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The clearest distinction between dating and courtship is the motive. In the former, the couple is together just for fun, while in the latter the motive is to bring the relationship to marriage. When you spend a lot of time thinking and fantasizing about romance, you will be obsessed with looking around and seeing everybody as a potential mate. The end result is an intimate relationship that God never intended and a romantic relationship that He never ordained. The time taken in this fantasy could be used better by spending time investing in knowing God and becoming what God wants you to be. “Only God knows how many opportunities for useful service have been squandered by young people who spent most of their energy looking for a partner.” Dean Sherman, author Love, Sex and Relationships. The ONLY reason that a born again youth should be in a romantic relationship is with an intention to get married. We are not opposed to romantic relationships; In fact we have been helping young people enter into marriage for the right reasons, in the right way and at the right time. This, we believe, can only happen when you get into courtship when you are ready for marriage. Are you ready for marriage?! ………Dah! The clearest sign that you’re not ready for a romantic relationship is if you cannot share it with a trusted, mature and godly person openly and gladly!

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Dating The



ost of you will get into a dating relationship hoping it will last. But this does not happen always. In any case, these relationships don’t last a term, or a year at their best. And generally, most Christian young people proceed through a number of romantic relationships before their marriage. This kind of game goes on and on until they end up so heartbroken that they resent marriage or end up in early unplanned miserable marriages. Suppose John and Mary become romantically involved with each other. There will definitely begin to form an emotional bond. And because they will spend so much time and lots of thoughts and imaginations focusing on each other, they increasingly share their hearts with one


another. This, quite unconsciously, begins the God-designed process of becoming “one” even if there is virtually no physical relationship. John and Mary will become one heart long before they become “one flesh.” You may ask what’s wrong with this pattern. The generally held and accepted perception about a dating relationship is that it does not involve any permanent commitments and that either party is free to break up the romance at any time, for any reason. So, John and Mary— our friends—will likely dread the prospect of breaking up and hope that perhaps this is the relationship that will stick. And since the story is the same, they do not have any guarantee that that will happen.

When this relationship breaks, the hearts that had begun bonding are ripped apart. Both John and Mary leave the relationship with at least some degree of heart-break. The result can be varying degrees of emotional devastation or simply toughening of feelings. Either way they both leave the relationship emotionally wounded or scarred. Does this sound familiar? Most of young people, even those of us ‘fine’ Christians, do identify with this once in a while. Of course, the pain of breaking up seems forgotten as soon as one develops a new romance with a different partner. In time, however, this relationship results in another heart-break and more emotional wounds. Repeatedly, one will experience a number of such emotional bonds being cut off. Some of the relationships people get into are so casual that breaking up is hardly painful at all. But others are serious, and therefore the cumulative effect is that the heart becomes increasingly calloused. So what really is dating? Dating is when a boy and girl are in a relationship that exceeds a close friendship and are intimate either physically or emotionally or both. At this time both parties do not consider marriage the end result of that relationship.

Bill Gothard of Institute of Basic Life Principles defines dating as “having a special interest in a person of the opposite gender and cultivating that interest through thoughts, looks, notes, talks or events.” Why dating is NOT the option for a believer We will explore here some of the reasons I consider important for not engaging in any romantic relationship until we are ready to marry. It is unscriptural We have said that a dating relationship does not have the intention of marriage. In Scripture, we see a good illustration in the example of

st in a “having a special intere gender person of the opposite interest and cultivating that , notes, through thoughts, looks talks or events.” David and Bathsheba. David was attracted to Bathsheba because of her physical beauty, not because he wanted to marry her. He sent for her and that night they committed adultery. David repented when he recognized his sin


but he suffered the consequences of his sin. (2 Samuel 12:13-18). King Solomon, the wisest man that ever lived, also fell in the same trap. He acquired many foreign wives on his own principles. His heart was led astray. The Bible says, “...When Solomon was old, that his wives turned away his heart after other gods: and his heart was not perfect with the LORD his God, as was the heart of David his father” (1 Kings 11:4 Authorised Version). Samson was the strongest man on earth, however because he chose to love a girl of his choice using his own standards, he was led into bondage by the woman he thought he loved (See Judges 16). God in His mercy has warned us not to follow our natural inclinations in the decision of finding a mate, but rather to receive his words of guidance during this process;

