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no.3 Welcome to

Inspirations from Timber Windows

As one of the most important decisions you will make for your property, choosing the most appropriate windows and doors is likely to take both time and quite possibly, a fair bit of research. So we would like to welcome you to issue 3 of the Inspirations lifestyle magazine.

How better to explain what a difference beautiful real timber windows and doors can make than by showing you around the properties of some of our delighted customers. With a cross-section of interesting projects that showcase the quality and beauty of our timber windows and doors, we also demonstrate how these projects really can enhance the value of your home.

In this issue we take a look at the dramatic timber doors of Rome, the secrets of curb appeal and our fascination with that most popular architectural period - The Georgians. And if that leaves you wanting more, then a visit to your local Timber Windows showroom may be in order - you’ll find expert advice and a comprehensive range to browse at your leisure.

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contents 6. A historic Harrogate home - restored 11. Make an entrance 15. 17th century cottage restoration 20. The perfect match 24. A quality finish 26. Has your home got the look 28. The showroom experience 30. Gorgeous Georgians 32. Enhancing a heritage neighbourhood 35. It’s all sustainable, so doesn’t harm the Earth! 36. Keep the faith with natural materials 38. Bella! - Roman doors 40. Increasing light in a post-war classic 42. A village home restoration 45. So, just how good are our Timber Windows? 46. The art of the sympathetic refurbishment 50. The look of quality 52. Your chance to win A Fortnum & Mason HAMPER!

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“We’ve lived with some of the windows & doors for 5 years and they still look lovely” 6 www.timberwindows.com

Chadlington front door with black accessories. Flush casement windows with 18mm astragal glazing bars, some in a gothic arched style. All manufactured in Engineered Meranti Hardwood, finished externally in a match of Farrow & Ball ‘Fawn’ with various colour matches internally.

A Historic Harrogate home restored

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A historic Harrogate home restored

Mr & Mrs Pinder live in their historic home just outside of Harrogate, North Yorkshire; a property with a fascinating past. Starting life as 2 cottages and an undertaker’s workshop, they were built in the local red sandstone during the 17th Century. It remained as two separate properties until the late 1950’s when a wealthy mill owner bought and converted them to a very high standard, into a single home. A year later when the property was nearing completion, the mill owner’s wife decided that it was just too far from the city of Leeds and consequently they never moved into the converted property.

“The house is south west facing and is very exposed to the elements. Over the years preceding the replacements, some of the windows were showing signs of wear and tear, and were constantly needing repairs and painting; they were rotting and were draughty” explains Mrs Pinder.

Throughout the property, a substantial number of flush casement windows, arched windows and those with gothic astragal bars, along with a new front door were installed, with the following second phase consisting of ten sash windows. All have been finished in a colour match of Farrow & Ball ‘Fawn’ externally with various other colour matches used internally to suit the décor of the individual rooms.

The homeowners were originally recommended to visit their local showroom, and they have since suggested several of their own friends do the same, “A friend recommended we look at Timber Windows at Harewood; we are glad that we did because they had the right products and we felt confident in the company’s ability to deliver a first class installation.”

“The windows and doors are all fantastic – we’re delighted with them. We’ve lived with some of them for 5 years and they still look and work lovely. The front of the house is on a fairly busy through road, and the noise has been reduced greatly by the windows.”

“A friend

recommended we look at Timber Windows at Harewood; we are glad that we did because they had the right products & we felt confident in the company’s ability to deliver a first class installation

Hidden Spring sash windows in Engineered Meranti Hardwood painted in Farrow & Ball ‘Fawn’ match externally and various shades internally.

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In our Bedfordshire workshop the most impor tant tools are our hands and eyes. Working with beautiful timbers, achieving perfect joiner y & flawless finishes, whether painted or natural, is what comes naturally. With designs that will enhance both your home & lifestyle, ever y project is hand crafted from scratch - giving you a kitchen perfect in ever y detail. To talk to the man himself, simply call Christian on 01525 720120

C U LV E RTO N , F L I T W I C K R OA D, W E S TO N I N G , B E D F O R D S H I R E M K 4 5 5 A A


TEL 01525 720120


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MAKE AN ENTRANCE! With styles derived from designs found in homes of character across the country, the Timber Windows collection of entrance doors adds individuality and style. Choose from a range of ironmongery, including elegant period handles, traditional letter plates and knockers from our Samuel Health collection. A selection of decorative glass options, based on authentic Victorian stained glass motifs, have also been uniquely commissioned for the range.

