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Autumn Winter 2014

& Visualising the dream by Jim Chambers The Art of Revival decorative mouldings by Ian Waller


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no.1 Welcome to

Inspirations from Timber Windows

As one of the most important decisions you will make for your property, choosing the most appropriate windows and doors is likely to take both time and quite possibly, a fair bit of research. So we would like to welcome you to Inspirations - our new lifestyle magazine.

How better to explain what a difference beautiful real timber windows and doors can make than by showing you around the properties of some of our delighted customers. With a cross-section of interesting projects that showcase the quality and beauty of our timber windows and doors, we also demonstrate how these projects really can enhance the value of your home.

Contributions from architects and interior experts explain how style and colour have the power to transform, both inside and out. And if that leaves you wanting more, then a visit to your local Timber Windows showroom may be in order - you’ll find expert advice and a comprehensive range to browse at your leisure.

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contents 6. A beautiful space in Guernsey 10. Visualising the dream 12. What a difference 14. The showroom experience 16. Samuel Heath & Sons 18. Putting the character... back into their home 20. Doors, doors, doors 22. Matching the original 24. Classic form or Contemporary features – it’s a matter of detail 26. Simple, understated design 28. Welcome home 30. Windows of the world 33. Hidden spring sash windows 34. Effortless symmetry in South Yorkshire 36. So, just how good are our Timber Windows? 39. It’s all sustainable, so doesn’t harm the Earth! 38. Space & light meet traditional design 45. Keep the faith 46. The Art of Revival 47. Out of the dark, and into the light 48. Its all in the detail 50. Your chance to win A Fortnum & Mason HAMPER!

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A beautiful space in Guernsey

“The lanterns,

windows & doors really are in a different league.” Mr & Mrs Loveridge, St. Peter Port, Guernsey.

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Roof lantern in French Grey.

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A beautiful space in Guernsey French doors and windows in French Grey with 18mm glazing bars in engineered Meranti hardwood.

The final reaction to the new space and products has been overwhelmingly positive. “We just love it. Six months in, we spend far more time at the back of the house as it’s an extremely pleasant place to be. Even though we’re in quite a built-up area, it’s a very peaceful and restful place. We’ve been very pleased with the service from Timber Windows Channel Islands and the fitting team, whilst also appreciating the quality of the lanterns, windows and doors

“We’ve also had so

– they really are in a different league.”

Mr & Mrs Loveridge’s home is a Victorian town house located in St. Peter Port on the island of Guernsey - a property they have owned for around twelve years. They decided to make some dramatic changes, “realising that the flat roof on the 1980’s extension was coming to the end of its useful life, we decided to ask an architect to draw up some ideas on how we might make fuller use of the space. After reviewing a number of designs we decided to bite the bullet, completely demolish the back of the house and begin again!”

Such a large project warranted planning and research aplenty. The couple enjoyed this process, taking inspiration from many sources; “style-wise, my wife had selected some designs from various magazines, and we were keen to cherry pick the best bits to make our dream space.”

The proposed construction gave the opportunity to ensure that the space was both inventive and practical, but getting the windows and doors right was crucial. “The design of the windows, doors and

many great comments about the build, and this was always about creating our perfect space. Very happy indeed.

roof lanterns were always high on our priority list, as we firmly believed these would make or break the design. It was important to maximise the light, whilst also offering modern insulation properties and looking beautiful.”

Finding a supplier to make the vision a reality was the next challenge for the Loveridges. “Since the very first sketches, we’d known what we wanted; it was just a case of finding a manufacturer who could deliver. We visited a multitude of local suppliers, comparing plastic, aluminium and timber options. None of them really met our expectations until we saw the Timber Windows samples. The combination of quality and the ability to specify our exact requirements meant we could achieve the look we were after.” Attention to detail. The design concept pre-manufacturing stage.

Timber Windows Channel Islands is based on Guernsey, also serving the island of Jersey too, and has a stunning showroom, showcasing a broad range of products and inspiration. The look desired by the Loveridge’s was drawn up by Timber Windows to illustrate the precise dimensions and ensure everything was covered to the smallest detail. This comprised French doors, flush casement windows, a single entrance door and two roof lanterns.

All were specified in a calm, contemporary shade of French Grey to work seamlessly alongside the new kitchen design scheme, with the flush casement windows acting as partial sidelights to the French doors. The fine 18mm astragal bar formation lines perfectly through the doors, windows and the accompanying single door, complemented by the smart chrome fixtures both inside and out.

The pair of roof lanterns provides a flood of light from above to both the kitchen and hallway, creating a beautiful, airy space throughout.

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VISUALISING THE DREAM by Jim Chambers, Chambers Design Specialists in 3D architectural & product visualisation

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I help others see the future… through the power of computer aided visualisation. For more than ten years, my specialist studio has helped to show clients what they’re project could look like even before they’ve put a spade in the ground. Through specialist software and techniques, existing photos can be manipulated or entirely computer generated images can be created, to bring your ideas to life.This could range from simply changing the colour of an external render to picturing how a new built property would stand within an existing empty plot of land, and everything in between. When it comes to windows, doors and roof lanterns, I have a strong working relationship with the Timber Windows showroom network, aiding customers not only through the design aspect of their choices but also the technicalities and practicalities of their plans. From a design perspective, colour options, window and door styles, glazing types and many other variables can all be adjusted in order to find a preference. Seeing each of these options in relation to your specific project can really make a huge difference to the choices that are made - and the conviction with which they are made too. I’ve collaborated with many customers who have made significantly different choices to their initial design preferences once they’ve been able to really see how it will end up! Such an opportunity is invaluable in ensuring you choose the right product, working in harmony with the advice available from the Timber Windows showrooms.