u for This does not prepare yo When marriage but divorce. cky in things will be hard and ro rsue to marriage, you will not pu that is stay on but to leave since lution. what you know as the so “...That they may keep thee from the strange woman, from the stranger who flattereth with her words” (Read Proverbs 7:1-5). Dating skips the friendship stage When you get involved with a boy or girl at an early stage in life, you isolate yourself and spend more time with one person which limits the time you spend with other believers. Spending almost all the time together keeps the other brethren who would love to be your friends away! The other aspect of friendship is between the two parties. When you get hooked up too soon knowing you are not in the relationship for marriage, you will move too close too quickly and get physical before you even become friends. The motive is selfish Most of the time, an intimate relationship that


is not intended for marriage ends up being a time of just being together to satisfy selfish physical and emotional lusts. It is clear that in most, if not all, such relationships, the motive is clearly not love but lust. The Bible says that true love “…seeketh not her own…” (1 Corinthians 13:5). Dating distracts you from developing yourself to maturity Since dating requires you to engage in one relationship after another, you focus on pleasing the other person and not the Lord. Your attention is taken from developing yourself to looking good for the other person. Dating robs you the time to serve God in your singlehood and to be given fully to the Lord and His service and also the time to develop yourself as an individual. Maintaining a relationship takes a lot of time and emotional energy. My advice is that you do it when you are ready for it. Dating is destructive When you get involved in multiple romantic relationships before you get the right partner for marriage, the result is that your heart is broken so many times that you only have a piece of it left for that special person that God has in store for you. The other likelihood is that because you never knew true love in those days, your definition of love will be distorted and you most likely will reject love once married. This does not prepare you for marriage but divorce. When things will be hard and rocky in marriage, you will not pursue to stay on but to leave since that is what you know as the solution. You will note that most of the times the reasons people give for getting out of relationships are the same ones they give for walking out of marriage. Dating has many destructive consequences that have not even been mentioned here. The most important point is that when the foundations are wrong right from the beginning, you are putting many other generations at risk with your behavior. Most people who have the right foundations before marriage end up with solid marriages, and the opposite is also true.

Pastor Pablo Dear Pasta Pablo, We had a quarrel with my mother when she found me talking with a boy. We were just talking about education but she claimed we were in love. I feel bad because the boy was just a friend. What should I do? Concerned student,

Dear Pasta Pablo What do you do when you receive a romantic letter from a boy and you are born again and you do not believe in romantic love at this time? Student, Kiangari Secondary School Dear Student, Your question is very relevant. Many young girls and boys who are born again are struggling with such questions. At this time, you have a lot to concentrate on. Your studies and your relationship with Jesus are the paramount things at this stage of your life. Your energies need to be concentrated into making you the person that Jesus wants you to be. Invest this time in growing and maturing in the Lord. When you realize that God has made you single at this time for a particular reason, you will spend most of this time serving Him and giving yourself fully to Him. As you do this, you will develop yourself to be the best God wants you to be and to please only Him instead of working so hard to please somebody else. If you respond to the letter, you will be leading the person on. If you do not respond, you will be communicating that you are not interested in his advances at this time. My advice to you is to ignore the letters and concentrate on your studies and pleasing God. Also, develop friendships with girls who share your values and let such friendships be free of romance.

The encounter with your mother must be very hurting. Our parents do not quarrel with us because they hate us. No, it is because they would not want us to make any decision that would ruin our lives. Sometimes the way they communicate may not be the best, but the motive is always good. As much as the boy is your friend, you will need to be very careful how you relate with him. The truth is that the more time you spend with the boy, the closer you get and soon you will find yourself in love. Paul instructed Timothy to relate very carefully with younger women, with absolute purity! (1Timothy 5:2). The other thing that you need to do is just to reassure your mum about your relationship with the boy. Most of the time, our parents just want to hear that we are careful and making the right decisions. Take time when you go home on holiday in August and reassure her of your position. If you have been walking right in other areas, she should have no problem believing your words.



Is it weird not to date? ot at all! As a matter of fact, it’s perfect! Most people think that they have to date, not knowing exactly why they want to. So they are trying out, only to end up with someone who is doing the same thing! Can you imagine the mess???


