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Body System Tour By Luiza and Deborah

Muscular System Do you want to have strong muscles? Than come to muscle island!!

The muscular system is a very friendly place. Lots of muscules like to play. For instance the triceps and biceps like to play baseball. When they are ready to bat and your arms bend so your biceps contracts and your triceps relaxes.When you hit the ball and your arms are straight your triceps contracts and your biceps relaxes. Also, it helps your bones to move. If you are interested call 77544268 and you will meet very nice triceps, biceps, achilles tendons, quadriceps,neck muscules, torso muscules, thigh muscules, back muscules, gluteus maximus & calf muscules. q=Muscule+System&FORM=BIFD&adlt=strict#focal=319579308764 143193c75e61e8adcfcf&furl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.

Digestive System

Do you want to eat at Rascal & other amazing places? Than come to digestive island! In the morning I ate delious pancakes at Rascal. After I ate,my saliva broke all my food into chemicals.My tongue also helps by pushing my food around when my teeth chews my food. Then, my tongue pushes my food into a opening called a esophagus.When my food gets down to my esophagus it doesn't just go straight to my stomach I have to wait two to three seconds.So the Digestive System is a very interesting place to be. If you are interested please call 75499431. q=digestive+System&FORM=BIFD&adlt=strict#focal=8e47c7ac6d8b4c24db3a46bbc1bdd3e1&furl=http%3A%

Nervous System Do you know what makes your body move. Than come to nevous island! When you get there, there will be someone to help you get around just like your brain. When you are playing with our soccer team, your cerebrum is working because your cerebrum moves your muscles. When you are doing yoga your cerebellum is working because your cerebellum is your balance.There is also much more you can do. So if you are interested call 22467167 thank you. q=nervous+system&FORM=BIFD&adlt=strict#focal=80dd4e41f2efe87746ef1a87a6f13719&furl=http%

Circulatory System If you want to be helpful come to the Circulatory System!

Your heart is part of the Circulatory system. Your heart is a muscule.You have lots of muscules but your heart is very important it brings blood all over your body.The blood that the heart sent gives you oxygen and nutrients.So if you didn't have a heart that blood that the heart gives wouldn't come and so you wouldn't get nutrients and oxygen. So if you want to help the body come to the Circulatory System.If you are interested in living here please call 23154997 thank you.


Body System Tour By Luiza and Deborah Do you want to have strong muscles? Than come to muscle island!!

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