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“The Iron Giant” Rules

They’re Watching You

I recently read an article in “Popular Mechanics” about all the super invasive surveillance tactics Las Vegas casinos are beginning to use to thwart cheaters and thieves. As I was reading, I realized that these tactics were not merely preventative, they were profit maximizing. Casinos are purely interested in finding ways to take advantage of an individual’s entire consumer surplus. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t make any money. But some casinos are taking it to the next level. The Mirage Casino uses approximately 1000 ceiling mounted cameras that can read a person’s facial expressions to judge whether their surprise in winning millions of dollars is truly surprise. The Mirage also uses the equivalent of a customer loyalty card at Albertsons, but with it the casino can look at a gambler’s history to learn whether or not a sudden winning streak is suspicious in order to protect the house. But also they have a much more invasive use for the cards. When you walk into the casino and run your card through a slot machine, they instantly have all your gambling stats, meal and drinking records and time and date as well as frequency of visits. With all this information they can use a program that will predict your future worth to them, and with those numbers they can figure out the best way to minimize your consumer surplus. They can predict if you will be back, how often, and how much you will spend. They use this information to figure out which drinks casino customers will be likely to buy in the next hour and therefore which specials they should be running or advertising for that length of time. Next time you swipe a consumer loyalty card, remember that you just became a spreadsheet of information and they know the best way to absorb your consumer surplus.


S T A F F March 18, 2010

I like the movie reviews in TimberLines. To this day I love “The Iron Giant” and still watch it whenever it comes on. I think TimberLines should review more movies. It will give people something to look forward to when they have nothing to do in their free time.


Coupons Support Local Businesses I really like the ads on the back of the TimberLines newsmagazine. I think that it is really cool that you are supporting a local business and that you’re not supporting a national chain like Pizza Hut. I think that the coupons that you put in the ad are very helpful because not all of us have lots of money and we need a little bit of a break.


Dr. Heavenly, Dr. Devilish, Talk to the Student Body The Dr. Heavenly and Dr. Devilish article is pretty clever. You tie in some daily problems or questions that people have all the time. Some people can’t think and do things themselves and sometimes need help. Something I recommend, if you don’t do so already, is to get topics from other people and tie their ideas together to obtain good topics that are more common among the student body.



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