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Dear Timber Reader, This year, the catalogue moves from a seasonal to an annual publication, with a new design and format. We hope you’ll find it a useful resource to keep next to your favourite seed catalogues and refer to throughout the year. We’re straight into the gardening season in April with the launch of the Plant Lover’s Guides (pages 2-3). Written for keen gardeners, each title focuses on a favourite garden plant. We’ll publish four books a year, packed with full-colour photographs, cultivation and design tips and a comprehensive resource section showing you where to see these plants, who to buy them from and how to keep them looking their best. So, whether you are a fan of the flamboyant dahlia or the quiet snowdrop, or have a soft spot for both, these books will be an invaluable addition to your library. In the summer we have a bumper crop of garden-related reading, starting with Latin for Bird Lovers (page 5). This is the companion volume to the hugely popular Latin for Gardeners that Mitchell Beazley and the RHS published last year. The combination of quirky anecdotes, lovely illustrations and useful information about the origin of bird names will fascinate bird lovers, gardeners and crossword enthusiasts! Another highlight will be Andy McIndoe’s Creative Shrub Garden (page 6) coming in August. Shrubs form the backdrop of many successful gardens but Andy brings them centre stage with a fresh approach to choosing the right shrub for the right place and combining this important group of plants with other garden favourites. Follow us on Twitter @TimberPressUK or friend us on facebook at www.facebook. com/TimberPressUK for all the latest news on books, gardening and everything in between.

If you’re planning a woodland garden this year, let Keith Wiley’s experience in creating woodland habitats inspire and inform your efforts. His book Designing and Planting a Woodland Garden (page 8) is published in November just when your thoughts may be turning to what you’re going to grow in 2015 and beyond! Perhaps this will be the year you create a wonderful outdoor space where plants combine perfectly with furniture and accessories to epitomise your own personal style. If so you will need Rochelle Greayer’s book Cultivating Garden Style (page 4). An experienced garden designer, stylist and trendspotter via her influential blog ‘studio-g’ and magazine ‘Leaf’, Rochelle is perfectly placed to help you realise your dream garden. We hope you’ll agree that 2014 looks like a very exciting year for Timber Press. We are proud to publish our expert team of authors and committed to making the best books for gardeners, professionals and students. If you think there’s something we’re missing that you’d like to read about, let us know at

The team at Timber UK

All very best wishes,


The Plant Lover’s Guides


The Plant Lover’s Guides are full colour hardback books in which expert authors share their enthusiasm for and knowledge of popular garden plants. The authors focus on designing with each of the featured plants in a diverse range of garden settings and alongside companion plants. Each book recommends a selection of both classic and new plants, and includes an extensive plant list with 100 of the top performers. Useful resources on the best places to see and buy the plants will introduce readers to new favourites. With vibrant photography of both the plants and gardens, the series will grow into a handsome reference library that gardeners will cherish.

Naomi Slade Everything you need to know about this early spring favourite! Snowdrops with their pure white flowers, intricate markings and understated elegance have become highly collectable, winter garden favourites. Packed with lavish photography, design tips and interviews with noted galanthophiles.

£17.99 October 2014

ISBN: 9781604694352 256 pp, 227 colour photographs, 2 illustrations, 229 x 203 mm, hardcover


Andy Vernon is a plantsman, gardener, television producer and director whose past credits include BBC Gardener’s World and The Great British Garden Revival.

John Whittlesey is a nurseryman, garden designer and landscape contractor.

Naomi Slade is an award-winning horticultural journalist, regularly contributing to major UK gardening publications. She has a degree in biology and has won several medals at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Brent Horvath is an experienced nurseryman, he also breeds and introduces new varieties of sedums.

Author photographs: Andy Veron © MAT THEW KIDD, John Whittlesey © JENNIFER JEWELL, Naomi Slade © CHRIS WIA ZNIK, Brent Horvath © TERESA HORVATH

The Plant Lover’s Guide to Snowdrops


Andy Vernon Put the drama back into dahlias as this vibrant flower takes centre stage! Dahlias are the stars of the late summer border bringing glamour, colour and nostalgic charm in a thoroughly addictive range of shapes and sizes. Discover colourful new varieties and improve their propagation rate with the help of a passionate expert, Andy Vernon.

£17.99 April 2014


The Plant Lover’s Guide to Dahlias

ISBN: 9781604694161 256 pp, 291 colour photographs, 229 x 203 mm, hardcover

The Plant Lover’s Guide to Sedums

Brent Horvarth

£17.99 October 2014

The complete guide to this sought-after succulent. The fleshy-leaved sedums are succulents that are valued for their drought tolerance and highly decorative flowers and foliage. They perform well in a variety of garden situations including herbaceous borders, rock gardens and green roofs. Experienced nurseryman Brent Horvath shares his techniques for growing and designing with sedums. ISBN: 97816046943928, 232 pp, 238 colour photographs, 229 x 203 mm,hardcover

The Plant Lover’s Guide to Salvias

John Whittlesey Get the best from this perennial favourite in any garden landscape.

£17.99 April 2014

ISBN: 9781604694192 266 pp, 226 colour photographs 229 x 203 mm, hardcover

Salvias flower prolifically in a wide range of colours over a long period through summer and autumn and are excellent value in a sunny border. Expert author and nurseryman John Whittlesey provides a wealth of practical cultivation tips and background information on this popular genus.


Rochelle Greayer MEET THE AUTHOR Rochelle Greayer graduated with a degree in applied physics and worked for aerospace companies for several years, after which she retrained as a landscape designer at The English Garden School in London. She has designed gardens all over the world and excels at helping homeowners find their own individual style. Rochelle is Founding Editor of Leaf Magazine, she blogs on her website, Studio ‘g’, and she also writes for popular home décor website Apartment Therapy.

Cultivating Garden Style is packed with the latest trends, state-ofthe-art products and hot tips that show you how to make exciting outdoor spaces that are personal, practical and fabulous. Style guru and Leaf Magazine editor Rochelle Greayer delights in helping homeowners “channel their inner gardenmaker”. She breaks down the process of garden design into easy steps so that everyone can make gardens that are every bit as liveable in as their homes.

Taking the lead from current trends in fashion, interiors and design, this book shows how to get the details right when planning and executing outdoor projects from herb gardens to hot tubs, fountains to firepits, and shell collections to sheds. Ranging widely in mood from ‘Forest Temple’ to ‘Arty Islam’, this carefully curated garden style sourcebook is packed with smart ideas and of-the-moment ingenuity.

•  An accessible garden design book which brings the vibrant world of interiors to outdoor spaces • Suitable for non-gardeners who want to make a lifestyle statement with their plants and gardens

£25.00 October 2014 ISBN: 9781604694772 320pp, 900 colour photos, 254 x 203 mm, hardcover

Author photograph © ROCHELLE GREAYER




Dr Roger Lederer & Carol Burr

Dr. Roger Lederer has published many books and papers in the field of ornithology and maintains the popular website,

Author photograph © DR ROGER LEDERER & CAROL BURR




Carol Burr is an author, editor and artist who recently illustrated The Birds of Bidwell Park.

• A great gift for bird watchers • Packed with ornithological illustrations to help readers understand and remember scientific bird names • Will appeal to all levels of nature lovers

£14.99 May 2014 ISBN: 9781604695465 224 pp, 200 colour drawings, 229 x 152 mm, hardcover

Latin for Bird Lovers is an informative and beautifully illustrated guide to ornithological Latin. It reveals the meaning, origin, and pronunciation of Latin binomials, helping readers to get to grips with the information that these names contain and also to communicate more effectively with other birders. The book features ‘Bird Profile’ pages in which authors explore specific genera in depth and its ‘Latin in Action’ information boxes provide tips that will help readers apply the lore of Latin names to their own birding.




Andy McIndoe


In The Creative Shrub Garden Andy McIndoe provides a shrub-focused design guide which shows the reader how to combine shrubs with perennials and bulbs in attractive, longlasting planting schemes. A planting design chapter uses a mood-board approach to show how different garden moods and styles can be achieved with the right combination of shrubs. Handy lists suggest shrubs for difficult situations and the comprehensive plant directory will help you build your own planting scheme.

• Shrubs are an easy way to establish a new garden quickly • For gardeners who are disillusioned with shortlived perennials • Shrubs enjoy increasing popularity among gardeners as hard-working and multi-seasonal plants

£20.00 August 2014 ISBN: 9781604694345 256 pp, 800 colour photos, 254 x 216 mm, hardcover

Author photograph © JULIAN WINSLOW

Andy McIndoe has a degree in horticulture from Bath University and has worked in garden centres and nurseries across Europe. He is Managing Director of Hillier Nurseries and lectures to a range of gardening groups, on as well as offline. He is also a regular contributor to UK horticultural publications and BBC radio.




Timothy Walker

MEET THE AUTHOR Timothy Walker

Plants provide us with food and fuels; those under threat of extinction might provide tomorrow’s health cures, or the nutrition to stave off world starvation. In Plant Conservation, botanist Timothy Walker explains how we can all make a difference by adapting our behaviour as gardeners; he also provides information on local and international initiatives. This book will inspire readers to take more care of plants not just because we need them to survive but because it’s the right thing to do!

Author photograph © JLEAH WALKER

is Director of the University of Oxford Botanic Garden and a member of the Science Advisory Committee at the RHS. He has lectured widely and is a member of the conservation biologists group drawing up the European contribution to the ‘Global Strategy for Plant Conservation’.

• Timothy Walker is the presenter of Botany a Blooming History, on BBC 4 • In the tradition of environmental activism that dates from Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring • For readers of intelligent non-fiction like Tony Juniper’s What Has Nature Ever Done for Us?

£14.99 January 2014 ISBN: 9781604692600 300 pp, 10 illustrations, 229 x 152 mm, hardcover


Keith Wiley

Designing and Planting a Woodland Garden

Plants and combinations that thrive in the shade Keith Wiley

In this innovative design guide, expert author Keith Wiley introduces gardeners to a broad range of woodland and shadeloving plants. He offers a tempting array of must-have shade plants to inspire plant combinations. The author also provides advice on how to choose the best woodland plants to suit a variety of climatic and soil conditions. His approach of combining ‘like-minded’ plants in self-supporting colonies gives readers the confidence to take their gardens to the next level.

MEET THE AUTHOR Keith Wiley is a celebrated horticulturist and garden designer who made his name creating “audacious and dazzlingly innovative” planting schemes inspired by natural landscapes. He is the author of two books, as well as several articles for Gardens Illustrated and the Royal Horticultural Society’s journal The Garden. He received an honours degree in horticulture from the University of London and now works as a nurseryman and freelance horticultural consultant.

• Addresses the common ‘problem’ of what to plant in the shade • I deal for sustainable gardeners who want to put ‘the right plant in the right place’ • Expert author Keith Wiley’s innovative techniques have featured on the BBC

£25.00 November 2014 ISBN: 9781604693850 280pp, 200 colour photos and 9 illustrations, 235mm x 194mm, hardcover

Author photograph © GISENAN






Peter MacDonald

the manual of plant



Practical techniques for ornamentals, vegetables, and fruit Peter t. MacDonalD

This authoritative, practical guide describes the latest plant grafting techniques for students, professionals and enthusiastic amateurs. Author Peter MacDonald puts the latest grafting practices in the context of historical techniques, and clarifies the reasons for grafting plants that include to control growth, to combat cultivation problems, to increase yields and for special effects. He explains the science behind the process in order to help readers understand what happens when plants graft and how to become successful grafters. Peter also demonstrates the main grafting processes and follows this with a chart of selected plants that indicates which process to use for each.

Author photograph © ED ROBERTSON

teaches at the Scottish Agricultural College and researches propagation techniques for industrial application. He is former president of the International Plant Propagator’s Society. He teaches and runs workshops for the National Trust School of Scotland.

• The only up-to-date reference book dedicated to current grafting techniques • Grafting is an important skill for horticulturalists • A response to increased demand among gardeners for grafted plants and heritage varieties

£25.00 December 2014 ISBN: 9781604694635 300pp, 186 colour photos and 26 black & white illustrations,235mm x 191mm, hardcover




Alain & Marie-Jeanne Génevé MEET THE AUTHOR Alain & MarieJeanne Génevé Alain Génevé is a professional pharmacist. He and his wife Marie-Jeanne Génevé are keen amateur botanists who have devoted many years to the search for fruiting plants.

Wild Fruit is an authoritative field guide to fruit commonly found in the wild which will allow walkers and foragers to accurately identify not just edible but also ornamental fruit. Non-technical language and detailed plant descriptions equip readers with the knowledge to make correct identifications. Handy pictograms provide key information and the book also features tasting notes and historical information about the uses of many fruits. Wild Fruit is lavishly illustrated with illuminating images of plants at different points in their maturity and photos show young growth, leaves and berries to aid accurate identification.

• An authoritative field guide on fruit by a professional pharmacist with a passion for botany • Ideal for readers with outdoor interests such as foraging or local food-sourcing • A comprehensive treatment of the subject which includes a wide-ranging selection of 220 plants and 400 photos

£20.00 October 2014 ISBN: 9781604695861 224pp, 400 colour photos, 225mm x 160mm, hardcover


Kristin Green This book is an indispensable potting shed reference with practical design tips on how to get the most out of self-seeding and spreading plants. Readers looking for a cost-effective, low-maintenance garden will find all the advice they need on propagation and overwintering cuttings in this book. The result will be an abundant and colourful garden with year-round interest.



