be sure to book early and often on this great young sire!

$200 per dose - Stress carrier


Grand Champion crossbred gilt

2012 World Pork Expo $34,000 Record Selling Purchased by: Hirschfeld Livestock Sired by: Triple Crown


A-Game Super Monster X Priceless

A-Game is a young boar that is making a major splash. We believe he is without a doubt the best Super Monster son alive. This boar is the next step in the monster line. A-Game is wider chested and bigger ribbed than his sire, but has the same look, hip, and set to his hocks as Super Monster does. Mention A-Game in the Southwest and the breeders eyes light up. As his first crop was hitting the ground we were getting numerous phone calls on how impressive these baby pigs were. His first pigs will be headed to the Fall Classic and we are very excited to see them. He will down size your sows, and make them stout and moderate. This guy is a farm favorite so get on the books now.

$150 per dose - Stress Negative



Deep Pockets CASHIN’ 7’s x COLOR BLIND

Deep Pockets has not dissapointed! Within his first pig crops he produced the Grand in Ring A & B at the TJLA Fall Classic with two different pigs! He offers a stout made skeleton with a wide chest floor, in addtion to being heavy muscled and sound footed. He is quickly becoming a proven sire as he sired on the $30,000 Reserve Grand Boar at the 2011 WPX.....keep the photo flashes coming with Deep Pockets!

Grand Champion Ring A & B

$125 per dose - Stress Negative 5

2010 Fall Classic Sired by: Deep Pockets Bred by: Kyle Schwerdtfeger (A) & Jerry McLemore (B) Exhibited by: Erica adams

Special Situation


Warfare x (Sportage x Vintage) We bought this boar from Edwards Genetics. He is taller shouldered and has more flexibility than his sire. He has huge bone and I pomise you that this boar will not disappoint with all of the muscle that he carriers. Special Situation will no doubt be on your short list so book early.

$150 Per dose - STRESS CARRIER

I’ll Have Another


Triple Crown X Big Bucks X Alias This Boar from Paul Warye is loaded with champions in his blood lines. The dam of I’ll Have Another was Grand or Reserve 8 times in 2011 summer shows in Iowa. He has a tremendously large top with a huge ham muscle and is stunning good ribbed. This boar is one of the easiest fleshing boars we have at this stud. This is a must use boar you won’t be disappointed.

$125 Per Dose - Stress Negative


Ace in the Hole


Monster 52-4 X super 7 The $20,000 full brother to Super Monster who is making his own noise throughout the country. This extremely big footed, heavy boned, boar that is extra square in his muscle package sired the Champion Middle Weigh Crossbred Barrow at the 2011 San Antonio Stockshow along with the Grand Champion at the 2011 Dixie National. Ace In The Hole is a boar that possesses extreme width throughout on a very flexible skeleton. He has sired numerous winners throughout the Southwest, be sure to get on board with this one.

$125 per dose - Stress Negative Champion Middle weight crossbred barrow

2011 san antonio stockshow Sired by: ace in the hole Bred by: pallotto genetics Exhibited by: macauley may

Super Model Super Monster x White Legs Another tremendous boar put together by our good friend Jerry McLemore. He could very possibly be the best Super Monster son to date. He has an unreal amount of base width and bone while still carrying that flawless design and flexibility of his sire. In one of his first litters the Steve Cobb Family sold a $9,100 barrow out of Super Model. Super Model has continued to impress visitors as he is a farm favorite for many. This boar is sure to continue to make headlines with his offspring.

$125 per dose - Stress Negative Maine Man

Super Model x Priceless Bred by: Steve Cobb Family Purchased by Moyers



Gilligan Priceless x Unbelievable x Super 7 Gilligan is one that puts some special pieces together starting with the bottom side of his pedigree. His Dam was purchased from Rick Whitman in his 2009 online sale for $3700. With Priceless on the top side, this combination of his pedigree equals a heavy boned, square made & sound painted-up blue boar with a tremendous pedigree. He was a late season boar only used on a few sows and had several county fair grand champions and multiple division champions. Take this boar to a little muscle he’ll add bone, middle, and look. Truly a boar for the future - book early.

$100 per dose - Stress negative


Cash Out Cashin 7’s x Off The Record Out of the same sire as Deep Pockets we believe Cash Out holds his own in the line up of boars that we have put together. He carries a huge forearm and stands on big feet and bone. Cash Out is superb through his front end with that look and design to produce winning showpigs. Do not miss out on having your next set of champions sired by.....Cash Out!

$125 per dose - Stress Negative



Strikes Again Super Monster x (Hillbilly Bone x Sound System x Hillbilly Bone’s Grandmother) When we first heard about this boar and then saw the video. We knew we had to head to AJ Genters’ to look at him. When we saw him in the flesh we decided we had to own this boar. This guy is massive and any angle you look at him, with that show ring look and power. He is really up headed and huge topped with a ton of mass when you get behind him. When this guy gets on the move we knew that Cutting Edge Show Sires “Strikes Again”.

