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August 2012 Issue


Christmas is just around the corner Pastor Rebecca has plans for this years Christmas and it looks like we may have two separate events. One for the community and the other just Church folk. We will still go with the same for gifting this year however, Dolls for girls and “girlie stuff” and Action Figures for boys and match book cars. The boys loved the cars last year. The girls LOVED the Barbie dolls and the YOUTH were thoroughly pleased with the Basket Balls, Base Balls and Bats and the HUGE stockings that were made and given. So, thinking we’ll go in that direction again

More in the NEXT REZ NO


Thank you all for faithfully standing with us in prayer and financial support. The ATF -Team

Missionaries Tim and Elaine Harris PO BOX 28 WAGNER, SOUTH DAKOTA 57380 321-446-9154 OR 321-446-0894 Website: and

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Pastors Randy & Rebecca Jensen and Nathan. On August 5th Pastors Randy & Rebecca officially made the move to Wagner to become the Children’s Pastors and joined the ATF Team in Wagner. God has given this ministry the cream of the crop of Children's ministry Pastors and Help Meets to the ministry. To God Be All The Glory!

2012 Summer VBS “10 years� Harry & Mary Hartzler

blessing the Hartzler Family have been to the church in Wagner and the Native American community. This year they brought along the group from Forward Community Church in Holden, MO

All Tribes Fellowship

Ten years and counting

This year marked the tenth year Harry and Marry and the family have brought youth from Gunn City, MO. They do youth at East Lynn Assembly of God with Pastor Woolery. We first visited East Lynn in 1995. What a

Pastor Dexter Snyder was with their team Youth Pastor Ben Watterson Youth Leader Vicki Coen and they did an amazing job I hear with VBS while the Hartzler team did community ministry and helped us get the parsonage all ready for Pastors Randy and Rebecca Jensen. A couple or three years ago Tim installed two showers at the church and this year again there were forty people plus some of the youth camped out for the week. Every year we have some of the youth BEG & PLEAD to go home with Harry and Mary. Looks like we will be dropping off four or five during Thanksgiving holidays this year when we go to Missouri to see our second great grand daughter Ree for the first time and of course get LOTS of hugs and kisses from Rozy! Thank you all again for partnering with us, Hope House and All Tribes Fellowship. ALSO, if you currently send monthly support to Pastors Randy and Rebecca PLEASE CONTINUE by sending your contributions directly

through the SD district office or to All Tribes Fellowship PO Box 307 Wagner SD 57380. All giving is tax deductible and will be receipted. We could not do for the Kingdom what God has called us to do without YOU! Blessings,

Tim and Elaine Harris Hanging Out Together

3 on 3 Basket Ball Tournament

2012 Summer Hartzler Outreach


Inside Hope House Men’s Recovery

† HOPE HOUSE NEEDS ¢ * Single Beds (box springs-frames) * Chest of Drawers or small dressers * Twin sheets (or sets), blankets, pillows * Teams to help install more private areas with walls

History Hope House Facilities

There are totally private rooms and three rooms divided by portable walls. Each man has his own private space to retreat to and a common area for meals and watching videos or reading. We moved in an air hockey game and a pool table (with NO cue sticks or pool balls). There is a “very small” kitchen/cooking area. A shower has been installed in one of the bathrooms. The original Assemblies of God has been converted into Hope House.

In August of 2011 God “birthed” Hope House Recovery Center (In memory of Levi Wounded). Hope House is a “safe place” for men to come and learn to overcome their addictions through the Word of God and His Love.


* Non perishable food stuff * Funds for purchase of food * Funds for utilities (electric, propane, water) * Uplifting DVD’s and CD’s (appropriate country music or country western) * Writing materials * Craft materials (leather, beads for bead work, earring hooks, any type craft for jewelry and key chains) * A LOT of toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergents, and cleaning

Ben’s Bicycle Ministry Ben came to Hope House almost a year

Ben Makes Wishes Happen

Ben has given his 78th bike away to date, July 28, 2012. He hasn’t given only children bikes; but bikes to some of the adult men in the center so they don’t have to walk everywhere.

ago. After getting settled in, he found his love in repairing bikes for kids to where it has grown into a full fledged ministry to the community. Everyone knows the “Bicycle Man”! Just Saturday July 28th he purchased another bike from a garage sale which he will be “fixing up” to give away. Ben doesn’t ask a penny for what he does. He delights in seeing the joy on the kids faces and seeing them enjoy their “gift”. The back portion of Hope House is full of “bike parts”. People now know of his ministry and when they find bikes (no matter what shape) thrown out, the wind up in Ben’s Bike Shop. There are “skeletons” of many bikes. He may take 2 to who knows how many old bikes to make a perfectly good riding bike. This ministry was born from Ben’s love of “biking”. He rides some 15 to 30 miles a day. Just 9 months or so Ben was given a death sentence of Colon Cancer. Today he is HEALED and you can’t slow him down or stop him from sharing what God has done in his life or Praying for anyone who ask for prayer.


are many needs for this ministry. Listed here are some of those needs. * Inner tubes (lots of them 24 - 28 inch) * Tires (all sizes) * patches (lots) * spray paints (kept locked away) * perhaps a picture will define more of what is needed

Reflections This Summer was filled with excitement, new adventures for some and blessings abundantly shared with the Native Community in Wagner on the Yankton Sioux Reservation. A glimpse back over the past couple months

Then Now and Our Future Second Team from Iowa Falls, IA

Due to the many different schedules and so much going on, we didn’t manage a “group” picture so we’ll share a few from the whole week.

First Team from Callender, IA

Thanks Hans and Ellen Erdman for hosting this amazing group of people from Our Savior Lutheran Church. You may not have been great in number; but you sure worked like a whole bunch of folk. Roxanne is so blessed and looks forward to seeing you again!

And we can’t forget the East Lynn and Forward Community Church

This amazing group did a near total remodel for one of our native ladies, Tina Marks. It’s amazing what can be accomplished with so many helping hands. Thank you so much.

PS, Thanks for all the prayers for Lauren. He’s back at HH and doing very well. He had a rough month; but he has come back “home”

There is nothing more fulfilling than to see the smile on a child’s face of “pure joy”

August 2012 Issue  

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August 2012 Issue  

August Newsletter