Example of existing house

As they say, a picture tells a thousand words.Through sophisticated software, the level of realism possible is incredible to the extent that it can be hard to tell what is and isn’t real. In addition this image can be repeatedly adjusted, meaning it’s a flexible and affordable way to try out design ideas. My images can also be created to be viewed from any angle and with simulated daylight from various times of the day. Images can also be super-imposed onto existing site photos – enabling a new building or extension to be viewed within the existing context. Windows and doors make up such a large part of the appearance of a building that in my opinion, getting both the material choice and the design right is key. Once visualised it is often clear to see whether the ideas suit the style and architecture of the property. These skills can be of particular help where planning or conservation officers need to be consulted. I’ve worked with several architects’ practices to demonstrate concepts and satisfy the requirements of planning regulations and listed building rules, and gain the necessary approvals. Television programmes such as Grand Designs use visualisation techniques regularly and the kind of ambitious, daring projects once reserved for the few with architectural backgrounds have become much more accessible and achievable. With this comes a higher level of expectation, and attention to detail is a priority for my business. This is why my services go hand in hand with the Timber Windows products to satisfy the requirements of property owners. Getting more light into rooms is often a major factor that customers strive to achieve. To enable this, products such as Bi-folding doors, patio doors and roof lanterns are particularly sought after. Roof lanterns can transform a dark, lifeless space by bringing in light from above.This is an especially effective solution for flat roof extensions and I tend to see this in many open plan kitchens, but it can work in many other areas of the home too. Bi-folding and patio doors allow lots of light in when closed and can really join the home and garden together when opened up; again these are great in the main living areas of the home and can be adapted in size to suit the space available. Other options to consider could be removing a section of wall to add sidelights or toplights to a set of French doors or a front door, as this will maximise the light into the room beyond. Working on lots of these types of projects I get to notice and pick up on trends within the home improvement market. Flat grey continues to be a popular choice of frame colour when looking for a contemporary style. Also just having horizontal bars in timber bi-folds gives a modern and stylish feel; obviously these trends need to complement the property style in order to work properly but they are definitely 'on trend' and popular at the moment. I am also noticing roof lanterns being asked for more and more; not only are they being used to light up kitchen extensions and traditional orangeries, they are also being successfully featured on flat roof garages, garden rooms and on corridor links between buildings.

Example of proposed superimposed windows

If you would like your project visualising by Chambers Design, then speak with your local Timber Windows showroom so that we can arrange to help!




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“The team who

fitted the windows were polite and very hard working professionals�

AFTER Hidden spring sash windows and front door finished in Tent Grey externally and White internally, all crafted in engineered European oak.

BEFORE 12 www.timberwindows.com


WHAT A DIFFERENCE Replacing the old front door is a matching Kingston design in Tent Grey with antique black ironmongery and Arena patterned glass. In addition a Stable Door and two sets of French doors complete the replacements.

When asked what the main factor was in their decision to use Timber Windows, Mr



& Mrs Coates cite quality as most important to them: “the approach from the sales staff and the professionalism of the whole team gave us the confidence that we were dealing with a company who would deliver a quality product and install it in a very professional manner.”

The transformation is obvious for all to see, and has brought a range of benefits: “the windows are not bulky, and do increase the feeling of space and light into the rooms. Aesthetically, there is simply no comparison to the windows they replaced.”

his self-build home was constructed in 2007 by the Coates family to their

own specification. However, in order to complete the project a number of

“We are very pleased with the finished product; the windows and doors, and

compromises had to be made. “At that time we couldn’t afford the windows that we

especially the French doors have enhanced the house. The colour and design

wanted” and they opted to put uPVC mock-sash casement style windows in, along

have also softened the house and blended it into the landscape.”

with a plastic door. Mr & Mrs Coates’ delight continued “We always wanted wooden sash windows, and the style supplied by Timber

through to the final phase of the

Windows was better than any other we had seen”. Finally, seven years on, the

process, “the job was completed on

Coates were able to correct the original installation with their ideal window type.

time and with no mess, we are very pleased. The team who fitted the

Throughout the property, Hidden Spring Sash Windows were chosen with a White

windows were polite and very hard

internal finish, Tent Grey for the external faces and a single 18mm vertical astragal

working professionals. We would

bar, all finished off with brushed metal catches, lifts and limit stops.

definitely use Timber Windows again.”

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the showroom

VISIT YOUR LOCAL SHOWROOM – find your nearest at www.timberwindows.com/showrooms

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experience Come and see the quality of our range for yourself at one of our 33 stunning showrooms around the country – find the closest to you at www.timberwindows.com All of our showrooms carry a comprehensive range of Timber Windows’ conventional windows, contemporary windows, sash windows and doors in a variety of styles, designs and finishes. You’re welcome to browse at your leisure or should you require assistance, we can provide expert advice.

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radition, innovation, quality and true craftsmanship are at the

very centre of Samuel Heath & Sons; the same today as when the

business first started out nearly 200 years ago, in 1820. As manufacturers of bathroom accessories, taps, showers and architectural hardware, the meticulous attention to detail and process are unrivalled. For Timber Windows, these qualities match with our own approach and make Samuel Heath a preferred partner with a beautiful range of door furniture, window handles and peg stays available to further enhance your joinery choices.