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17th Century Cottage Restoration inspirations 15

he Talley’s instantly fell in love with their 17th century Somerset cottage when they moved in two years ago, although they wanted to improve it and put their own stamp on it.

“The cottage had various different styles of single glazed, old wooden windows, and as we’re in a conservation area we wanted to make sure we abided by the council guidelines that home improvements should be in keeping with the house and surrounding village. We felt the house deserved good quality timber windows.”

First discovering Timber Windows via an advertisement, followed by a browse online and a visit to their local showroom, Mr & Mrs Talley also visited a couple of other potential companies, “the service from Timber Windows has been really good. Elsewhere with the other companies we considered we found there was a lack of product choice and one of the other companies even got the sizes and details wrong on their quotation; so simply put we didn’t have any confidence in their abilities.”

Before “We wanted something a bit different with the colour of the new windows and doors, and Timber Windows helped us by presenting an array of options.”

After 16 www.timberwindows.com

Cottage flush casement windows, Staverton entrance doors and stable door made in Engineered Meranti Hardwood and finished in Blue-Grey with black rustic style ironmongery and 18mm astragal glazing bars to some items.

17th century cottage restoration

Neighbours & complete strangers have been stopping in the street to compliment our lovely new windows & colour! The homeowners chose their Cottage Flush Casement windows and entrance doors to all be finished in ‘Blue Grey’ and manufactured in Engineered Meranti Hardwood with black ironmongery.

“The design of the windows is more balanced now; the sightlines are important and getting this right made an instant improvement. The old windows were rotten in most cases with poor glazing, so the rooms feel much lighter than before.”

The Talley’s were also pleased with the installation process, “it took about a week which was actually a bit quicker than expected. The installers did a beautiful job of the finishing details, matching in the cement around the windows perfectly; we can’t even tell where the joins are. There was no mess, and all in all, it was really very good.”

A great job all round, and one appreciated not only by the homeowners, “neighbours and complete strangers have been stopping in the street to compliment our lovely new windows and colour!”


After inspirations 17

H A R DWA R E – t h e c h o i c e s t h a t w i l l s e t yo u r d o o r s and windows apar t


ne of the real pleasures of specifying your new

windows and doors is deciding on the hardware that will set them apart and truly make them your own.

Whilst the colour and style of your timber windows and doors play their part in the overall appearance of your home, the day to day functionality is very much determined by the look and feel of the hardware in use. So it really is worth spending time not just looking, but touching the specially selected range of options available in our showrooms.

The Timber Windows range of casement and sash windows can now be chosen with an even wider range of handles and hardware, in five and eight different finishes respectively. This choice will enable you to find the ideal degree of matching or contrast with the paint or stain finish.

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“The beauty

For our timber front doors, we offer an inspiring choice of handles, escutcheons, letter plates and spy holes - with designs to help you recreate front doors reminiscent of a Georgian townhouse, an Edwardian

of a timber door or window is enhanced by the ironmongery that adorns it�

terrace or something far more contemporary... and pretty much everything in between.

And for that extra special something, an upgrade to Samuel Heath ironmongery may be just the ticket. Available for our casement windows and doors, their dedication to perfection in design and manufacture is unsurpassed - eight beautiful finishes provide a plentiful array from which to choose the perfect knocker, handle, letterbox or door knob, all working in harmony with Timber Windows products.

As a starting point our Choices brochure details all of the options available - whilst a little advice and experience from your Timber Windows showroom may prove invaluable.

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The Perfect


his substantial former farmhouse in Wolverhampton originates from the Georgian era with a Victorian extension, and until as recently as 25 years ago served as a fully operational farm residence; it is now home to Mr & Mrs Denton, having bought it in the early 2000s.

