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Digestive Trip Bruno and Gustavo's trip Stomach digestive system small intestine esophagus

Digestive system and Esophagus Put your seatbelts on and let's go on a trip for the digestive system. First you will dive into the esophagus that is very yucky: so better close your eyes. Then we will splash into the Liver that is full of slimy things. The stomach will try to shoot you with his horrible gas of air.Sliding through the colon will not be easy so bring something to do. We will end on the small intestine that will make you erupt out of our body.

http://healinglightseries. com/IMAGES/ImagesDigestion/DigestiveSystem.jpg

Small intestine and stomach After you blasted out of the small intestine let's say you came back to the body.There you found the stomach. You found a lot of exciting new things while you came here with all your might. After you jumped a lot and splashed on the splash park it is time to go home. THANK YOU FOR COMING IN OUR AWSOME FIELD TRIP. I WISHED YOU HAD A LOT OF FUN.


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