Each and every product is made from solid brass, unlike many alternative offerings which will be hollow cast or use lower grade metal. This brass is Northern European and sourced from a brass foundry just 8 miles away from their factory. But what is it that makes Samuel Heath worthy of such acclaim? Ever

Controlling the entire process in house is paramount, allowing the

since their inception in 1820, the company has stayed true to its roots

ability to achieve consistent quality. Each product endures around 12

with its manufacturing facilities in Birmingham; even through the

separate processes from the design and inception stage through to

tough times for British manufacturing when seemingly every other

the final packing, but within the manufacturing element alone, each

company was drawn to far eastern options, Samuel Heath has never

product can see up to 34 processes on its route through the factory.

once sub-contracted, sticking loyally to a British facility. Of course,

From the hot stamping, carried out by hand using the traditional

today, computer aided design and machinery play a role in the

method by third generation employees in many cases, to machining,

design and manufacture of their products but vitally important is the

four phases of hand polishing, through to plating, assembly and

human, hand crafted interaction at every stage that has always

testing, with multiple quality control points along the way. Investment

featured throughout their history.

in computer controlled machinery delivers the highest precision whilst manual labour gives care and attention. With each process there is a personal responsibility to pass on perfection to the next person in the chain; such is the attention to detail that if a part doesn’t pass its tests (both manual and automated) it will be sent back to the appropriate point to be attended to.

16 www.timberwindows.com


& T RUE C RAFTSMANSHIP and Polished Nickel), each finish having several layers of base




layers of the finish material along with a lacquer if required; this gradual application means that appearance will be one of a greater lustre and the surface will never crack or peel. Antique Brass finish

As the interaction point between you and your new timber windows and doors, the feeling and solidity of each item is simply unsurpassed.

One such example is the Samuel Heath letter plate available in small, medium and large sizes on our doors. Each one starts out from a solid block of brass ensuring a perfect fit and finish with no gaps. Production from solid blocks of metal does mean there is a requirement for recycling any excess material, and there are two

“Each & every product is made from solid brass.”

collections a week taking left over metal back to the original foundry for smelting and re-use; this will eventually make its way back onto their production line as another piece of raw material.

Polished Chrome finish

The range of items available to add to the Timber Windows’ products come in a choice of seven finishes (Chrome, Antique Brass Unlacquered, Bronze, Polished Brass, Satin Chrome, Satin Nickel

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Character... putting the


The plastic door, completely out of character.

The Anderson family have lived in a delightful stone built house dating to 1878 for the past 9 years, situated in picturesque grounds next to a church within a conservation area.


...back into their home Traditional, natural and in keeping with the property.

“We inherited a rather glum white uPVC door when we moved into the house, which was out of keeping with both the style and period of the property” explains Mr Anderson. “My wife had always very keenly wanted to change the door, whilst I was in less of a hurry to do so, holding the opinion that ‘a door’s a door’ and was also concerned that trying to fit a new one in the unusually large and shaped opening was going to be a bother.” “We saw the advert for our local showroom in a magazine and headed out one weekend for a look, with no intention of actually buying at that stage, although we knew we wanted a traditional timber door in a modern colour. Our impression of the showroom was one of a fantastic range on display, lovely quality and it was very relaxed; no hard sell, no pressure whatsoever – we took plenty of time to look around and decided to go

semi-circular top light through obscured Kathedral glass. A brass letter plate and Chatsworth handle, along with a weighty doctor’s knocker complete the look.

ahead during that visit.” Mr Anderson explains that he was always nervous about the installation process but his concerns The Timber Windows range has lots of options to choose from in almost every aspect of the design as Mr Anderson describes, “from this stage, the process was very interactive, we were able to choose all the different elements, we were very impressed with being able to personalise the

turned out to be unfounded. “I couldn’t help feeling nervous about the fitting and this was one of the reasons I’d put off having it changed all this time, but having dealt with the team at Timber Windows I had great confidence in their ability to fit it well; the process was extremely quick, absolutely stress-free and the frame fitted the opening like a glove – it was a truly excellent experience.”

door to such an extent. We then had a home visit for the measuring and survey.”

“The door had to be high quality, good appearance, secure and solid – this ticks all the boxes. Overall, we are delighted with the door; it hangs well and operates beautifully. I really do appreciate the difference

An Oxford Blue Chadlington solid timber door was selected along with the dual colour option to have a more subtle shade of Straw on the

and that a door most definitely isn’t just a door – we love it – only when you make the change do you realise - I would recommend Timber Windows to anybody.”

inside, with the light into the hallway still being provided by the pointed

inspirations 19

20 www.timberwindows.com

MAKE AN ENTRANCE! With styles derived from designs found in homes of character across the country, the Timber Windows collection of entrance doors add individuality and style. Choose from a range of ironmongery, including elegant period handles, traditional letter plates and knockers from our Samuel Health collection. A selection of decorative glass options, based on authentic Victorian stained glass motifs, have also been uniquely commissioned for the range.

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“The house feels

snugger, warmer & is also a lot quieter.”

The Fell family live in a character property near the North Yorkshire town of

with their excellent showroom helping us to select the correct style of window,

Scarborough, within the picturesque North Yorkshire Moors National Park. Their

consider hinge options, handles and even the colour. Talking to the individuals who

home, formerly a pavilion dating back to the 1890s, was converted into a

would actually install the windows was reassuring, and helped build our confidence

residential dwelling in the 1980s.

that we had found the right partners for our project.”

Mr & Mrs Fell describe that when they purchased their home they immediately

Through much meticulous consideration and conversation, along with a careful

recognised that some work was required on the existing windows: “it was clear

site survey they were able to define the best options to retain the character

that the wood windows needed attention and maintenance; double glazed seals

while replacing the flaws. “We wanted an authentic traditional style window, with

were breaking down, and parts of the frames were suffering with rot. Although we did

the benefits of modern design (seals, glass, thermal properties, locks, stays, hinges

some repair work to address the worst areas, we realised we would be looking to

etc), whilst maximising light and to match the original windows as far as possible.”

replace all the windows at some point.” Two very large sets of French doors with top and side lights were required, along For this property there were a number of very specific matters to consider in

with a significant number of matching flush casement windows, all finished in

order to get the correct outcome. These included the wishes of the family, the

Pure White with slender 18mm glazing bars. “A very significant factor for us was

history of the building and external conditions imposed upon the house:

Timber Windows’ ability to manufacture the large double door and window formations in one piece, rather than having to make them in two pieces and join

“We wanted to retain the authentic look and character of the property, and match to the existing Georgian bar windows as far as possible. Also being within the

them together in situ, as this would have spoilt the clean line aesthetics we were looking to retain.”