“Having the new windows is a double-edged sword really” the Denton’s say with a smile; “they’re so well matched to the originals that they don’t look hugely different and you’d hardly know they’d been replaced, or not from a distance at least but this is a very good thing as we’ve also gained modern benefits.”

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WHAT WE WANTED Having lived with the old windows in their house for some 12 years, their relief is understandable, “the house had a mixture of metal windows and wooden sash windows; all in various states of dis-repair, some were painted shut and all were draughty.”

The aim of the project was to improve the comfort factors but also to create a uniform look throughout the house, whilst retaining the traditional appearance and ensuring everything was like for like.

“We visited 3 different companies, and had decided that we preferred the Timber Windows products on offer but we didn’t think they’d be within our reach financially. When the quotation came through we were pleasantly surprised that they were well within our budget and we could get what we wanted.”

22 www.timberwindows.com

The perfect match

A total of 45 individual windows and doors were replaced, with the installation time at three weeks for a project of this size, “no amount of words can prepare you for the disruption this scale of works will bring, but we were given a good, comprehensive, logical programme of the process in advance. The team were all very nice and very sympathetic, and did all they could to minimise their impact on us.”

The products here included an array of slim box sash windows, various flush casements including bay windows, French doors and a duo of stable doors, all manufactured in Engineered Meranti Hardwood and finished in Cream except for the stable doors which are Black on the outside and Cream internally. Every item

Flush casements, Slim Sash windows and French doors finished in Cream with brass ironmongery. Stables doors finished in Black to the external face and Cream internally, also with brass ironmongery. All items manufactured in Engineered Meranti Hardwood.

is slightly different too in terms of styling and extras such as sash horns to match the various parts and periods of the house.

Overall, the Denton’s are happy with the results, “we’re very pleased indeed and delighted with the movement of the sash windows; opening and closing them is a simple pleasure but we do love to, just because we can now. The stable doors are a fantastic addition too, aesthetically pleasing and giving much more light inside; they’re very practical with pets and children.

“One elevation of the house overlooks a busy road, which is where our daughter’s bedroom is; she hardly hears any noise from the road now as a result of the new windows, so this is also very pleasing.”

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24 www.timberwindows.com

Dowr design Contemporary front door in ‘Warwick Stone’ externally and ‘Off-White’ internally. Finishing details include brushed metal handle, letter plate and escutcheon, sandblasted glass vision panel with etched house number

A quality finish

LIGHTER, BRIGHTER & A CLEAN CONTEMPORARY LOOK Mr & Mrs Shaw live in a relatively modern house in West Yorkshire; one of three properties built in the early 2000s on the site of a former manor house.

Mrs Shaw comments that, despite the houses being built to a high specification, it appeared that the developers had scrimped on the windows and doors, as although they were timber, they weren’t of a good quality, “the windows let the house down; they had poor quality hardware, were draughty and after a relatively short life, were looking old and tired. For quite a modern property, they were also an odd style with very little glazing area.”

“Once we visited Timber Windows at Harewood, we decided that we’d found the products we wanted but as we planned to undertake some building work, we got this underway and eventually returned a couple of years later to arrange the doors and windows.”

Opting for windows and doors, including Bi-folding doors from our Contemporary range, Mrs Shaw says “we wanted modern without the harshness; the colour and timber help achieve this look.”

The family chose a selection of Contemporary flush casement windows, French doors, a matching pair of Bi-Fold doors and single entrance doors. All the items are beautifully crafted in Engineered European Redwood, and finished in ‘Off-White’. The ‘Dowr’ design front door is dual coloured; ‘Warwick Stone’ on the outside and ‘Off-White’ on the inside. The windows and doors are complemented by

Contemporary flush casement windows, French doors and Bi-Fold doors finished in Off-White and manufactured in Engineered European Redwood.

brushed metal handles and fittings to complete the modern appearance.

“Oliver at the showroom gave us a great deal of advice when it came to getting the designs and styles right; he was very proactive and helpful. The installation was great too; everyone we came into contact with was very attentive.”