MEET THE AUTHOR Kristin Green is a qualified horticulturalist. She is a garden blogger and writer for specialist gardening magazines.

ÂŁ14.99 February 2014

ISBN: 9781604693874 224 pp, 251 colour photographs, 229 x 203 mm, paperback


Rick Darke & Douglas Tallamy In The Living Landscape, Douglas Tallamy and Rick Darke combine their expertise to create an engaging, beautifully illustrated book which provides strategies for creating and maintaining truly living landscapes, using North American native plants. They advise readers on how to create a multi-functional garden which is attractive while providing shelter and sustenance for a wide variety of wildlife.

MEET THE AUTHORS Rick Darke is a landscape design consultant,

Douglas Tallamy is a professor and chair of the Department of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology at the University of Delaware.

ÂŁ20.00 July 2014

ISBN: 9781604694086 392pp, 500 colour photos, 254mm x 216mm, hardcover

author, lecturer and photographer. He is the author of The Encyclopedia of Grasses for Livable Landscapes and Timber Press Pocket Guide to Ornamental Grasses.




David Deardorff & Kathryn Wadsworth What’s Wrong With My Fruit? is the first comprehensive reference on quick, easy organic solutions to common problems associated with fruit growing. The authors provide a visual guide to diagnosing fruit crop problems ranging from pests and diseases to issues arising from poor care.

MEET THE AUTHORS David Deardorff is a plant pathologist and botanist.

Kathryn Wadsworth is a garden writer and photographer.

£16.99 January 2014

ISBN: 9781604693584 416 pp, 529 colour photographs, 2 colour illustrations 235 x 194 mm, paperback


Roy Diblik Roy Diblik shares his unique approach to growing perennials so that readers can reap the benefits of a Piet Oudolf-style, naturalistic garden with minimal maintenance. The ‘know maintenance’ approach develops gardeners’ knowledge of how their plants will interact and increases their understanding of their site and soil, allowing them to create a spectacular planting display.

MEET THE AUTHOR Roy Diblik is a plantsman and designer who has

spent over 30 years studying and growing plants. He is best known for his collaboration with Piet Oudolf on the Lurie Garden in Chicago.

£14.99 March 2014

ISBN: 9781604693348 216 pp, 141 colour photographs, 62 garden plans, 16 paintings, 1 illustration, 279 x 229 mm, paperback


Zenaida Sengo In Air Plants, Zenaida Sengo introduces the reader to the remarkable world of tillandsias, the easy-togrow bromeliads that are striking in form, foliage, and flower. The book provides expert advice on how to cultivate them in the home and showcases new, eye-catching uses for them, such as vertical gardens, and frame and wire gardens. Stunning photographs throughout showcase the work of a variety of gardeners, designers and craftspeople, inspiring readers to create their own tillandsia arrangements.



MEET THE AUTHOR Zenaida Sengo studied art in California, where she got her first start in nursery work at a large wholesale grower. She now works as the interior coordinator at Flora Grubb Gardens in San Francisco and she gives talks on tillandsias.

£16.99 November 2014

ISBN: 9781604694895 200pp, 195 colour photos, 241mm x 197mm, paperback


Roger Marshall This comprehensive guide offers a fresh look at how gardeners can make best use of their greenhouses. It shows the reader how to grow ornamentals, edibles and fruit as well as how to propagate plants and even try basic hydroponics. The book includes chapters on the greenhouse environment, maintenance and how to control pests.

MEET THE AUTHOR Roger Marshall is a horticultural magazine

£14.99 August 2014

ISBN: 9781604694147 260pp, 278 colour photos & 29 illustrations, 229mm x 191mm, paperback

editor. He owns two large greenhouses, one heated and one unheated, both of which he built himself!



The Timber Press backlist contains over 200 books on garden design and inspiration, practical gardening techniques and individual plants. Our expert authors have the horticultural knowledge and experience to provide you with the authoritative, compelling information you need, whatever your area of interest. Read on and see what catches your eye! Don’t forget that any of these books can be ordered from our website www. as well as from your local bookshop.

Planting: A new perspective Piet Oudolf and Noel Kingsbury This eagerly anticipated new book from the pioneering champion of ecological planting demonstrates how Piet Oudolf achieves his signature style.

‘A fascinating insight into Piet Oudolf’s approach to design.’ Gardens Illustrated Magazine


£30.00 April 2013 ISBN: 9781604693706 280 pp, 268 colour photographs, 30 colour planting plans 254 x 216mm, hardcover

Beatrix Potter’s Gardening Life Martha McDowell

In the first book about Beatrix Potter to focus uniquely on her gardens, Marta McDowell combines the skills of a historian, biographer and gardener as she explores Beatrix Potter’s passion for plants.


£16.99 October 2013 ISBN: 9781604693638 340 pp, 163 colour illustrations & photographs, 42 b/w photographs, 203mm x 159mm, hardcover


Foreword by Beth Chatto Preface by Fergus Garrett and Rosemary Alexander

With contributions by Anna Pavord, Alan Titchmarsh, Dan Pearson and Helen Dillon

Seeing Flowers Teri Dunn Chace Photographs by Robert Llewellyn Robert Llewellyn’s intricate photographs illuminate the amazing beauty of everyday flowers in this companion to Seeing Trees.

RECENT RELEASE £20.00 November 2013 ISBN: 9781604694222 304 pp, 175 colour photographs 254 x 216 mm, hardcover

The Roots of My Obsession Thomas C. Cooper Editor

BEST SELLER £9.99 ©2012 ISBN: 9781604692716 164 pp, 205 x 125 mm, paperback

Foreword by Beth Chatto Introduced by

Fergus Garrett and Rosemary Alexander In this intimate collection of written and photographic contributions, Christopher Lloyd’s wide circle of family and friends describe what Great Dixter means to them.

BEST SELLER £18.99 £25.00©2010 ©2007ISBN: ISBN:9781604692235 9780881928242 192 168pp, pp,150 161colour colourphotographs, photographs 230 x 180 86 line drawings, mm, hardcover 265 x 185 mm, hardcover

The Layered Garden David L. Culp with Adam Levine Photographs by Rob Cardillo A lavishly illustrated tour of one of Pennsylvania’s most famous private gardens where spectacular colour is maintained all year-round by layering plants to achieve successional interest.

BEST SELLER £25.00 ©2012 ISBN: 9781604692365 312 pp, 324 colour photographs, 1 drawing, 280 x 186 mm, hardcover

The Wild Garden William Robinson and Rick Darke This is an expanded edition of The Wild Garden, first published in 1870. New chapters and photography by Rick Darke advocate a naturalistic style in which hardy plants are arranged in groupings that mimic wild landscapes.

GARDENING CLASSIC £20.00 ©2009 ISBN: 9780881929553 360 pp, 112 colour photos, 96 line drawings, 215 x 215 mm, hardcover

My Garden, the City and Me Helen Babbs As Helen Babbs charts her first year of planting her small roof-top garden in London, she masterfully draws us into the immense web of life that London’s green spaces support.

BEST SELLER £9.99 ©2011 ISBN: 9781604691672 144 pp, illustrated throughout 185 x 135mm, hardcover

With contributors that include Fergus Garrett, Anna Pavord and Helen Dillon this collection of garden writings is a perfect gift for armchair gardeners everywhere.

Dear Christo


Dear Christo

Memories of Christopher Lloyd at Great Dixter



The Essential Garden Design Workbook Rosemary Alexander This fully revised and updated edition guides the reader through every stage of planning a garden.

The Well-Designed Mixed Garden Tracy DiSabato-Aust A nearly foolproof guide to every aspect of designing superior gardens with superior plants.

Gardening with Shape, Line and Texture Linden Hawthorne Looks at plants from a designer’s perspective and emphasises the important role of a plant’s shape, form, line and texture.

BEST SELLER £25.00 ©2009 ISBN: 9780881929751 304 pp, 113 colour photographs, 720 line drawings, 245 x 195 mm, flexibind

Plant-Driven Design Scott Ogden and Lauren Springer Ogden

This revolutionary text shows designers how to work more confidently with plants.

£20.00 ©2009 ISBN: 9780881929676 460 pp, 227 colour photographs, 25 colour illustrations, 280 x 255 mm, paperback

£20.00 ©2009 ISBN: 9780881929676 460 pp, 227 colour photographs, 25 colour illustrations, 280 x 255 mm, paperback

£25.00 ©2009 ISBN: 9780881928884 280 pp, 559 colour photographs, 280 x 215 mm, hardcover

Designing and Renovating Larger Gardens Douglas Coltart

Contemporary Colour in the Garden Andrew Wilson

With practical instructions, inspirational case studies and photographs of spacious gardens from across the world, this book is an indispensable resource for amateur and professional garden designers.

This book nudges people out of their colour ruts, shakes new life into mixed borders and encourages a more experimental approach to the way gardeners perceive, choose and use colour in their gardens.

£25.00 ©2007 ISBN: 9780881928242 168 pp, 161 colour photographs 86 line drawings, 265 x 185 mm, hardcover

£20.00 ©2011 ISBN: 9781604692228 280 pp, 300 colour photographs, 255 x 215 mm, hardcover

17 BE AU T I F U L




John Greenlee P HO T O G R A P H Y BY Saxon Holt

Capturing the Essence of the American Prairie Wherever You Live


Meadows by Design John Greenlee

Prairie-Style Gardens Lynn M. Steiner

Photography by Saxon Holt

Shows how to use prairie plants in a wide variety of situations.

It’s time to get rid of the lawn and embrace a more natural alternative: the meadow garden.

£20.00 ©2009 ISBN: 9780881929263 280 pp, 281 colour photographs 255 x 255 mm, hardcover

The California Native Landscape The Homeowner’s Guide to Restoring Its Beauty and Balance

Greg Rubin and Lucy Warren

£25.00 ©2013 ISBN: 9781604692327 304 pp, 200 colour photographs, 10 drawings, 240 x 180 mm, hardcover

Shows how the traditional features of the classic kitchen garden can be adapted to contemporary needs and conditions.

£25.00 ©2006 ISBN: 9780881927726 224 pp, 167 colour photographs, 42 colour drawings, 255 x 215 mm, hardcover

The Professional Design Guide to Green Roofs Karla Dakin, Lisa Lee Benjamin and Mindy Pantiel

The Professional Designer’s Guide to Garden Furnishings Vanessa Gardner Nagel

The first book to focus on the aesthetic considerations of designing gardens on rooftops for landscape architects, garden designers and structural engineers.

The professional perspective on outdoor furnishings and accessories, from benches and trellises to artwork and gazebos.

£30.00 ©March 2013 ISBN: 9781604693126 300 pp, 166 colour photographs, 34 illustrations, 255 x 215 mm, hardcover

£25.00 ©Sept 2013 ISBN: 9781604692938 308pp, 187 colour photos, 47 illustrations, 229 x 203 mm, hardcover

This beautifully photographed book demonstrates how to combine California’s native plants with good design to create a sustainable garden..

£20.00 ©2010 ISBN: 9781604690033 304 pp, full colour throughout, 230 x 180 mm, hardcover

Designing the New Kitchen Garden Jennifer R. Bartley





The Art of Creative Pruning Jake Hobson Drawing on both eastern and western styles, author Jake Hobson moves beyond the traditional lollipops and animals and teaches a wholly new approach to ornamental pruning that appeals to modern sensibilities.

£25.00 ©2011 ISBN: 9781604691146 216 pp, 195 colour photographs, 21 line drawings, 255 x 215 mm, hardcover


Niwaki Jake Hobson After first discussing the principles that underpin the techniques, Hobson offers in-depth guidelines for shaping a wide variety of trees and shrubs.

£25.00 ©2007 ISBN: 9780881928358 144 pp, 228 colour photographs, 46 line drawings, 270 x 230 mm, hardcover

The Pruning of Trees, Shrubs and Conifers George E. Brown

Revised and Expanded by Tony Kirkham Recommends the best pruning techniques and practices for more than 450 genera of trees, shrubs, conifers and woody climbers.

£14.99 ©2009 ISBN: 9781604690026 340 pp, 49 colour photographs, 54 line drawings, 230 x 180 mm, paperback


Joseph Tychonievich All the aspiring plant breeder needs to know on how to create their own unique hybrid vegetables and ornamentals.

£14.99 ©April 2013 ISBN: 9781604693645, 216 pp, 7 line drawings, 235 x 143 mm, paperback

Creative Propagation Peter Thompson Thoroughly revised and updated, with almost twice as much text and nearly three times as many plants, this book offers the philosophy of basing techniques on ‘observing how plants reproduce naturally’.


Plant Breeding for the Home Gardener

£17.99 ©2005 ISBN: 9780881926811 360 pp, 55 black & white photographs, 42 line drawings, 20 charts, 230 x 180 mm, flexibind

The Reference Manual of Woody Plant Propagation Michael A. Dirr and Charles W. Heuser, Jr.

£35.00 ©2007 ISBN: 9781604690040 424 pp, 313 black & white photographs, 24 line drawings, 280 x 215 mm, paperback

Over 1,100 species and their propagation requirements by seeds, cuttings, grafting and budding and tissue culture are discussed in detail.