Student Diary

Later Bros By Jane Karengo, Former student, Othaya Girls High School



elationships. Some think they are unavoidable at our young age, but Titus 2:11-12 says, “but the Grace of God that brings salvation to all men teaches us to say no to all ungodliness and to worldly passions...” That Scripture was true for me when I was in High School. Some of my schoolmates were relating and receiving letters from their boyfriends every week. There was pressure to conform, but I didn’t yield.

saw I didn’t have the interest. I knew I would waste a lot of time replying and also anxiously waiting for them to write again which I feared would affect my academics.

I got born again just before I joined High School. I decided to join and be active in the Christian Union so as to serve the Lord. The Lord continued helping me grow in His fear and love. I desired to be holy and I chose friends who were born again. The Christian Union acted as a guard; I was shielded from getting into the wrong company.

nform, There was pressure to co d the but I didn’t yield. I ha would conviction that there into a come a time for me to get th the romantic relationship wi right person.

I had friends of the opposite sex with whom I could socialize. Our friendship was pure and guarded. I avoided getting too close to them even during the activities in school such as C.U. rallies, games, contests and symposiums. This doesn’t mean I wasn’t attracted to boys. But the fear I had for God kept me. I saw the pain some girls would go through after realizing that their boyfriends were cheating on them with other girls. The pain wasn’t worth it; all these things kept me on check and the Lord in His mercies would carry the feelings away.

I had the conviction that there would come a time for me to get into a romantic relationship with the right person. This still is a desire and a prayer in my heart since I believe the Lord beautifies everything at His time (Ecclesiastes 3:11a).

I don’t presume it was through my strength or tough principles that I kept my friendships with boys pure. On the contrary, it is by the Spirit and sufficient Grace of God. He kept me pure and free, and now I’m pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree at Kenyatta University! He can do it for you too. Avoid ungodly, untimely relationships. It’s possible.

I also received many letters. I didn’t reply to them and soon the authors gave up since they




imothy read the letter Paul had sent him over and over again. Paul was like a father to him, and he missed him terribly. The longer he read it, the more stories that he had read from the Scriptures came alive. Paul had a way of making these stories so lively; there was no way anyone would forget. Being a young man, Timothy was still trying to relate with people in the right way. He really wanted to be pure and wise. He remembered a story Paul had told him once. He sank into reverie as the story came alive again in his mind…

Being a young man, Timothy was still trying to relate with people in the right way. He really wanted to be pure and wise. Samson listened to the taunts of the people around him. The humiliation was too much to


bear. It was bad enough that they had gorged out his eyes, but this spectacle they were making of him was unbearable. He could hear them loudly praising their god Dagon, shamelessly blaspheming the God of Israel. It was entirely his fault; the reality had finally set in his heart. He had to do something, something drastic. Holding on to those poles, he began to recount where it all began. It wasn’t about cutting his hair and he knew it. It had all begun when he merely elected to spend time in the wrong company and they did the rest. His had not been a sudden fall, but a gradual slipping, a progressive yielding to the pressures of the world and the flesh. Delilah had pressed him daily to reveal the source of his strength. What he didn’t know was that it wasn’t the hair that gave him strength. The hair was barely a mark of consecration; he was a marked man, distinguishable in any company. He was different, but he chose to live like everybody else. He regretted the first time he ever went down

to the Philistines. He should have known better, he should have stuck to the mission and the call of God in his life. He had borne the mark of a man of God, but he failed to live like one. He had opened gates to the enemy, and now, see where that had landed him. He had persisted in playing with fire. He had played tricks on Delilah and her cohorts; always outwitting them so many times he thought he could keep doing it and never fail. His was a friendship born out of rebellion, illegal partnership. But he kept on, unaware of the dangers he exposed himself to. Now, here he was, a blind prisoner, acting the buffoon for people who did not fear God. Could consequences for bad choices get any worse? But he knew that there was always hope for those who have failed. He knew he had related wrongly with the wrong people for the wrong reasons; but there was hope. He could redeem himself if only for one last time. He held tightly on those poles and pushed with all his might. This was the end.

Timothy woke up from his reverie. He wanted to be nothing like Samson. He wanted to stay true to God all his life. He looked down again at Paul’s letter. “Treat the elder men as fathers, younger men as brothers; the elder women as mothers, the younger women as sisters with absolute purity!” That was the only way he would cultivate healthy friendships - keeping young women at an arms length, with absolute purity.