We’re very happy indeed – the front door is my personal favourite of all; our neighbours and visitors always comment on it.”

inspirations 25



Whilst some customers

alk down any street in England and you can tell,

almost instinctively, whether the doors and windows of a home

follow the conservation

really suit the structure of the building. When the windows are


wrong it is blindingly obvious – but when they have been chosen


well, or the original windows and doors preserved, the effect is


often simply beautiful.

contemporary styles is a


others to


blend and

serious temptation. Pairing a stunning contemporary front door with

So what should you consider when investing in new Timber Windows? For many homeowners, restoring the integrity of the original structure is paramount. Choosing windows and doors that faithfully replicate the appearance of the building in its heyday, but with 21st century performance, is now achievable with the Timber Windows range.

26 www.timberwindows.com

beautiful box sash windows may give the individuality that your home has been longing for.

Rest assured that any investment in Timber Windows will help to restore the real value of your home! Time was when every window frame in sight was white, or unsightly aluminium. Today the choice of factory applied colours and finishes available for all Timber Windows & Doors adds a level of choice our predecessors would envy. With natural timber finishes, subtle shades of green, blue and grey, as well as pristine white and elegant black, the Timber Windows colour palette can help to highlight or to blend in.

And finally let’s not forget your neighbours, those passing by and even future purchasers. Style, colour and your choice of windows and doors all have a part to play in how your home is regarded – but rest assured that any investment in Timber Windows will help to restore the real value of your home.

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the showroom

VISIT YOUR LOCAL SHOWROOM – find your nearest at www.timberwindows.com/showrooms

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Come and see the quality of our range for yourself at one of our 35 stunning showrooms around the country – find the closest to you at www.timberwindows.com All of our showrooms carry a comprehensive range of Timber Windows’ conventional windows, contemporary windows, sash windows and doors in a variety of styles, designs and finishes. You’re welcome to browse at your leisure or should you require assistance, we can provide expert advice.

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hanks to Dr Darcy and Miss Bennet the Georgian architectural period

- from 1714 to 1830 - has never been more popular. With classical influences, symmetrical lines and beautiful proportions there is an almost insatiable demand for Georgian homes of every description.

Yet curiously the reason why Georgian streets appear so uniform was the Great Fire of London in 1666, the catalyst for a series of building laws. The Black Act of 1774 dictated that houses should be brick, roofs should not overhang and that windows must be recessed by at least 4 inches to prevent the spread of fire from one to another.

Whilst the reigns of George 1 to George IV witnessed the building of many grand stately homes, the most common Georgian structure was undoubtedly the townhouse. These were often speculative builds on 99 year leases, with the original intention that once the lease expired the building would be torn down and the plot re-used. Thankfully many original Georgian townhouses still remain, most notably in places such as Bath.

Terraced townhouses tend to open from the front door straight onto the road, with no porch. The doors themselves are usually panelled, often with fan lights above them, allowing light into the hallway. Windows are almost exclusively sash windows that slide up and down on a series of pulleys and weights. Window size increases from the top to the ground floor of the townhouse, usually with the classic “six over six” paned sash windows on the main floors.

Whilst today’s fascination with the period has resulted in perfectly preserved original Georgian houses, you can see Georgian influences in many contemporary homes – and the key to getting this look correct always starts with a substantial timber front door and beautiful sash windows.

inspirations 31

32 www.timberwindows.com

“They look beautiful

Enhancing a heritage neighbourhood

& serve extremely well for heat insulation & noise reduction” T his 1860’s semi-detached house in Edgbaston, West Midlands has undergone an extensive

refurbishment thanks to current owner, Mr Bonner, with the replacement of windows and doors being part of a much larger project.

“I chose windows and doors in keeping with the existing ones and those of the properties around me” Mr Bonner explains.

Having visited the Timber Windows showroom in Harborne, he was able to select the items and finishes to achieve the required result.

A grand bay window to the front of the property now has a traditional box sash window running on a chains and weights mechanism, and stands at 2.3 metres tall. Elsewhere, a number of sash windows

Bi-Folding and French doors in Cream paint finish with chrome Chatsworth handles.

with our slimmer box depth were specified to suit the openings. To the rear of the property a set of French doors with toplights open up the lounge and Bi-Folding doors liberate the kitchen area. All the items are pained in a ‘Cream’ finish.