The Book of Gardening Projects for Kids Whitney Cohen & John Fisher Featuring simple, practical gardening advice, including how to design a play-friendly garden, and 101 family friendly projects, activities and recipes.

£12.99 ©2012 ISBN: 9781604692457 264 pp, 186 colour photographs, 7 drawings, 230 x 205 mm, paperback



School Garden A Complete Guide for Parents and Teachers

How to Grow a School Garden Arden Bucklin-Sporer & Rachel Kathleen Pringle Provides all the tools that a school community needs to build a productive and engaging school garden.

Arden Bucklin-Sporer and Rachel Kathleen Pringle O F TH E SA N F R A N C I SCO G R E E N SC H OO LYA R D A L LI A N C E

£17.99 ©2010 ISBN: 9781604690002 224 pp, full colour throughout, 255 x 205 mm, flexibind

A Child’s Garden Molly Dannenmaier

Offers a wide range of innovative examples showing how to create special places in which children can experience nature at home.

£14.99 ©2008 ISBN: 9780881928433 180 pp, 203 colour photographs, 255 x 205 mm, paperback


Valerie Easton Photographs by Jacqueline Koch

Shows exactly how to have a lowmaintenance garden that doesn’t sacrifice style.

£14.99 ©2009 ISBN: 9781604691665 284 pp, full colour throughout 230 x 205 mm, paperback

50 High-Impact, Low-Care Garden Plants Tracy DiSabato-Aust The author’s choices for gardeners with hectic lives offer long-lasting blooms, architectural form and texture and multi-season interest.


The New LowMaintenance Garden

£9.99 ©2009 ISBN: 9780881929508 168 pp, 141 colour photographs 230 x 190 mm, paperback

Beautiful No-Mow Yards Evelyn J. Hadden

£16.99 ©2012 ISBN: 9781604692389 252 pp, 197 colour photographs 230 x 205 mm, paperback

Through inspiring colour photos and cutting-edge advice about how to work with nature, Hadden showcases a diverse set of alternatives to that demanding old green turf.



Planting the Dry Shade Garden Graham Rice

50 Beautiful DeerResistant Plants Ruth Rogers Clausen

Featuring more than 130 plants that are best able to cope with reduced light and moisture levels, this text also shows gardeners how to prune selectively, how to amend soil to increase its moisture retention and how to transform challenging spaces.

Photographs by Alan L. Detrick This inspiring guide provides the most spectacular collection of deer-resistant plants to create a gorgeous, deer-free garden.

Why Grow That When You Can Grow This? Andrew Keys Andrew Keys suggests alternatives for gardeners whose favourite plants won’t thrive where they live. This collection offers some unusual choices that will inspire all plant-lovers, whatever their garden environment.

BEST SELLER £14.99 ©2011 ISBN: 9781604691870 192 pp, 125 colour photographs, 230 x 190 mm, paperback

£14.99 ©2011 ISBN: 9781604691955 224 pp, 84 colour photographs, 230 x 190 mm, paperback

£16.99 ©2012 ISBN: 9781604692860 336 pp, 350 colour photographs, 230 x 205 mm, paperback

Gardening with Woodland Plants Karan Junker

Managing the Wet Garden John Simmons

Powerhouse Plants Graham Rice

Extensive planting suggestions will endow gardeners at all levels of experience with the confidence to experiment, and the extensive plant directory will inspire all gardeners to bring woodland plants into the garden for year-round pleasure.

Provides practical tips on recognising and managing a wet site, and includes a directory of water-tolerant plants, including trees, shrubs, climbers and bulbs.

Photographs by Judy White

£30.00 ©2007 ISBN: 9780881928211 384 pp, 352 colour photographs 60 x 185 mm hardcover

£25.00 ©2008 ISBN: 9780881929003 312 pp, 242 colour photographs, 265 x 185 mm, hardcover

The author of Planting the Dry Shade Garden shares his selection of plants that give more than one season of interest to earn their place in any garden setting.

£16.99 ©February 2013 ISBN: 9781604692105 284 pp, 231 colour photographs, 230 x 190 mm, paperback

23 T H E E N C YC LO P E D I A O F

More than 500 Outstanding Choices for Gardeners RAY ROGERS ANNUALS






Small-Space Container Gardens Fern Richardson

The Encyclopedia of Container Plants Ray Rogers

Succulent Container Gardens Debra Lee Baldwin

Small spaces, lack of privacy and limited greenery mean being a city-dweller can be tough. This book features inspiring and easyto-follow design ideas for those who want to create their own garden oasis.

Photographs by Rob Cardillo

Provides everything you need to know to design, plant and nurture succulents in pots of any size.

£12.99 ©2012 ISBN: 9781604692419 188 pp, 150 colour photographs, 5 drawings 240 x 205 mm, paperback

This authoritative reference yields a host of plants that will show just how spectacular a well-grown and carefully chosen container garden can be.

£25.00 ©2010 ISBN: 9780881929621 344 pp, full colour throughout 280 x 215 mm, hardcover

Landscaping for Privacy Marty Wingate

Follow this book’s advice and a small garden full of healthy, happy plants will be yours.

A lack of privacy is a fact of modern home ownership. However, this book shows it’s possible to mitigate these situations through the creative use of buffers, barriers, hedges and screens.

£18.99 ©2009 ISBN: 9780881929072 220 pp, 136 colour photos, 235 x 195 mm hardcover

£12.99 ©2012 ISBN: 9781604691238 152 pp, 109 colour photographs, 5 illustrations 230 x 205 mm, paperback with flaps

£20.00 ©2009 ISBN: 9780881929591 256 pp, 310 colour photographs 235 x 190 mm, hardcover

400 Trees and Shrubs for Small Spaces Diana M. Miller This practical reference outlines the plants and cultivation techniques that excel in small garden spaces.

£20.00 ©2008 ISBN: 9780881928754 216 pp, 153 colour photographs, 21 black & white diagrams, 235 x 195 mm, hardcover

Big Gardens in Small Spaces Martyn Cox





Rain Gardens Nigel Dunnett & Andy Clayden The first book on sustainable water management schemes suitable for students and professionals.

The Essential Garden Maintenance Workbook Rosemary Alexander This comprehensive workbook will allow you to tackle every gardening task with skill and confidence.

£22.50 ©2006 ISBN: 9780881927832 376 pp, 100 colour photographs, 350 line drawings, 245 x 195 mm, flexibind

£25.00 ©2007 ISBN: 9780881928266 188 pp, 157 colour photographs, 41 line drawings, 235 x 190 mm, hardcover

The Manual of Seed Saving Andrea Heistinger Translated by Ian Miller

This comprehensive guide to saving vegetable seeds contains the highlevel, technical information needed by market gardeners and self sufficiency practitioners to refine their seed saving techniques.

How to Buy the Right Plants, Tools and Garden Supplies Jim Fox

The author provides practical advice on selecting the healthiest plants, the sharpest tools and the composts and mulches that will enrich both your soil and your gardening experience.

£9.99 ©April £25.00 ©20072013 ISBN:ISBN: 9780881928242 9781604692143 168 pp,19 224pp, 161black colour & white photographs photographs, 86 line10 drawings, 265 x 185 mm, illustrations 205hardcover x 125mm, paperback

£25.00 October 2013 ISBN: 9781604693829 344 pp, 329 colour photographs, 15 b/w illustrations, 229 x 178 mm, hardcover



Sustainable gardens and landscapes that use less water don’t have to be boring. The key to keeping your garden beautiful and waterwise is intelligent plant choice. This practical guide includes a range of plants selected for their wide adaptability and ornamental value. £16.99 ©2011 ISBN: 9781604691696 248 pp, 245 colour photographs 230 x 180 mm, paperback

Creating Rain Gardens Cleo Woelfle-Erskine & Apryl Uncapher A comprehensive book for the DIY-er, with step-by-step instructions for designing and building features that will make the best use of water in the garden. It covers all you need to know about soil preparation, planting and aftercare, and selecting water-loving plants. £14.99 ©2012 ISBN: 9781604692402 208 pp, 60 black and white photographs, 26 drawings, 230 x 205 mm, paperback

Teaming with Nutrients Jeff Lowenfels Understand the science behind plant nutrition and how to make it work in a sustainable way for both your garden and the wider environment

£17.99 ©June 2013 ISBN: 9781604693140 250 pp, 67 colour photographs & illustrations, 229 x 152 mm, hardcover

“A breakthrough book for the field of organic gardening.” — AM ERI C AN GARDEN ER

Teaming with Microbes The Organic Gardener’s Guide to the Soil Food Web REVISED EDITION

Jeff Lowenfels & Wayne Lewis Foreword by Elaine Ingham

Teaming with Microbes Jeff Lowenfels & Wayne Lewis

£17.99 ©2010 ISBN: 9781604691139 220 pp, 88 colour photographs, 18 charts and diagrams, 230 x 150 mm, hardcover

All gardening products and practices – organic and synthetic – are examined case-by-case to determine whether they are safe and fit for purpose.

£20.00 ©2011 ISBN: 9781604692228 £6.99 ©2008 ISBN: 9780881928624 280 pp, 300 colour photographs, 255 x 215 mm, 208 pp, 230 x 150 mm, paperback hardcover

High-Impact, Low-Carbon Gardening Alice Bowe Taking the reader step-by-step through all the aspects of making a garden, from design through to planning and maintenance; this is a one-stop reference for the new generation of environmentallyaware gardeners who want to minimise damage to natural resources while they garden. £16.99 ©2011 £25.00 ©2007 ISBN: ISBN: 9780881929980 9780881928242 168 pp, 161 264 185 colour photographs photographs,86 230 x 205 line drawings, mm, 265 x 185 mm, hardcover paperback

Discover the benefits of cultivating the soil food web and grow healthy, vigorous plants without chemicals.

The Truth About Organic Gardening Jeff Gillman


Waterwise Plants for Sustainable Gardens Lauren Springer Ogden & Scott Ogden



The Essential Guide to Back Garden Self-Sufficiency Carleen Madigan Whether you’re interested in a small patch of gourmet asparagus, a few eggs to make your own omelettes or full-scale self-sufficiency, this guide contains the tried-and-tested skills that turn dreams into reality. £14.99 ©2010 ISBN: 9781604691030 352 pp, 230 x 180 mm, paperback


Keeping Bees in Towns and Cities Luke Dixon Combining practical advice for the beginner beekeeper with inspiring stories from urban beekeepers across the world, Luke Dixon’s book is both entertaining and enlightening.

£14.99 ©2012 ISBN: 9781604692877 184 pp, 132 colour photographs, 3 drawings, 230 x 190 mm, paperback

Free-Range Chicken Gardens Jessi Bloom Photographs by Kate Baldwin

With step-by-step instructions for creating a beautiful and functional space for keeping chickens, Free-Range Chicken Gardens covers everything a gardener will need to know – from the basics of raising chickens, to how to create the perfect chicken-friendly garden design and build innovative coops. £12.99 ©2012 ISBN: 9781604692372 224 pp, 125 colour photographs,12 drawings, 230 x 205 mm, paperback



Planting Green Roofs and Living Walls Nigel Dunnett & Noël Kingsbury An advanced book by a leading practitioner that recommends techniques, materials and plants. It combines essential facts with spectacular case studies from around the world.

£25.00 ©2008 ISBN: 9780881929119 336 pp, 227 colour photographs, 10 line drawings, 235 x 195 mm, hardcover

“An indispensable reference and source book for the ongoing green roof explosion.” — M I C H A E L VA N VA L K E N B U RG

Edmund C. Snodgrass and Linda McIntyre



A Professional Guide to Design, Installation, and Maintenance

Small Green Roofs Nigel Dunnett, Dusty Gedge, John Little, & Edmund C. Snodgrass

Explains how green roofs function and how to plan and carry out projects successfully from concept through to construction and maintenance.

Green Roof Plants Edmund C. Snodgrass & Lucie L. Snodgrass The first reliable reference devoted exclusively to the various species that are suitable for use on green roofs. Contains photographs and cultural information for more than 200 plants.

BEST SELLER £16.99 ©2011 ISBN: 9781604690590 256 pp, 220 colour photographs,230 x 205 mm, paperback

£25.00 ©2010 ISBN: 9781604690491 304 pp, full colour throughout, 235 x 190 mm, hardcover

£20.00 ©2006 ISBN: 9780881927870 244 pp, 299 colour photographs, 230 x 155 mm, hardcover

Gardeners and homeowners will relish the scaled-down technical specifications, design ideas and implementation advice presented in the book, which uses a range of case studies from ordinary domestic gardens to inspire, inform and motivate.

The Green Roof Manual Edmund C. Snodgrass & Linda McIntyre


Green roofs slow down the pace of rainwater into the public drainage system, insulate buildings and reduce the urban heat effect, so they are good news for the environment. They also provide a lush green surface to look out on, a valuable habitat for wildlife, and another place to grow plants! Choose the book that is right for you from our growing collection.



Fruit Trees in Small Spaces Colby Eierman Have you ever dreamed of having an orchard where you could pick pears, plums and apples, but thought that you didn’t have the space for one? Fruit expert Colby Eierman shows readers how to have a beautiful and productive orchard regardless of space.

The Vegetable Gardener’s Guide to Permaculture Christopher Shein with Julie Thompson

The Beginner’s Guide to Growing Heirloom Vegetables Marie Iannotti

Learn how to combine a functional food garden with a decorative landscape using the principles of permaculture.