National Park, their rules require that the replacements were wood rather than timber alternatives.”

The family were very pleased with all aspects of their experience, on what was an important endeavour both for the history of the building and it’s future. “The

The rear of the property overlooks a vast expanse of open fields, where the large windows and doors are a real defining feature. Finding a company capable of meeting the needs of this project led to much background work on the part of the Fell’s, and following some online research they came across Timber Windows and their local showroom. “Timber Windows at Harewood were having an open event so we took the opportunity to visit in person,

22 www.timberwindows.com

Timber Windows at Harewood team were excellent from start to finish. They were a pleasure to work with on what was a very significant project for us, not only in financial terms but also one involving huge time and emotional investment.”


Matching the original

Timber Windows at Harewood team were excellent from start to finish” “The quality product, combined with first class installation meant we have been delighted with the results. The house looks fantastic from inside and out. We were amazed at the speed of installation, and how little ‘making good’ was required afterwards. The house feels snugger, warmer and with effective double glazing it is also a lot quieter. We are very proud of our new windows.” All flush casement windows and French doors in engineered European Redwood, finished in Pure White with 18 ovolo moulded bars.

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CLASSIC form or CONTEMPORARY features – it’s a matter of detail


t Timber Windows we create fine joinery, and with all

fine joinery the success is very much in the detail. The correct windows and doors will enhance a building from the outside as well as the inside. Externally, windows are fundamental to the look of all structures, especially important in our own homes. Windows can literally make or break your home’s curb appeal.

When chosen and designed correctly, windows and doors can enhance the beauty of your home and design scheme incredibly; conversely, poor design and material choices will detract from your home’s appearance, and can certainly affect its value.

Catering for the contemporary home our windows and doors take on a clean, crisp persona with slim timber sections, square beading

The feel and appearance of a home is a result of all components

and modern detailing, with no presence of traditional moulding

working in harmony to create a desired style or atmosphere. The

styles. In a modern home, the emphasis is often placed on large

secret is to avoid confusion between hard elements, those that are

expanses of glass to create spectacular features, which can also

part of the fabric of the building and difficult to change, and softer

incorporate Bi-Folding or sliding Patio

elements of design such as general interior décor and furnishings.

doors to blur the boundaries between

Windows and doors are not regularly or easily changed, therefore

home and garden. Bold colour choices

choosing timber as the right material for these will allow the rest of

at both ends of the scale tend to typify

the home’s interior design to succeed against the natural and

the modern scheme, with ‘Harewood

comfortable feel they offer, especially noticeable when up close.

grey’ being a popular choice while

Put simply, get the hard elements right and style will follow

simple, clean ‘off white’ is always



24 www.timberwindows.com

A room should be considered as a whole with all fixtures and fittings, windows and doors included, and not just those easily changed, as contributing to a design scheme. Rather like a fine piece of

“get the hard furniture, quality and attention to detail will never go out of fashion.

For the refurbishment and replacement of windows in traditional settings, our elegant sash windows or flush casements made in timber will always be the most appropriate option - ours are formed with classic style in mind combined with modern features for a truly authentic finish. Moulding designs typical of historical periods feature greatly to punctuate the glazing areas, while subtle shades of colour tend to be most fitting for

elements right & style will follow effortlessly.�

preservation and conservation areas. Whether you aspire to a design scheme that takes cues from the past, the present day or are trying to tap into future trends, the idea of light, airy rooms will never go out of style. With many interior designers enjoying themes that will be here for a good time to come, such as the ruffled edges of shabby chic or the naval blues and whites typical of New England waterfront homes, the correct style of windows in beautiful timber are imperative to draw everything together and create the right backdrop. An appreciation of times gone by is very much of the moment with many design schemes being inspired by retro and vintage themes; where eclectic pieces of furniture from the past are given a new lease of life or enjoyed in all their aged glory. Windows and doors made of the material from those periods, namely timber, is the only option that will truly complement such items and help you achieve an authentic look.

inspirations 25


his converted barn on the outskirts of Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk is home to Mr & Mrs Argent, a family that had very particular wishes to fulfil in the updating of their home. Their home is one half of a very large barn, the two properties connected at one section, forming a courtyard within the “U” shape of the buildings, and has been occupied by the Argent’s for some 27 years: “we decided to replace the windows and doors, as after all this time, we’d finally got fed up with the old ones; the old doors and windows let in a lot of draughts and were very cold.” An online search had led the Argent’s to the Timber Windows of Fornham showroom in Suffolk where they first saw the products that met with their tastes: “other companies were considered but they simply couldn’t create or deliver the detail and style we were looking for.” The approach for the replacements had a key emphasis not only on the insulation properties but also on simple, understated design: “we like unfussy lines when it comes to the design side of things and were very focussed on getting this right.” The original windows, dark brown with brass fittings were replaced with our Contemporary Lipped Casement windows finished in London Grey with stainless steel ironmongery. The Lipped Casement has a sash that overlaps the frame and the Contemporary variation a squarer, more angular edge to the styling. The new front door is an impressive two storey feature incorporated seamlessly with striking side and top lights, also all finished in London Grey to match the new windows. A traditional twist saw Mr & Mrs Argent select the black Kirkpatrick door handle and letterbox, “the black ironmongery gives a nod to the history of the building, without being too brutal on the contemporary side. The symmetry of lines in the front door and glass formation was very important to us.” “Ultimately, we are pleased with the new look that has been given to the building, and weather proofing is much improved – recent high winds didn’t trouble them at all, they were much more solid and there were no draughts at all.”

