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Learning The New Music Economy It’s

2012, and so many things have changed in the music business. The way that we make music has changed. Therefore, the way that we market and promote it has changed as time has evolved. The question is, are you willing to change with time?

To survive in the music business these days, you have no choice but to change with time. New technology has evolved allowing an average Joe or Jane to record a song at home from their laptop, mix it, master it, copyright it online, register it online with a Performing Rights Organization, upload it to iTunes, and sell it! That’s great and all, but how will an artist market their music these days. Email marketing is played out. Now, even Twitter has been flooded with millions of musicians trying to get you to listen to their music. How does an artist or producer beat the new music economy these days? More... ------------Find Out More Here.

Written: January 6, 2012. Š2012 T.K. Simmons Sources: http://www.TheMuzikMill.Com

The New Music Economy  

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