“They look beautiful and serve extremely well for heat insulation and noise reduction. They also give peace of mind with regards security.”

The only area of the house to be changed from its original formation is the kitchen and dining room, replacing a smaller opening previously, and this has become one of Mr Bonner’s favourite parts, “I am very happy with the final result. The ease of opening the new sashes is great, and the Bi-Folding doors add a whole new dimension to my kitchen, which now flows beautifully in the garden.” Mixture of Slim and Standard box depth sash windows with single 18mm vertical glazing bar, all utilising a traditional chains and weights mechanism. All sash windows finished in Cream with brushed metal hardware.

inspirations 33

Place master pdf here




EARTH! We offer a range of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified timbers for your windows and doors, including Meranti Hardwood and European Oak. However over 80% of Timber Windows customers choose European Redwood – our favoured alternative. The longevity of this strong, knot free, stable timber is well proven in the United Kingdom. European Redwood is the timber used by the British joiners of yester year – most 100 year old British joiner y was originally made using European Redwood. All of our Redwood derives from sustainability managed plantations in Northern Europe, which means that when trees are felled, new ones are always planted to replace those har vested. In fact European forest areas are now expanding by around 5000 sq. km each year. These forests are also healthier for the environment, removing Co2 from the atmosphere and storing it in their trunks. So when you choose your new Timber Windows you can be sure that you will not harm the Earth.

inspirations 35



36 www.timberwindows.com

materials faith with make natural the difference! materials Natural Keep the

Built in the late 1990’s to an Edwardian style in a Suffolk coastal town, this beautiful residence has been home to Mr & Mrs Luckhurst since new. The house sits within a conservation area, and the couple were first attracted to it for both its style and spacious, high ceilings.

“From the start, the house had wooden windows, but the developers had selected poor quality options. It got to the point that we could barely open Engineered European Redwood French Doors, supplementary single doors and Hidden Spring Sash Windows all finished

the old windows, and aside from being unable to enjoy fresh air on a summer’s day, we were also concerned about not being able to use them in an emergency.”

in Off-White externally and Cream internally with Brass fittings.

Spotting some local advertising, the couple came to know of their nearest showroom in Woodbridge, “the advertising was very tasteful, and gave us the perfect indication that we weren’t going to encounter a typical double glazing company.”

“Once in the showroom, we saw a sharp contrast in the quality on display compared to what we had at home at the time; a major plus point was how exceptionally smooth the sash windows were to operate.”

“Everyone we came into contact with from the moment we first visited was very attentive to our needs and wishes.”

Ultimately, Mr & Mrs Luckhurst selected Hidden Spring sash windows with a dual colour finish; Off-White externally and Cream internally along with brass fittings. They also chose a beautiful Chalfont front door, colour matched with Farrow & Ball’s Dix Blue, and paired with Off-White top and sidelights. The door is embellished with eye-catching Polished Brass Shoulder lever handles and matching items from the Samuel Heath range.

“We kept our faith in having natural materials such as timber in our home, and have been rewarded with what we found from Timber Windows; we’ve noticed such a difference now everything has been fitted; the terrible draughts are gone and the house is extraordinarily quiet.”

Chalfont entrance door matched to Farrow & Ball’s ‘Dix Blue’, paired with OffWhite top and sidelights and Polished Brass Samuel Heath ironmongery including Shoulder lever handles manufactured in Engineered European Redwood.

inspirations 37

Bella! R




We are constantly on the look out for inspiration, so when these images from The Eternal City appeared we knew we had to show you! These substantial timber doors, many of them decades old, seem to want to make visitors think twice before entering. This is reinforced by ironmongery which is both protective and decorative. The fearsome iron door top left is from the Colosseum built around 70 A.D. - securing those about to be fed to the lions..!

38 www.timberwindows.com







inspirations 39


The windows are fantastic; we’re very happy with them Cottage Flush Casement windows in Off-White with period chrome handles and peg stays, also featuring 18mm horizontal astragal bars and manufactured in Engineered European Redwood.