Heirloom vegetables may have great stories behind them, but the real test is in the flavour. Iannotti tells us which ones to grow, complete with easy growing tips and techniques.

BEST SELLER £16.99 ©2012 ISBN: 9781604691900 264 pp, 207 colour photographs 11 illustrations, 230 x 195 mm, paperback

The Complete Book of Garlic Ted Jordan Meredith

Profiles nearly 150 different kinds of garlic and presents copious in-depth information about every aspect of garlic’s essential characteristics, history, cultivation and use.

£30.00 ©2008 ISBN: 9780881928839 332 pp, 194 colour photographs, 10 line drawings, 255 x 205 mm, hardcover

£16.99 February 2013 ISBN: 9781604692709 272 pp, 151 colour photographs, 30 drawings, 255 x 215 mm, paperback

What’s Wrong With My Vegetable Garden? David Deardorff & Kathryn Wadsworth

£12.99 ©2012 ISBN: 9781604691887 252 pp, 116 colour photographs, 240 x 190 mm, paperback

Growing Citrus Martin Page Everything the home gardener needs to know to successfully grow citrus trees in temperate climates.

Authors David Deardorff and Kathryn Wadsworth are experts at diagnosing plant problems, and equally expert at finding organic, effective solutions. Follow their advice for a garden that’s healthy, productive, and problem-free. £16.99 ©2012 ISBN: 9781604691849 336 pp, 389 colour photographs, 235 x 195 mm, paperback

£20.00 ©2008 ISBN: 9780881929065 192 pp, 120 colour photographs, 235 x 195 mm, hardcover


Uncommon Fruits for Every Garden Lee Reich Illustrations by Vicki Herzfeld Arlein 23 unusual fruits that offer mouthwatering rewards to anyone willing to veer off the beaten path.

£12.99 ©2008 ISBN: 9780881929447 308 pp, 51 colour photographs, 29 line drawings, 230 x 150 mm, paperback

Mark Diacono and Lia Leendertz The authors demonstrate how to grow unusual, nutritious varieties of beansprout, microgreen and mini vegetable in less time and space than you thought possible!

£14.99 February 2013 ISBN: 9781604693263 208 pp, 170 colour photographs, 220 x 205 mm, paperback


The Complete Chilli Pepper Book David DeWitt & Paul W. Bosland

Blogger and garden designer Ivette Soler shows readers how to transform front gardens into productive, beautifully designed oases of fruit and vegetables.

All the information that anyone with an interest in chilli peppers could ever hope to find.

£14.99 ©2011 ISBN: 9781604691993 216 pp, 166 colour photographs, 255 x 215 mm, paperback

£25.00 ©2009 ISBN: 9780881929201 336 pp, 273 colour photographs, 210 x 210 mm, hardcover


The Edible Front Yard Ivette Soler


The Speedy Vegetable Garden



The Anxious Gardener’s Book of Answers Teri Dunn Chace Gardening is supposed to be relaxing – but who can you turn to when things go wrong? Help is at hand! The author offers solutions to 100 of the most common gardening problems, from plant care to basic cultivation techniques.

The Truth About Garden Remedies Jeff Gillman

My Garden, the City and Me Helen Babbs

Assesses new and historic advice and reveals the how and why for more than 100 common and uncommon gardening remedies.

As Helen Babbs charts her first year of planting her small roof-top garden in London, she masterfully draws us into the immense web of life that London’s green spaces support.

BEST SELLER £7.99 ©2012 ISBN: 9781604692358 220 pp, 75 drawings, 205 x 150 mm paperback

Decoding Gardening Advice Jeff Gillman & Meleah Maynard

Everyone seems to have advice for the budding gardener – but how much of this is grounded in science, reality or even common sense? Gillman and Maynard back up every good recommendation with sound horticultural and botanical science..

£9.99 ©2012 ISBN: 9781604692204 256 pp, 230 x 150 mm, paperback

£6.99 ©2008 ISBN: 9780881929126 216 pp, 10 tables/charts, 11 drawings, 230 x 150 mm, paperback

So You Want to Be a Garden Designer Love Albrecht Howard This comprehensive, friendly, practical book will enable you to turn your garden design dream into reality.

£20.00 ©2010 ISBN: 9780881929041 424 pp, 32 colour photographs, 85 black & white photographs, 11 black & white line drawings 230 x 150 mm, hardcover

£9.99 ©2011 ISBN: 9781604691672 144 pp, illustrated throughout 185 x 135mm, hardcover

50 High-Impact, Low-Care Garden Plants Tracy DiSabato-Aust The author’s choices for gardeners with hectic lives offer long-lasting blooms, architectural form and texture and multi-season interest.

£9.99 ©2009 ISBN: 9780881929508 168 pp, 141 colour photographs 230 x 190 mm, paperback


Terrarium Craft Amy Bryant Aiello & Kate Bryant

Bonsai with Japanese Maples

The first how-to guidebook for gardeners with big ideas for growing small!

Photographs by Kate Baldwin

The specific horticultural needs of Japanese maples as bonsai subjects and proven techniques for creating and maintaining beautiful specimens.

£12.99 ©July 2013 ISBN: 9781604693720 255 pp, 283 colour photographs, 191 x 203 mm, paperback.

If you’ve always wanted to have a bit of nature in your home, Terrarium Craft will show you exactly how to create your own verdant, enchanting world.

£9.99 ©2011 ISBN: 9781604692341 196 pp, 141 colour photographs, 205 x 230 mm, paperback

Peter Adams

£25.00 ©2006 ISBN: 9780881928099 160 pp, 149 colour photographs, 112 colour drawings, 230 x 180 mm, hardcover

The Unexpected Houseplant


Gardening in Miniature Janit Calvo

Tovah Martin Photographs by

Keshiki Bonsai

Kindra Clineff

Kenji Kobayashi This new style of bonsai combines moss, gravel and trees to create stunning miniature landscapes that can be recreated at home.

£14.99 © 2012 ISBN: 9781604692433 328 pp, 171 colour photographs, 230 x 185 mm, paperback

£14.99 © 2012 ISBN: 9781604693591 176 pp, 536 colour photographs, 240 x 180 mm, paperback

Reinventing the image of houseplants, the author suggests unusual plants that will thrive indoors and gives practical advice on how to select, display and care for them all year round.



Concrete Garden Projects Malin Nilsson and Camilla Arvidsson For gardeners and DIY enthusiasts, concrete is a revelation. It’s durable, weatherproof, impossible to steal and it provides much-needed insulation for outdoor plants.

£12.99 ©2011 ISBN: 9781604692822 132 pp, 270 colour photographs, 240 x 195 mm, paperback with flaps

Macro Photography for Gardeners and Nature Lovers Alan L. Detrick All the information aspiring photographers – no matter their level of skill – need to take their photos to the next level.

£17.99 ©2008 ISBN: 9780881928907 176 pp, 171 colour photographs, 240 x 235 mm, paperback

The Handbook of Natural Plant Dyes Sasha Duerr In this beautifully photographed book, textile designer Sasha Duerr shows how easy it is to use plants from the garden and other outdoor spaces to create a wide variety of stunning colours.

£14.99 ©2011 ISBN: 9781604690712 172 pp, 190 colour photographs, 230 x 205 mm, paperback




Garden Eco-Chic Matthew Levesque Loads of garden design projects and inspirational ideas for taking advantage of reusable materials found in the home, refuse tip or charity shop.

£16.99 ©2010 ISBN: 9781604692334 192 pp, full colour throughout, 230 x 205 mm, paperback

Handmade Garden Projects Lorene Edwards Forkner In this book, DIY materials, found objects and the occasional bit of cellar debris are converted into distinctive garden furnishings imbued with a modern sensibility and resourceful spirit.

£14.99 ©2012 ISBN: 9781604691856 210 pp, 150 colour photographs, 215 x 205 mm, paperback

Succulents Simplified Debra Lee Baldwin The ideal book to help beginners grow and design with succulents creatively and successfully.

£16.99 ©June 2013 ISBN: 9781604693935 272pp, 334 colour photographs, 222 x 203 mm, paperback


Japanese Maples

This book is in a class of its own for the sheer quality of its information, its beautiful photographs and the unique plant records of this master plantsman.

This new edition includes more than 100 new introductions, revisions to plant nomenclature and new information on established favourites.

Fourth Edition

J. D. Vertrees and Peter Gregory

Seeing Trees Nancy Ross Hugo


Dirr’s Encyclopedia of Trees and Shrubs Michael A. Dirr

Photographs by Robert Llewellyn In Seeing Trees, Nancy Ross Hugo teaches us a whole new way of looking at trees. When we take the time to look carefully we can learn about the scars of a leaf, the twig structure of a tree and the pattern of its bark.

BEST SELLER £50.00 ©2011 ISBN: 9780881929010 976 pp, 3530 colour photographs 280 x 215 mm, hardcover

£35.00 ©2010 ISBN: 9780881929324 404 pp, 574 colour photographs 280 x 215 mm, hardcover

£18.99 ©2011 ISBN: 9781604692198 244 pp, 175 colour photographs 255 x 215 mm, hardcover

Planting and Maintaining a

Tree Collection

Private Gardens ▲ Public Arboretums ▲ Planning and Preparation Cataloguing and Labelling ▲ Management and Mapping

Simon Toomer

Director of the Westonbirt National Arboretum

Trees for All Seasons Sean Hogan

Explores the fascinating subject of collecting trees from a historical, practical and philosophical standpoint and illuminates the very special relationship that exists between humans and trees.

With more than 350 photos and detailed descriptions of choice trees, Hogan opens up a largely unexplored world of foliar beauty.

£20.00 ©2010 ISBN: 9780881929300 232 pp, 107 colour photographs 230 x 150 mm, hardcover

Foreword by Roy Lancaster

£25.00 ©2008 ISBN: 9780881926743 336 pp, 373 colour photographs 265 x 185 mm, hardcover

Timber Press Pocket Guide to Japanese Maples J. D. Vertrees with Peter Gregory Along with information on cultivation and maintenance, this book provides lists of trees for specific garden uses, enabling gardeners to select the best trees for various conditions. Fifty newer cultivars are presented. £14.99 ©2007 ISBN: 9780881927993 224 pp, 330 colour photographs 210 x 145 mm, flexibind

Planting and Maintaining a Tree Collection Simon Toomer



Conifers of the World James E. Eckenwalder The first comprehensive update of conifer taxonomy in nearly a century, this definitive work provides up-to-date descriptions of all the true conifers of the world.

£45.00 ©2009 ISBN: 9780881929744 744 pp, 67 colour and 295 black & white photos, 240 line drawings, 67 distribution maps, 280 x 215 mm, hardcover

Designing with Conifers Richard L. Bitner

Conifers for Gardens Richard L. Bitner

Conifers can be instrumental in creating beautiful, long-lasting plant combinations and serene havens. Designing with Conifers will show you how to make the most of these beautiful and versatile plants.

Brimming with concise descriptions and their numerous cultivars, this meticulously researched reference provides information for almost every hardy conifer you’re likely to encounter.

£20.00 ©2011 ISBN: 9781604691931 296 pp, 310 colour photographs 235 x 195 mm, hardcover

£40.00 ©2007 ISBN: 9780881928303 424 pp, 1551 colour photographs 280 x 215 mm, hardcover

A Natural History of Conifers Aljos Farjon

Timber Press Pocket Guide to Conifers Richard L. Bitner

The perfect companion for anyone who needs a portable guide to conifer choices.

£14.99 ©2010 ISBN: 9781604691702 224 pp, full colour throughout, 210 x 145 mm, flexibind

Gardeners and plant lovers, natural historians and those who wish to know more about the history of life on our planet will be fascinated by this examination of one of the world’s most interesting plant groups.

£30.00 ©2008 ISBN: 9780881928693 304 pp, 157 colour photographs, 39 line drawings, 265 x 185 mm, hardcover


Jim Gardiner

An incomparable pictorial reference of hardy flowering shrubs. The encyclopedia includes pictures, profiles and cultivation data for more than 1700 plants.

Camellias Jennifer Trehane


The Timber Press Encyclopedia of Flowering Shrubs

Provides information on how to grow and care for camellias, as well as descriptions of over 600 garden-worthy species and cultivars.

‘Destined to become a reference for years to come.’ Val Bourne, Gardens Illustrated


Daphnes Robin White This practical account drawn from the long experience of Robin White has been eagerly awaited by daphne enthusiasts and collectors.

Dogwoods Paul Cappiello & Don Shadow This book covers all dogwoods currently available in nurseries. Includes details on cultivation, pests, diseases, breeding and selection.

£25.00 ©2005 ISBN: 9780881926798 224 pp, 261 colour photographs, 260 x 185 mm, hardcover

£35.00 ©2007 ISBN: 9780881928488 380 pp, 861 colour photographs, 280 x 215 mm, hardcover

Hebes Lawrie Metcalf Provides a wealth of information about the native habitats, preferred growing conditions, cultivation and history of hebes and an A–Z guide to all known species.

