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Bi – Folding Doors For Your Home At Timber Master, we specialize in manufacturing bespoke bi fold door systems which can be used in both commercial and residential properties. The bi fold doors manufactured by us are masterpieces and have been designed by our expert craftsmen. At Timber Master, we offer a wide range of these stylish doors. The painted bifold doors can enhance the appeal of any property and are hence much in demand. They are available in a range of glazing options, designs, finishes and paint colours. We can also customize these doors to meet the specific requirements our clients may have. Bi-Fold Door The bi-fold doors available at Timber Master are suitable for all types of properties. At Timber Master, we take measures to ensure quality at all stages of production, finishing and installation of these bi – fold doors which are available in many designs, finishes and glazing options. Our expert designers can customize these doors to suit your requirements.

Sliding Door If you are looking for modern additions to your home, the sliding doors offered at Timber Master can be the perfect choice. At Timber Master, every product is expertly crafted using the highest quality materials. The sliding doors are available in a variety of options in terms of the colour, finish and design. Browse through a collection to select an appropriate one.

Fully Glazed Folding Door At Timber Master, we offer a wide range of folding doors. These may vary in terms of the design, glazing options, finishes and colours. The glazed folding door is a popular choice of many homeowners. These folding doors are double glazed and are available in a large number of ironmongery combinations. The toughened glazed units make the door extremely durable. Insulated Folding Door Timber Master is a trusted name for various types of interior and exterior doors. Our folding doors are extremely popular for their unique design. All our products are made from the highest quality materials and are hence extremely durable. We offer a good range of insulated folding doors. These doors provide good insulation and can hence help in maintaining appropriate temperatures inside the home in all types of weather.

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Bifold doors for your home  

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