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Pond owners looking for a good way to add nighttime ambiance to their outdoor water features should consider pond lighting. There are a huge variety of pond lighting options that can transform a dark and uninviting outdoor space into a brilliant, inviting and breathtaking evening paradise. The experts at your local pond supply store can help guide you through all the options and things to consider when adding pond lighting. It is, however, important to remember that great care must be taken when working with water and electricity. Unless you are having your lighting installed by a professional electrician, it is advised you only use solar powered or low voltage fixtures when working near ponds or other water features.

•A pond lighting system consists of low voltage pond lights and a transformer, which are connected by low voltage cable. For years there have been two alternatives when choosing low voltage lighting -- Light Emitting Diodes (LED) and Halogen. •Halogen lights, while initially less expensive than LED lights, tend to burn out faster and use more electricity which makes them a more expensive option in the long run. Halogen bulbs also only put out roughly a third the light of a comparable LED light.

•LED, in comparison, not only puts out considerably more light than halogen bulbs, they consume a fraction of the energy halogen bulbs do and have a lifespan ten times that of halogens. Although they cost more upfront, over time they are a much better value. Because of this LED lights have become the preferred choice for ponds and water features. •There are three common styles of pond lighting used when designing a pond lighting system. These include submersible lighting, floating lights and land based accent lights.

•Submersible waterproof lighting elements are designed to be placed underwater. Not only do they generate a glowing effect in the pond’s water, they also highlight a pond’s fish and plants. •Submersible pond lighting is also excellent for illuminating waterfalls and fountains, and they are available in a wide variety of colors and intensities. •For them to look their best your pond water must be clear and free of debris. If your pond water has any debris the lights can make the water appear murky or cloudy.

•Floating pond lights are another style of pond lighting. Designed to literally float on the surface of your pond, these lights follow the prevailing current of the pond, moving in irregular patterns. •There are a number of styles of floating lights available, including large floating spheres, illuminated water lilies, and an assortment of brilliant floating flowers to name just a few. •Since this style of lighting is free floating, solar powered fixtures are popular for floating pond lighting, eliminating power cords that would otherwise prevent the lights from floating freely.

•Land based accent lights are designed to frame the borders of the pond and to accent selected backyard features such as rocks, trees and shrubs. •These lights can also be used to great effect for lighting waterfalls in place of submersible lights, creating a beautiful shimmering effect. •Land based accent lights are also ideal for illuminating paths and walkways around your pond, making them safer to use at night. These are also available in both low voltage and solar powered fixtures depending on your needs.

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There are three common styles of pond lighting used when designing a pond lighting system. These include submersible lighting, floating ligh...