£30.00 ©2006 ISBN: 9780881927733 308 pp, 133 colour photographs, 17 black & white illustrations, 230 x 180 mm, hardcover

£25.00 ©2006 ISBN: 9780881927528 224 pp, 160 colour photographs, 230 x 180 mm, hardcover

£25.00 ©2005 ISBN: 9780881927221 232 pp, 140 colour photographs 260 x 185 mm, hardcover



Winter-flowering Shrubs Michael W. Buffin Readers will find daphnes, viburnums, witch hazels and camellias to suit every taste and garden situation.

£25.00 ©2005 ISBN: 9780881927221 232 pp, 140 colour photographs 260 x 185 mm, hardcover

Encyclopedia of Hydrangeas C. J. van Gelderen & D. M. van Gelderen With complete information on cultivation, propagation and pests and diseases, the Encyclopedia of Hydrangeas promises to help every discerning gardener ensure planting success.

£35.00 ©2004 ISBN: 9780881926224 280 pp, 795 colour photographs, 280 x 215 mm, hardcover

Buddlejas David D. Stuart Foreword by Michael A. Dirr

Provides valuable clarification about the naming of Buddleja species and hybrids, details their diversity and introduces gardeners to their spectacular flowers.

£25.00 ©2006 ISBN: 9780881926880 232 pp, 86 colour photographs, 230 x 180 mm, hardcover

Lilacs John L. Fiala Revised and updated by Freek Vrugtman Packed with gorgeous colour photographs, this reference book tells the story of a classic shrub cherished for reliable masses of springtime flowers and sweet fragrance.

£35.00 ©2008 ISBN: 9780881927955 416 pp, 582 colour photographs, 26 black & white photographs, 24 line drawings, 280 x 215 mm, hardcover

Hawthorns and Medlars James B. Phipps With Robert J. O’Kennon and Ron W. Lance Focuses on those hawthorns and medlars of greatest interest to horticulturists, many of which are seldom cultivated outside botanic gardens or arboreta.

£17.99 ©2003 ISBN: 9780881925913 180 pp, 75 colour photographs 11 drawings, 230 x 180 mm, hardcover


Celebrates American, European, Chinese and Japanese hollies, providing detailed planting advice and illustrating his account with vivid photos.

£25.00 ©2006 ISBN: 9780881927740 232 pp, 156 colour photographs 230 x 180 mm, hardcover

Viburnums Michael A. Dirr In this definitive guide, Dirr provides a wealth of information about every species and cultivar worthy of horticultural consideration.

£25.00 ©2007 ISBN: 9780881928532 264 pp, 427 colour photographs, 265 x 185 mm, hardcover

The Lavender Lover’s Handbook Sarah Berringer Bader Photographs by Janet Loughrey This gorgeous guide provides a complete checklist of the colour, fragrance, size and foliage of 100 of the most popular lavender varieties. The author includes tips on how to harvest, cook and craft with this wonderful herb.


Hollies for Gardeners Christopher Bailes

£18.99 ©2012 ISBN: 9781604692211 192 pp, 192 colour photographs, 230 x 190 mm, hardcover

Don’t forget our new book on shrubs, see page 6 for more details.

“Climbing plants are hugely underrated – this book with its lively expression of deep knowledge should encourage everyone to grow more of them.” – N O Ë L K I N G S B U RY

UNCOM MON CL I M BERS for EV ERY GA R DEN A Hand-picked Selection of Climbing Plants for Containers, Conservatories and the Open Garden


Uncommon Climbers for Every Garden Allan M. Armitage

£20.00 ©2010 ISBN: 9781604691207 212 pp, 243 colour photographs, 265 x 185 mm, hardcover

Provides detailed descriptions of 150 high-performance species and cultivars organized by flowering season.

£20.00 ©2007 ISBN: 9780881928518 272 pp, 161 colour photographs, 265 x 185 mm, hardcover

Renowned horticulturist Allan Armitage selects and profiles more than 115 of the most useful and attractive climbing plants for a wide range of sites and conditions.

Clematis for Small Spaces Raymond J. Evison



The Encyclopedia of Grasses for Livable Landscapes Rick Darke A new type of design reference that sets a standard for inspired, sustainable use of grasses.

£40.00 ©2007 ISBN: 9780881928174 484 pp, 1046 colour photographs, 10 line drawings, 280 x 255 mm, hardcover

Perennials Susan Carter, Carrie Becker & Bob Lilly Foreword by Ann Lovejoy Photographs by Lynne Harrison Whether you’re a beginner gardener, a seasoned expert or a professional horticulturist, Perennials will be the book you turn to again and again for essential information about these supremely beautiful and useful plants. £35.00 ©2007 ISBN: 9780881928204 544 pp, 306 colour photographs, 280 x 215 mm, hardcover

Bloom’s Best Perennials and Grasses Adrian Bloom Photographs by Adrian Bloom and Richard Bloom Focuses on a select palette of tried-and-tested favourites that will guarantee a display that is easy to maintain and full of interest all year round.

£20.00 ©2010 ISBN: 9780881929317 208 pp, 200 colour photographs, 255 x 215 mm, hardcover

Tall Perennials Larger-than-Life Plants for Gardens of All Sizes

Roger Turner

Armitage’s Garden Perennials Allan M. Armitage

The Well-Tended Perennial Garden Tracy DiSabato-Aust

This encyclopedia is the most comprehensive single-volume photographic resource on perennial plants.

This is the first, and still the most thorough, book to detail essential practices of perennial care.

£30.00 ©2011 ISBN: 9781604690385 348 pp, 1315 colour photographs, 255 x 215 mm, hardcover

£25.00 ©2006 ISBN: 9780881928037 384 pp, 276 colour photographs, 19 line drawings, 260 x 185 mm, hardcover

Tall Perennials Roger Turner Features hand-picked selection of high-performing perennials that are all over five feet.

£25.00 ©2009 ISBN: 9780881928891 260 pp, 159 colour photographs, 230 x 180 mm, hardcover


Foreword by Allan M. Armitage Provides information on more than 7000 species and cultivars in 184 genera, from Acanthus to Woodwardia – some new to horticulture, others unjustly overlooked.

£35.00 ©2002 ISBN: 9780881925494 494 pp, 500 colour photographs, 280 x 215 mm, hardcover

Encyclopedia of Garden Ferns Sue Olsen

Perennial Companions Tom Fischer

The comprehensive plant directory presents succinct descriptions for nearly 1000 ferns, with habitat information, cultural recommendations and help on plant identification.

Photographs by Richard Bloom and Adrian Bloom

£40.00 ©2007 ISBN: 9780881928198 444 pp, 700 colour photographs, 280 x 215 mm, hardcover

Whether you want to create a small-scale sanctuary or a bewitching border, you’ll find an abundance of inspiration in this perfect package.


An Encyclopedia of Shade Perennials W. George Schmid

£7.99 ©2009 ISBN: 9780881929393 216 pp, 100 colour photographs, 160 x 180 mm, paperback

Designing with Grasses Neil Lucas Foreword by Rick Darke Ornamental grasses endow a garden with show­stopping appeal and require remarkably little work in return. Inspired by wild grass planting, Neil Lucas explains how to bring the magic of grasses to gardens.

When Perennials Bloom Tomasz Anis´ko An authoritative, exhaustively researched guide to the flowering times of more than 450 perennials.

£20.00 ©2010 ISBN: 9780881929836 276 pp, 232 colour photographs, 235 x 195 mm, hardcover

£40.00 ©2008 ISBN: 9780881928877 512 pp, 625 colour photographs, 469 graphs, 280 x 215 mm, hardcover


40 t he book of


Little Hostas


200 Small, Very Small, and Mini Varieties

k at h y gu est sh a dr ack and mich a el sh a dr ack Consultant editor,

di a na gr en fell

The New Encyclopedia of Hostas Diana Grenfell & Michael Shadrack

Timber Press Pocket Guide to Hostas Diana Grenfell & Michael Shadrack

The Book of Little Hostas Kathy Guest Shadrack & Michael Shadrack

The second edition of Diana Grenfell’s classic work provides growth and cultivation information for seven hundred cultivated hostas including the new, popular miniature hostas.

Boasting diverse leaf shape, size, colour and texture, hostas are the supreme plant for shade. This guide features 280 of the best new and old hostas, each hand-picked for its superb performance in the landscape.

This handpicked selection of diminutive hostas will inspire novices and gardeners alike and provide inspiration for new planting schemes.

BEST SELLER £35.00 ©2010 ISBN: 9780881929607 472 pp, 849 colour photographs, 280 x 215 mm, hardcover

The New Encyclopedia of Daylilies Ted L. Petit & John P. Peat

More than 1700 daylilies (1400 of them new to this edition) in detailed colour photographs are accompanied by comprehensive descriptions.

£30.00 ©2008 ISBN: 9780881928587 408 pp, 1751 colour photographs, 255 x 215 mm, hardcover

£14.99 ©2007 ISBN: 9780881928471 212 pp, 298 colour photographs 210 x 145 mm, flexibind

£17.99 ©2010 ISBN: 9781604690606 220 pp, full colour throughout, 230 x 180 mm, hardcover

The Daylily John P. Peat & Ted L. Petit

A Guide to Bearded Irises Kelly D. Norris

The authors have created an authoritative overview of all aspects of daylily history, cultivation and breeding.

How to choose the best varieties of iris for your garden and how to propagate new irises from seed. Featuring over 600 plants and stunning colour portraits.

£22.50 ©2004 ISBN: 9780881926668 200 pp, 197 colour photographs 230 x 180 mm, hardcover

£25.00 ©2012 ISBN: 9781604692082 348 pp, 318 colour photographs, 230 x 205 mm, hardcover


Foreword by Daniel J. Hinkley Hellebores are now among the hottest perennials thanks to their early bloom, long-lasting flowers, shade tolerance, foliage and the profusion of new colours and forms.

£25.00 ©2006 ISBN: 9780881927658 296 pp, 146 colour photographs, 260 x 185 mm, hardcover

Heucheras and Heucherellas Dan Heims & Grahame Ware These plants are now among the most popular in nurseries around the world. Includes listings of the choice selections currently available.

£19.99 ©2005 ISBN: 9780881927023 208 pp, 116 colour photographs, 230 x 155 mm, hardcover

Phlox James H. Locklear The comprehensive and authoritative work is sure to be welcomed by phlox enthusiasts, alpine gardeners and those with an interest in the natural history of plants.

£35.00 ©2011 ISBN: 9780881929348 340 pp, 73 colour photographs, 230 x 180 mm, hardcover

For more books on plants for specific situations visit page 22

Timber Press Pocket Guide to Water Garden Plants Greg Speichert & Sue Speichert

The definitive photographic reference to the full range of water garden plants available, offering complete information on hardiness, culture, propagation and pests and diseases.

Includes 450 of the best plants for ponds and wet soils, with detailed information on selection, growth and care. Notes on cultivation address how much water each plant needs, information on cold tolerance and how to overwinter.

£35.00 ©2004 ISBN: 9780881926255 388 pp, 704 colour photographs, 280 x 215 mm, hardcover

£14.99 ©2008 ISBN: 9780881928464 212 pp, 315 colour photographs, 210 x 145 mm, flexibind

Encyclopedia of Water Garden Plants Greg Speichert & Sue Speichert


Hellebores C. Colston Burrell & Judith Knott Tyler

42 “The way Paul Whittaker uses bamboos shows not only an artist’s eye but a love of and a feel for their essential characteristics.” –Roy Lancaster





Bamboos THE

50 Best Plants

for Screens, Containers & More

Paul Whittaker author of


Timber Press Pocket Guide to Bamboos Ted Jordan Meredith Covers 40 genera of bamboos in cultivation and describes more than 300 species and cultivated varieties. This portable reference packs the authority of an encyclopedia into a pocket-sized format.

£14.99 ©2009 ISBN: 9780881929362 208 pp, 302 colour photographs, 210 x 145 mm, flexibind

Practical Bamboos Paul Whittaker Gardeners that are new to bamboo will relish the imaginative design and landscaping ideas and feel inspired to experiment with this dynamic, rewarding plant.

£14.99 ©2010 ISBN: 9781604690569 208 pp, full colour throughout, 230 x 190 mm, paperback

Hardy Bamboos Paul Whittaker Describes how bamboos perform in different places and highlights their growing habits, allowing anyone to choose the right bamboo and grow it successfully.

£25.00 ©2005 ISBN: 9780881926859 300 pp, 221 colour photographs, 165 line drawings, 260 x 185 mm, hardcover

Ornamental Bamboos David Crompton The core of the book is a guide to nearly 200 ornamental bamboos to grow and enjoy, supplemented by lists of bamboos for specific purposes.

£25.00 ©2006 ISBN: 9780881927900 312 pp, 180 colour photographs, 250 x 190 mm, hardcover

Bamboo for Gardens Ted Jordan Meredith More than 300 bamboos are described in detail, including information on size, requirements, native range and garden uses.

£29.99 ©2001 ISBN: 9780881925074 408 pp, 158 colour photographs, 260 x 185 mm, hardcover


Hot Plants for Cool Climates Susan A. Roth & Dennis Schrader Practical advice for achieving the tropical look in a temperate garden.

£19.99 ©2005 ISBN: 9780881927191 228 pp, 244 colour photographs, 250 x 185 mm, paperback

Encyclopedia of Exotic Plants for Temperate Climates Will Giles

£35.00 ©2007 ISBN: 9780881927856 440 pp, 534 colour photographs, 280 x 215 mm, hardcover

Featuring more than 2000 succulents, each entry includes information on the plant’s native habitat, its cultivation requirements and its horticultural potential, with more than 750 colour photos for identification.

