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A Trip Inside The Body Of Larry We are about to guide you for a trip in an athletes body. Do not forget to bring bathing suit , water prove jacket and gogles. Ps:

This trip is not for weak ones.

By Gabriel ( DS / MS) and Rafael (RS / NS)

The Digestive System You are going to a trip in the Digestive System. Don't forget to bring a water proof jacket, also don't forget to bring a umbrella. The Digestive System doesn't begin at the stomach it begins at the mouth and goes all over your body. The biggest part of the Digestive System is the small intestine and the large intestine. In the Digetive System yoy will be digested and braked down into little pieces. This trip will start in the mouth. All 32 theeths will chew you up and you will be wet and digested by the saliva that the salivary glans will offer. Then you will fall into a tube called esophagus and land at a sac called stomach. The stomach is a big resevatory that grows depending the amount of food. It's walls are recoverd with millions of glands that produce acid. It will brake you in even smaller pieces. You can stay in the acid at least two hours so bring a pillow to take a nap. When you wake up, you will be on a toboga and maze, the small and the large intestine. It will get all your good nutrients and water absorbed then you will turn into a brown mass with a stinky smell. Be prepared to a deep dive in the toilet. GS.

Muscular System Muscles move aninimals and humans. Without your muscles you can't move! Even worms have muscles! Without muscles the food you eat will not go to the Digestive System. Without muscle you would not walk , talk , blink, smile. Without muscles you would't be alive so long. Muscular System is made of bones, muscles and joints.

On average 40% of our body weight are in muscles. You have over 630 muscles on your body that move you. Muscles can't push they pull. But if they don't push how can you wrigle your fingers to both sides? The ansewer is simple muscles work in pairs so they can pull in different and opposite directions. Cells make muscles contract and then relax them. Tiny fibers in the cell that compress by sliding in, like opening and closing a glass door. Cells from your muscles get chemichal energy from the food you eat. Without food you can't move yourself as well as if you eat, but if you eat a lot, you will get fat and it's more difficult to move so you should eat ballanced. In this trip as you can see and feel, Larry has strong and hard muscles because he

Respiratory System

For the respiratory system you may probably be treated as if you were in a tornado! All animals need oxigen to live. Land animals get oxygen from the air. Without the oxygen in the air we cannot survive more than a few minutes. Breathing happens automatically, we do not have to even think about it. Inside his lungs would be cool. Did yu know that people who smoke have black lungs because of the toxic oxygen!

Nervous System

The nervous system is a very complex system in the body. It has many, many parts. The nervous system is divided into two main systems, the central nervous system, and the peripheral nervous system. The spinal cord and the brain make up the Central Nervous System. Imagine if Larry had problems with one of those. Being an athlete is really good! Do not forget that if you control Larry's boddy the wrong way he will have problems.

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We are about to guide you for a trip in an athletes body. Do not forget to bring bathing suit , water prove jacket and gogles. By Gabriel (...

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