26 www.timberwindows.com

“Recent high winds showed they were much more weather proof with no draughts at all�

Simple, understated design

Contemporary lipped casement windows and front door crafted in engineered European Redwood, finished in London Grey.

inspirations 27

Front door finished in Oxford Blue, crafted in engineered Meranti hardwood. Traditional slim box sash window crafted in engineered European Redwood finished in Off-White with 27mm glazing squares.

28 www.timberwindows.com

The wonderfully oversized sash window is the centre piece of the room.

n a village in the southern area of Suffolk where conservation is an important issue, Dr Barnes-Whitbread and his family live in a charming cottage within a private cul-de-sac.

The family replaced their front door with an Oxford Blue Chadlington design. This 1.2 metre wide traditional style solid timber door certainly has grand stature, whilst the painted finish contrasts with the white external finish of the cottage. Finished with brass fittings, the door is created in a “Townhouse� style meaning there is no handle - instead the multi-point locking mechanism is operated with only the key giving the door a clean and smart appearance.

In the music room, a wonderfully oversized sash window floods the room with light, with the 27mm Astragal Squares design casting beautiful shadows. At almost 1.3 metres wide and 2.5 metres tall, the window fills the height from floor to ceiling and is the centrepiece of the room. Painted in off-white, the sash runs smoothly on traditional chains and weights and is complemented by chrome catches and lifts. A limit stop is also incorporated - a little added extra that prevents the sash from sliding to its limits, preventing the risk of damage.

inspirations 29

Windows 30 www.timberwindows.com

Years ago I made a first visit to Amsterdam. Having grown up in the fenlands of eastern England, I felt an immediate affinity with this atmospheric city on those damp, late Autumn days. But what struck me most, even beyond the grandeur of the then unrestored Rijksmuseum or the intimate sadness of Anne Frank’s house, were the glorious reflections of the vast rows of windows on each side of the canals. When these houses were originally built, the traders who owned them displayed their wealth through the number of tall narrow windows installed - leaving behind a legacy that makes the location unmistakable.

In later travels it occurred to me that it is very often possible to work out where you are in the world just by looking at the windows and doors - try this for yourself with the images here. And yes whilst the architecture helps, the often simple arrangement of glass panes or the panels of a door give you a instant clue.

So as I sit looking out over the rooftops, through a gorgeous original Georgian sash window, I know I can only be in the heart of England.

Middle top: St, Pancras, London.

The Chrysler Building, New York. Hong Kong, China. The Sydney Opera House, Australia. The Louvre, Paris. Downing Street, London.

Opposite: Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

inspirations 31

32 www.timberwindows.com

“They work a treat; we

Hidden spring sash windows

are extremely pleased with the outcome.” The Irwins live in a sprawling, former farmhouse in a quiet, rural area. Since its days for agricultural use the house has undergone seven subsequent extensions to make it the five bedroom property it is today. At some point in time throughout these various works, the original sash windows were removed and replaced with single pane, grid style windows, but Mr Irwin was dissatisfied with this and sought to put things right: “we reverted the windows back to what they looked like originally with lovely sash windows. We don’t plan to move house again therefore wanted to get this home as insulated and well prepared as possible for our old age.” “We had two quotes for the windows and doors we were replacing; Timber Windows were the more expensive of those but we felt the product was so much better than the cheaper alternative we’d seen elsewhere. The physical example of a cross section was good and the approach was generally more professional,” explains Mr Irwin. Old windows often lack the security features that are possible with today’s technology and this was a consideration high on the list here too: “security was certainly an important criteria for the younger children’s bedrooms whose French style opening windows was disconcerting to put it mildly, and further, most of the windows for replacement had no locks and faulty opening mechanisms.” A total of thirty six Hidden Spring sash windows and one set of French doors were replaced, all of them in a Cream finish externally, whilst closely matched to the Farrow & Ball colour “Pointing” internally, finished with an authentic ovolo mould, single 18mm vertical astragal bar and brass hardware. The Hidden Spring sash window from Timber Windows is the only completely concealed system available in the UK, entirely traditional in its appearance. The clever mechanism is fully hidden so you’d never know that it’s not working on a typical cord and weight system. Its operation is smooth and light, with spiral balances providing the force and back-up behind the scenes. “The windows and doors look great, and they work a treat; we are extremely pleased with the outcome. Even our decorator said you had done a good job. There wasn’t too much disruption to the house either, so full marks there too.”

French doors and hidden spring sash windows created in engineered European Redwood with a dual colour finish; Cream externally and a close match to Farrow & Ball ‘Pointing’ internally.

inspirations 33

Effortless symmetry in South Yorkshire

The old, dark

...the new ones complement it

perfectly Flush casement windows and French doors finished in Cream, manufactured in engineered European Redwood. Front door finished in French Grey externally and Cream internally.

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windows overshadowed the house...



AFTER The Creaser family home is just outside the South Yorkshire town of Doncaster. Relatively modern in construction, the brick built house had been given dark brown coloured uPVC windows and doors, which only served to dominate and darken the appearance of the house from all angles. Reverting to natural timber for their new items, Mr & Mrs Creaser opted for an array of Cream coloured Flush Casement windows and French doors, each styled with a simple yet elegant cottage style 27mm horizontal astragal bar. The new designs and styles ensured that all sightlines were even and matched, unlike the old windows and doors, sashes that are fixed are made to appear as openers (dummy sashes). They now blend effortlessly with the house whilst the symmetry is correct. The new Flush Casements and French doors also benefit from much slimmer frames and timber sections, ensuring that the glass area is maximised. This in turn allows more light to enter the rooms, whilst still improving the thermal insulation properties. The overall appearance is now one of the house and its windows working in harmony to brighten and enhance, rather than overshadow.

