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Traveling Through Ayrton Senna's Body Systems

During the trip we will pass through the nervous, digestive, muscular and excretory systems.

List of things to bring:

helmet: in case of a crash or getting smashed by the nervous system. pajamas: to take a nap during the trip. flash light: if any thing comes to happen. special cloth (we have): fix the flying submarine ( if needs) and to go out check out things. gas masks: to breath in case fixing flying submarine. food: to eat in the little breaks.

Nervous system Your nervous system is divided into two parts. Your central nervous system includes your  brain and your spinal cord . Your peripheral nervous system is made up of the neurons that spans your organs, muscles and body. They help you think, survive.If you see a bike that might hit you, you jump out of the way. In that example, your nervous system was involved in many ways. Your eyes saw the bike, your brain figured out the bike might hit you, and your brain told your muscles to make your legs jump out of the way. You sensed and then acted.

Nervous system senses activity inside of your body. Most of the nervous system answer inside of your body is not under  your control. Your body automatically senses and reacts it.Think about eating your lunch. As you eat, your nervous system triggers the start of digestion and release of many hormones and enzymes throughout your body. Your nervous system interacts to all your other systems. All of the other systems needs instruction and direction from the nervous system.

Digestive System Be careful you might get smashed so put your helmets. The day starts when saliva comes out of your mouth. When you  eat the saliva breaks down the chemicals in the food  which helps make the food mashed and ready  to swallow. Your tongue  pushes the food , while you chew with your teeth. When you're ready to swallow, the tongue pushes a tiny bit of mashed food called a bolus toward the back of your throat and into the opening of your esophagus, the second part of the digestive tract. The esophagus moves the food from the back of the throat to the stomach. It has three important jobs: to store the food you've eaten, to break down the food into a liquidy mixture, and to slowly empty that liquidy mixture into the small intestine.  The small intestine smashes the food mixture even more so your body can receive all the vitamins, minerals, proteins,carbohydrates, and fats.The liver processes the food, filtering out harmful substances or wastes, turning some of the waste into more bile. You can help your digestive system by drinking water and eating a healthy diet .

Muscular System In the muscular system you will need also use your helmet to protect you from crashing into things. Muscular system is one of the most important because without them you wouldn't move.Your muscular system is made up of four different types of muscular tissue. You have smooth, cardiac, and voluntary. In a human body it self it has more than 600 muscles.Probably 40% of your hole body is muscle.

Some muscles are voluntary that is when they only work when they tell you to.When tou want to say something, or swing a bat, or clap your hands those are volutary movements.The contracting of your heart, the movement of your diaphragm so that you can breath, your eyes are all automatic things you do.You can hurt your muscles the same way  that you can tear a ligament or break a bone.A torned  muscle  will generally recover itself like  a broken bone or a torn ligament.

Excretory System And we come to our last system we have to go away after this system.So take your last notes and wear your helmet because we can get heart. The excretory system helps the urinary system to filter out the excess of substances your body doesn't need, that turns out to be your pee and poo. If your body doesn't work well and doesn't eliminate what you don't need you can get sick.

Your body makes chemical out of stuff you don't need they go to your bloodstream. Then they pass in your kidneys where your body gets rid of your excess.The kidneys also make sure your blood is just right. Hundreds of times a day your blood gets filtered and re- filtered.  Wh your bladder is  full, it signals  to your brain. You fee like peeing

BYE Have a nice day I hope you liked it.Now we have to quietly in a line because Ayrton Senna is sleeping. BYE       

Sincerely, Henrique,Luca


Traveling Through Ayrton Senna's Body Systems During the trip we will pass through the nervous, digestive, muscular and excretory systems. s...

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