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BROKER PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM With your help, 2018 was an incredible year with groundbreaking milestones. And your partnership means the world to us. So, we’ve decided to create a program that is tailored to you and your clients. In support of your advocacy we are inviting you to join the Timbers Kauai Broker Partnership Program where we give you all the tools you need to help share the magic of Timbers Kauai with your clients at no cost to you. Here’s what you can expect: 1) Clearview Platform and Tools

This is your ticket to your personal Timbers Kauai branded website. By signing up for this program, you may represent Timbers Kauai directly to your network with a beautiful property website represented only by you.

This platform has the following features: · A smart form that automatically and simultaneously sends new lead inquires to you and Timbers Kauai · The ability to promote your Timbers Kauai Clearview website in your own newsletters and emails, on your website, or on social media · A Clearview Elite Referral Software to deliver it to the inboxes of your entire database with a beautiful pre-made email template · The ability to view every lead who has ever inquired from your personal Timbers Kauai URL

After registering, simply visit Account > Profile. Then add your logo, photo and bio. That’s it! Now you’re ready to sell.


For assistance with setting up your account contact or

2) Digital Marketing Initiatives We help cast a net across your sphere of influence to raise awareness of Timbers Kauai with monthly digital content that is both market specific and lifestyle oriented. Feel free to distribute this content to your database through either a personal email or an e-blast through your own preferred program. 3) Timbers Talk Story E-Newsletter

Nothing is worse than missing out on opportunities that could change your life. And life at Timbers Kauai is really that special. We pull back the curtain and share fun, vibrant and exclusive insider content about life as a Timbers Kauai owner with monthly e-newsletters. Share, distribute and start the conversation!

4) Stay & Play Packages

The best source of knowledge is experience. So, what are you waiting for? Take off a weekend and join us here at Timbers Kauai for your own first-hand experience. We can coordinate Special Guest Visits for you or your clients that can be set up by your broker contact.

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