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From USC to THS. Baseball coach brings big game experience to the field — BY HANNAH WILLIAMS

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Legends have long walked the halls of Timberline since the school’s opening in 1998. Many of them have left the home of the Wolves, but some have remained since the very beginning. Larry Price, THS varsity baseball coach and physical education instructor, is one such wolf. Price has made a name for himself at Timberline and at the national. Before he was a star coach at THS, Price’s natural abilities and dedication helped propel him to baseball stardom. “I was able to play at the best Division I baseball school in the Country [USC], play winter league baseball for the Philadelphia Phillies organization, and play on the USA baseball team until I was cut before the 1984 Olympics,” Price said. Price was cut from the team because of a wrist injury he received when he dove into second base and caught his hand underneath the bag. He tore several ligaments in the slide and needed surgery. But the pain was minor compared to the disappointment of having to cut his baseball career short. “It was unfortunate for me because my career was stopped short without knowing how far I might have been able to go,” Price said. During Price’s career at USC, he made friends with teammates who would later become famous, Page 26

including Mark McGwire and Randy Johnson. “Randy Johnson was probably my best friend while at USC. We were exact opposites. He liked heavy metal music and I was into Country music,” Price said. “I went to church every Wednesday and Sunday and he would never be found near one at that time. He had an amazing fastball but not much control while we were there together. But the rest is history.” After graduating from USC, Price moved to Boise where he became the baseball coach for Boise High School. Price won five state titles at BHS before transferring to Timberline. Last year, the Wolves amassed an overall record of 28- 4. Only once, in 2002, did the team not make it to the state tournament. The team has won championships in 1999, 2000, and 2004. “I can honestly say the reasons for Timberline’s success these first 11 years in baseball is the commitment, accountability, and hard work that these fine young men put in every day,” Price said. “Our practices are harder than the games and we pay attention to detail.” Price’s ongoing commitment to the Timberline baseball team has not gone unnoticed by students and faculty. “Coach Price has really influenced the baseball program and made a lot of students want to play,” physical education teacher Cori Dalton said. This year’s varsity baseball team is young. Ten seniors graduated last year and many who follow baseball around the Treasure Valley speculate that the loss of so many players will affect the Wolves performance. But Price isn’t worried. “If we stay healthy, I feel that we will compete and possibly bring home Timberline baseball’s 4th state championship,” Price said.

Dream Big. THS pitcher has big plans for baseball. — BY GRAYSON MOHR

Photo By Fritz Rodriquez

When all the kids walked onto the T-ball field Cody Hamlin was just another face in the crowd, but now he is a standout pitcher for Timberline High school. Ten years later Hamlin is a standout pitcher for THS and is receiving letters of interest from colleges such as University of Oregon, and Washington State University. “He came as a ninth grader to throw for us to see if he could play for our club,” said Larry Price, the head baseball coach, “He struck out eight of nine batters, it was love at first sight.” Price says his height, arm strength, velocity, knowledge of the game, and the fact that he has red hair make him a great player. Of his curveball, change-up, and fastball, his 86 to 87 mile an hour fastball is his best. “It has gradually gotten faster and now I’m very proud of what I’ve accomplished,” Hamlin sasid When first meeting Price, Hamlin thought he was very strict but now that he knows him Price has taught him many valuable lessons. “He has made me better by teaching me about hard work and commitment,” Hamlin said.

March 18, 2010

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“He has made me better by teaching me about hard work and When all the kids walked onto the T-ball field Cody Hamlin When first meeting Pric...

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