$150 Per dose - Stress Negative

Exotic 2012 Ohio State Fair

Division 2 Champion Dark Cross Littermate to Strikes Again

Civil War Warfare x Space Monkey Top selling boar pig at Jarred Brown’s 2011 spring pig sale, Civil War, a littermate to Wage War is a bigger framed boar. He will make you taller at the point of the blade, with added style and muscle. This pair of boars comes from a deep litter of pigs, with two other littermates standing in studs.

$125 Per dose - Stress Carrier



River Monster super monster x (overdose x tsunami) River Monster, just like his father, was a challege to get a picture of a really good hog. Stout featured from skull to forearm to ground this boar has great top and hip shape. River Monster comes out of a deep litter as McLemore purchased two gilts for $2,500 and $2,000 at the Extravaganza and a $3,500 gilt that has won a couple of jackpots in Kansas. A little different bottom side here with an Overdose x Tsunami sow which is out of two boars that have sired grand barrows at Oklahoma City. River Monster is stamped just like Super Monster was at this age and we all know what happened next!!!

$125 per dose - Stress negative


Wage War Warfare x Space Monkey Purchased from Jarred Brown in April 2011, this boar is turning heads. Wage War is a stout structured boar that is wide based with the right look. He is moderate framed with a big top and hip. He is definitely a Warfare son that you will be hearing about. Sound and athletic- don’t miss out on this one.

$125 Per Dose - Stress negative



Black Gold supermonster x Fatal attraction This black boar raised by Cooper Livestock has his sires’ look - Explosiviness and Soundness. He is really tall fronted and straight in his lines with power and muscle. This boar will no doubt hold his own in this line up.

$125 Per Dose - Stress Carrier

Exotic Exotic

Texas War

Photo Coming Soon!

Warfare x (Toxic 134-3 x Black Attack) New Purchase from John Strube

$125 Per dose - Stress Status: Pending


Legendary Split I Am Legend x Lickety Split From a pedigree loaded with champions, this crossbred boar offers freakish top and ham muscle and a perfect look for show barrows. His dam is a littermate to the ‘08 Hi Point Barrow in Indiana and his maternal granddam raised the ‘07 Georgia National Grand Champion. Has sired the Reserve Grand Champion Barrow at the Ohio State Fair Open Show.


$75 per dose - Stress Carrier 11

Legendary Split x Super Monster Bred by: Nott Showpigs Bought by Kilmer Swine Farm for $10,500


The One and Only Buried alive X leverage

WOW!! To those who say Hampshires can’t win barrow shows meet “The One and Only”. It cost $100,000 off the farm from our friend Jerry Mclemore, but it will be worth every banner and photo for our youth. The One and Only is stout made, wide based, big ribbed, & sound footed with tons of muscle that carries into the biggest hip you have seen. . When my partner and I flew to the southwest to do a boar tour, there was rumble of this boar, but when we layed eyes on him we thought he was a crossbred. Since arriving in the barn most everybody shakes their head and asks “IS HE A HAMPSHIRE?!” The One and Only’s’ mother is also the mother of Affirmative and Tight Rope here at Cutting Edge Sires, who have put their stamp on Hampshires in the last year. His sire is Buried Alive, who we purchased at the WPX last year. This guy has the making to rewrite history........ Don’t Be Left Out Of The Book!

$250 per dose - Stress Negative - EN 7-3, Registration # 475295003 12

2012 Ohio State Fair Champion Hampshire Barrow Shown by: Hunter Nichols Bred by: DeOrnellas & Nichols Sired by: The One & Only


Stop Me

A Long Time Coming x Unreal x Black Oak Wow! Drove as a crossbred, Stop Me was a second place boar in Belton that impressed us a lot! Out of the powerful Mark Long Black Oak sow, which is in both the top and bottom side of his pedigree, Stop Me is one the Hampshire breed had been looking for. His mother is also the dam of “ Oh My” and “Above All”, in addition to being Surreal’s littermate sister! Stop Me is wide based, heavy boned and sound! Mark Long thinks this is the best one he has ever raised Bar None! The proof is in his pedigree. Don’t hesitate to use this one!

$125 Per dose - Stress negative en 3-4, Reg # 476477004 13

Tight Rope Stimulus x Leverage Sire of the Grand Champion Barrow Overall at the 2011 World Pork Expo!!! This boar comes from a unique package of a brother x sister x sister mating. He comes from the same dam as Affirmative and The One and Only! Tight Rope is long spined and agile in his makeup. He has an extreme amount of foot size and bone. This boar has the right kind of muscle to make breeding females or as he has proven, show barrows!