40 www.timberwindows.com

Increasing light in a post-war classic


aving only moved into their 1945 West Midlands village cottage 18 months ago, Mr & Mrs

Bishop were keen to change a few things, “the windows had leaded patterned glass, which we were eager to be rid of.”

“We did some research online to replace the windows and looked around a few companies, but we weren’t satisfied with what we saw elsewhere compared to the quality of the products on offer at Timber Windows – aesthetics were our main concern.”

“We were advised at the showroom that the Cottage Flush Casement would suit the property best.”

This style of window has slimmer timber sections and has designed out the need for vertical mullions, meaning a greater glazing area allowing approximately ten percent more light into the rooms compared to our conventional flush casement windows.

Throughout the house, a large number of windows including bays were replaced, all in Off-White with chrome period ironmongery and 18mm horizontal astragal bars. Commenting on the installation, Mr & Mrs Bishop were pleased with the process, “the fitting was brilliant; the team did as much as they possibly could to minimise the disruption to us and always thoroughly tidied up after themselves.”

Ultimately, the homeowners have achieved what they set out to do, “without the lead pattern and the quality of the new glazing, we have a much clearer view outside; it’s far more pleasant. The windows are fantastic, we’re very happy with them.”

Before After inspirations 41

New front door is a bespoke, adapted version of the Staverton design featuring townhouse locking format and finished in Off-White. Stratfield design stable door in Off-White with brushed metal Julian contemporary handle and 18mm glazing bars in a cross design. All manufactured in Engineered European Redwood.

42 www.timberwindows.com



Replacing the original wooden windows and doors from when their Wiltshire village home was built 20 years ago, Mr & Mrs Gill wanted to ensure that firstly they stuck with timber and secondly they could ensure their choice lasted longer than the originals, that were beyond repair and poorly chosen by the previous owners.

Mr & Mrs Gill explain, “we matched the overall style of the windows except for simplifying the design by removing Georgian bars in favour of a single glazing bar to maximise the light into the rooms.�

Finished in Off-White throughout, a selection of lipped casement windows, three sets of French doors, a front door and a stable door were all chosen with brushed metal ironmongery from our contemporary range.

inspirations 43




Lipped Casement windows in Off-White with 18mm horizontal astragal bar and brushed metal contemporary handles, manufactured in Engineered European Redwood. .

Lipped casement windows are often found in more modern properties, and gain their name from the fact that the casement itself slightly overlaps the frame, as opposed to the Flush casement that closes into the frame.

The Gills are enjoying living with their new installations, “the windows and doors are all lovely quality and feel very solid; we love having the French doors open all the time now.”

French doors with 18mm horizontal astragal bars with brushed metal contemporary Julian handles in Off-White.

44 www.timberwindows.com





Factory applied micro-porous coatings providing maximum protection but minimal maintenance

Glazing units almost twice as effective as ordinary double glazing

All of our windows and doors are factory painted prior to assembly, providing complete protection from moisture absorption and maximising longevity. Every product receives a base coat of timber preservative, then a primer coat, followed by two coats of micro-porous paint. You should expect our coatings to last from five to eight years without the need for re-treatment. Should you wish to change the colour of your windows then redecoration is a very simple task as there is no sanding down required. An average window should take about thirty minutes to re-decorate.

All of our windows and doors incorporate double-glazed units with enhanced thermally insulating glass, providing an extremely low U-value. We further improve the efficiency of the unit by filling the cavity with argon gas and using low conductivity spacer bars to minimise edge losses. The result is a 1.1 W/m2K centre pane U-value.This means an 80% increase in energy savings compared to single glazing, and a 45% increase in energy savings compared to ordinary double-glazing.



Glass is fitted from room side to prohibit would-be intruders from gaining entry by removing the glass.

Advanced glass technology not only provides enhanced thermal performance but also much improved clarity, particularly compared to traditional hard coated low e glasses. High light transmittance (77%) maximises the entry of natural light into the home.