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All of our windows and doors are factory painted prior to assembly, providing complete protection from moisture absorption and maximising longevity. Every product receives a base coat of timber preservative, then a primer coat, followed by two coats of micro-porous paint. You should expect our coatings to last from five to eight years without the need for re-treatment. Should you wish to change the colour of your windows then redecoration is a very simple task as there is no sanding down required. An average window should take about thirty minutes to re-decorate.

All of our windows and doors incorporate double-glazed units with enhanced thermally insulating glass, providing an extremely low U-value. We further improve the efficiency of the unit by filling the cavity with argon gas and using low conductivity spacer bars to minimise edge losses. The result is a 1.1 W/m2K centre pane U-value.This means an 80% increase in energy savings compared to single glazing, and a 45% increase in energy savings compared to ordinary double-glazing.

Factory applied micro-porous coatings providing maximum protection but minimal maintenance


Internal beads for security

Glass is fitted from room side to prohibit would-be intruders from gaining entry by removing the glass.


Glazing units almost twice as effective as ordinary double glazing


Exceptional optical clarity

Advanced glass technology not only provides enhanced thermal performance but also much improved clarity, particularly compared to traditional hard coated low e glasses. High light transmittance (77%) maximises the entry of natural light into the home.

Neat, coloured silicone seals

Purpose-made grooves on the inside and outside of the window receive the silicone necessary to protect against water ingress. Appropriate coloured or clear silicone is factory applied, guaranteeing a perfect, unobtrusive seal.


Rebated glazing beads eliminate unsightly gaps between the frame and bead In standard timber systems, paint is prone to cracking at the point where the bead meets the window frame. By rebating the glazing bead over the sash we conceal the joint, which eliminates the problem.


Multi-layer timber sections with opposing grains, balances warping and combats twisting

The use of multi-layer timber for windows and doors is long established in Scandinavia and Northern Europe, but very rare in Britain. The multi-layer structure used as standard throughout our range is particularly effective in resisting warping and twisting, as the opposing grains even out natural moisture movement. It is the twisting of timber during wet weather, more than the swelling itself, which causes standard wooden windows and doors to stick.

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Warm edge spacer bars

Low conductivity spacer bars help to minimise heat loss and combat condensation levels on the inner pane.


Ventilation channels help prevent double-glazing from misting

Ventilation channels protect against the failure of double glazed units. In standard systems misting can occur when glazing units are allowed to sit in water trapped within the frame.



All Timber Windows are fitted with advanced security locks that wrap around the openers on our Flush Casements and engage bolts in multiple points on our Lipped Casements. Doors are fitted with multi-point locking mechanisms, featuring hook-bolts and deadlock.

The finest decorative mouldings... ...FROM CLASSICAL TO CONTEMPORARY

Specialists in bespoke plaster mouldings ranging from classical through English history to contemporary. Revival offers a complete service from consultancy and design, through manufacture to installation by master craftsman. Restoration, refurbishment, conversion of historic buildings or new build. Stunning colour brochure, case studies and samples available. Please call 01525 406690

The Art of

Revival decorative mouldings

Revival Decorative Mouldings Ltd Lower Farm Barn, Houghton Lane Millbrook, Beds MK45 2JG Tel 01525 406690 sales@revivalplaster.co.uk





EARTH! We offer a range of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified timbers for your windows and doors, including Meranti Hardwood and European Oak. However over 80% of Timber Windows customers choose European Redwood – our favoured alternative. The longevity of this strong, knot free, stable timber is well proven in the United Kingdom. European Redwood is the timber used by the British joiners of yester year – most 100 year old British joiner y was originally made using European Redwood. All of our Redwood derives from sustainably managed plantations in Northern Europe, which means that when trees are felled, new ones are always planted to replace those har vested. In fact European forest areas are now expanding by around 5000 sq. km each year. These forests are also healthier for the environment, removing Co2 from the atmosphere and storing it in their trunks. So when you choose your new Timber Windows you can be sure that you will not harm the Earth.

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French doors finished in Straw and crafted in engineered European Redwood. Stable door finished in French Grey externally and Straw internally.

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going for “quality was

Space & light meet traditional design


worth the price!

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As sitting rooms go, this beautiful secluded property has an example that is on a par with the very best, overlooking sprawling patio and gardens extending across two acres; and the Moger family love it all, with its bright and spacious aura created by the roof lantern and walls lined with French doors working together seamlessly.

This five bedroom house, built in the mid 1930’s, had until recently been in the same family for 78 years; the Moger family opted to demolish a single storey extension and add a new one with twice the floor

Space & light meet traditional design

area: “our architect suggested modern, with bi-fold doors, but we wanted it to be traditional with French doors.”

Recommended to Timber Windows by their building contractor, the family made a visit to their local showroom and subsequently had a home visit, and while impressed with what they had seen and experienced, were put off initially by the price being a little more than they had expected and budgeted for.

Mr & Mrs Moger explain however that they ultimately came full circle back to Timber Windows: “After much shopping around, we concluded that a cheaper product – whether timber, uPVC, aluminium or composite – just wasn’t going to be good enough. No-one else could match the quality.”