“treat the elder men as fathers, younger men as brothers; the elder women as mothers, the younger women as sisters with absolute purity!”


Book Review

I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris


was seventeen years old when my relationship with Kelly ended. I walked away asking. “Is this how it is supposed to be?” I felt discouraged, confused, and desperate for an alternative to the cycle of shortterm relationships in which I found myself. For the first time I really began to question myself how my faith as a Christian affected my love life…what did it mean to genuinely care for girls I knew? What did it really feel like to be pure – in body and in my heart? And how did God want me to spend my single years? Was it merely a time to try out different girls romantically…? This is an excerpt from the book, I KISSED DATING GOODBYE. Joshua Harris had had



The gift of singlehood ost of us will tend to think that being in a relationship is the in thing. But wait a minute, think about it: If you were to marry say, ten years from now when in your early twenties, it means then that you will stay married for most of your life! Singlehood is therefore a


many frustrating experiences in his High School years. He moved from one relationship to another in search of love. In this book Joshua shares his experience of how he kissed dating Goodbye and how he discovered that God had something even better for all singles. A life of sincere love like the one we have discussed is what God wanted, pure friendship and a purposeful singlehood that is given fully to His service until He brings you the right mate at the right time. Do you want to know the answers he got for the questions he asks in the above excerpt? Look out for this book in your nearest book store and read it studiously!

phase of life that does not last for long. It is a gift of God that we have to enjoy while it lasts! Use the time you are single to invest in growing up as an individual and a Christian, serve God truly, unattached and given fully to His service. Paul writing to the Corinthians says “… the unmarried man is anxious about the things of the Lord, how to please the Lord. But the married man is anxious about the things of the world, how to please his wife...” (1 Corinthians 7:32-36).

Screen Check

Tahidi High


an* and Sheila* giggle gleefully as they take the final bend from the bursar’s office. They take one more look at the receipts in their hands and laugh more heartily. They did it, and he had swallowed the lie hook, line and sinker! That was easier than they had imagined. They had just tricked the bursar and now they didn’t have to pay school fees. They were 25,000 shillings richer. 25,000? For a student in High School with limited leisure activities and even more limited time? The biggest headache now was how and where to spend the money. Instantly, Sheila has a brainwave. Rave! So she rolls her eyes and looks at the confused boy. “Si, you take me out to rave on Friday?” she quips. “And… what’s in it for me?” asks a now interested Dan. “Well,” she replies, “What you see is what you might just get!” then she swaggers away, leaving an ogling Form-three boy behind. That is one scene in a High School TV Drama in one of the local stations, a depiction of a supposedly typical urban Kenyan High School. Teenagers are depicted as immoral, arrogant, abusive and disobedient. Anyone who appears to be a ‘good girl or boy’ is laughed at and labeled a geek. According to some of these programs, there is almost no pure relationship between the teenagers.

If that drama is a reflection of what is really happening in our schools, then something is terribly wrong and a solution needs to be found pronto. If it’s not, then someone is suggesting how teenagers should behave. You need to hear what Paul told Timothy. Teenagers should, “… treat the younger men as brothers, the older women as sisters in absolute purity” (1Timothy 5:1-3-NIV). We need to be careful what we watch. Most of

Be careful little eyes what you see, it’s the second glance that ties your hands as darkness pulls the strings… Casting Crowns these programs are designed with the teenager in mind, aimed at perverting your mind and making you think that these things are normal; that if celeb so and so is advocating for it, then it is right. No it isn’t! The Bible is our standard. Let it guide you into living right. DO NOT worship celebrities and TV programs that only destroy you. Keep the door to your soul guarded. Watch what you feed your eyes on.


Drawing The Line

We’re Just Friends???


ating is not the option for the born again High School student. But where does this leave you in the context of High School, or with your relationships at the local church? Is it possible to have brothers and sisters in the Lord loving one another as Scripture commands and yet not be emotionally or romantically involved? Where really is the line between dating and friendship?