Internal beads for security


Exceptional optical clarity

Neat, coloured silicone seals

Purpose-made grooves on the inside and outside of the window receive the silicone necessary to protect against water ingress. Appropriate coloured or clear silicone is factory applied, guaranteeing a perfect, unobtrusive seal.


Rebated glazing beads eliminate unsightly gaps between the frame and bead In standard timber systems, paint is prone to cracking at the point where the bead meets the window frame. By rebating the glazing bead over the sash we conceal the joint, which eliminates the problem.


Multi-layer timber sections with opposing grains, balances warping and combats twisting

The use of multi-layer timber for windows and doors is long established in Scandinavia and Northern Europe, but very rare in Britain. The multi-layer structure used as standard throughout our range is particularly effective in resisting warping and twisting, as the opposing grains even out natural moisture movement. It is the twisting of timber during wet weather, more than the swelling itself, which causes standard wooden windows and doors to stick.


Warm edge spacer bars

Low conductivity spacer bars help to minimise heat loss and combat condensation levels on the inner pane.


Ventilation channels help prevent double-glazing from misting

Ventilation channels protect against the failure of double glazed units. In standard systems misting can occur when glazing units are allowed to sit in water trapped within the frame.



All Timber Windows are fitted with advanced security locks that wrap around the openers on our Flush Casements and engage bolts in multiple points on our Lipped Casements. Doors are fitted with multi-point locking mechanisms, featuring hook-bolts and deadlock.

inspirations 45

46 www.timberwindows.com

The art of the sympathetic refurbishment

inspirations 47

48 www.timberwindows.comm

The art of the sympathetic refurbishment

Cottage flush casement windows, French doors, stable doors and single door in Light Ivory externally and White internally with 18mm horizontal astragal bars and gothic bar design to single door. All items manufactured with Engineered European Redwood and complemented by black period ironmongery.

This beautiful home in the West Midlands village of Hampton-in-Arden, formerly stood as three small cottages, until it was combined and sympathetically refurbished to serve as a single four bedroom property.

the windows had to

be traditional cottage Mr & Mrs Houston were very diligent in their search for the right windows and doors, and had specific requirements, “the windows had to be traditional cottage style, have a good choice of colour options, as well as being able to specify dual colour and have a design appearance that would enhance the house.”

Cottage flush casements including bay windows, French doors, a stable door and a single rear entrance door were all specified to be made in Engineered European Redwood, finished in Light Ivory

style, have a good choice of colour options, as well as being able to specify dual colour and

externally and White internally with black period style ironmongery and 18mm horizontal glazing bars.

have a design

Our Cottage flush casement windows feature the same elegance as the conventional flush casements,

appearance that would

but through the use of slimmer timber sections for the frame and sashes, and a clever design construction that negates the need for vertical mullions, the cottage casement has an even sharper appearance and allows approximately ten percent more light in too.

enhance the house.

Paying a visit to Timber Windows of Harborne having received an invitation to a special open weekend event, the homeowners were impressed with what they found at the showroom, “this visit gave us the confidence we’d found a company that could meet all of our requirements as well as create a bespoke door design to match the original we were replacing.”

The new windows and doors are a flawless fit with the style of the property, and are very much to the liking of Mr & Mrs Houston too, “We are delighted with the high standard of the installation work and with the products because they have met all of our requirements in full.”

inspirations 49

After Frenchay door manufactured in Engineered European Redwood finished in Verdi with an Off-White frame and custom shape top light. Etched star glass to door sash, sandblasted glass with house number to top light and brass doctors knocker, letterbox and Chatsworth handle.

50 www.timberwindows.com

The look of quality

Starattraction M

r & Mrs Hayden-Smith are in the midst of fully renovating their central Harrogate

home, converting it from two flats back to a single house; a property that was built in 1884 and stands in a conservation area.

Having conducted an online search for suitable suppliers of timber windows and doors, the couple paid a visit to the Timber Windows at Harewood showroom, “we were given sound advice, great information, the showroom was beautiful and we loved the products.”

“We did look at other products from other manufacturers, but we really liked what we found with Timber Windows, and simply couldn’t find anything else we liked or that came close.”