£35.00 ©2011 ISBN: 9780881929959 344 pp, 755 colour photographs, 2 maps, 280 x 215 mm, hardcover

The Encyclopedia of Cultivated Palms Robert Lee Riffle, Paul Craft & Scott Zona This volume documents every genus in the palm family. 850 species are described in detail, including cold hardiness, water needs, height and special requirements. £35.00 ©2012 ISBN: 9781604692051 520 pp, 950 colour photographs, 280 x 215 mm, hardcover

Timber Press Pocket Guide to Palms Robert Lee Riffle Unlocks the keys to successfully growing 200 palm species and hybrids in tropical and temperate climes.

£14.99 ©2008 ISBN: 9780881927764 240 pp, 322 colour photographs, 210 x 145 mm, flexibind

With some 2000 species and cultivars described, this book enables gardeners of all levels to make informed choices from an expansive plant palette.

Fred Dortort


The Timber Press Guide to Succulent Plants of the World



Agaves Greg Starr Greg Starr profiles 75 agave species, cultivars, and hybrids best suited to containers and landscapes. Because agaves can change dramatically as they age, photos show species from youth to maturity, a unique feature of this book.

£25.00 ©2012 ISBN: 9781604691986 344 pp, over 220 colour photographs, 230 x 180 mm, hardcover

Agaves, Yuccas, and Related Plants Mary Irish & Gary Irish

Cacti and Succulents for Cold Climates Leo J. Chance

These exotic natives of the Americas are among the most striking of drought-tolerant plants, and they make wonderful accents in the garden. Full information on cultivation and propagation is provided.

Foreword by Panayoti Kelaidis If you thought that these spectacular plants were only for gardens in hot climates, think again! This guide includes planting information and colour photos of succulents that can be used in any garden.

£25.00 ©2000 ISBN: 9780881924428 384 pp, 100 colour photographs, 18 line drawings, 230 x 155 mm, hardcover

£25.00 ©2012 ISBN: 9781604692648 328 pp, 306 colour photographs, 230 x 180 mm, hardcover

The Gardener’s Guide to Cactus Scott Calhoun

Designing with Succulents Debra Lee Baldwin

This book shows how easy, hardy and rewarding cactus can be for everyone – not just specialists. Calhoun picks 100 of the best cactus available and shows how they can make striking additions to your garden or dazzling container specimens.

Gives design and cultivation basics for paths, borders, slopes and containers; hundreds of succulent plant recommendations; and descriptions of 90 easy-care, drought-tolerant companion plants.

£16.99 ©2012 ISBN: 9781604692006 228 pp, 128 colour photographs, 230 x 205 mm, paperback

£20.00 ©2007 ISBN: 9780881928167 256 pp, 310 colour photographs, 235 x 190 mm, hardcover

The Garden Succulents Primer Gideon Smith & Ben-Erik van Wyk A user-friendly identification guide, including detailed descriptions of more than 400 well-known succulents and their close relatives. Also covers conservation, cultivation and propagation.

£20.00 ©2008 ISBN: 9780881929546 320 pp, 450 colour photographs, 10 colour illustrations, 240 x 165 mm, hardcover


Coleus Ray Rogers

Impatiens Raymond J. Morgan

Includes concise descriptions, keys, and elegant illustrations of more than 300 commonly cultivated species and cultivars.

Photographs by Richard Hartlage

Essential reading for curiousminded gardeners keen to unearth this fascinating genus.

£25.00 ©2005 ISBN: 9780881927337 336 pp, 212 colour photographs, 106 line drawings, 230 x 180 mm, hardcover

Bizarre Botanicals Larry Mellichamp & Paula Gross Foreword by Tony Avent

£17.99 ©2010 ISBN: 9781604690767 288 pp, full colour throughout, 205 x 165 mm, hardcover

£20.00 ©2008 ISBN: 9780881928655 228 pp, 404 colour photographs, 230 x 205 mm, hardcover

The Curious World of Carnivorous Plants Wilhelm Barthlott, Stefan Porembski, Rüdiger Seine & Inge Theisen Translated by Michael Ashdown

£20.00 ©2007 ISBN: 9780881928525 220 pp, 162 colour photographs, 230 x 180 mm, hardcover

Growing Carnivorous Plants Barry A. Rice This book will help readers understand and successfully cultivate more than 600 species, hybrids and cultivars.

Provides the first comprehensive listing of some 630 known carnivorous plant species described in fascinating detail.

£25.00 ©2007 ISBN: 9780881927924 224 pp, 190 colour and black & white illustrations, 260 x 190 mm, hardcover

£25.00 ©2007 ISBN: 9780881928075 224 pp, 324 colour photographs, 280 x 215 mm, hardcover

Features over 75 astonishing plants that have extraordinary abilities, including those with pyrotechnic spores that can burst into flame.

These plants have made a dramatic comeback recently with a dazzling variety of leaf colour, shape and pattern.


Begonias Mark C. Tebbitt



Vanilla Orchids Ken Cameron Discover the natural history of the world’s most popular fragrance, including information on the pollination, structure and evolution of Vanilla Orchids.

£20.00 ©2011 ISBN: 9780881929898 176 pp, 140 colour photographs 230 x 150 mm, hardcover

Angraecoid Orchids Joyce Stewart, Johan Hermans & Bob Campbell

The Classic Cattleyas A. A. Chadwick & Arthur E. Chadwick Each classic Cattleya species is described in fascinating detail, and its role in breeding programs is elucidated.

£35.00 ©2006 ISBN: 9780881927641 252 pp, 162 colour photographs, 10 line drawings, 260 x 185 mm, hardcover

Fragrant Orchids Steven A. Frowine More than 100 different orchids are profiled, and salient details are included for another 355 enticing varieties.

This account brings together, in a single volume, descriptions of all 690 species in this intriguing group of orchids.

£52.50 ©2006 ISBN: 9780881927887 432 pp, 290 colour photographs,, 59 drawings, 260 x 185 mm, hardcover

£20.00 ©2005 ISBN: 9780881927399 200 pp, 125 colour photographs, 230 x 155 mm, hardcover

Growing Hardy Orchids John Tullock In addition to detailing the techniques of cultivation and propagation, the book covers conservation and includes lists of suppliers and organizations offering nursery-propagated plants.

£20.00 ©2005 ISBN: 9780881927153 244 pp, 99 colour illustrations 230 x 155 mm, hardcover

Bloom-Again Orchids Judy White Highlights the easiest, most fuss-free varieties and includes invaluable tips on where to buy orchids and how to keep them in bloom.

£9.99 ©2008 ISBN: 9781604690552 132 pp, 100 colour photographs, 230 x 180 mm, paperback


Isobyl la Croix

Foreword by Phillip Cribb

With approximately 1000 photographs, in-depth descriptions and the latest information on naming, this comprehensive reference is a must-have for all orchid-lovers.

£40.00 ©2008 ISBN: 9780881928761 524 pp, 1015 colour photograph, 280 x 215 mm, hardcover

Moth Orchids Steven A. Frowine With their elegant flowers that can last for months, moth orchids are deservedly the most popular orchids in the world.

An inspiring tribute to their beauty and a practical guide to their care, the book offers detailed advice on all aspects of culture.

£30.00 ©2005 ISBN: 9780881927375 300 pp, 149 colour photographs, 32 line drawings, 255 x 190 mm, hardcover




Cut Flowers of the World Johannes Maree & Ben-Erik van Wyk Comprehensive and practical, this is the essential reference to the commercial flowers that are sold in florist shops every day.

£30.00 ©2010 ISBN: 9781604691948 400 pp, full colour throughout, 240 x 165 mm, hardcover

Woody Cut Stems for Growers and Florists Lane Greer & John Dole Includes detailed information on 100 woody genera used for cut stems, extensive production guidelines, and explanations of techniques such as pruning, coppicing and forcing.

£25.00 ©2008 ISBN: 9780881928921 576 pp, 137 colour photographs, 230 x 150 mm, hardcover

£30.00 ©2008 ISBN: 9780881928709 204 pp, 328 colour photographs, 16 black & white drawings, 255 x 215 mm, hardcover

Masdevallias Mary E. Gerritsen & Ron Parsons



The New Encyclopedia of Orchids



Daffodil Noel Kingsbury ‘A fascinating upbeat book with floral sunshine on every page. One you will look at again and again.’ Gardens Illustrated

In Daffodil, Noel Kingsbury turns his attention to our iconic spring flower, charting its historical and cultural rise. His engaging narrative is enhanced by Jo Whitworth’s exquisite photography, which captures the beauty of the daffodil in all its glory.

£17.99 ©November 2013 ISBN: 9781604693188 220 pp, 223 colour photographs, 229 x 178mm, hardcover

Bleeding Hearts, Corydalis, and Their Relatives Mark C. Tebbitt, Magnus Lidén & Henrik Zetterlund


The Rock Garden Plant Primer Christopher Grey-Wilson Colourful, small rock garden plants are perfect for the pots, containers, window boxes and raised beds that are the mainstays of modern gardens.

£20.00 ©2009 ISBN: 9780881929287 232 pp, 310 colour photographs, 235 x 195 mm, hardcover

Saxifrages Malcolm McGregor

Moss Gardening George Schenk

The story of a true enthusiast’s search for saxifrages in the wild, his techniques for successful cultivation and his continuing quest for information.

A delightful book demonstrating how to use the smallest of plants to create miniature landscapes.

This guide to all the cultivated members of the bleeding heart family will intrigue rock, alpine and woodland gardeners.

£25.00 ©2008 ISBN: 9780881928822 220 pp, 112 colour photographs, 50 line drawings, 230 x 180 mm, hardcover

£35.00 ©2008 ISBN: 9780881928808 384 pp, 339 colour photographs, 265 x 185 mm, hardcover

£25.00 ©1997 ISBN: 9780881923704 262 pp, 97 colour photographs, 230 x 155 mm, hardcover


Specialists and collectors will delight in the descriptions of rare and little-documented plants and their wild habitats.

£25.00 ©2006 ISBN: 9780881928105 224 pp, 140 colour photographs, 230 x 180 mm, hardcover

Buried Treasures J¯anis Rukˇ s¯ans Offers an abundance of information about the care and cultivation of every genus of bulb-forming plant.

A handy reference to more than 700 bulb species, cultivars and hybrids. It includes information on cultivation, maintenance and pests and diseases, as well as lists of bulbs for specific garden uses.

£14.99 ©2005 ISBN: 9780881927252 228 pp, 302 colour photographs, 210 x 145 mm, flexibind

The Iris Family Peter Goldblatt & John C. Manning A definitive account of the natural history and classification of the iris family.

£40.00 ©2008 ISBN: 9780881928976 336 pp, 233 colour photographs, 63 line drawings, 280 x 215 mm, hardcover

Crocuses Jãnis Rukšãns Illustrated with over 300 stunning photographs, this book will be indispensable for all those with a serious interest in crocuses.

£30.00 ©2011 ISBN: 9781604691061 280 pp, 307 colour photographs, 265 x 185 mm, hardcover

Tulips Richard Wilford Wilford’s experience of growing tulips at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, informs his excellent cultivation advice.

£25.00 ©2006 ISBN: 9780881927634 212 pp, 103 colour photographs, 230 x 155 mm, hardcover

£30.00 ©2007 ISBN: 9780881928181 460 pp, 304 colour photographs, 265 x 185 mm, hardcover

Timber Press Pocket Guide to Bulbs John E. Bryan


Dwarf Campanulas Graham Nicholls



Plants from Test Tubes Lydiane Kyte, John Kleyn, Holly Scoggins & Mark Bridgen An updated edition of one of the most accessible and practical books on cloning plants

Practical Science for Gardeners Mary Pratt

Botany for Gardeners Brian Capon

Informative and entertaining, this book will stimulate experimentation and encourage gardeners to review and improve their current gardening practices.

The most complete, accessible and updated introduction to the world of botany available, with additional photographs and even more amazing facts about plants.

BEST SELLER £25.00 ©July 2013 ISBN: 9781604692068 240 pp, 28 b/w photos, 75 line drawings (20 new), 264 x 187 mm, hardcover

£17.99 ©2005 ISBN: 9780881927184 176 pp, 56 black & white illustrations 230 x 155 mm, hardcover

£14.99 ©2010 ISBN: 9781604690958 268 pp, full colour throughout, 230 x 150 mm, paperback



FUNGI The Biology of Mushrooms, Molds, and Lichens


Plant Resins Jean H. Langenheim

Plant Form Adrian D. Bell

Plant Resins tells the whole story of the remarkable roles resins play for plants and people.

Line drawings by Alan Bryan

£35.00 ©2003 ISBN: 9780881925746 612 pp, 47 colour photographs, 30 black & white photographs, 70 line drawings 255 x 185 mm, hardcover

The second edition of this classic reference describes and illustrates major plant structures and how they develop.

£35.00 ©2008 ISBN: 9780881928501 432 pp, 387 colour photographs, 1082 line drawings, 235 x 195 mm, hardcover

The Kingdom Fungi Steven L. Stephenson Introduces the reader to the biology, general structure and morphological diversity of these ecologically important organisms.

