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5th grade body system

By Isabella Espinosa and Susie Kim

Digestive System Let us start our tour in the Digestive System. But be aware this area is full of dangers. So watch out! Being digested is not fun and chemicals also might mistake you for food and break you down. Some of the major exhibits are the stomach, pancreas and the small intestines are the most popular organs. If you end up in the mouth glands you will begin to dissolve.

But anyway, if you survive that you will go down a huge slide called the esophagus. Then you will fall into a pool of chemicals produced by the pancreas. So have some fun! Then the gallbladder will come and help complete digestion. Â

Respiratory System

The Respiratory system is a group of organs and tissues that exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide, between Mr. Ro's body and the environment. Get ready, because every second the warm, clean air travels down Mr. Ro's trachea, or wind pipe. The main attraction here are his lungs. This is the perfect system for those who like the air really blown outta them! But no place for chickens!

Oxygen from the air Mr.Ro inhales passes into blood, and red blood cells pick up the oxygen. Mr.Ro's body produces COS as a waste product of cell functions. This place is one fast system!

Circulatory System Now I'm warning you, this is one busy area! With blood pumping in all directions, it's hard not to get lost! You'll meet the most important organ of the entire body! The heart. It pumps blood around the entire body 24 hours a day! Mr.Ro's heart has 4 different blood chambers. The two at the top are called atria. The atrium [if you are talking about one it's atrium, and two is atria] fills up with blood

returning from the body and the lungs. Anyway, blood is a kind of connective tissue. Waste products are carried away from the cells so Mr.Ro can stay healthy. Another important area are the veins. There are millions! So I'd suggest you just meet one!

Skeletal System

When you think of skeletons you think of the clunky scary guys on Halloween. But the truth is that we all have skeletons inside our body, alive or not! The Skeletal system supports Mr.Ro's body and protects many of his internal organs. If he didn't have this system he would look like a popped balloon! That wouldn't be to fun...Bands of connective tissue called ligaments hold the bones together. Another tissue is cartilage.

It is spongy and cushions the ends of many bones. Mr. Ro's brain, lungs and heart would be at the risk of deep injury and his circulatory system would lack in blood cells if he didn't have his Skeletal system! That would be near fatal!


5th grade body system By Isabella Espinosa and Susie Kim But anyway, if you survive that you will go down a huge slide called the esophagus....

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