Four French door sets finished in the shade of Straw were chosen, featuring 18mm horizontal glazing bars, with the central set of doors also combining twin sidelights. In addition a stable door echoing the same colour of Straw internally with French Grey externally was also fitted, incorporating the Bevel decorative glazing design.

As Mr & Mrs Moger conclude, the overall result has been one of contentment with their choice: “the finished product has been excellent, and one of the first things to draw comment from visitors. Going for quality was worth the price.”

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KEEP THE FAITH - The Successful & authentic replacement of 100 year old windows

Flush casement windows in engineered Meranti hardwood, finished in Off-White with leaded lights. Orangery constructed in engineered Meranti hardwood, also finished in Off-White.

Mr Varley has lived in the detached Sutton Coldfield home for more than 30 years, and throughout the last couple of years decided to give it a substantial update. “Up until a couple of years ago, the original windows were still in place, dating back some 100 years and throughout their life they’d had rather unattractive secondary glazing added to attempt to improve their performance,” so the windows were the first area of the house to tackle. However retaining the original character was important, “there were a number of challenges to overcome to ensure the new windows were in keeping with the period, these included a scheme of mixed window types along with a large stained glass feature window.” To the front of the house on the upstairs landing, a large, original Edwardian stained glass feature window needed to be retained somehow: “Due to the decay of the old glass, the original pieces couldn’t be encapsulated and reused, instead we had the design replicated from scratch by Timber Windows. It was better to do this and we’re very pleased with the result, it’s very authentic and accurate.” The other windows in the house were all replaced with flush casements in a shade of Off-White, some of which have leaded glass whilst others are plain. “The variation of glass type copied the original scheme of the house, where certain rooms required unobscured glass to maximise the light.” Internally, also the windows have various finishes of handles and peg stays with either black or chrome period handles to complement the interior scheme and those they were replacing. An Orangery to the rear of the property was the next phase of the upgrade plan, extending the kitchen and adding a sitting area. “Originally the area now occupied by the Orangery was a lean-to housing a laundry area but it was very cold and unfit for modern living” explains Mr Varley, “so we took the opportunity to transform this area, adding a new kitchen and flooring too.” The Orangery has been a useful addition to the house, providing the owners with a lovely bright area in which to cook and relax, along with views out to the garden through the French doors. Built in 2012, the Varley’s have had the opportunity to live with the new addition through a range of seasons: “the room has given us great use all year round, the Orangery is very well insulated and the underfloor heating installed has undoubtedly helped too, so we’re very pleased.” Mr Varley concludes: “The scale of the work undertaken here meant that inevitably there was some disruption to daily life whilst the work was carried out, but all things considered this really was minimised by the team as much as possible, and it’s been wholly worth it for the end result,”

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here can be no doubt that a scheme of plaster mouldings can complement any room or decor, but what would be an appropriate choice for an individual property? And where to turn? The internet is full of endless lists of profiles that would leave the best of us feeling overwhelmed. The styles originating from ancient Greek and Roman architecture have been revived, reinvented into the profiles we are familiar with today. Identifying mouldings from the periods of style can be a helpful starting point. Simple and elegant Georgian mouldings are easy to identify by their architectural shapes and uniform repetition. The Victorians took their influences from further afield and styles became heavier with strong plain lines, becoming even more elaborate with free flowing floral enrichments as tastes evolved. Arts and Crafts, as a throwback to the mass produced Victorian designs, adopted geometric and linear forms. Art Nouveau designs are synonymous with free flowing naturally influenced motifs. Edwardian styles refined the heavy Victorian taste becoming lighter and simpler. Through the 20's and 30's and into the modern movements mouldings were almost eliminated from interest. We have revived interest in Georgian and Victorian styles with individual elements being used in contemporary design.

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The current demand for mouldings can be best described as producing 'Modern Classics'. The fashionable houses being built have adopted a mock Georgian style which fits perfectly with a range of straight run cornices of architectural shapes, whilst interiors have favoured an Art Deco style with combinations of stepped mouldings which do not impose but grace the ceiling. When choosing new mouldings, the room size and scheme should be balanced to achieve satisfying proportions. We are using larger mouldings than in previous decades and would always recommend you live with a sample in place to gain a feel for the size and style. At Revival we have years of experience which we are pleased to apply to a design or scheme.


by Ian Waller Artist, craftsman & Founder

Out of the dark, and into the light Mr & Mrs Locke live in a village just north of Harrogate, their home is one of a group of original farm buildings, converted into five separate dwellings in 1995. Whilst these buildings are not listed, the adjacent farmhouse and the design had certain constraints, in particular the retention of existing openings for doors and windows. Having moved into this property in 2008, the Lockes were not at all keen on the windows and doors originally installed: “unfortunately at that time in the mid 1990s there was a fashion for dark stained external joinery, a phase that has now thankfully passed. In addition the designers and planners thought it appropriate to subdivide the windows into small panes.” The quiet location with easy access to Harrogate and Ripon, the easily managed garden and expansive views over the rolling countryside were all things that Mr & Mrs Locke have come to love about their home but there were certain areas of the property that needed some attention: “we refitted the bathrooms and the kitchen, and externally some of the dark stained, square paned windows had deteriorated so we sought to alter these in line with our taste.” A visit to the Timber Windows at Harewood showroom convinced them that there was a quality solution to meet their needs, and here they opted for some tilt & turn windows, a flush casement window, a Contemporary front door and an arched entrance door with sidelights.The tilt & turn windows, are as their name suggests able to open in two different ways; operated on a single handle the window can tilt on hinges at the bottom as well as operate conventionally with hinges at the side: “the tilt & turn bedroom windows allow unobstructed views over the fields and on those all too rare sunny days can be opened wide for morning air.” The new front door is the “Dowr” design from the Contemporary range, bringing a smart, clean look to the property with crisp stainless steel ironmongery and a partly obscured glazing panel, “the new front door is more welcoming than the dark, forbidding original.”The beautiful curved entrance way leading to the lounge area is snugly filled with the fully glazed entrance door and sidelights to further make the most of the views outside.