£20.00 ©2010 ISBN: 9780881928914 272 pp, 124 colour photographs, 4 black & white line drawings, 230 x 150 mm, hardcover


Botanical names are essential to accurate identification of plants but many gardeners find them unwieldy and intimidating. This handy gardener’s reference provides the derivation, meaning and pronunciation of the most popular and interesting garden plants.

£12.99 ©2012 ISBN: 9781604691962 312 pp, 205 x 140 mm, hardcover

Octopus Jennifer A. Mather, Roland C. Anderson & James B. Wood

£16.99 ©2010 ISBN: 9781604690675 240 pp, colour inserts, 230 x 165 mm, hardcover

Edited by Allen J. Coombes

A Short History of the Honey Bee Images by Ilona Text by E. Readicker-Henderson Combining Ilona’s gorgeous photography and E. ReadickerHenderson’s engaging text, A Short History of the Honey Bee follows the journey from flower to hive to honey throughout history.

An indispensable reference for finding out the correct name of a plant quickly and reliably.

£25.00 ©2010 ISBN: 9781604691153 928 pp, 195 x 125 mm, hardcover

£14.99 ©2009 ISBN: 9780881929423 164 pp, 75 colour photographs, 205 x 140 mm, hardcover

Bees, Wasps, and Ants Eric Grissell

Wolves in the Land of Salmon David Moskowitz

Will persuade even the most insect-phobic reader to invite these fascinating creatures into their gardens.

The author traces the biology and ecology of this iconic predator across the stunning landscape of the Pacific Northwest of the US and asks how human intervention in their conservation has impacted their behaviour and evolution.

£17.99 ©2010 ISBN: 9780881929881 336 pp, colour inserts, 230 x 150 mm, hardcover

£20.00 ©2013 ISBN: 9781604692273 316 pp, 100 colour photographs, 10 maps, 16 line drawings, 230 x 180 mm, hardcover

Three leading marine biologists bring readers face to face with these amazingly complex animals that have fascinated scientists for decades.

The Timber Press Dictionary of Plant Names Walter von Erhardt, Siegmund Seybold, Nils Bödeker & Erich Götz


The A to Z of Plant Names Allen J. Coombes



Super-Charged Jim Rendon This history of marijuana from the people who first cultivated it, to the current debate about legalisation.

Figs, Dates, Laurel, and Myrrh Lytton John Musselman Foreword by Garrison Keillor Fascinating stories of the fruits, grains, trees, flowers and fragrances include botanical characteristics, habitat, uses and literary context.

£18.99 © 2012 ISBN: 9781604692952 256 pp, 210 x 140 mm, hardcover

£20.00 ©2007 ISBN: 9780881928556 336 pp, 243 colour photographs, 205 x 140 mm, hardcover

Food Plants of the World Ben-Erik van Wyk The core of the volume is an encyclopedic description of more than 350 food and flavour plants in use worldwide.

£25.00 ©2005 ISBN: 9780881927436 480 pp, 1000+ colour photographs, 235 x 155 mm, hardcover



HERBS A Comprehensive Reference to Herbs of Flavor and Fragrance A RT H U R O. T UC K E R and T HOM A S DE B AG G IO

Mind-Altering and Poisonous Plants of the World Michael Wink & Ben-Erik van Wyk

An encyclopedic account of 1200 psychoactive and toxic plants.

£30.00 ©2008 ISBN: 9780881929522 464 pp, 546 colour photographs, 240 x 170 mm, hardcover

Taming the Truffle Ian R. Hall, Gordon T. Brown & Alessandra Zambonelli

The Encyclopedia of Herbs Arthur O. Tucker & Thomas DeBaggio

Here in the most comprehensive treatment of the gastronomic treasure to date, the art and science of the high-stakes pursuit come together.

Provides every aspect of growing, identifying, harvesting, preserving and using more than 500 species of herb.

£20.00 ©2008 ISBN: 9780881928600 304 pp, 158 colour photographs, 11 drawings, 230 x 150 mm, hardcover

£35.00 ©2009 ISBN: 9780881929942 604 pp, 145 line drawings, 230 x 180 mm, hardcover


Published in association with the University of British Columbia Botanical Garden & Centre for Plant Research

The Garden Plants of China Peter Valder Peonies, camellias, gardenias, azaleas, wisteria, forsythia and other ornamentals were introduced first in Chinese gardens.

Gardens in China Peter Valder Valder documents temple courtyards and gardens, evocative enclosures of ancient burial grounds and imperial tombs as well as public parks, botanical gardens and arboreta.

The subjects of this book were chosen for their superior garden qualities and commercial availability. £25.00 ©2005 ISBN: 9780881927054 300 pp, 218 colour photographs 230 x 180 mm, hardcover

£45.00 ©1999 ISBN: 9780881924701 400 pp, 420 colour photographs, 15 black & white illustrations, 290 x 220 mm, hardcover

£45.00 ©2002 ISBN: 9780881925555 400 pp, 500 colour photographs, 280 x 215 mm, hardcover

The Explorer’s Garden Daniel J. Hinkley

The Explorer’s Garden Daniel J. Hinkley

This unique horticultural handbook allows gardeners to successfully grow plants that are native to the high Himalaya mountains.

Photographs by Lynne Harrison and Daniel J. Hinkley

Photographs by Lynne Harrison Foreword by Roy Lancaster

Presents the most outstanding shrubs and vines from his plantcollecting trips around the globe.

Presents the most fascinating perennials found during Hinkley’s treks around the globe, describes the assets each plant brings to the garden, and explains how it is best cultivated and propagated.

£25.00 ©2001 ISBN: 9780881925005 320 pp, 128 colour photographs, 230 x 155 mm, hardcover

£30.00 ©2009 ISBN: 9780881929188 352 pp, 376 colour photographs, 215 x 255 mm, hardcover

£14.99 ©2009 ISBN: 9780881929171 380 pp, 255 colour photographs, 185 x 265 mm, paperback

The Himalayan ­Garden Jim Jermyn


The Jade Garden Peter Wharton, Brent Hine and Douglas Justice





Amy Stewart

The Drunken Botanist An intoxicating and eclectic new book on the hidden botany behind your favourite booze! £14.99 ©May 2013 ISBN: 9781604694765 368 pages, 2-colour illustrations throughout, 203 x 165 mm, hardcover

Wicked Plants The A-Z of Plants that Kill, Maim, Intoxicate and Otherwise Offend £9.99 ©2010 ISBN: 9781604691276 236 pp, 78 black & white illustrations, 178 x 140 mm, hardcover

Wicked Bugs

The Louse that Conquered Napoleon’s Army & Other Diabolical Insects

‘As well as social history, science and horticulture, The Drunken Botanist is also stuffed with cocktail recipes, tips on growing plants and quite a few bug-related facts too. I have no doubt it’s going to be an indispensable new addition to my drinks library.’ Alice Lascelles, The Times

£10.99 ©2011 ISBN: 9781604692945 288 pp, black & white illustrations throughout 178x 140 mm, hardcover The Drunken Botanist Twitter page can be found at:

Available from all good bookshops or online at

£17.99 ISBN: 9781604693188

‘With essays on the daffodil’s history, interviews with enthusiasts and tips on growing these easy-going bulbs in your own garden, this is a comprehensive, beautifully illustrated guide…’

Planting: A new Perspective £30.00 ISBN: 9781604693706

‘It is a great guide for anyone wishing to try out the style Piet Oudolf uses in his magnificent garden.’ The English Garden

The Daily Mail Weekend

The Art of Creative Pruning

The Essential Garden Design Workbook

£25.00 ISBN: 9781604691146

£25.00 ISBN: 9780881929751

‘…a new look at this timeless garden art.’

‘The author tackles a vast subject in a clear, concise and unintimidating way…’

Sunday Telegraph

‘Unexpectedly entertaining…a mixture of the inspirational and the practical.’

Gardens Illustrated

Gardens Illustrated

Designing with Grasses £20.00 ISBN: 9780881929836

‘…an inspirational book, suitable for all keen gardeners.’ The Garden Magazine

Small Green Roofs £16.99 ISBN: 9781604690590

‘There are loads of helpful photographs, together with advice on maintenance and biodiversity…. down-to-earth, easy to follow and disarmingly enthusiastic’ The Professional Gardener

The Timber Press Encyclopedia of Flowering Shrubs £35.00 ISBN: 9780881928235

The Guardian

‘This is a book on shrubs to admire and enjoy… a feast for the eye…’ Roy Lancaster

Planting the Dry Shade Garden £14.99 ISBN: 9781604691870

‘Rice gives simple answers through a simple palette of stalwart plants. Handy indeed.’ The Times

‘…a handy reference work for any gardener’





If you’re searching for the perfect gift for yourself or the gardener in your life, this top ten list of gift book suggestions is a good place to start!


Beatrix Potter’s Gardening Life

Free-Range Chicken Gardens ‘I endorse everything Jessi Bloom has to say on the subject and recommend this book to all who have a poultry shelf in their library and a flock of hens in their gardens.’

‘For garden and Potter lovers there could be no better read.’ Saga Magazine

visit page 14 for details

visit page 26 for details

The Drunken Botanist

visit page 54 for details

visit page 31 for details

‘A tour of the stupefying array of plants that we ferment for their intoxicating properties, plus some delicious looking cocktail recipes (…) just reading them will set your tastebuds tingling’ New Scientist Magazine

Keeping Bees in Towns and Cities

visit page 26 for details

Daily Mail Weekend

My Garden, the City and Me

‘We love Janit Calvo’s new book (…) which is filled with step-by-step guides for creating everything from original planting to patios and even functioning water features...’

‘…a reflective account of a young professional living in London and her attempts to become an aerial gardener [...] she delights in her little patch of wild amidst the mayhem of London - and that is the book’s greatest appeal.’

Absolutely Magazine

Gardens Illustrated

Wicked Plants ‘It’s a fun, informative book about what (Amy) Stewart calls the ‘unfathomable evils’ of the plant kingdom and the presentation makes it an enticing read.’ visit page 54 for details

‘This well-written book takes urbanites through everything they’ll need to set up their own beehives, whatever their space- garden, roof terrace or allotment.’

Gardening in Miniature

visit page 15 for details

The Speedy Vegetable Garden ‘This is definitely a book to order and have at your side when you are poring over seed catalogues, or are about to make a visit to the garden centre. There’s lots to do and try that’s new.’ visit page 29 for details

The English Garden

Eden Magazine

BBC Wildlife Magazine

Terrarium Craft ‘You can get on board (with terrarium making) before the hype with this chic, artistic, modern take, presenting 50 inspirational projects.’ The English Garden visit page 31 for details

Dear Christo

Memories of Christopher Lloyd at Great Dixter Foreword by Beth Chatto Preface by Fergus Garrett and Rosemary Alexander

With contributions by Anna Pavord, Alan Titchmarsh, Dan Pearson and Helen Dillon

visit page 15 for details

Dear Christo ‘Taking its inspiration from a truly memorable character, this charming book brings together numerous short remembrances gathered from a remarkably wide cast-list of friends and acquaintances…’ The Garden


Babbs, Helen 15, 30, 56 Bader, Sarah Berringer 37, 56 Bailes, Christopher 37 Baldwin, Debra Lee 23, 32, 44 Barthlott, Wilhelm 45 Bartley, Jennifer 17 Becker, Carrie 38 Bell, Adrian 50 Benjamin, Lisa Lee 17 Bitner, Richard 34 Bloom, Adrian 38, 39 Bloom, Jessi 26, 56 Bödeker, Nils 51 Bosland, Paul 29 Bowe, Alice 25 Bridgen, Mark 50 Brown, George 18 Brown, Gordon 52 Bryan, John 49 Bryant, Kate 31, 56 Bucklin-Sporer, Arden 20 Buffin, Michael 36 Burr, Carol 5 Burrell, C. Colston 41 Calhoun, Scott 44 Calvo, Janit 31,56 Cameron, Ken 46 Campbell, Bob 46 Capon, Brian 50 Cappiello, Paul 35 Carter, Susan 38 Chace, Teri Dunn 15, 30 Chadwick, A. A. 46 Chadwick, Arthur 46 Chance, Leo 44 Clausen, Ruth Rogers 22 Clayden, Andy 24 Cohen, Whitney 20 Coltart, Douglas 16 Coombes, Allen 51 Cooper, Thomas 15 Cox, Martyn 23 Craft, Paul 43 Cribb, Phillip 47 Crompton, David 42 Culp, David 15