$125 per dose - Stress negative EN 13-1, Reg. # 468875001

Hampshire GRAND CHAMPION barrow Overall 2011 world pork expo Sired by: Tight rope Bred by: Peter Farms exhibited by: yimmi Fontentot

Surreal Unreal x Black Oak A well-balanced offbelt boar that spreads width, dimension, and muscle throughout, yet is clean jointed and fluid in his movement. Surreal’s dam was the legendary 44-2 Black Oak sow at Mark Long’s, and his littermate sisters have produced Oh My and several others! This guy has the power and design to generate functional breeding females or show barrows.

$125 per dose - Stress negative EN 18-1, Reg # 466820001 2012 World Pork Expo

5th Overall Hampshire Barrow Shown by: The Fontenot Family Sired by: Surreal

Hampshire 14

Buried Alive Black Label 5-1 x Sweet Tea The $19,000 Hampshire boar from the 2010 World Pork Expo. The sire of the $100,000 “The One and Only� Buried Alive is a barrow making boar that is wide based, square made, and extremely level in his design. This boar offers a huge hip in a sleek stylish profile. Check in here, you will not be dissapointed with the outcome.

$125 per dose - Stress Negative


Soda Pop Black Tea x Beast x Cadet x Payroll We believe that Soda Pop is going to be a foundation sow builder. With his unique pedigree, he comes in a square made, moderate framed package, that is heavy muscled. He has lots of base width power from front to rear. A really neat piece for the Hampshire Breed.

$125 per dose - Stress negative


EN 2-1, Reg. # 468114001

Poland China

Passionate Smoke Holy Smoke x Black Magic The Premier Sire from the 2011 Ohio State fair where he sired the Grand Champion Boar and Reserve Grand Champion Gilt. A wide fronted boar that offers a huge center body along with a big top and huge feet in a sound as a cat package. This boar can make those stylish gilts or barrows wihout giving up total body mass and bone.

$50 per dose - Stress Carrier - EN 1-4, Reg. # 40922004 15

Never Say Never Yak 2 x Buzz 45-1 Our pick of the 2012 Ohio State Fair, Never Say Never is a breed changer! He is stout made with a lot of muscle. This boar is opened up with a perfect toe set, great feet and legs and sound as a kitten. He is what the Duroc breed has been looking for. Don’t miss out!

$100 per dose - Stress negative


EN: 32-7 Reg #338141007


Perfect Day

Photo Coming Soon!

Exclusive x (Day Break x Tank’s Littermate Sister) EN: 6-6 Reg #: 530809006

Ron and Kyla DeOrnellas 217-412-3464 217-202-4115

2012 Ohio State Fair Champion Hampshire Barrow Reserve Grand Carcass Shown by: Hunter Nichols Bred by: DeOrnellas & Nichols Sired by: The One & Only

selling showpigs year round 16

2012 CPS Summer Type Conference Reserve Champion Poland Gilt Shown by: Madison DeOrnellas


Grand champion market hog 2011 NAILE Sired by: Super Monster Bred by: Steve Cobb Family Exhibited by: Katie Davis

Reserve Grand Champion Barrow Champion Crossbred Barrow

Grand Champion Barrow

Reserve Grand Champion Barrow

2012 Fort Worth Stock Show Sired by: Super Monster Bred by: Mark Hoge Exhibited by: Danielle Felux

2012 Fort Worth Stock Show Sired by: Super Monster Bred by: Riggs & Thurston Exhibited by: Wesley Nebgen

Grand Champion Barrow

Grand Champion Barrow

2012 Oklahoma Youth Expo Sired by: Super Monster

2012 San Antonio Stock Show Exhibited by: Colt Wolf Bred by: Cobb Family Sired by: Super Monster

2012 National Western Stock Show Sired by: Super Monster Bred by: Diamond V Showpigs Exhibited by: Taylor Walker

Grand Champion Market hog

Reserve Grand Champion Market hog

Reserve Grand Champion Gilt

2011 Missouri State Fair Sired by: Super Monster Bred by: Tim Fort Exhibited by: Emily Tallman

2011 Iowa State Fair Sired by: Super Monster Bred by: Shane Brinning Exhibited by: Jake Keppy

2011 Ohio State Fair Jr. Show Sired by: Super Monster Bred by: Cutting Edge Showpigs Exhibited by: Caisey DeOrnellas


Grand Champion barrow

2012 Nationwide Barrow Battle Sired by: Super Monster

Champion Hampshire Barrow Reserve Grand Carcass 2012 Ohio State Fair Shown by: Hunter Nichols Bred by: DeOrnellas & Nichols Sired by: The One & Only

