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Different Designs of Sliding Sash Windows to Perk Up Your Home

The first design of sliding sash windows is the single-hung that features solely one section that traverses. In the most widespread design, the lower part moves upwards, and the upper part is fastened in the original place. The single-hung sash is a more erstwhile style and is characteristically come cross in ancient houses. If the window is sufficiently old, it will consist of a pulley block equipped with wires and weights employed to make it open and close. Single-hung sashes usually feature a solitary panel of glass in the framework that reduces their energy efficiency considerably. The modern windows have better energy efficiency. The most popular design of sliding sash windows is the double-hung design. These windows move vertically and every compartment can be opened and shut separately. This is the sensible advancement from single-hung windows that became the benchmark and is still visible in present-day houses. An eye-catching element of this window design is that both parts can be partially opened in hot climatic conditions and heat will be driven out of the house by means of the upper opening while the air from outside gets into the house through the bottom. Double-hungs employ a contemporary system to slide the window. There is no requirement of pulleys and weights. You can also remove the sections of these windows from the framework for the purpose of repairing or cleansing.For more information visit :-

Sliding Sash Windows  
Sliding Sash Windows  

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