Believing that the Scriptures are true and authoritative enough to be relied on, and that the boundaries set by God are not malicious but meant for our goodness, then, we are bound to gladly uphold their admonitions in this matter. Paul charges his ‘true son in the faith’ thus, “Do


not rebuke an older man harshly, but exhort him as if he were your father; treat younger men as brothers, older women as mothers, and younger women as sisters, with absolute purity” (1Timothy 5:1-2). This instruction is very clear and very helpful for us. We are to treat one another with ALL purity. Indeed Paul continues to encourage us to “Flee also youthful lusts: but follow righteousness, faith, charity, peace, with them that call on the Lord out of a pure heart” (2 Timothy 2:22 AV). The purpose of pure friendship is to pursue the Lord together, not to pursue each other. We need to look for brothers and sisters who will keep us accountable in our Christian walk and who are pursuing Jesus as we are. We are encouraged to have biblical fellowship. In other words pure friendship has God’s agenda in mind, not to have a good time; but good fellowship for the

glory of God. It is out of these fellowships that lasting and meaningful relationships that lead to marriage should begin. God does not want us to run from each other, neither does He want us to take advantage of each other. He desires that we would enjoy pure friendship that draws us nearer to Him every day. Because we are born again, the old ‘us’ is gone, and the new has come (2 Corinthians 5:17). We are asked not to conform any longer to the patterns of this world (Romans 12:1-2). The world has its way of seeing, thinking, and carrying out things. Of course none of these things happens for the honor of God; but we are called to understand His will – His good, pleasing and perfect will! ‘Younger men as brothers… younger women as sisters?’ Yes it is possible! When our minds are renewed by God’s word, our worldview changes. ‘Absolute Purity?’ Yes, because we are born of God, and honoring Him is our passion! We will see each other as a family of God, and just like stealing from your family members is uncouth, taking advantage of a brother, or

a sister in the Lord, in any way, is anti-family, and dishonors their heavenly Father. This treating of each other as ‘brethren’ is in concordance with the love described in 1 Corinthians 13. A careful examination of those attributes shows that what we call ‘love’ today is mockery. The ‘dating’ package does not display this kind of love. We hope that all of us will nurture friendships that will encourage growth toward Christlikeness and be a witness to the world of how godly communities ought to live. As young people, you have an amazing opportunity to be light and salt to your friends in this matter. “It is God’s will that you should be sanctified: that you should avoid sexual immorality; that each of you should learn to control his/her own body in a way that is holy and honorable, not in passionate lust like the heathen, who do not know God… for God did not call us to be impure, but to live a holy life. Therefore he who rejects this instruction (Scriptures) does not reject man but God, who gives you His Holy Spirit (1Thessalonians 4:3-8).






ntrepreneurship is the dynamic process of creating incremental wealth. One of the reasons why the Proverbs 31 woman is so popular is that “she makes linen garments and sells them, and supplies the merchants with sashes” (Proverbs 31:24). It involves the creation process and requires the devotion of the necessary time and effort. It also involves taking the necessary risks. Today, there is great interest and focus on entrepreneurship in education institutions. This is aimed at presenting entrepreneurship as a viable career choice and source of income. Previously, entrepreneurs were viewed as less educated people who have trouble joining mainstream employment. This cannot be further from the truth. Today, entrepreneurs are well qualified professionals who have a passion to ‘do their own thing’. In fact, the entrepreneurial personality is driven by independence and supported by varying degrees of knowledge and executive skills.

A trailblazer is one who strikes out on a new path or breaks new ground to conduct their lives off the beaten path. Entrepreneurship has many advantages to an individual. The entrepreneur generally earns more money from their business than the income an employee gets from formal employment in most professions. The aforementioned Proverbs 31 woman “sees that her trading is profitable..,” (Proverbs 31:18). Entrepreneurs also have greater control of their future in terms of their career direction. It is also notable that entrepreneurship offers a high level of independence to an individual hence can be very fulfilling. The rewards of being an entrepreneur are independence, personal satisfaction, and monetary reward. To become an enterprising person, you need to learn a trade so that you can be a good competitor in your chosen industry. Take advantage of self-employment and empower


both your family and the community as a whole. If you aspire to become a lawyer, pursue your relevant degree and qualifications then embark on private practice. As you consider your career options, it may be rewarding to consider how you can embrace entrepreneurship in your chosen profession. How can you help our government to create 500,000 jobs in a year? How can you help it to eradicate unemployment and poverty in the country? How can you contribute towards Vision 2030? Successful entrepreneurship will often require one to be a trailblazer. A trailblazer is one who strikes out on a new path or breaks new ground to conduct their lives off the beaten path. It calls for independent thought and pioneering ways; trailblazers throughout history have included cutting-edge inventors and explorers. A common trait among trailblazers is the innovative spirit that keeps them going when faced by skeptics. They make their mark on history and mankind by refusing to quit and pushing ahead, most often into uncharted territory. As proverbs 10:4 says, “Lazy hands make a man poor, but diligent hands bring wealth.” Terry Kinyua, Business Development, Inoorero University

