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The Pacific School of Medicine A 'Pacific school' in the Caribbean! • Cuban medical scholarships (free tuition and board) for the SW Pacific (up to 400 places) and Timor Leste (up to 1,000 places) • Enrolments 2009: Timor Leste (165 in Timor, 700 in Cuba), Solomon Islands (50), Kiribati (20), Vanuatu (17), Tuvalu (10), Nauru (9) offers made to PNG and Fiji • Most foreign students in Cuba are from Latin America (e.g. Bolivia, Guatemala), but also parts of Africa (e.g. Western Sahara, South Africa) Asia and even the USA. • US students trained in Cuba are now working as doctors in the USA YouTube interviews with students in Cuba

Why does Cuba do it? • Cuba is the world leader in both solidarity and health training, they believe in this. • There is a global shortage of health workers; privatised systems always deprive poor and rural communities of doctors. • Cuba trains doctors and other health workers with a public service ethos, not for money making businesses. More information: MEDICC site: Article on the Cuba-Timor Leste program: US medical students' SW Exchange site:

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Pacific School of Medicine  

Informstion on Pacific medical students in Cuba

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