As part of the overall renovation project, several new doors and windows have been installed throughout, with most of these areas still undergoing extensive work. The stand out item is the new front door and unusual shaped top light, accompanied by a small, arched hallway window.

“The hallway was freezing before, so we desperately wanted a double glazed timber door – it’s made such a great difference” Mrs Hayden-Smith explains.

The Frenchay door has been customised to suit their wishes, with the door sash finished in the shade of Verdi and the frame, a complementary shade of Off-White. The door glazing is the beautifully intricate Etched Star pattern, while the top light glazing is sand blasted carrying a reversed out


better than we had hoped for

house number. To complete the look, brass ironmongery options have been fitted.

“Over the course of this project, we’ve had a lot of workmen and fitters in the house for all kinds of tasks, but the team from Timber Windows really stood out as being impressive and exceptionally good.”

“We love the quality feel of the products and everything is even better than we had hoped for; we’re absolutely delighted and couldn’t be more pleased.”

Before inspirations 51




Your c hance to

WIN A Fort num & HAMP Mason ER!


e would love to see your very own home transformation -

Please send us a photo of your home before your Timber Windows installation and if we use your shots in our next magazine, we'll send you one of our very special Fortnum & Mason prize hampers.

AFTER Please email your photos to paul.martin@timberwindows.com


This offer is open to UK and Republic of Ireland residents who respond to a Timber windows promotion to win a Fortnum & Mason Hamper by entering via email. 1.There is only one prize hamper available per entry. 2. There is no closing date for entries. 3. The prize will be issued to any entrant that complies with all the terms and whose photo we select to use in our printed literature or online. We require a photo before the installation of new windows or doors purchased from a Timber Windows showroom and a comparable photo of after the installation has been carried out. We will then assess the entry and if selected will arrange a mutually convenient date for our photographer to visit you; this completes the entry and thus qualifies for the hamper once carried out. 4. By entering the Timber Windows prize draw you consent to Timber Windows contacting you and processing your personal data to enable it to operate the prize draw. 5. In the event you are selected as a winner of the prize draw, we will contact you by telephone or email to notify you. As a condition of receiving your prize you will be required to provide a photograph and testimonial to Timber Windows and confirm that you consent to Timber Windows publishing your name, photographs and the testimonial upon the website or in printed literature. If you don't wish to give your consent for these activities then please do not enter the prize draw. If you do not provide a photograph or testimonial, or confirm your consent, or respond at all to our contact, within 28 days of us contacting you, your right to the prize will be automatically withdrawn. 6. Prizes are not transferable under any circumstances. 7. There is no cash alternative available. 8. Open only to UK and Republic of Ireland residents. 9. Entrants must be aged 18 years of age or over.


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scape to the perfect country house hotel, where true luxury meets outstanding

personal service – and where nothing is too much trouble.

In the heart of the Wye Valley, with gorgeous views of the Black Mountains, this Jacobean

manor house provides an elegant yet relaxing retreat.

With light and fresh interiors, each room and suite has its own individual character -

decorated using only the very finest materials, intriguing antiques and original works of art. Head Chef, Nick Brodie and his talented team focus on creating dishes using the finest local Welsh produce. The hotel’s own organic kitchen garden provides the very freshest fruit,

vegetables and eggs for the award-winning restaurant.

Surrounded by acres of beautiful gardens and with The Brecon

Beacons and Hay-on-Wye close by, this former home of Sir Bernard & Laura Ashley looks forward to welcoming you soon.

Waitrose Good Food Guide Top 50 Restaurants 2016

The Sunday Times Country House Hotel of the Year 2014-2015

Call 01874 754525

Llyswen, Brecon, Powys, Wales LD3 0YP



T: 0845 652 7300 www.timberwindows.com

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Timber Windows - Issue 3 Inspirations  

Full of customer case studies featuring beautiful timber windows and doors along with tips and articles on how to make your home look appeal...

Timber Windows - Issue 3 Inspirations  

Full of customer case studies featuring beautiful timber windows and doors along with tips and articles on how to make your home look appeal...