Inoorero University is ‘The Enterprise University’. This means that we are committed to developing job creators, rather than job seekers. We aim to empower our students with an entrepreneurial mindset so that they can graduate with their academic qualification as well as a business venture. The University lays great emphasis and focus on leadership, creativity and nurturing a spirit of innovation.


w o n k I o d w o So h ? t s e b s i t a wh Waiting until you are ready for marriage is just one example of exercising patience and staying pure, letting Jesus control your relationships with members of the opposite sex. You have to sit down and evaluate your understanding of what it is to love others like Christ says we do. Learn to make God’s word the guide, not your feelings! How do I end the relationship that I have now without hurting my fellow believer’s feelings? Good question! Tell the person firmly that it is over. Read all the articles here and you will realize that you do not NEED the relationship. So look for the person the next time you go on that school outing and tell them that you have decided to live purely for Jesus and the relationship is not helping you do that!

It’s that simple! Without hurting him? That’s impossible! You cannot avoid pain where emotions are involved! So both of you will be hurt, but that is a necessary pain. Soon you will forget and God will help you. Remember what we said, hardships produce patience and patience….? Can we still be friends after a break up? Mmm… No! You should not be friends. It will be difficult to have a pure friendship if you were involved romantically! The temptation to engage in romance again will be very high and so your pursuit of holiness will be challenged. The other way round is the best. Be friends first then may be later in life you could be more than that. There are many other young Christians that you could be friends with! So give up this one!



Kitambo Mixed School students in a service.

Students at the TF Bujumba Camp April 2012.


Students at Jaramogi Secondary respond to God.

Tony, TF-Embu Staff, in a training at Kianyaga Boys High School.



d r o W e h t d a Spre Praise the LORD. I would like to appreciate the work Timazi is doing among the High School students. I have read all but one issue of Timazi since its inception! I read most of them while I was in High School. I’m now serving as the Missions Coordinator in the High School Ministry at Kenyatta University. Last semester, we began partnering with Trinity Fellowship in the distribution of Timazi and our Ministry has grown in leaps and bounds. We never leave Timazi behind when we go to minister in High Schools. The Kenyatta University Christian Union High School Team is deeply grateful to Timazi crew for giving them a nod to start distributing the magazine. I distributed Timazi to some schools in Maai Mahiu and Narok and the response from the C.U. patrons and the leaders was amazing. Of note is Fanaka High School in Narok County where the response was so overwhelming that I photocopied some articles and posted them on all notice boards in the school including the staffroom. Timazi is the magazine that High School students have been waiting for. It has no equal. In our generation, the definition of some terms is changing to suit the youth and the line between the holy and the secular is thinning day by day. The youth no longer go deep in worship while topics like prayer, fasting, and spiritual maturity are almost becoming extinct because they are termed as ‘boring’. But I thank God because Timazi is here with us. Very delicate topics on contemporary issues are tackled with great care and in a godly manner. God is using Timazi to provide solutions among the students in our time. I cannot wait to read Issue 12. I urge High School students to watch this space for life-changing articles. May God bless the Timazi crew. Ezekiel Kifathi, 2nd year student, Kenyatta University




Character Quality



S V lessness

Res t

o everyone around you is ‘seeing’ someone? And you are there enduring the mockery of being called the “CU girl or boy” who is “Shags Mundu” and do not know the fun of being in a relationship. This is not unusual, we have seen that those are in the world. And you have a Master to please, Jesus Christ! Then here at Timazi