3rd Overall Barrow

2011 Ohio State Fair Open Show Sired by: Deep Pockets Bred by: Kevin Wendt Family Exhibited by: Matthew Evans


Champion middle crossbred barrow 2011 san antonio stockshow Sired by: ace in the hole Bred by: pallotto genetics Exhibited by: macauley may

Reserve crossbred & bronze medallion Gilt

Grand Champion barrow OVERALL 2011 world pork expo Sired by: tight rope Bred by: Peter Farms Exhibited by: yimmi fontenot

2011 southwest district livestock show Sired by: legendary spilt Bred by: don and mark peters Exhibited by: walter jackson family

Grand Champion market hog

Grand Champion Crossbred gilt

Grand Champion Gilt

2012 Reserve Champion Hampshire Gilt

Grand Champion barrow

National Junior Summer Spectacular Shown by: The Guyer Family Sired by: The One and Only

2010 American royal Sired by: super monster Bred by: tko genetics Exhibited by: reece seibold

Reserve Champion Hampshire Gilt

5th Overall Hampshire barrow

2011 southwest district show Sired by: deep pockets Exhibited by: hailey robinson

2011 NJSA Southeast regional Sired by: affirmative Bred by: Rick Fogle Exhibited by: jenna siegal

Grand Champion Overall

Grand Champion Overall

2010 Fall Classic Ring B Sired by: Deep Pockets Bred by: Jerry McLemore Exhibited by: Erica Adams

2010 Fall Classic Ring A Sired by: Deep Pockets Bred by: Kyle Schwerdtfeger Exhibited by: Erica Adams

These are just a few of the champions sired by cutting edge showpigs sires!

2012 world pork exo Sired by: The one and only


2012 World Pork Expo $34,000 Record Selling Purchased by: Hirschfeld Livestock Sired by: Triple Crown

2012 World pork expo Shown by: The Fontenot Family Sired by: Surreal

If you have champions sired by cutting edge showpig boars, send them to us!

Champion Show Stock Making a Splash! Formally introduced


and changing the game forever!

iBanners Don’t Lie.... To Order go to: or your sullivan supply dealer • 1.800.475.5902

laying A FOUNDATION Deep Pockets x Priceless

Due Late August To: SUPER MONSTER

Super Monster x Vintage

Due Late July To: BEAR

On The Verge x Spud

Due Late August To: TRIPLE CROWN (Littermate to Dog Nott) (Mother is Littermate to Mammoth) (Same Dam as Starbuck)

FALL SALES - September 26 - October 24 - November 8

Drive By x Amen

Due Mid August To: SUPER MONSTER

Warfare x Man O’War

Due Late July To: SUPER MONSTER (Mother is Littermate to Warfare) (Littermate was Grand Market Hog 2011 Iowa State Fair) (Full Sister was $27,000 Grand at 2011 WPX)

Final Drive Genetics - Jordan Leatherman - 260.499.0391 • Todd Leatherman - 260-768-4568 • 450 N 5505 W • Shipshewana, IN 46565


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Marketing Managers! is pleased to announce the addition of two team members to assist you with your complete online marketing needs. Whether you are buying or selling, we want

Stacey Watje Phone: 209-604-2542

Ashley Nash

Phone: 989-400-2183

you to have the best online auction experience possible. Contact Stacey or Ashley now to schedule a sale, purchase a banner or establish a web presence for your operation.


Phone: 614-403-0726 E-mail:

Thompson Show Feeds THE RISE TO DOMINATION 2012 Ohio State Fair Supreme Champion Breeding Gilt Champion Yorkshire Gilt Shown by: The Segal Family

2012 Ohio State Fair Grand Champion Barrow Shown by: The Kimley Barrow

2012 World Pork Expo Reserve Champion Breeding Gilt Champion Yorkshire Gilt Shown by: The Kimley Family

Feed Made By:

We have complete feed programs for breeding stock, nursery pigs, and showpigs. We also carry goat, steer, and sheep feeds along with an extensive line of show feed additives.

Thompson Farms Wilmington, OH Bill Thompson 937-604-2477 Feedmill 937-382-4072

2012 CPS Summer Type Conference Reserve Champion Poland Gilt Shown by: Madison DeOrnellas

2011 Ohio State Fair Grand Champion Barrow Exhibited by: Stauffer Family

Numerous County Fair Winners Dealers: Ron DeOrnellas London, OH 217.412.3464

Larry Johnson Oxford, OH 513.255.2185

Scott Stauffer Arlington, OH 419-348-4572

Kimley Show Pigs S. Charleston, OH 937.605.2393

Buscher Feeds New Weston, OH 419.925.5050

Curtis Burns Marysville & Milford Center, OH 937.243.8527

Travis Wolfe Richmond, IN 765.744.0125

View full list of winners on Facebook

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Cutting Edge Showpig Sires Fall Catalog  

Cutting Edge Showpig Sires Fall Catalog

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