“As well as the much

improved appearance of the windows & doors, we also have the unseen benefits of improved insulation & draught proofing, ease of operation & better security; and we look forward to many years of enjoying them too.

All the new windows and doors were dual colour (a different choice internally and externally), closely matched to shades from the Farrow & Ball range, “Lime White” internally and “Bone” outside:“externally the new windows have a light painted finish which enhances the natural colour of the stonework rather than dominating it as the dark stain did before.” The implementation of the changes desired here required a full planning application due to the normal permitted development rights being suspended in order to protect the listed building, on the basis that changing the glazing formation was deemed a design change.This process took nearly eight months with the planners eventually agreeing to both the change in formation and external decoration.

All items finished in a close match of Farrow & Ball ‘Bone’ externally, and Farrow & Ball ‘Lime White’ internally. Crafted in engineered Meranti hardwood.

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It’s all in the detail All doors and windows crafted in engineered Meranti hardwood. The door is finished in Oxford Clay and the windows in Off-White.

Situated in the small locale of Harborne, just outside Birmingham is the home of Mr & Mrs Walsh; a 1930’s semi-detached house, typical of the period and the area it is situated within. Having moved into the property 11 years ago, the Walsh family carried out some quick changes, “we changed the old draughty windows in the early 2000s, putting in uPVC – at the time this was the best option available to us and within the budget we had to spend.” In more recent times, however, the owners have sought to put things right and change certain areas, particularly having found that their uPVC replacements needed changing already, “over the past two to three years, we have carried out renovations to the house; completing the work in a phased approach has allowed us to get things absolutely right this time. Our wish has always been to return to timber for our windows and doors.” “We looked around quite a lot and carried out our own research, but the other options we found elsewhere didn’t match up to the Timber Windows products,” and Mr Walsh benefited from the experience he found at the Timber Windows of Harborne showroom, “Mark Jephcott has a very good eye for design, and we subsequently took his advice and recommendations.” In keeping with the period of the house, The Walsh’s opted for our Deco casement windows to the front of the property, these feature a section detail that allow the sashes to appear recessed within the frame, common to inter-war period properties and providing a degree of modelling. Selected in a traditional shade of Off-White for the windows, coupled with contrasting Oxford Clay coloured cills, this also provides an inverted match with the new Frenchay design front door. “Oxford Clay was a deliberate choice for the door, selected to contrast with the windows but tie in with the cills; and we also wanted to future proof our choices to a certain extent so the colour was an important detail for us to get right.” The Deco design of window comes at a little extra cost to the standard flush casement, “the added detail in the Deco style is a little uplift in price, but we felt was well worth doing for the end result.” Mr Walsh remarks: “We lived with our new front door for a year and loved it; we then made our decisions for the rest of the house. The products are fantastic, service is excellent and the engineering qualities impressive. Visitors to the house love the options we chose and compliment the finish, but most importantly, my wife is pleased!”

The family were informed from the very beginning that the products they were buying are not simply taken off the shelf, but instead made to order: “the waiting time was explained to us in full, and we had no issues with this whatsoever; in fact we were happy in the knowledge that our items were being made bespoke for us.” The installation is the crucial final stage in the process, and an area that all Timber Windows showrooms strive to deliver seamlessly for maximum comfort all round: “the installation of our orders was not at all disruptive; everyone involved was careful and clean, and all has been finished to a very high standard. We are confident that our windows and doors will serve us for a long time and keep us secure.”

“Visitors to

the house love the options we chose & compliment the finish,


BUT... importantly my wife is pleased!”

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Your c hance to

WIN A Fort num & HAMP Mason ER!


e would love to see your very own home transformation -

simply send us a photo of your home before your Timber Windows installation and if we use your shots in our next magazine, we'll send you one of our very special Fortnum & Mason prize hampers.

Please email your photos to paul.martin@timberwindows.com


This offer is open to UK and Republic of Ireland residents who respond to a Timber windows promotion to win a Fortnum & Mason Hamper by entering via email. 1.There is only one prize hamper available per entry. 2. There is no closing date for entries. 3. The prize will be issued to any entrant that complies with all the terms and whose photo we select to use in our printed literature or online. We require a photo before the installation of new windows or doors from a Timber Windows showroom and a comparable photo of after the installation has been carried out. 4. By entering the Timber Windows prize draw you consent to Timber Windows contacting you and processing your personal data to enable it to operate the prize draw. 5. In the event you are selected as a winner of the prize draw, we will contact you by telephone or email to notify you. As a condition of receiving your prize you will be required to provide a photograph and testimonial to Timber Windows and confirm that you consent to Timber Windows publishing your name, photographs and the testimonial upon the website or in printed literature. If you don't wish to give your consent for these activities then please do not enter the prize draw. If you do not provide a photograph or testimonial, or confirm your consent, or respond at all to our contact, within 28 days of us contacting you, your right to the prize will be automatically withdrawn. 6. Prizes are not transferable under any circumstances. 7. There is no cash alternative available. 8. Open only to UK and Republic of Ireland residents. 9. Entrants must be aged 18 years of age or over.


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Timber windows



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Timber Windows - Issue 1 Inspirations  

The first edition of Timber Windows' lifestyle magazine, Inspirations - featuring case studies from homes around the UK with stunning timber...

Timber Windows - Issue 1 Inspirations  

The first edition of Timber Windows' lifestyle magazine, Inspirations - featuring case studies from homes around the UK with stunning timber...