Patience is the art of welcoming trials and tribulations as friends and allowing them to perfect our character. 21

we encourage you to keep on keeping on in that path! We will encourage you to develop some deal of patience to wait on the Lord until it is the right time for you to engage in a relationship ready for marriage. Butterfly Don’t you think butterflies are among the most beautiful creatures God created? Yet if you know the process that the butterfly goes through for its beauty to be seen, you will learn from it that patience really pays. Like many insects, the butterfly goes through the four stages of growth. The most critical one is the

pupa or chrysalis. This is when it moves from the ugliest to the most beautiful stage. When the chrysalis of a butterfly finally splits open, the butterfly must quickly free itself. The pressure of this struggle inflates the butterfly’s wrinkled wings with vital fluids. Without the struggle, a butterfly’s wings harden into misshapen stubs. Definition Patience is defined by the Institute of Basic Life Principles as “accepting a difficult situation from God without giving Him a deadline to remove it.” Patience is the art of welcoming trials and tribulations as friends and allowing them to perfect our character. The two primary Greek words used for patience in Scripture are Hupomone which means “to undergo”; to

bear trials; to have fortitude; to persevere, and the second one Mackrothunia which means “forbearance, long suffering.”

Patience: “accepting a difficult situation from God without giving Him a deadline to remove it.”

The end result of glorying in tribulations is that we experience the power of God’s love through the power of His Holy Spirit. Our faith and resolve to remain pure is strengthened and the journey is made easier. James also exhorts us to rejoice in tribulation in order to develop patience. He says that “...the trying of your faith worketh patience. But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting in nothing” (James 1:2-4). Scripture identifies Job as the perfect example of patience. “…Ye have heard of the patience of Job, and have seen the end of the Lord...” (James

5:11). The trials he endured were very difficult yet out of them Job was a better person. At the end of it all, Job responded in a very unique manner, “...Naked I came out of my mother’s womb and naked I shall return…the Lord gives and the Lord has taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord!” (Job 1:20-21).

How to develop Patience Patience is a reward for properly responding to trials and tribulations. Paul wrote that “… we glory in tribulation knowing that tribulation worketh patience and patience experience…” (Romans 5:3-4). This means that we have to rejoice or “glory” in the mockery that we receive from our fellow students of not being in a relationship, or simply being a principled Christian.


Photo Story



Crossword NIV Bible Crossword Competition

Answers are found between 1st Thessalonians and 1st Timothy. Read the Scriptrures, fill the crossword and send your answers to Timazi. The 1st three correct entries will be awarded. Check out the winners in the next issue!

Across 2. We ask you, brothers not to become easily_______ or alarmed by some prophesy, report or letter supposed to have come from us. 9. Some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons. Such teachings come through hypocritical liars, whose consciences have been seared as with a hot ______ . 10. I charge you, in the sight of God and Jesus Christ and the ________ angels, to keep these instructions without partiality, and to do nothing out of favoritism. 11. They tell how you turned to God from idols ‌ you know brothers that our ______ to you was not a failure. 12. This is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance (and for this we labor and ______), that we have put our hope in the living God. 13. ______ younger men as brothers, older women as mothers and younger women as sisters, with absolute purity. 14. Never ______ of doing what is right. 16. God is just: He will pay back trouble to those who trouble you and give ______ to you who are troubled. 17. Fight the good fight, holding on to faith and a good ______. Some have rejected these and shipwrecked their faith. 18. Do not rebuke an ______ man harshly, but exhort him as if he were your father.


19. Since we belong to the ______, let us be selfcontrolled, putting on faith and love as a breastplate, and the hope of salvation as a helmet. 20. I ______ you when I went to Macedonia, stay there in Ephesus so that you may command certain people not to teach false doctrine. Down 1. About ______ love we do not need to write to you, for you yourselves have been taught by God to love each other. 2. I was shown mercy so that in me, the worst of sinners, Christ Jesus might display his ______ patience as an example. 3. Watch your life and doctrine closely. Persevere in them, because if you do, you will ______ both yourself and your hearers. 4. Christ Jesus, who gave himself as a ransom for all men – the ______ given in its proper time. 5. I, Paul, write this in my own hand, which is the distinguishing mark in all my ______. 6. The Spirit clearly says that in latter times, some will abandon the faith and follow ______ spirits, and things taught by demons. 7. ______ everything. Hold on to the good. Avoid every kind of evil. 8. ______ drinking only water, and use a little wine because of your stomach and your frequent illnesses. 15. Command them to do good, to be ______ in good deeds and to be generous and willing to share.

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