Farjon, Aljos 34 Fiala, John 36 Fischer, Tom 39 Fisher, John 20 Forkner, Lorene Edwards 32  Fox, Jim 24 Frowine, Steven 46, 47 Gardiner, Jim 35 Garrett, Fergus 15, 56 Gedge, Dusty 27 Génevé, Alain 10 Génevé, Marie-Jeanne 10 Gerritsen, Mary 47 Giles, Will 43 Gillman, Jeff 25,30 Goldblatt, Peter 49 Götz, Erich 51 Greayer, Rochelle 4 Green, Kristin 11 Greenlee, John 17 Greer, Lane 47 Gregory, Peter 33 Grenfell, Diana 40 Grey-Wilson, Christopher 48 Grissell, Eric 51 Gross, Paula 45 Hadden, Evelyn 21 Hall, Ian 52 Hawthorne, Linden 16 Heims, Dan 41 Heistinger, Andrea 24 Hermans, Johan 46 Heuser, Charles 19 Hine, Brent 53 Hinkley, Daniel 41, 53 Hobson, Jake 18 Hogan, Sean 33 Horvath, Brent 2, 3 Howard, Love Albrecht 30 Hugo, Nancy Ross 33 Iannotti, Marie 28 Irish, Gary 44 Irish, Mary 44 Jermyn, Jim 53 Judy White 21, 46 Junker, Karan 22 Justice, Douglas 53 Keys, Andrew 22 Kingsbury, Noël 14, 27, 48 Kirkham, Tony 18 Kleyn, John 50 Kobayashi, Kenji 31 Kyte, Lydiane 50 la Croix, Isobyl 47 Lance, Ron W. 36 Langenheim, Jean 50 Lederer, Dr Roger 5 Leendertz, Lia 29, 56

Dakin, Karla 17 Dannenmaier, Molly 20 Darke, Rick 11, 15, 38, 39 Deardorff, David 12, 28 Detrick, Alan 22, 32 DeWitt, David 29 Diacono, Mark 29, 56 Diblik, Roy 12 Dirr, Michael 19, 33, 36, 37 DiSabato-Aust, Tracy 16, 21, 30, 38 Dixon, Luke 26 Dole, John 47 Dortort, Fred 43

Duerr, Sasha 32 Dunnett, Nigel 24, 27 Easton, Valerie 21 Eckenwalder, James 34 Eierman, Colby 28 Evison, Raymond 37


Adams, Peter 31 Aiello, Amy Bryant 31, 56 Alexander, Rosemary 15, 16, 56 Anderson, Roland 51 Anis´ko, Tomasz 39 Armitage, Allan 37, 38, 39 Arvidsson, Camilla 32



Levesque, Matthew 32 Lewis, Wayne 25 Lidén, Magnus 48 Lilly, Bob 38 Little, John 27 Llewellyn, Robert 15, 33 Locklear, James 41 Lowenfels, Jeff 25 Lucas, Neil 39, 55 MacDonald, Peter 9 Madigan, Carleen 26 Manning, John 49 Maree, Johannes 47 Marshall, Roger 13 Martin, Tovah 31 Mather, Jennifer 51 Maynard, Meleah 30 McDowell, Marta 14, 56 McGregor, Malcolm 48 McIndoe, Andy 6 McIntyre, Linda 27 Mellichamp, Larry 45 Meredith, Ted Jordan 28, 42 Metcalf, Lawrie 35 Miller, Diana 23 Morgan, Raymond 45 Moskowitz, David 51 Musselman, Lytton John 52 Nagel, Vanessa Gardner 17 Nicholls, Graham 49 Nilsson, Malin 32 Norris, Kelly 40 Ogden, Lauren Springer 16, 25 Ogden, Scott 16, 25 O’Kennon, Robert J. 36 Olsen, Sue 39 Oudolf, Piet 12, 14, 55 Page, Martin 28 Pantiel, Mindy 17 Parsons, Ron 47 Peat, John 40 Petit, Ted 40 Phipps, James 36 Porembski, Stefan 45 Pratt, Mary 50 Pringle, Rachel Kathleen 20

Readicker-Henderson, E. 51 Reich, Lee 29 Rendon, Jim 52 Rice, Barry 45 Rice, Graham 22 Richardson, Fern 23 Riffle, Robert Lee 43 Robinson, William 15 Rogers, Ray 23, 45 Roth, Susan 43 Rubin, Greg 17 Rukšãns, Jãnis 49 Scoggins, Holly 50 Schmid, W. George 39 Schrader, Dennis 43 Seine, Rüdiger 45 Sengo, Zenaida 13 Seybold, Siegmund 51 Shadow, Don 35

Shadrack, Kathy Guest 40 Shadrack, Michael 40 Shein, Christopher 28 Simmons, John 22 Slade, Naomi 2 Smith, Gideon 44 Snodgrass, Edmund 27 Snodgrass, Lucie 27 Soler, Ivette 27 Speichert, Greg 42 Speichert, Sue 42 Starr, Greg 44 Steiner, Lynn 17 Stephenson, Steven 50 Stewart, Amy 54, 56 Stewart, Joyce 46 Stuart, David 36 Tallamy, Douglas 11 Tebbitt, Mark 45, 48 Theisen, Inge 45 Thompson, Julie 28 Thompson, Peter 19 Toomer, Simon 33 Trehane, Jennifer 35 Tullock, John 46 Turner, Roger 38 Tychonievich, Joseph 19 Tyler, Judith Knott 41 Uncapher, Apryl 25 Valder, Peter 53 van Gelderen, C. J. 36 van Gelderen, D. M. 36 van Wyk, Ben-Erik 44, 47, 52 Veron, Andy 2, 3 Vertrees, J. D. 33 von Erhardt, Walter 51 Vrugtman, Freek 36 Wadsworth, Kathryn 12, 28 Walker, Timothy 7 Ware, Grahame 41 Warren, Lucy 17 Wharton, Peter 53 White, Robin 35 Whittaker, Paul 42 Whittlesey, John 2, 3 Wiley, Keith 8 Wilford, Richard 49 Wilson, Andrew 16 Wingate, Marty 23 Wink, Michael 52 Woelfle-Erskine, Cleo 25 Wood, James 51 Zambonelli, Alessandra 52 Zetterlund, Henrik 48 Zona, Scott 43


Air Plants 13 Agaves 44 Agaves, Yuccas, and Related Plants 44 Angraecoid Orchids 46 Anxious Gardener’s Book of Answers 30 Armitage’s Garden Perennials 38 Art of Creative Pruning 18, 55 A to Z of Plant Names 51 Bamboo for Gardens 42 Beatrix Potter’s Gardening Life 14, 56 Beautiful No-Mow Yards 21 Beginner’s Guide to Growing Heirloom Vegetables 28 Bees, Wasps, and Ants 51 Begonias 45 Big Gardens in Small Spaces 23 Bizarre Botanicals 45 Bleeding Hearts, Corydalis, and Their Relatives 48 Bloom-Again Orchids 4 6 Bloom’s Best Perennials and Grasses 38 Bonsai with Japanese Maples 31 Book of Gardening Projects for Kids 20 Book of Little Hostas 40 Botany for Gardeners 50 Buddlejas 36 Buried Treasures 49 Cacti and Succulents for Cold Climates 44 California Native Landscape 17 Camellias 35 Child’s Garden 20 Classic Cattleyas 46 Clematis for Small Spaces 37 Coleus 45 Complete Book of Garlic 28 Complete Chilli Pepper Book 29 Concrete Garden Projects 32 Conifers for Gardens 34 Conifers of the World 34 Contemporary Colour in the Garden 16 Creating Rain Gardens 25 Creative Propagation 19 Creative Shrub Garden 6 Crocuses 49 Cultivating Garden Style 4 Curious World of Carnivorous Plants 45 Cut Flowers of the World 47

Figs, Dates, Laurel, and Myrrh 52 Food Plants of the World 52 Fragrant Orchids 46 Free-Range Chicken Gardens 26, 56 Fruit Trees in Small Spaces 28 Garden Eco-Chic 32 Gardener’s Guide to Cactus 44 Garden Plants of China 53 Garden Succulents Primer 44 Gardening in Miniature 31, 56 Gardening with Shape, Line and Texture 16 Gardening with Woodland Plants 22 Gardens in China 53 Greenhouse Gardener’s Manual 13 Green Roof Manual 27 Green Roof Plants 27 Growing Carnivorous Plants 45 Growing Citrus 28 Growing Hardy Orchids 46 Guide to Bearded Irises 40 Handbook of Natural Plant Dyes 32 Handmade Garden Projects 32 Hardy Bamboos 42 Hawthorns and Medlars 36 Hebes 35 Hellebores 41 Heucheras and Heucherellas 41 High-Impact, Low-Carbon Gardening 25 Himalayan Garden 53 Hollies for Gardeners 37 Hot Plants for Cool Climates 43 How to Buy the Right Plants, Tools and Garden Supplies 24 How to Grow a School Garden 20 Impatiens 45 Iris Family 49 Jade Garden 53 Japanese Maples 33 Keeping Bees in Towns and Cities 26, 56 Keshiki Bonsai 31 Kingdom Fungi 50 Know Maintenance Perennial Garden 12 Landscaping for Privacy 23 Latin for Bird Lovers 5

Daffodil 48, 55 Daphnes 35 Daylily 40 Dear Christo 15, 56 Decoding Gardening Advice 30 Designing and Renovating Larger Gardens 16 Designing the New Kitchen Garden 17 Designing with Conifers 34 Designing with Grasses 39, 55 Designing and Planting a Woodland Garden 8 Designing with Succulents 4 4 Dirr’s Encyclopedia of Trees and Shrubs 33 Dogwoods 35 Drunken Botanist, The 54, 56 Dwarf Campanulas 49

Edible Front Yard 27 Encyclopedia of Container Plants 23 Encyclopedia of Cultivated Palms 43 Encyclopedia of Exotic Plants for Temperate Climates 43 Encyclopedia of Garden Ferns 39 Encyclopedia of Grasses for Livable Landscapes 38 Encyclopedia of Hydrangeas 36 Encyclopedia of Shade Perennials 39 Encyclopedia of Water Garden Plants 41 Essential Garden Design Workbook 16, 55 Essential Garden Maintenance Workbook 24 Essential Guide to Back Garden Self-Sufficiency 26  Explorer’s Garden: Shrubs and Vines from the Four Corners of the World 53 Explorer’s Garden: Rare and Unusual Perennials 53


400 Trees and Shrubs for Small Spaces 23 50 Beautiful Deer-Resistant Plants 22 50 High-Impact, Low-Care Garden Plants 21, 30



Lavender Lover’s Handbook 37 Layered Garden 15 Lilacs 36 Living Landscape 11 Macro Photography for Gardeners and Nature Lovers 32  Managing the Wet Garden 22 Manual of Plant Grafting 9 Manual of Seed Saving 24 Masdevallias 47 Meadows by Design 17 Mind-Altering and Poisonous Plants of the World 52 Moth Orchids 47 My Garden, the City and Me 15, 30, 56 Natural History of Conifers 34 New Encyclopedia of Daylilies 40 New Encyclopedia of Hostas 40 New Encyclopedia of Orchids 47 New Low-Maintenance Garden 21 Niwaki 18 Octopus 51 Ornamental Bamboos 42 Perennial Companions 39 Perennials 38 Phlox 41 Plant Breeding for the Home Gardener 19 Plant Conservation 7 Plant Form 50 Plant Lover’s Guide to Dahlias 3 Plant Lover’s Guide to Salvias 3 Plant Lover’s Guide to Sedums 3 Plant Lover’s Guide to Snowdrops 2 Plant Resins 50 Plant-Driven Design 16 Plantiful 11 Planting: A new perspective 14, 55 Planting and Maintaining a Tree Collection 33 Planting Green Roofs and Living Walls 27 Planting the Dry Shade Garden 22, 55 Plants from Test Tubes 50 Powerhouse Plants 22 Practical Bamboos 42 Practical Science for Gardeners 50 Prairie-Style Gardens 17 Professional Designer’s Guide to Garden Furnishings 17  Professional Design Guide to Green Roofs 17 Pruning of Trees, Shrubs and Conifers 18 Rain Gardens 24 Reference Manual of Woody Plant Propagation 19 Rock Garden Plant Primer 4 8 Roots of My Obsession 15

Saxifrages 48 Seeing Flowers 15 Seeing Trees 33 Short History of the Honey Bee 51 Small Green Roofs 27, 55 Small-Space Container Gardens 23 So You Want to Be a Garden Designer 30 Speedy Vegetable Garden 29, 56 Succulent Container Gardens 23 Succulents Simplified 32 Super-Charged 52

Tall Perennials 38 Taming the Truffle 52 Teaming with Microbes 25 Teaming with Nutrients 25 Terrarium Craft 31, 56 Timber Press Dictionary of Plant Names 51  Timber Press Encyclopedia of Flowering Shrubs 35, 55  Timber Press Guide to Succulent Plants of the World 43  Timber Press Pocket Guide to Bamboos 42  Timber Press Pocket Guide to Hostas 40  Timber Press Pocket Guide to Japanese Maples 33 Timber Press Pocket Guide to Palms 43  Timber Press Pocket Guide to Water Garden Plants 42 Trees for All Seasons 33 Truth About Garden Remedies 30 Truth About Organic Gardening 25 Tulips 49 Uncommon Climbers for Every Garden 37 Uncommon Fruits for Every Garden 29 Unexpected Houseplant 31  anilla Orchids 46 V Vegetable Gardener’s Guide to Permaculture 28 Viburnums 37 Waterwise Plants for Sustainable Gardens 25 Well-Designed Mixed Garden 16 Well-Tended Perennial Garden 38 What’s Wrong With My Fruit Garden? 12 What’s Wrong With My Vegetable Garden? 28  When Perennials Bloom 39 Why Grow That When You Can Grow This? 22 Wicked Bugs 54, 56 Wicked Plants 54, 56 Wild Fruit 10 Wild Garden 15 Winter-flowering Shrubs 36 Wolves in the Land of Salmon 51 Woody Cut Stems for Growers and Florists 47



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